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  2. Nice shows so far, I am looking forward to Wrestlemania. Question, which mod are you using?
  3. Bart

    Is WWE overusing the "iron man" concept?

    I think it does add something fu cn to every match. For long matches like the RR, it's fun to see multiple stories develop and that of an Iron Man can elevate the charachter, as long as they are believeable like Julius said. I don't neccesarily have a problem with it, especially cause them actually winning the whole thing isn't that common. This year I was confident that Rollins would enter very early and win it, but it turned out that he entered a pretty regular spot. I would agree though that you could easily tell that they were copying the Rollins win with Kofi, but with the circumstances surrounding it, I don't think you can blame WWE for that.
  4. Bart

    BPZ Commentaries

    WHERE IS SLIM? We are only a few weeks away from BPZMania. For the last years two years, the BPZMania shows were headlined and focused on Slim. The 2 time BPZMania Main Event winner has been the major piece in BPZ programming for years, but this he has been the big absent name on this years road to BPZMania. The last we saw of him would suggest otherwise, as he was able to defeat the highly protected young star Julius, who up until that point had been basically invincible. The fact that Slim won would suggest that the company still had big plans for him, but now that we are 3 months passed this match, this seems highly doubtful. Even our sources within the company can only speculate on why the 4 time world champion isn’t appearing on BPZ’s programming in the hottest months of the year. We have come up with a couple of reasons why: Ever since Judgement Day, Slim has been working on a reduced schedule. It might look obvious at first, but when you start looking at Slim’s matches throughout 2018, it becomes clear that this the chance of an injury isn’t outside the realm of possibility. The 2nd half of 2018 has only seen Slim wrestle a couple of times, far less than he had throughout the year halfs at any other point in his career. Maybe, years of being one of the top featured stars in the company has caught up with Slim. This would explain his absence, as the company wants to make sure that he can perform at the top show of the year. However, this is not the only theory that has been told to us. There is reports telling us that Slim’s injury only happened after the last match. Slim was supposed to have a big part in the Road to BPZMania and was set to be one of the key names in the Royal Rumble, with his name even being thrown around as a potential winner. But then, all of a sudden, he was completely left out of the booking plans for the upcoming months, with no direct explanation given to any of the members of the creative team. A name like that being thrown around of the booking plans without any reason hints at an extremely situation that you wouldn’t wish upon anyone, and we can only hope that it’s not true. One source is giving us another story. He says that Slim contract had come up at the end of December, and the ongoing negoitations were the reason for him not appearing on tv frequently from August till December. Reportedly the negoitations weren’t going well, as Slim wanted to remain in his top spot in the company, while the higher ups wanted to slowly transition Slim into a different role, as they looked to move others into this spot at the top of the mountain. Slim was very unhappy about this and it made for conversations that were described to us as “awkward”. We have been told that this was the reason for the match at DTD, as a final way to try and get Slim to sign a new deal. If this were to be true, it would be gigantic news that one of the biggest stars in BPZ History would be moving on from the company that he had been dominating for the last few years. It would also be a very bad look on the BPZ, if they hadn’t been able to resing the guy that they hard put so much trust into for the last couple of years. But the lack of information makes it hard for us to tell who is the one acting wrong here. Is it Slim setting too high standards? Or is the company asking Slim to do unreasonable things? No matter which one of these 2 theories turns out to be true, the mystery of Slim will remain something that we will keep you updated on, here on BPZCommentaries.
  5. ELITE PRO WRESTLING: DECEMBER RESULTS: FRANCHISE PLAYERS: BEGINNING OF DECEMBER: WEEK 1: WEEK 2: JAPAN PPV: WEEK 3: WEEK 4: US PPV: FRANCHISE PLAYERS END OF NOVEMBER: FINANCE: POPULARITY: MEDICAL: NOTES: Michael Hayes is now 90+ pop in all US regions. I am completely caught up! Thanks to @BrendenPlayz and @Keeley having patience with me, even at times when it looked like I was never going to catch up.
  6. Bart

    BPZ Predictions League

    Daniel Bryan Strowman Rousey Usos Balor Bayley and Sasha Murphy Last elim men: AJ Styles Last elim women: Illconics Most elims men: Styles Most elims women: Bayley and Sasha
  7. Bart

    The Light

    {center} We are in the final week ahead of Saint Valentine’s Day, the final PPV ahead of the historic BPZMania event. BPZMania marks the main date in the calender of everyone with a wrestling heart, but for the wrestlers, getting there is just as important as performing there, meaning that they have to be on there A game 24/7 including this Sunday. The card is looking like one that is unmissable for anyone that likes to know the build up to BPZMania. We will see all 3 main titles defended, something that we see only a couple of times in a year. A special guest referee match for the World Title, a Carnage Scramble Cash-In and the fighting over a vacated Global Title alone would be worth the money, never mind if it comes a long with various others titles being defended. We hear “One True Villain” the theme of the Universal and Intercontinental Champion. He will have to defend both of his titles on the same night this Sunday, a task that many would label impossible. He, however, surely has a different opinion. Just like always, there is no doubt in his mind that he will be able to overcome the odds. He makes his way into the ring as he taunts the crowd before putting the microphone close to his mind and beginning to speak. Finally, I have figured it out. See, Hollow, for all this time I have struggled to figure you out. I couldn’t understand how someone could be so delusional, failing to acknowledge what happened in the past, to the point where he wouldn’t even speak of his opponents. All that I saw a little child getting overly excited for something that can only disappoint. I had always held you to a low standard, but even of you, I expected more. I expected a man that was able to own up to his defeat, to someone outdoing him on various occasions. But no, all that we got were what seems to be a fantasy of a grown man with a mind that hasn’t even began to grown. It’s like a young boy playing with toys, having his favourite win the big title which he knows would never happen in real life, but in his fantasy, no one can stop him. I failed to understand why, what this would give you. Why you wouldn’t just accept the reality. You know as well as me that you won a match between 6 guys that I have all defeated before, they didn’t give you any reason to feel confident. I kept on thinking, what could possibly make this human being say this level of nonsense. I thought hard, but for long, I just couldn’t work it out. And then, I realised it. Finally, I saw the light. This act of yours, the ridiculous promos, the words that you have spoken, they aren’t about what you believe. They are about what he wants. He knows that he has no chance, and instead of arguing a case that he doesn’t believe in, he has given up. Instead, he now just cheerfully thinks of what could be, in a different world, where he could get lucky. He knows that he is forced to go up against a challenge that someone like him simply can’t overcome. Finally, he has listened. Sadly it’s too late, he has already made the mistake to challenge me. Right as I undergo the hardest period of my career. Twice, I was screwed out of my ticket for a World Heavyweight Championship match. The madmen… I hope that he will still wrestle after we are over. It would be incredibly unfortunate if the terror that I shall unleash him will force him to end his career, to live with fear for the rest of his life. I promise Hollow, I won’t go further. After our match is done, and I have embarrassed you in front of the audience, I will leave you to live with your sadness alone. No longer shall I interfere anything involving you, and I am sure you won’t ever get back up to the point to challenge me to a match ever again. You can live your misery in faith, with the new knowledge that you have. I am proud of you, I really am. “The Villain” bursts out into laughter, which can be heard over the loud boos from the crowd, who find his behaviour disgusting. He tries to control his laughter before delivering in his final words to Hollow. See you Sunday, Hollow
  10. ELITE PRO WRESTLING SEPTEMBER RESULTS WEEK 1: https://gyazo.com/6d575e9ea065170232bf878d9de1fdaa WEEK 2: https://gyazo.com/238984dc2e698662b52dfd8375225ea6 JAPAN PPV: https://gyazo.com/366846985d00222205b8fa0e2e4361c9 WEEK 3: https://gyazo.com/6111394a21b61c43156f1da8a03e6e31 WEEK 4: https://gyazo.com/0cdaa06cb48ccb246c2700c198520632 PPV: https://gyazo.com/3d10a86a93c7c24972b84a161aa7cc07 FINANCE: https://gyazo.com/e4a5a96e9da89ecedf1cb95ddfc51215 POPULARITY: https://gyazo.com/8ee7777fbdbac6b2db533b0f98883dba IMPORTANCE: https://gyazo.com/6bf1e53c01b01eb7793f5743bf5cc14a NOTES: Actually accomplished the "Spot New Talent" goal this time. Without realsing, luckily I have managed to build some people around Austin that are pretty good themselves. Michael Hayes reached 93 pop in the Mid South.
  11. ELITE PRO WRESTLING AUGUST RESULTS WEEK 1: https://gyazo.com/a4aa2901b8889908ee1498fa5476bc93 WEEK 2: https://gyazo.com/53927a5eaeb1d0817f76e1d01e3875be JAPAN PPV: https://gyazo.com/920fd1422a6052d2512cb6947153124f WEEK 3: https://gyazo.com/6084114df5739b51e6debe4070e320bd WEEK 4: https://gyazo.com/7c9363a772d974f9bf89ce14c7cb5474 PPV: https://gyazo.com/5b58bea7c373592e2d571cda1b1d759b FINANCE: https://gyazo.com/245d46b6ff522fe8b562c93db806798b POPULARITY: https://gyazo.com/1777fbc9e03cc295325f2d2e24d47fd9 IMPORTANCE: Reached National Size, can't show the screenshot anymore as it won't be representative for this month. I wil update it in the september post. NOTES: Completed the "Spot New Talent" Owner Goal (Didn't have my number 1 Franchise player (Steve Austin) Main event the ppv.
  12. ELITE PRO WRESTLING JULY RESULTS WEEK 1: WEEK 2: JapanNON TELEVISED SHOW: JAPAN PPV: WEEK 3: WEEK 4: PPV: FINANCE: POPULARITY: POPULARITY PROGRESS: USA: JAPAN: SIZE: NOTES: I booked the same show twice for Japan as I forgot to broadcast the orginal show as I thought it wasn't allowed for some reason. Terry Funk turned Face and now has an average of 95 pop in the US. Scott Steiner now has an average of 95 pop in the US.