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  1. Carnage Presents On the 9th of November, Carnage brings you Redemption. A show that is guaranteed to have a huge impact on the BPZ landscape as we will see the winner of the Elimination Chamber at Halloween Havoc challenge the Universal Champion, "The Prince" Echo Wilson for his prestige title. After beating of 6 men in what is sure to be a brutal match, will the challenger manage to emerge victorius at Redemption and claim the biggest prize on Carnage? Or will Echo Wilson once again hold on to his most valueable possesion. This and much more, including the best of Carnage with the likes of Bart, Julius, Laoch, Angelo Caito and Yelich among others looking to prove themselves on one of the biggest nights on the BPZ calendar. Redemption will be one of those nights that changes careers forever. Don't miss this wrestling spectacle and tune in on the 9th of November as Redemption will be streaming live on the BPZNeccework. Advertised: The Kingdom (Echo Wilson, Julius and Bart), Angelo Caito, LAOCH, Hollow, Ropati among others. DATE: November 9th VENUE: Scottrade Center, Saint Louis, Missouri. THEME: TBA
  2. Bart

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    I think Brenden won this trade. Yes Ayton and Fournier could end up being good, but Booker is going to be a scoring machine and Allen will have a solid contribution as well.
  3. Bart

    SmackDown 1000 Discussion

    Alright, I am going to be honest. This wasn't all that special to me. It seemed like a regular smackdown with an Evolution segment and a Taker promo really. Nakamura vs Rey was cool, but it would have happened anyway, if it was on Smackdown 1000 or any other number. Compared to raw 25, it was more focused on continueing the current storylines where RAW 25 felt like a complete one-off show that didn't really go along with had happened in the weeks leading up to it (and that for the go-home Rumble show). As much as I thought that RAW 25 was underwhelming, it felt more like a special event than Smackdown 1000.
  4. Bart

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    Here's my team to start the season. Pretty hapy with it, probably should have put Rozier in the line up but you know, I guess that's why coaches don't make their gamelans at 1 AM.
  5. Bart

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: October 15th 2018

    Cool RAW, some good matches and fun moments. If they can keep going like the last 2 shows that would be great. Bellas are doing a great job as heels, gotta give them credit as much as I like dislike them and that Rousey shot on Nikki was sick. At this point I think Seth is going to end up betraying the Shield again, you can see why he would do so. The constant teasing of an Ambrose turn screams that he isn't going to do so, which I find a shame as I wanted to see it (I know that you are not supposed to want a heel turn but I couldn't care less, I want to see Ambrose as a heel).
  6. Bart

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    Since the NBA seasn starts today, I thought this was the perfect time to post my predictions for the seasons. (going of the current teams, so Butler is on the Wolves) West: Warriors Rockets OKC Jazz Lakers Pelicans Nuggets Wolves East: Celtics Raptors 76ers Bucks Indiana Wizards Heat Pistons WCF: Warriors over Rockets in 5 ECF: Celtics over Raptors in 6 Nba Finals: Warriors over Celtics in 6 MVP: Kawhi/Davis ROTY: Ayton DPOY: Davis MIP: Jamal Murray 6MOTY: Schröder COTY: Stevens
  7. Bart

    Your BPZ Forums Unpopular Opinions

    Rep Ratio is overrated. A low rep ratio basically means that you only post in the kayfabe and diary section, I dont see the value behind it at all.
  8. It would be Nice to see the power rankings and contract talks brought back. Idk if they did well views wise or took a lot of time to make, but I always found it a Nice addition to the series so it would be great to see it come back.
  9. This match has that big fight feel. I hope its like the Simmerslam Farao 4 way, complete chaos. Reigns will probably win which I am fine with, and this might be the Last we see of Brock in WWE for quite some time.
  10. Bart

    NXT October 10th 2018 Discussion

    I'll watch, that Triple Threat is looking like a must-see match. I havent really kept up with NXT as of late so I am not fully aware of what has been going on, but Maybe this show can convince me to get back into it.
  11. Thought Smackdown was meh. The Miz/Bryan/Styles angle makes me believe there will be a triple threat. I wouldnt have had Orton vs Big Show main event, I guess they were being nice to Show in his return. Rest of the show was Just the same type of stuff that we have seen ever since the latest ShakeUp
  12. I think it depends on WWE's mindset regarding Crown Jewel. If its like the GRR then I doubt that it would be one of the best matches of the year but in terms of talents there is no reason why it shouldnt be one of the best matches of the year. I think Miz will get involved, cause at this point I think that we are getting Bryan vs Miz at Wrestlemania

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