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  1. Whenever I'm around it's a fun time
  2. Joh

    It's time.

    Joh is fresh off his induction speech at the 2019 BPZ Hall of Fame ceremony. He stops by the paparazzi to pose and flex his new Hall of Fame ring. He stays for a good 30 seconds before a surprised look appears on his face. Suddenly, he sprints out of the paparazzi area and on his way to the exit of the building. The new Hall of Famer is heard shouting “MOVE!” and “OUT OF MY WAY!” to staff while trying to find his way out. Everyone inside is left bewildered. He is seen exiting to the outside parking lot. A few minutes go by and people are still wondering where Joh went. Until… We see Joh re-enter the building with the To The Top briefcase in hand! Again, he paces his way through the seas of peoples and back towards the paparazzi area, doing this all with a determined look on his face. One brave reporter gets close enough to Joh to get a few words from him. “Mr. Joh, what are you doing with the TTT briefcase?” “Steve, it’s time baby. The Hall of Fame is over and done with, I’ve got the ring, everything has come to its climax. I said it already in my speech, I got this briefcase ready wherever whenever, doesn’t matter the occasion. How about I conclude this ceremony with a bang?” Joh pauses. Joh takes off his sunglasses and stares directly into the camera lens. “KENJI……….BUDDY ACE………THIS ISN’T A 1V1 BETWEEN YOU TWO ANYMORE. MEET THE NEW COMPETITOR. FORMER BPZ INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, BPZ UNITED STATES CHAMPION, BPZ TAG TEAM CHAMPION, BPZ MONEY IN THE BANK WINNER, BPZ HALL OF FAME LEGEND, AND BPZ TO THE TOP REIGNING HOLDER, THE WORTHY ONE, JOH. YOU THOUGHT YOU GOT RID OF ME MONTHS AGO? YOU THOUGHT I JUST DISAPPEARED WITH MY TTT WIN AS A PARTING GIFT? NO, NOW IS THE TIME WHERE I FINALLY USE THIS AND GAIN WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE: THE BPZ NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP. KENJI, BUDDY ACE, JOH, TRIPLE THREAT, BPZMANIA. I……AM CASHING IN” Everyone nearby is left stunned by this announcement from Joh. But they can’t keep hold of him for much longer, as he runs off once again.
  3. oh yeah thanks for 5 years motherfuckers see ye in a few months

  4. BiC’s always been a failure in my eyes, so him
  5. Joh

    MMAnalysis w/ Joh

    UFC Fight Night 158 Date: September 14th 2019 Venue: Rogers Arena City: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Misha Cirkunov vs Jimmy Crute Prediction: KO Win (R1) - Jimmy Crute ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uriah Hall vs Antonio Carlos Junior Prediction: Decision Win - Antonio Carlos Junior ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michel Pereira vs Tristan Connelly Prediction: Decision Win - Michel Pereira ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Todd Duffee vs Jeff Hughes Prediction: TKO Win (R1) - Todd Duffee ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glover Teixeira vs Nikita Krylov Prediction: TKO Win (R3) - Nikita Krylov ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donald Cerrone vs Justin Gaethje Prediction: TKO Win (R3) - Justin Gaethje
  6. Joh

    UFC: Our Time

    Anthony Pettis vs Jake Matthews BJ Penn vs Kevin Lee Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Bruce Lee Kimbo Slice vs Issac Frost Daniel Cormier vs Chuck Lidell Anderson Silva vs Robbie Lawler Dustin Poirier (C) vs Conor Mcgregor
  7. Joh

    MMAnalysis w/ Joh

    UFC 242 Date: September 7th 2019 Venue: The Arena, Yas Island City: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Mairbek Taisumov vs Carlos Diego Ferreira Prediction: Decision Win - Carlos Diego Ferreira ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Curtis Blaydes vs Shamil Abdurakhimov Prediction: TKO Win (R3) - Curtis Blaydes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Islam Makhachev vs Davi Ramos Prediction: Decision Win - Islam Makhachev ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edson Barboza vs Paul Felder Prediction: Decision Win - Edson Barboza ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Dustin Poirier - UFC Lightweight Championship Prediction: Decision Win - Khabib Nurmagomedov
  8. Maintain relevancy. It sounds kinda depressing but it's true, I hope I can stay around long enough that I'm still talked about. also hall of fame
  9. Joh

    MMAnalysis w/ Joh

    UFC Fight Night 157 Date: August 31st 2019 Venue: Shenzhen Universiade Sports Centre Arena City: Shenzhen, China Wu Yanan vs Mizuki Inoue Prediction: Decision Win - Wu Yanan ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lu Zhenhong vs Movsar Evloev Prediction: Decision Win - Movsar Evloev ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kai Kara-France vs Mark De La Rosa Prediction: Decision Win - Kai Kara-France ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos vs Li Jingliang Prediction: KO Win (R2) - Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jessica Andrade vs Weili Zhang - UFC Women's Strawweight Championship Prediction: Submission Win (R3) - WeilI Zhang ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Happy birthday Sameer
  11. Yay 700 rep. It's something.
  12. Location: Dublin, Ireland. It's a time of the year where the beautiful days of summer turn into the gloomy days of autumn. The weather during the later hours of a late August night in Dublin showed this transitioning, as the rain fell from the sky and left puddles for the pedestrians to see beneath their feet. Ireland may not have been known for its wonderful climate but for those summer months they were basking in a glorious warmth. Now, reality has come back. A car pulls up, with the windshield wiper rapidly trying to keep the car clean from the pouring rain. Two men simultaneously exit the vehicle, both fully covered up to combat the weather. They shut the doors and one of the men locks the car. Both of them make their way onto the pavement, as we begin to see a bit of light coming from out of frame. These two men cross the road as the off-screen light becomes stronger until it has drowned out the darkness of the frame. It seems like they are about to enter some sort of building. We begin to hear muffled speech coming from inside this building, and some distorted music too. It's at this point where the two men walk in through the doorway and we see the faces of a familiar duo. Joh: "Well, here we are." Of course, it's Joh and Monda from the United Nations. As we've moved inside, we can now hear clearly what's happening. Joh and Monda have arrived at a quintessential Irish pub. The muffled speech is the constant chatting from the people already in the pub, and the music is very classy but distinct Irish folk music. On the left is where all the drinks are, and throughout the rest of the room there are multiple tables, most being occupied by the people of Dublin. Joh and Monda find a table to sit at and take their place in the pub. Before being able to communicate with Monda at their area, Joh first has to go and get their drinks. Monda: "I know this all nice of you to do, but remember how I said a while back that I wanted to cut down on the drink?" "I mean you did say your break from all the alcohol would only last 2 weeks." "That's true, that's totally true, but you know I was joking man." Joh: "Listen my friend, a little old drink won't do you too much harm, plus, this is the prime opportunity to experience the true Irish pub night life." "But-" Before Monda has a chance to rebuttal, Joh walks off and up to the counter. Monda slouches back in his seat and begins to wait for Joh to come back with the drinks. Joh orders 2 pints of Guinness for the pair of them before a trio of middle-aged men walk up beside him. Person 1: "Lads, don't ye think this guy right here looks familiar?" Person 2: "Oh I've surely seen him before but I just can't tell you who he is." Person 3: "...........Ah, I know who this lad is. It's that Joh bloke from BPZ. The guy from the telly doing all the wrestling and all that craic." "Wow you're right. What in god's name is he doing in these parts of the city? Shouldn't he be in America being a celebrity and all that?" Joh begins to hear what these men are saying and instinctively turns around to see all 3 of them looking directly at him. "Um.........hello?" "You alright mate? I'm Paddy." "Kevin." "And I'm Liam. I'm also wondering what you're doing here in the first place." "Well.....I'm taking my buddy over here Monda for a pint or 2, depends how he's feeling. Do you guys have a problem with that or are you just curious?" "Nah mate no worries at all. We were just confused when we saw you and the American guy walk into this place. You both are supposed to be some sort of superstars in the wrestling world aren't ye? All glits and glamour driving your fancy cars around the California coast or something." "Some people might be like that, but us? Not really. We might go to the odd nice restaurant from here and there, but mostly we like to keep it to our roots. We're all representing our different nations in this legion of ours, I'm the Irish one and he's the American one, we have an Italian too. We're all being proud of our countries, do you get what I'm saying?" "Oh yeah, I'm sure that's why you're here, definitely. You're definitely not just trying to make yourself seem like the proudest Irishman in the country going to a pub like it's some exotic place here." "No it's not like that I'm just saying that-" "I see through your lies Mr Wrestler. You're fake. You're just trying to make yourself look humble. I see what you're doing here and I'm not having any of it. You've found the wrong place to use your little patriot character." "Listen-" *BAM* Before Joh can continue with his sentence, Liam connects with a sucker punch that could be heard throughout the entire pub. Chaos ensues in the immediate aftermath, as the others in the pub scream and the staff panic. The staff are quick to rush these group of men out of the room. The attacker Liam can be heard shouting obscenities while he and his friends are escorted out of the door. The camera fades out and then fades back in again, showing Joh and Monda sitting at their table, both with their Guinness pints in hand. Joh is still touching his face after that punch. "I'm guessing it's still hurting?" "Yeah, that stung like a bee. I know I should be used to it by now but not in an environment outside of the ring." "I see what you mean. After all, isn't that what the true Irish pub night life is all about? Getting punched in the face by a middle-aged man who is probably on his 4th pint of the night?" "You're right. Definitely. I probably should've expected that but whatever. Anyways......are you enjoying yourself?" "It's been pretty good so far, this Guinness is nice, the atmosphere feels like what you said it would be, and I got to see you get smacked in the face. What more could I ask for?" ".......At least you're enjoying it. So, we are days away from SummerSlam, the biggest party of the summer as they like to call it. Despite not really experiencing the summer feeling on this side of the pond, I'm pretty excited. Plenty of title matches on that show, Bashka vs BrendenPlayz, The Bailey vs Eli Smith, Mirage vs Josh, it's a stellar lineup. The United Nations may not be on it but other than that, I'm excited. "It would have been great to have us on that card, but we've just gotta wait. It's not the end of the world. We can be on any other show if we wanted to, we still have the support of our fans. Oh, I've seen that there's a North American Championship match at SummerSlam, Arius is defending against Yelich. Got any thoughts about that?" "Filler is what I think the word for it is. I defeated Yelich and every other opponent in that To The Top ladder match, but I guess Yelich has to be given a shot or else he'll sue the BPZ. He'll go on and on about being screwed and all that, but he lost fair and square at Emergence and he's lucky he's being given a chance. Arius should also be lucky that he's not facing the actual winner, he has to feed on the runner-up in the meantime. He can go through the match focusing on Yelich, but he always has to live with the fact I have my To The Top briefcase and I'm ready to use it whenever I choose." "Yeah, prepare to use that in your favour. Having that not only helps you but helps the United Nations in asserting our dominance over BPZ. There might be other groups trying to overcome our power but they'll never have an alliance like ours. And they should always remember that we have room to expand. "Exactly." "Hmm, looks like my Guinness is done with, yours too. How about we get out of here and go out into the pouring night again?" "I would love to stay here indoors but yeah, you're right, let's bolt. It's been a weird night, need to get some isolation." Joh and Monda get up and leave the pub. They cross the street before Joh unlocks the car. They both get inside and drive off into the night.

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