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    Bart got a reaction from Bad Attitude Bullet in it says i reached my 1000 Quota in attachment limit how do i reduce that?   
    Account》 My Attachments. Can delete them there.
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    Bart got a reaction from Flynn in wtf wrestling is good again   
    this aged like ice cream in the sun
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    Bart reacted to Flynn in wtf wrestling is good again   
    Bobby Lashley is here to ensure we don’t enjoy any of it. 
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    Bart got a reaction from JoshsNow in Congrats to @Flynn who at SummerSlam made his 4th defence of the Universal Championsh   
    The Universal Championship isnt a thing anymore. Other than that thanks for keeping FCR updated Josh 
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    Bart reacted to Flynn in Welp its confirmed Becky Lynch Ronda Rousey and Charlotte WILL Headline Wrestlemania   
    I think she’d deserve it more if she had been on the main roster for a solid 4 years, with multiple title Reigns under her resume, as well as showing that she can work at the bottom and top of the women’s division for years. I also believe after doing all of this, if she was given just a small push that didn’t even result in her originally winning the title and she became insanely over she’d be more deserving. I’d also feel like if she killed it when given the spotlight and showed that she does belong in the main event with a title run, then I’d say she’d deserve it. Also if she won the rumble. If she did all of this, I think she’d deserve it. Too bad she didn’t do any of this.......
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    Bart got a reaction from Yt-alfmeister in   
    Yeah, I love it. Best one yet imo
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    Bart got a reaction from Bad Attitude Bullet in I just want to Say Good Luck To WWE Because From Now Til December October PPVs WWE Su   
    @bailey14 It wasnt last year so I doubt it is now
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    Bart got a reaction from Bad Attitude Bullet in So the question on everyones mind is what does the WWE do with Rollins if they lose o   
    I think he will go for IC, I really don't see him winning the Chamber or getting added to the match. The Reigns vs Lesnar match has been the plan for so long now that I'd consider it a given that Reigns is winning and facing Brock at mania. With the rumours about him facing Roman after WM, it makes it unlikely that he will win the IC title. So maybe he is in the match but loses, or maybe he is Rousey's tag team partner.
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    Bart got a reaction from The Neb in Who would've thought that out of all three shield members, Ambrose would be the only   
    @Poidust a picture of his little architect got leaked
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    Bart got a reaction from Flynn in I have never called myself an animal in kayfabe. My theme never uses the term animal.   
    Should just use "King of Carnage" smh
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    Bart got a reaction from Bad Attitude Bullet in Guys what do you guys like Better? Old School WWE 1996 ----- 2007 Or New School WWE 2   
    Old school, watching 2000 WWE recently and it's amazing. Better storylines, better characters and just overall bettrr shows.  Maybe the in-ring product is better today, but I can watch the matches from 96-06 and still enjoy them a lot, mainly because the match is build up a lot better.

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