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  1. I was looking forward to reading the replies to this topic, but it hasn't even been posted yet (do better, Rumble try-hards) So basically you just predict what you think will happen in the BPZ over the course of the next year. Last year's topic: Have fun predicting!
  2. I should totally be the first draft pick
  3. The biggest draw is the WWE logo, name and likeness. After this, it is Wrestlemania, the only thing that evidently changed the amount of subs the WWE network has. Point being, I dont think there is a wrestler who can be considerd a "draw" in WWE in 2020 who is in the company on a full time basis. A well advertised match on TV might shift up the ratings for a week, but thats really it. The biggest star, however , is Roman Reigns. He has been positioned as the star of the show for over 5 years at this point, I think it's unquestionable it's him.
  4. For a while now, I have been binge watching the WWF from the start of 2000 and I plan to go until WM X-7. In this period, until he tears quad in that famous tag match, I think Triple H was a great wrestler. In this period I think Triple H had way too many good matches, more good matches than anyone on the roste, to be considerd just a "good" wrestler. Yes this came in arguabley the hottest period of all time for the company but if you are constantly in the best matches on the show, I think at some point you have to give the person in fact his credit instead of relaying it to others involved i
  5. When I come back making you an advanced member will be the first thing I do.
  6. I don't mean to cause anything by posting here but it's saturday night and I am somehow sober so I figured I might as well share my two cents 1. Every time the booking team makes a decision, there is people who disagree. People are gonna think they have done enough and sometimes people are gonna say that others shouldn't have gotten a shot. This is the case in kayfabe and has quite often led to debates/toxicity, you want more of that? It just seems like bringing even more unnecessary debates place in an area that is quite well-organized. Also, what if a mod becomes world champion and d
  7. Wasnt the entire RAW roster not on RAW prior to the draft? True brand passion here. Looks like the worst raw vs sd men's match since the brand split returned.
  8. If this isnt changed to Drew vs Roman this show is gonna be the drizzling shits.
  9. Control- Words So Hollow PS, I moved this to the entertainment section, since it belongs there.
  10. Shoot your shot as if you are Danny Green

    1. Mikey


      So you're just saying I'm gonna miss??

  11. Wow, quite the thing to see as I decide to have a look around here. MASSIVE congrats to both. I am sure they will continue to be passionate and caring members of the forums who will help this place be the hest it can be. Side note: all my juniors have grown up now and are dark-green/blue, what a time to be alive. Edit: Nvm, Sheridan didnt thank me in her post. They forget so fast...

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