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  1. In-ring: 9.5 (as close to a 10 as one can be) Mic: 8.5 L/C/P: 9, perfect for his role.
  2. Like Alex said, NXT certainly got the shorthand of the stick here compared to AEW. Io vs Sasha was the highlight of the show before me, and while the other matches were all decent at worst, I just wasn't that interested in it. Maybe that's due to to my personal preferences or due to NXT's way in which they have promoted these matches, but either way, Fyter Fest was my winner of the night. However, next week's show which features Keith Lee vs Adam Cole in a Winner Takes All Match should be great.
  3. If we are redrafting, I would expect Lauri to be taken earlier. I get team needs, but still, Lauri has proven to be a great player for the bulls thus far, and imo would more valuable to a team than Ball or Isaac.
  4. Decent match here, better than I expected. Hager's best match in AEW thus far. Cody winning was obvious, and doing a finish where Hager can further evolve his career with is fine imo. In kayfabe however, what is the point of a 10 day suspension? The next event is Fyter Fest night 2, which he wasn't scheduled for regardless. He will be back for the Dyamite after this. Bit weird there.
  5. WHY EVER KOTR PARTICIPANT SHOULD WIN THE TOURNAMENT: PART 2: CARNAGE BRACKET Echo Wilson Had one point in time, Echo Wilson was destined to be the next big star in the BPZ. A impressive resumé which features Universal and Global title victories has followed, but Echo’s career reached a stand still when he took an hiatus from the company. Since his most recent return to the company, things have looked as bright as ever for Echo Wilson, with another with the Premium Championship to speak for it. Echo Wilson winning KOTR would re-establish him as one of the top names in the company. Prince With Prince, it’s clear that he has the talent. Usually, the motivation has been the problem. However, it seems that Prince is on the right track now. A new look and a new character could prove to be the difference for Prince, and KOTR could serve as a way to see one of the veteran members of the roster finally rise to superstardom. Alex Costa As one of the members of BPZ’s newest stable, Alex Costa is currently riding in momentum. What better way to give the new stable some potential then to establish Alex Costa as a major player in the BPZ, by having him rise through the ranks and become the King Of The Ring. Alex has proven to be a consistent performer for the company, and a potential finals showdown with his former ally Mikey would make for a terrific match. Ropati: Ropati is one of the veterans on the roster. Seemingly around forever, Ropati has never quite had his huge moment in the spotlight. However, one could argue that Ropati is doing the best work of his career at the moment, and with that, this might be the time where Ropati finally becomes a star for the company. Facing off with Slim at Summerslam would make for an interesting dynamic with the two groups of Mafia coming face to face in the main event in the biggest show of the summer. Broken Nate: Nate is Mister King Of Ring. Every year,no matter how long he has been gone for, Nate will show up and take part in the tournament. His story is well known, he won in 2016, lost in the finals of 2017. Despite being in the tournament nearly every year, the former Global Champion is still seeking for that moment where he can use the King Of The Ring tournament to become World Champion. With his recent victory over Nebakos, it seems that the company have big plans in the future for him, and another KOTR win might very well be on the way for him as a result. Buddy Ace: Buddy Ace has talent, we all know that. Whether it was his Carnage Scramble victory, him getting to the final 3 in the 2020 Royal Rumble, it’s clear that the company holds him in high regards. However, apart from a run with the United States Championship, this hasn’t led to a lot of title victories. KOTR could be the stepping stone for Buddy Ace, on his way to becoming the World Champion at Summerslam. Raven: Raven is back, and how. Being one of the founding members of Carnage’s newest stable along with FDS and Alex Costa, Raven has made quite the impression thus far. His match with Flynn also showed just how great Raven is. Before his brief hiatus from the company, Raven was already seemingly positioned to be one of the key players in the company, and it appears that this is still the case. Winning KOTR could right back on track, and make the unstoppable monster that he is presented as. Epic: Epic is the wildcard in this bracket. His gimmick is one of the most unique ones in the BPZ, which recently rewarded him with a NXT Title victory. Will it also lead to him winning KOTR? Anything is possible in the BPZ, and Epic is shown that is capable of putting together entertaining segments for the company, which might be a reason for the company to pull the trigger on him.
  6. Men's Superstar of the Year: Drew McIntyre Women's Superstar of the Year: Charlotte Flair Men's Match of the Year: Men's Royal Rumble Women's Match of the Year: Lynch vs Asuka at Royal Rumble Men's Rising Star: Angel Garza Women's Rising Star: Deville Best Pay-Per-View: Rumble Most Memorable Moment: Edge Return Best Feud: Edge/Orton Best Heel/Face Turn: Orton Most Extreme Moment: Dive of the stage Best Promo: Cena and Fiend on SD Biggest Surprise: Edge returning
  7. Men's Superstar of the Year: Chris Jericho Women's Superstar of the Year: Shida Men's Match of the Year: Omega/Page vs Young Bucks Women's Match of the Year: Nyla Rose vs Shida Men's Rising Star: MJF Women's Rising Star: Shida Best Pay-Per-View: Revolution Most Memorable Moment: Moxley winning the World Title Best Feud: Cody vs Jericho Best Heel/Face Turn: MJF (turning on Cody) Most Extreme Moment: One Winged Angel Of The Stand Best Promo: Jake Roberts' debut promo Biggest Surprise: Brodie Lee being the Exalted one Best Heel: Jericho Best Face: Moxley
  8. We are live on Valor following a commercial break, as we continue the the build up to the first round in the King Of The Ring tournament. So far, we have seen many talk about their aspirations for their prestigious tournament.Keeping with this theme, the song that signals the arrival of the Creed plays, which is followed by the arrival of the Valor General Manager. Without any hesitation, he walks into the ring and gets himself a microphone before beginning to speak. Bob, oh Bob. You weren’t happy with what I said. You weren’t happy that I called you your lackluster year because apparently you have said this yourself. That’s the first issue. Bob, I don’t for what you say, I care for what you do. You might have said it every week throughout the Powertrip Cup for all I care, but at the end of the day, you won 1 match in that tournament. One. You won 1 match , against a guy who has only had 4 matches and won 2 in his career. Is that supposed to be a statement? Is that enough for you to be satisfied with what you have done? I thought someone like you would have bigger goals for himself. Apparently I am wrong. Saying something that doesn’t mean anything, anything that is said only becomes worthwhile when it’s proven to be right. I am sorry that beating Addy didn’t impress me Bob, I really am. Now, don’t worry guys, Bob made a statement. Bob said that I am the weak link of my stables. It sounds familiar though, it’s almost like EVERYONE says it. You did a good job remembering what other people have said about me Bob, I am glad your sticking to the theme. But really, Prince? I don’t know where you got that info from and who told you it was smart to say that, but as the General Manager I will say, please don’t embarrass yourself like that. It is a terrible look for the brand to have a high draft pick say such idiotic things.I get it Bob, you just wanted to sound cool. But really, Prince overshadowed me? These big statements Bob, they don’t help you. They only make you look like a fool. Apparently I have been the weak link even though I beat both of my fellow stablemates first time we faced. But apparently, I am just a pawn. Bob, I hate to break it to you, but this pawn you speak of has held more titles at the same time than you have won in your entire career. You had no idea what I bring to a stable you say. Well Bob, see, I win matches, I win titles. Apparently that’s not your thing, you prefer to kick ass. I don’t know when you do this, but I am sure you do a good job at it and enjoy it. So good for you. But for you to come at me the way you did, it’s interesting. You do a good job at making people think you are brain dead, that’s for sure. Bob you make all these big claims like you are a 6 time world champion who has done it all, but in reality, your biggest moment is beating Necce at the lowest point of his career. Well fucking done bro. These big words Bob, everyone sees right through them. I know you are talented Bob, I really do. But let me give you some advice: shut up or stand up. Because you have really big mouth for a very small body of work. I look forward to seeing what you bring Bob, I really do. I can’t wait. I look forward to seeing what you will do to this small pawn. This stable whore. This overshadowed loser. That's a lot of big words Bob, I hope you can back them up.
  9. Sadly, this is the right decision.Sure, it does hurt the show a lot, but if Moxley had informed AEW about the risk and somehow AEW would have gotten infections, they would have been in a world of trouble. This does hurt Night 2 a lot, which I assume will now be main evented by Jericho vs Cassidy. Then again, Cage and Taz could use this to their advantage to help build the match further, so perhaps the storyline and match will be better as a result.
  10. Backlash 2004 Shelton Benjamin vs Ric Flair: It looks like WWE were ready to give Shelton a push at this point in time. Shelton had defeated Triple H on a raw in the build up to this match, and if Ruthless Agression Era Triple H loses, you know it’s for a good reason. The match itself is decent, Shelton is a solid worker and Ric is still alright in 2004, but it isn’t anything special. Shelton winning was obviously the logical result, and he would continued to be pushed following this. He would even win the IC title and defend it multiple times. Solid opener, could have been better, but for what you would expect, it wasn’t bad. Bit slow though, but with a 50 + year old in the ring, that’s expected . Match Rating: **¾ Jonathan Coachman vs Tajiri: I mean, it’s Coachman in a 6 minute match, what do you expect? This wa of course a technical masterclass, a MOTY candi…. no, it was shit. These are the types of matches that are all on ppvs at this point in time, they don’t hurt the experience too much in the grand scheme of things. Just skip this though. I thought 6 minutes was far too long. Match Rating: * Chris Jericho vs Trish Stratus and Christian- Handicap Tag Match I was really enjoying this match. There was a good storyline, with good workers. The match has solid action. It’s mainly Christian and Jericho fighting one another, who is gonna complain about that? But the finish is weird. Jericho takes out Trish and then ends Christian with an enziguri… just why? Why not hit a Lionsault afterwards? That finish, for some reason, REALLY irritated me. But still, one of the better matches on the card, good watch, bad finish but it doesn’t kill the match. Match Rating: ***½ Victoria vs Lita- Women’s Championship: Early 00s women’s wresting. Enough said? Nah, not per say. The crowd was really dead for this, they didn’t care in the slightest. This, along with action that was simply not that good, makes this one of the weaker matches on the card. For a Women’s match in 2004, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t close to good either. Maybe if the crowd had cared I would have liked this match more. Match Rating: *½ Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack- Falls Counts Anywhere Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Finally, a great match. This was awesome. Trust Mick Foley to get an up and coming main eventer over by means of an hardcore match, it’s a very safe bet. In 23 minutes, Orton and Foley kicked the shit out of each other, using anything and everything they could to inflict punishment on the other. This was Orton’ best match in his career thus far, and one of my favourite Orton matches all around. Despite being over 20 minutes, it keeps you entertained throughout. This is a match that you should watch if you haven’t, even if you don’t intend on watching the PPV. Absolutely amazing. Match Rating: ****½ The Hurricane and Rosey vs. La Resistance: This is what you call a classic cool down match. Crowd knew this and didn't care at all. Basically a tag match you would see on TV, if you are watching the ppv, just skip this. It's not worth the 6 minutes that you will spend watching it, it really isn't. Eugene is the best part of the match, that alone is saying enough. Match Rating: * Edge vs Kane: On paper, this should be a pretty solid match, right? Edge's big return after being out for over a year? We have a former world champion taking one of the biggest upcoming stars in the company. Sadly, that isn’t what this match is. This match is, and I hate to say it , boring. It’s not entertaining, there isn’t a good story being told. Just a plain wrestling match that results in Edge getting a victory in 6 minutes. Shite Match Rating: * Chris Benoit vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels- World Heavyweight Championship: Wow, just wow. A rematch from one of the greatest mania main events of all time, and they deliver again. The Canadian crowd is in love with Benoit, with Shawn and Triple H getting booed constantly. The match goes for 30 minutes, and yet, there isn’t any dull moments. They manage to constantly on-going action, which is honestly what you should expect from 3 workers of their caliber. Benoit making Shawn Michaels tap out in Canada is the perfect for a newly crowned champion to defend his championship for the first time, take notes current day WWE. Now, is it better than the WM 20 match? I wouldn’t say so. But, it is still one of the greatest match of the year 2004 and of the best WHC matches ever. Loved it. You need to watch this. Match Rating: ****¾
  11. Watch Dogs. When it was came out, I was confident that it would be better than GTA V. Yet, the game failed to impress. It had interesting aspects for sure, but constantly being chased by the police when trying to do side missions gets annoying after a while. Really a shame, but luckily, 2 turned out to be better from what I heard about. The new, Legions, looks promising as well.
  12. Pep Guardiola's Barcelona (08-12) It has to be for me. The football that they were playing in these years was just unreal, it was unlike anything I and most others had ever seen before. Their "Tiki Taka" playstyle crushed whatever team they faced. In this period, they won 2 CL's, 3 league titles and Spanish 2 cups. To show just how dominant they were, in one of these years (2010) 3 players of Barcelona were the finalist for the Ballon D'or award, the price for the best football player in the world. All 3 finalist from 1 club!! As good as Barcelona would be aftewards, this was without a doubt their peak in my opinion.

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