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  1. Wrestling Debate Discussions

    100% heel, he might have all the tools to be a good babyface, but it has really worked out as a face. I liked him his feud with Triple H and I liked him with Ambrose, but for the rest it has been forgetable, whereas he has multiple good feuds as a heel (had like 3 sick feuds with Ambrose, Cena feud was great, and more), therefore, I am going to say heel.
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Last Stand PPV. Tonight we will see a huge main event, as Smith faces FDS in a match for the ages. We will also see Sameer vs Prince, we will see Marker fight for an Evolve contract and we will see Ark Universe defend his Global Title against Slim. Speaking of that title, the challenger for the Global Championship at BPZMania will be decided tonight as RedArrow, Akki and Bart face off for a shot at the title and that’s up next. RedArrow is the first man to come down the ramp, the NXT champion, who will defend his title later this week at St. Valentine’s day Massacre where he will meet Julius and The Marker in a triple threat match which is sure to be something special. As RedArrow is now in the ring, looking calm, confident about his chances to win here tonight, and awaits the arrival of his opponents. Akki’s theme plays as “the future of Evolve” makes his way to the ring, big smile on his face as he looks towards RedArrow. The former NXT and tag team champion is ready for a fight. As he moves inside the ring, him and RedArrow look one another in the eyes, as you can feel the tension. Akki teases RedArrow, when he dares him to start fighting already, the ref tries to keep them for fighting before the match begins, telling them that they would both be DQ’ed if he they attack before the bell rings. Finally, the theme of UNDISPUTED is heard as Bart walks down the ramp. He, just look like the other two, is looking confident, as he walks with a smile on his face, taunting the crowd on his way down. As he comes in the ring, the ring announcers start introducing all three men, starting with RedArrow as WAIT, AKKI IS ATTACKING RedArrow, the bell rings and this match is underway. RedArrow and Akki are exchanging blows while Bart taunts the crowd in the corner, before Akki turns around and hits a big forearm in the corner. However, RedArrow uses this distraction and hits Akki with a snap suplex. Akki quickly rolls out of the ring, he doesn’t need to get involved straight away. Bart and RedArrow stare at one another before both unleashing blows. They go back and forth, but as they move towards the ropes, Bart throws RedArrow into the ropes and connects with a dropkick to follow that. Bart now smiles, as he applies a headlock, trying to wear RedArrow out, but as he does that, Akki is standing on the outside, walks up the outside of the ring and hit a springboard elbow. Cover on Bart who gets the shoulder up at 1. Akki is frustrated, thought he had the match won, as WAIT A MINUTE, RedArrow with a small package on Akki, 1,2 NO Akki kicked out. RedArrow was close, he almost had the match won. However, what RedArrow doesn’t know is that Bart is standing on the middle rope as he hits a Tornado DDT on RedArrow, tries to go for the cover, but he can’t as Akki is there and floors him with a Jumping DDT. Akki now goes to the outside, looking to use his deadly springboard offence, RedArrow pulls at the ropes, which leads to Akki falling onto the ropes in his holy places. RedArrow uses this to his full advantage, as he jumps and hits Akki with a Huriricane, this could be it. Wait, Bart throws RedArrow out of the ring, and goes for the cover on Akki, 1,2, NO Akki somehow got the shoulde up. Bart angered, looks at RedArrow on the outside, and then runs the ropes and hits a Suicide Dive on RedArrow with both man falling over the announce table. Bart nows runs back in the ring, looking to finish this match, as WAIT, SUPERKICK by Akki 1,2,2.5,2.75, NO Bart kicked out. Akki can’t believe it, he is pissed of, as he is complaing towards the referee, as REDARROW from behind, a Superkick of his own, 1,2, NO AKki got a finger on the ropes, again RedArrow was inches away from winning this match, RedArrow now, looking to climb to the top rope and deliver a Red Arrow, but wait, Bart turns him around, kick to the gut, Falcon Arrow! THAT'S GOTTA BE IT! 1,2, NOOO RedArrow isn’t done yet. He got the shoulder up. An amazing showing of strength here tonight as no one is willing to lose. Bart can’t believe that this match isn’t over yet. He now throws RedArrow outside of the ring, looking to get a chair and finish this one off. Bart now demands the commentators to stand up, so he can use the chair to finish RedArrow off, as remember, we have Triple Threat Rules, anything goes, as Bart now tries to hit RedArrow with a chair as WAIT LOW BLOW By RedArrow, Redarrow now, starting to get the upperhand, Bart ducks a punch, looking to gain some momentum, but wait, Superkick by RedArrow, Bart is laying dead on the table. RedArrow is heading to the top, OMG, HE IS GONNA GO FOR A REDARROW TO THE OUTSIDE, RedArrow. Here he goes, all or nothing, BART GOT OUT OF THE WAY, RedArrow OVER SHOT AND WENT FACE FIRST INTO THE BARRICADE. The medical team runs down, this is the NXT champion, he can’t get injured, the medical teams now lays RedArrow on the top rope as they inspect how badly his damage is, this is an unseen sight in a wrestling match, but if you saw what just happend, you will understand that this action is necessary, with a promoted match happening in just 2 days. The doctors now continue to check on RedArrow’s dead body laying on the table, as WAIT, AKKI IS SCREAMING AT THE DOCTORS TO GET AWAY. This man is insane, he sees what condition RedArrow is in as he now climbs to the top rope, looking at RedArrow, DIVING ELBOW DROP ONTO THE TABLE Akki has the match won, he only needs to get dead body of RedArrow into the ring, as, OMG THAT’S MONDA, WIHT A CHAIR, MONDA BEATING THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF AKKI. why is Monda doing this, what has Akki done to him? , OMG, SUPLEX THROUGH THE TABLE. Monda now rolls Akki into the roll, as wait, damnit, Bart is crawling into the ring, this match can’t end this way,. Bart now, with last energy, picks Akki up, The Last Breath to Akki Damnit, Bart is gonna steal it, 1,2,3. Bart is going to way BPZmania, with a huge assist from Monda who stands in the ring, smiling at the dead body of Akki. Bart stands, in the middle ring, as he taunts the crowd and mockingly points at the BPZMania sign as it rains boos from the crowd. What an impactful start to Last Stand.
  3. Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    Quality: 7/10 Story: 7.5/10 I believe that Julius is currently improving on his promo's, but sometimes i believe they are a bit on the short sight, and that there could be done more with the promo's. Looking forward to see how his promos evolve over the next couple of months.
  4. WWE Ratings Discussion

  5. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand Votings

    Beat the #1 pick, won the Number One Contenders match, seems like there is only one thing left to do... See you at BPZMania, Slim.
  6. Free Agent Corner

    Superstar of the Year Nominees: Slim, BiC, Bailey, Flynn, Smith Double Cross of the Year Nominees: Slim turns on Smith at Survivor Series, Slim attacks Akki at Survivor Series, George turns on Josh at DTD, BiC turns on his protoge with a No Regret onto a car, Josh alligns with Bic over FDS (as it was a legit double cross, which FDS didn't see coming) Rivalry of the Year World Division: Slim vs Flynn, BiC Vs FD, Smith Vs FDS, Peter Vs Echo, Survivor Series 5 on 5 Tag Team of the Year Beacon of Hope, The Order, Undisputed, AK-17, Josh-Tourage Best Original BPZ Network Show FAC, BiC TV, Down with the Shoot, BPZ Sins, wrestlingdirt.com Match of the 3 Months Slim Vs Flynn: Judgement Day Alyx Wilde vs Smith: Fully Loaded Slim and Smith Vs Nebakos and Flynn: Mayhem Smith Vs Devlin Rhodes: Mayhem Flynn vs Devlin Rhodes: Hardcore Knockout Match Man of the 3 Months (Best Matches) Smith, Slim,Devlin Rhodes, Flynn PPV of the 3 Months Backlash, Fully Loaded, New Beginnings, Hardcore Knockout, Judgement Day, Mayhem
  7. Got NBA 2k18 and I am really enjoying it thus far. Shame my internet cut off randomly once which led to me losing my save games (luckily before I started myleagues and such) which made me lose my MyCareer save. But overall, sounds like a fun game, happy I decided to get it.
  8. Nia Jax VS Asuka

    I see Asuka winning here in a match that won't be one to remember. However, it's probably a good way to boost Asuka up before challenging for the title.
  9. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand Votings

    First off I would like to thank RedArrow and Akki for the feud, I had fun with it. Good luck to both of you. My votes: Myself, Prince, Marker, Slim and Smith.
  10. Slim's Super Bowl Prediction Contest

    So who won this? @Slim
  11. WWE 205 Live Official Discussion

    WWE 205 Live Discussion: February 13th 2018
  12. going to put it in spoilers for those who haven't seen RAW yet.
  13. Monday Night RAW Discussion: February 12th 2018

    I believe this episode of RAW was pretty nice, the matches itself should always make for a good show, and most of them lived up to the expectations. I was suprised by the finish of the fatal 4 way and surprises are rare today with social media and all the wrestling reporters. I also found Braun and Elias entertaining, Braun honestly has it all and should be rewarded with a championship or a huge match at Wrestlemania.
  14. Introduction

    Welcome to the Forums Sheridan! We have spoken in the discord before, nice that you have decided to join the Forums, hope that I will see a lot from you. Like people have said before, if you have questions be sure to ask the staff (orange, green, dark blue and red)

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