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  2. Bart

    BPZ Predictions League

    B team Almas+ Vega Balor BB Cedric Flair Miz Owens Nakamura Ziggler Styles Rousey Reigns Yes Yes
  3. Bart

    BPZ Commentaries

    So this is the point where we can’t find anymore people to tell us stuff and instead we are left having to think of stuff ourselves and actually work for our money, I mean our interims work their asses for our money while they get nothing, but you didn’t hear that. Anyways, we thought of what would get the most views and therefore came to the unanimous decision (even though I was the only who made the decision while ignoring the screaming the interims) to rebook: BPZMANIA III NXT Championship: Julius © vs The Marker vs Storm These three guys had been feuding for a while leading up this match, meaning that there was a great backstory going in to it. They also did great work with feud. One thing that I wouldn’t have done is the HIAC stipulation. While it might have led to some cool spots, I think that it would’ve been better to just be a regular match because of two reasons: Both an EC Match and a HIAC match on the same show are extremely impractical and the EC Match was a required for the feud to work, this wasn’t the case in the NXT match. You don’t want to have too many fancy stipulation matches on one show, while this match was good, it wasn’t that good to the point where it should get the biggest stipulation on the card. In our version of the match, not many changes, expect for the fact it becomes a regular Triple Threat. Julius was doing well with the title and therefore him retaining was the right decision, especially since we know that his opponents in the match will get their moment a few months later. United States Championship: Bart © vs Kieron Black This was one of the least build up matches if not the least. It was basically one promo as the BPZ creative team remembered last second that they had a United States Title. In our booking, this changes. Kieron continues to promo about how he wants to win the title, right after SVDM. At first, Bart doesn’t respond, as he finds other matches more important, but in the end, Kieron forces him to reply by interrupting him. That is the set up to the match. For the finish, we here believe that Kieron winning would have been the best for the simple reason that the focus would always be with the Global Title for Bart, while the United States Title became the red-headed stepchild more and more as his reign continued. Putting someoen with 3 titles is fun and does a great job for building up a charachter up, but we here think that Kieron doing work with the United States Title would have been the better option. You can even sell the loss by having it late in the show, as Bart has already competed in multiple matches. Kieron with the title would have been interesting sight that we wish we would have seen. Premium Championship: Echo Wilson vs Brad © Yes, you read that right. In this booking, we are not going to make this a multi-man match, instaed we are going to capitalize on the history between both men. Flashback, Halloween Havoc 2017. AK-17 and their very quick rise to glory. What happened after? No one knows. During the AK-17 run, it always felt like Brad cared more about the team, where as Echo was more concerned with holding the titles but couldn’t care less for the team, that’s gonna be the main thrive point for this match. Event though both are baby faces, that shouldn’t be a problem as Echo turns pretty soon after BPZMania, so he can slowly start to tease being a heel in this feud and even if he doesn’t, both are strong enough on the mic to pull this off. Global Championship: Elimination Chamber Match We are going to keep the orginal competitors for this match as we believe that the BPZ booking team picked the right persons to be in the match. The real problem with this match was that most competitors barely promoed about it, which made the match seem random. In our booking, this match gets a lot more attention, multiple segments with all competitors take place, including a wild contract signing and many interactions backstage, in the ring, and outside the arena. In the end, we would still have Bart win, as his reign turned out to be a great one and it is the only logical booking after awarding someone to the title to have them successfully defend the title at least once. Echo Wilson vs Bailey: Not much change here, classic story of the upcoming star facing off against the old and bitter authority figure. The story was told well and the match was great. Very well done and the right result that gave Echo a well deserved boost after a few months away from the company. The gimmick also works well, so we will keep it. Intercontinental Championship: Ross vs Josh vs FDS © Yes, we have entered Ross into this match. The reason for that is that the company’s plan always seemed to put the belt on Ross, as we look at what happened after the match, it’s really not worth to have Josh win the title and then lose it today’s later at such a big stage. If this happened at, let’s say, Bad Blood, it would have been fine, but at BPZMania, the biggest stars should have their moment which is why we have Ross win here. The feud would basically be Ross and FDS going back and forward with Josh trying to get in there while bringing up his rivalry with Ross a lot, in typical Josh fashion. The match would be one with many nearly falls, but ultimately Ross would win and in our booking, have a lengthy reign with the title. Tag Team Championships: Bart and Slim vs Ruin (Jon and FDS) The tournament before this was a mess, with both finalist turning one another, then it turns out one of them didn’t actually turn but just got a new partner instead, and one half of the other team stopped caring for the match. It also was for everyone in this match one of the many matches, and even in our booking everyone will have at least double duty for the night. However, Ruin winning was the right call, they were hot at the time and deserved a title victory. It’s also a nice payoff to two work horses in FDS and Jon, who have both been iron mans for the ccompany for a long time. Money In The Bank Ladder Match: The biggest change here will be that we will have the winner actually say that he is going for the briefcase before the match. While Flynn obviously had other stuff going on before Mania, he surely could have been able to work double duty as a very experienced member of the roster. We agree with him winning however, it would lead to a very great moment with his cash-in in the middle of the match and ultimately lead to one of the craziest matches in BPZ history, which ended up making the KOTR for the world title, the perfect way to hype up one of the biggest events on the BPZ Calendar. So we would have Flynn, FDS and others go back and forward on the microphone and maybe have one big brawl before the show. Universal Championship: Flynn © vs Necce We aren’t going to touch this, this was a perfectly told story, one of the best in BPZ History. The story of Flynn ignoring the promos by his former best friend and ultimately losing the title due to this was great. It also set up for one of the best matches in their rematch and their reunion storyline which looks very promising. Great job done here BPZ. World Heavyweight Championship: Smith © vs Slim What a match this was. A few things we would change however before we get into how good this one was. We wouldn’t give Slim 4 titles before BPZMania, instead he focuses solely on the Rumble because losing to Smith has upset him and is the obstacle that he must overcome before he can continue to be “the King”. He changes his persona due to this, he becomes extremer but also more desperate. Smith on the other hand stays with he has been doing, terrific job on his part. Ultimately, we can’t argue with the result. Slim would go on to have a decent title reign before dropping the belt to Flynn in a cash-in and Smith would continue to lose one more time before going off the radar, the set-up to one of the most interesting kayfabe storylines in a long time.
  4. Bart

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: August 13th 2018

    Wow. I really didn't expect WWE to make Ambrose return the RAW before Summerslam, I was sure it would be either Summerslam or the RAW after Summerslam, but this was good too and brings more excitement to the Summerslam IC Match. His new look is that of a top heel and I hope WWE uses him well. This is really the only thing that keeps me watching WWE with the potential of this turn and the feuds, hopefully they don't blow it.
  5. Bart

    BPZ PPV poster Challenge

    If anyone wants to make a poster for the upcoming ppv Summerslam, go right ahead and post it here!
  6. Bart


    The eyes of the wrestling world are currently set on Carnage as another live tv show of the red brand is underway. We are in exciting time for BPZ fans with the draft only 2 weeks ago and the biggest ppv of the summer coming up with Summerslam less than 2 weeks away. We have experienced an incredible show thus far, with a combination of excellent matches and great promos making for a great watch. We return from another commercial as the fans are eager for some action following the many reminders to buy a certain product and to watch certain shows. However, they are not pleased as the theme song of “The Villain” plays. Just like usual, “One True Villain” is the start of a orkest of boos coming from the stands. Bart slowly walks to the ring, unlike last week, he doesn’t seem frustrated. He must have realised that last week he showed more emotions than usual and he seems to try his best not to make that what he considers a mistake again. He walks to the ring and takes his time as he taunts the crowd in the way that we are used to seeing him do it, and just like when he did it on Evolve, it works perfectly. He grabs a microphone from the ring crew before walking inside the ring, taking a deep breath and taking in the hatred from the crowd before he starts to speak. Summerslam, a ppv where legacies are made, broken and revived. Many consider it the 2nd biggest show on the entire calendar, only topped by BPZMania. And yet, the biggest star in the entire BPZ is left without anything to do at the show. And I can’t blame many people. If everybody would have kept their senses, I would’ve been defending my Title, whether it would be called the Universal or Global championship against whoever they decided to feed me. But instead, I have gotten a first-hand experience at something that many have told me before, the incapable GM known as Bailey, who decided to strip me and is still yet to come up with a proper reason for doing so. Last week, I made this clear. I told everyone how I felt about it, I called the man who considers himself the greatest of all time out on his flaws and yet I haven’t gotten a response. I don’t want to ruin BPZ’s marketing, but I am afraid that the “Greatest of All Time” is in fact scared. And that’s for a great reason. Because when he does what his nickname forces him to do, that same legacy will be destroyed. He is supposed to have the greatest legacy in the BPZ and yet he hides behinds his desk in a desperate attempt to defend that same legacy. Tell me, is that someone who you consider great? The way I see it, that’s a coward. But go ahead, go boo someone like me, someone who just fight against these cowards and exposes each and everyone of them to their weaknesses and incapabilities, maybe Bailey is considered great because he tries to avoid this. But one day, he will overestimate himself and make the crucial mistake that every single one of my opponents has made, and his story will be the same like each and everyone of them. But now let’s get back to Summerslam, I am told to promote the show at the end of the day. Bart pauses as he lets the crowd speculate about what his announcement for Summerslam will be. A good few second pass by before he continues to speak. I talked about how Summerslam can change legacies, however, I didn’t mean wrestlers. I meant titles. Some of the titles have been gifted the ultimate boost to their legacy, a title reign from myself. Every title that I held a title, I made it great. The NXT title was considered a joke before I went on a reign where I destroyed my opponents to make the title valuable. The United States title was in a questionable position after it got vacated, many questioned if the title would return to its former glory, but my reign would go on to be the longest and best anyone has ever seen with the United States Title. And then finally, the Global Championship, that was ripped apart from me by Bailey. The title was always considered the inferior brand title, until I got my hands on it. Many where upset with the way how I got it, after all, Slim took matters into his own hand to do what was right for the brand, and give me the title. And oh boy was he right. Never was there a globla title reign that came close to mine. It was everything that great title reign requires. Beating the odds, rivals and a hall of famer in Smith made the reign one that can only be described as excellent. But now, I see the expressions on your face, why am I telling you this? Currently, one of the most prestigious titles in the BPZ is having a rough time, the Intercontinental Championship. Bart pauses, letting the fans take in what he is telling them, as the fans don’t know whether to cheer or boo the fact that Bart has set is eyes on the Intercontinental championship. From a feel good moment at WrestleMania with a luxury jobber winning the title to a title reign by the quitter known as Alyx, and now we are stuck with a champion that can’t be bothered to show up. Yet you all love him, your love for Sameer is one of the mysteries that I can simply not solve. But don’t worry, just like anyone else that you love, I will destroy him and show you that your heroes are simply not good as good at their job as I am. And with that, I will make the Intercontinental Title the greatest title in the BPZ. I will be the savior for a title that desperately needs it. Unlike all other in the BPZ, you don’t need to question whether or not this is coming true, you know it is. Just thought I’d let you know in advance. Cause while you might boo me, you might hate me, you can’t change what I am going to do. You should have learned that by now…. Following this, Bart abruptly drops the microphone and leaves the fans with food for thought but without a goodbye as he leaves the ring and the screen fades to black.
  7. Bart

    Slammy Award Nominations Help

    Ziggler beating Nakamura is one that I can think of that was quite unexpected and that I think can count as an upset.
  8. I agree with most of what you are sayiny, but lacking on the heel side? I believe there are only 2 faces on SD who could be a believeable champion in AJ and Bryan, meanwhile the heel side as at least 3 with Joe, Nakamura and Miz, so could you explain why the heel side is lacking in your opinion?
  9. Bart

    Current RAW & SDLive Tag Team Division Situation

    Titles shouldn't be about everyone getting a chance, it should be about rewarding the best. The Usos and New Day, along with the bar like Flynn said and imo Ambrose and Rollins run they were apart of that too, are the best tag teams. Its like saying "Rock and Austin ruined the AE because they were always in the main event". If you are the best, like these teams have shown to be, you should and will get titles and there is nothing wrong with it.
  10. You would really have Ambrose go to Smackdown, the brand that is already far stronger? You do realise that this would mean that RAW would have a top heel that loses more than he wins and that isn't believeable to win the title with the way how they have booked him. While this idea is cool, it just doesn't make sense or workout with the balance between the brands. I am looking forward to this match, it should be awesome. I could see either men winning, think it will be AJ, but I am cool with both.

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