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  1. One year om the forums. When I joined I never thought that I would make a post more than a 1000 times and didn't know half of the stuff that I would end up doing on it. It has been a lot of fun, thanks to everyone of you on here.

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    2. BrendenPlayz


      thanks for all your hard work bart

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      Glad you’ve stuck around bro. 

    4. Julius01


      Congrats man, hopefully heaps more to come 

  2. BrendenPlayz Universe Mode Discussion

    Really enjoyed the EC ppv, not my best ppv predicting wise, but most of These wins make for better stories heading into WM. Ambrose winning back the US title was suprising, I liked it. I also think that it makes for a cool story with miz. I am wondering if we are seeing an Ambrose face turn or that it's just because of the heel vs heel situation. I like the booking of the bar, they might be the team to beat RHYKO. Sasha winning was suprising but I would prefer Sasha vs Bliss over Nia vs Bliss. Strowman continues his dominating reign, he must be close to the one year mark as I recall him having the IC title at Mania last year. Balor vs Reigns, first two men to main event 2 manias on UM. The unstoppable heel vs the goat of UM, story writes itself. I found Club vs Revival a fine match between the top matches. What a match. We see the strangest pinfal I have ever seen to end a bad night for the refs (Fix your game 2K). Not really excited for Joe vs Seth, but there is still a month of shows to change my mind.
  3. Not really suprised if I am honest, however this might indicate that dual branded ppvs are the way to go. Good booking decisions, all understandable
  4. Really liking this diary, hope this one goes on for longer than the last one (let's hope your pc doesn't ruin it this time). I am happy with my booking so far, instantly getting inserted into the main event scene. Shame I didn't make the ppv tho.
  5. I think this match will be very short and will be a squash which is comparable to the Cena match. However, I don't think it will hurt Rusev one bit, as working with the Undertaker shows the trust that the company has in him and could maybe the first sign of big plans in the future.
  6. Hardy and Bray are 100% winning here, the Bar going to smackdown made it obvious to me. I think Hardy and Wyatt's odd team could make for an interesting storyline and could put the tag team division on the map after a bad look at Wrestlemania.
  7. This match is gonna be fun to watch, all 4 of them are capable to put up an entertaining match and Rollins and Joe are in the top tier level of performers. I think Rollins wins here and goes on to have a lengthy reign with the title, which is good for both him and the title's prestige.
  8. I think/hope Hardy will win here. Hardy is a great united states champion, he is still loved by the fans and will bring interest to the title, the upcoming feuds with Orton is something that I am looking forward to, I think the two will have excellent matches between them. I also don't see mahal getting it, as it would indicate that IC goes to Smackdown, and I don't see Rollins losing that title anytime soon.
  9. Roman is winning here, there is no doubt in my mind about it. From what I have read Lesnar winning was a last second call. I also can't think of anyone that is more believeable or would be a better man to defeat Brock. Strowman has already faced him enough now, Balor is meh and Rollins is the IC champion. Reigns is gonna win here as there will be tons of fans whining, but it's in the better interest of the product imo.
  10. I have no idea who is winning here and I like it. Shame how the match hasn't really been build up on tv with people expressing their desire to win or something like that, but the match is gonna be sick anyway with all the talent involved. If I had to predict a winner, I would say Daniel Bryan as I think he makes the most sense, a big singles victory, the first since he returned. I definetly see Bryan entering early and being the iron man of the match. Should be a fun watch.
  11. John Cena vs Triple H

    I am wondering if they are gonna build this up on the last episode of RAW or if it's just gonna be a random match. I guess the fact that it's happening on a house show sort of justifies not having a build, but a match with two huge stars like these should always have a build going into it.
  12. Big E Charlotte Rusev Hardy Bryan BB Styles 81
  13. BrendenPlayz Universe Mode Discussion

    Elimination Chamber Predictions: Miz Revival The Bar Strowman Jax This one is really hard, but I hope it's Reigns as I think Reigns vs Balor is the perfect match to headline Wrestlemania Nakamura, tough one as well but I doubt Undertaker challenges for the belt as you like to keep part timers as part timers and all the others have clashed with Rollins before.
  14. Lethal TBA Kingdom BC Golden Lovers Ishii Stratus

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