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  1. A Promise Fufilled

    Red Arrow slowly makes his way to the ring, bat in one hand, NXT Championship in the other "Do you believe me now? After the NXT Championship Match at the Royal Rumble, I showed how I unleash my punishment on those who stand in my way. I did exactly what I said I would, and I won my first match in a hellacious beating. When I said I would leave the others in a bloody mess, I meant it. And how did the match end? With Julius and Storm Hunter out cold, in a crumbled mess of human. It was me who raised the title over my head as I proved why I am the most dangerous man in this company. Storm hasn't even been seen since this match. The destruction that I caused has already injured "monsters''." "Julius. Do you think you can be called a monster? When it was you out on the outside when I pinned Hunter to become the NXT Champion. I showed you why every word you've said has been a lie. At the Royal Rumble, I exposed you for who you really are, a weak mortal individual. If you were a so called "monster", then you would have been able to stand up and break that pin up. But no, I broke you. I turned you into a heaping mess left on the outside." "And at the Royal Rumble match, I outlived 24 other men and I would have won the whole damn thing if it weren't for George. George knew of my power, and he was frightened. He was willing to sacrifice his own chance to win the Rumble to avoid the likely possibility of a Red Arrow win. George, you fear the Reign of Red Arrow. See, Julius and Storm learned what happens when I have acquired a target. George, after taking me out of MY Royal Rumble match, you have become a target. "As the Reign of Red Arrow begins, I will only grow more powerful. Julius, you still want a rematch for the NXT Championship? You can have it. Any time, any place. But before you do, remember what happened to you at the Royal Rumble. The beating you receive will only grow worse.
  2. Red Arrow legally changes the name back to the Hardcore Championship, meaning he becomes a 33 time Hardcore Champion.
  3. Count to 2019 before 2019

  4. Coming back from a commercial, an NXT Championship promo package plays. All the lights turn out in the arena "Introducing, from Parts Unknown, Red Arrow!" Red Arrow methodically makes his way to the ring, a small smirk on his face "And from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 200 pounds, Storm Hunter!" Storm Hunter walks out, no demon in sight, as he soaks in the crowds cheers "Weighing 300 pounds, the NXT Champion and the Monster Among Men, Julius!" Julius makes his way to the ring, looking at Storm Hunter before staring into the eyes of Red Arrow *Ding Ding Ding* The bell rings and the match is underway. Storm Hunter goes right after Julius but Julius pushes Hunter down and steps on him. Red Arrow is watching from afar as Julius screams, "YOU ARE NO DEMON!". Julius kicks Hunter one more time and turns his gaze to Red Arrow. Red Arrow steps up to Julius and the two stare down each other. Arrow begins to unload with strikes on Julius, but he is unfazed and hits a big forearm to Arrow. Julius rebounds off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Red Arrow ducks under and hits a Pele kick that stuns Julius. Storm comes from behind and tries to hit a suplex to Arrow, but Arrow reverses and Arrow and Storm trade strikes. Julius runs in and knock both men down with clothesline. Julius turns to Hunter as Arrow crawls towards the apron. Julius picks Hunter up and slams him down with a bodyslam. Hunter rolls to the outside, so Julius turns his attention to Arrow, who is dazed on the apron. Arrow comes to his senses and hits several strikes to Julius and tries to suplex him to the outside, but Julius reverses and suplexes Arrow back into the ring. Julius stares straight at the hard cam and yells, "I AM A MONSTER!" Hunter decides to roll back in the ring and immediately gets by a discus clothesline. Julius picks up Hunter and puts him in the powerslam position. He charges towards the ropes and throws Hunter to the outside. Julius decides to follow Hunter to the outside and hits a double axe-handle to keep him down. Arrow charges around the corner and takes down Julius with a DDT. Arrow turns to Hunter, picks him up, and slaps him in the face. He sneers at him and kicks him in the gut. Arrow then throws Hunter into the barricade and stares at him. Julius gets up and knocks Arrow down with several elbows. Julius stares at both men on the ground, begins to smile, and walks over to the ring apron. He pulls the apron up and pulls out a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. He looks at it, and turns his attention to Storm Hunter. Hunter, dazed, sees the baseball bat and tries to run into the ring. Julius chases after him and smashes him in the stomach with the baseball bat. Julius immediately picks him up and hits him square in the face with the bat. Hunter immediately begins to gush heavily with blood, and the referee turns his attention to Hunter to make sure he is ok. Julius laughs at Hunter and goes after Red Arrow. Julius grabs Arrow's hair and pulls him into the ring. Julius tries to smash Arrow with the bat, but Arrow ducks under and hits Julius with a superkick, which dazes him. Arrow climbs to the middle rope and hits a diving elbow that knocks down Julius. Arrow starts stomping at Julius but is grabbed by Storm Hunter, who is covered in blood. Hunter back body drops Arrow and hits a leg drop. Hunter turns to Julius and tries to pick him up for a powerbomb, but his legs give out and he falls to the ground. Arrow is the first one to get to his feet and he takes advantage by rolling Julius to the outside. Arrow throws Hunter to the corner and hits a buckle bomb. Arrow goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Arrow lifts Hunter up and tries to powerbomb him, but Hunter reverses and whips Arrow to the outside. Seeing both men on the outside, Hunter rebounds off the ropes and dives onto both men. Hunter climbs on the barricade and begins celebrating with the fans, but Arrow comes up behind him and takes his legs out from under him, causing him to be crotched by the barricade. Arrow smirks at Hunter and moves over to the announce table. Arrow begins dismantiling the table, and drags Hunter over to it. He is met there by Julius who stares at Arrow and picks him up and chokeslams him on the hard floor. Julius whips Storm onto the table and climbs onto the table with him. Julius picks up Storm, but Storm begins to fight back with rights and lefts. Julius catches a forearm and headbutts Hunter, dazing him. Julius grabs Storm and hits an End of Days on the table, but the announce table doesn't break. Hunter is knocked out cold and falls off the table. The referee yells at Julius and tells him to leave him alone, but Julius spits in the face of the referee and rolls Hunter into the ring. Arrow sneaks up to Julius and low blows him, taking him down. Arrow hits a back elbow to Julius and follows that up with a facebuster. Arrow picks up Julius and hits a dropkick. Hunter begins to slowly get to his feet, but is unable to stand. Arrow sees this, and goes right after him. Arrow hits a superkick to him and clotheslines him over the top rope. Arrow goes back to Julius and begins to kick him. Julius grabs the foot of Arrow and takes him down. Julius goes under the ring once again and pulls out a stack of chairs. He tosses the chairs into the ring and walks over to Hunter. He tries to throw him into the ring, but Hunter somehow is able to reverse it and throws Julius into the ring. Arrow climbs on to the barricade and tries to kick Hunter, but Hunter grabs his foot and climbs up to the barricade next to him. Hunter grabs Arrow, but Arrow fights out of it and hits a cradle suplex on the barricade. A cracking sound is heard as Hunter crumbles into a ball. Back inside the ring, Julius is finishing setting up the chairs. Arrow goes to the other side of the ring and hits a springboard hurricanrana to Julius. Arrow grabs the barbed wire baseball bat that is lying the ring. The wire has become stained red from the blood of Hunter, and Arrow smiles at the blood. He walks slowly towards Julius and tries to hit him, but Julius gets out of the way and kicks the leg of Red Arrow. Arrow is downed and Julius picks him up for a powerbomb, walks towards the chairs, and slams him into five steel chairs. The chairs bend and Arrow rolls to the outside in pain. Julius rolls both men into the ring. All three men are covered in blood at this point, most of it from Storm Hunter. Julius picks up both men, and hits a double End of Days to both men. Julius goes for the cover on Hunter, but at the count of two the referee notices that Hunter's foot is under the bottom rope. Julius goes over to Red Arrow, but Arrow kips up before Julius can pin him. Arrow ducks under a clothesline and slides under Julius before taking him down with a hurricanrana. Storm Hunter crawls up and is met with a superkick from Red Arrow. Arrow climbs up to the top rope but Storm Hunter is there and punches Arrow and tries to superplex him, but Julius gets to his feet and sprints over there to powerbomb Arrow and Storm. Julius picks up Storm and hits stiff chops to his head before locking in a vice grip. The blood continues to pour out of Storm's skull as he begins to lose consciousness. Before he is knocked out, Red Arrow hits Julius in the back with a black baseball bat. Arrow beats down on both men with the bat, before snapping it over his knee and throwing it out of the ring. Storm appears to have trouble breathing as Julius rolls to the outside. Arrow gets out of the ring and grabs the steel stairs. Before he can hit Julius with them, Julius took down Arrow with a clubbing blow to the head. Julius sets the stairs up in front of him and drag Arrow on top of them. Julius charges at Arrow for a senton, but Arrow moves out of the way and Julius's back hits the solid steel. Arrow takes advantage of this by rolling Julius into the ring. He goes for the cover but only gets a two count. Arrow goes over to Storm, picks him up, and hits him with the Scorpion Deathdrop. He goes for a cover, but Julius breaks it up at the count of two and a half. Arrow stands up and goes toe to toe with Julius. They stare at each before exchanging stiff chops. Arrow hits a back elbow which stuns Julius, but Julius reverses a Scorpion Deathdrop into a running powerslam. Julius goes for the cover, but somehow Red Arrow is able to just barely kick out at 2.9. Storm slowly gets to his feet and goes after Julius with forearms. Julius reverses and hits a clothesline and Storm lands on his head. Arrow sends Julius to the outside of the ring with a dropkick. Arrow picks up Storm and tries to hit a German suplex, but Julius grabs Arrow's feet and takes him out of the ring. Julius throws Arrow to the top of the announce table. Julius climbs on top of the table and picks up Arrow for a powerslam, but Arrow tries to fight out of it and hits an elbow. Arrow reverses and hits a Scorpion Deathlock, but the table doesn't break. Arrow looks at Julius, then looks at the ring and quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle. Arrow soars through the air and hits Julius with a Red Arrow that crushes the announce table and Julius. Julius is not moving and Arrow tries to roll him into the ring, but Julius doesn't budge. Arrow decides to leave him and goes inside the ring, where Storm is still laying on the mat. Arrow climbs to the turnbuckle and hits a Red Arrow and pins Hunter to get the win and become the NXT Champion. "Here is your winner and NEW NXT Champion, Red Arrow!" Arrow holds the NXT Championship in the center of the ring with Storm and Julius on the outside, covered in blood and being attended to by the medical staff.
  5. Red Arrow is able to shake off his fear and hit Julius with a baseball bat and pins him for the 1,2,3 to become a 32 time Hardcore Champion.
  6. Unfortunately, Josh is the Harecore Champion, So Red Arrow takes the Hardcore Championship and slams Josh with it and pins him to win it for the 31st time.
  7. BPZ Fortnite Challenge

    @Nate Longand I will be teaming
  8. Suddenly the bell rings to signal the end of detention and Red Arrow hits George with the bell to become a 30 time Hardcore Champion.
  9. Red Arrow Reviews

    Welcome to Red Arrow Reviews. This is a new show that I am doing where I review any wrestling show that you want. I will be going through match by match and giving a summary of the match before giving my thoughts on it. This first episode is starting with a PPV from 2016, Smackdowns' No Mercy. The show kicks off with a sweet video package introducing the matches. The commentators for this show are Mauro Ranallo, JBL, and David Otunga. The pre-show, which I didn't watch, had American Alpha and the Hype Bros vs the Vaudevillains and the Ascension ending in Jordan getting the win after hitting Grand Amplitude, The pre-show also had Curt Hawkins tease his in-ring return. The show kicked off with the "main event" to try to avoid viewing conflicts with the Presidential Election Dean Ambrose vs John Cena vs AJ Styles (c) - WWE World Heavyweight Championship For some reason, the promo for this match plays after all 3 men made their entrance, meaning they were waiting in the ring while the promo was playing. The match starts with Ambrose going right after both men and goes for a Dirty Deeds on Cena which is reversed into an Attitude Adjustment attempt which is turned into a Styles Clash attempt. Ambrose works over both men on the outside by throwing them into the barricades. Styles hits a springboard forearm to Cena on the outside. Later in the match, Cena goes for an AA on Styles, who lands on his feet and hits a Pele Kick. Cena hits a Code Red to Styles to garner a two count. During this time, Ambrose was on the ground for a good 5-8 minutes. Cena hits the first three of his 5 moves of doom but Styles interrupts and hits a German Suplex. Cena then hits the three moves again before Ambrose hits a diving elbow. Styles hits a top rope Frankensteiner but Ambrose reverses into a rollup for a 2 count. Cena hits a double 5 knuckle shuffle on both men, which looks awful. Cena hits Styles with an Attitude Adjustment but Styles rolls out of the ring. Ambrose is then hit with an AA but he kicks out. Styles hits a brainbuster on the apron followed by a springboard 450 to Ambrose. Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm which was reversed into a Dirty Deeds which was reversed into a Styles Clash which was hit but Cena locks in an STF. Ambrose prevents Styles from tapping and breaks up the hold. Styles hits a flying crossbody on Cena, but Cena catches him and goes for an AA which is reversed into a Calf Crusher which is broken up by Ambrose. Ambrose then reverses a Calf Crusher into one of his own. At the same time, Cena locks in an STF and Styles taps. The match decision is immediately waved off by the referee and Cena and Ambrose trade strikes. Ambrose reverses an AA into a Dirty Deeds and Styles pulls the referee out of the ring. Cena hits a middle rope AA to Ambrose, but Styles comes in with a chair and takes out Cena and pins him for the win. Match Rating A- At some points, it was slow and plodding, and some minor botches here and there, but overall good sequences and spots A promo plays for Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton, showing the House of Horrors match from the last PPV Nikki Bella vs Carmella Carmella tried to leave the ring right as the bell but Nikki stopped her and the two lock up. Carmella was hit with a dropkick from Nikki on the outside, but she would come back with a slingshot that threw Nikki into the barricade and an Irish Whip into the electric ring banner. Back in the ring, Carmella moonwalked and hit a Bronco Buster for a two count. Carmella works the surgically repaired neck of Nikki with sleeper holds. Later in the match Nikki reversed a Bronco Buster into a messy spear. She would then hit the Bella Buster for a two count. Carmella hit a flying headscissors and superkick for a two count. The next sequence saw Carmella's Code of Silence attempt reversed into an Alabama Slam attempt which was reversed into a rollup followed by a sloppy forearm, but Carmella somehow locks in a Code of Silence before Nikki reaches the ropes. Nikki Bella would hit the Rack Attack 2.0 (TKO) for the win. Match Rating - B Sloppy and boring, with many botches, but decent storytelling and psychology Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan are shown backstage and they have a short discussion with The Miz about his Intercontinental Championship Career vs Title match against Dolph Ziggler The Uso's vs Heath Slater and Rhyno (c) - WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships Rhyno and the Uso with a shirt on start the match. Slater and Rhyno quickly hit a double back elbow. It looked wierd to see Rhyno hit that move for some reason. The shirtless Uso said, "I have kids too". Slater flips out of a back body drop and gets a tag to Rhyno, how takes out both Usos. Rhyno hits a belly-to-belly and sets up for a spear but is taken out by the non-legal Uso (Shirtless Uso). Slater spends a majority of the match on the apron trying to pump up the crowd. Rhyno hits a spinebuster and gets the hot tag to Slater as Shirtless Uso gets tagged in. Slater hits a flying knee and neckbreaker to Uso for a two count. The Shirtless Uso would later hit a pop-up Samoan Drop for a two count. Slater is knocked down by the Uso with a shirt and he climbs to the top rope, but Slater grabs him and hits a top rope spinebuster for a two count. Uso with a shirt hit a nice superkick and tags in shirtless Uso as they double team to take out Slater's knee. Rhyno hits a Gore to Shirtless Uso on the outside as the other Uso locks in a Tequilla Sunrise on Slater. Rhyno slides into the ring and clotheslines Shirtless Uso. Rhyno gets tagged in and hits a Gore to the Shirtless Uso for the win to retain the Tag Team Championships. Match Rating - B+ Solid match, good spots, but the roles felt reversed with Rhyno getting beat up for a majority of the match and Slater getting the hot tag Bray Wyatt has a short promo where he speaks in tongue about Randy Orton Jack Swagger vs Baron Corbin Oh boy, this match. Corbin goes right after Swagger and takes him down. Swagger clotheslien Corbin out of the ring and throws him into the barricade and announce table. Corbin targets Swagger's hand with the stairs and takes him down with a good clothesline. Corbin continues to work the hand of Swagger. Swagger gets the advantage with a bodyslam but contineus to sell the hand. Swagger hit a Swagger Bomb for a two count. Swagger tried to lock in the Patriot Lock but can't because of his hurt hand, so Corbin hit a Deep Six. Swagger reverses a kick attempt into a Patriot Lock, but Corbin reaches under the bottom rope and pulls the apron out. While the referee fixes the apron, Corbin pokes the eyes of Swagger and hits the End of Days. Match Rating - C It was a Baron Corbin adn Jack Swagger match, as well as another messy finish on a PPV A promo played for Miz vs Ziggler The Miz (c) vs Dolph Ziggler - Intercontinental Championship (Career vs Title) Ziggler goes for an early superkick but Miz ducks and Ziggler rolls him up for a two count. Ziggler hits a nice dropkick and sends Miz out of the ring with a clothesline. Miz hits a slingshot that sends Ziggler into the ropes. Miz tries to lock in a submission and does the "Yes!" taunt. Miz reverses a superkick and hits the Mizard of Oz (Backbreaker and Neckbreaker combo) and gets a two count. Miz hits corner dropkicks, mocking Daniel Bryan, and taunts with more "Yes!" chants. Ziggler comes out of the corner and hits a dropkick of his own and both men lay on the mat. Later in the match, Miz hit a nice powerbomb and spike DDT. Ziggler rolls Miz up for a two count, and Miz gets up and hits a corner clothesline. Miz goes to the top rope but Ziggler hits the ropes and goes for a superplex on Miz, but he reverses and rolls through and locks in a figure four. Ziggler eventually reached the ropes after several failed attempts. Maryse distracts the referee as Miz takes off the top turnbuckle pad. Ziggler hits a famouser that looks more like a RoughRyder. Ziggler sells the knee and gets shoved into the exposed turnbuckle, leading to Miz hitting a slingshot powerbomb and getting a two count. Miz does the Daniel Bryan kicks but Ziggler ducks under the final kick and hits the Zig-Zag for a two and a half count. Miz reverses and superkick and goes for a skull crushing finale, but Ziggler reverses into a roll up and turns it into a sleeper hold. Maryse sprays something in Ziggler's face and Miz hits a skull crushing finals, but Ziggler gets his foot on the ropes and the referee breaks the count. Miz takes the boot off of Ziggler and Ziggler hits a superkick with his boot off. Ziggler crawls to get the cover but two members of the Spirit Squad are called out by Maryse. Ziggler takes them both down but gets hit by a skull crushing finale. Somehow, Ziggler manages to kick out at two. Kenny tried to take out Ziggler but the referee sees him and ejects the Spirit Squad and Maryse. Ziggler hits a superkick and pins him to get the win. Match Rating - A+ Great match, fantastic chemistry between the two, many near falls, and a great ending. Easily match of the night Randy Orton is shown backstage as he looks at the mirror. His face becomes distorted for a second and then it stops. We then go back to the kickoff panel, where they talk about nothing interesting. Alexa Bliss vs Naomi (This match was originally going to be Alexs vs Becky Lynch for the Smackdown Women's Championship, but Becky was out with an undisclosed injury so Bliss was scheduled to face a surprise opponent, who turned out to be Naomi) Bliss and Naomi begin the match with a lock up. Bliss taks her down, but Naomi gets up and does her Can-Can kicks. Bliss hits a nice forearm. Naomi and Bliss reverse Irish Whips several times before Naomi crawls to the corner and shoves Bliss into it. Naomi kind of connects with the Rear Viewe to get a two count. Bliss locks in a Cross Armbreaker and Naomi reverses it into a roll up to get the win. Match Rating - D Boring filler, strange and confusing finish, nothing intersting A Wyatt vs Orton promo plays ahead of their match Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton Bray immediately does the spider pose and Randy goes for an RKO, but Bray slides out of the ring. Bray hits a couple nice thrust punches, before Randy punches Bray several times. Bray throws Orton into the announce table on the outside. Orton goes for an RKO but is shoved into the table and crashes behind it. Bray grabs the stairs and drops them in front of him. Bray knocks Orton off the apron as he crashes into the barricade and Bray does the Orton pose on the top turnbuckle. Bray hits a short-arm clothesline and Senton for a one count. Bray then hits a corner splash do Orton and does his spider pose on the apron. Orton and Bray trade blows before Wyatt clubs him down. Orton slides out of the way off a middle rope senton. The two exchage blows once again and Orton takes Wyatt down with a couple of clotheslines. Orton goes for a scoop slam, but Wyatt stayed back in the ropes and Wyatt goes for a Sister Abigal, but Orton throws him off the ropes and hits a scoop slam. Wyatt goes for a Uranagy which was blocked, but Wyatt blocks a backbreaker attempt. Both men attempt finishers which are blocked, before Wyatt hits a Uranagy. On the outside, Wyatt puts Orton on the stairs and goes for a senton, but Orton moves out of the way. Orton hits a back body drop that sends Wyatt into the barricade. Orton hits a spike DDT in the ring and sets up for an RKO, but the Wyatt flash hits and Luke Harper is in the ring when the lights turn back on. Wyatt comes from behind and hits a Sister Abigal for the win. Harper stares at Orton and celebrates in the center of the ring before hugging Wyatt. Match Rating - B+ Solid match, good finish, but should not have been the main event, as Miz v Ziggler was much better Show Rating - B+ Overall solid show, three good matches, but was bogged down heavily by the two women's matches and Corbin v Swagger. Miz vs Ziggler was a highlight though, as it was one of the best matches of the year. What show do you want to see me review next? Tell me and I'll review it as soon as possible.
  10. Red Arrow realizes he doesn’t care about math and gets up and hits Josh with a Brainbuster to pin him for the 1,2,3 to become 29 time Hardcore Champion.
  11. Count to 2019 before 2019

  12. BPZ Brightest Star (Game Show)

    I’m in
  13. Monday Night RAW 25th Anniversary Discussion

    At this point, there are so many legends returning that I’m wondering how they’re all going to get on TV. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of guys just appear in a backstage segment. Still, this Raw is lining up to be great and with some good matches, it could be one of the best ever.
  14. BPZ Booking Competition

    I don’t know if this is a thing still, but if it’s is, I’m in.

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