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  1. Joh

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    Y'know what I'll make a top 10 #10 Flynn #9 Flynn #8 Flynn #7 Flynn #6 Flynn #5 Flynn #4 Flynn #3 Flynn #2 Flynn #1 Flynn
  2. Joh

    Whats your biggest fear?

    Oh yeah I totally agree with driving, I have 0 faith in being able to drive a car.
  3. You ever heard of 50/50 booking? or dirty finishes? or simply creating a worthy challenger?
  4. Joh

    Whats your biggest fear?

    I'm generally not a fan of jumpscares, which is probably why I'm not a big fan of horror movies. Also, I'm afraid by the thought of driving. Idk, something about car crashes and me being clumsy probably have something to do with it.
  5. Joh

    The Royal Rumble Final 4

    Overall I was happy with the final 4 of the Men's Rumble. Slightly annoyed that Ziggler made it instead of McIntyre but I guess it evens the storyline out. Women's final 4, I have no complaints.
  6. Really odd that Nakamura would regain the title so quickly after losing it. It's such a boring storyline and it was paired with an utterly useless match, which hinders not only both wrestlers but the title credibility. The US Title is truly dying.
  7. The decision to align Erick Rowan with Daniel Bryan is certainly an out-of-the-box decision but I feel like this could go somewhere, with Bryan creating his own cult with past members of the Wyatt Family, maybe even Bray himself, being similar to Daniel Bryan's brief heel turn a few years ago.
  8. Joh

    WWE 2019 Men's Royal Rumble

    Although I preferred last year's Rumble without a doubt, I enjoyed this year's one. There were so many memorable moments, from the surprise entrants and returns and some excellent performances from Rollins, McIntyre, Ali and Andrade. Some of the eliminations seemed kinda clunky though, Lashley's elimination seems very accidental and unsatisfying, same goes for a lot of other eliminations where the wrestler just let go, but maybe that's just a me thing. Overall, nice Rumble.
  9. Joh

    The Premium Superior

    We are here on Carnage and here comes Joh!!! This man made his unexpected return at the Royal Rumble, making it to the final 6 before being eliminated. He hasn’t been seen on TV in months. He struts down to the ring with a microphone in hand, ready to proceed into the ring. Hello, hello, hello. The Worthy One, The Superior, The Only Candidate for the True Hall of Fame, Joh has returned to BPZ. At the Royal Rumble, it was 25 that had the honour of being the number associated with my entrance. The thundering ovation, the thrilling atmosphere, the ultimate shock, it was a moment to certainly remember. Although I may not have come out on top at the end of the night, I was still apart of that illustrious final 6. I tried so hard to make amends for my absence but to no avail. The Royal Rumble 2019 may have been a night that holds very warm memories, but from now, it is time to look towards the future of The Worthy One. You see, there is one man who has caught these two precious eyes. He is someone who I believe is quite the great performer and a well-trained person of his craft, but there is one thing about him that makes me even more interested. He is potentially trying to fill my boots. Though that may not be a small feat, no pun intended, it is evident that due to my temporary departure, this man has flourished and made a name for himself. No rewards for guessing who the man I speak of is, he is the Premium Champion…..Emperor Nate. Emperor Nate is an interesting individual. He is someone who has definitely achieved a lot, especially since my exit. He is a former Global Champion and is our current Premium Champion. But, as a result of these numerous honours, he has built up quite the, as you could say, ego, which has turned him into an edgy, scowling and obnoxious man. Maybe The Superior could see himself in his role but even I must condemn this sort of behaviour. Unfortunately for our resident Emperor, he was unsuccessful in the Royal Rumble. Both of us went over the top rope, plummeting to the ground faster than what felt like the speed of light. Nate, you live in the clouds. You live in a world where everything you say and do is apparently so excellent when really you are a man who doesn’t live up to the expectations and will NEVER reach the status of being the best in the world. To quote your speech from before the Rumble: “I mean every single word I say, and I do everything I say that I will do”, before later going on to state your plan on eliminating 29 men on route to headlining BPZMania. As we can tell, that wasn’t the story. That poor Premium Championship in your possession is currently rotting in the amount of rubbish you are polluting out of your mouth anytime you try to string words together, it is time for the Premium division to finally be led by a deserving candidate. It is time for the Premium division to receive someone…….worthy. If you dare, I challenge you to a good old fashioned brawl. Maybe it is time you finally live up to your title of “Emperor” because as of now it seems like your empire is falling. Fight me if you want to, but don’t guarantee a resolution, as at the count of 1,2,3 or at the sound of a flailing arm furiously pounding the mat, your Premium Championship reign will simply turn to dust, and I will once again remind the world that I am The Superior.
  10. Joh

    BPZ Brightest Star (Game Show)

    Im in
  11. Joh

    Royal Rumble 2019: Flynn vs. Yelich

    I'd say this was a very close match-up. Both superstars gave it their all but Flynn managed to pull it out of the bag. Awesome match.
  12. Joh

    Your BPZ Forums Unpopular Opinions

    Factually incorrect statement
  13. Joh

    Your Favourite WWE Themes?

    Completely unironic pick here. The song just sounds so chill and cool and matches Blackman's ice cold persona.
  14. Honestly I really hope Rusev doesn't lose the belt so early. I feel like they could have something big on their hands with this run but they aren't realising it yet. Then again, Nakamura does need something to do.
  15. Joh

    Fortnite Discussion

    I only really play Fortnite anymore to do stuff on Creative. The game just isn't fun anymore with the amount of useless things Epic Games are adding.