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  1. If this isn't a sign that they are coming back in some shape or form, then I don't know what is. They want to make Harlem Heat swimwear for crying out loud...
  2. While I do think this is a serious question that you raise, we also have to take into account WWE's history of paying people to do nothing. I think WWE would have no trouble with making people unhappy and not using them proprerly or not all, before giving them the annual push whenever their contract comes up (ala Dolph Ziggler). I think this would be the way in which WWE are trending, as they have shown that they are in no way holding back on signing new talent. I already think WWE has a stupidly large roster today where it's nearly impossible to use everyone in a certain way, and I think this will be only getting worse in the coming wears. Certainly something to keep an eye out for.
  3. I find this interesting. We were just talking in chat the other day about how ROH might get rid of it's Women's divsion, and now they do this. Certainly shows the intention to continue with it.
  4. I never liked the idea of this fight. I am not a big MMA follower so please tell me if what I am saying is stupid here, but how I see it, UFC are just giving Connor as easy of a match (MMA is always tricky) as they can to assure he gets a victory. This dude may have a fanbase or whatever, but he is old and hasn't won in a while. I think putting him against up and coming guy would have been a better way to go about business, but I also sadly understand that UFC don't want to take this risk. I have lost a little bit of the excitement that I had for Connor due to the negative attention that he has gotten over the last few months. The rape allegations, the bus accident... it all leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
  5. I doubt they see value in him at all, I think it's about the value that they see in him for *other* promotions. If you see who have been paid over the last few months, it wouldn't suprise me at all to find out that Kalisto also received a nice paycheck. Honestly, I don't think we can blame him. WWE are probably offering him a stupid amount of money compared to what he is worth, I guess fun only gets you so far in live compared to money...
  6. I have been watching some of the Broken Skull Sessions. They are fun to listen to, especially if you are interested in the wrestler that is being interviewed. They manage to produce some new stories that you haven't heard before, despite this all being very known wrestlers who have done tons of interviews over the years.
  7. I think Andrade could without a doubt be the guy to elevate this title to the next level. Yes, AJ did a phenomal (no pun intended) job of making the title feel big with his holding it, but it never truely had super exciting matches or feuds for me. With Andrade, you have an eager, amazing talent looking to prove himself and I think what you should do is have him hold the belt for a long time. This may be a bit too far, but honestly, I would have him hold the belt until you think he is ready to main event shows. This dude clearly has the potential, WWE just needs a way to capitalize on it. I think with this title reign they could do so, and so far, it has been good. Him feuding with Rey has been done before, but they just keep on producing quality stuff together. I hope they move on to guys like Ricochet, and maybe a multi-man ladder match at WM.
  8. Money In The Bank 2019 Review Women’s Money In The Money Bank Ladder Match: Nikki Cross vs. Naomi vs. Natalya vs. Dana Brooke vs. Bayley vs. Mandy Rose vs. Ember Moon vs. Carmella: First off, I didn’t review the pre-show as I am confident this show will be long without it. Now, for the match. I thought they got the right participants. All of these women at the time of this show needed some sort of boost to be able to become Women’s champ, and MITB is the way to do so. I thought it was an enjoyable match, there were some cool spots in it. While I don’t think it was as good as the Women’s match a year before, this was expected as this match didn’t have as much starpower. But they still did a fine job with it and managed to entertain the crowd and myself, a good way to start the show. Bayley was the right winner as well. Rating: ***½ United States Championship: Rey Mysterio vs Samoa Joe ©: Just like their Wrestlemania encounter, this match was simply too short. It is such a shame that these never had a proper ppv match for the title, these two are capable of producing an awesome match together. It has been reported that the match was ended early as there was injury scare for Joe, which makes sense, as the pinfall just looked awkward. This is a real bummer, this could have been so much more if not for bad faith. Also, if you are gonna have Joe loses after a minute, do not expect a little post match attack to make up for it, it does not. Rating: DUD Steel Cage Match: Shane McMahon vs The Miz: I thought Shane trying to escape the ring straight away was a good way of showing how Shane’s character has changed. While he has always been portrayed as a daredevil, he is now trying to get out of a potentially dangerous situation with the first chance that he gets. The match was what I expected from it, of course there these two aren’t gonna deliver a classic in the ring together. Shane winning was questionable, but the way how makes it acceptable. It’s however a shame that the Miz never truly got his revenge on Shane, and I think it would have helped Miz’s face run if he had. Rating: **.5 Cruiserweight Championship:Tony Nese (c) vs. Ariya Daivar: I am sure these two can wrestle really well, but when the entire crowd is dead for it and no one knows the build because it is on 205 live, you have to put in an all time performance to deliver a good match, and this simply wasn’t that. I really don’t get why this was on the main show instead of Bryan and Rowan vs The Usos, which would have made a lot more sense on the main show and would have made the show better overall. It also didn’t really feel like a cruiserweight. They had some dives but this happens in every match nowadays, and people need more high flying action from a cruiserweight match in order to get the cruiserweight feeling. Just meh. Rating: ** RAW Women’s Championship:Becky Lynch © vs Lacey Evans This was another meh match. Lacey Evans in may of 2019 wasn’t ready to be in a match like this, especially when this is for a title that main evented Wrestlemania a little over a month ago. It was short, and never really got interesting. I get that Becky needs to wrestle another match and that you can’t give her two match, but this simply wasn’t good period. Rating:** Smackdown Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch © vs Charlotte Flair: Charlotte coming out right after Becky made her title defense was expected but a good touch nevertheless. For the match itself, it should have been better. These are two of the best women’s on the roster, and they have awesome matches together before. I get that they didn’t get the opportunity to do that here, but still, I expected better from them. Also, how are you push someone like the face of your company, only to have her lose to a running boot? Charlotte still has the natural selection which has been buildup as a finisher for awhile, I thought it was very odd that they didn’t decide to do the finish that way. I get that Lacey had to screw Becky here, but still, should have just used Charlotte’s finisher. Bayley cashing in afterwards a bit weird. I thought it would have been better if they had given Bayley a while with the briefcase, allow her to work on her character which has sucked for a while now and slowly build her up to be women’s champion again. Shame they didn’t go with that route. Rating: ** ½ Universal Championship: Seth Rollins © vs AJ Styles: Oh boy, this has been one of the most anticipated matches ever since AJ Styles made his debut, and finally, it happened. While I thought it was a shame that it was a face vs face match (it will take me awhile to restore faith in these sort of matches after the Styles/Nakamura match at Wrestlemania). However, it didn’t matter at all in this match. This was amazing, just what you would have expected from these two. These two manage to make a wrestling match look so smooth and exciting at the same time. There were many incredible sequences and transitions, including when AJ countered a Curb Stomp into the Styles Clash. Everything about this was awesome, without a doubt the big highlight of Rollins’ run with the Universal Championship. Rating: ****½ WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston © vs Kevin Owens This match was fun to watch, it wasn’t anywhere near as good as the previous match, but still entertained me. I thought it made Kofi look like a credible champion, winning after being hit with both the Pop-Up Powerbomb as the Stunner. These two are obviously good wrestlers and it showed in the match, but they weren’t able to push it to the next level in my opinion. Which is a shame as the story that they had going here was a good one. However looking back, this was probably Kofi’s best title defense, so I guess that is something to be proud of for both of them. Rating: ***½ Men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Brock Lesnar (:P) vs. Ricochet vs. Baron Corbin vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Finn Balor vs. Randy Orton vs. Andrade vs. Ali: So first off, let’s start with the obvious talking point of this match, the finish. It sucked, it was terrible, awful, every possible negative words can be for this. It ruins the point of the match, and makes all of the other competitors look like complete idiots in kayfabe, as well as the company in general. What the fuck. But aside from that, holy shit this match was amazing. When you look at the stuff that these guys did, the incredible spot with Andrade and Balor for example, it just makes you even sadder that such a fuck finish ended it. All of them did an amazing job, even Corbin who I hate with a passion managed to put in a good perfomance. Had someone like Drew or Andrade won here, they could have made themselves another mega star, yet instead, they went back to what everyone didn’t need to see. WWE really can’t help themeselves sometimes, can they? Rating (the match, not the booking): ****½
  9. Extra information was revealed about this, which I thought was interesting: While of course, this doesn't need to mean anything, I certainly thought it was interesting. These are the kinds of things that sort of fuel speculation, and you would also assume that if WWE were behind them getting the trademarks, that it would be done through some WWE lawyer. Could very well be an result of a conversation between the two sides.
  10. I thought the opening tag match was fun, it was nice touch how they add Omega and the Bucks working together while the commentators hinted at potential tension between the Bucks, Omega and Hangman and then later with the Bucks being upset by losing this was teased even more. I think that Omega and Page winning is a good way for this storyline to further develop. Another fantistic promo by Cody, I think he is without a doubt one of the best guys on the microphone in the business currently. The women's match... well what could you really expect with their current roster. I doubt it will get seriously better any time soon, big booking challenge for AEW there. Moxley coming out with the car was a nice touch, a good way for Moxley to annoy the Inner Circle. The match itself I thought was decent, nothing special but it served it's purpose. I think Pac vs Moxley will be great next week, and I obviously expect Moxley to win as that is the story that they have been building for a while now. However, I wouldn't be shocked if they tried to come up with a little twist.
  11. Not looking forward to this at all. The whole Corbin & his gooses vs Reigns has been drawn out so much and I couldn't care less for it anymore. It will be interesting to see Morrison wrestle in his first match back however, how good is he currently. I think they might have him and Miz take on the New Day for the titles, perhaps even at the Rumble ppv? Kane's return just feels random, I think him popping out of nowhere would have been better than announcing it beforehand. Now it is just gonna be a random segment where he probably dominates some lower card wrestlers. Banks and Lacey Evans haven't been able to interest me with their feud, and I doubt that changes tonight.
  12. I doubt the Undertaker will be the in the match. We always get these rumours whenever he is in the same city or at the Perfomance Center, and I don't recall them ever leading to anything. Will probably be the same here.
  13. Pre Show Womens Battle Royal (Marti Belle, Jamie Hayer, Zoe Lucas, Velvet Sky, Kiera Hogan, Jenny Rose) Brian Milonas vs Jay Lethal 4 Way Tag Team Match: The New Heavenly Bodies vs The Boys vs Rhett Titus and Vincent vs Tyler Bateman and Ryan Nova Main Show The Briscoe Brothers (c) vs The Colons - ROH Tag Team Titles Bully Ray vs Cabana Cass w/ Summer (c) vs Dalton Castle - ROH Television Title Lucha Style (c) vs Villain Enterprises - ROH Six Man Tag Team Titles Mayu Iwatani (c) vs Angelina Love - ROH Women of Honor Title Marty Scrull (c) vs Matt Sydal - ROH World Heavyweight Title Bonus Questions Who will be the new 4th member of Villain Enterprises? ZSJ What will be the highest rated match on the card? Scurll vs Sydal Who will get the most eliminations in the Womens Battle Royal? Velvet Sky
  14. I always find the DX reunions amusing to watch. They may not lead to any storyline development and usually don't put the current roster over, but nevertheless I think they always make for enjoyable moments. I hope that we will see some videos from this.
  15. Bart


    A smile appears on the face of Bart, as he once again begins to speak So you are dangerous now? Aside from a nice new nickname Bailey, may I ask what this dangerous shtick of yours is all about. Because from what I can tell, all that it shows is that you have resorted to weapons after you realised that your bare hands can’t get the job done anymore. Now you have this stupid moniker to live up to, and you have tried to make yourself this hero by entering at Number 1. We are all supposed to stare in amazement as Bailey overcomes the odds. The sad part is that you honestly believe bullshit too, while everyone in the back is laughing at the fool that you are making out of yourself in your attempts to win sympathy. But I will admit, I agree with you on one point Bailey. I hope that I draw number 2 as well. It would allow me to show you what all this stuff that you have been preaching is actually about. Because the moment you and me are in the ring together, all of those words will finally get their real meaning for you. Because in the Rumble Bailey, there is no weapons that you can use to protect yourself. You would have to wrestle, and we both know that I am better at that than you. I am better than anyone. Better than you, better than Arius, and better than any fucking person who tries to get between me and my rumble victory. You were right that I have waited for a while to become World Champion, but let me assure you one thing, I am done waiting. I am done waiting for my moment in the spotlight, I am done waiting for my chance to become the World Champion. At the Royal Rumble, it’s happening. I don’t care if you don’t like it, I don’t care if Arius has problem with it, I don't care what ANYONE thinks or feels about it. It is happening. You guys can try to stop me, go ahead. Throw anything you have at me. But I will just give you a hint, it won’t fucking happen.
  16. Bart


    For a second, there is a silence heard. The camera focus on the face of Bart, who is clearly fired up by the comments that Bailey made. Oh isn’t this funny. Out of all people, it is the Bailey who wants to talk about giving it his all. Bailey I hope that you realise just how stop it you are sounding after that bullshit speech about how much heart you got. You, the big Bailey, who only cares to wrestle at the Rumble, Mania, the MITB match and whenever you manage to hold a title. You want to talk about my Undisputed title reign being bad, do you realise just how stupid you are? Your world championship reign, where after your big Wrestlemania moment you did nothing but beat jobbers until you fled the scene the moment serious competition came around. Then you got your ass-handed to you at Summerslam, and since then, where has this never give up hero been? Where were you Bailey? Where was the guy who gives it his all when the competition started coming up? You ran away, you ran away cause you were all so scared of actually having to prove your worth, because we both know that is a guaranteed disappointment. You also try to down talk the Creed, now isn’t that just hilarious. You yourself tried to form a stable of your own, I wonder what happened to it? Yes, last year you won the Rumble, hooray. But you honestly expect that to prove anything? I was beaten down , and as much as you don’t want to admit it, you know that you are in trouble when the two of us meet at full strength. We have been there before after all. But sure, go ahead and talk about your IT-factor. The thing that you love the most. You LOVE to talk about how special you are, well buddy let me assure you one thing. After the Rumble is over, the only thing that will be special about you is your face that I will have FUCKING TORN TO SHREDS. If I were you Bailey, I would hope. No wait don’t hope, I would PRAY that our entrance numbers aren’t remotely close together, because the moment I enter that match I see that oh so special face of yours, I will annihilate you. I will fucking throw you, your IT-factor, your starpower and all of the other nonsense that you have just managed to spit out over the ring and out of the match. I can’t wait to see the disappointment on your face as your BPZMania dreams fall into pieces, as they are destroyed by this non IT-Factor having, not good enough Son Of A Bitch.
  17. I wouldn't be suprised if we saw Imperium appear on NXT either this week or the next. With the dusty classic going on, you know that there will be some quality matches on NXT tv for the coming weeks. If it will be more enjoyable than AEW is the question, but I think it will be fun to follow for sure.
  18. I do agree that the chances of Cain taking out Brock are high, but I do think there is some hope left for Wrestlemania. This is because we have a february Saudi show, maybe they do Cain/Brock II there and have the NOC for Mania decided in the Chamber?
  19. Austin Taker Owen The Rock Blackman Janetty Cactus Jack NAO Cactus Jack/ Jarret Shawn Michaels 2

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