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  1. If I remember correctly, I think Killer Kroos posted a tweet with a poll, asking fans where they think he should go. I think the more likely route is for him to go to the WWE and work in NXT for a while. While some Impact stars (EC3) haven't done well in the WWE, Kroos seems like the type of worker that Vince and Triple H would get behind. Despite this, the chance of him getting a prominent position within the company is probably higher in AEW, which still has a lot of open spots in their main event scene. On a side note, this is probably the best timing for his contract with Impact to expire. While I don't think AEW has the financial backing to get into a bidding war with WWE if a situation like that had the potential to occur, I do think that regardless of where he signs, he could just the competition has a way to see a nice sum added to his contract. If I had to predict where he goes, I would say WWE/NXT. Scarlett being there is a reason for this, but also I think he would fit better there and most people in Impact tend to see WWE has the dream destination in wrestling. Interesting to see how this develops for sure.
  2. I find it a bit weird how the two singles guys out of a faction win the tilte, instead of the tag team. While I think Murhpy and Rollins could have a good run with the tag titles, I doubt they will be the focus for either Rollins or Murhpy and it will lead to the RAW tag team titles become irrelevant again, if they weren't already. I think the motive behind this is a match between Owens/Joe vs Rollins/Murphy at a PPV, maybe the chamber. I can't see what other reason WWE may have had to put the titles on these two.
  3. I really hope that Andrade and Rey get the time to allow this match to live up to it's potential. I am really excited for the match that they could have, and based on what Andrade did in the MITB ladder match last year, I expect to see some crazy spots. I am interested to see what Lesnar will do tonight, 3 in a row! for what feels like the first time since he became Universal Champion at WM 33. Shame that it is the one time that he won't defend his title at the Rumble
  4. Yeah, along with this it is now also being reported that Tessa Blanchard has pressured other wrestlers to speak out about Kay, who spread the orginal news about Tessa. Just seems like she can't catch a break, and that she isn't helping herself either. It seems like the times of "bad" and self-orientated people getting away with everything and controlling the wresting world are over. You can't be a dick to other wrestlers anymore. With the use of social media it will become known to the public, and it will have consequences. Worst time imagineable for Tessa, but she should have seen this coming.
  5. Bart

    Then And Now

    For a second, Bart and Smith stand in the ring, waiting if an answer from FD will follow. However, it seems that FD grants them their wish, as Bart is allowed to have his say on this manner. FD, the two of us have had many battles over the past. Multiple titles have been at stake during those battles, including the one that I currently hold here in my hand. Never has this title meant more to me than it does now, than it does for us. For me in the past, the Tag Team Titles were means to an end. It was a way to be seen in the Brand, a way to showcase the dominance of the Kingdom. But now, it’s the other way around. For me and Smith, it’s about showing the beauty of these titles to the world. We are showcasing the heart and soul of tag team wrestling with our matches and with our style. We have dedicated our craft to making these titles the greatest that they have ever been, to make the more meaningful than ever before. Yet, rumours have been swirling around about our commitment to this team. This is because of the Royal Rumble match, which both Smith and myself will be entering. Yes, it is true that both of us aspire to win the Royal Rumble match and main event BPZMania, but that doesn’t take anything away from our commitment to tag team wrestling. If during the match, we are presented the opportunity to showcase our art of Tag Team wrestling, you can be assured that we will do this. We are aware that we might need to defeat one another in order to win the match, but we are both fine with this. It is the same competitive drive that has given us the success that all of you have witnessed during the past few months. It is the same competitive spirit that will enable us to achieve more success in the new year. It is also the same spirit with which Smith is about to defeat FDS at the Royal Rumble. FD, when I saw you target Smith, at first I was surprised. Why would do some so stupid, so foolish? Then, I saw you align yourself with BulletProof, and quickly, everything became clear. Anyone willing to join a collection of scum like BulletProof show just how weak they are. The fact that you FD, someone who has accomplished so much throughout his career, and even as a Hall Of Fame ring, feels the need to join a group of liars, of cheaters shows just how insecure you really are. You don’t believe in yourself anymore, you don’t possibly think that you can be successful in the BPZ without a group to help you out. In the Creed, we have seen this strategy before. We saw it with Ropati, who thought BulletProof was his chance to get revenge on Julius. Ask him how that worked out. And you FD, you await the same faith. You will fail in your conquest to defeat Smith, and after this, you will find out the reality of BulletProof. No one will show up to help you. Hans has his own goals to pursue, Flynn has his own problems to deal with, and so on. You will find yourself feeling all alone, despite being a part of a group. Your goals, your dreams. All of these things that BulletProof must have promised you. Was the small piece of hope that they gave you worth the disappointment that inevitably shall follow? Was it, FD?
  6. Monday Night RAW | November 11th, 2019 | Manchester Evening News Arena | Manchester, UK Rollins and Reings Challenge The Undisputed Era To Prove Themselves RAW started off with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins standing in the ring. This was expected, following the controversial ending to RAW last week, where Adam Cole abandoned Roman Reigns in the middle of their main event tag team match against RAW Tag Team Champions the Revival. Reigns said that he grown sick of the Undisputed Era, all they had ever done was talk, with their only accomplishments coming from a developmental show. Of course, this triggered a reaction from the group and before you knew it, Adam Cole was in the ring along with Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly. Adam Cole said that last week, Roman Reigns disrespected him. Bobby Fish would backed Cole up and said that you simply can not disrespect Cole. O’Reilly added that they would love to prove themselves, but that only idiots would have stood up to them, was the two people currently in the ring who the RAW management had told them not to get physical with. This is when Rollins took the microphone , saying that him and Reigns knew some people who would love a challenge. This led to Kevin Owens and the Usos walking to the ring. The two sides went back and forth, and despite the best of attempts by the Undisputed Era to get out of it, a match was made for later that night. The Undisputed Era would take on Owens and the Usos in the main event of tonight’s RAW. Winner faces Joe next, with the right to face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series on the line Johnny Gargano vs Randy Orton In the opening contest of the night, Johnny Gargano faced off against Randy Orton. The winner would take on Joe next week, with the right to face Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series on the line. For men, this opportunity could help their career. Orton has been unable to find success for a while now, and a match against Brock is the perfect way to prove his worth to the RAW and USA Network Management. For Gargano, a match against Brock would be a perfect way to start his career on the main roster and Monday Night RAW, instantly proving that he is good enough to hang with the biggest of names. The match would see Gargano tying to have the high pace that usually occurs in his matches, but Orton tried his hardest to slow the match down, at the hands of his vintage headlock. This match illustrated the different styles of wrestling that these performers possesed. The match was a close call, with both men coming close to victory. One of the highlights of the match saw Orton hit Gargano with the RKO, but magically, Gargano managed to get his shoulder up in time. The momentum that Gargano gained from this turned out to change the match completely, as Gargano managed to lock Orton into his signature submission move, leaving Orton with no choice but to tap out. Gargano celebrated in the ring, as he was one step closer to facing Lesnar at Survivor Series. FireFly Funhouse Returns To RAW Braun Strowman was seen on the camera, sitting in the locker room. Once again, there was no match scheduled for the “Monster Among Men”. On the screen in the locker room, an episode of the Firefly Funhouse began to play. In this episode, Wyatt talked about his past. He said that he had seen many great talents vanish over the years, even some that he had considered friends. He said that it was a sad sight, but that sadly, there was nothing he could do about it. He would finish by saying that if he ever had the chance to help out a friend, he would do so without a doubt. But he had to get the trust to being given the chance, first. Winner gets Cruiserweight Championship Match at Surivor Series Buddy Murphy vs Sami Zayn Next up, we would see the final of the RAW Bracket of the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. The winner of this match would face the Cruiserweight Champion, whether that would be Lio Rush or someone else, in a championship match at Survivor Series. The two finalist of the RAW side where Sami Zayn and Buddy Murphy. Before the match, we saw Murphy talking to Stephanie backstage. He said that there was no chance that Zayn was actually a cruiserweight, and that he felt betrayed by the RAW management. Stephanie would say that Murphy had to stop crying, if he wanted to be Cruiserweight Champion, he should be able to beat Sami Zayn. After this, Murphy headed to the ring. Then, Zayn would appear standing next to Stephanie. He thanked her for letting him in the tournament, before giving her an envelope, with a banknote sticking out. When Zayn finally entered the ring, Murphy didn’t wait to begin the match, instantly attacking Zayn. Throughout the match, Zayn took advantage of his superior strength by throwing Murphy around the ring. Murphy tried to overcome this by using his athleticism, flying all around the ring. Following a hard fought battle, Murphy managed to pick Zayn up for the Murphy's Law and get the pinfall victory, meaning that he would be facing off with the Cruiserweight Champion at Survivor Series. Becky Lynch Talks About Her Match With Sasha Banks Next up, Becky Lynch would enter the ring and use this to talk about her Survivor Series match against Sasha Banks. She said that Sasha Banks had tried to hold her down since day one, as she was constantly given the opportunities that Becky didn’t get. She hadn’t forgotten this, and at Survivor Series, would prove how wrong her critics at been all this time by saying that Sasha was better than her. She wasn’t and after Survivor Series, no one would be able to question it. After Survivor Series, people would finally know who the best member of the Four Horsewomen was, and that her name was Becky Lynch. Undisputed Era vs Kevin Owens & The Usos In the main event of the night, the Undisputed Era would take on Kevin Owens and The Usos. Both teams looked eager to prove themselves in this main event spotlight, but sadly, neither team would be given the chance to do so. Out of nowhere, we saw Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson come out through the crowd from different corners, allowing them to take out the Usos. After this, Kevin Owens would come rushing at them, but sadly for him, the Club had acquired some weapons, which they used to take out Owens before sending him through a table. Then they would enter the ring, where they would find the Undisputed Era waiting for them. However, the Undisputed Era would be surprised as AJ Styles attacked Adam Cole from behind with a chair. This weapon advantaged allowed the OC to take out the Undisputed Era. The show ended with the O.C. standing tall over the lifeless bodies of the Undisputed Era to close the show.
  7. Just like most here, I also (sadly) watched the disaster known as Battleground 2017. I think there is plenty of reasons giving on this topic why that show simply sucked. I also however, thanks to some dickhead who requested it on my PPV review topic, Over The Limit 2012. The main event of this show is John Cena vs John Laurinaitis, and that is really all you need to know about. The Bryan/Punk match on the show is fun, but it doesn't come close to saving this disaster of a show. Really bad.
  8. I really enjoyed the 2018 rumble and from the ones that I have seen at the time that it happened, that's my favourite. All time however, I would have to say the 2001 rumble. Austin's revenge story after getting injured in 99 was great and they tell that story perfectly.
  9. If you would have asked me this question around the time that AEW launched, I would have said WWE without a doubt. But after watching Dynamite for a few months now and seeing the storylines and matches that they produce, I am starting to lean more towards AEW. I never really followed the Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes a lot, they were usually in ROH which I have never really enjoyed watching apart from select matches/feuds. When watching AEW, there is still thing that I find a bit too much and that I may not enjoy, but of the main event scene stuff is really good and really enjoyable. Dynamite is possibly the best wrestling tv show currently, sometimes NXT pull of crazy shows which are great, and with how RAW and Smackdown are heading, I doubt either of those shows will be able to catch up to Dynamite anytime soon. I hate the idea of picking sides, as I think it's a bit poinntless in an entertainment scene, but I have been enjoying AEW more than WWE since the launch of Dynamite in October.
  10. Jericho as announced the line-up of the first day of the cruise, which is today. The line-up is looking as followed up: (Via Chris Jericho's instagram). Some fun matches on there, the most interesting for me is probably the SCU vs Omega and Bucks match. I am wondering if what we will see will have impact on AEW storylines that we see on TV. It would be a good way for Jericho to bring interest to his cruise for sure. I think it's more likely however that it's like a WWE house show, where they use the storylines currently in place, but they don't develop them throughout the show.
  11. Since we have had a new draft, I think this is a good moment to reconsider this. For me, it is RAW without a doubt a currently. Yes, RAW has had plenty of bad over the last few months. We see around 4 squash matches every show, the horrendous Rusev/Bobby Lashley storyline is still going strong and apparently has the full support of Heyman and Vince, but other than that, I just think RAW has the more interesting roster. They simply have better names. When you have Rollins, Styles, Joe,Owens,Ricochet,Drew,Black,Andrade,Orton and many more you are gonna create a better show than Smackdown, especially since Smackdown has been stuck with the same boring Reigns/Corbin feud in the main events for what feels like ages. Daniel Bryan is great, and his feud with the Fiend is interesting, but they aren't that special where they can make me enjoy Smackdown more than RAW. RAW also has the stronger women's division, they user their midcard title more. Therefore, I prefer RAW more currently.
  12. The 2nd point that you make a great one, I was wondering about this a bit after I posted the topic. It just is so weird to me how this trademark hasn't yet been claimed by anyone. You would expect Booker T and Stevie Ray to make some money by pushing this, especially since Stevie Ray hasn't been doing a lot ever since this team ended. For the WWE, I don't recall the Harlem Heat ever really being a thing in the WWE so maybe that's why. Actually, I don't think Stevie Ray has ever been a part of the WWE so I assume that's why. But still, very odd that this hasn't been claimed yet. The fact that Stevie Ray and Booker T are ok with the WWE claiming it probably shows that there is a good chance of a payday being on the horizon for them.
  13. Becky Lynch Bayley Nakamura Lesnar Mens Royal Rumble Match: Reigns The Fiend Bryan vs Fiend Lesnar Lesnar
  14. POTENTIAL BPZMANIA PLANS FOR EACH OF THE ELITE SIX Hey, Danny Daniels here. Every year, Josh Trenton reveals the top 6 favourites to win the Royal Rumble match. Over here at BPZ Commentaries, we love to use another's information to our own benefit, and that's what we will be doing at Potential Plans for each of the Elite 6. We will list the top 3 matches that these favourites could find themselves in at BPZMania if they were to win the Rumble, listing the favourites alpahetically Arius Arius has been on a tear in the BPZ ever since making his debut. Arius has cracked up a great amount of titles and accomplishments in only his first year within the company, and many except this to carry on into year 2. If Arius were to win, the likely direction according to sources is for him to face off against the "King Of The Forums" of the past 2 years, current World Champion. Other plan speculate potentail affairs against fellow elite six members Bailey and Smith. Top 3: vs Julius vs Bailey vs Smith Bailey Last year's Royal Rumble winner will once again be entering the match, and according to sources, he is considerd for another Rumble victory. If he were to win, many think it could be a showcase between him and Slim, the only variation of the Bailey/Flynn/Slim matches that hasn't taken place yet at BPZMania. A 1 vs 1 between two of the greatest performers in the history of the company could surely assure a big interest in the event. A first time match vs Julius and a return to his feud with Smith are also being rumoured. Top 3: vs Slim vs Julius vs Smith Bart Last year's Royal Rumble match runner-up will once again take part in the match, and some believe that this time around, he will be victorius. Many directions can be taken here if Bart were to win the match, but the options that are being managed all resolve around former or current stables, with a singles match vs Julius, a showdown between the Creed and a match with his former ally Slim being the likely option. Top 3: vs Julius vs Julius vs Sameer vs Smith vs Slim Buddy Ace The most suprising names between the favourites has been that of Buddy Ace. Buddy Ace seemed set for Stardom in 2018, but at a dissapointing 2019. At Night Of Legends, his luck seemed to change as he won the Carnage Scramble. The informants however believe that there may be even more of a push on the way for Ace, as he is being considerd for a Rumble victory. Potential matches would see him take on both of Invictus on the same night, as well as him re-igniting his feud with Flynn. Top 3: vs Arius vs Flynn vs Julius Hans Being the current Premium Champion, Hans as seen an amazing first year in the BPZ. Some believe that his 2nd year may be even better, with the BPZ management reportedly considering him for a Royal Rumble victory. Potential opponents for BPZMania would see Hans face of vs BulletProof ally Flynn, as well as Julius and Slim. Top 3: vs Flynn vs Julius vs Slim Smith Ever since returning, Smith has been one of the hottest performers in the BPZ. From his amazing feud with Bailey to start his return, until his current tag team title run with Bart, Smith has been producing brilliance constantly. Some believe that it's only a question of time until he wins the big one again, and this time may be shorter than one would think. BPZ Management has reportedly been very, very high on Smith ever since his return and he is one of the favourites that is considerd for the Rumble victory. His matches would see him take on the other members of the Creed, take on Slim in a BPZMania III rematch, or take on Bailey in a Summerslam 2019 rematch. Top 3: vs Bart vs Sameer vs Julius vs Slim vs Bailey This was Danny Daniels form BPZ Commentaries, and I thank you for wasting your time with us.
  15. So I am not the biggest NFL follower, but I have been trying to get into it. Always thought this sport had a lot of potential to be fun to follow (especially since the times are a lot better than the NBA) Chiefs 28 Titans 21 49ers 31 Packers 24

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