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  1. It would have been Ambrose but he gave up himself. I guess Cesaro is the closest currently.
  2. Bart


    We return to Carnage after a commercial break following a promo from The Bailey. We see signs in the crowd, being waved at the camera as we wait for what is about to happen next. To the surprise of the audience, the big screen begins to play but it isn’t showing a titantron, instead it’s the former Undisputed Champion Bart who appears on the screen. A few nights ago, as all of you know, I was interrupted by Flynn. He appeared on the titantron and started a rant. It was hard to watch. Of course, I had seen the situation where Flynn was in on tv, but that night it fully hit me. It doesn’t make sense to me. How could a man, who has had nothing but success over the last few months go so far of the rails? It’s like I am facing a completely different person. The man that beated me was cool, calm and collected, this new Flynn is an hothead who can even leave himself clueless with what he is doing. As much as I don’t want to say it, I think I have the honour in this killing of character. Ever since I made Flynn aware of my intentions, he is unleashed a rampage upon everyone who he could find in a vulnerable position. But still, I didn’t see the greater picture until that promo of yours, or whatever that was supposed to be. I heard Flynn say the casual lies about how I had never beaten him, something both of us no is not correct. We both know what happened at Survivor Series, but since Flynn in such a troubled state I will live with him being unable to accept that. Then he went on to say a bunch of words, but by all the censoring I had no clue what he was trying to get at. The screen in the arena begins to play highlighst of the various attacks from Flynn, as well as throwback to Flynn's rant just a few days before. It ends with Flynn telling Bart that he is the star of the company and that the company is stopping Flynn from attacking Bart right there and then. You were right thing about one thing though Flynn. The BPZ management didn’t you let you attack me out of protection. But it wasn’t me who they were trying to protect. It was you, their Undisputed Champ who has made a joke out of himself within weeks. The sad part is Flynn, you fail to realise what’s really going on. You surely think that you attract fear, that what you do lead to excitement. But that’s a far from the truth as it could be Flynn, the only thing that your attacks do is give a little bit of satisfaction to the part of your brain that has turned you into a chaotic freak. What really shows just how far you have fallen is revealed to us by simply looking back to 2 months ago. At that time, you were preaching me about your gameplan, about how you studied each and every single one of your opponents. Now, nothing of the man that beat me is left. You have become an unrattled freak. You seem to act without a plan at all times, and because of that you have become an open book to me. While you have unleashing your aggression about my silence with furious but mainly dumb attacks, I have been watching you. Just because I didn’t need the attention doesn’t mean that I didn’t care, rather the opposite. I have been studying each and every single of your moves, studying you more intensive than ever before. Now Flynn, I know that you will say that you don’t care about any of this. You will call me a son of a bitch, give us some more bogus claims and go on with your day. But deep down inside, you know that I am right. You know that slowly but surely you are destroying your own strengths, and after Summerslam, everyone will know it. The screen then slowly fades to black as we continue with the programming, but with a big message being sent ahead of the Undisputed Championship match at Summerslam.
  3. FIRST HOME GAME Kings @ Pelicans. Preview: Two of the most exciting young cores in the league face off as the Pelicans have their first home game of the season. Zion, who had a Triple Double in his NBA debut, faces off with D'Aaron Fox, who just had a 19 pts- 16 assits to start his season. Both of these teams have sharpshooting SGs with JJ Redick and Buddy Hield. This match up could very well be one that could turn out to be a decider in the playoff picture, as both teams will be looking to sneak into the playoffs in the tough Western Conference. 1st half: The Kings got off to a strong start in the first half, mainly due to the strong play of both D'Aaron Fox and Buddy Hield. Reddick had a tough time running around while trying to follow Hield, and the Kings managed to profit from it. Lonzo Ball was the positive spark in the 1st quarter for the Pelicans. After he get subbed on, the Kings started to really struggle with their scoring as Ball was able to limit Fox while also settings up hisT team mates and himself in position to score on the other end. Zion had an alright 1st quarter, but the 2nd was were he really began to shine. He would get into the paint time and time again, while the Kings had no idea how to stop him. New Orleans tied the game as we were heading for the break. 2nd half: The Pelicans exploded after the break, starting off with a quick run led by Zion and JJ Redick, as well as impressive defensive plays from Favors. This is where we really saw the potentail of his Pelicans line-up. The combination of shooting from Reddick and Jrue, inside scoring from Ingram and Williamson and the defense of Favors proved to be a lethal combination. In the 4th quarter, Fox and Hield and the rest of the Kings would start a comeback. With them catching fire, the Kings were able to remove the deficit between the two teams as we were in for a very exciting finish to this match. It would be mainly Zion and Reddick providing the scoring for the Pelicans, as Reddick had really turned his game around in the 2nd half. Despite this, the game went to the final seconds. With 7 seconds left, the Pelicans got an inbound while the game was tied. The Pelicans went to Redick, who banged in a 3 with only 1.5 seconds left to play, a game winner in the first home game of the season. Highlight perfomances: Pelicans: Zion Williamson: 40 pts, 10 rebs, 4 assist, 20-30 FG. JJ Redick: 24 Pts, 4-6 3P shooting. Lonzo Ball: 20 pts, 4 rebs, 6 assist. 8-10 FG. Kings: Buddy Hield: 22 pts, 4 pts, 8-18 FGs. D'Aaron Fox: 18 pts, 10 assist, 6-24 FGs. Dissapointing perfomance: Josh Hart: 2-14 FGs, 0-6 shooting. In our next featured match, the Kings will face yet another upcoming team, the Denver Nuggets! While the Nuggets may be a few steps further on the way to becoming a title team, the Pelicans have the talent to suprise any team in the league. We will see how they manage to perform against last year's number 1 seed.
  4. The 5 vs 5 from Surivor Series 2016. They were creating something special that year, it's very unfortunate for us fans that they blew it.
  5. Out of all the ppv shows that we have witnessed in this decade, which has been the best? Personally, I would probably go with Wrestlemania 30. The ppv saw the ending of the streak and Daniel Bryan's rise to fame. The other 2 ppvs that come close, and aren't Wrestlemanias, are MITB 2011 and Summerslam 2013. MITB 2011 saw John Cena and Punk in the best match of the decade, aswell as a solid match between Orton and Christian and 2 good mitb matches. Summerslam 2013 had two of the best matches of the decade with Bryan vs Cena and Punk vs Lesnar.
  6. Shaq doesnt give play by play commentary, just for your information. He is an analyst.
  7. Styles Rowan El Dorado Wyatt Lynch Neville Crews and Benjamin Styles vs Cena Authors of Pain
  8. Your history may be a little off Smith, as I did participate in KOTR in 2017. However, every ons of these entries have been truely a joy to read. Keep them coming.
  9. I think I remember these 2017 RAWs to be better shows Slim 😉 Great job with this slim, great as always.
  10. Another one Bic, I really hope this is the one cause I have always liked this idea. Lesnar MJF Ospreay Moxley Ryback Scurll GOD
  11. Bart Slim and Kenji Flock FCE Bashka Team Johnny Kills North & Brad
  12. Cena vs Lesnar vs Rollins. Amazing match, made Rollins look like a star and Brock has the dominating force that he should be. One of the best matches of the decade.
  13. Very good episode of Smackdown. Loved the Daniel Bryan stuff, its crazy that he hasnt had a lot of ppv matches since WM. Reigns vs Buddy was great too, aswell as Joe vs Owens

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