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  1. Welcome to the forums Percy! If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask. I am looking forward to reading about your thoughts on wrestling
  2. Carnage is live as the road to Bad Blood rolls on live on tv. So far tonight we have seen various hype packages, as well as promos and intriguing segments between competitors, all trying to get the viewers to tune into the BPZ Network. What some may forget, is that the night after, BPZ will be live again as we will see round 3 of the Survival Games tournament. This time around, we will see another set of amazing mach ups. One of which is the match between Jon and Bart. Two bitter rivals, who have had many collisions in the past. Tonight, Bart looks to adress this match as he walks to the ring and begins to speak. I have been waiting for you, Jon. I have been waiting to hear what story you will come up with this time. Every time we have faced, I have defeated you. Never once have you managed to top me, and yet every single time we face, you come up with another reason why this time you will be able to defeat me. Even though teamed up against The Blacklist before, I know that hasn’t changed anything in the way how you look at me. You want to defeat me, at all costs. You can’t stand that I have always proven that I am better than you, at everything in which we have competed. You undoubtedly think that this is your big chance for revenge. But Jon, it simply won’t happen. It has always amazed how people can motivate them when they have been showed the consequences of their dumb actions time and time again, you are one of those. No one can convince you that the next time you won’t get your way. If you were in a good form, maybe I would at least take you seriously, but now? You weren’t even able to put away Prince, and afterwards you got destroyed by a maniac who hasn’t been at his best for months. It’s my fault, I know that. I have killed your career. All these loses have began to add up. People don’t fear a Hall Of Famer when they see you. You know that. I am sure it gets you upset, makes you sleep bad at night. But here is the reality Jon, you will have to accept it. A video begins to play arena, highlighting all of Bart’s wins over Jon. We see the anger and disappointment in Jon’s face, as well as the smirk on Bart’s. Because some things, never change.
  3. I dont think wwe is going in that direction with KO but I certainly could see him delevering in a GM role if given the chance
  4. The reason why this tournament started again. The Joker
  5. Rock vs Hogan, no debate possible.
  6. Shawn Michaels vs Mr Perfect
  7. Super Mario Bros, easily. Have had so much fun playing various versions of that series over the years. The GOAT for me without a doubt.
  8. As Prince smirks, a huge pop from the crowd rises through the arena as Bart's theme begins to play. Prince's smirk quickly goes away as Bart approaches him. These two former partners haven't met for 16 months, but today they do. We hear all types of chants as the crowd is excited as ever to see the meeting between these two. Bart and Prince have a staredown for a few seconds before Bart begins to speak. What do you expect me to say Prince? That I respect you because after more than a year you have finally decided to pick your stuff up again after coming short? Wow, what a soldier. This poor guy took an entire year off and now he is working hard. We should respect him, for all the countless oppurtunities that he has gotten despite doing nothing. We should praise him, for the fact that he has decided to bless us with his presence. The only man history to have made 2 straight number one picks useless. But here you are, critising me. I won't be remembered Prince? The only time you will be remembered is when they laugh about a guy that had potential a long, long time ago, but never had the drive needed to fulfil. You have been talking about how the next time it will be your time, but after a while that speech becomes simply hilarious. You say that I wouldn't be anywhere without your vision, yet after we split up you became the biggest laughing stock in the BPZ. All that,despite having all of the chances. You were meant to be a big star Prince. You were the golden boy from your then GM, and still, no single title win? You have always been giving every oppurtunity, and yet all you can do is complain. You think it makes you look better, but in reality it simply validates your position as a laughing stock. Bart takes a breath and looks at Prince, whose anger is beginning to become more and more visible. I am sorry to tell you Prince, but nothing has changed. You are still the same, not good enough brat that you were before. You just haven't realised yet. You managed to escape against Jon, and therefore you still have hope. But we both know that the moment you lose against me, you will give up. Once I pin you will realise that everything you have said over the last few weeks is nothing but lies. You will once again fall into a crisis. Once again you will feel like it's not worth your time. Tears will fall down as you can only conclude that all along I was right. That in the end, you are simply not made for it. The problem with you is the way how you explain everything. You keep on thinking that every loss is a fluke, and I hate to break it to you, but they are not. They are hints. Hints from the gods telling you to give up already. But here you are, feeding int your own lies. Believing your own illusions. It's a damn joke, you know that. It's emberrasing. The words that are coming out of your mouth. None of it makes sense. It's sad to see how delusional you have become. But don't worry, I will bail you out one last time. As I kick all of the illusions out of your head, ONE BY ONE.
  9. Bulldog vs Hart, no doubt
  10. Seth Rollins (c) vs Braun Strowman: WWE Universal Championship Kofi Kingston (c) vs Randy Orton: WWE Championship Bayley (c) vs Charlotte Flair: WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) vs Sasha Banks: WWE Raw Women's Championship Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman (c) vs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode: WWE Raw Tag Team Championships New Day (Big E and Xaiver Woods) (c) vs The Revival: WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs The Miz: WWE Intercontinental Championship AJ Styles (c) vs Cedric Alexander: WWE United States Championship Drew Gulak (c) vs Humberto Carrillo vs Lince Dorado: WWE Cruiserweight Championship Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (c) vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville: WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Roman Reigns vs Eric Rowan: No Disqualifications Match Bonus Questions: Which Match is the Preshow match: Cruiserweight Championship Match Which match starts the show: RAW tag which match ends the show: Universal Championship will the fiend make a appearance at the end of the Universal Championship match: Yes Will The Revival Cost Kofi Kingston the match: Yes
  11. Whats so hard about Drew, Almas or anyone else putting up good performances week in week out getting a chance? WWE keeps up coming up with concepts to help them but never ever uses it. We are stuck now with Corbin, who despite decent performances doesnt gain anything from winning this tournament. Gable is the typical random push while his character is still in the jobber phase.
  12. Stone Cold vs Michaels
  13. Bart

    Number 1 Pick

    The Survival Games tournament is in full swing as Carnage rolls on, just a few days away from the next round taking place. In this round, a lot of former allies will collide. Jon will take on his former partner FDS, Blade and Slim will battle following their falling out at Summerslam. We will also see 2 former members of the Karico Brand meet for the first time in 16 months. Speaking of which, we see Bart appear on the titantron, as he is speaking from an undisclosed location. Prince has a done a lot for me. He helped me when I knew no one and was basically another help case stuck in the NXT Division. Prince was your typical trustworthy mentor. Nothing spectacular, but he helped you learn the ropes and gave you someone to trust. We worked well together, maybe too good for Prince’s sake. We started to get a spotlight and despite me being the rookie in the group, it was Prince who didn’t know how to handle it. Before the Brand, Prince had never had any real successes. He had been around for God knows how long but had never quite stood out. He was always just another, hard working guy that didn’t have the talent to cut it. But then the Karico Brand arrived and all of a sudden Prince began to attract a following, all of a sudden the higher ups began to see his potential. He won the US title, got the Semi-Finals of KOTR. All was going well, we even won the Tag Team Championships, and then, the Draft arrived. The 2017 draft is where Prince’s short but sweet peak of his career ended. What should have been the ultimate reward for years of hard work ended up being the abrupt ending of the best part of Prince’s career. Prince was selected as Evolve’s first choice. The ultimate dream of any wrestler in the BPZ. But for Prince it turned out to be nothing but a nightmare. A video begins to play, highlighting Prince being chosen by Evolve, before losing in the finals of the Global Chase tournament. We see his frustration after the match, before seeing his next 2 matches. In these matches against Bart and Sameer, he is also unable to win. This leads to him snapping, requesting a trade to Carnage before attacking Bart. The expectations that came with being selected number 1 overall killed Prince. He couldn’t handle it. Constantly, he was filled with stress, scared to fail. The self-doubts slowly got to him as he failed to win over and over again, and fail ended up being exactly what he did. His trade request was a desperate attempt to get better, a chance of scenery was the last thing that Prince could think of to help himself. He felt like he was ruined forever on Evolve, like there was no going back. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I gave him a standard that he couldn’t live up to. Maybe that’s what made him so nervous all the time. But what I really did wrong, is the fact that I let him win at Bragging Rights. Teaming with Bailey and beating me gave Prince a level of confidence that someone with the ability of Prince should never have. It gave him the believe that he had finally made it. We all know the story from there. Painful. Within a year, Prince went from the rising star to a lost case. He has never managed to bounce back since then, he always struggled with his motivation, despite being given plenty of reason to try. I want to thank you though, Prince. I want to thank you for collapsing. Being able to leave you behind is what set me up for stardom. For that, I will always be thankful. Bart laughs as the camera fades to black, leaving the fans to wonder what will happen when these former partners collide later this week.
  14. I don't think it is. It will be a sad day once we have to limit our freedom in something that is clearly not real. It's not a documentary, it's not presented as being real. What more can you ask of them? To not make it? I get the concern but I definetly think there have been worse movies in the past that all went down fine. WWE has already watered down because of this, please let movies not follow.
  15. We are just days removed from the start of the Survival Games tournament, in which we will see some of the best talents in the industry compete every single week with the hopes of ultimately being crowned the challenger for the Undisputed Championship at Night Of Legends. We return to Carnage after a commercial break and after the hype package for the tournament has played, we hear the theme of Bart play in the arena. The last time that we saw him was at Summerslam where he lost in the Undisputed Championship match against Flynn. He walks towards the ring, seemingly calm for the controversy that occurred at Summerslam. Again, I was outsmarted. Again Flynn managed to surprise me and sneak away with the victory. I can’t believe how this has happened to me twice. I used to be the best at it, using any trick available to secure the victory. Always I would bash those who would complain about it, and all of a sudden I am doing it myself. What really happened was that I tried to come up with a reason, or an excuse rather, as to why I had lost. I couldn’t believe it, for a year everything said came true, until the Power Trip Cup Finals PPV. There that ended, and I was too afraid to see what cost me that match. It wasn’t Flynn’s attack, it was me. How can I fault my loss on something that I have mastered myself? I could do it now, Flynn once again pulled one over me, but I won’t. Everyone loves to cry about how unfair it was that they lost, but in reality, it’s just that, crying to consulate yourself. This Survival Games tournament is a blessing for me. Not even because of the prize that is involved in the tournament, but because of the mental aspect. A match every week, which requires a focus that I haven’t had for a long time. Finally, I won’t have a chance to make-up reasons as to why I lost and how I couldn’t do anything about it for months until I come back and realise that I was wrong. No one gets that favour anymore. Kenji is an interesting case. He is highly disgusted that I didn’t come running into the show with a microphone to talk about him with the first chance that I got. Kenji, I don’t need to. I get that you are all excited because you managed to defeat Brad, and that excitement shows just how inexperienced you are. But keeping that aside, I am afraid that you don’t understand how it works around here. You have 2 type of people. A few who like to talk every chance they get, a lot of running their mouth, a lot of saying that someone is underestimating them. I have made a career out of beating people like that. Ask Johnny, ask Blade, ask Echo Wilson. All of them are prime examples of it. Just because I am not screaming into microphone any chance I get doesn’t mean that I am not concentrated on our match Kenji, don’t you worry. I have spend these days analyzing you, step by step. I hate to bring it you, but I see that you have learned a lot from the hypocrites around this place. Where were you? Last I checked you were taking time off because you won after a very hard fought match. Really? One win and you already need to recover? Yet you are here questioning my commitment. Of course I see your talent, and all that other nonsense that people like to hear. You are one of the most promising talents in this company, and the only one who doesn’t know that is you. Because here you are, begging for validation. Telling everyone that you don’t think I consider you a threat because I haven’t said it. Could it be Kenji, that you want me to name you as a threat because deep down inside you don’t believe you are? The doubts seem to be getting to you without anyone having said a word about you. I get it, you just won your first match and already you are in the most stacked tournament of all time. That must be challenging. If you had to blame yourself-doubts on me then that’s fine. You are free to do so. After our match, you won’t have doubts. You will know exactly where you stand. Beneath me. So go ahead, go tell everyone that I am not taking you seriously, because those clowns that you used to face would take any opportunity to speak. I don’t, people beg me to speak. That’s the difference. After Friday you will be able to understand. You are welcome. See you Friday, Kenji.
  16. Name: Bart Baller Nation: The Netherlands COLLEGE CHOICES (Pick 4 options, I choose 1): (anything but Duke or North Carolina Universities): Kentucky Height: 6'6 Weight: 210 Position: SG Strength: (Driving, Mid range shot, 3pt's, Defence ETC) Only 1 allowed: Driving Weakness: (same as above) Must have 1: Blocks Tendencies: (likes to shot 3's, doesn't like to shoot mid range, doesn't like to drive) if you don't specify it'll be normal: Likes to drive and have the ball in his hands
  17. As much as we love to talk about our greatest rivalries, not every single one can be as good as the other. Some are dissapointing and could have been better, and in this topic, I ask you which one that is for you. For me, it would have be to me vs Julius. When you look at just how strong of a 2018 both of us had experienced that the feud didn't do the first ever battle between two big rising stars of the year justice. I think there is a few factors that led to this, one being Echo pulled out of the match, Julius and me being unsure how to handle the Kingdom situation after this and just in general both of us being annoyed at the Threeway not happening. A second, less frustrating one would be Necce in the BPZMania IV match. I think when Necce, who had one of the best yearly kayfabe perfomances of all time, becomes the third fiddle in a match that something is off, eventhough this was mainly due to activity. For me this was especially a bummer since me and Necce were both itching to work together with one another in kayfabe for a long time. What are yours?
  18. Bart

    BPZ Battles

    Steve (Minecraft) vs Ezio Auditore (Assassins Creed) Sora (Kingdom Hearts) vs Master Chief Scorpion vs Pikachu Spyro the Dragon vs Pac-Man John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) vs Agent 47 (Hitman) Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) vs Banjo-Kazooie Sonic the Hedgehog vs Crash Bandicoot Mario vs GLaDoS (Portal)

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