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  1. Bart


    The Powertrip Cup Pay Per View is coming closer and closer as the final are taking place. Last week, we saw a war of words between the two men who will take part in the Main Event of show, with the Undisputed Championship on the line. The encounter was abruptly ended when Julius came out to lay out Flynn, who was heading towards the backstage area, before pointing at Bart’s Undisputed Championship. Now, the Undisputed Champion is back on BPZ television for a final time before the PTC ppv to give his final thoughts heading into the event. He walks to the ring with a smirk on his face. I am so sorry Flynn. I am so sorry that I didn’t acknowledge your victory in the 6 way the day after the Royal Rumble. The PPV where I wrestled in two matches. While you were only wrestling for a total of 3 seconds, I had wrestled for a total of over an hour. The day after, when I was outside of the ring, you were able to defeat the men who I had cut into pieces the day prior. I thought that a 5 time World Champion wouldn’t think highly of an accomplishment like that, but I was wrong. You seemingly love it. You are so proud that you managed to defeat me that you look past the obvious fact that the way how makes it mean NOTHING. You know what does make it matter Flynn? It matters when you are the one who is being defeated. When you are one taking the fall, when you are the reason for the other ending up with the victory. Now of course, that wouldn’t happen to you, especially not against a paper champion like me, right? On the titantron in the arena, a video begins to play highlighting the Survivor Series match between the Kingdom and Evolution. We hear the commentator shout “Bart with the cover on Flynn, 1,2,3! The Kingdom have won!!”. Now Flynn, is this why you are so angry? Is this why you constantly can’t stop talking about me? I get it, it’s never fun to lose. Especially when you are a multiple time World Champion, but the sad reality for you is, that there are now guys who are better than you. I know you don’t want to hear it, I know you will always refuse to believe it, but at the PTC Finals, you will once again be shown that the statement is completely correct. It is up to you whether or not you want to believe it, but denying it won’t bring you any further. Saying you are coming up with new strategies while I catch you saying the same thing over and over again will only make you more delusional, but trust me, it won’t help you win a match. Maybe against your previous opponents, but you ever faced off one vs one against some like me. I have not been relaxing since you were laid out by Julius, Flynn. I have been scouting you, watching your matches. As I told you before, I am not a man who is led by pride or arrogance, but rather by efficiency. I am sure you are confident that your weaknesses won’t have been discovered, but you couldn’t be further from the truth with that assessment. You will be surprised when we step in the ring Flynn. You will think that you have it all worked out with a self-proclaimed masterplan. Then when the bell rings, the only emotion that you will feel is regret. So much of it. Tears will drop down from your eyes once you realise that you have lost your opportunity to become Undisputed Champion, and with that, the last bit of hope that you had that you could turn your career back around. What a sad story, with only yourself to blame. All of this could have been prevented Flynn, I hope you know that. See You Soon, Flynn.
  2. I don't this will prevent teams from giving him a big/max contract at all. Why would it? Yes he is injured, but he has gone through several injuries and always came back. I get that none were as rough of an injury as this one, but when you have teams like the Knicks would have building towards chance for what appears to be multiple years now, I would find it hard to believe that an injury would make them change plans. Maybe it means Kevin Durant is gonna be looking to sign a multi year deal instead of another 1+1 deal, which he has been signing a lot with the cap constantly increasing, if he were to leave.
  3. Bart

    BPZ Power Rankings

    (Sorry, I didn't have time to write descriptions this time but here you have your update for the month of June.) June 2019 (credits to @Kirk for the title design) NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP POWER RANKINGS 5. @Yelich 4. @Aaron North 3. @BobdaBomb 2. @Hans 1. NOC: @Gwynfro (once again credits to Kirk for the design). UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP POWER RANKINGS 10. @Nanovirus 9. The Royal Flush: @Jonathan and @Sheridan 8. @BobdaBomb 7. @FDS 6. @Hans 5. @Julius 4. @Arius 3. The Big Ballers: @BrendenPlayz and @Sameer 2. @bailey14 1. NOC: @Flynn
  4. Watched Polar (Netflix Orginal) the other day and can't recommend it. Lots of unnecessary/cartoonish violence takes away from what I thought was a pretty decent perfomance by the lead actor. Wouldn't recommend it to anyone and think the plot could have been for something a lot better.
  5. Yo man, welcome to the forums. Glad to see you decided to join this place. If you have any questions or are unsure about something, don't hesitate to ask. I am looking forward to seeing more of you. Edit: Just read your post again and it seems that you have a very good taste for your favourite wrestlers in the mod 😉
  6. Orton Drew Taker Braun Balor Reigns Kofi Rollins Sullivan Usos Orton vs HHH Braun / Bobbey No Yes Joe
  7. Bart


    The crowd cheers at the thought of potential championship between Bart and Flynn taking place right in front of them tonight. Chants out of excitement begin to develop, before they are interrupted by a laugh coming from the champion. Once again he starts talking to "The King Of BPZ". See Flynn, I was going to accept. I was so close to saying yes to your incredible proposal and showing that I am truly the best with my first ever title defense. But then, I realised that I had already defended my title before, just a month ago in the main event of Backlash. That incredible speech of you loses a bit of it’s credibility now doesn’t it Flynn? For someone who claims to game plan for all of his opponents in a different way, you are a bit behind on the research collum. I hope you have laid out the perfect strategy, because otherwise you may begin to look a bit foolish. Maybe I should open up about my strategy Flynn, it’s unfair to let you unleash all of your plans and yet you know nothing about my approach. I am different from your average opponent Flynn. I am not like Julius, who simply relies on his his god given talents. Like I have told Echo prior, I am not ashamed to admit that I study my opponents. I know that it doesn’t sound cool, but it’s insanely effective. I am no man of pride, I don’t care if I roll you up or if I win in dominant fashion, all I need is the match to end in victory. You think that I am just like the rest of them. Just another Julius, another Yelich. As much as you claim to look at every opponent differently, everything you do screams for the exact opposite. But don’t hesitate to keep that same approach. That’s what everyone else did. Ask them if they recommend it. Don’t feel insulted, I am not comparing you to other wrestlers. You have won a zillion titles and even more matches. You have main evented more matches than whoever else you could think of. But sadly, there is one thing about that analogy. NONE of that was against me.
  8. The Lucha Bros defeated the War Raiders to win the NXT Tag Team Championships Jay Lethal defeated Kassius Ohno Mustafa Ali defeated Buddy Murphy to retain the Cruiserweight Championship The Velveteen Dream defeated Keith Lee to retain the NXT North American Championship Biance Belair defeated Kaire Sane to become the NXT Women's Championship Pete Dunne defeated EC3 and Tyler Bate to become the NXT Champion when he pinned EC3.
  9. Bart


    Quick tip for those making topics on here, one reoccuring thing that I see on here that people still say that ppv's are being produced by BPZ for the Carnage and Evolve brands, which probably is a copy from the orginal ppv post on this thread. As we all know, the Brand Split has ended which makes this simply untrue and takes away from one of the biggest events in the Kayfabe world from the last year. It also isn't the most demanding thing, as it would literally mean you had to remove 6 words from a sentence when copy/pasting the basic lay out. Love the posts, hope they keep on being made, with 6 words less 😉
  10. Bart


    Following this verbal warning by Flynn, the Undisputed Champion stares at the 5 time World Champion. The two locks eyes for a while, but in the end, Bart grabs his microphone. He takes a deep breath before speaking once again. I am sorry Flynn. I am sorry that the people have to deal with a paper champion. I can’t believe their celebration if the paper champion is replaced by someone who has had even less matches than him throughout the year. I am sorry sorry that the paper champion didn’t show up at a ppv as he remembered for the first time in a month that he had a match to promote like a workhorse like you did. I am so incredibly sorry that the paper champion didn’t come out here to ramble on about the workhorse who hadn’t been here since his most recent nostalgia trip when he had already made his thoughts clear on that desperate attempt at seeking old glory. I know you want me to be upset by you calling me a paper champion but frankly, I can only laugh. You have been calling me a paper champion for almost a year now. Back then, your jealousy had already risen to the point where you had to come out on a show that you weren’t a part of to call me a paper champion. Since then, I have defended my titles more times than you have even had matches, and yet nothing in you wonders just how true that idiotic statement of yours is? I don’t think that you are retarded Flynn, I have heard too many good things about you to believe that. I think you are just a little afraid. You are scared that I will see the real story here. Let me tell you a story Flynn, the story that you have tried not to hear. This story isn’t about whether someone is a paper champion or not, the fans have been told that story to many times. This story is about a man who wants everyone to think that he is the best. This goes so far that he needs to tell people who he is never even interacted with that he doesn’t think they are good. For awhile, he could. He may had come up short at a few big events, but he had done enough to back up his claims. Until now. He currently is on a losing streak, and is coming up against the one guy that he has constantly tried to slander. Whenever he had the smallest of chances to bring him up, he would do his best at belittling this person, giving his best to prevent anyone from ever thinking that this person could be better than him. And now here you are Flynn, your ego and eagerness for compliments have become your worst enemy. You need to win, because you are so afraid that the public’s opinion on you will change when you lose. It is something that has always amazed me. How people care so much about what other people think. Even you Flynn, who has been so successful needs the satisfaction of others telling him that you are great. One of my favourite things about myself is that I lack that in his entirety. Never have I once cared about how the fans perceive me, about what they think of me and how they rank me against others. I can very well make that up myself. For you Flynn, it makes the devastation when you lose even bigger. Not only will you be sad about having lost to me, but even bigger will your tears be when you find out that the fans have realised that you simply aren’t the best anymore. Right there Flynn, there was your biggest advantage heading into this match. This match meant so much more to you than it meant to me. You HAVE to win this match, and while I surely wanted, up till now I hadn’t reached the point where a win would mean more to me than simply proving my spot on top of the BPZ once again. It hadn’t reached the same level as my matches against Julius and Echo and Necce, where a win was a must. But now Flynn, it has. Your embarrassing claims have made me want to destroy your career like all the others that have gone down the same road as you. You are quick to point out that Julius lost his World Championship, but do you really think that it was you that forced him to break, instead of the events that took place a month prior? Echo has lost his passion and hasn’t been seen since I embarrassed him three times in a row. And then there is your frenemy Necce, the person with you who hold the most intense relationship here. Before I faced him at BPZMania, he was considered undefeatable. After I dealt with him, he lost to a rookie who had just had his first match the month prior. And now Flynn, you are destined to go down the same path as them. You are scared of this and I know you won’t admit it. But if you really are the genius that you proclaim to be, you should come to accept your faith.
  11. Bart


    We are live on Carnage the day after Mayhem. The PPV saw no appearance from "The Villain", which marked the first time in a long time that the Undisputed Champion didn't appear at a PPV. Today however, it seems like he has something on his mind that makes appearing in front of the cameras worthy of his time. “One True Villain” plays in the arena as he walks out to the ring and taunts the crowd, who respond with the loudest of boos. Bart picks up a chair from ringside, and sits down in the middle of the ring as he begins to speak. Last night made me realise that you should never have high hopes in this place. I sat in my living room, watching that embarrassment of a ppv that they call Mayhem. I watched the mediocre wrestling and was glad that a disastrous show like this wouldn’t be part of my resumé. But then, there was Flynn. I want you to understand something. This match, I was looking forward to it. All of it. Not just the idea of once again winning a match, but also the thought of getting to battle with the one that I am constantly told is the best to ever do it. The greatest promo in the history of the BPZ, they said. I was so excited, finally I would go up against someone who would bring something new to the mix. Someone who would truly challenge me by going further than the basic non-sense that I have been forced to listen to for over a year by now. But no, the “greatest” was just as bad as all of the others. The same paper champion line that I have proven to be false for countless time was all that the “King of BPZ” could come up with in his attempt to drag me down. I don’t blame you Flynn, it’s great from you to realise that you have no chance of winning this. Out of respect to the company you come out here and ramble the basic lines that make it seem like you care, but I can look through it. You know you made a mistake. Your ambition got the best of you again. Now you are here with a big match coming up that you wish you wouldn’t have to take part in. Flynn, I just want you to know that there is nothing wrong with losing to me, everyone will have to deal with it sooner or later. You have experienced it before, you turned out fine. The people will still think you are the best, they will still love you. I guess there is nothing more for me to than once again proof that my opponent’s idiotic claims are not true. In an unique event, I overestimated the talent of my opponent. I am sorry Flynn, I shouldn’t have held you to a higher standard. You are just everyone else, I shouldn’t have expected anything else.

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