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  2. Answering and Asking

    Shortly after the fabled name of the Hall Of Famer who lost his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship only weeks ago is exclaimed by the General Manager's representative, the arena is infected with pure blackness. The crowd is completely silenced in awe as the conquered nobleman has not been seen since BPZMania III. The tension and suspense rise to a climax of tangibility as everyone attendance are sat on the edge of their seat, waiting for Smith to finally return to the BPZ screen. The poignant drums of the nobleman's theme music break the silence. The thunderous bangs correlate with the blinding flashing lights, illuminating the whole arena but most notably the stage, revealing a concealed figure creeping in. As the words "can you feel my heart" are screamed out of the PA system, the fans in support of Smith accordingly shout along. The lights finally fixate on the bright white glare, now fully revealing the ambiguous figure as Smith. With the monstrous black veins still covering his body and nothing but freakish frost white eyes, Smith dons a brand new fully white attire and has a tight grasp on a microphone in his right hand as he lurks towards the ring, passing Trenton but not acknowledging him at all. As he reaches ringside, he comes to a halt, lifts his head up and stares directly into the soul of the EVOLVE Grand Champion. All of a sudden, he speedily darts into the ring and right into the face of Bart but stops there. Now, with his eyes closed, he lifts the microphone to his mouth. Sought to be my vanquishment, reforged into my own fruition. The never-ending tale of a relentless, resilient and honestly desperate man has pondered it's way to this confrontation. This confrontation between one of the greatest to ever grace this company pursuing redemption and undoubtedly the most promising star battling to build his own legacy. Whether you desire it or not, my respect is something you have earned. Nevertheless, forget your actions I shall not. This should have been a sensational story of two phenomenal athletes competing in an outstanding matchup that would elevate that championship on your shoulder to heights it has never seen before but you, you made it much more than that. You plagued an awe-inspiring bout with a hunger for vengeance, vandalized the oh-so-desirable portrait and dishonored this company. From this, I do not expect a reconciliation. From this, I expect you to know, realize, distinguish exactly what you have to prepare for. For as far as Smith seeks that title, the enigma sees you and the enigma shall not, will not forget. As the final words gently depart the mouth of Smith, he lowers the microphone and his eyes snap open. The harrowingly demonic eyes of Smith clash against the fierce glare of Bart as they now stand toe-to-toe, staring each other down as the EVOLVE show comes to a close.
  3. Which WWE Superstar would you repackage? What new gimmick would you give them? How would you debut it? Post your ideas below!
  4. TEW 2016: Progress Wrestling

    Pastor William Eaver vs Ryan Smile Doug Williams vs Trent Seven Mark Haskins vs Travis Banks Damon Moser vs Matt Riddle Zack Gibson vs Nick Aldis Mark Andrews vs Marty Scurll Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate ??? vs Cody Rhodes Bonus Questions: Who will face Cody Rhodes? Jordan Devlin How long will Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate last? 20 minutes
  5. BPZ Football (Soccer) Predictions League

    Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspurs: 2 - 1 Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund: 1 - 0 Sevilla vs Barcelona: 1 - 3 FC Basel vs Young Boys: 1 - 0 Juventus vs AC Milan: 2 - 0
  6. TEW 2016: Progress Wrestling

    Predictions: Will Ospreay Bullet Club Jimmy Havoc Toni Storm Moustache Mountain Travis Banks Damon Moser Michael Elgin Hangman Page
  7. Hello!!

    Welcome to the forums, both Glorious and Spoikers! I hope you enjoy yourself and get around to joining our Discord!
  8. PRIDE Wrestling Cup: Night Four Thursday, Week 2, February 2018 VS Indy 500 vs Suzuki-gun In a decent match, Indy 500 defeated Zack Sabre Jr. and Lance Hoyt in 7:41 when Morgan Webster defeated Lance Hoyt by pinfall with a 450° Splash. In terms of in-ring work, Zack Sabre Jr. was head and shoulders above everyone else. | Grade: 55 | Injury: Morgan Webster sustained a Costochondritis in this match. VS Bubblegum vs Will Ospreay In a decent match, Will Ospreay defeated Bubblegum in 15:05 by pinfall with a 630° Splash. | Grade: 56 VS British Strong Style vs Chosen Bros & Keith Lee In a decent match, British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Trent Seven, and Tyler Bate) defeated Keith Lee and Chosen Bros in 11:50 when Tyler Bate defeated Keith Lee by submission. | Grade: 48 VS PRIDE Wrestling Cup (Round One): Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs Nick Aldis In a bout that had great heat and decent wrestling, Nick Aldis defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr. in 13:27 by pinfall with a Tormentum. | Grade: 54 VS PRIDE Wrestling Cup (Round One): Jimmy Havoc vs Travis Banks In a bout that had good heat and decent wrestling, Travis Banks defeated Jimmy Havoc in 15:52 by pinfall with an Airplane Slam. | Grade: 50 Predictions: Bart: 2 Ropati: 4 Ross: 4
  9. PRIDE Wrestling Cup: Night Four (Matchcard) VS Indy 500 vs Suzuki-gun VS Bubblegum vs Will Ospreay VS British Strong Style vs Chosen Bros & Keith Lee VS PRIDE Wrestling Cup (Round One): Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs Nick Aldis VS PRIDE Wrestling Cup (Round One): Jimmy Havoc vs Travis Banks
  10. Marty Scurll Pulls Out Of PRIDE Wrestling Cup Due to a recent injury, Marty Scurll is unavailable to compete in the first round of the inaugural PRIDE Wrestling Cup and therefore, is no longer apart of the tournament. Scurll has suffered a depressed maxillary fracture and has not yet been notified on when he can return to in-ring competition. Nevertheless, Scurll took to Twitter to warn the PRIDE Wrestling roster that he may not be able to compete in the tournament but will be back and will be coming for whoever is crowned as the inaugural PRIDE Heavyweight Champion. Furthermore, PRIDE has announced that Davey Boy Smith Jr. of Killer Elite Squad and Suzuki-gun will be taking Scurll's place in the tournament.
  11. TEW 2016: Progress Wrestling

    Predictions: Pete Dunne The Invasion Jimmy Havoc Alpha Female Will Ospreay ??? Joe Coffey Ricochet
  12. BPZMania III: Press Conference

    A live stream named "BPZMania III: Live Press Conference" is aired on the BPZ Wrestling YouTube channel. It begins with the chairman of BPZ Wrestling himself, BrendenPlayz, welcoming all the media outlets in attendance as well as the supporters watching at home from a stand at the front of the stage. Every wrestler featured on the BPZMania III card is sat behind Brenden, at a desk with sponsored beverages, a microphone each, and their championships. After introducing the show, Brenden looks back across the talents. He looks over at Smith but isn't able to catch eyes with him as Smith is wearing completely blacked out shades and is staring straight forward. Brenden then turns back to the stand and continues by announcing that the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion will lead the conference. All eyes are on Smith but he doesn't move. Even the wrestlers begin to turn around, wondering what he's doing. Eventually, Sameer nudges him and gains his attention. Sameer points at the stand at the front of the stage. Smith looks to the stand, seemingly lost. John Trenton then attends to Smith and whispers in his ear before Smith stands up and heads to the front of the stage. He is fully suited but some of the black demonic veins are marginally exposed and he is still covering his eyes with the pitch black shades as he begins to talk. Smith: BPZMania III. The stage where everything matters, the showcase of the industry's greatest talents and quite frankly, the most outstanding professional wrestling show to ever grace TV screens. BPZ wrestlers, I wish you your best at the show but let it be known, I shall not be backing down to anyone, not in the main event against Slim and not in the case of Mr. Money In The Bank deciding to cash-in his briefcase early. Now, any questions? Reporter: Slim is named as the greatest in BPZ time after time and perhaps proved that by winning the Royal Rumble match earlier this year. Even though you defeated Slim last year at Takeover: Pride, surely you must still have some doubts. What makes you think you'll be able to beat Slim in the main event of BPZMania III? Smith: There's no doubt about it. Slim is an incredible athlete and one of this company's best but that's exactly it. He's not the best but one of the best. Since my return, I've spent each and every day pushing myself to the limit in training, in every single match, I never let myself quit, and it's all for one reason: to make myself better. I left this company in 2016 as a Hall Of Famer but in 2017, I believe that I proved myself as one of the greatest and at BPZMania III, I'm going to keep on doing what I have been doing and prove myself. Reporter: Since winning the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship and even before then, you've been talking about restoring pride and honor to the title. Do you feel as though you've accomplished such deed? Smith: This title was created when I was only just starting in this company. I was young, this company was extremely young but that never affected my desire for this championship. I watched this company's rise and was even apart of it. All the way through, this championship meant the most, it defined the best performer in the company and sculptured this company's whole infrastructure. However, with that, with the introduction of such a prestigious prize would obviously come people willing to cheat and just straight it up disregard everything that this title should stand for in order to hold it, in order to glorify their name. To me, that's shameful, scandalous, and absolutely embarrassing. I'm happy to have taken this championship back to its former glory, battling BPZ greats like Bailey and Bashka cleanly, admirably and proudly in passionate bouts for the honor of being crowned BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Reporter: As of late, we've seen some unusual videos airing on EVOLVE involving you, Smith, and what is being rumored as a 'demon side'. Could you tell us more about this 'demon side'? Smith's face snaps from a friendly smile to an emotionless scowl. He remains looking at the reporter, now staring right through him. Not a single word is uttered out of the perplexed face of Smith. Moments go by as a sense of angst fills the air until suddenly, a sudden rush of rage plagues Smith's face. Brenden and various consecutives share a look of worry before sending security to calm Smith down, which he does before returning to his seat, exhausted and depleted.
  13. PRIDE Wrestling Cup: Night Three Monday, Week 2, February 2018 VS Bullet Club defeated Matt Sydal & Ricochet In a good match, Cody Rhodes and Marty Scurll defeated Matt Sydal and Ricochet in 10:49 when Cody Rhodes defeated Ricochet by pinfall with The Beautiful Disaster. | Grade: 58 VS Jimmy Havoc defeated Carlito In a bout that had good heat and decent wrestling, Jimmy Havoc defeated Carly Colón in 9:57 by pinfall with a Death Valley Driver. | Grade: 46 VS #CCK defeated Grizzled Young Veterans In a decent match, #CCK defeated Young Grizzled Veterans in 11:35 when Kid Lykos defeated James Drake by pinfall with an Inkbomb. | Grade: 47 VS PRIDE Wrestling Cup (Round One): James Storm defeated Martin Stone In a bout that had fantastic heat and decent wrestling, James Storm defeated Martin Stone in 14:52 by pinfall with an Eye of the Storm. | Grade: 56 VS PRIDE Wrestling Cup (Round One): Pete Dunne defeated Will Ospreay In a bout that had fantastic heat and great wrestling, Pete Dunne defeated Will Ospreay in 16:39 by pinfall with The Bitter End. | Grade: 69 Predictions: Johnny Kills: 5 Bart: 5 Ross: 3 The Marker: 5

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