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  1. Name: Jamie Jamison Age: 19 Nationality: The Philippines Starting Club: Malaga Skin Tone: Mixed Height (in CM or inches, idc): 5'10" Position: ST Role: Complete Forward
  2. Friday Night SmackDown, March 5th 2021 LETS GOOOOOOO TIME FOR SMACKDOWN ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opening this week's episode of SmackDown is T-BAR, who's walking backstage trying to look for someone. He opens a locker room door and finds John Morrison, who he says he needs to speak to. He closes the door behind him. Rating: 58% ------------------------------
  3. ECW January 2009 Extreme Swagger The biggest star of the month had to be the new ECW Champion, The All-American American Jack Swagger. Debuting the previous year, he aimed to be the face of General Manager Teddy Long’s franchise. A lot of Swagger’s hype was centred around his big stature and NCAA background. On the first ECW show of the year, Jack Swagger hit the Gutwrench Powerbomb on Finlay to win the opening match and earn a shot at Matt Hardy’s ECW Championship the next week. Swagger got his opportunity and made great use of it, sending M
  4. WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match Drew McIntyre (C) vs Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston vs AJ Styles Universal Championship Elimination Chamber #1 Contenders Match Jey Uso vs Daniel Bryan vs King Corbin vs Cesaro vs Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens Universal Championship Match Roman Reigns (c) vs Winner of Previous Match Triple Threat United States Championship Match Bobby Lashley (c) vs Keith Lee vs Riddle Women's Tag Team Championship Match Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair Bonus Questio
  5. I don't know how I get myself into these situations but here we go. Me being me and unable to stick to one thing at a time, I've started watching every episode of WWECW in 2009. Why? I just never had the interest in this dark period of ECW's lifetime and since I'd heard so much bad things about it, I avoided it like the plague. But, being extremely bored, I've changed that. Starting from the 6th of January edition of the show, I continued to watch the next episode and then the next episode and then the next episode and then I realised I could turn this into forums fodder. I believe t
  6. No Kross vs Escobar..................sadness. The opening segment was quite hard to get through since I'm really not a fan of either Strong or Balor on the mic, especially Strong. I said that Strong sounds like he's in a Disney Channel original film and the more I listen to him the more that comparison makes sense to me. The first women's tag match was fine, disappointed that they scrapped the Theory kidnapping story already, I feel like they could've done more with it. Pat McAfee cut a great promo on the whole Adam Cole debacle, nice to see them acknowledge Pat on NXT TV again. They teas
  7. Wednesday Night NXT, March 3rd 2021 IT'S TIME OH YEAH BABY IT'S TIME FOR NXT!!!!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Way vs T-Boa - Dusty Classic 1st Round Match Kicking off NXT this week is a tag team match in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The Way (Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory) take on the team of Boa and Tyson T-Bone, known as T-Boa. There was a clear discrepancy in ab
  8. I wish they would leave Khabib alone. I've seen plenty of MMA 'retirements' that end up meaning nothing because the fighter's brought back for a money fight or they decide to completely erase the decision. Khabib had a fine reason to not want to continue fighting, he doesn't need to listen to these people anymore who want to dictate his life.
  9. "Sting looks for Retribution" BuT thEY'rE oN rAwww!!!!!"£"! A really, really solid card from the looks of things. Young Bucks vs Proud and Powerful intrigues me way more than the match at Revolution. Another 6-man tag, it's getting repetitive but I'm not that mad about it. Excited to see Riho's AEW return, her and Serena should have a good match. The rest seems fun too.
  10. Interested to see what happens between Kross and Escobar tonight. I'm expecting the champ to get absolutely squashed but hey, there might be something unexpected. Finn Balor or Kyle O'Reilly vs Adam Cole is probably going to be kickstarted tonight, wondering what will happen that + how Roderick Strong is gonna play into this. Hopefully get some LA Knight too.
  11. Monday Night RAW, March 1st 2021 ........RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We open the show with an interview with Jinder Mahal of Dragindia. He says he's disappointed that Daniel Bryan has been eliminated from the tournament, but is glad that Bray Wyatt has been suspended from the WWE. He announces that he's putting himself into the WrestleMania Triple Th
  12. Pleasantly surprised by this one, really fun and chaotic. I think a lot of people in chat agree with me in saying that it looked like Dakota and Raquel were booked somewhat like underdogs in this match? The way Ember and Shotzi would work over Dakota relentlessly and Dakota always aiming for the hot tag to Raquel, it seemed quite backwards a lot of the time. Although, this could lead to Dakota and Raquel being booked as more of a face team once they face Nia and Shayna, it could make sense after all. Again, match was fun, some really cool spots and moves. Raquel pushing Ember off the ramp was
  13. Eh, typical half hour Takeover main event. Good for what it's worth, but as I said before this rivalry didn't really do anything for me so that kind of hindered my thoughts on the match itself. I feel like Balor isn't being booked very strong in these championship matches? Like they're always teasing injuries when it comes to Balor, like, we get it, he's had a lot of injuries but his injuries shouldn't be incorporated into every move that's done. It makes his matches follow much of the same structure. They'll probably do Balor vs Cole at the next Takeover (or even at Mania) and I'm more intere

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