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  1. Epic not continuing his status update series is an all-time dissapointment. 


  2. Hello everyone, I have seen so many posts like thess over the years but never did I expect to write one myself. Sadly, its not a joke. After been constantly active over the last 3 and a half years the time has come where my time to go has come. Real life has become too much to combine with the forums, as you might have seen by my decline in activity throughout the year. This community is amazing, much better than what I expected when I joined to talk about Brenden's um. Being given the oppurtunity to help this place by means of being a global mod, general manager and even admin. As much I
  3. Epic missed a day smh

  4. Bart

    Time To Decide

    We are live at the 2nd PPV in the history of the Golden Brand, as we are just moments away from it's main event, which will see Slim and Sameer clash for the Undisputed Championship. However, we will be looking at earlier events from tonight in the coming minutes, as we are about to find out what the winners of the temple match want to do with their earned medallions. With Arius being the first to retrieve the medallion, he gets to decide whether he wants to use this for an opportunity at the Undisputed or Tag Team Championships, whereas Yelich will be receiving whatever title shot is left aft
  5. After Bart's sigh however, his facial expression turns into a smile. Finally, fucking finally. This is what I wanted to hear Gunner, that you would finally air these emotions into the open. These frustrations Gunner, I want you to use them. You need to use them as your fuel, as the engine that drives you. I want you to remember all of your frustrations, one by one, and use them to push you to that next level. That level that you haven't been able to reach, the one that you have chasing for so long. But if you keep on going like this, it won't work.Let me show, sit down. Bar
  6. We are live on Valor, a few days have passed since the Exodus event, where we saw Sameer become the Undisputed Champion, Eric Shun and Austin Omega earning the right to compete in the championship match at Summerslam and many others claiming victory in Egypt. Now however, it seems that everybody is back to work as we return from a commercial break to see Bart sitting in his office. The General Manager seems to be reading some reports about the prior event, what went down during the show. It looks as if he is leaking for something specific, almost like he is preparing for something. Hmm, t
  7. As Eli Smith finishes speaking, the camera shows him being joined by his tag team partner, Bart. Together, they continue where Smith left off and work out in the hot Egyptian sun. Despite the temperatures being significantly higher than that in the Creed gym, the team trains with the same intensity that they used to prepare for prior tag team defenses and that has turned their championship reign into a record-setting affair. After a while, they take a break as the camera comes closer. The two sit down, both breathing heavily following the task of working out in temperatures above 40 degrees.
  8. Would love to see how Ajax did in these past 9 seasons.
  9. Following the recent departure of Julius and Sheridan, the moderation will be getting some fresh blood. For this oppurtunity, 3 of the most active names on the forums, by the names of @Alex Costa, @BobdaBomb and @Sameer will be given an oppurtunity to showcase what they could bring to the mod team over the next few weeks. Good luck to Alex, Bob and Sameer!
  10. Following a 16 month hiatus from the moderation team, @FDS has rejoined the team. With the recent departure of Julius and Sheridan taking a break, FDS can provide the mod team with his services and provide a new perspective to the team. In his first run as a moderator, he has shown to be a great moderator. Now that he has returned to being fully active, he can once again help make the forums the best place it could by rejoining the team. Welcome back FDS!
  11. Bart

    Moving Forward

    We are live on Valor as the broadcast returns following a commercial break. The show has been centered around the fall out of the King Of The Ring PPV, which saw Ropati rise to become the King Of Ring and saw various championships change hands. Now, however, it seems that the shifts towards Exodus, as the theme of the reining BPZ Tag Team Champions begins to play in the arena. Outcome the champions with the titles which they have held for over 200 days, as it seems that they are approaching the ring to talk about their title defense at Valor’s 2nd PPV event, where they will be defending at the

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