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  1. 1992 Royal Rumble was amazing - A fantastic roster entering from Shawn Michaels, British Bulldog, Ted Dibiase, Hulk Hogan and so many more, to completely turn the idea that your only chance to win was to draw 21-30 on its head and have the 3rd entrant go all the way was a touch of genius in my book, the commentary team of Gorilla and Heenan captured every moment of the match and Heenan famous reaction to the Nature Boy survived 60 minutes to become the WWE champion is one of the truly underappreciated moments in WWE history.
  2. If the best WWE can do for a headliner for their "Hall of Fame" is Batista then something is seriously wrong with them. I am not saying Batista shouldn't one day be in the Hall of Fame but there are alot more worthy legends still to take their place in the Hall of Fame and to actually suggest a guy whose greatest accomplishments is Blu-tista and The Blandest Face and Heel runs in the company is worthy of being the main event of the show is just a true insult to everyone in the business still waiting to enter.
  3. He is indeed, I do not understand it either but with WWE antics in the past I wouldn't be surprised if the conversation was like Aries: I would like to move up to the Main Roster please WWE: We are sorry but at your size we think you are a better fit in the 205 live roster Aries: Well what about Balor? He's the same size as me WWE: Well we think Balor has merchandise potential... Aries: What? WWE: What?
  4. He wasn't fire, He asked for his release because he wanted to wrestle for the bigger titles like the Intercontinental or Universal Championship and WWE told him they didn't think a wrestler being in the 205 weight category challenging for those titles would be believable so he asked to leave and they agreed
  5. I would probably go for someone like Baron Corbin if I am honest - He is young, He is gifted, He is a big guy, You can tell he has the Anti Hero vibe like Stone Cold and CM Punk were people will love him or hate him depending on who he faces and he has alot of promise for the future.
  6. I will be honest I do not like WCPW at all The What Culture guys are actually assholes IRL and have the Jim cornette mentally of "You are either smart and fully agree with us or You don't and you are the dumbest shits on the planet". Most of the shows to me have this weird "British TNA" vibe where they do stuff that makes no sense like random title changes with no real build up for example. They don't even do results on their website so if you can't see the PPV you can't read about it to keep up with what is going on
  7. I would love to see the King of the Ring return but make it actually MEAN something nowadays by having 8 of the top wrestlers of the promotion (RAW or Smackdown) battle it out to be named the number 1 contender at say Summerslam or something. No more Mid carders getting to walk around saying "I am the King, I am the best" yet they can't go 5 minutes with a main event star...Imagine having RAW presents King of the Ring with Balor, Wyatt, Samoa Joe, Rollins, Reigns, Strowman and Ambrose competing
  8. The worst was probably Triple H vs Roman Reigns because no one wanted to see it happen :/ At Least with something like LT vs Bam Bam there was some interest from the fans to see the match, Agreed it shouldn't have been the main event but I was more interesting in that match than the WM32 one
  9. I have to say my favourite finisher was The Killswitch by Christian because it was such a unique finisher (and still is) and in the world of Wrestling you don't see many others who ever used that move apart from Edge and I kind of missed that about Wrestling nowadays if I am honest
  10. That just makes him even more overrated to me - He could easily produce a fantastic match every time but he literally sit on the fact he is a "Big draw" and always a main event star that 90% of his overall performances would be classed as a lower end to mid card quality match
  11. Overrated: Brock Lesnar - He fails a Drug test and the WWE changed its violation rules so they do not have to test him thus banning him (despite the fact if they did ban him it wouldn't mean anything since he is usually gone for more than what a 2nd suspension is (60 days) - Ambrose talked about how he wouldn't do ANYTHING for their match which is clearly unacceptable behaviour...and the WWE punished Ambrose for that :/ - The PWI once named Lesnar Wrestler of the Year...for wrestling less than an hour in the entire year - His move set is more limited than John Cena and his Mic skills are so bad they had to get Paul Heyman to do all the talking for him...But WWE thinks he is good enough to be the face of the company (imagine what WWE would do with any other wrestler in that position) - I will say it now, He WAS one of the WORST WWE Champions in the past decade - Even Jinder Mahal is better and I think he is Sh*t too - He is the current Universal Champion and yet he hasn't been seen for two months and will not wrestle until NEXT month - I heard people talk about stripping Ambrose of the Intercontinental championship since he wasn't defending it enough but at least HE was wrestling - Can you tell I absolutely dislike Brock Lesnar? XD Underrated: Dolph Ziggler Why this guy is still with the WWE I do not know, Not because he is bad but because he is literally too good for what they keep doing with him, This guy could and should be one of their top stars and could easily be their new Shawn Michaels yet they seem to keep making him into nothing more than a Jobber :/ I mean look at his recent Heel Turn, should have been a breath of new life for him, a chance to get into a title picture and what happens? He loses the first match of this "New Attitude Ziggler" and all the momentum that could have been was destroyed in an instant. I am serious, WWE should either start giving him the push he deserves or Ziggler should walk away and go to like ROH or NJPW where I guarantee he will be a main eventer and possibly a WORLD champion
  12. Have to agree with those saying the One Winged Angel by Kenny Omega is probably the best finisher in Wrestling because it ticks all the boxes - Its devastating if it connects - It can be counter so it is not like anyone needs to do something INSANE to get out of it - If anyone kicks out...Image the Pop - Its surprisingly easy to set it up
  13. My Wishlist 1. Brock Lesnar does not get to be a WWE champion again 2. Dolph Ziggler actually gets appreciated by the Writers for all the hardwork he does 3. The Elite come to WWE to face the New Day or The Club (Anderson, Gallows and Balor/Styles) 4. Nakamura becomes WWE Champion 5. The "PG Era" Ends
  14. Seriously the only decent champion in WWE is probably Alexa Bliss, she walks the walk, talks the talk but unlike Charlotte she doesn't ram how great she is down our throats in 20 minute promos each week :/
  15. OK here is an unpopular opinion for you all I believe The Undertaker career was 6 years too long and that he and WWE turned his phenomenal career into a literal joke I believe The Hell in the Cell match vs Triple H was RUINED because they included Shawn Michaels and turned what should have been a classic of the ages into a soap drama. I believe CM Punk had to carry him through WM29 and if it had been any other night then Punk would have stomped him into the ground I believe him losing the streak to Brock Lesnar was a complete waste since if there was any man who didn't need that win it was the Beast himself I believe since he had already lost he SHOULD have given a major push to Bray Wyatt but instead they had Wyatt take a back seat for 2 years before WWE gave him the push he deserved I believe The Shane match should have been the main event of the evening but because they put it in the middle the crowd knew Taker was winning and all the build meant absolutely nothing Finally, I Believe that his retirement meant ABSOLUTELY nothing to the industry, They had him lose to Reigns who has clearly not done anything or benefited from defeating Taker in his "Last match"

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