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  1. I thought the entire draft was bit underwhelming. While we saw some nice suprises like Charlotte going to RAW, I thought they should have switched it up more. Of course Orton, Owens, Braun switching is something, but the main identities of the shows remains the same. I think there will be a lot of oppurtunies on RAW for guys like Drew (I feel bad saynig this as it has been said for like a year now) and Almas, if WWE wants to give them a chance with a less packed main event scene. I hope they understand that Orton getting in the title picture is not the answer, and that they should look at the last few NXT call ups and take their chances there. Smackdown seems like an interesting show with a clear dynamic, being based on powerhouses. I really doubt that the Fiend would fit in well, not because it's impossible to do but because I doubt WWE has the skills required to make it work. Women's division makes me think that Ronda is coming back soon, as I doubt FOX would otherwise be content with having neither Becky nor Charlotte on their roster.
  2. 1998 without a doubt. That was his big rise to fame where he one year killed WCW and also had arguabley the biggest drawing power that any wrestler had ever had.
  3. This may be unpopular on the forums, but if you look in the general wrestling community, it is anything but.
  4. I thought this was a very enjoyable episode of Dynamite. Liked the opener a lot. I always thought that there was gonna be a WWE stable in AEW, and while it doesn't seem to be a big as I orginally imagined, we might saw something with PAC and Moxley having a common enemy. I wouldn't mind a tag team match with Omega and a partner vs Mox/Pac. Not too big a fan of the World Title match, don't know if at this point of his career Jericho will be able to carry a match like that and make it great. Cody appearing afterwards seem to be given.
  5. Rollins doing double duty on a Saudi Show? We can dislike him all we want the man sure has hell works his butt off. Now, I hope they have some more segments between Flair and Hogan cause without that, there is nothing to care about here. It's not a battle of the brands, it's just a match I suppose. I doubt they will get people excited for this, and probably didn't need to have Seth Rollins do double duty for it.
  6. This a very strange booking decision in my opinion. You have the massive fall-out from the HIAC finish, which makes it clear that you weren't ready to have Fiend with the title yet. Now, you draft him away to Smackdown (I get that the trade rumour is still a thing but regardless) and put him in another match up where it should be anything goes. Maybe they are doing it for the sake of pissing people off, but none of this makes any sense to me.
  7. Monday Night RAW | October 14th, 2019 | Pepsi Center | Denver, CO Monday Night RAW: The 2019 WWE Draft The start of a new era in the WWE is upon as we kick off the 2019 edition of the Draft. The faith of all superstars will be decided this week, and for tonight, we have plenty to look forward to. First off, we will see United States Champion AJ Styles representing RAW while battling former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston who will represent the Blue Brand. The winner of this match will allow his brand to make the first overall selection in the draft. Tonight we will see superstars like Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch get drafted. The number pick 1 is certain to give his brand a big favour, and you would have to think that the management of either RAW or Smackdown will have big rewards if their superstars were to win, while we can only wonder what will happen to those unable to secure their brand draft advantages. AJ Styles (RAW) vs Kofi Kingston (Smackdown) Winner's Brand gets the Number 1 Pick. Styles and Kingston have gotten to know each other pretty will this year. AJ took part in both the gauntlet as the elimination chamber matches, the first steps that Kofi had to take in his long road towards the WWE Championship match at Wrestlemania. However, a lot of things have changed since then. Kingston has established himself as a main event level talent in the WWE, while AJ has faced a lot of criticism for his antics since teaming up with Gallows and Anderson to form the O.C. While this match of course has a huge importance for the draft, it also a clash between parts of the two most dominant trios in the WWE, and even the whole wrestling world. Both men would be careful to start the match, realising the huge stakes that were involved in this match meant that both men wanted to prevent making mistakes as much as they possibly could. As the match went on, it became evidently clear that the O.C. would do whatever it took to win, and that pride or fairness would not disturb this mindset. While they didn’t have a numbers advantage, they still managed to use their experience in the wrestling business to create advantages for themselves. Gallows and Anderson would do their best to the distract the referee, allowing AJ to hit as many strikes in the corner as he wanted, despite the complaints by both Big E and Woods. Kofi looked to have the match won, when he hit a saga of big moves before setting Styles up for Trouble in Paradise. However, his attempt was avoided by AJ, who quickly laid out Kofi with a pele kick. Both men were down following an intensive sequence of moves. This is where the other members of the team got involved, as Anderson sparked a brawl on the outside. The referee tried to stop the brawl, but with his eyes away from the ring, AJ was able to hit a low blow on Kofi. This would give him the chance to perform the Styles Clash, as the referee returned to the ring, and get the pin fall victory. This meant that the RAW Brand would get the first pack, as the draft could finally get under way. Stephanie McMahon: With the first overall selection in the 2019 WWE draft, Monday Night RAW selects…. Roman Reigns! The Big Dog returns to the Red Brand, and shows that even leukemia can’t stop him from delivering on the highest level, adding yet another impressive accolade to his resumé. Shane McMahon: With Smackdown’s very first pick, we will in one pick, acquire both the biggest star in the entire WWE, as well as the biggest championship in the history of sports entertainment. Friday Night Smackdown selects… The WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar! The Beast is returning to the Blue Brand, the Brand that he hasn’t been apart of since 2004. The entire Smackdown roster is in for a culture shock, now that Brock Lesnar is around. Stephanie McMahon: With our 2nd pick, we will take back the best World Champion in the world. Monday Night Raw selects…. The Universal Champion… Seth Rollins! Shane McMahon: With Smackdown’s 2nd pick, we will take the Boss, Sasha Banks! Stephanie McMahon: With our 3rd pick, and I hate to say this but it is whatever USA wants, Monday Night RAW has decided to draft “The Man” Becky Lynch. Shane McMahon: With Smackdown’s 3rd pick, we will reward hard work and show that loyalty is in fact a thing over here. Friday Night Smackdown selects… The New Day! ________________________________________________________________________________ Seth Rollins reacts to being drafted The Universal Champion was interviewed backstage, where he reacted to being drafted No2 by the brand that he has been a part of ever since the Brand Split returned. While he seemed pleased to remain on RAW, he did point out that he was surprised to not hear his name called first. He noted that it may be a result of some of the comments that he made about the RAW management in the past. He would end by saying that “Monday Night Rollins” would continue to show the best wrestling in the world, no matter who would try to get in his way. After a commercial break, we would return to Monday Night RAW where more draft picks were about to be announced. Stephanie McMahon: RAW takes… Aleister Black Shane McMahon: Smackdown have an eye towards the future, and therefore, our next selection is Tomasso Ciampa Stephanie McMahon: Raw also has looked at the future, and after advice from my husband, as decided to take Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. Shane McMahon: Smackdown selects Alexa Bliss Stephanie McMahon: RAW selects Kevin Owens Shane McMahon: Smackdown takes the IC Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura _______________________________________________________________________ Ricochet vs Murphy vs Alexander vs Gulak Cruiserweight Number One Contender Match Next up on RAW, we would see a fatal 4 way to determine who would face Lio Rush on Smackdown for the Cruiserweight Championship. The participants were Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, Drew Gulak and Buddy Murphy. Along with the future title shot, the match also gave them a chance to prove their worth and impress, possibly resulting in a higher draft selection. The match was exactly what you would expect from 4 cruiserweights of this caliber, a spectacular match which saw humans flying around the ring. As much as Gulak tried to slow down the pace, the other 3 were just too good to be contained. The history of Alexander and Murphy was visible, as the two seemed to focus on the other throughout the entire match. In the end however, this would turn out to cost them, as they brawled on the outside and lost sight of what was going on inside the ring. In the ring, Ricochet and Gulak went back and forward for a while, both coming close to victory at times. But in the end, the quickness and agility of Ricochet managed to knock down Gulak with the 630 splash to get the victory. After the match, Rush stood on the ramp and talked about his opponent this Friday like he only can. Ricochet walked up to him, with his intention very clear, but Rush disappeared into the backstage area before there altercation could become physical. After this amazing match, the draft would continue. Stephanie McMahon: With RAW’s next pick we will look to strengthen our Tag Team Division. We select Harper and Rowan Shane McMahon: With our next pick, Friday Night Smackdown has decided to draft Andrade Stephanie McMahon: RAW’s next pick will have an eye towards the future. This is one of the biggest talents in the sports entertainment industry, and we at RAW are glad to have him with us. We pick Ali Shane McMahon: Our next pick is not just a great performer, he is also a true legend of the industry. A revolutionary figure, we have decided to draft Rey Mysterio Stephanie McMahon: Our next pick is the Usos. One of, if not the best and most accomplished tag teams in the entire company Shane McMahon: We at Smackdown are not stopped by any chance of sportsmanship. We will draft the RAW Tag Team Champions Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode _______________________________________________________________________________ The Revival vs The Usos Next up, the Revival and Usos would clash in a non-title match. These two teams used to be bitter rivals, but were separated in the last Superstar ShakeUp. The Usos were already drafted while the Revival, who hold the Smackdown Championship, are in Friday’s draft pool and are looking to impress. Straight away it was clear that these teams knew each other very well, countering several of their opponents’ moves. This forced both teams to try new things but neither team seemed hindered by this, as they showed how versatile they are. There were near falls that left the crowd amazed, both teams proved their status on top of the tag team world with their excellent resilience. In the end however, it would be the Usos who ended up winning this amazing tag team match. They managed to get Scott Dawson in position for their Double Superfly Splash, and when Jey Uso it his move, he made sure to take out Dash Wilder before tagging his brother, who also hit his Superfly Splash, before pinning Scott Dawson for the victory. An amazing showing from these two teams, and one that fans must hope won’t be their last match against one another. Next up, more draft picks are inbound. Stephanie McMahon: Next up, Monday Night RAW selects… Mandy Rose. Shane McMahon: Smackdown has always been a known destiny for high-flyers, and we will keep that name as we will draft the Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush. Stephanie McMahon: Next up for us, Sami Zayn. Shane McMahon: With our next pick, we will draft Cesaro. Stephanie McMahon: The Miz is returning to RAW, and make it even more awesome than before. Shane McMahon: Next up, we will select King Of The Ring finalist Chad Gable. ____________________________________________________________________________ We cut backstage where we see Braun Strowman complaining to a referee. He hasn’t been drafted yet, despite being of the biggest names in the company. He can’t believe it. The referee is trying to cheer him up, but it has little effect on “The Monster Among Men”. We then cut to another room, where we see the currently undrafted superstars in tonight’s pool eagerly waiting to find out when and by whom their name will be called tonight. Their lives could fairly well undergo dramatic changes based on what happens tonight and Friday. Relationships and friendships are on thin ice, with nobody knowing who will be on the same brand as them. Some worried looks, while others seem more opportunistic about their chances as they prepare to hear the next few picks being announced Stephanie McMahon: With our next fews pick, RAW will make it’s women’s division even stronger, we select Asuka. Shane McMahon: We select the Viking Raiders Stephanie McMahon: Ruby Riott will be joining Monday Night RAW. Shane McMahon: Rusev is apart of Team Blue. Stephanie McMahon: Nikki Cross will be joining Team RAW on Monday Nights on the USA Network. Shane McMahon: Peyton Royce will be joining the Blue Brand on Friday Nights on FOX. ________________________________________________________________________________ Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks Smackdown Women’s Championship A strange event occurred on RAW, as we saw the Smackdown Women’s Championship defended in the main event for the first time in the history of the Red Brand. However, it won’t be the first time that these two women faced off. They have been bitter rivals for years upon years now, with the intensity rising up as time went by. They have faced off in Hell In A Cell, and tonight, they sure as hell don’t want to lose at the start of this new era. Especially Charlotte, who will be drafted later this week on Smackdown, will look to make a good impression tonight in order to raise her stock on the draft board. The match showed that these two know each other as good as one, as neither was able to get offense in on. It was what can be described as a counter fest. One change with before is that it appeared that Sasha had changed her style, trying to get as close to the limit of what’s allowed as possible. She would use the ropes for leverage on both pinfalls as submissions. It was an even match, both women got their moments, but neither was able to break away from the other, leaving us with a close and exciting match till the very end. When we got to the final stages of the match, tiredness started to play a role as both women began to struggle to keep a strong hold on their signature submission moves. This meant that they had to readjust their game plan and think outside of the box. However someone wanted to think for them. Bayley rushed towards the ring, hoping to help out her good friend Sasha win this important match up. However, Charlotte managed to duck just in time, meaning that Bayley clotheslined Sasha inside out. Bayley would quickly be pushed out of the ring, as Charlotte tried to take advantage of this big mistake. However, Sasha managed to kick out to the shock of the crowd. Afterwards, she would have a rush of energy and bump Charlotte into the referee, taking out both of them. This was all the time that Sasha needed to grab her “Like Boss” brass knuckles. She quickly hit Charlotte, as the referee got back to his feet and made the count to crown a new Women’s Champion. Charlotte was fuming as Sasha walked away, celebrating her title victory. This brought us to the final stages of the draft, as there were only 4 picks left for both brands to make. Some people were going to miss out, and we were about to find out who those people were going to be. Stephanie McMahon: With our next pick, we will get the biggest talent in the women’s division. We select Lacey Evans. Shane McMahon: We are the one selecting the actual TALENT here. We are taking Liv Morgan. Stephanie McMahon: With our next pick, we take a WWE veteran. Someone with all the experience in the world. We pick Shelton Benjamin. Shane McMahon: With our next pick, we are selecting a former WWE World Champion. Jinder Mahal is coming to Friday Nights. Stephanie McMahon: With our next pick, we will select someone who has both experience in the ring as well as in the office, we take Drake Maverick. Shane McMahon: With our 2nd to last pick, we will take the one and only Tony Nese. Stephanie McMahon: With RAW’s final selection, the brand has decided to choose Braun Strowman. Shane McMahon: With our final pick, we would like to think about the kids. We take Heath Slater. _______________________________________________________________________________ Braun Strowman is seen backstage, looking anything but happy after being drafted in the last round of the WWE draft. Anyone who tries to calm him down gets told shut up without a word being sad as Braun goes on a wreck of havoc in the backstage area. This promises something for next week.
  9. Hi Yelich, yes, we as mods want to redefine the rule and make it clearer. We have decided upon this before. However, and I hope you understand this (I will speak for myself here): the last thing I need right now after a full day of this chaos is too speak about it even more. We are also humans who at some point are just sick of talking about something. As long as there is this toxic enviroment everywhere no one can do much. Slim himself accepted the solution so I really hope we as a forums can move on from this one situation ruining the discord (this is how I experience it). But yes, we will try to make the rule as good as possible. The whole not showing evidence thing has a very logical reason behind it and I think you would be able to figure out why quite easy. Hope I have pleased you, if not, just ask friendly what's unclear.
  10. Elite Pro Wrestling- Episode 5 Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles Chris Jericho and the Authors of Pain opened the show to comment on their controversial actions at Arrival, where Akam and Rezar cost Ospreay his match against Jericho. The World Champion would speak on how powerful of a trio they were, calling them the most dominating force the wrestling industry had ever seen. However, they would be interrupted by the dimming of the lights, with in the end nothing but darkness visable in the arena. As the lights turned back on Black, Konnor and Viktor would be surrounding the ring. No attack would follow, as the 3 would staredown the Authors of Pain and Jericho before the lights dimmed again and they were nowhere to be seen. In a showcase match, two men would make their EPW debuts. Marafuji would take on Eli Drake, with the winner being a part of the IC title match at the next ppv. The match would show the strenghts of both, but in the end, the techincal skills and experience of Marafuji would prosper past Drake, allowing him to take home the victory and get a title oppurtunity at the ppv. The Miz was on commentary and throughout the match made a mockery of both men. He would say that the company were forced to make him defend in a multi-man match, as these two wouldn't be able to last a minute with him in the ring. After the match, Marafuji walked up to the commentary table. Miz would quickly hide behind Maryse, looking extremely scared as the camera cut backstage. Backstage, we would find Jericho complaining to Bischoff about the events that took place during the opening of the show. Jericho was fuming, wondering why the hell nothing was done about the brutal interruption of his stable by Black and the Ascension. Bischoff agreed with Jericho, and said there would be something done about it tonight. Jericho first looked pleased, until he heard what this solution was. Bischoff would make a Tag Team Championship match for tonight's main event, featuring the Ascension and the Authors of Pain. Jericho would instantly beging to complain, but Bischoff would close to door of the office before Jericho could try and do anything about it. The main event would see the Ascension take on The Authors of Pain for the Tag Team Championships. Jericho was at ringside, while Black was nowhere to be found. At least, so we thought, until the final sequence of the match. This is where the ref went down as Jericho came from behind and send him into the ring post. Jericho would then enter the ring, and look to take out Viktor with a Codebreaker. However, he would be tapped on the back, as Black appeared behind him to the shock of Jericho. Black would waste no time taking out Jericho, nailing him with a Black Mass. Akam would suffer the same faith and get thrown out of the ring. Rezar would appear behind Black, but didn't notice that Viktor apperaed behind him. He would be knocked down, as Konnor entered the ring to deliver The Fall Of Man. Black would awake the referee. This allowed the ref to make the cover and crown our new Tag Team champions.
  11. We are live on BPZ TV, just hours before the Survival Games tournament kicks off. The fans have plenty to look forward to, with multiple marquee matches advertised for the event. The show will include the finals of the first ever tournament where the PPV is named after, as well as big match for the Undisputed Championship. The block deciding matches will feature Slim taking on Smith, as well as Bart taking on Julius to see who will face off at Survivor Series with the tournament victory on the line. Well most of these men have been active, promoting themselves and having verbal attacks at one another, we haven’t heard anything yet from Bart. No promo’s, no videos, not even a message. As we saw earlier today, it has gotten to Julius nerves. Julius has said that it has confused him, going as for as to call Bart an hypocrite for his lackluster attitude towards this upcoming match. However, at the final moments before the PPV, we glad a glimpse of the former Undisputed Champion. We see Bart enter the ring, not wearing his regular T-shirt, but a simple Black Jacket with a chain tucked into it. He walks into the ring, an intense look on his face as he begins to speak the audience, but really to Julius. How funny, how coincidental. Julius, Julius was frustrated. His opponent hadn’t spoken. Julius I am sure that you are confused. Usually, you will need to listen to some overrated wannabe star talk about how you are overlooking them. Week after week, the same boring and delusional stories get told to you, none of which ever end up coming true. But the one time that you face an legitimate threat, they go quiet. You hear nothing. All that you can do is wonder why. Wonder why this idiot isn’t speaking up before this huge PPV match. But hey, you know all about that, don’t you. Poor you, having to wait for a full week till you got your desired response. You couldn’t possibly imagine anyone waiting even longer than that, could you Julius? We cut to a video package, showing Julius' attack on Bart following the Powertrip Cup PPV. Then, it shows you Julius the next night on Carnage, saying that it was just business before continuing to his next topic. 4 months ago, you attacked me. In fact , you tried to end me. Now that you are getting so heated about me not talking, may I ask, did you ever say why you attacked me? All that I heard were embarrassing excuses, especially from a star like you. Just business, wanting to make a statement. It all sounds like generic bullshit to me buddy. We both know the real reason. But hey, you couldn’t say that now could you Julius? If people knew, they wouldn’t be able to believe in the status that you have tried all so hard to create for yourself. The prince of BPZ, you match all criterias. You have been so scared of this losing this reputation, that you have keeping your motives for attacking me secret. But now, hours before the PPV where you are predicted to slaughter me, the truth shall come out. Because Julius, unstoppable monster that you are, you never attacked me to make a statement. You attacked me because you shit yourself at the thought of having to face me in King Of The Ring. You couldn’t let your reputation get ruined by me, again. A video begins to play, showing the match between Julius and Bart at Night Of Legends. It shows Bart pinning Julius to win the Universal Championship, showing the disappointment of Julius when he gets back to his feet. Before Night Of Legends, people thought of you as the most dominant force that the BPZ had ever seen. After the two stood in the ring as opponents, that all went away very quickly. After I had exposed your weaknesses for the whole world to see, you lost both of your titles the first time a respectable wrestler challenged for them. There you were, in what was deemed your season. It had looked all so beautiful throughout, but when the biggest moment of all arrived, you were stuck tag teaming with a lower midcarder. The moment I kicked your ass you went crawling back to Flynn, begging for help. The former World Champion of this company playing bodyguard, it’s the biggest joke that I have ever seen. All the propaganda, all the hype, I see right through it Julius. You are great Julius, no doubt. But you are not THAT great. You don’t live up to your own hype, and you know it just as well as me. They call you MR Tournaments, but forgive me, before we give out these catchphrases, can he do something with these victories for once? While you all remember Julius’s PTC victory, may I ask, what did he do with it? Oh yeah, he lost to Flynn. He failed to deliver. But surely, that’s just one unlucky result right? RIGHT? I mean he came right back, and won the King Of The Ring tournament. Most of his opponents had been in their mothers’ wombs longer than they had been with the company, but he won. Julius got it done and redeemed himself. At Summerslam, this beast was going to reclaim his crown, right Julius? NO, again, Julius failed. This King of the BPZ , can’t you see that he is nothing close to what he is supposed to be. I can already see the fanboys screaming at the tv, “but he won MITB”. That’s cool for him, another win that does NOTHING on it’s own. You all think this time will be his moment, only to be disappointed again. But yet, this guy who has choked in all of his recent opportunities to come back to his former glory, he is supposed to murder me. All the betting sides aren’t even allowing you to bet on him, that’s how obvious they think it is. It’s so disrespectful that for the first time in my career I feel disgusted. Can’t you see how foolish you all look, how foolish you all will look after tonight? After I have torn him into shreds, Julius will be exposed to the reality like a vampire to the sun. Julius, you were so afraid that I wasn’t going to show up. While you should have been praying every single day to prevent this from happening. You have started to believe in your own lies Julius, a magician who began to believe in his own illusions. But finally, the time has come for someone to ruin your magic show, once and for all. Say hello the light, Julius
  12. It's a non-title match. Interested to see what they will do with Seth/Bray in what I can only imagine will be damage control. Will probably be impossible to send the fans home pleased, but hey, they might as well try.

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