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  1. STAR CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING - JANUARY TOP FRANCHISE PLAYERS AT THE BEGINNING OF JANUARY INTRODUCING THE NEW MINOR TV SHOW - THRUST P.S THANKS TO ARIUS FOR THE TV LOGO! (HASNT YET CHANGED UNDER SHOW HISTORY) WEEK 1: THRUST (MINOR TV SHOW) WEEK 1: FUSION TV SHOW WEEK 2: THRUST (MINOR TV SHOW) CHANGE OF FRANCHISE PLAYERS WEEK 2: FUSION TV SHOW WEEK 2: USA PPV WEEK 3: THRUST (MINOR TV SHOW) WEEK 3: FUSION TV WEEK 3: JAPAN PPV WEEK 4: THRUST (MINOR TV SHOW) WEEK 4: FUSION END OF JANUARY FRANCHISE PLAYERS FINANCE END OF JANUARY MEDICAL END OF JANUARY POPULARITY PROGRESS END OF JANUARY TAG TEAM OWNER GOAL - CURRENT EXPERIENCE END OF JANUARY 80 POP OWNER GOAL PROGRESS AT END OF JANUARY NOTES: - On Track to Reach 35 popularity in Kanto by April. (Currently 32) - Random Team for Owner Goal Currently at 12 Experience. - Owner Goal to Reach 80 Popularity Progressing well with Matt Striker Gaining 8-9 Popularity in All USA Regions. (Currently at 49-50 Pop) - Shane Douglas Went to Rehab Due to Shawn Michaels Entering the Company. (Have a Strong Dislike Towards Eachother) - Arnold To Come Back From Rehab in 12 Days. - Gained 2 Million Dollars In January - Gained 1 Popularity in the USA - Minor Show (Thrust) Begun In January. - Rey Mysterio & Shawn Michaels Joined the Company Whilst Macho Man Randy Savage & Chris Benoit Started New Ventures.
  2. Im using my reward to remove creative control on Chris Jericho
  3. For my December reward I choose to stop the time decline of one of my workers.
  4. STAR CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING - DECEMBER FRANCHISE PLAYERS AT BEGINNING OF DECEMBER WEEK 1 FUSION TV SHOW WEEK 2 - JAPAN PPV WEEK 2 - FUSION TV SHOW WEEK 3 - FUSION TV SHOW WEEK 4 - NON BROADCASTED JAPAN SHOW WEEK 4 - FUSION TV SHOW WEEK 4 USA PPV FINANCES DECEMBER POPULARITY END OF DECEMBER FRANCHISE PLAYERS END OF DECEMBER MEDICAL REPORT END OF DECEMBER NOTES: - Used reward for strong friendship on Shane Douglas & Ric Flair - Christian was added to the roster whilst Seth Rollins was dropped. - +2 pop gain throughout December - Kanto pop at 29.9% (5 more pop to reach goal) - Franchise players remained the same - Looking to replace Macho Man for the New Year
  5. My 2 Instant claims are: Torrie Wilson & Adam Pearce
  6. I claim Simon Diamon And release Duane Gill
  7. Im Giving Matt Stryker my reward to increase to 50 pop in USA
  8. STAR CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING: NOVEMBER FRANCHISE PLAYERS BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER WEEK 1 - FUSION TV SHOW WEEK 2 FUSION TV SHOW WEEK 2 - JAPAN PPV WEEK 3 FUSION TV SHOW WEEK 3 NON BROADCASTED JAPAN TV SHOW WEEK 4 TV SHOW FUSION WEEK 4 - USA PPV FINANCES AT END OF NOVEMBER POPULARITY AT END OF NOVEMBER MEDICAL AT END OF NOVEMBER FRANCHISE PLAYERS AT END OF NOVEMBER NOTES: Major trades for this month included The Rock & Curt Henning. Roster Gained Ricky Steamboat, Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, Tommy Dreamer, Barry Windham, Patt Patterson, Shane Helms (AGAIN) , Adam Cole, Carlito & Roderick Strong. (Im sure theres more 😂 ) Benoit has now made it onto the franchise player list after the loss of The Rock & Hennig Pop Gains were quite slow this month. (No pop gained in home area ) Finance improved this month. Overseas pop is now 28 (gained 2 this month) Did 2 shows. 1 PPV and 1 Non Broadcasted Still need to use reward for relationships. Arnold unfortunately needed to be sent to rehab for a few months. Shane Helms is due to return next month.