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  1. Following the recent departure of Julius and Sheridan, the moderation will be getting some fresh blood. For this oppurtunity, 3 of the most active names on the forums, by the names of @Alex Costa, @BobdaBomb and @Sameer will be given an oppurtunity to showcase what they could bring to the mod team over the next few weeks. Good luck to Alex, Bob and Sameer!
  2. Following a 16 month hiatus from the moderation team, @FDS has rejoined the team. With the recent departure of Julius and Sheridan taking a break, FDS can provide the mod team with his services and provide a new perspective to the team. In his first run as a moderator, he has shown to be a great moderator. Now that he has returned to being fully active, he can once again help make the forums the best place it could by rejoining the team. Welcome back FDS!
  3. Bart

    Moving Forward

    We are live on Valor as the broadcast returns following a commercial break. The show has been centered around the fall out of the King Of The Ring PPV, which saw Ropati rise to become the King Of Ring and saw various championships change hands. Now, however, it seems that the shifts towards Exodus, as the theme of the reining BPZ Tag Team Champions begins to play in the arena. Outcome the champions with the titles which they have held for over 200 days, as it seems that they are approaching the ring to talk about their title defense at Valor’s 2nd PPV event, where they will be defending at the newly reunited duo of Brad and Echo Wilson, known as AK-17. As the champions arrive in the ring, they reach out to a member of the crew at ringside to acquire a microphone. As they stand in the middle of the ring, Bart begins to speak. When I saw Brad challenge us to a match for the tag team championships, I expected to continue to add to our story in the tag team division. To once again prove that we are the best tag team on Valor, in the BPZ and in the world. However, the moment that Brad’s partner was announced, what this match meant to me changed. Almost 3 years ago, I faced off with this tag team known as AK-17 for the first time. Everything was amazing at the time. The brand, the group that I was a part of, we were on fire. We were the tag team champions, I was the NXT Champion. Then, these 2 fine gentleman by the name of AK-17 came along. That match, at Halloween Havoc, ruined everything that the Brand had ever done, and turned it into a disaster. A video starts to play on the titantron. It shows the finish of the match at Halloween Havoc , before it moves to Karico announcing that he has a new job, followed by the blood feud between Bart and Prince and highlighst from their encounters at TakeOver:Pride, Bragging Rights and Survival Games. At one point in time, I thought the Brand was all I had in the BPZ. They were the ones who helped me get my foot through the door, and you guys tore us apart. You ended all I had at the time. For that, I thank you. You forced me to find my own way in the BPZ,a road that has given me great pleasure, one that I am proud of. But I hope you guys know that you can pull this same trick again. Echo, Brad you were champions when the tag team division was a title grab competition. It was an afterthought, there was no passion. The Tag Team Division that you were the champions of is a disgrace compared to the champions that stand in the ring currently. We have changed this division, we have revolutionized it. Teams like you, they don’t last here anymore. Ask Flynn and Necce how forming a quick team fared, ask Slim and Amai how it turned out. You guys are daydreaming about your glorious past, but just like anyone else, you ended up romanticizing a little too much. You want to find out what will happen once you step inside the ring with us. Oh, oh, you will. Brad and Echo, as the response of the fans showed, you had such a cherished memory. But after Exodus, after you battle in the ring with the greatest tag team that this very company has ever seen, you will finally be looked at as what you really are. Two hard working guys, two talented performers, I won’t dispute that, but not an elite tag team. A respectable duo, one that could survive in the old tag team division, but one that doesn’t stand a chance against the Creed. At Exodus, the tag team division will continue to move forward, instead of going 3 years back in the past.
  4. Hey man, welcome to the forums! Saw you joined the discord earlier and can't wait to talk to you more often there. If you have any questions regarding the forums/discord or whatever we have in this beautiful community, feel free to ask.
  5. Matches Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins - Eye for an Eye match Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt - Wyatt Swamp Fight The New Day (c) vs. Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura - Tables match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship Apollo Crews (c) vs. MVP - United States Championship match Bayley (c) vs. Nikki Cross - SmackDown Women's Championship Asuka (c) vs. Sasha Banks - Raw Women's Championship Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler - WWE Championship Bonus Questions: What will be the first match on the the PPV? Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match What will be the second-to-last match on the PPV? Asuka vs Sasha Will Otis cash-in during the PPV? No Will the 24/7 Championship change hands during the PPV? No Will someone make a cameo in the Wyatt Swamp Fight and if so who? (Point for each answer) Rowan Will WWE be stupid enough to use a prop eyeball? No, please, no. What will be the stipulation for the McIntyre vs. Ziggler match? (Question is void if announced before the PPV) Sports Entertainment Match
  6. In-ring: 9.5 (as close to a 10 as one can be) Mic: 8.5 L/C/P: 9, perfect for his role.
  7. Like Alex said, NXT certainly got the shorthand of the stick here compared to AEW. Io vs Sasha was the highlight of the show before me, and while the other matches were all decent at worst, I just wasn't that interested in it. Maybe that's due to to my personal preferences or due to NXT's way in which they have promoted these matches, but either way, Fyter Fest was my winner of the night. However, next week's show which features Keith Lee vs Adam Cole in a Winner Takes All Match should be great.
  8. If we are redrafting, I would expect Lauri to be taken earlier. I get team needs, but still, Lauri has proven to be a great player for the bulls thus far, and imo would more valuable to a team than Ball or Isaac.
  9. Decent match here, better than I expected. Hager's best match in AEW thus far. Cody winning was obvious, and doing a finish where Hager can further evolve his career with is fine imo. In kayfabe however, what is the point of a 10 day suspension? The next event is Fyter Fest night 2, which he wasn't scheduled for regardless. He will be back for the Dyamite after this. Bit weird there.
  10. Surpassed 3.4K awhile ago.
  11. WHY EVER KOTR PARTICIPANT SHOULD WIN THE TOURNAMENT: PART 2: CARNAGE BRACKET Echo Wilson Had one point in time, Echo Wilson was destined to be the next big star in the BPZ. A impressive resumé which features Universal and Global title victories has followed, but Echo’s career reached a stand still when he took an hiatus from the company. Since his most recent return to the company, things have looked as bright as ever for Echo Wilson, with another with the Premium Championship to speak for it. Echo Wilson winning KOTR would re-establish him as one of the top names in the company. Prince With Prince, it’s clear that he has the talent. Usually, the motivation has been the problem. However, it seems that Prince is on the right track now. A new look and a new character could prove to be the difference for Prince, and KOTR could serve as a way to see one of the veteran members of the roster finally rise to superstardom. Alex Costa As one of the members of BPZ’s newest stable, Alex Costa is currently riding in momentum. What better way to give the new stable some potential then to establish Alex Costa as a major player in the BPZ, by having him rise through the ranks and become the King Of The Ring. Alex has proven to be a consistent performer for the company, and a potential finals showdown with his former ally Mikey would make for a terrific match. Ropati: Ropati is one of the veterans on the roster. Seemingly around forever, Ropati has never quite had his huge moment in the spotlight. However, one could argue that Ropati is doing the best work of his career at the moment, and with that, this might be the time where Ropati finally becomes a star for the company. Facing off with Slim at Summerslam would make for an interesting dynamic with the two groups of Mafia coming face to face in the main event in the biggest show of the summer. Broken Nate: Nate is Mister King Of Ring. Every year,no matter how long he has been gone for, Nate will show up and take part in the tournament. His story is well known, he won in 2016, lost in the finals of 2017. Despite being in the tournament nearly every year, the former Global Champion is still seeking for that moment where he can use the King Of The Ring tournament to become World Champion. With his recent victory over Nebakos, it seems that the company have big plans in the future for him, and another KOTR win might very well be on the way for him as a result. Buddy Ace: Buddy Ace has talent, we all know that. Whether it was his Carnage Scramble victory, him getting to the final 3 in the 2020 Royal Rumble, it’s clear that the company holds him in high regards. However, apart from a run with the United States Championship, this hasn’t led to a lot of title victories. KOTR could be the stepping stone for Buddy Ace, on his way to becoming the World Champion at Summerslam. Raven: Raven is back, and how. Being one of the founding members of Carnage’s newest stable along with FDS and Alex Costa, Raven has made quite the impression thus far. His match with Flynn also showed just how great Raven is. Before his brief hiatus from the company, Raven was already seemingly positioned to be one of the key players in the company, and it appears that this is still the case. Winning KOTR could right back on track, and make the unstoppable monster that he is presented as. Epic: Epic is the wildcard in this bracket. His gimmick is one of the most unique ones in the BPZ, which recently rewarded him with a NXT Title victory. Will it also lead to him winning KOTR? Anything is possible in the BPZ, and Epic is shown that is capable of putting together entertaining segments for the company, which might be a reason for the company to pull the trigger on him.

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