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  1. If any forums members have not yet made their TEW characters please remember to send them in! A bio would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Hi guys, as most of you would of seen, Brenden has been doing character creations on his twitch streams lately. He has since incorporated 'The Wheel' to decide what each characters stats and company will be. One of the main perks of being a subscriber has been the 'Second Chance' wheel spin in order to have a better chance at making their character better. Once the BPZ TEW Mod starts Brenden would love to incorporate something that would give back to his subscribers in this same way. If anyone has any good ideas for his new subscribers when this starts please share them, we would love to hear all your ideas! What would entice you to subscribe to someones twitch channel? Thanks everyone who takes the time to share some of your ideas.
  3. Welcome! Great to have you here, have fun!
  4. Cherish each day. You never know when its going to be your last. 

    1. The Akki

      The Akki

      My last day is everyday :(

    2. Poiudust


      So True Keeley. A lot of people lose there lives everyday and the majority of people probably don't deserve it because they were just dealt the wrong cards in life. Everyday when I leave my son, I don't say goodbye to him, I just say I'll see you later. Life can be so short or so long, and you should try to live everyday like it's your last. Because one day, it will be.

    3. The Akki

      The Akki

      My problem is love

  5. Keeley

    BPZ Trophy Hunting Contest Season 4 Discussion

    Round Three ends in 12 hours! So make sure you sync up before then or your trophies won't count.
  6. Keeley

    Playstation Plus Free Games Discussion

    The free games for July have been announced! Until Dawn – PS4Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series – PS4That’s You – PS4 (4th July onwards): This is the first Playlink game coming outTokyo Jungle – PS3Darkstalkers Resurrection – PS3Don’t Die Mr Robot – PS Vita (cross-buy with PS4)Element4l – PS Vita Great list here. Until Dawn is a really good game and I highly recommend everyone give it a try. Game of Thrones will be a nice and easy platinum with a good story for Game of Thrones lovers. That's You is basically like Jackbox Party Games, you can use your mobile phone to play the minigames with friends on the couch and it has a lot of minigames to try. Should be fun!
  7. Keeley

    BPZ Trophy Hunting Contest Season 4 Discussion

    need people to help boost paladin! let me know if you can play. Its freeee
  8. Keeley

    BPZ Trophy Hunting Contest Season 4 Discussion

    my back is getting sore from carrying my team. Glad to see so many people contributing
  9. Keeley

    BPZ Trophy Hunting Contest Season 4 Discussion

    Thanks Bren, for anyone in my group i have pinned this website to our group chat. Very happy with who our team is vsing week 1 - Team 6 look out.
  10. Keeley

    BPZ Trophy Hunting Contest Season 4 Discussion

    Looking forward to starting tonight. No competition really, the mod squad will destroy you all.
  11. Nakamura would be a good US champ. Owens and Nakamura would be really good.
  12. Keeley

    Billy Corgan buys the NWA

    Interesting to see what he will do with it. Will he create a company and begin recruiting? Try and build competition to TNA? Interesting times...
  13. Keeley

    Sup guys

    Welcome to the family
  14. One way, Jesus your the only one that I could live for.

    One way, jesus, your the only one that i could live for.

    You are the way the truth and the light we live by faith and not by sight for you....living all for you....   huh!

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    2. Gill
    3. bailey14


      I don't get it. Is this a joke or something 

    4. Flynn


      Inside joke you weren't invited :cena4 

  15. Keeley

    Introducing myself

    Welcome to the family. If you need any help feel free to message me any time. keelz xx