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  1. Music Discussion

    I still like those songs, they're both decent.
  2. Music Discussion

    So I made a Top 10 Best Hit Songs of 2017 blog post, kind of similar to the stuff I used to do a while ago on the forums. If you're interested in checking it out then here it is: https://jamiemusicjourney.wordpress.com/2017/12/07/top-10-best-hit-songs-of-2017/
  3. I'm not that big of a fan of Shayna Baszler but her work in the MYC was good and she has the hype from being in the Four Horsewomen so I think she'll be a good addition to the NXT roster.
  4. Ever upward

    Joh watches on as Ark walks to the back but starts to speak again. Really Ark? Is that all that you've got left in the tank? You can think you're the man of the future all you want. But at TakeOver: Pride, the vision you have of yourself in the future won't come about, since the image of the sky is what you'll be seeing. You admit you are not the best. Well, it's good that you're self-aware. If you're so confident about your victory at TakeOver, what will happen if you end up failing? Is your journey gonna restart all over again? Is one of your lives gone? The meter for confidence and determination can only go so far, it reaches a breaking point. You have hit that breaking point my friend. I'm not here to take over the jobs of the young up and comers, I'm here to re-establish myself to this era of BPZ. If it's a veteran or a newcomer coming at me, I don't budge. You say you are not your past, yet don't forget to mention your fights with Elliot in the summer. Ah well, I guess the thought of being the man really drowned out any sense in your brain. I will see you at EVOLVE TakeOver: Pride, and whoever comes out on top, is certainly the better man. But if it is me, then the motto I always live by will still live on, no one, will ever, be worthy. Joh's music plays again as he walks to the back.
  5. Your Reputation Milestones

    Finally hit 600 rep.
  6. Best Storyline By WWE?

    Owen Hart vs Bret Hart was fantastic. A stuck-up, annoying little brother trying to prove he's better than his successful, cooler older brother. It's kinda like a cartoon in a way, but I still love it.
  7. Ever upward

    “Stand Tall” plays and out comes Joh to confront Ark. He has the spotlight on him, his robe, gold chains and crown. He is holding his signature gold-plated microphone. "Ahem, mister. It seems that you are forgetting to acknowledge a certain someone. A certain someone who has recently been added to this To The Top match-up. Maybe you haven’t heard the news, or you’re just living under a rock, or the shadow of other performers. You see kid, you bring up the fact that you’re in the “big leagues” now, it’s time to step up the game according to you. Well, if you haven’t noticed already, you’re gonna be in a match against a former Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, Tag Team Champion and Money In The Bank holder. If there is someone in this match who knows a thing or two about the big leagues, it’s this man talking to you right here. You may think I am some washed-up, has-been loser, but when I get into that ring with you at EVOLVE TakeOver: Pride, you won’t know what hit you. The arrogance and smugness is going to come over you, you’re going to think you’re the man of the night and that you’re the chosen superstar of this business, but no. That’s what they tell you to make you feel special. In fact, in reality, the only thing you’re gonna be a superstar in, is the mid-card. Your little game is over. Your dream of making it in the big leagues is a figment of your imagination. You, are simply, not worthy."
  8. Biggest Disappointment In WWE?

    The decline of the Heath Slater is a recent disappointment. He had the world in his hands in 2016 and now he's only on Main Event. It's sad really.
  9. BPZ Cash Milestones

    I recently got to 100 so I guess I'm doing alright so far.
  10. Your BPZ Forums Unpopular Opinions

    Joh The Builder was actually proper funny tbf
  11. Worst World Title Match This Year?

    Easily Jinder vs Nakamura. Boring af match. The fact it was for the WWE title at one of the biggest shows of the year is a disgrace.
  12. Wrestling Debate Discussions

    I'm torn on this one. On one hand, for the sake of Taker himself, he shouldn't have another match. On the other hand, he still has so many dream matches to have and to go out on a loss to Roman isn't enough. Idk.
  13. Face Reveal Thread

    wow you're hot
  14. Football (Soccer) Discussion

    Good result against Arsenal. Shame about Pogba missing the derby. I don't think that derby is gonna look good for Man United.
  15. I'd be really mad if they gave Ziggler the belt. I think his career has just fizzled out now and he should go away. I wouldn't mind Corbin or Roode getting the win.

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