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  1. 1992 Royal Rumble was amazing - A fantastic roster entering from Shawn Michaels, British Bulldog, Ted Dibiase, Hulk Hogan and so many more, to completely turn the idea that your only chance to win was to draw 21-30 on its head and have the 3rd entrant go all the way was a touch of genius in my book, the commentary team of Gorilla and Heenan captured every moment of the match and Heenan famous reaction to the Nature Boy survived 60 minutes to become the WWE champion is one of the truly underappreciated moments in WWE history.
  2. If we are saying who will WWE push the hardest then it will be Roman Reigns If we are discussing who will shine brightest whether or not WWE push them - then most likely Dolph Ziggler
  3. Brock Lesnar loses the Title and becomes the new challenge for Wrestlemania A PPV that lives up to its expectations A Face or Heel turn worth talking about Balor, Strowman, Nakamura, Roode, Samoa Joe and KO get a WWE/Universal Champion run A 5 star match (pfft) Daniel Bryan gets cleared to wrestling (even if its just for one match) The PG Era needs and they return to wrestling for a maturer audience
  4. I have to say AJ Styles - He has a martial arts offense, a powerhouse display, a painful submission, high flying, high risk, solid mat wrestling and so much more - The Guy has a move in every single style of wrestling and does it PHENOMENALLY
  5. Seriously anyone picking Brock Lesnar as the best WWE wrestler of the year should have to go to the entire WWE roster and spit at them...Because that is the level of disrespect that shows Personally I feel this year has to go to three men - AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and The Miz All three took their games to a whole new level this past year with both all three have amazing title runs including The Miz once again making a championship worth something and both Styles and Owens have one of the best feuds of 2017 in WWE.
  6. If the best WWE can do for a headliner for their "Hall of Fame" is Batista then something is seriously wrong with them. I am not saying Batista shouldn't one day be in the Hall of Fame but there are alot more worthy legends still to take their place in the Hall of Fame and to actually suggest a guy whose greatest accomplishments is Blu-tista and The Blandest Face and Heel runs in the company is worthy of being the main event of the show is just a true insult to everyone in the business still waiting to enter.
  7. I will have to say Orton vs Mahal at Backlash because it made no sense from build up to the final moments - I mean seriously his finisher is the cobra clutch slam, Now if only Randy had some kind of move where his back is turned to his opponent and he is normally elevated up before crashing down LIKE THE RKO!!!
  8. He is indeed, I do not understand it either but with WWE antics in the past I wouldn't be surprised if the conversation was like Aries: I would like to move up to the Main Roster please WWE: We are sorry but at your size we think you are a better fit in the 205 live roster Aries: Well what about Balor? He's the same size as me WWE: Well we think Balor has merchandise potential... Aries: What? WWE: What?
  9. He wasn't fire, He asked for his release because he wanted to wrestle for the bigger titles like the Intercontinental or Universal Championship and WWE told him they didn't think a wrestler being in the 205 weight category challenging for those titles would be believable so he asked to leave and they agreed
  10. I would probably go for someone like Baron Corbin if I am honest - He is young, He is gifted, He is a big guy, You can tell he has the Anti Hero vibe like Stone Cold and CM Punk were people will love him or hate him depending on who he faces and he has alot of promise for the future.
  11. I will be honest I do not like WCPW at all The What Culture guys are actually assholes IRL and have the Jim cornette mentally of "You are either smart and fully agree with us or You don't and you are the dumbest shits on the planet". Most of the shows to me have this weird "British TNA" vibe where they do stuff that makes no sense like random title changes with no real build up for example. They don't even do results on their website so if you can't see the PPV you can't read about it to keep up with what is going on
  12. I would love to see the King of the Ring return but make it actually MEAN something nowadays by having 8 of the top wrestlers of the promotion (RAW or Smackdown) battle it out to be named the number 1 contender at say Summerslam or something. No more Mid carders getting to walk around saying "I am the King, I am the best" yet they can't go 5 minutes with a main event star...Imagine having RAW presents King of the Ring with Balor, Wyatt, Samoa Joe, Rollins, Reigns, Strowman and Ambrose competing
  13. The worst was probably Triple H vs Roman Reigns because no one wanted to see it happen :/ At Least with something like LT vs Bam Bam there was some interest from the fans to see the match, Agreed it shouldn't have been the main event but I was more interesting in that match than the WM32 one
  14. I have to say my favourite finisher was The Killswitch by Christian because it was such a unique finisher (and still is) and in the world of Wrestling you don't see many others who ever used that move apart from Edge and I kind of missed that about Wrestling nowadays if I am honest
  15. That just makes him even more overrated to me - He could easily produce a fantastic match every time but he literally sit on the fact he is a "Big draw" and always a main event star that 90% of his overall performances would be classed as a lower end to mid card quality match

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