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  1. Bart

    "Purple Reign"

    As the face of the Global Champion emerges on the Titantron and “One True Villain” starts to play, boos are heard throughout the arena as the fans show how much they despise the Triple Champion. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by it as he walks down the ramp, wide smile on his face as he stares at Kills while making his way to the ring with the Global and US championships around his shoulder, while having the Tag Team Title around his waist. . He walks up the stairs before speaking through his microphone. When will you learn it Johnny. First, I defeat you at BPZMania, then I, I take your tag team title, the only piece of power that Ruin had left in the BPZ, and yet, you will continue to challenge me. I get it, you were forced to face me. You had a qualification match against some random local talent and therefore are forced to once again step inside the ring with me, but what thrives you to continue to act like you stand a chance? Is it proud Kills, is it the inabilty to accept that I am superior to you? Or is it just that you are just delusional. I think you know that I am better than you, I think that you know that I will beat you. I think that you have given up, and that’s the right thing to do. But be honest about it, tell them that you will try your best but that it won’t be enough, because that’s the reality. I know that this will be hard for you, but instead of putting fake hope into your body, why don’t you just admit to it. We can still promote the match, it won’t hurt anybody. But it will make you feel better. I see that you wonder why the crowd doesn’t like you, and if I am being honest, I am surprised about that myself. Normally, the fans love to root for losers, people who they can relate to because just like them they won’t succeed. They might not pretend to be some spooky individual, but they can all relate to you as a guy that will never have his big moment. Frustration is seen on the face of Kills, but Bart does not give him a chance to interrupt, as he continues to talk. But Kills, I don’t have an issue with you being in this match, you will just lose and claim that you will win it the next night, no matter how many times you lose. But for our other participant in the match, I am not so sure. I feel bad knowing that I will beat him because as the Face of Evolve, I will responsible for the brand in some way, and then when I look at the history of mister Wilde, I am scared that Evolve will not like the aftermath of this match. The former management of Evolve signed him to a very generous contract, around 3 times what I am earning. But Alyx Wilde has the habit to disappear when something doesn’t go his way, he lost in a US title match and all of a sudden we didn’t hear from him in months. We will see those same events occur after Fallout, when Alyx Wilde once again leaves the BPZ, with all of his fans wondering why their favourite has quit on them again. It’s crazy when you think about it, time after time leaves the fans and yet they continue to root for him, it’s a sad story. But trust me, he will quit on the BPZ again, he won’t see it coming, being on holiday for 11 of the 12 months makes you forgot about your own weaknesses inside the ring, it makes Alyx think that he is untouchable, but in reality, he is a prone target for anyone who tries. I am not going to say this match will be a battle, a blood bath, because it won’t be anything like that, it will be simple domination. I know you won’t believe me, but I will proof you that I am right every single time. Kills wants to respond, but before he can, Bart is walking down the stairs, on his face back to where he came from as he taunts Kills with the Global title before disappearing from the sight of the camera.
  2. I don't like Strowman winning, yeah it guarantees him to win the belt which he should but yeah... I don't think RAW needed the MITB at all, whoever beats Brock should use that for his momentum, now we have Strowman who will, I think this is what WWE will do, cash in after Lesnar loses and win the belt.So in all likelyhood, we are going to get Braun vs Roman again. That's fine and all, but I don't see any interesting storyline behind it, just who will win, which is what is wrong with WWE right now in my opinion, with almost no real storylines and instead just pointless matches that were made out of a segment on television.
  3. The tag and NXT both have gone and will continue through periods were the divisions are almost dead with no one going for it, we really dont need another title there.
  4. Doing the EC one was a lot of fun, it was, the matchtype gave me a lot of freedom which was something that made writing it more enjoyable than the others that I have done.
  5. World: Slim , Brad, Smith, FDS IC: Ross , Prince, Josh, Brad Premium: Brad, Smith, Storm, Kieron US: Echo, Kieron, Natedog , myself Universal: Echo, Flynn, Prince, Ryan Global: (no one), but if I have to say some people, Jon, Alyx, Slim, Smith
  6. Bart

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    Slim Ross Echo Brad Josh
  7. Bart

    BPZ Predictions League

    BB Rollins Reigns Carmella Rousey Lashley Bryan Natalya Miz Styles
  8. Bart

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    Really excited for the off-season. I think Lebron's best fit is the Spurs, him and Leonard would be one of the only combinations that I would give the edge over Golden State. I also think that the combination of Pop and Lebron would be something special that we should see. I think the other option where Lebron is in a great position to win the title is Houston, but I don't think the talents match as well in Houston as they do in San Antonio. Of course, the Cavs, Lakers and 76ers are still valid options, but I don't think any of those teams would give Lebron the roster that is required to beat Golden State.
  9. Dunne Starr Suzuki-gun Scrull Ospreay
  10. Cat Power Nicole, Rush and Silver LeRea + Stratus

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