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  1. Name: Joh Figureheads: Conor McGregor Alignment: Face Nickname: "The Worthy One" Height: 6'0"/182cm Weight: 238lbs Hometown: Cork, Ireland Theme: The United Nations Anthem Gimmick: Patriot Fighting Style: Brawler/Technician Signatures: Finding Worth, Ireland's Call Finishers: The Recession, Triangle Choke
  2. Arrow vs Mave - The fans Amai vs Shiba - Shiba El Arius vs Lord Gwynfro/FDS vs Julius - El Arius/Julius First Class Express vs Job Squad - First Class Express ICON vs Kai vs Toxik - ICON The United States Championship vs BiC - The United States Championship 26 "Man" Yelich Only Battle Royal - Anyone but Yelich Bailey vs ??? - ??? (Heel) Nate vs Joh - Me, obviously
  3. Joh

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Already said it in chat but happy birthday Crip. They grow up so fast.
  4. I'm gonna say Guti. He was a midfield maestro who was with Real Madrid's main squad for 15 years. An absolute magician with wonderful passing.
  5. Adesanya vs Whittaker announced as the main event of UFC 243, great to hear, really excited for it. I hope the event is held in Australia like the rumours are saying.
  6. Joh

    MMAnalysis w/ Joh

    UFC Fight Night 155 - Post Show Analysis Ryan Hall def. Darren Elkins - Unanimous Decision Although I didn't predict an outcome for this fight as it was in the middle of the prelims, this was one of the fights I was looking forward to most heading into the show. Ryan Hall is an extremely entertaining grappler and Darren Elkins is probably made of steel. I really enjoyed this fight. Hall's style is probably one of the most unique styles in the UFC, with an exciting kicking game mixed in with his ever-present Imanari Rolls, which he uses to try and take down his opponent and attempt a Heel Hook. Hall attempted MANY spinning wheel kicks in this fight and one of those wheel kicks in the first round hit Elkins clean on the chin. Elkins gets dropped but the referee allows Elkins time to recover as Elkins tries to defend Hall's following onslaught. Hall immediately locks in a tight Guillotine but somehow, some way, Elkins escapes and continues fighting. As I said before, Elkins is as tough as nails. An easy win for Hall in round 1, who also definitely won round 2. I think round 3 is tougher to call since Hall spent most of it trying to avoid Elkins' offense which probably didn't impress the judges. In the end, Hall won with the judges scoring the contest 29-28, 29-28 and 30-27. Very fun fight, I'm excited to see more of Hall. Marvin Vettori def. Cezar Ferreira - Unanimous Decision Oh boy, already 1 wrong decision for the main card. Yeah, Marvin Vettori got the easy unanimous decision victory over Mutante with all judges scoring the fight 30-27 in favour of Vettori. A pretty boring fight, not a lot that was noteworthy about either fighters' performances. Vettori was definitely the more dominant and engaged fighter, while Ferreira didn't really do much. Yeah, I'm taking back my words about Vettori. I liked his post-fight interview too. Maybe he is the real deal in the middleweight division, who knows? Karl Roberson def. Wellington Turman - Split Decision Another quite boring fight that went to the judges, but this time, one of the judges actually scored the fight in favour of the loser. The fight ended 28-29, 29-28, 29-28, meaning Turman actually won the fight according to one of the judges, but alas, Roberson won the split decision. Personally, I scored the fight 29-28 Roberson, it was close to call but I think Roberson's offense was more effective. I didn't think Turman did badly either, his gameplan was mostly lying on his back and trying to get submissions in from the ground. Didn't really care for this, I don't know how this made it onto the main card. But hey, I got the winner correct. Josh Emmett def. Mirsad Bektić - TKO via Punches (4:25 R1) This was another fight I was looking forward to see on this card. Both Emmett and Bektić are very talented featherweight fighters and putting them in the octagon together could only end up resulting in an interesting fight, but I didn't expect such a quick finish. I predicted the fight to go all 3 rounds but it actually ended in the first, when Josh Emmett hit Bektić clean in the face with a jab and finished Bektić on the ground with mean punches. A great performance from Emmett and an unfortunate loss for Bektić. Another prediction right! Urijah Faber def. Ricky Simon - TKO via Punches (0:46 R1) Wow I was far off in this prediction. I predicted Simon to get the easy TKO win in the first round but as it turns out, I picked the wrong fighter to do so. The hometown fighter Urijah Faber came back to the octagon in quick fashion by finishing his opponent Ricky Simon in merely 46 seconds (Faber had a great walkout too). Faber dropped Simon with a swinging right overhand (which he learned from our Chinese boy Song Yadong) and continued with hammerfists until the referee stopped the fight. At first I thought the stoppage was early but now that I have a second thought, Simon was in no position to recover and Faber's offense was simply too powerful, so the stoppage was fair. Faber called out current UFC Flyweight and Bantamweight Champion Henry Cejudo after the fight and I wouldn't mind seeing that fight for the UFC Bantamweight Championship. Germaine de Randamie def. Aspen Ladd - TKO via Punch (0:16 R1) Aaaaaand another prediction I got ABSOLUTELY wrong. Instead of a R2 Aspen Ladd TKO, Germaine de Randamie goes in and TKOs Aspen Ladd with a punch in 16 seconds. I was just left in awe when I saw this finish, as I was so hyped and was really looking forward to see what Aspen Ladd had to offer. Now, the stoppage, was it early or was it completely fair? Personally, when I first saw the stoppage, I thought it was incredibly early, I mean, at first sight, a stoppage after 1 punch HAS to be early right? But I thought more about it afterwards and I'm starting to doubt my thoughts more. I first thought about Aspen Ladd's horrendous weight cut. At the weight-ins she looked horrible, completely dehydrated and constantly shaking, while de Randamie looked perfectly fine and confident. In the future, she needs to fix her weight cutting process, because that was scary and it might have had an effect on her ability to take a punch. Secondly, I thought about simply how dangerous de Randamie's striking is. Even if the fight was stopped early, de Randamie would have pounced on Ladd and made the damage even worse, so it was safer to stop the fight, taking into account Ladd's weight cut. So yeah, I'm just a bit ambivalent on the matter. Anyways, that's a massive win for the Iron Lady, who might be in title contention zone now. I'm sure Aspen Ladd can recover, she's still got it. Prediction Count: 2/5
  7. I'm liking my new gimmick with the United Nations. I'm having fun doing it and it gives me a lot of material to work with.
  8. NAME: Chris Black GENDER: Male LOOKS: Most average white man imaginable CHARACTERISTICS: Liar, deceiving, knows how to get under your skin, always late
  9. Joh

    A BPZ Story

    Name: Reginald Barker Age ( 5-95 ) : 56 Occupation: Newspaper Columnist Race: White Short Backstory: Reginald is a lonely old man who got ditched by his friends and family at an early age and has had to survive on low money all his life. He's pro-Trump and writes articles about politics to keep him stable.
  10. Brenden, Arius, Bart, Bailey, Nate
  11. I've always preferred Mario over Sonic, was exposed to him more as a kid and played more Mario games.
  12. Poor Bashka is having a hard time falling asleep
  13. I got #1 in Agar.io once. It was a bit mad.

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