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  1. oh yeah thanks for 5 years motherfuckers see ye in a few months

  2. BiC’s always been a failure in my eyes, so him
  3. Joh

    MMAnalysis w/ Joh

    UFC Fight Night 158 Date: September 14th 2019 Venue: Rogers Arena City: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Misha Cirkunov vs Jimmy Crute Prediction: KO Win (R1) - Jimmy Crute ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uriah Hall vs Antonio Carlos Junior Prediction: Decision Win - Antonio Carlos Junior ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michel Pereira vs Tristan Connelly Prediction: Decision Win - Michel Pereira ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Todd Duffee vs Jeff Hughes Prediction: TKO Win (R1) - Todd Duffee ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glover Teixeira vs Nikita Krylov Prediction: TKO Win (R3) - Nikita Krylov ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donald Cerrone vs Justin Gaethje Prediction: TKO Win (R3) - Justin Gaethje
  4. Joh

    UFC: Our Time

    Anthony Pettis vs Jake Matthews BJ Penn vs Kevin Lee Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Bruce Lee Kimbo Slice vs Issac Frost Daniel Cormier vs Chuck Lidell Anderson Silva vs Robbie Lawler Dustin Poirier (C) vs Conor Mcgregor
  5. Joh

    MMAnalysis w/ Joh

    UFC 242 Date: September 7th 2019 Venue: The Arena, Yas Island City: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Mairbek Taisumov vs Carlos Diego Ferreira Prediction: Decision Win - Carlos Diego Ferreira ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Curtis Blaydes vs Shamil Abdurakhimov Prediction: TKO Win (R3) - Curtis Blaydes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Islam Makhachev vs Davi Ramos Prediction: Decision Win - Islam Makhachev ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edson Barboza vs Paul Felder Prediction: Decision Win - Edson Barboza ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Dustin Poirier - UFC Lightweight Championship Prediction: Decision Win - Khabib Nurmagomedov
  6. Maintain relevancy. It sounds kinda depressing but it's true, I hope I can stay around long enough that I'm still talked about. also hall of fame
  7. Joh

    MMAnalysis w/ Joh

    UFC Fight Night 157 Date: August 31st 2019 Venue: Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre Arena City: Shenzhen, China Wu Yanan vs Mizuki Inoue Prediction: Decision Win - Wu Yanan ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lu Zhenhong vs Movsar Evloev Prediction: Decision Win - Movsar Evloev ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kai Kara-France vs Mark De La Rosa Prediction: Decision Win - Kai Kara-France ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos vs Li Jingliang Prediction: KO Win (R2) - Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jessica Andrade vs Weili Zhang - UFC Women's Strawweight Championship Prediction: Submission Win (R3) - WeilI Zhang ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Joh

    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Sameer
  9. Yay 700 rep. It's something.
  10. Location: Dublin, Ireland. It's a time of the year where the beautiful days of summer turn into the gloomy days of autumn. The weather during the later hours of a late August night in Dublin showed this transitioning, as the rain fell from the sky and left puddles for the pedestrians to see beneath their feet. Ireland may not have been known for its wonderful climate but for those summer months they were basking in a glorious warmth. Now, reality has come back. A car pulls up, with the windshield wiper rapidly trying to keep the car clean from the pouring rain. Two men simultaneously exit the vehicle, both fully covered up to combat the weather. They shut the doors and one of the men locks the car. Both of them make their way onto the pavement, as we begin to see a bit of light coming from out of frame. These two men cross the road as the off-screen light becomes stronger until it has drowned out the darkness of the frame. It seems like they are about to enter some sort of building. We begin to hear muffled speech coming from inside this building, and some distorted music too. It's at this point where the two men walk in through the doorway and we see the faces of a familiar duo. Joh: "Well, here we are." Of course, it's Joh and Monda from the United Nations. As we've moved inside, we can now hear clearly what's happening. Joh and Monda have arrived at a quintessential Irish pub. The muffled speech is the constant chatting from the people already in the pub, and the music is very classy but distinct Irish folk music. On the left is where all the drinks are, and throughout the rest of the room there are multiple tables, most being occupied by the people of Dublin. Joh and Monda find a table to sit at and take their place in the pub. Before being able to communicate with Monda at their area, Joh first has to go and get their drinks. Monda: "I know this all nice of you to do, but remember how I said a while back that I wanted to cut down on the drink?" "I mean you did say your break from all the alcohol would only last 2 weeks." "That's true, that's totally true, but you know I was joking man." Joh: "Listen my friend, a little old drink won't do you too much harm, plus, this is the prime opportunity to experience the true Irish pub night life." "But-" Before Monda has a chance to rebuttal, Joh walks off and up to the counter. Monda slouches back in his seat and begins to wait for Joh to come back with the drinks. Joh orders 2 pints of Guinness for the pair of them before a trio of middle-aged men walk up beside him. Person 1: "Lads, don't ye think this guy right here looks familiar?" Person 2: "Oh I've surely seen him before but I just can't tell you who he is." Person 3: "...........Ah, I know who this lad is. It's that Joh bloke from BPZ. The guy from the telly doing all the wrestling and all that craic." "Wow you're right. What in god's name is he doing in these parts of the city? Shouldn't he be in America being a celebrity and all that?" Joh begins to hear what these men are saying and instinctively turns around to see all 3 of them looking directly at him. "Um.........hello?" "You alright mate? I'm Paddy." "Kevin." "And I'm Liam. I'm also wondering what you're doing here in the first place." "Well.....I'm taking my buddy over here Monda for a pint or 2, depends how he's feeling. Do you guys have a problem with that or are you just curious?" "Nah mate no worries at all. We were just confused when we saw you and the American guy walk into this place. You both are supposed to be some sort of superstars in the wrestling world aren't ye? All glits and glamour driving your fancy cars around the California coast or something." "Some people might be like that, but us? Not really. We might go to the odd nice restaurant from here and there, but mostly we like to keep it to our roots. We're all representing our different nations in this legion of ours, I'm the Irish one and he's the American one, we have an Italian too. We're all being proud of our countries, do you get what I'm saying?" "Oh yeah, I'm sure that's why you're here, definitely. You're definitely not just trying to make yourself seem like the proudest Irishman in the country going to a pub like it's some exotic place here." "No it's not like that I'm just saying that-" "I see through your lies Mr Wrestler. You're fake. You're just trying to make yourself look humble. I see what you're doing here and I'm not having any of it. You've found the wrong place to use your little patriot character." "Listen-" *BAM* Before Joh can continue with his sentence, Liam connects with a sucker punch that could be heard throughout the entire pub. Chaos ensues in the immediate aftermath, as the others in the pub scream and the staff panic. The staff are quick to rush these group of men out of the room. The attacker Liam can be heard shouting obscenities while he and his friends are escorted out of the door. The camera fades out and then fades back in again, showing Joh and Monda sitting at their table, both with their Guinness pints in hand. Joh is still touching his face after that punch. "I'm guessing it's still hurting?" "Yeah, that stung like a bee. I know I should be used to it by now but not in an environment outside of the ring." "I see what you mean. After all, isn't that what the true Irish pub night life is all about? Getting punched in the face by a middle-aged man who is probably on his 4th pint of the night?" "You're right. Definitely. I probably should've expected that but whatever. Anyways......are you enjoying yourself?" "It's been pretty good so far, this Guinness is nice, the atmosphere feels like what you said it would be, and I got to see you get smacked in the face. What more could I ask for?" ".......At least you're enjoying it. So, we are days away from SummerSlam, the biggest party of the summer as they like to call it. Despite not really experiencing the summer feeling on this side of the pond, I'm pretty excited. Plenty of title matches on that show, Bashka vs BrendenPlayz, The Bailey vs Eli Smith, Mirage vs Josh, it's a stellar lineup. The United Nations may not be on it but other than that, I'm excited. "It would have been great to have us on that card, but we've just gotta wait. It's not the end of the world. We can be on any other show if we wanted to, we still have the support of our fans. Oh, I've seen that there's a North American Championship match at SummerSlam, Arius is defending against Yelich. Got any thoughts about that?" "Filler is what I think the word for it is. I defeated Yelich and every other opponent in that To The Top ladder match, but I guess Yelich has to be given a shot or else he'll sue the BPZ. He'll go on and on about being screwed and all that, but he lost fair and square at Emergence and he's lucky he's being given a chance. Arius should also be lucky that he's not facing the actual winner, he has to feed on the runner-up in the meantime. He can go through the match focusing on Yelich, but he always has to live with the fact I have my To The Top briefcase and I'm ready to use it whenever I choose." "Yeah, prepare to use that in your favour. Having that not only helps you but helps the United Nations in asserting our dominance over BPZ. There might be other groups trying to overcome our power but they'll never have an alliance like ours. And they should always remember that we have room to expand. "Exactly." "Hmm, looks like my Guinness is done with, yours too. How about we get out of here and go out into the pouring night again?" "I would love to stay here indoors but yeah, you're right, let's bolt. It's been a weird night, need to get some isolation." Joh and Monda get up and leave the pub. They cross the street before Joh unlocks the car. They both get inside and drive off into the night.
  11. Joh

    MMAnalysis w/ Joh

    UFC 241 - Post Show Analysis The Prelims The first fight of the evening was Sabina Mazo vs Shana Dobson in a women's flyweight fight. Wow, what a dominant performance from Mazo here. Mazo won the fight by unanimous decision with the judges scoring the contest 30-24, 30-25 and 20-25, making this fight the joint 2nd most lopsided unanimous decision victory in UFC history which is really impressive. Mazo put on a great performance, combining her lightning quick kicks, her excellent accuracy and good grapping as well. It was clear Dobson was a boxer so she was leaving her body to be hit and Mazo took advantage of that. I would've liked Mazo to finish her but she still got the victory in the end. Great performance. Next was Kyung Ho Kang defeating Brandon Davis by split decision. A judge scored it 29-28 in favour of Davis but the other 2 scored it 29-28 Kang. I agree with the decision, it was a close fight but I thought Kang won the first and third rounds definitively. Not much else to say about that fight, it was fine. And then closing the early prelims was Hannah Cifers vs Jodie Esquibel, where Cifers picked up the unanimous decision victory with the judges scoring it 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28. I don't know whether I would score it 30-27 or 29-28 but I agree that Cifers was the winner. This win brings her record to 10-3 which is pretty good, she could be ranked soon. Moving on to the actual preliminary card, it was opened by Manny Bermudez vs Casey Kenney at catchweight (140lbs). Bermudez was going into this fight with an undefeated record and a clear size advantage so I was expecting him to be the victor here but no, Kenney won the fight by unanimous decision. I was pretty impressed by Kenney in this fight, being able to keep control on the ground and get good takedowns on a guy who is basically a featherweight rather than a bantamweight. The whole reason this fight was at a 140lbs catchweight is because the UFC believed the weight cutting to 135lbs would be too difficult and it showed when Bermudez walked into the octagon at around 164, putting on 17.7% of his weigh in weight which is pretty ridiculous. The UFC are now forcing him to move up so good on their part. But yeah, Kenney was impressive and got the win over an undefeated guy. Next was Drakkar Klose vs Christos Giagos which ended up with Klose being the winner via unanimous decision once again. Giagos won the first round but Klose did good to come back and win the other 2. I definitely thought Klose was out when Giagos locked in a rear naked choke in the second round but Klose ended up escaping to my surprise. I think the best moment in this fight was in the third round, when Klose went to press Giagos against the cage but just ended up picking Giagos up onto his shoulder in a fireman's carry position, then Klose just drops him like a Samoan Drop, that was brilliant. A good win for Klose, who called out top 15 lightweight Gregor Gillespie after the fight. I don't think that's a very favourable fight for Klose but I guess it would be nice to see. Then there was a big bantamweight fight, with 2 top 10 ranked bantamweights facing off, these being Raphael Assuncao and Cory Sandhagen. Sandhagen ended up getting the 6th consecutive decision win of the night and the 4th consecutive unanimous decision win. I feel like this fight was closer than people make it out to be, but in hindsight it was Sandhagen who was definitely gonna get the win, he was overall more aggressive and did well to combat Assuncao's BJJ skills. This leaves Sandhagen as a top bantamweight contender now and he is also on a 7 fight winning streak, he could totally be a title contender soon enough. And now we reach the featured bout of the prelims and our last fight before the main card, Devonte Smith vs Khama Worthy. Let's look at this fight leading up to the show. Smith was originally supposed to be up against John Makdessi who pulled out, then the UFC gave him Clay Collard as his opponent, who ALSO had to pull out of this fight. By the time the UFC got Khama Worthy to be Smith's final opponent, UFC 241 was in 1 week. It's also noteworthy to point out that Worthy had fought a mere 3 weeks earlier and still accepted this fight. Smith went into this fight on a 6 fight winning streak as a -1000 favourite in the odds, while Worthy was the +650 underdog. Guess what happens? Worthy just goes and TKOs Devonte Smith in the first round. Ugh, what a sport. The fight started out slow for the first 4 minutes with them trading leg kicks and punches but then all of a sudden, Worthy eats a right hand from Smith and while Smith is moving forward he connects with a left hook and then a right hand right on the chin. He drops Smith and proceeds with hammerfists before the referee stops the fight, cementing Worthy as one of the biggest underdog winners of the year so far. Brilliant debut victory for Khama Worthy, establishing himself as a new threat in the lightweight division. It's a tough loss for someone as hyped up as Devonte Smith but I hope he comes back better than ever in his next fight. Derek Brunson def. Ian Heinisch - Unanimous Decision Who called it? This guy! To open up the UFC 241 main card, Derek Brunson defeated Ian Heinisch by unanimous decision with 29-28 on every judges' scorecard. Opening the main card with a correct prediction is always a nice feeling but wow, when I saw that first round, I thought I would be starting off with an incorrect pick. The fight starts off and about 5 seconds into the first round, Heinisch catches a running Brunson with a sweet head kick which made a grueling sound across the arena. The crowd reacted heavily, the commentators thought the fight was over but somehow someway, Brunson scrambles and lifts Heinisch up so he can get back up to his feet. I think that kick alone won Heinisch the round but he also did well throughout the rest of that round. So there was me thinking Brunson was done for. But no, Brunson goes ahead and wins the next 2 rounds! A main problem with Heinisch's overall gameplan was the fact he went for that finish so early into the fight. Heinisch basically just wasted all of his energy in the first round which left him hopeless in the next 2. He would go for takedowns, he would try to pressure Brunson but Brunson kept calm and composed through the duration of the 3 rounds. Brunson did really well in defending the takedowns and used brilliant movement to sway himself away from Heinisch pressing forward. I think Heinisch definitely overestimated his KO power in the leadup to the fight and in the fight itself. Heinisch won both of his prior UFC fights by decision and trying to knockout a guy who only really gets knocked out by the best would obviously be a difficult feat. Brunson has only ever been knocked out by the likes of Jacare Souza, Yoel Romero, Robert Whittaker, Israel Adesanya, all of those are big middleweight names. I do feel like Brunson is quite underappreciated. He may be reaching the later stages in his career and may be falling into that role as 'gatekeeper' of the division, but he can still go and win fights with the sheer experience and skill he has. Just because he gets beaten by tough opponents doesn't mean he loses to everyone. Brunson went into this fight as the underdog and managed to overcome the odds and come out with the victory. I thought that prediction would bite me in the back but in the end it didn't and I'm very happy about it. Again, good win for Brunson, if I had to put him up against anyone at the moment, I think I would probably say Darren Till actually. There's been plenty of ongoing rumours about Till finally moving up to middleweight and I feel like facing the so-called 'gatekeeper' of the division would define whether he's ready for the new weight class or not. As for Heinisch, I guess it's back to the drawing board for him. This is his first loss in a while so hopefully he can get back to winning ways. Sodiq Yusuff def. Gabriel Benítez - TKO via Punches (4:14 R1) After that was Sodiq Yusuff taking on Gabriel Benítez, where Yusuff pulled off the TKO win in the very first round. Again, much like the last fight that happened, there was a moment in the early stages of the fight where I thought I would have an incorrect prediction. The fight started out with Yusuff being as menacing as ever, constantly pushing forward and pressuring Benítez who circled Yusuff a bunch. Yusuff put his solid hands to good use as he hit some good strikes on his opponent. Benítez didn't look that bad either, he did throw some punches of his own and did some nice leg kicks. But then around 3 minutes into the fight, they're standing opposite of each other when Benítez throws a left hand which stumbles Yusuff but Yusuff gets back to his feet soon enough. That made me really scared for Yusuff in the remaining minutes of this fight. Thankfully, he managed to come back to form, and then with a minute remaining in the round, Yusuff takes a left straight to the face but counters with a wonderful right hook which drops Benítez and then Yusuff delivers hammerfists until the fight is stopped. I predicted the fight to end with the judges deciding the winner but Yusuff took it into his own hands to make sure that didn't happen. I obviously knew Yusuff had the ability to win the fight by stoppage but Benítez had only been knocked out 1 time previously so I had faith, but he now has another KO loss. Also Yusuff won his last fight by decision so I was quite hesitant to say he would finish it, but eh I still predicted the right guy to win so I'm not fussed. I'm glad Yusuff got another win, he's one of the best rising stars in the featherweight division. He's on a 5 fight winning streak and is undefeated in the UFC so I could see him maybe cracking the top 15 sometime in the next year. I think the year-long layoff for Benítez didn't help him but he didn't seem upset with the loss afterwards. He's still a good veteran to have in the division. Paulo Costa def. Yoel Romero - Unanimous Decision Oh boy, where do I even start with this fight? Well I guess I'll mention my prediction first. I predicted Romero to win the fight via TKO in the 2nd round, but in reality Costa pulled off the unanimous decision victory, with all the judges scoring the contest 29-28 in the Brazilian’s favour. What…...a……..fight. This has to be up there with one of the best UFC fights of the year so far. It was entertaining from start to finish with both of these monsters trying to beat the hell out of each other for the full 15 minutes. I’m even hearing some people say that this is the Fight of the Year but personally I’d still say Israel Adesanya vs Kelvin Gastelum for the UFC Interim Middleweight Championship back in April is still my favourite. Even if wasn’t my favourite fight of the year, it was most definitely my favourite fight on this entire card. Both these guys got a Fight of the Night bonus and they deserve it without a doubt. Just by watching the first round, you could tell this was going to be an awesome fight. Only 1 minute into the fight, Costa drops Romero with a left hook but Romero immediately gets up back to his feet. Costa is following him around the octagon until Romero got out of the way of a right hand and hit Costa with one of his own which dropped Costa. It was an insane start to the fight. Unfortunately there was an eyepoke from Romero and a low blow from Costa that both halted the round for a bit but the rest of the round was absolutely electrifying. I would personally give that round to Costa as would a lot of people. As for the 2nd round, it was definitely much more closer and it’s definitely the round that divided a lot of people’s winner of the bout as a whole. People thought Costa won this while others thought Romero won. For me I would’ve given the round to Romero but I can see why Costa was given this round in the end too. Costa advanced and pressured more, plus he was lethal with those body strikes. But I don’t know, I just felt like Romero got more clean shots to the head and overall just looked better than Costa so that’s why I thought he won that round. And then for the 3rd, people agree that Romero won this one, Costa was getting tired and Romero capitalised on that tiredness to take the control of that round. But as you tally up the scores, Costa won the fight and I have no problem with that. It was a phenomenal fight between two of the scariest guys in the middleweight division and I’m just so glad we got to see the fight in the first place. This is obviously the biggest win of Paulo Costa’s career so far, and it brings him to the top 3 of the division. I think next for Costa might be a title shot after Adesanya and Whittaker battle in October, but maybe he’ll have another fight before getting the chance to challenge for the belt. I don’t think this loss really hinders Romero that much, everyone knows he’s still a beast and the fact he went 3 rounds with a guy who has never been to a decision before shows how good Romero still is. Romero may be at the later stages of his career, with him being in his early 40s, but he should still be able to hang around with the best of this weight class until he eventually puts down the gloves. Yeah, what a damn fight. Nate Diaz def. Anthony Pettis - Unanimous Decision And then we move on to the co-main of UFC 241, Nate Diaz making his return to the octagon and facing Anthony Pettis. He's only gone and done it and pulled off the unanimous decision victory in a pretty dominant performance. I did predict Diaz to finish the fight by submission in the 3rd round but hey I was close enough. I really enjoyed this fight but wow Diaz just dominated most of the time. I scored it 30-27 as did 2 of the judges, and then 1 of the judges scored it 29-28 somehow? I don't really know how you could score this 29-28. The judge gave the 1st round to Pettis, a round where Pettis did land some good strikes but didn't look good in the clinch and on the ground. Diaz kept him on the cage when he could and Diaz scored a takedown to drag the fight to the mat. On the mat Diaz did some ground and pound before taking the back until the round ended. Then in the 2nd round is where the tides turned even more into Diaz's favour. Immediately in round 2, Pettis goes for a leg kick on Diaz but Diaz seems to check it and sends Pettis falling backwards. It turns out Pettis actually injured his foot in that moment and ruled out leg kicks for Pettis. I said in my preview analysis that if Diaz didn't check those leg kicks he could be in serious danger and here we are, he checks one and Pettis doesn't go for them again. Seeing Diaz check a leg kick honestly made me so proud, he's learning, bless him. I think round 2 shows Diaz at his best to be honest. Diaz was constantly coming towards Pettis and getting close up to him, wailing away with shot and shot while Pettis couldn't do anything. Diaz would just keep surrounding him against the cage and laying into him with punches, uppercuts and elbows. Again, Pettis didn't necessarily look bad, he did hit a few strikes of his own and clipped Diaz with a head kick that probably would have rocked Diaz if it was closer to his head, but he was just getting swarmed. Diaz managed to get Pettis to the ground again and keep top control until letting Pettis back up and keeping him in a clinch against the cage before the end of the round. Round 3 is the round where Diaz just asserted his dominance. Diaz kept doing what he was doing as Pettis just started deteriorating. Diaz ended up dropping Pettis with repeated knees to the skull but the fight continued on the ground. Diaz went in for the kill and tried going for a rear naked choke but Pettis used his good BJJ game to get himself out of getting choked. It was wonderful seeing Diaz and Pettis move on the ground and the fans enjoyed it too. Ultimately, Diaz got the unanimous decision in the end and the California crowd could not have been happier. The 3 year layoff barely even affected Diaz's performance in my eyes, he looked great. Many people were doubting Diaz including the betting people but I knew Diaz would be back in good fashion. Excellent return from Diaz, who called out Jorge Masvidal in his post-fight interview. Even though I like the sound of Masvidal facing Leon Edwards, Masvidal vs Diaz is definitely the fight to make, not only for the action but also for the drawing power those guys have. Part of me wants to think that Pettis' KO of Wonderboy was a fluke now but eh I don't know. I don't know who Pettis faces next. Stipe Miocic def. Daniel Cormier - TKO via Punches (4:09 R4) We are here at the main event of the evening, UFC Heavyweight Championship fight between Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic, and unfortunately, I end the PPV with another incorrect prediction. My prediction was Cormier knocking out Miocic in the 3rd round but in the end it was Miocic walking out of the octagon as the champ. I've got to say this, props to Stipe Miocic for pulling off one of the greatest comeback wins I've ever seen in the UFC. Starting off with round 1, Cormier absolutely dominated that round. When they were on the feet DC was hitting cleaner shots and then when Miocic went for a takedown, Cormier used his excellent balance to keep himself on his feet. And then with Cormier's pure strength, he picks up Miocic and delivers a very Attitude Adjustment-like slam, which was our 2nd fireman's carry slam of the night. From there, Cormier kept top control until the round came to an end, easily winning that round. Round 2 was much like the previous one except there was no clinch or ground action, just stand and bang from both competitors. Cormier won this round as well with clean strikes again, he even connected with a head kick (although it was the round we saw DC's eyepokes beginning again). It's during round 3 where the fight gets closer. Round 3 is a really tough round to call since both of them were really good. I'd say Cormier did better in the striking but Miocic got a takedown, so yeah, a really even round there but it doesn't count towards any kind of judge decision, as we see in round 4. In round 4, Miocic found his key to victory, and that key was body punches. He threw a body punch and then threw another, realising that DC wasn't blocking them. From then on, Cormier would try going for head punches while Miocic would combat them with head punches of his own but also with lethal body punches. Miocic was just ripping away at Cormier's body and the commentators could tell he was doing this too. This all led up to 4 minutes into the 4th round, when Miocic connected with a sick body shot that visibly hurt DC. This was Miocic's opportunity to finish it so he started going for the head punches and they were ruthless. He corners Cormier against the cage and lays into him with hands, Cormier crumbles and the referee stops the fight. We have a new champion! What an incredible comeback from Stipe, who found his weapon and stuck with it to get himself the win. I think Cormier's main problem was not utilising his wrestling enough. He dominated the 1st round by using it but he ignored his coach's advice to use it more. Of course with this being a new champion in the heavyweight division, there's a huge amount of possibilities as to who could challenge for the belt next. We could have Miocic/Cormier III which I wouldn't mind, we could have Miocic/Ngannou II which is the fight I want to see, and then there's Miocic/Jones which is very unlikely but still in the discussion I guess. Anyways, does this win cement Stipe Miocic as the heavyweight GOAT? Maybe. Prediction Count: 3/5
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    Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday Cody I hope you enjoy the 14 minutes of it left
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    MMAnalysis w/ Joh

    UFC 241 Date: August 17th 2019 Venue: Honda Center City: Anaheim, California Hello everyone and welcome to MMAnalysis with Joh. Today we're taking a look at the next UFC PPV in the schedule which is happening this weekend, UFC 241. For our third PPV coverage we're heading to the west coast of the USA, more specifically the city of Anaheim, California. On the main card, we have our main event which is for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, with the champion Daniel Cormier taking on Stipe Miocic for the title. Also on the main card is our co-main event, with the returning Nate Diaz facing Anthony Pettis. That's not even all the good fights, this card is amazing! An insane lineup with the top 3 fights all being star-studded and the rest of the card having other great match-ups. Even the prelims look really exciting, I would recommend all of those fights on the preliminary card because they're all pretty good match-ups. This PPV could easily be a contender for the best of the year and I am so excited to see it unfold on Saturday. But for now, I've got some analysing to do. Let's take a look at the main card of UFC 241. I'll offer my thoughts and try to predict the outcomes of each fight. Derek Brunson vs Ian Heinisch In our opening fight of the UFC 241 main card, we have our first middleweight bout, where Derek Brunson faces Ian "The Hurricane" Heinisch. Brunson goes into this fight with an MMA record of 19-7 while Heinisch goes into this fight with a record of 13-1. Brunson has never really been a top contender in the middleweight division but has always been up there in the rankings and has some good wins over Uriah Hall and Lyoto Machida. Brunson is going into this fight with a win in his last fight, a unanimous decision victory over Elias Theodorou in May (which is a really funny fight, go watch that for a laugh). Heinisch on the other hand is one of the most hyped up prospects in the middleweight division. He was brought into the UFC through the Contender Series and has won his first two UFC fights against Cezar Ferreira and Antonio Carlos Junior. He is also on a 5 fight win streak and has only ever lost 1 fight in his professional career. This one is a really interesting pairing, seeing as Brunson has been a mainstay in the UFC for many years now and Heinisch is only just beginning his UFC career. It is really a Veteran vs New Breed kind of match-up. Now, who do I think has this in the bag? Well, the favourite in this fight is the rising star Heinisch, he's the more promising and hungry fighter out of the 2, but I'm not so sure about his chances. He didn't really seem that great in his fight with Antonio Carlos Junior, getting dominated in the first, just about winning the second and then finishing off the fight with a good round 3, he seems to be a slow starter. However, I could see Heinisch using his KO power that he has used to win 4 fights in his career here. On the other hand, Brunson just looked the same throughout his fight with Theodorou. He didn't have much to do against someone as.....'unique' as Theodorou but he still got the easy decision win. Brunson also does have KO power of his own, with 11 knockouts out of his 19 wins. This one is certainly going to be a tough fight to call, but I think I'm going to go with experience, which is why I'm going with Brunson. I see Brunson doing better in the first 2 rounds and then Heinisch coming out blazing in the third, but not doing enough to avenge his first 2 rounds. This could totally come back to bite me in the back seeing as Heinisch is the favourite, but I'm willing to take a chance and go with Brunson here. Prediction: Decision Win - Derek Brunson ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gabriel Benítez vs Sodiq Yusuff Next up is a featherweight bout between Gabriel "Moggly" Benítez and "Super" Sodiq Yusuff. Benítez goes into this fight with a 21-6 record and Yusuff holds a record of 9-1. Benítez hasn't fought in over a year so this will be his first fight in a while. His last fight took place all the way back in May 2018 against Humberto Bandenay, where he won the fight in about 40 seconds via KO with a vicious slam and punches. Benítez has also been with the UFC since 2014 so he has more experience here. Yusuff was brought into the UFC through the Contender Series like Ian Heinisch was, and has won his first 2 UFC fights so far. His last fight was a unanimous decision win over Sheymon Moraes in March, which extended his win streak to 4 fights. Much like our opener of the main card, this one is a battle between a more experienced UFC fighter and a rising new star, and I think this one is also a good pairing. It's probably Yusuff's most formidable UFC opponent yet despite Benítez's layoff. Benítez showed in his last fight against Bandenay that he is not someone to miss with on the feet as he dropped Bandenay within the first 20 seconds of the fight. Benítez has even better submission game too, with 10 of his 21 professional wins coming via submission. However, it is definitely easy to see why Yusuff is the favourite in this fight. He has shown in his previous fights that he has a unique style and heavy hands. The power Yusuff possesses in his punches is insane, he can swing for days. It's no wonder 5 out of Yusuff's 9 wins have come via KO/TKO. Although, despite the fact that both these guys have good finishing, I see this one going the distance and ending in the judges deciding the victor. I think this one will be pretty back and forth and it should be an entertaining fight. I'm going with Super Sodiq to continue the streak. Prediction: Decision Win - Sodiq Yusuff ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yoel Romero vs Paulo Costa Here we go, we're moving onto the big fights of this card now, the big 3 that everyone is excited for. We are midway through the main card and in this slot we have a middleweight fight with Yoel "Soldier of God" Romero taking on Paulo "The Eraser" Costa. Romero currently holds an MMA record of 13-3 while Costa holds an undefeated record of 12-0. Both of these guys have taken time away from the octagon for a while and now it's time that they get back to action. Romero has been in the UFC since 2013 now and has only ever lost in the UFC to one man and that was current UFC Middleweight Champion Robert Whittaker, who he has lost to twice. Other than those losses, Romero has never left to anyone else in his UFC career. He has big wins over Luke Rockhold, Chris Weidman, Jacare Souza and Lyoto Machida. On the other hand we have Paulo Costa who arrived in the UFC in 2017 and has won all of his 4 fights with notable wins over guys like Johny Hendricks and Uriah Hall. This is definitely Paulo Costa's most daunting task yet, to beat Yoel Romero. Costa hasn't been in the UFC for long but it's clear that he is someone the UFC sees as a future serious contender in the middleweight division, which is why they have him up against the #2 ranked middleweight contender in the UFC right now. I can definitely see why Paulo Costa is such a hyped up star right now, he has looked impressive in his last few fights, he's undefeated, and he has incredible striking. His punches are brutal and the sound they make hurts you as much as it hurts the recipient. It's also worth pointing out that Costa has a 100% finish rate in his 12 fight career, with 11 KO/TKOs and 1 submission to his name. Now, what about Romero? Well, what is there to say about this guy that hasn't already been said? He's an absolute beast, with such an imposing figure and highlight reel knockouts like his knockouts of Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold. Although, this is his first 3 round fight since 2016 so Romero might need to change up his gameplan in order to win this fight against Costa. This is going to be an absolute clinic of a fight, with two jacked heavy hitters going one-on-one in a fight that will most likely stay on the fight for the majority of the time. Even if the fight doesn't stay on the feet that much, I think it could be interesting in the clinch or on the ground. I would probably give the advantage to the Cuban there. Costa can be a great comeback fighter as he showed in his fight against Uriah Hall, he took jab after jab from him and still finished Hall in good fashion in the second round, so if Romero starts out well then I can see Costa regaining control. But the thing is that Romero isn't that type of guy who goes into the first round all guns blazing, he's composed and moves well. If anything, Costa is going to be the one who starts out fiercely. It's such an interesting match-up and a great one too from the UFC, as this could have a major toll on the middleweight division, and maybe decide who gets the title shot next. This one is such a close one to call but I think I'm giving the victory to the Soldier of God. I don't expect this one to go to decision at all, so expect and enjoy a nice KO/TKO finish. Prediction: TKO Win (R2) - Yoel Romero ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anthony Pettis vs Nate Diaz Ohhh boy, in our co-main event of the evening, we see Anthony "Showtime" Pettis facing Nate Diaz in a welterweight bout. Pettis goes into this fight with an MMA record of 22-8 while Diaz has a record of 19-11. Anthony Pettis has had a weird career in terms of weight classes. He's fought most of his career in lightweight, then he had a stint at featherweight in 2016 before returning to lightweight again. Now, Pettis has moved up to welterweight for the first time in a decade. Pettis made his welterweight debut in March, getting a brilliant KO win against Stephen Thompson with a superman punch. And then we have Nate Diaz. Diaz is making his return to the UFC after a 3 year layoff, with his last 2 fights being those universally seen bouts with his biggest rival Conor McGregor. Diaz won the first fight between them in the second round with a rear naked choke, but then went on to lose to McGregor in their rematch via a very close majority decision. Now it is time for Diaz to step back into the octagon against a pretty tough opponent. It's an interesting pairing since both of these guys are more known for their work in the lightweight division but are now fighting a weight class above in the welterweight division. Of course, both of Diaz's fights with McGregor were at welterweight and he did fight at welterweight for a short time between 2010 and 2011, so him and Pettis both have a pretty similar amount of time at 170lbs. What about the actual fight though, who is coming out of this bout with the victory? Well, this is probably the hardest fight to call on the entire main card, with one of the main reasons being Diaz's multi-year break from the UFC. People are wondering if Diaz will be the same after such a long time away and if he'll be able to compete with a more active fighter like Pettis. Well, I strongly doubt that the break will effect his performance here. Diaz has taken breaks before and he's still active in training, so I don't see why that will be a disadvantage for him. I do see why Pettis is the favourite going into this fight though. He's coming off an impressive welterweight debut victory against Wonderboy and has the same amount of skill and experience as Diaz. A main weapon for Pettis in this fight has gotta be his leg kicks. Diaz is kind of renowned for not checking those leg kicks and constantly just getting his leg hurt, so if Diaz isn't gonna check them, Pettis should just go for them. For Diaz, I feel like if he can pressure Pettis enough he can just swarm over Pettis and be able to weaken him. Pettis uses speed while Diaz uses pressure. I feel like they're pretty equal on the feet, with Diaz probably being a better boxer, and the ground they're also pretty close in quality but I also think Diaz is better. 12 out of Diaz's 19 wins have come via submission so his submission game is no joke. Pettis is mostly a KO artist with 11 of his 22 wins being via KO/TKO, but he probably won't be able to knock out a guy with a chin as tough as Diaz's. Diaz has only ever been finished twice in his career, so I think if Pettis wins it's decision. But, I'm gonna go with the underdog and go with the returning Nate Diaz. It's probably the fight I'm most hyped for going into the PPV and I'm excited to see it happen. Prediction: Submission Win (R3) - Nate Diaz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic - UFC Heavyweight Championship Finally, we are here. We are taking a look at the main event of this UFC 241 mega card. In the main event of the evening, we see a bout for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, where Daniel "DC" Cormier defends his title against Stipe Miocic in their second fight between each other. The champion goes into this fight with an MMA record of 22-1-1NC while the challenger has a record of 18-3. Of course, this is the rematch between these two heavyweight greats as I said earlier. Their first fight took place in July last year, where DC defeated Miocic to win the UFC Heavyweight Champion and to become one of the only fighters in UFC history to hold two titles simultaneously (UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Championships). Since this big win, Cormier has defended the title once, defeating Derrick Lewis to retain the title in November via submission. Cormier has an amazing record of 22-1-1NC, with him beating every opponent he has been up against except for Jon Jones which gave him that 1 loss and 1 no contest on his record. Cormier is known as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time and has great wins over guys like Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva, Josh Barnett, Frank Mir and Roy Nelson. He has also been UFC Light Heavyweight Champion like I mentioned before and has impressive wins over guys like Dan Henderson, Anthony Johnson (twice), Alexander Gustafsson and Anderson Silva during his time at 205lbs. As for the challenger Stipe Miocic, he is also known as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. A fact that helps this claim is that Miocic holds the record for most consecutives defenses of the UFC Heavyweight Championship with 3 in a row. Miocic has brilliant victories over so many great heavyweights like Mark Hunt, Fabricio Werdum, Alistair Overeem, Junior dos Santos and Francis Ngannou, all who he beat leading up to the first Cormier fight. But since he lost the title, Miocic hasn't fought since, not wanting any other fight other than a rematch for the title, which he is now getting. This is easily one of the most hyped up rematches in recent UFC history and I am excited to see it unfold at the PPV. Analysing the fight should be simple enough, just look at their last fight right? Well I think after their last fight, Miocic is gonna come back better and hungrier than ever and he has proven in the past that he can put out the best heavyweights in brilliant fashion, so I'm definitely not counting out Miocic merely due to the fact he lost the first fight. Cormier is obviously the favourite going into this rematch after winning the first one and yeah it makes total sense. DC is still the #1 pound for pound fighter in the UFC right now for a reason, he has excellent wrestling, good submissions and can knock you out as well, he's a good all-rounder. He may have eye poked his way to a win last time but I doubt that's gonna be his key to winning this time. I definitely don't see this fight going all 5 rounds, they're both gonna be looking to finish each other to get that title. This is also a tough one to call but I'm predicting the champ to retain. Prediction: KO Win (R3) - Daniel Cormier ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for joining me in my analysis of UFC 241. I'm Joh and see you at the fights.

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