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  1. Joh


    Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your time and avoid Akki.
  2. Joh

    My Music Reviews

  3. Joh

    Jay White Joins Chaos

    Even though I'm not really that much of a fan of the guy, it's good that he's joined CHAOS, group fits him most in his battle against Omega tbh.
  4. Joh

    Who's Your BPZ Mentor?

    I think mine would be @Jonathan. #nFo4Life
  5. Joh

    WWE “has given up” on Bayley

    It's such a shame. Her character could have gone so much better if booked correctly but they did overkill. Just annoying.
  6. Fucking amazing show. This was my first full live NJPW PPV and it was a great experience. MOTN had to go to Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho for me. Awesome match. As far as predictions go, I got 5 right and 4 wrong.
  7. Joh

    Face Reveal Thread

    Uh, here.
  8. Joh

    The Aftermath & Outrage

    Joh is back once again. He steps out with his long golden robe and walks down the ramp to the ring. As many of you may recall, I took part in the To The Top match at TakeOver: Paranoia against 4 other men. Ark, Ropati, some other 2 nimrods. I can’t seem to remember them. Anyways, you all know the outcome of that match-up of the match. You’ve all seen it. The winner of that encounter was Ark himself. Not the man who is standing in the middle of this ring. Now, what do you expect me to say about this? Some of you probably think I’m just gonna whine here and explain my reasons as to why I didn’t win and how I was *screwed out* of the win. Nope. Wrong. You see, remember when I opened this little segment by listing the members of the To The Top match? Remember how I could name Ark, the winner, Ropati, and no one else? That is the problem with not only the match, but EVOLVE as a whole. The fact I have to be put in a match with such nobodies is absolutely ludicrous. Do the people who run this show realise how much of a star they have in their hands? 1x Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion, 1x United States Heavyweight Champion, 1x Tag Team Heavyweight Champion, 1x Money In The Bank Heavyweight Champion of THE WOOOOORLLLDDD! But I have to go about in the ring with the absolute inferior. The disrespect shown towards me shall not stand. I am here to show the world what I truly am but I keep being put down and down by the higher ups. It’s deplorable. Congratulations to Ark, make use of that glory. But for the people backstage who think I am a JOKE, a FOOL, just know. You will never. be. Worthy. A frustrated Joh gets out of the ring and goes backstage once again.
  9. Wishing everybody here a happy New Year and a great 2018. But remember, still, nobody is #Worthy.

  10. Joh

    Where would you like to visit and with who?

    I'd like to go to the Philippines with my dad and mom, since it's where a lot of my family are. but i'm a pussy and don't like travelling
  11. Joh

    Music Discussion

    I still like those songs, they're both decent.
  12. Joh

    Music Discussion

    So I made a Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 2017 blog post, kind of similar to the stuff I used to do a while ago on the forums. If you're interested in checking it out then here it is: https://jamiemusicjourney.wordpress.com/2017/12/07/top-10-best-hit-songs-of-2017/
  13. I'm not that big of a fan of Shayna Baszler but her work in the MYC was good and she has the hype from being in the Four Horsewomen so I think she'll be a good addition to the NXT roster.
  14. Joh

    Ever upward

    Joh watches on as Ark walks to the back but starts to speak again. Really Ark? Is that all that you've got left in the tank? You can think you're the man of the future all you want. But at TakeOver: Pride, the vision you have of yourself in the future won't come about, since the image of the sky is what you'll be seeing. You admit you are not the best. Well, it's good that you're self-aware. If you're so confident about your victory at TakeOver, what will happen if you end up failing? Is your journey gonna restart all over again? Is one of your lives gone? The meter for confidence and determination can only go so far, it reaches a breaking point. You have hit that breaking point my friend. I'm not here to take over the jobs of the young up and comers, I'm here to re-establish myself to this era of BPZ. If it's a veteran or a newcomer coming at me, I don't budge. You say you are not your past, yet don't forget to mention your fights with Elliot in the summer. Ah well, I guess the thought of being the man really drowned out any sense in your brain. I will see you at EVOLVE TakeOver: Pride, and whoever comes out on top, is certainly the better man. But if it is me, then the motto I always live by will still live on, no one, will ever, be worthy. Joh's music plays again as he walks to the back.

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