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  1. mine is the pop up power bomb and rko but tbh i am a huge ko fan and always loved the squad evolution but to be honest best finisher in wwe was Daniel bryans ruining knee kick hell that move not even cena kicked out lol
  2. will aj needed the win all eyes on him after his performance at money in the bank but remember anything can happen in universe mode am sad that ziggler lost
  3. happy birthday longliveheymanguy u are awesome!

  5. wow brendenplayz i was wrong they has been a twist in things so i was wrong about the big show and triple h lmao so now its SHINSUKE VS THE DOLPH ZIGGLER DEAN AMBROSE VS SAMI ZAYN JOHN CENA VS AJ STYLES ROMAN REIGNS VS TRIPLE HHH Well i think shinsuke may not even make it but we haven't yet gotten updated on whats the status of Shinsuke nakamura if he wont be to compete it will be a free pass for my man dolph ziggler lol okay if shinsuke nakamura will compete at 100% then to be honest ziggler cant beat nakamura which is funny because in the 2nd year or third ziggler was unstoppable practically similar or even better than shinsuke's run at being champ in my opinion but i dont see ziggler wining hopefully he will win but shinsuke has been strong and ziggler has been falling short.so money is ziggler hopefully lol hopefully ambrose vs sami not much to say a very interesting match up i cant really decide or fully confidently predict but i see sami with the upset win just like he did to wyyat but it would have been nice to see wyyat vs ambrose and a feud starting from there but sami won so yeah i see sami wining his the only competitor with a huge ton of momentum.But like i said ambrose has his own moments to come with a shocking wins in the brendenplayz universe mode. and a dream match in universe mode am so pumped and hyped for this one but i will put my money on john cena well cause ITS FUCKING JOHN CENA ON A MISSION LOL NOBODY I KNOW CAN STOP THAT MAN.all jokes aside aj stlyes might win but hey its dream match i just cant wait to see. now here is where i bite my tongue i really didn't expect triple h to win lmao shocker and impressive but roman vs triple h will be difficult for triple to beat roman because the way i see it both you know game wise and universe mode wise triple h has been losing when it really counts and AI matchs i dont see triple hh beating reigns but i pick triple h for the upset win. anyone else thoughts?
  6. okay they way i see this is since you simulate how i would do this in reality there is difference and brenden dosen't pick winners so here i would go with and according to wwe2k17 game-play and statistics i think.... ziggler will lose to shinsuke nakamura cause to be honest shinsuke stats are way higher than ziggler and the odds of ziggler winning are slim unless they will be outside interference from the big show or Austin Aries that is if shinsuke wins but if the big show wins i do not think Austin will let the big guy lose to dolph ziggler cena beat rusev i see aj styles wining because both cena and aj are not doing so well and that is a dream match in brendenplayz universe mode which hasn't happened hopefully they will be no interference from Goldberg,it will be an awesome match but i think cena will win cause history shows when that man is on mission nothing can stop HIM lol he made THE !!!! UNDERTAKER TAP!!!!! AT BRAGGING RIGHTS dean is the next round and bray wyyat vs sami zayn well this one a tough to call but i see sami wining cause to be honest brayy wyyat is not being on any mometum whats so ever and sami has been on some momentum even though it got derailed by losing but i do not see wyyat wining and if any of the two face dean i think dean will beat them and dont think dean ambrose will lose cause ambrose has a habit of wining at the most unexpected moments then triple h vs itami come on triple h is done at this point he has had opportunity after opportunity and still nothing maybe he should stay in the tag division at least he won in there in the singles division i think he his done.and i dont see any of them beating reigns not a chance reigns is a on the hunt for the demon and looks pretty unstoppable unless hideo can get the upset W.
  7. awesome matchs brenden just super happy for my man ziggler hope he wins will give my predictions if you can answer one question are you going to randomize the next round participants?
  8. Sorry I mean commissioner's do you brands have commissioners
  9. Also I have a question is my man the champ Kevin Owens Injured?or I just have to wait for the new episodes and I don't how do you guys feel about the king of the ring and the winner getting a chance on any title? My thoughts are I hope it builds a new guy I personally want ziggler to win but it would be nice to see a guy who in real life wwe is struggling but in universe mode is been built like example Kevin Owens And one more questions do your brands have a general mangers?
  10. Awesome money in the bank ppv a little sad 😔 that ziggler didn't win bt instead decided to go for an elbow lol the money in the bank ppv was all shock am still in shock Samoa Joe won lol ambrose failed to push him off the ladder lmao and the spot and I knew Kevin Owens couldn't beat Goldberg but mostly shock was big show coming out and screwing nakamura but now we have king of the ring and summerslam to look forward too I hope ziggler can win cause I am huge ziggler fan and I think it's best ambrose goes into the tag team scene and further most aj styles needs to go smackdown I think he is done on raw unless he becames a us champ lol BrendenPlayz don't crucify me lol just suggestions and thoughts but I hope you are okay and I hope everyone else doing swell and can't wait for the new episodes.
  11. My favorite was brock vs triple h and the randy ortan/rock rivalry and my favorite was Dolph ziggler vs the rock.But nice pick man.
  12. It seems smackdown had the same problem as raw but edge is cunning ways of management has thrown a major announcement making a triple threat match for money in the bank and has put a rule on roman reigns stating if he attacks any smackdown superstar or any members of the money in the bank match he will be fired/suspended I am not really sure but edge has made a decision which is courageous but costly Every body what are Your thoughts? Do you think it was a fair decision? Was roman given a fair punishment? How will this play an effect in the coming days towards the money in the bank ppv? Well my thoughts; Well edge really took a resk and showed if it was not for management he was going to do way worse to roman which I saw was good but edge should have scouted roman more before signing him but it also seems unfair and unlucky looking at raw leniency towards Goldberg so I say edge may have done this to make a statement and some how in the process shot at raws gm Christian for his poor handling of Goldberg well if only smackdown can work on the match card or change a few things it might be able to beat Monday night raw in the ratings. Well I will say it was a fair decision but harsh and maybe roman may have chosen the wrong time to get revenge but I will say it's fair given the present time but was any punishment given to sami zayn when he costed roman reigns a title shot well I say it's fair but harsh Well if Time shows roman has a bad temper and right now his career seems to be a downside and this could explain his actions and change in behavior but the punishment is fair in the sense of what He did but unfair cause the person who pushed him to the edge was not punished or dealt with but I say it's fair. How to play is it might give the boost in ratings smackdown down needs it cause for drama and any twist and turns anything can happen if the smackdown takes advantage it cause for drama and a unique you roman framed story line well I am pumped for the money the how about you guy?
  13. A major announcement dropped by gm Christian cage Does anybody think his decision was fair? My thoughts;well he has been put in a corner due to his recent signing of Goldberg but I understand why Goldberg contract has a huge pay mainly Goldberg attracts people but also Christian needed to create a buzz bt due to Goldbergs actions and misconduct has caused tension in the locker room which has not really been solved no punishment was given apart from the rematch been given to Kevin Owens without him working for it but it's not a punishment for Goldbergs actions bt his main problem is the unfairness cause one Goldberg old and outdated and there is younger roaster talent that will benefit and make more of buzz than Goldberg but it's about the ratings I respect Christian decision but won't agree with it cause only two have benefited who are ko n aj styles the rest still suffered the wrath of Goldberg so my conclusion is that it wasn't a a fair decision but more of a Co operate keep things in check decision

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