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  1. Smith

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    I'm somewhat happy with my team but I'm just hoping Collins' recovery goes well and he's back asap.
  2. Smith

    What are you plans for WWE 2k19 Universe Mode?

    I really like the sound of this and I trust you to make it realistic. I think including forum member's CAWs would also make it a lot more interesting for others to read as they'd be able to track their wrestler's progress. However, I also think that the inclusion of a TV or streaming site deal would be a necessity unless you were looking at making it like how PROGRESS have their own on-demand service.
  3. Smith

    EVOLVE Global Series: 12th October (Votings)

    EVOLVE Global Series: Block B (Final Standings)
  4. I don’t know if this has been suggested before and you might have already thought of it but I was thinking that because the Universe Mode episodes are quite long and some people may not have the time to watch the full thing or even might not want to, you could make a highlights video, sort of like what WWE do on their YT channel but condensed into a single video.
  5. Smith

    Eight Men World-Cup Tournament

    "World Cup" and the only entrants so far are American. Hopefully, the rest are of various nationalities but I'm just glad that WWE is giving the main roster a tournament. I think they should have tournaments more often, like annually, because it gives wrestlers a platform to express their character in a way they could only do so in the likes of stipulation matches that require endurance such as I Quit, Iron Man, etc.
  6. Vacant BPZ Tag Team Titles To Be Claimed EVOLVE TakeOver: Global Series Following the heart-stopping break-up of the Golden Legacy that left fans in awe as Necce affirmed that Flynn's transgressions had not been forgiven, the landscape of the tag team division across all of BPZ shifted. Ultimately, the titles were deserted but with the youthful roster of hungry talents that stands at the forefront of BPZ, it would only be inevitable that conflict over the gold would break out. Therefore, EVOLVE General Manager, Ross, announced that in place of the previously announced tag team action involving Golden Legacy, at EVOLVE TakeOver: Global Series, two undisputable challengers would battle it out and new tag team champions would be crowned. The two tag teams competing will be as follows: Firstly, two-thirds of the team that has reigned over BPZ for months-on-end, capturing every championship possible and proving that they are the greatest force in professional wrestling today, representing Carnage and The Kingdom, the BPZ Premium Champion, Echo Wilson, joined by the BPZ United States Champion and BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Julius. Secondly, representing EVOLVE but more prominently, the uprising that shook BPZ from the bottom-upwards, the alliance of three BPZ up-and-comers now guided by arguably the most enticing attraction in the business, The Flock, it will be The Awesome One, Buddy Ace, and The Antichrist, Necce. To conclude, it is official that after the inaugural battle between The Kingdom and The Flock at Halloween Havoc, Jason Ryan vs Echo Wilson for the Premium Championship, the war will continue to insue as Echo Wilson and Julius will compete against Jason Ryan and Necce in a tag team contest for the vacant BPZ Tag Team Championships.
  7. Smith

    EVOLVE Global Series: 5th October (Votings)

    EVOLVE Global Series: Block A (Final Standings)
  8. Smith

    BPZ Predictions League

    Triple H vs The Undertaker WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Samoa Joe The Shield vs Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew Mclntyre Daniel Bryan vs The Miz  Ronda Rousey and The Bellas vs The Riott Squad  John Cena and Bobby Lashley vs Elias and Kevin Owens  SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship: The New Day (c) get The Bar Crusierweight Championship: Cedric Alexander (c) vs Buddy Murphy Asuka and Naomi vs. The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce) SmackDown Live Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Charlotte Flair Bonus Questions: Will HBK screw The Undertaker? Both HBK and Kane will interfere  Will John Cena Win With The Sixth Move Of Doom? No Will Brock Lesnar attack Strowman and Reigns at the event? No
  9. Smith

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm currently listening through the four albums shown below. All four were released pretty close to each other which means I've had the pleasure of being able to listen to so much new music at once. Furthermore, they're four completely different albums, in terms of style, by my favorite artist of all-time, two UK rap legends and my favorite up-and-coming artist. TEN10 (Chip) - Jackuum (D Double E) - Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament (Ghetts) - SPACEMAN (Octavian)
  10. Smith

    PWG: The Animal Kingdom

    Looking forward to this. I’m not too familiar with Dragon Gate but I’ve heard about wrestlers having competed there so it’ll be cool to learn a little bit more about it. Even so, I quite like both PROGRESS and PWG, your roster looks solid and it’ll be interesting to see how you book PWG’s awesome tournaments.
  11. Smith

    BPZ Wrestling Merchandise

  12. Smith

    BPZ Wrestling Merchandise

    Sticking with the black and white theme, I went with a design based around a saying that has kept through time for @Necce.

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