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  1. Who Is Winning The 2018 Royal Rumble

    There are two men who I see winning the Rumble because I think those two will be haing matches for the world titles at Wrestlemania and that are Nakamura and Roman Reigns. Given that RAW has the EC ppv, I think Nakamura will win the rumble.
  2. BPZ Predictions League

    Amore Shield Miz Charlotte Usos Lesnar RAW Women SDL men Bonus: No No Asuka
  3. BPZ Predictions League

    Drew McIntyre vs Andrade Almas for the NXT Championship The Undisputed Era vs SaNiTY vs AOP & Roderick Strong inside of WarGames Kairi Sane vs Peyton Royce vs Ember Moon vs Nikki Cross for the NXT Women's Championship Alastair Black vs The Velveteen Dream Lars Sullivan vs Kassius Ohno
  4. Welcome to the Forums. Hope you have a great time here
  5. This match is insane. At first I wasn't excited for it but now it could very well compete for best 5 on 5 matches if the match delivers which I think it will. HHH being in there is a great addition, as I personally don't like what they are doing with Jason Jordan. I think there is a chance Jason Jordan comes out and cost RAW. But then you also have the chance that HHH turns on Angle to set up a mania match. But you can't forget about Sami and KO possibly interefering, or maybe someone turns heel..... There are so many possible twist which this match and it makes me even more excited for it.
  6. The Shield VS The New Day

    This match could end up stealing the show given who's involved. I think this match will get a good amount of time and the Shield will end up winning. I don't expect a heel turn from anyone in this match, as this would be a strange moment to turn heel for anyone of the New Day and I think the Shield aren't done together yet.
  7. Wrestling Debate Discussions

    I enjoy WWE more. like their matches, their wrestlers, the way feuds are done etc.
  8. NXT TakeOver: WarGames Discussion

    Black Ohno Moon Drew Undisputed Era
  9. This could mean that Jinder isn't winning the title at Surivor Series which I would like. They tried him as a world champ and it failed, it didn't change much for their Indian fanbase as far as I know. Match is the right way to sort of get a pay-off for the Jinder experiment by giving him a big match against a megastar. I reckon Triple H beats him or Jinder wins by interference by the Singhs.
  10. This was to be expected, especially since the Young Bucks are still under contract with I think Ring of Honor till 2019 and if he were to go to WWE, I would reckon it is with them. His attitude recently has become more against WWE then before, so I wouldn't have expected him to sign anyway. I disagree that if he doesn't win the win the title that means he is leaving. I believe there is a very good chance he wins it, because in a normal year (so not last year) you e will have at least 2/3 champions and he is one of their top 4. However, if he doesn't succeed to win the title, there are still other things which could lead to him staying such as just simply not wanting to go the WWE or not getting the right offer from them.
  11. BPZ Wrestling League

  12. New Faction Debuts At NXT Live Event

    Gives all of them something to do. hopefully stables also become a thing on the main roster, a lot of the great storylines feature stables
  13. WWE Bringing In VR?

    this is something which will just cost WWE money and not give them extra revenue. Given the succes they got with cutting cost it would be a strange decision, but for people it would make a better experience then just watching on TV (I assume, havent used VR myself)
  14. Monday Night RAW - 7/11/17 Discussion

    RAW was good. Bit disappointed we won't see Ambrose and Rollins vs the Usos, would have preferred that with Roman being a part of the RAW men team rather than the Shield vs the New Ðay but I guess they wanted to do the Shield Reunion at Surivor Series. Wondering what will happen to the Shield after SS, I guess they will find one more opponent for the December PPV and then have the big Shield Fallout at the Rumble.
  15. Was really suprised when I tuned into the ppv to see Jericho talk. At first I thought the match would happen at Jericho's cruise so I was quite suprised. Should be a fun match which ends with Omega going over and Jericho (probably) going back to his short term runs with WWE.

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