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  1. I drop Kalisto for Paige
  2. BPZ Predictions League

    Drew McIntyre vs Andrade Almas for the NXT Championship The Undisputed Era vs SaNiTY vs AOP & Roderick Strong inside of WarGames Kairi Sane vs Peyton Royce vs Ember Moon vs Nikki Cross for the NXT Women's Championship Aleister Black vs The Velveteen Dream Lars Sullivan vs Kassius Ohno
  3. Welcome to the forums Graphite! By the looks of it, I'm sure you'll love my current avi. Be sure to enjoy yourself on the forums as well as on our Discord server. I'm looking forward to talking with you.
  4. Enrolment.

    The EVOLVE show is taken backstage as the cameraman approaches a door labeled "Interim GM". The cameraman knocks on the door before being told to enter by a voice inside. The cameraman then opens the door and walks into the room, revealing Smith sat down in a chair, behind a desk, donning a flash suit. He stands up and comes to the front of his desk before leaning against it as he begins to talk. Oh, how mighty did they look? Glistening with courage as they stood tall, standing their ground. The five warriors, banded together by their pure hatred for me, held their heads high as they had fought away the treacherous villains of Team Smith. What a lovely moment. What a brilliant, heart-warming moment that you all, at home, could enjoy and cheer for. I really do hope that you all enjoyed the little fairytale spectacle that occurred on Carnage because it's only a matter of time until it all shatters. Smith then comes forward, returning to his feet before beginning to walk. As he walks, he signals for the cameraman to follow him before then continuing to vocalize his quarrel. See, the foundation of a team relies not only on the members included but also the bond between said members. A strong bond and efficient chemistry can morph four hopeless deadbeats into an elite act, an actual threat. However, when a team's bond is weak and when a team's bond is built purely on hate for another person, cracks begin to show very quickly and those four hopeless deadbeats, they remain just as inept and as incompetent as ever before. If the only fuel keeping you going is hate for someone else, what happens when internal hatred begins to resonate? All of this, that I'm saying could be nothing but fabricated waffle, it really could. Yet, I have no doubt that everyone listening is beginning to if not believe, then contemplate, that Team Flynn is doomed to implode. FDS, buddy, you are one... Special human being. It's become extremely clear as of late that a lackluster career has driven you to a mental state of infinite hatred so I have no doubt that as you stood alongside your teammates in that ring, you looked at each and every one of them, reflecting on how much you actually despise them. The fact is, you've already stated how much you hate Flynn and it would be no shock to anyone if you stabbed him in the back. After walking for a bit, it becomes obvious Smith is heading to the carpark. When he gets there, there's a limousine waiting for him. He walks up to it and the chauffeur opens the door for him. The cameraman also enters and as he looks up, he reveals Smith sat alongside both Slim and Ross. How a team can function with such shaky relationships sure is a mystery. Oh, wait. No, it's not. There's no mystery about it. The truth is, a team like your's, Flynn, can't survive. Ultimately, we're not worried about whether our team can beat Flynn's. The only concern that we have is whether or not Flynn's team is even going to show up at Survivor Series. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have to go and collect our new fourth member after Natedog's recent unfortunate events. Our new fourth member that is undoubtedly superior to any of Flynn's futile choices. The video cuts to a second camera, viewing the limousine from the outside as it drives off.
  5. NXT Discussion, November 1st 2017

    You actually just took the words right out of my mouth. Regal literally gave me goosebumps even though the match got leaked. Personally, I’m hoping good things are to come for Aichner in the near future. He made a name for himself in the Cruiserweight Classic despite getting knocked out in the first round and has continued to be rather impressive in two solid matches against two top NXT stars. Hopefully, now, after beating Gargano, he is given some character and becomes a known face in NXT. He’s definitely a great in-ring worker without a doubt but I’m curious to see what he’s like on the mic.

    SKEPTA To start off this series, I thought I'd introduce Skepta first. With him being probably the most popular UK rapper in both the UK and the US right now, he truly is at the forefront of the UK rap scene. Skepta, born as Joseph Junior Adenuga, resides from Tottenham in North London. As we continue to look at further artists, a pattern will become very prominent in the form of the majority of rappers in the UK coming from London as this is where Grime is known to have originated from. In order to take you into more detail on Skepta's past, below is an episode of the famous Before They Were Famous series from YouTube by Michael McCrudden, dedicated to Skepta. Studio Albums: Greatest Hits - 2007 Microphone Champion - 2009 Doin' It Again Konnichiwa - 2016 Mixtapes: Joseph Junior Adenuga - 2006 Been There Done That - 2010 Community Payback - 2011 Blacklisted - 2012 The Tim Westwood Mix - 2015 Personal Favorites: Tim Westwood Freestyle - 2008 Mike Lowery - 2010 Amnesia - 2011 Ace Hood Flow - 2012 That's Not Me - 2014 It Ain't Safe ft. A$AP Bari - 2014 Shutdown - 2015 Nasty - 2015 No Security - 2016 Hypocrisy - 2017
  7. The following is a photo that is rumored to be the official poster for the WWE Survivor Series PPV. If it is real, it includes a massive spoiler. Therefore, you have been warned before viewing the following.
  8. NXT TakeOver: WarGames Discussion

    Source: nodq.com
  9. Smith's Graphics

    Matchcards for Carnage's Redemption event.
  10. The Barbwire Brawler

    Name: Will SmithBehaviour: Mature, WiseAge: 16

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