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  1. I think at this point we can say that sadly Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship have entered this terrority. Yes he isn't the champ currently, but when I think of the belt, Lesnar will still pop my mind almost instantly for his 2 year dominance over the belt and RAW.
  2. In potential I think this would be closer but anyone picking Joe in his current state would be foolish. He hasn't been used good since like the Lesnar thing, which was more than a year ago (ACTUALLY 2!) at this point. The AJ stuff was cool but really needed Joe to win to help him. Bryan on the other hand is just excellent and will continue to be so and despite WWE having some history with screwing him over too, it's nowhere near as bad with Joe. I would take Daniel Bryan.
  3. What if the WWF didn't buy WCW is the obvious one, but what if they hadn't done the Invasion angle? Their talent was still amazing and they didn't need to freshen it up at all. You had enough likeable young talents to go up against Heel Austin and Vince. Maybe they wouldn't have lost their momentum as much as they did, and it may have even led to the WWE being in a completely different place today.
  4. The way how they go about creating new stars, or better put, not creating new stars. Guys like Almas and Black are in this weird spot where it's clear that the WWE thinks they have potential to be something, but there is no willingness to make them something. Black has had one ppv match since leaving NXT, completely taking away any of the hype he has had. I get that he had an injury, but to my knowlegde it wasn't anything major that kept him out for months. Almas is suffering from the same booking disease, where you will see him face a top guy and have a good showing, only to do nothing for the weeks and months that follow. These squash matches that they have given both of them do nothing for them, and won't do anything for someone that follow. The same can be said for Drew, Joe and many more. They know they have the potential to have an incredible roster with enough talent to deliver amazing ppvs month in and month out, but for some reason, they just can't be arsed to do something with this. Instead talentless performers who can work as midcarders but will never become anything more than that like Corbin are getting constant tv time and ppv matches.
  5. Finally have a feud with @Slim. The story is there and has been there, and I think with both of our talents we should be able to create something really special. Oh yeah, I want to beat him as well. Have another match against @Julius somewhere down the line. I think last time, while I won, it wasn't as good as it should have been, mainly due to Echo getting suspened and taken out of the match. Win the world title, either via the rumble, mitb, or just winning it.
  6. All the new things that came this year, from the massive members influx to all the creative that we have added to the forums this year. On a more personal note, beating Julius and becoming the first ever Undisputed Champion would top the list, as well the formation of the creed and winning the tag team titles with Smith. Edit: Also becoming Global Moderator was a big honour and seeing all the things that we managed to accomplish with the mod team this year was great.
  7. Bart

    BPZ Power Rankings

    November 2019 TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS POWER RANKINGS 5. @FDS and @Death Notorious Angel 4. @Gwynfro and @Arius 3. @Mikey and @Alex Costa 2. @BobdaBomb and @Meko750 (Raven) 1. @Hans and @Isaiah Carter NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP POWER RANKINGS 5. @Meckolegend 4. @Gunner Flynn 3. @Hans 2. @BobdaBomb 1. @Meko750 (Raven) Undisputed Championship Power Rankings 10. @Necce 9. @Gwynfro 8. @Mikey and @Alex Costa 7. @BobdaBomb 6. @Meko750 (Raven) 5. @Isaiah Carter and @Hans 4. @Smith and @Bart 3. @Arius 2. @Julius 1. NOC: @Slim
  8. WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan (C) vs Roman Reigns vs Adam Cole Seth Rollins and Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton and The Miz United States Championship Match: Kofi Kingston vs Cedric Alexander Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: Samaon Strong Style vs Ricochet and Rey Mysterio vs Ziggler and Elias Smackdown Women's Championship Match: Natalya vs Becky Lynch Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Charlotte And Lacey Evans vs Boss N Hug Connection (C) Jeff Hardy and DIY vs UE
  9. WWE seem to have moved away from the 5 preview points, showing that even they have no clue what's going to happen on RAW and Smackdown. I think Reigns and Ziggler will be good, we have seen them fight with this dynamic on the Shield vs Dogs of War feud, but I still think it should be an entertainnig match. Also, what happened to Daniel Bryan should be very interesting. Other than that, any Baron Corbin on TV is a no from me.
  10. Joshua Scott Alex Costa and Raven Julius Jones FCE Mikey Dikey FDS Arius Slim James Ropati and ??? Flynn Bart Bonus: Yelich
  11. WCW World Heavyweight Championship match Sting (c) vs. Scott Hall - Last Man Standing match Kevin Nash vs. The Giant Bret Hart, Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell, Curt Hennig and Randy Savage - WCW Television Championship Strap match Chris Benoit (c) vs. Raven Goldberg and ??? vs. Mortis and Wrath Booker T vs. Ric Flair - WCW Cruiserweight Championship match Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Ultimo Dragon Bonus Questions Which wrestler in Bret Hart, Diamond Dallas Page and Lex Luger vs. Buff Bagwell, Curt Hennig and Randy Savage will score the highest in-ring performance? Bret Hart Who will be Goldberg's mystery partner? Hulk Hogan
  12. Name: Jack Castle Age: 27 Gender: Male Kingdom (one of those above): The North Title (Royalty, Nobility, Commoner): Nobility House (if you are a lord or noble than ask me, if you are commoner than choose your own name): I suppose you decide this based on the info in brackets. Personality: Very stubborn, has trust issues but isn't trustworthy himself. Appearance:
  13. Monday Night RAW | October 28th, 2019 | Enterprise Center | St. Louis, Mi Charlotte picks Team RAW The women would kick off Monday Night RAW this week, as Stephanie McMahon opened the show saying that every female of RAW was ready to go to war with Smackdown at Survivor Series. Becky would take the microphone and began to unleash on Sasha Banks, saying that she saw nothing in Sasha that reminded her of the women that she trained so hard together with to kickstart the Women’s Revolution. Instead, she saw a lazy and cheating loser, whose only quality left was to complain about everything. She said that she knew it at the Royal Rumble and was only proved right in the months that followed. She couldn’t wait to once again that she was in completely different league as Sasha, and that no matter how long Sasha wanted to lay on the ground in the locker room after this, nothing was gonna change the fact that she simply wasn’t as good as her. Then it was time for the team captain of Monday Night RAW to announce who would be accompanying her in the 5 vs 5 women’s match at Survivor Series. The first person she named was Natalya, praising her as the most experienced women on the roster, someone who everyone in the WWE should strive to be like. Next up, she named Cross and Riott, as while they hadn’t been on the roster for long, Charlotte they would manage to hold their own in the match. However, she was still unsure about the final member of team. She said that while Asuka was the obvious choice based on accolades, she didn’t know if Asuka had the right mentality to help team RAW win. However, she was able to give her a chance to proof herself, by competing with Lacey Evans. The winner would become the final member of Team RAW. Charlotte announced that that match was next, and that she would be joining commentary to get a good look at the action. Asuka vs Lacey Evans Winner becomes a part of team RAW As soon as the bell rang Asuka ran to Lacey Evans, beating her up to start the match. This would be the theme of the match, as Asuka’s seemed to be even more intense than when we saw her competing against Charlotte last week. On commentary, Charlotte would take some jabs at Asuka, wondering where this was last week when she faced off against her. Asuka was laser focused on beating up Lacey Evans, who clearly wasn’t at Asuka’s level yet. It at times even seemed like Asuka wasn’t even concentrated on getting the victory, but instead, on sending a message to Charlotte. The match saw Asuka hand out painful strikes, slams, as Lacey went through hell in the entire match. Ultimately Asuka decided to end Evans’ misery by putting her in the Asuka-Lock. After getting the victory, Asuka didn’t celebrate for as little as a second. Before the referee could even try to raise her hands, she would be walking to the commentary booth to staredown Charlotte. RAW certainly has 2 very good talents in Asuka and Charlotte, but one could wonder if there on-going frustrations with one another could end up costing Team RAW at Survivor Series. Lio Rush announcens tournament Lio Rush showed up on RAW with his Cruiserweight Championship. A strange sight, has Rush had been drafted to Smackdown just 2 weeks ago. He instantly cut to the chase and said that he wasn’t someone who liked to sit down and wanted to be compete as much as he could. Therefore, he was saddened to see that there hadn’t yet been anything announced for his championship at Survivor Series, and that he was here on RAW to change that. He announced a tournament, featuring the 4 best cruiserweight on RAW, as well as the 4 best cruiserweights on Smackdown. He himself would also participate in the tournament, competing on Smackdown with his championship on the line in every match that he took part in. In the finals of the tournament, the winner of the RAW side would take on the winner of Smackdown’s and face off with the Cruiserweight Championship on the line. He then would go on to list the participants. On Smackdown, we would see Lio Rush himself, along with Chad Gable, Humberto Carillo and Kofi Kingston compete for the right to represent the blue brand and the Cruiserweight Championship at Survivor Series. From RAW, Buddy Murphy, Drew Gulak, Ali and Sami Zayn would be the ones fighting to represent RAW and challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship. The 4 man from the RAW side would come out to the ring, and instantly began to talk about the elephant in the room, Sami Zayn. Murphy would be quick to say that Sami had never competed as a Cruiserweight, and even was announced during his matches as being more than 205 pounds. However, Sami Zayn that he had taken inspiration from UFC and that he had cut his weight to be able to take part in this tournament. He said that he would love to prove it, but that he couldn’t, as this required him to not be wearing his clothes. This wasn’t allowed on WWE tv anymore and Sami said that he didn’t want to get the company in trouble. The other cruiserweight look at him and it was clear that none of them believed a word of what Sami Zayn said. Buddy Murphy vs Ali Winner advances in the Cruiserweight Tournament Murphy and Ali had little time to think about this, as their match in this tournament was up next. Contrary to what we usually see in his cruiserweight matches, the match started off rather slow. Both man realised that one mistake could be fatal and could lead to them being eliminated from the tournament. This led to them being more careful in the early parts of the match. Instead of the usual flying that occurs in matches like this, we saw technical wrestling, as both men tried to limit their mistakes and wear down their opponents in the process. They were evenly matched when it came to this aspect of wrestling, with neither man really picking up the advantage. This was until Murphy decided to roll out of the ring when Ali threw him into the ropes. This led to Ali coming back to his inner self, as he dived to the outside to take out Murphy. From there on out, the match became the fast-paced, high flying match that you would have expected out of these two. The finish of the match came when after having build momentum by hitting a big series of moves, Ali climbed to the top rope, looking to hit the 054 Splash to seal the deal. However, before he was able to connect with the move that almost surely would have given him the victory, Murphy rolled out of the ring. Murphy then went on to pick Ali up and deliver the Murphy’s law, before going into the cover and getting the 3 count. Murphy advances, and in 2 weeks will take on whoever manages to win the match between Zayn and Gulak. Team RAW has a team building activity A different segment than what we were used to would air next on RAW. What we saw the 5 five members of Team RAW enter what seemed to be an escape room. They were forced to do this by the management of RAW, after having seen what went down at the end of last week’s show, wanted to ease the tension between Rollins, Reigns and the Undisputed Era. However, despite all showing up, their attitude and body language showed that none of them wanted to be here. Constant taunts would go on between the two camps in Team RAW, as Adam cole told Rollins and Reigns that they weren’t gonna have Johnny Gargano to bail them out this time. At first, the two sides of Team RAW refused to work together, trying to do everything by themselves. However, as time went by, they realised that they needed to work together in order for them to get out of this room. When working together, it quickly became clear that the different mindsets worked wonders, with them getting out of the room almost instantly after having led their issues aside for a second. As they walked out of the room, everyone began to look at one another. A weird atmosphere that made you feel awkward even by looking at it went by, until Adam Cole said they were just waiting for Rollins and Reigns to finally figure it out. This led to a small argument between him and Reigns, but still, it felt a lot different than tension that had been created last week. Could this mean that Team RAW can actually co-exist? The Revival vs The Usos Raw Tag Team Championships In the main event of Monday Night RAW, the Usos and The Revival faced off with the RAW Tag Team Championships on the line. This was a result of the match that happened 2 weeks prior, on the draft episode of RAW. In that match, the Usos pinned RAW Tag Team Champions the Revival, leading to them receiving a title shot tonight. The Tag Team Champions were not all that was at stake in this match up. This match also was going to decide who represents RAW in the Tag Team Champions match-up at Survivor Series, something that every Tag Team on Monday Night RAW wanted to do. The match, just like the one 2 weeks ago, was exactly what you would expect from two teams as talented as the Usos and The Revival. The match saw an array of tag team moves, with both teams choosing to use their experience in tag team wrestling as much as they could. From the start of the match, it seems like despite being the champions, the Revival were the ones who had something to prove. Having lost on their first match on their new brand must have frustrated them a lot. This became clear by their aggressiveness throughout the match, not allowing the Usos to get another victory over them. The match was flowing in constant motion as both sides wanted to show that they were better than the other team, and saw no point in slowing the match down. Despite this, the ending of the match would be one that could be considered controversial. During a battle between Jimmy Uso and Scott Dawson, Uso would throw Dawson into the referee by accident, leading to the referee being knocked out. This led to all 4 participants in the match to get into the ring and brawl. The brawl between Dash Wilder and Jey Uso would sprawl to the outside. Here, Dash Wilder would use the state of the referee and grab a Kendo stick, beating down Jey Uso with the weapon. Meanwhile in the ring, Jimmy Uso had gotten the better of Scott Dawson and was climbing the ropes, looking to his signature splash. However, before he could do this, Wilder would knock him down with the kendo stick. The Revival realised this was there opportunity to seal the deal. They quickly lifted up Jimmy Uso and nailed the Shatter Machine. After this, Dash Wilder would quickly slide outside to the ring. A second later the referee would wake up and count the pinfall, as the Revival retained their title. The Revival walked up the ramp, taunting the Usos who were upset after having been screwed out of the title. We see the Revival raising the belts up high to close this episode of RAW.

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