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  1. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson vs. The Miztourage : Club Braun Strowman vs. Elias vs. Finn Bálor vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. The Miz Elimination Chamber match for a WWE Universal Championship match at WrestleMania 34 : Strowman Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Bayley vs. Mandy Rose vs. Mickie James vs. Sasha Banks vs. Sonya Deville Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship : Bliss Asuka vs. Nia Jax If Jax wins, she will be added to Asuka's championship match at WrestleMania 34: Asuka Woken Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt : Wytt Cesaro and Sheamus (c) vs.Titus Worldwide for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship : The Bar bonus questions what will the order of eliminations be for both elimination chamber matches (worth 11 points) Rollins Elias Cena Balor Roman Deville James Bayley Rose Banks will there be any surprise returns or debuts?: No what will ronda do (has to be close to what happens but no exact): Promo with HHH and Stephanie coming out, Rock comes out, announces match.
  2. Red Arrow makes his way out to the ring, glaring at each of his teammates He stares at Akki and Marker, both of whom he has a history with Arrow sits down in the center of the ring "I cannot wait for Bragging Rights. At Bragging Rights I will finally get my hands on opponents and get the feeling of destruction that I have so desperately been craving. After St. Valentines Day Massacre, where I should've destroyed Julius and kept my NXT Championship, I have been waiting for my next time to strike. I lost everything, I was nothing. But when I was told I would be in this match, I started working. And now I am ready to show why Evolve is the superior brand. When I chose to come back, I picked Evolve over Carnage for a reason. I know they are superior." "If anyone on Carnage thinks they have a chance against me, let alone a team full of Evolve's finest, they are gravely mistaken. We will destroy you and pick apart Carnage. We will show everyone why Evolve is the superior brand. I have been scouring, watching every man on Team Carnage. They don't know, but I know every one of their weaknesses. Their strengths will become nothing once we take control." "Julius, you can't beat me. Everyone saw at St. Valentines Day Massacre when you weaseled your way into a championship by avoiding me, the true threat. Ropati and Monda are nothing, they are pathetic. Even Brad, the 'new champion' is a coward. The whole Carnage team is a group of cowards. Evolve doesn't have cowards. At Bragging Rights, when we kick your asses, we will show why Evolve is the superior brand.
  3. It’s good to hear that Cass should be back somewhat soon, but I don’t see a good spot for him. I think the best thing to do may be to have him switch brands. Just to give him a fresh start and maybe change his gimmick up a bit. Then maybe go for the US belt and see how the crowd reacts from there.
  4. I don’t really like the idea of all PPVs being dual-branded. With two brands, I feel they both should get separate shows to tell their stories. I think it also makes the PPVs that are dual-branded feel more important. If this were back in the 90’s, when you had to buy each PPV, I may have been upset with 2 a month. But with the Network, where we pay monthly, I like the two PPVs.
  5. I probably played MLB the Show 17 more than any other game, so it’s a no brainer to me that I’m getting MLB 18 when it comes out in less than a month.
  6. The WWE has been very unlucky recently with injuries, even minor ones have greatly impacted storylines. Jordan, Ambrose, and Joe are all big names that have been out and could miss Wrestlemania. Ambrose was especially a big hit since he has been an iron man of sorts, wrestling week in and week out.
  7. Time for Ziggler to continue his mediocre storyline I guess. It’s interesting that there’s a US Open Challenge, and it would be cool for Ziggler to answer that, maybe after losing to Corbin. Overall probably won’t be the greatest Smackdown, but it should get the job done in advancing storylines towards Fastlane.
  8. In theory, this match doesn’t really make sense, because Asuka earned the right to face a champion a Mania, but in past years we have seen the Rumble winner defend his title opportunity at the PPV before. This should be an easy win for Asuka, but the company does see big things in Nia, so a funky finish wouldn’t surprise me.
  9. It's always a good thing when more talent gets a chance to sing with the WWE. I'm positive that all of these talents are very excited to get the chance to become a WWE wrestler. I've only seen Austin wrestle, and only a bit, but he seems like a very good talent and it will be interesting to see where all these people end up in say 3 or 4 years.
  10. Red Arrow is seen sitting under a tree in the middle of a strong storm He stares straight into the camera before staring off into the black sky "Six short days. Six short days until St. Valentines Day Massacre. Six short days until I shut down the rest of the NXT division. A division that has been reinvigorated due to me. Everyone is coming from every corner of the earth to get a piece at the NXT Champion. Everyone wants to dethrone the champion, and everyone thinks that they have a chance. See, the thing is, although my competition is a varied mix of mortal men, they have never seen the likes of me. The only one who knows what I am capable of is Julius, and even he only knows a fraction of the power I possess. As my championship reign grows, so does my power." "I've been waiting very patiently for this day to come. I feel like a broken record, saying how I will demolish my competition, but there really is no other way to put it. I know for a fact that not one person in the NXT division, or anyone on this earth, can stop me. When some weak individual like Marker or Julius thinks they can stop me, I laugh behind their backs at their thoughts. It is their ego which drives them to believe they can beat me. Well, they are in for a rude awakening when they realize that they are nowhere close to beating me." A lightning bolt strikes close to Arrow's tree, but he only smiles and leans back into the tree "At the Royal Rumble, I showed how easy it is for me to defeat my opponents. At St. Valentines Day Massacre, I show how easy it is for me to destroy my opponents. Julius, you thought you received a beating at the Royal Rumble? After St. Valentines Day Massacre you will be lucky if you can wrestle again. And Marker, you will get to experience first-hand the Reign of Red Arrow. Marker, you are new, so I forgive you if you don't know who I am, but after our match, you won't be able to remember anything. I will leave you battered and concussed to a point where death seems like an improvement. But no, that would be too easy for me to do. I would rather slowly torture my opponents and leave them in a state of paralysis." Another lightning bolt strikes, this time hitting the tree and catching it on fire Red Arrow, engulfed by flames, only smiles and slowly gets to his feet "In six very short days, I will present to every spectator a public beating. A massacre, one in which you may need to look away to avoid looking at the pain and punishment in which I have brought to the sorry souls who thought they could beat me." The camera cuts away as Red Arrow begins to laugh while surrounded by flames
  11. The lights flicker out and a light bulb is heard being smashed Red Arrow's voice is heard throughout the small conference room "I'm not here to answer any of your stupid questions. I'm not here to show these mindless reporters my strategy and explain how I am going to win. I can't explain how I am going to win. Words cannot describe the beating that I will give to Bart and Akki. You two can go and talk all you want about why you're winning the match, you two can answer all the questions you want, it doesn't change the fact that you two will not be able to get the job done at Evolve: The Last Stand." "Akki. You can't even explain why you deserve this opportunity. That is because you and I both know the truth. You know that you don't deserve this opportunity. You can talk all the crap you want to about not getting chances and being underrated, but the truth is that you are just not good enough. This is the hard truth that you have yet to understand. Some people are just not good enough, not everyone deserves unlimited chances. After The Last Stand, you will learn that you are not good enough. When the 'new rookie' comes on the scene and destroys you. When I surpass you and head to BPZMania to win the Global Championship, you will realize that you don't even deserve the position you currently have." "Bart. The 'megastar' of this match. The 'easy favorite'. Your ego is large, your performance in the ring doesn't back that up. If you thought you should've already had your championship opportunity, then where is your belt? You talk a big game, but you can't back that up. You can make all the claims you want about facing lesser opponents and not getting your shot, but there is a reason why you haven't won the Global Championship yet." "What both of you need to understand is that opportunities don't just fall into your lap. You are not just handed championships. You have to take the opportunity when it presents itself. That is where I separate myself from you peasants. I don't just sit back and whine about how I'm not getting my chance. I take what I want when I want and I destroy anything in my path. After Evolve: The Last Stand, you two will see what a true all-powerful being looks like." The lights in the arena turn back on and Red Arrow is standing right behind Bart, smiling Akki scurries to the corner of the room as Red Arrow grabs Bart in a headlock. Red Arrow tries to hit a Scorpion Deathdrop but Bart slips out of the hold. Arrow and Bart exchange forearms as security swarm the room in an attempt to stop the two brawling men. The security manages to separate the two men as they tightly restrain the two men from fighting The lights flicker out and when they turn back on Red Arrow is missing Bart goes to sit back down at his conference table but he turns around right into a Superkick from Akki who grins slyly and takes a seat at the podium over the fallen body of Bart.
  12. Ziggler is probably in the strangest spot of anyone in the WWE. He vacated the US title, left until the rumble, then got eliminated and hasn’t been seen since. It would be a waste to me if he would fight Roode at Mania. If he does t have a high-profile match at Mania, I could see him leaving the company and following in the steps of the likes of Cody Rhodes.
  13. It’s good that we are finally going to get to see what Triple H can do with the company. It’s definitely ‘best for buisness’ and now we can have equal focus on both the WWE and the XFL, both of which can hopefully prosper as businesses.
  14. Seth’s Tag partners seem to be cursed. First Ambrose, now Jordan. Hopefully Balor isn’t permanently the partner, as he seems to be finding a groove with The Club. Heel Balor is much better then Face Balor. I don’t know who else could tag with Rollins. At this point, the best thing to do may be have Rollins drop the tag belts so the The Club can challenge for the titles at Mania.
  15. Red Arrow's familiar theme begins "Nobody Likes You, Everyone Left You, They're All Out Without You, Having Fun" The rest of Red Arrow's theme doesn't play. Instead, the lights go out. The silence punctuates the air with a certain mystique before the sound of glass smashing breaks the silence The lights go back on, and Red Arrow is in the ring, NXT Championship in one hand, microphone in the other "Silly fools, messing with unnecessary troubles. Akki, you can hold all the talk shows and interview segments you want, it won't do the one thing you can't, win matches. Bart, you can make yourself feel good inside by attacking all the jobbers you want. This just shows where all you low-level humans go wrong. You run around focusing on attacking anything with a face and trying to bring your self-esteem up. Meanwhile the superior beings are focused on the real prize. Neither of you are ready for the beating you will face at Evolve: The Last Stand. When we fight for that #1 contendership to the Global Championship, you will both realize what you are up against. Until then, you can go around doing whatever makes you happy. Just remember that you are in for a hellacious fight that you will not win.'' Akki reaches for a microphone, but Arrow stares at him and he drops it "At The Last Stand, I will pick you all apart piece by piece. My main focus the past weeks have been on finding weaknesses, and I have targeted what makes you crumble. My secrets will remain confidential. The reason you won't be able to defeat me is because you have no idea how to face me. You have never faced anyone or anything close to my level. The worst nightmare you have had is but a speck compared to what I bring to the ring. The things I have seen in my life, oh the things I have seen. They would make any normal man beg for mercy, it would bring them to the edge and destroy everything about them. But I am no normal man, for I have stared death in the face and laughed." "Even the most demonic of creatures, even the devil himself, could not bring me to my knees and make me beg for mercy. After what I have been through, do you think I am scared of you two? A couple of big-talking losers with no actions to back up their words? Do you think I am scared of an egotistic and a man who thinks he is underrated after being given chance after chance? No. I am not scared of anyone, everyone is scared of me." "I could attack the two of you, I could destroy you two right here, right now, but no. I will wait, I have been waiting patiently. I have been very patient as a count down the days until I get to unleash my power upon those who laugh at the idea of me. I will be going to the deep, dark place in my mind, searching deeper for worse and worse methods to torture my opponents. I already have in my head one way to slowly pick apart and destroy the two of you." "Akki, Bart, you better be ready to feel true pain. After our match, you will wish that I would've finished you, ended the suffering. But no, I will be right there, watching as my subjects writher in pain..."
  16. Hopefully this tournament will give the Cruiserweight division the jolt that’s they need. To really push the division, I would like to see the finals of this on a PPV. If they really wanted to draw this tournament out, they could wait until Wrestlemania, but they should at least get a spot at Elimination Chamber. Also, if there weren’t already two EC matches, I would’ve like to have seen a Cruiserweight chamber match, as I think they would’ve been able to pull of some great spots.
  17. I don’t really understand what Jordan’s wife was saying. I’m pretty sure everyone thought Jordan was injured, but it’s good to hear that he shouldn’t be out for too much longer.
  18. This RAW just existed. In my opinion, it wasn’t really good, but it also wasn’t really bad. These are the days between the Rumble and Mania where the shows have a tendency to sort of drag, so it’s good that we at least got constant action with decent matches throughout the night.
  19. I can also help if you would like
  20. The lights in the arena go out, and Red Arrow appears on the titantron "Evolve. The Last Stand. Global Championship. Bart. Akki." Red Arrow sits on the hard cement in the dark corridor "The opportunity to fight for the Global Championship at BPZMania. In a triple threat match against two weak souls. Bart and Akki." "Akki. You call yourself underrated? You say that you are the most undervalued superstar on the roster? NO." Red Arrow turns around and looks at a picture of Akki pinned on a piece of wood "You keep getting chance after chance. But what do you do with it? You blow it. You have wasted every opportunity you have been given. You don't deserve anything that you have. After you squander another chance, another opportunity, what's next for you? Are you going to go back to whining about how you don't get anything? Are you going to go invade another show where you'll 'finally get an opportunity'? No, after the match at The Last Stand, you won't be able to say anything about being underrated. Once I destroy you and prove that you have wasted every opportunity you have, everyone will realize that all you do is complain. All you do is complain about your position when it reality you don't even deserve where you are now. In fact, after our match, you won't even be able to walk away from the match, let alone waltz in and complain." "Your words will only get you so far" Red Arrow turns his head 90 degrees to come face to face with a picture of Bart. He sneers at it and stares into the eyes of Bart "Now onto Bart. I remember the last time I was going to face you. I remember those days. I remember the exact moment I decided to leave and forgo the NXT Championship match. The reason why? I knew that the NXT Championship was not the end of the line for me. I could have easily captured the NXT Championship at Summerslam, but I want more. You think after I leave, I will beat by such an inferior opponent as you? No, I am not the same being as the one you were going to face at Summerslam. The Red Arrow from then has changed. I have evolved into a being so destructive, so powerful, that I am the old Red Arrow is but a shell of the Red Arrow standing in front of you today." "You don't know who I am" Red Arrow pulls out from behind him the NXT Championship and puts it on his shoulder "This, the NXT Championship, is only the beginning. The NXT Championship is only a glimmer into what my dominance looks like. This NXT Championship, this was simple. I showed everyone that I can defeat the weaklings of BPZ. But after Last Stand, where I become the #1 Contender to the Global Championship, no one will be able to doubt that I am more powerful than anyone ever seen by the human eye. The power, the destruction capable inside me, has only just begun to grow. And as the force inside of me grows, so too will the terror in everyone's eyes as they see what I am. They will see the limits in mortal man who oppose me, they will see that I lack those blockades. Everyone will see that I have no weakness. Red Arrow stands up and stares directly into the lightbulb, the only source illuminating the room around him "At Evolve: The Last Stand, I will destroy Bart and Akki to show that I am a destructive force matched by no man. And once I go on to BPZMania and become the new Global Champion, Evolve will enter a state of chaos and mass confusion. When I take control over Evolve by being the Global Champion, Evolve will enter the Reign of Red Arrow." Static begins to cover the screen, and the image of Red Arrow fades away as a cracking sound is heard and darkness fills the screen.
  21. The Reign of Red Arrow will continue at Evolve: Last Stand as I will become the #1 Contender to the Global Championship.
  22. "As Michael and I made our way out to the ring with some generic cheesy rock song, we looked at each other and nodded. There were maybe a dozen spectators in the high school gym that we used for the show. As our opponents made their way out to the ring, towering over us, Michael and I were ready for what was coming. What happened was we were squashed in 30 seconds where both of us were hit with clotheslines and powerbombs before being double pinned to lose the match. We may have lost, but you wouldn't have known that if you saw us backstage. We were jumping up and down with excitement that we had an official wrestling match. We were told that we would be called if they wanted to use us again, and that we should go back to the wrestling school to train for a couple more months." "The next two months we trained as hard as we ever had. We had a taste of pro wrestling and we were starving for me. Every day we would flip burgers and take bumps. We weren't living well, eating mostly unhealthy cheap food and still barely sleeping, but we were this close to becoming actual "indie wrestlers". After those two months were up, we were called upon by that the same promotion we had our first match in. They wanted to hire us and give us a nice push. Michael and I had to negotiate a contract for several hours with the owner before officially signing. We ended up getting contracts that gave us a decent amount of money. We were paid per match, and we were going to wrestle at least once a week." "This time, we were able to pick out a theme and team name. For our theme, we selected several rock songs to rotate between. We mulled over our team name for several days. We tried to think of what represents us in the best way while also showing our perseverance. We settled on the name Fighting Spirit because we thought the name was perfect. We also had to create movesets for ourselves. The majority of our movesets were constantly changing as we got more confident in our ability and learned new skills. Our tag team finisher was a powerbomb-backbreaker combination. We stopped going to wrestling school and wrestled tag matches once a week. We started winning matches this time around, and eventually got ourselves a tag team championship match. "Without having to pay for a wrestling school, and getting paid to wrestle, we had a much better income and were able to move into a two-bedroom apartment. Now we were getting more sleep, and eating healthier. With every match our wrestling ability improved, and when our tag title match rolled around, Michael and I felt we were genuinely the best tag team in the company. We won the tag team championships at a show with almost 40 people, and we actually got a positive reaction after winning the championships. Michael and I had begun to build a following, and we had actual fans that would follow our shows just to watch us wrestle." "We decided the best thing to do next was to look for other promotions that would pay us to wrestle. We found 4 or 5 companies to look at, and signed contracts with 3 of them. This meant that we were now making enough money to quit our day job flipping burgers. We could now focus all of our energy to wrestling, which improved our ability even more. We were now wrestling 4-5 matches a week. Being a tag team certainly helped with this, as we could trade off the majority of matches to prevent fatigue. After 6 months of only wrestling, we had 5 tag team reigns under our belt and were still steadily improving every day. We bounced around promotions, not focusing on long contracts but rather larger per-match salaries." "We finally decided it was time to tell our families about what we were doing. We had managed to convince them that we were both going to the same college, and that we wanted our space to focus on studies. When we told them, my family was reluctantly accepting the fact, and they agreed that they would go to a match. Michael's family shunned Michael and refused to talk to him when he told them about his new career. He told me that he expected this, so he wasn't too upset with it, and that he was focused on being a great professional wrestler."
  23. It definitely seems like this is where they are heading with Ronda. After Stephanie sounded confused by Ronda's debut, they could very logically feud. The Rock teaming with her would be an awesome high-profile matchup and I don't really see anyone who could team with Rousey that would logically make as much sense as Rock. Hopefully the studios would be willing to let him wrestle. It probably wouldn't be a 5 star classic, but it would be a spectacle, which is would Wrestlemania should be.
  24. I would want this to happen, but I'm not sure if this is true. Even if this is true, I'm not sure what Jericho could do. I'm thinking a feud with Balor or Wyatt could be a lot of fun. At this point Jericho seems to just be doing what he wants with wrestling so it would most likely have to be a high-profile feud with a sizable contract.

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