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  1. With the last episode we say one great match between Charlotte and Alexa Bliss

    If you haven't seen that well the link is given up above and you can check that match out!

    Coming up next later on today is a match from Men's Division 

    Finn Balor vs Shinsuke Nakamura

    Choose your bets...Who do u think can advance to the next round of The War of Wrestling!



  2. A new episode of The War of Wrestling is now up!

    This time its Charlotte Flair vs Alexa Bliss....The Queen Vs The Goddess

    The Winner goes ahead on the next round and face Becky Lynch 

    Who do you think will win? Watch the whole match HERE


  3. After 2 episodes for the men's division of The War of Westling we got 2 winners ready to fight against each other in the next round

    Last episode Baron Corbin took the victory over Roman Reigns!

    See that fantastic match in the link up above because some really cool moments happened that I never though could happen!

    This is where the men's division stands off!


    TWW Matches Men 2.jpg

  4. What a great match it was on the first episode of The War of Wrestling

    It was Seth Rollins Vs Randy Orton...2 former WWE Champion going against each other after a long time to get qualified for the next round

    @JoshsNow predicted Seth Rollins to win the match and it happened Seth Rollins curbstomped Randy to the ground to get the victory!

    With this Seth has advanced to the next where he will be facing the winner of the next match coming up next week

    It would be Roman Reigns Vs Baron Corbin

    Want to know what exactly happened in the match then you should watch the episode 



    TWW Matches Men 2.jpg

  5. Hey Guys!

    I remember that I posted for my Universe Mode a while back and after that I was not active but right now I am back here in this forum and I love that you guys help each other out in many ways

    So I had a new idea for a series where instead of a Universe Mode I will have a Tournament

    1 Goal....1 Championship

    This new series is called The War of Wrestling where 10 men and 10 women will fight for their respective titles that is WWE World Heavyweight Championship or Women's Championship

    Now these superstars are selected at a random by me to start off this series but you can go for the next 10 once we have our first World Champion and Women's Champion

    I will be starting this series off today only in my youtube channel where there will be videos 2 times every week with only 1 match!...So that means the videos will be of less length so that you can enjoy as well


    The Match Cards For This Event Are Attached



    TWW Matches Men.jpg

    TWW Matches Women.jpg

  6. Hello Guys!

    Its lovely to be here and as I have seen a LOT of you guys have your own Universe Modes and I have checked out some of them and they are pretty amazing as well

    Obviously I also have a Universe Mode but instead of naming it Universe Mode I call it PC Show as I want to refer it as a Show

    My Show includes only RAW & Smackdown Live

    RAW Roster:

    Roman Reigns

    Braun Strowman

    Brock Lesnar

    Seth Rollins

    Finn Balor

    CM Punk

    Kevin Owens

    Chris Jericho

    The Bar

    New Day

    The Club

    Enzo & Big Cass

    Alberto Del Rio

    Shinsuke Nakamura

    Samoa Joe

    Sami Zayn


    Sasha Banks


    AJ Lee



    Nia Jax

    Summer Rae

    Big Show




    Smackdown Live:

    AJ Styles


    John Cena

    Randy Orton

    Booby Roode


    Bray Wyatt

    Eric Rowan

    Luke Harper

    Dean Ambrose

    Dolph Ziggler

    The Miz

    Jinder Mahal

    Lucha Dragons

    The Usos

    American Alpha



    Becky Lynch

    Alexa Bliss

    Nikki Bella

    Brie Bella







    Currently I have a storyline where Roman Reigns being a heel has formed a team called The Empire with Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho 

    Brock Lesnar is Universal Champion

    CM Punk is United States Champion

    Asuka is RAW Women's Champion

    The Bar is RAW Tag Team Champion

    Bobby Roode is WWE World Heavyweight Champion

    Dean Ambrose is Intercontinental Champion

    The Usos are Smackdown Live Tag Team Champion

    Nikki Bella is Smackdown Live Women's Champion


  7. Hey Guys

    My name is Adam and I myself have a youtube channel with WWE 2K18 content and I also try to make it entertaining enough for everyone by creating custom stories for Universe mode and I also stream some single player games including WWE 2K18 Universe Mode

    I am also a 3D designer and graphics designer but I am still learning and I am not that very good at it

    All the match cards in my Universe Mode are made by me taking references of what people have made in the past and you guys can also check it out

    My Portfolio Of All Designs I Have Made


    I hope I learn more from here and I am excited to talk to you guys as well

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