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  1. HFE TITLES: King Of The Beach tournament HFE PPVS: Five O Kīlauea Eruption
  2. Interesting. Looks like a last minute decision since they didn't promote it on TV at all. Personally wouldn't have done this, but I am willing to give it a chance. Hope it won't ruin the memory of that well done Fastlane moment.
  3. Bart

    No Mercy

    Do you still believe Echo? Carnage is live as we return from a commercial break to find ourselves in a dark location, where the Undisputed Champion sits on a chair and stares into the camera. We can see the Undisputed Championship around his shoulder, the championship that has led to this insane rivalry between former allies. Do you still have faith? Are there still no voices inside your head telling you to give up, to quit. To accept your position on the roster, to live with the fact that you just aren’t made for the main event level. It’s fine Echo, no longer will be wonder if you could. Before, after your drug accident, there was a lot of speculation. Talks of what you could have been if not for your mistake. But now, looking back, I don’t know if we can consider it a mistake anymore. All it did was extend the time that you had left before I would expose your limitations to the whole broad world. At BPZMania, everyone saw it. The doubts that had began to develop by your terrible showings against Storm and the Frontier were confirmed, Echo cracks under the big spotlight. Everyone knew, except for you. You still believed that there was a chance that you could defeat me, which led to yet another match. At World At War, even you must have realised. As much as you kept trying to deny it, the inevitable end of your false hope came when I once again reigned victorious over you. All that I promised you as come true, your greed for the spotlight has led to you losing the last bit of that what you hold all so dearly, your image. A video begins to play, showing Echo’s career highlights while we hear the ecstatic voices of GRV and Heel praising “The Hero” before turning into a look at his 2 most recent defeats. know that you are sorry Echo. I know that you want to beg me for mercy, pray that we will reform the Kingdom. But no. You choose your own faith, now I will have to deal out the consequences. That’s why I love this match that we will have at Backlash. Before, I didn’t care for it. Just another victory over you, it didn't do anything for me. But now that it’s Falls Counts Anywhere, it makes me as excited as I have ever been. No longer will I have to stop at the moral limits in my quest to end you, the limits that are the reason why you are able to compete at Backlash. The restrictions of a regular wrestling match are why you can stand and spread your nonsense around the globe. After our match, both of us will be different. I, I will be done with one chapter of my career. You, you will be done with everything in your career. No longer will the voices in your end have to tell you that you have made a mistake, your entire body will scream it. Don’t act so sad Echo, you know I am not a man for forgiveness. And even if I was, it’s far too late for mercy now. See you at Backlash, Echo.
  4. Name: Bart Baller Age: 25 Nationality: Dutch Height: 6'9 Wingspan: 6'11 Weight: 230 Looks: Lebron James Similar game style (Steph Curry, James Harden etc): Zion Williamson Position: SF/PF
  5. Brock Lesnar is coming to Smackdown. Has to be, no one else makes sense with the way how they are doing it. Brock being on FOX would be a nice touch and ensure that the show would get decent ratings to begin. I hope it's Reigns as I think that gives more interesting options, but I doubt it. My picks from the big names are Braun and Brock going to Smackdown.
  6. Styles introduction could have been better. It's a nice example of current day WWE. Everything is about competing in matches, no storylines seem to extend past battling a lot between the ropes. It's truely mind boggling to watch AE WWF and see every show have a purpose and tell a story and then see the same company produce this. But hey, some fresh match ups will be fun.
  7. Name- Bart Nickname - "The Villain" Gender - Male Birthdate (Year) - 1995 Debut (Year) - 2015 Nationality - Dutch Ethnicity - White Based In - America Hometown - Amsterdam, Netherlands Personality (Antagonistic, Loner, Loose Cannon, Moody, Normal, Professional, Serious, Short Tempered or Sociable) - Sociable Fighting Style - Brawler Stance (Southpaw or Traditional) - Traditional Height - 6'3 Minimum Weight - Light Heavyweight Maximum Weight - Heavyweight Your Three best stats: 1 - Standing Strikes 2 - Standing Grapples 3 - Submissions Defense (Submissions, Ground Offense, Ground Defense, Standing Strikes, Standing Grapples, Standing Transmissions, Submissions Defense, Takedowns, Takedown Defense, Muay Thai Clinch, Wrestling Clinch)
  8. Bart looks at both Sheridan and Jon has a smirk shows on his face. He takes in the situation, takes a quick look at his title, before answering to Jon. Jon, I like you. I like what the new you stands for, and I love how you wanted to help me out against the Blacklist. Sure, I wouldn't mind you taking a look at my matches, not that I would ever need your help but someone who I could asks for helps against groups won't hurt. However, about taking my title Jon. I get it, you won a match and that's great. You must feel dominant, strong, unstoppable. That's great, but let's not forget. While you are a new person, I am still the same person that defeated you a countless amount of times. That talent is still here Jon. As much as you may want to think that you have a shot against me, let me do my first favour to you as a partner, you don't. The illusion that you suffered from a year ago may not have gone away, but the reality of that situation hasn't either. I don't need you to understand that, you have never been able to. I just wanted to have said it, as I am not a fan of lies. In a couple of months, you will look back at this moment and realise that I told you it from the start, but let's not ruin your good spirit today. With the smile still on his face, Bart extends his hand to Jon, who shakes it in response. Two wrestlers with very different opinions have agreed to work together as the screen transitions into a hype package for the next match.
  9. SNES (my grandparents had one, very cool): Super Mario World PS: Some guy game where you had to fight in an elevator, forgot the name DS: Pokemon Heart Gold. Edit: Now that I think about it I remember that my first game on the DS was in fact Super Mario Bros. WII: WII Sports PS3: FIFA 12 PC: Game Dev Tycoon PS4: Gta V Switch: Zelda
  10. Welcome Bob. We all know you from the streams but its nice to see you on the forums aswell now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. I am looking forward to reading more from you.
  11. I doubt Bethesda will announce a new game since they announced Elder Scrolls 6 last year. Would be a bit strange to announce another one when the previously announced game isn't even close to coming out yet.
  12. The biggest gaming event of the year is almost upon us, and I would like to know what you think will be announced at the big event. I think Microsoft and Sony will both announce their next gen consoles, as well as couple of games that will be released together with the new console. A new Rockstar game, probably Bully.
  13. Basically anything with Jericho is interesting to see. Jericho is a big name in the wrestling world and to see him wrestle against guys who have been on the indies for their entire careers will be a nice dynamic.
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