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  1. I have never liked Modern Family and have no clue why it has been running for so long.
  2. Title explains the topic greatly. For me, I would probably cheat and say from '85 till '95, but I have to choose, I will go with the ninenties as some of my favourite musicians of all time had the peak of their career in this decade (Example: Nirvana).
  3. The Netherlands winning a world cup. Already experienced the pain of losing a final, now I want to experience the celebration.
  4. The Villain gimmick was orginally suggested to me by @Ross. Feel like I should give him some credit. Me and Prince wanted to shake up our tag team with new gimmicks, and after a long time with one of us changing their minds (I won't say who but it wasn't me) we decided upon British wrestlers as I was happy with Scurll and he was happy with Dunne. Afterwards it just kept on working, and I have had for almost 18 months now.
  5. 2000: The Rock vs Triple H @ Backlash. Maybe not the best in ring but definetly the biggest match of them all and the one that I would watch back first. 2001: TLC 2. Don't think I need to explain it, still crazy and unbelieveable what they pulled of 18 years later.
  6. Currently, the WWE is in a slump. The product has (for me) the littlest amount of excitement and meaning behind since the dark ages of 2012 where we had Swagger and Del Rio in the main event slots. We all think about the good old days and how much better those performers were. I wanted to see your thoughts on this what if scenario, where the WWE could bring back one wrestler in his prime and insert him to the current WWE. Who would be your pick? The Rock My pick is the Great One, the Rock. Before you get upset about me not picking someone else, let me explain my reasoning. You only insert 1 person into the mix. Rock has the almost unique ability to make any segment fun with his incredible perfomances on the microphone and therefore make you care about the silliest of things that would otherwise only lead to frustration. I think someone like Austin would struggle more in today's era, as Austin always played off the heels and part of his greatness came from him being the one to kick Vince's ass, while with Rock, I think it was more about simply the Rock winning. This goes along with his ability to carry the show on mainstream media with his fantastic interviews, makes him in my opinion the perfect pick.
  7. So far Free Agency has been crazy. The Nets are clearly the winners with what we currently know, going from a good team to a legit title contender that could be considerd a failure if they don't end up winning a championship. Warriors' front office proves itself once again by being able to get something for KD leaving. I don't think D'Lo will stay there for long, but I would surely be interested to see how him and Curry would play together. Either way, very good move by the Warriors.
  8. 17 and 19 are the obvious ones that everyone will remember as stand outs because of the countless amount of great matches that took place on both of those shows. I haven't been watching WM's live for that long, but I recall 31 being very great show that I enjoyed a lot, so that will be my pick.
  9. While I agree that a retirement match at WM would be the best way to end it for Taker, I wouldn't say that at this point "the draw" aspect really comes to play for performing at WM. Wrestlemania has an insane amount of tickets sold simply by it's name at this point, I don't think it matters whether heath slater (extreme example, but you get the point) or Undertaker appears. Drew, however, needs something. Something to make him a believeable top heel and this would be just that. However, they already feuding at the moment and we have all seen just how well WWE is at playing long term stories, so I wouldn't bet on this match to be the one at all.
  10. This would have been the perfect chance for WWE to give viewers who had lost hope and decide to give WWE one last chance with the news of Heyman/Bischoff something to attract them with, but instead we get the same old stuff that we have been seeing for what feels like forever by now. Nothing is changing. I get that Heyman can't just start from stratch, but I would say that he can impact the show by the way how he approaches it and the way how the storylines will develop tonight, so I hope to see some changes there.
  11. These posters for the next RAW and Smackdown make it seem like even Paul and Eric have no clue to fix the product. They are just throwing out title matches.

  12. Bart

    BPZ Ballers

    Yozi Maguchi Height: 6'9 Weight: 240 lbs Look: Young Lebron James Player Model: Lebron Position: SF
  13. Title says it all. I think looking back WCW created a more realistic feel.
  14. You are underestimating Bic's chances heading in and certainly as the tournament progressed. Wouldnt call it an upset.

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