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  1. STAR CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING MARCH FRANCHISE PLAYERS BEGINNING OF MARCH WEEK 1: THRUST TV WEEK 1: FUSION TV WEEK 2: FUSION TV WEEK 2: THRUST WEEK 2: USA PPV WEEK 3: JAPAN PPV WEEK 3: FUSION WEEK 3: THRUST WEEK 4: THRUST WEEK 4: FUSION MARCH: POPULARITY MARCH: MEDICAL MARCH: FINANCES MARCH: BACKSTAGE RATING END OF MARCH FRANCHISE PLAYERS NOTES: * Received first penalty in February (Arn & Rick Lost 5 popularity and were unavailble for March) * Matt Striker is now 70 popularity * Tag Team has 22 Experience so far * Bought 2 Stadiums Fusion & Thrust (Finance lower due to this) * Robert Gibson, Ricky Morton, Bret Hart were signed in March. Arn & Tully are available April. Gained Roddy Piper * Lost Rey Mysterio, Christian, Elijah Burke, Dlo Brown, Shiro, Takeshi & Ken Kennedy * Did not gain popularity
  3. WAR OF THE IMMORTALS YEAR 2: JANUARY JANUARY RESULTS OVERALL LEADERBOARD AFTER JANUARY REWARD WINNERS: Division One: Keeley - Increase your chosen worker for the owner goal's popularity by 5 and two skills of your choice by 5. Division Two: George King- Reward: Increase your chosen worker for the owner goal's popularity by 4 and two skills of your choice by 4. Division Three: Bart - Reward: Increase your chosen worker for the owner goal's popularity by 3 and two skills of your choice by 3. PUNISHMENT RECEIVERS: Division One: Aaron - Punishment: Decrease every stat on your chosen worker for the owner goal by 5. Division Two: Beastly King - Decrease every stat on your chosen worker for the owner goal by 4. Division Three: Elite - Decrease every stat on your chosen worker for the owner goal by 3. PLAYER DIVISIONS FOR BEGINNING OF FEBRUARY: FINAL REMINDER OF NEW RULE CHANGES (BEGINNING YEAR 2) Minor Shows should of been added to your schedule. These shows are designed to let you utilize your full roster on a weekly basis. Here are the rules of Minor Shows: - No worker considered a main eventer/franchise player or over 80 popularity can APPEAR OR WRESTLE on minor shows. They cannot be used at all on these shows! - Repetitive booking rules will apply for these shows - if you haven't ticked repetitive booking this is considered cheating and will disqualify you from the competition - As of right now (may change) minor shows will NOT count towards your overall show grade and TV ratings - this is strictly for utilizing all of your talent without the penalties - Minor shows MUST be on your current broadcaster for example for USA companies this is - "TEW Wars USA" please make sure you pick the CORRECT broadcaster. Double check with someone before accepting the deal if you're unsure! - Minor Shows can be on a prime time, time slot. - The shows MUST BE MINOR! If you have two major shows you will be disqualified. - Your show CAN BE on a different day to your A-Show! This will give you a smaller crowd for your show and extra ticket revenue. It'll mean your talent will need to travel to a new location to be on the show etc. It's up to you on what day you want your show to be. - Minor Shows can be a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes. - Minor Shows need to be included in your monthly posts. Please refer to the Minor Show tab in discord for a tutorial on how to make a show. BROADCASTER CHANGES: - Broadcasters will NEED to be edited for Year 2. All areas outside of your home country will be increased to small. This is to help international growth. Please refer to the broadcaster tab on discord for all the information. EVERYONE SHOULD NOW BE NATIONAL SIZE!!! (IF YOU ARE NOT PLEASE CONTACT BRENDEN) HANDICAP: Handicaps are still being adjusted on a monthly basis; for January the following handicaps were awarded: - Arius One Point - Bubba - Three Points - Meko - Seven Points This is done to help overseas players remain on par with USA regions. OWNER GOALS: New owner goal has begun to have a backstage rating of 100% for 3 months in a row! (FOR FEBUARY, MARCH & APRIL) - You MUST take a worker LESS than 50 Popularity and get them to 80 popularity by June! You cannot change workers AT ALL (screenshot and post on forums) please note: This worker cannot beat any main events or anyone 80 pop or over! - The randomly assigned tag team given to you MUST reach 25 experience by June! - Achieve 35 popularity in ONE area NOT in your home country! (USA cannot do this in Canada) - Must be accomplished in 1 year (by April 2011) - Your number one franchise player cannot be world champion for 3 months! (starts in March) - You MUST take one of your HOME country PPVs and hold it overseas! (starts in April) REWARDS: - All rewards received from last year's play are now VOID and cannot be used. February's Rewards: Decrease a contract of your choice by 50 percent. (For example 100k will drop to 50k) February's Punishment is: No overseas shows of any kind. OVERSEAS SHOWS: - Players can continue doing Overseas Shows until April. Once the owner goal for getting one area to 35 popularity is over, overseas shows will be no more. You can still do house shows overseas, but broadcasted events will be no more. - Your current overseas shows cannot be EXISTING shows. You must create a new show for each event you do (unless the importance is average). Once the show moves to above average or over, you must start a new one. February is due on Friday 11AM EST. FOR FEBRUARY, MARCH AND APRIL YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR OVERALL BACKSTAGE RATING IN YOUR MONTHLY POST. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY POSTED FEBRUARY PLEASE ADD THIS TO YOUR POST. NOT INCLUDING THIS WILL RESULT IN A PENALTY!
  4. STAR CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING - JANUARY TOP FRANCHISE PLAYERS AT THE BEGINNING OF JANUARY INTRODUCING THE NEW MINOR TV SHOW - THRUST P.S THANKS TO ARIUS FOR THE TV LOGO! (HASNT YET CHANGED UNDER SHOW HISTORY) WEEK 1: THRUST (MINOR TV SHOW) WEEK 1: FUSION TV SHOW WEEK 2: THRUST (MINOR TV SHOW) CHANGE OF FRANCHISE PLAYERS WEEK 2: FUSION TV SHOW WEEK 2: USA PPV WEEK 3: THRUST (MINOR TV SHOW) WEEK 3: FUSION TV WEEK 3: JAPAN PPV WEEK 4: THRUST (MINOR TV SHOW) WEEK 4: FUSION END OF JANUARY FRANCHISE PLAYERS FINANCE END OF JANUARY MEDICAL END OF JANUARY POPULARITY PROGRESS END OF JANUARY TAG TEAM OWNER GOAL - CURRENT EXPERIENCE END OF JANUARY 80 POP OWNER GOAL PROGRESS AT END OF JANUARY NOTES: - On Track to Reach 35 popularity in Kanto by April. (Currently 32) - Random Team for Owner Goal Currently at 12 Experience. - Owner Goal to Reach 80 Popularity Progressing well with Matt Striker Gaining 8-9 Popularity in All USA Regions. (Currently at 49-50 Pop) - Shane Douglas Went to Rehab Due to Shawn Michaels Entering the Company. (Have a Strong Dislike Towards Eachother) - Arnold To Come Back From Rehab in 12 Days. - Gained 2 Million Dollars In January - Gained 1 Popularity in the USA - Minor Show (Thrust) Begun In January. - Rey Mysterio & Shawn Michaels Joined the Company Whilst Macho Man Randy Savage & Chris Benoit Started New Ventures.
  5. For my December reward I choose to stop the time decline of one of my workers.
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