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  1. Predictions: Barrett Brown & Logan Riegel (never heard of them) defeat Jordan Clearwater & Clark Conners (based on Young Lions eating losses from everyone to gain experience) TJP, ACH, & Alex Zayne defeat PJ Black (NJPW have to bring him on board), Misterioso, & Blake Christian Tama Tonga defeats David Finlay Kenta defeats Jeff Cobb
  2. KOPW2020 Predictions: Yujiro Takahashi defeats Kazuchika Okada Sanada defeats Sho Toru Yano defeats Bushi Satoshi Kojima defeats El Desperado Takahashi defeats Sanada, Yano, and Kojima to win the title Summer Struggle Predictions: Master Wato defeats Yoshinobu Kanemaru Shingo Takagi defeats Minoru Suzuki Taiji Ishimori defeats Hiromu Takahashi Dangerous Tekkers defeat Golden Aces Evil defeats Tetsuya Naito
  3. As I predicted once Jon Moxley went through the new threats of Mr. Brodie Lee at Double Or Nothing, Brian Cage at Fight For The Fallen, and the man that defeated Dustin Rhodes at Revolution in Jake Hager on Dynamite, he was left with about five more challengers that were built the same night as his title win at Revolution. Just for the record, I predicted MJF for All Out (which is just about confirmed), Chris Jericho in a rematch for Full Gear (after winning the rivalry over Orange Cassidy and defeating Mike Tyson at All Out), PAC for his win over Orange Cassidy at Revolution at Revolution 2021 (giving him plenty of time to return to the States and continue building himself with Death Triangle), the Elite turncoat that will take the title from Moxley at Double Or Nothing 2021 most likely, having been one half of the team that defeated Young Bucks at Revolution 2020 and Best Friends & Private Party at Fyter Fest (whether it be Kenny Omega or Hangman Page), and Darby Allin at a random Dynamite (due to his win over Sammy Guevara at Revolution 2020). AEW chose well in terms of cashing in this match at this stage of Darby Allin's AEW career within the reign of Mox as I don't see his rivalry with Brian Cage going too well for him, afterwards, Allin would require a restart on his build in order to prepare for a potential massive title match against the Elite turncoat). The match itself was interesting, it's nice to see that Moxley takes his leadership role quite seriously which did not seem to be the case last time he was World Champion in 2016 and building a unique onscreen relationship with Darby Allin which ended up factoring into the match in a nice way. That 12-Man Tag Team Match was a hurricane of a match! On a side note, wasn't Pres10 Vance supposed to be in the match instead of #9? And speaking of unexpected, Dark Order's win was really unexpected as I thought that they would've been left behind in The Elite's rear view after they lost in their Tag Team Title Match last week which should've dropped them down the ranks in order to allow new teams such as Jurassic Express, Inner Circle, & Lucha Brothers to challenge Omega & Page. Speaking of Dark Order, John Silver specifically did great in the tag match against TNT Champion Cody & debutant Matt Cardona (FKA Zack Ryder). Cardona has had a well-put together move-set for a while now therefore bringing it to AEW guarantees fresh & big encounters, but I'm also interested in seeing if he develops his moves like Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley, or how he develops his character like Mr. Brodie Lee or Matt Hardy. Although, I have to admit that Radio Silence is a sick finisher name. The Super Wednesday Debate was definitely NOT won by Orange Cassidy. Before getting into it, seeing Eric Bischoff onscreen was great as I believe he was not treated properly as Executive Director of WWE Smackdown last we heard about him so hopefully he sticks around as a character (not as a backstage figure). Onto the debate, it was 90% Chris Jericho in my opinion. Yes, Cassidy did make major strides with his character during the segment, however, his memorised script answer to the rising water levels question (unless he was a geography teacher in the past or something) and his little outburst at the final question (breaking the formalities of a debate by the way) did not secure the debate in my opinion.
  4. I am 100% behind this concept and even though the first couple of matches were nothing special (obviously as the two teams have never teamed up before), giving the women of AEW this kind of a platform to shine on is really cool to see and it helps getting behind the nuances of the participants involved. In regards to the first two Round One matches, seeing Ariane Andrew (FKA Cameron from WWE) in AEW was not expected at all. Even though her character work is quite underrated in my opinion, her in-ring work never seemed to be up to the caliber of AEW, which made it very surprising when I thought I saw her getting signed to AEW. Tay Conti is a future major star, I've been saying it ever since I've first seen her in the second Mae Young Classic in 2018 that with a few more years of work, any title of her choosing will be at arm's length from her therefore I would highly encourage that AEW sign Conti. Seeing Madusa kickoff the tournament was awesome to see, much like when Bret Hart introduced the AEW World Championship to the world. The little story advancements during the first night were few yet really good with highlights being Nyla Rose's path of destruction under the guidance of Vickie Guerrero kicking off with the demolition of Andrew after their tag team loss, the two types of character contrasts between Brandi Rhodes & Allie before and after their match, and the history between Rhodes and Mel being revisited during the match between the Nightmare Sisters vs Mel & Penelope Ford.
  5. Round One Predictions: Kenta defeats Karl Fredericks Tanga Loa defeats Jeff Cobb Chase Owens defeats David Finlay Tama Tonga defeats Brody King
  6. AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley vs MJF AEW Women's World Championship: Hikaru Shida vs Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero AEW World Tag Team Championship: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy) AEW TNT Championship: Cody with Arn Anderson vs Mr. Brodie Lee Chris Jericho vs Mike Tyson Young Bucks vs FTR FTW Championship: Darby Allin vs Brian Cage with Taz Finals of the Deadly Draw: Nightmare Sisters vs Ivelisse & Diamante Death Triangle vs Best Friends (I count Orange Cassidy as a member of Best Friends at this stage) Sammy Guevara vs Matt Hardy
  7. Really glad to see Tomoaki Honma and Yota Tsuji back in action, I'm rooting for Bullet Club to go 2-0 during Day Four, and I'm predicting Minoru Suzuki to win as a way of taking back his loss to Yuji Nagata from the New Japan Cup.
  8. I really like this idea, something that has not been done in a very well known company before to my knowledge (but I'm 99% sure Stardom has had something like this going on for a long time). As for early predictions, the eight teams in my opinion will be the Nightmare Sisters (Brandi Rhodes & Allie), Nyla Rose & Penelope Ford, Awesome Kong & Mel (Nightmare Collective reunion?), Big Swole & Hikaru Shida/Shanna, Shanna/??? & Sadie Gibbs, this leaves Leva Bates as the final main roster competitor as I believe Anna Jay is out ill and the Joshi talent cannot make it to Florida. My prediction to win is the Nightmare Sisters (the only legitimate team in the AEW Women's division). Additionally, I'm predicting that AEW will award the winners of the tournament with AEW Women's World Title shots which will be the cause for Allie to turn on Brandi Rhodes and the Nightmare Family to take the title from Shida, depending on how quickly Britt Baker heals, Allie could be the next champion of Baker is out for long, or Shida's next two challengers after she defeats Nyla Rose in the rematch might give Baker enough time to make a triumphant return and win the championship from Shida.
  9. Predictions: Taiji Ishimori defeats Yuya Uemura Taguchi Japan (Satoshi Kojima, Togi Makabe, Tomoaki Honma, & Ryusuke Taguchi) defeat Chaos (Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano), Yota Tsuji, & Gabriel Kidd Chaos (Hirooki Goto, Yoshi-Hashi, & Sho) defeat Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Sanada, & Bushi) Yuji Nagata, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi, & Master Wato defeat Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki, Taichi, Zack Sabre Jr, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, & Douki) Yujiro Takahashi defeats Kazuchika Okada (Bullet Club logic > Common logic 🤣) Shingo Takagi defeats El Desperado Evil defeats Hiromu Takahashi
  10. As it turns out, this match ended as a No Contest...what a mess! WWE are probably looking to stretch out Sasha Banks vs Bayley even longer since fans are not scheduled to be at SummerSlam at the moment therefore we could be getting a longer Banks vs Asuka rivalry and even a Banks & Bayley vs WWE rivalry which is fine with me as long as they remain Women's Tag Team Champions.
  11. Alright, let's see if I can successfully retain my title. Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins - Eye for an Eye match Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt - Wyatt Swamp Fight New Day (c) vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura - Tables match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Apollo Crews (c) vs. MVP - United States Championship match Bayley (c) vs. Nikki Cross - SmackDown Women's Championship Asuka (c) vs. Sasha Banks - Raw Women's Championship Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler - WWE Championship EDIT: Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus - Bar Fight Bonus Questions: What will be the first match on the the PPV? New Day vs Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura What will be the second-to-last match on the PPV? Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler Will Otis cash-in during the PPV? No Will the 24/7 Championship change hands during the PPV? No Will someone make a cameo in the Wyatt Swamp Fight and if so who? (Point for each answer) No Will WWE be stupid enough to use a prop eyeball? Yes What will be the stipulation for the McIntyre vs. Ziggler match? (Question is void if announced before the PPV) Extreme Rules match, how ridiculous is it that we have another Extreme Rules PPV without an Extreme Rules match?
  12. Just wanted to throw in a couple of comments, the main event match was pretty good with some great focus on Brian Cage's prior injury which delayed his arrival to AEW and the way in which it was handled was brilliant in keeping Cage strong while having him take this necessary loss. Now that Jon Moxley has disposed of the new stars with the most hype, this will give the likes of Mr. Brodie Lee and Cage plenty of time to rebuild themselves before the crowning of the next World Champion. As for Mox, unless a World Championship caliber opponent is going to step through the chaos that was WWE's April releases, then AEW can put the champion back on the original track which includes a rematch clause against Chris Jericho, a guaranteed major match against PAC, a potential Dynamite defense against Darby Allin, in my opinion the next challenger for All Out in MJF, and the man to take Moxley's crown being the Elite turncoat in Kenny Omega or Hangman Page. Another small thing that I have noticed, Horsemen connections between multiple parties. To put it all together in one post, Cody and FTR have been seen putting up the Four Horsemen gesture during various occasions, Hangman Page has had history with Cody back when they were in Bullet Club when Cody wanted to establish his own Bullet Club, Page ended up being Cody's right-hand man, sticking with Page, he has started to show a friendly side towards FTR during Fyter Fest and Fight For The Fallen, there is major history between Cody's manager Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard who is the manager of Shawn Spears, speaking of Blanchard, at Fight For The Fallen, Blanchard was spotted in the crowd during Cody's match vs Sonny Kiss, and subsequently during FTR's match vs the Lucha Brothers, and speaking of Spears, recently, Blanchard had provided Spears with an over-hyped "black glove", initially, it was slightly disappointing to find out that it was just a heel tactic to use in winning matches on Dark, BUT, then I realized that AEW would not put so much focus behind something like this unless there is more to it, during FTR & Young Bucks vs Lucha Brothers, The Butcher, & The Blade at Fyter Fest, the match started with Pentagon Jr doing the usual act of ceremoniously taking off his 'BLACK GLOVE' and throwing it at Cash Wheeler, instead of being insulted and getting rid of it, he interestingly put it on and ended up keeping it for the whole match. With all of this evidence put together, it seems like we might be heading towards getting a new mega-stable featuring Cody, Hangman Page, FTR, Shawn Spears, Arn Anderson, & Tully Blanchard down the road. Remember this post when that happens. 😁😁😁😁
  13. Kazuchika Okada, Tetsuya Naito, Jay White, and Hiroshi Tanahashi. While most people have already replaced Tanahashi with Kota Ibushi, it seems to be forgotten that New Japan take their time and unless something sudden happens then Tanahashi is still one of the Big 4. Nothing major has been given away to indicate that Ibushi has surpassed Tanahashi. Tanahashi won the G1 Climax in 2018, Ibushi won in 2019, Tanahashi won his title match whereas not only did Ibushi lose his title match, but ended up coming last in the Double Gold Dash, they both won the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship together, and in the New Japan Cup, they were both eliminated by Taichi one by one. New Japan are literally building both guys to be neck & neck with each other and until a major switch occurs between the two or even individually in their results, then Tanahashi stays in the Big 4 for me. As for the rest, I look at the second Big 4 as the substitutes, therefore one would have to lead Hontai, one would lead Los Ingobernables de Japon, one would lead Bullet Club, and of course one would lead Chaos. The way NJPW have set it up, numbers 5-8 seem to be Kota Ibushi (Hontai), Sanada (LIJ), Will Ospreay (Chaos), and Evil (Bullet Club). Initially, I had considered Kenta as the next Bullet Club leader (due to ranking) but I don't New Japan would allow Kenta to be one of the faces of the company considering Kenta's reputation as a NOAH guy in Japan. Big 4: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada, Jay White, & Tetsuya Naito. Next Big 4: Kota Ibushi, Will Ospreay, Evil, & Sanada.
  14. Randy Orton was simply on the wrong side of the coin in 2017 in my opinion (Bray Wyatt should've won the Royal Rumble and Orton should've won at Elimination Chamber but lose to Wyatt at WrestleMania 33). In 2019, the idea of Orton ending Kofi Kingston's WWE World Championship reign was a TERRIBLE one and I'm glad WWE avoided it and allowed Kingston to get his ten year long revenge. While normally I would object against Orton winning a World title around this time, it would be because with age, the relevance & motivation towards the modern storylines go away. But 2020 Randy Orton is firing on all cylinders, taking away the fact that he is THE Randy Orton, he has worked extremely hard in 2020 to be in the main event picture, just as much as the current Raw roster. And it would be a shame to keep him from winning his 14th World Title due to his age.
  15. Predictions: Great Bash Heel defeat Yota Tsuji & Yuya Uemura Tencozy defeat Hirooki Goto & Gabriel Kidd Master Wato defeats Douki Bullet Club (Yujiro Takahashi & Taiji Ishimori) defeat Los Ingobernables de Japon (Sanada & Bushi) Taguchi Japan (Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kota Ibushi, Yuji Nagata, & Ryusuke Taguchi) defeat Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki, Taichi, Zack Sabre Jr, & El Desperado) via Disqualification Chaos (Tomohiro Ishii, Toru Yano, & Sho) defeat Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi, & Hiromu Takahashi) Evil defeats Kazuchika Okada to win the 2020 New Japan Cup
  16. Men's Superstar of the Year: Moose Women's Superstar of the Year: Tessa Blanchard Men's Match of the Year: Ace Austin vs Willie Mack (Rebellion) Women's Match of the Year: Taya Valkyrie vs Jordynne Grace Men's Rising Star: Ace Austin Women's Rising Star: Jordynne Grace Best Pay-Per-View: Hard To Kill Most Memorable Moment: Moose revives the TNA World Heavyweight Championship Best Feud: Ken Shamrock vs oVe Best Heel/Face Turn: Sami Callihan joins forces with Ken Shamrock Most Extreme Moment: Sami Callihan launches a fireball at Ken Shamrock upon his return as ICU Best Promo: Can't think of any particular promo that he has done but Sami Callihan has been consistently good with his promos especially during his rivalry with Tessa Blanchard Biggest Surprise: Crazzy Steve return (Rebellion)
  17. I'm not too convinced about Brian Myers going to Impact especially without Matt Cardona (Zack Ryder). I'm still slightly convinced that Myers & Cardona are joining the AEW tag team division after their appearance on Talk Is Jericho, following in the footsteps of what FTR did. Even though having Myers & Cardona in Impact would be huge especially as we are all waiting on the big tag team that will end The North's legendary title reign, there are more likely signings with Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, and EC3 being at the top of the list, and hopefully Eric Young, too. Mike & Maria Bennett would make brilliant comebacks to either Impact Wrestling or ROH but with ROH currently being unofficially suspended from holding wrestling shows (therefore suspended from signing new contracts), The Bennetts could also be making their way back to Impact Wrestling.
  18. Even though by watching the match it made sense for Jurassic Express to win it, on paper this was MJF & Wardlow's match to win especially since Wardlow is one of AEW's beasts and MJF is pretty much unstoppable being the primary singles challenger for almost two months straight! With this streak, his massive win over Cody at Revolution, and his win over Jungle Boy at Double Or Nothing, the clock is literally ticking for MJF to cash in on his momentum and challenge either Jon Moxley or Cody for their titles at All Out.
  19. Men's Superstar of the Year: Cody Women's Superstar of the Year: Hikaru Shida Men's Match of the Year: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs Young Bucks (Revolution) Women's Match of the Year: Britt Baker vs Penelope Ford vs Kris Statlander vs Hikaru Shida (Dynamite: Episode 32) Men's Rising Star: Lance Archer Women's Rising Star: Britt Baker Best Pay-Per-View: Revolution Most Memorable Moment: MJF giving Cody ten lashes on TV Best Feud: Cody vs MJF Best Heel/Face Turn: Britt Baker (Chris Jericho's Rock & Wrestling Rager: Part Deux) Most Extreme Moment: Kenny Omega delivers a mega One Winged Angel to end the Stadium Stampede (Double Or Nothing) Best Promo: Cody (Bash At The Beach) Biggest Surprise: Brodie Lee is revealed as the Exalted One Best Heel: MJF Best Face: Cody
  20. AEW World Tag Team Championship: Kenny Omega and Adam Page (c) vs. Best Friends AEW TNT Championship: Cody (c) vs. Jake Hager AEW Women's World Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Penelope Ford Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) (with Marko Stunt) vs. MJF and Wardlow Private Party vs. Santana and Ortiz Bonus Question: Second To Last Match Of The Night? Hikaru Shida vs Penelope Ford Will Chris Jericho get involved in any matches and if so which one? No
  21. I am someone who likes to see a title reign progress for as long as possible, therefore having someone like Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, or Bobby Lashley take the title from Drew McIntyre down the line would be considered a step back for myself. After Dolph Ziggler, the obvious choice at the moment would be Randy Orton, an interesting choice based on the fact that he is a face much like McIntyre is Kevin Owens, or a wildcard in Andrade based on seeing him move up the Raw card ever since WrestleMania.
  22. Really enjoyed episode four and enjoyed Fyter Fest even more! Credit to Brenden for adapting to Jon Moxley being absent and pushing for Cody vs Jake Hager to be the main event even though I think it's the lowest tiered AEW Title at the moment unless AEW continue to build it up as well as they did with their other titles. The main thing that stood out with episode four for me is when Broken Matt Hardy was used as a final victim for Brian Cage before Fyter Fest which I did not like too much as I still think Hardy has another good five years left in him and perhaps a World Title reign whereas I would've preferred to see someone like Dustin Rhodes or Christopher Daniels get beat by Cage. Having Ricky Starks debut at the PPV and lose to Rey Fenix was...interesting. I preferred his real life debut against Cody in the open challenge as it felt fresh and elevated everyone involved whereas having Starks lose to Fenix seems like feeding him to the wolves unless there are plans for Starks vs Death Triangle perhaps as we approach All Out. Speaking of signings, I would approve of Priscilla Kelly as she seems like one of the stars to be built for the future like Kris Statlander and Penelope Ford but my advice for Abadon is to stay the heck away! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The whole gimmick is just.....I don't know 🤣. Regardless, great episodes as per usual, also is Allie being babyface Allie, The Bunny, or QT Marshall's girlfriend in the save?
  23. As long as I get to see the Good Brothers back in Bullet Club, I'm all in with this deal especially seeing as AEW and NJPW are not looking at establishing a relationship anytime soon. Also with the rumours of them joining a revived Aces & Eights, they can rule the world from two massive factions. It might be worth to note The North holding the Impact Tag Team Championship longer than the lifespan of the tag team division (as they've had to make a couple of repeat title defenses after officially defeating every team on the roster) could be culminated with Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows ending the legendary reign and winning the titles for the first time.
  24. I guess if Jon Moxley were to have a long and strong AEW World Title reign, they might as well get the likes of Brodie Lee and Brian Cage out of the way early on to give them time to be built up for the next champion rather than continue to be built up only to be something like Moxley's final title defense before he loses it to either Kenny Omega or Hangman Page.
  25. In my opinion, the result of this match will determine the future of the AEW tag team division. Mixed teams such as Kenny Omega & Hangman Page tend to either shine or just be a black hole for the tag team division as a whole. Omega & Page have not had enough time to give a clear result as everything happened so quickly for them from the formation of the tag team within The Elite, defeating SCU to become the second World Tag Team Champions, and the rivalry with the Young Bucks. The tag team title reign of Omega & Page is obviously the prelude to one of AEW's biggest rivalries ever but could it be at the cost of AEW's tag team division and its top prize? If Best Friends win, then the implosion could either take place right there or it could be the first major crack that leads to the breakdown. But if the champions retain, it could be the sign of just the beginning for Omega & Page's reign over the division. While they've held the titles for six months, they've only defeated former champions SCU to win and retain the titles and the Young Bucks to get the first PPV title retention before Hangman Page's absence. After Page's return, the champions became proactive once again as they have made couple of successful title defenses on Dynamite including defeating the Natural Nightmares (which did not exist when the champions won the titles from SCU) en route to facing Best Friends at Fyter Fest. One thing I really like about AEW is the fact that they book the champions to be just as strong as the challengers which sounds off but it is something that WWE often neglects (example). This includes running through every single challenger until the most powerful one emerges at the end to end a satisfying championship reign. Chris Jericho's reign wouldn't have been as legendary if he hadn't beaten everyone from Omega to Page to Cody to Jungle Boy in order to lose to Moxley to put a perfect end to the reign. If the champions retain, then it is just the beginning as there is a LONG line of remaining challengers with established teams such as Lucha Brothers, Private Party, TH2, Butcher & Blade, Inner Circle waiting to chomp at the bit (especially Lucha Brothers and Inner Circle with their wins over the Young Bucks at All Out and Full Gear respectively) and of course, the newest All Elite acquisition of FTR.

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