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  1. Total Extreme Wrestling Booking Competition (Giveaway)

    Preshow 2 minute Angle: Opening up the SummerSlam Preshow with the history of SummerSlam 5 minute: We are here with the Preshow panel with Renne Young, Lita, Jerry Lawler, and Booker T, they here to discuss the SummerSlam main card matches and then to the upcoming preshow match. Hype video for Johnny Gargano and Candice Lerae vs. Rusev and Lana - 2 minutes Johnny Gargano and Candice Lerae vs. Rusev and Lana ( Winners: Johnny Gargano and Candice Lerae) (Match 14 minutes, Johnny and Candice Lerae Entrance 1 minute, Rusev and Lana's Entrance 1 minute, total 16 minutes) Backstory: Rusev has ever since been popular with the WWE Universe because of his Rusev Day gimmick. While Johnny Gargano would then be called up to the main roster, debuted on SmackDown Live, and WWE fans were chanting "Johnny Wrestling" Rusev would see Johnny Gargano as a threat because WWE fans focusing more on "Johnny Wrestling" than "Rusev Day". Rusev would then assault Johnny Gargano and then after we would have a on-going feud, to which Johnny beated Rusev once, and Rusev beated Johnny once (Rusev only won against Johnny because of the interference by Lana). 2 weeks before SummerSlam on SmackDown Live Rusev challenged Johnny Gargano to one match to see who is the best, Johnny would accept on "one condition" if the match was a Mixed Tag Team match and if they put Candice LeRae (Johnny Gargano's Wife) on Johnny's side and Lana (Rusev Wife) on Rusev side, and then Rusev accepts Johnny's condition. On the final week before SmackDown Live we see Candice LeRae being called up and signed to SmackDown Live, but she is interrupted by Lana, Lana would then say that she has worked hard to get where she's at while Candice was only signed by the WWE was because her husband helped her to get where she is, this would cause a fight between Candice and Lana backstage until Rusev and Johnny Gargano had to break up the fight. Rated: 52 (lack of pop, lana heavily penalised for terrible wrestling, rusev carried in terms of pop) 3 minute Angle: Candice and Johnny celebrating, especially for Candice because this is her first win and debut since moving to the main roster. 2 minute: The Panel discusses the events of what just happened but also say there is more to come on the Preshow expressing there excitement for the "Chyna Memorial Battle Royal" that's next! 2 minute Hype video for the "Chyna Memorial Battle Royal" Chyna Memorial Battle Royal: (Competitors: Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox, Bayley, Dana Brooke, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Mickie James, Sasha Banks, Billey Kay, Carmella, Lana, Naomi, Peyton Royce, Charlotte, Shyna Baszler) (30 second entrances each, total entrances 7 minute, match 15 minutes, total 22 minutes) Winner: Charlotte Backstory: It was announced by the WWE that they will deactivate the Wrestlemania Women's Battle Royal, and they decided to honor "The Ninth Wonder of the World" Chyna at SummerSlam, they would call this historical event "The Chyna Memorial Battle Royal" and this match would take place at SummerSlam. Stephanie McMahon went into detail that Superstars from RAW and SD were eligible to participate in this historic event, a Women's Battle Royal was held in NXT to determine which Superstar will represent there respective brand in this event and Shyna Baszler would win it. 2 weeks before SummerSlam on RAW, Lita revealed "The Chyna Memorial Battle Royal" trophy, Lita talked about Chyna's legacy and went on to say it should be a honor for every women superstar to participate in this event and also said that "The stakes are high! Because whoever will win this historical event will be granted a title match of her choosing!" On the final week before SummerSlam we see a lot of heat with the Women's Superstars heading into SummerSlam, on RAW after Sasha Banks proclaims she will win and honor Chyna's legacy, we'd see a invasion of Women Superstars from SmackDown, NXT, and even Raw, brawling in the ring showing the stakes are actually high for the Women's Division heading into SummerSlam. The Next Night on SmackDown we'd see WWE Hall of Famer Trish Struats she goes on to say that she is "Disappointed of last night's action because winning the Chyna Memorial Battle Royal should mean something more than just brawling over who should win and just get a title shot because of it." Trish would finally say that "Whoever wins the Battle Royal and honor Chyna's legacy, honor it with Pride!" Rated: 62 (combination of low pop wrestlers brought rating down) 3 minute Angle: We see Charlotte celebrating her win, WWE Hall of Famers Trish Strauts and Lita congratulate her and give her the "Chyna Memorial Trophy", Charlotte would grab a Microphone and she would to thank her fans, and Charlotte would go on to say she's proud of what the Women's Evolution has become, and Charlotte promises that she will make sure to honor Chyna's legacy. 3 minute Angle: The Panel discusses what just happened, and then they discuss the Main Card one last time, each of them give there predictions on the Main Show, then in the final 30 seconds we countdown to the beginning of SummerSlam. Preshow: 1 hour Main Show SummerSlam Opening Package (2 minutes) Bragging Rights: Finn Balor - RAW vs. AJ Styles - SmackDown (Winner AJ Styles) (Match 20 minutes match, 2 minutes entrance for Finn Balor and 2 minute AJ Styles, in total 24 minutes) Backstory: It was announced that after SummerSlam the WWE would be unveiling a New WWE Draft that will consist of 20 superstar changes. GM's of RAW and SD, Kurt Angle and Paige, both agreed to have there top superstar to represent there brand and face each other at SummerSlam, and to see who will get the first pick in the draft. Kurt picked Finn Balor and Paige picked AJ Styles, these two superstars know what's at stake for each brand, these two know each other so well during there time in Japan, and these two superstars had not forgotten there previous bout one year ago from TLC. On SmackDown Live, AJ Styles is explaining that he's putting his freindship of Finn Balor aside and he is doing what's best for him and Smackdown Live to which he says "Finn, I hope you understand its just business" but after that we see Finn Balor doing a surprise invading on SmackDown Live, AJ Styles and Finn Balor have a brawl until Finn has to retreat because of SmackDown Live officials coming after him. 2 weeks before SummerSlam on RAW when being interviewed to explain his actions Finn Balor says "Just like AJ said it's just business" later on in the night Finn wins a match with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows but after the Match, AJ Styles music hits but doesn't come out in the entrance way but instead he comes out from the crowd, and then we have a confrontation between the two but before they do anything Finn and AJ tell Anderson and Gallows to leave indicating they want to do this alone. Then these two instead of brawling they instead go for the "Too Sweet" gesture but after that AJ hits Finn with a Styles Clash and retreats when RAW officials come after him. The night after on SmackDown Live, Paige reassures that Finn won't be here tonight because Kurt Angle has agreed if he does there will be consequences, later on AJ Styles wins a Match against Jinder Mahal, after the match AJ is hyping his SummerSlam match against Finn, to which AJ claims he will come out victorious for him and Smackdown. The final week before SummerSlam, on RAW Finn hypes up his SummerSlam match, saying he will make sure RAW is victorious, and he gives a warning to AJ, saying there might be "Demons" coming after Styles at SummerSlam. And finally on SmackDown Live we see a Hype Video showing of AJ and Finn's past in Japan, Indie Wrestling, and in the WWE, to it leading up to there match at SummerSlam. Rating: 87 (great match, good pop, finn's lack of pop stopped the match from being higher) 2 minute Hype video for The Usos vs. Brezzango The Usos (c) vs. Brezzango - for the SmackDown Tag Team Champions (Winner Brezzango) (14 minute match, The Usos entrance 1 minute, Brezzango entrance 1 minute, total 16 minutes) Backstory: The SmackDown Live Tag Team titles would change a few times, until the Usos would regain the titles. Since then the Usos have almost beaten everyone there is to beat in the SD Tag Team Division, until a surprising upset where Brezzango defeated the Usos to which after SD GM Paige announced that the Usos will face Brezzango at SummerSlam. 2 weeks before SummerSlam on SmackDown Live Jimmy Uso faced off against Tyler Breeze, Tyler Brezze would get the victory due to interference by the Ancesion. Then on the final week before SummerSlam we see the "Fashion Files" of Brezzango and the Ancesion until it was interrupted by the Usos to which they would attack the Brezzango and the Ancesion but would brutally attack the Ancesion sending a message to Brezzango for there upcoming match at SummerSlam. Rating: 59 (breezeango very poor pop, decent match) Cena hyping his match up against. Bobby Lashley 2 minutes Bobby Lashley (c) vs. John Cena for the U.S. Championship - No DQ Match (Winner: Lashley by spearing Cena through a table and getting the pinfall) (18 minute match match, Lashley's entrance 1 minute, Cena's entrance 1 minute, total 20 minutes) Backstory: After Wrestlemania, we saw the debut of Bobby Lashley at RAW. But it was discovered he had become a free agent. Lashley would become a top star attacking and beating superstars on RAW and Smackdown. A rivalry would begin of Jeff Hardy and Lashley for the U.S. title to which Lashley would become victorious as the new U.S. Champion. Lashley since has been unbeaten and made a open challenge for the U.S. title since then Lashley has winning his open challenge, Lashley did a Open Challenge for the U.S. title again and then appeared John Cena, this match would end in a Countout and Cena would win the match but Lashley kept the title. 2 weeks before SummerSlam, on SmackDown Live John Cena came out and told Lashley what he did was a cheap move and because of that Cena was granted a U.S. title match against Lashley at SummerSlam in a No DQ Match, then Lashley came out said a few words to Cena and would then spearing Cena. On the final week before SummerSlam we'd see a Hype Video of Lashley have a hard-hitting workout then saying to the camera he knows what at stake and say "each strikes and punches will put me one step closer for me to retain my U.S. title" , and finally says "Cena won't be seeing anything after SummerSlam once I knockout him out." After the hype video Cena comes out he has a match on SmackDown Live, Cena wins he's match and hypes up his match against Lashley at SummerSlam, Cena says he doesn't believe anything what Lashley said because Cena claims that he will walking out as the U.S. Champion. Rating: 87 (strong rating for cena, lashley was good but lacked major pop to achieve more, good brawl based match helped both). Hype video for Nia Jax vs. Ember Moon 2 minutes Nia Jax vs. Ember Moon for the Raw Women's Championship (Winner Nia Jax by pinfall) (14 minute match, Nia Jax Entrance 1 minute, Ember Moon Entrance 1 minute, total 16 minutes) Backstory: After winning the Raw Women's championship at Wrestlemania Nia Jax had become more of a fan favorite for the WWE Universe but even though she's a babyface Nia Jax still shows the dominance she's displaying in the Raw Women's Division showing that she is still a unstoppable force and no one in the Main Roster could beat her. Ember Moon would get called up and would be freinds with Nia, Ember Moon would win a number one contender's match to face Nia Jax at SummerSlam for the RAW Women's Championship, to which Nia congratulated Ember Moon for winning a Number one contender match to face her at SummerSlam, the celebration between her and Nia would end when Ember would attack Nia and put her finishing move the "Eiclipse" on Nia, turning Ember Moon heel in the process. Ember Moon would start a winning streak against various women competitors while Nia Jax would watch her matches indicating that Nia Jax is taking notice of Ember Moon. After a match with Bayley, Ember would proceed to viciously beat up Bayley until Nia Jax would come out and had a confrontation with Ember Moon starring at each other to which a brawl began, it was a stand still when Ember took Nia Jax she would get back up and when Nia Jax took Ember down she would get back, until Jax got the upperhand and Ember Moon had to retreat. At the night before SummerSlam, at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn Ember Moon made a surprise appearance, but later on in the night it was discovered Nia Jax made a surprise appearance to, and then we'd see two at the backstage arena face to face, it would then once again lead to a brawl, back and forth we'd saw these two collide before it would escalate for WWE officials to break it up and Stephanie McMahon ordering Nia and Ember that they are banned from seeing each other until there match tomorrow night at SummerSlam. Rating: 68 (match length capped it, decent pop from both, good performance by moon) Hype video for The Miz vs. Rey Myestrio - 2 minutes The Miz (c) Rey Myestrio - for the Intercontinental Championship. (Winner Rey Myestrio) (18 minute match, Rey Myestrio entrance 1 minute, The Miz entrance 1 minute, total 20 minutes) Backstory: Ever since Rey Myestrio returned to the WWE he has since been excellent in the ring and with the WWE Universe and becoming one of the top stars again in the WWE. The Miz who is now one of the longest reigning Intercontinental Championship claims that not only he's the must see WWE RAW Superstar but he'd also claims now he is a WWE Legend. On a episode of Raw the Miz was hosting MIZ TV he invited Rey to be his guest, the Miz would be nice to Rey at first but then The Miz says something that Rey doesn't like about his career on how he once betrayed the WWE when he'd left. the two would get into a heated argument to which the Miz said to Rey that "your a coward just like you were then and now, and that Eddie Gurrero would be disappointed of what you've become!" that's when Rey flips out, he tries to attack the Miz but he escapes and instead Rey gets he's angry out on the Miz Tourage. By Next Week Rey appears on RAW and tells Kurt Angle he wants a match with the Miz at SummerSlam and Kurt granted his request. On the final week before SummerSlam The Miz is furious because at the decision saying he deserves some respect and that he has been one of the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion which makes him a WWE Legend, that's when Rey comes and explains to the Miz that it doesn't matter if he'd will become the new Intercontinental Championship, all Rey wants to do as he'd is explaining to the Miz that he wants to knockout him out so hard the only thing the Miz will be hearing after SummerSlam is "619". Rating: 84 (good all round, needed more pop to achieve more) Hype video for Triple H vs. Braun Strowman - 2 minutes Triple H vs. Braun Strowman - No Holds Barred Match (Winner Braun Strowman) (12 minute Match, Braun Strowman Entrance 1 minute, Triple H Entrance 1 minute, total 14 minutes) Backstory: After Wrestlemania 34 Braun Strowman did came out as the RAW Tag Team Champion but he had to relinquish the tag titles because of Nicholas "Conflict Schedule". Strowman since hasn't gotten a title match , this would cause him to get more angry and frustrated to the point he'd injured many WWE Superstars (including Seth Rollins) and said that if he doesn't get a title shot at the Universal Championship he will continue to beat up every WWE Superstar in the lockroom. This would get the attention of Vince McMahon telling him that he "won't get a title shot" he continues saying "being a WWE Superstar means being responsible for your actions", Vince goes on to tell Braun that "because of his recent actions I will be indefinitely suspending you", that is when Braun attacks Vince McMahon and decides to give him a powerslam, the beating would go on until WWE Security, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon, broke it up with Triple H looking angrily at the Monster of Among Men. By Next Week on RAW the arena was filled with WWE Security guards to keep out Braun Strowman by the orders of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, Braun would attempt to enter and beated up anyone that gets in he's way but he was stopped by Triple H when he would deliver a Pedigree to Strowman. Now we move on to 2 weeks before SummerSlam Triple H explains he is uplifting Strowman suspension and challenges Strowman to a match at SummerSlam, Braun comes out and accepts he's challenge but on one condition "No Holds Barred Match" to which Triple H accepts. On the final week before SummerSlam we a hype video of Triple H and Strowman training for there match at SummerSlam, as Triple H training is also, Strowman's training is more unique as he has been pulling trucks and throwing them, as the hype video shows who will come out victorious at SummerSlam? Rating: 90 (both workers suited match style, the length of match penalized it a little, great pop bonus for both) Hype video for Woken Hardy's vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn - 2 minute Woken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero (c) vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn for the RAW Tag Team Championships (Winner Kevin and Sami) (Match 15 minute match, Woken Hardy's Entrance 1 minute, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Entrance 1 minute, total 17 minutes) Backstory: After the Ultimate Deletion and Wrestlemania 34, WOKEN Matt Hardy has been teaming up with Bray Wyatt, former enemies but now friends working for teaming up. The two would become the Raw Tag Team champions, ever since then they have been DELETING ever one in the Raw Tag Team Division. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn would be traded to Raw, to which they would attack WOKEN Matt and Brother Bray from behind during a match on RAW and they would pick up the Raw Tag titles indicating they want a shot at them, by next week KO and Sami Zayn are walking and being interviewed mocking WOKEN Matt and Brother Bray continuing on to say they can beat them anywhere, at any time, then suddenly the lights go out and we here KO and Sami being beaten up then when the lights are back on KO and Sami are on the ground in pain. The following week KO and Sami would pay a "visit" to WOKEN Matt at the HARDY Compound until that was backfired when WOKEN Matt prepared the BATTLEFIELD where we saw the likes of Queen Rebecca, King Maxel, Lord WolfGang, Vingraud 1, Brother Bray Wyatt, Brother Nero, and Senor Benjamin, during all the chaos at the end KO and Sami retreated but they void to get the upperhand. Then the final week before SummerSlam KO and Sami would win a match against Titus Worldwide getting the momentum they need entering SummerSlam but WOKEN Matt and Brother Bray appeared at the titantron saying to KO and Sami they will become OBSOLETE entering there match at SummerSlam and they shall be DELETED. Rating: 83 (great pop for owens, good for zayn, hardy, wyatt, good wrestling, match length suited the workers involved). 5 minute Angle: In the ring we see Elias about to sing one of his songs, until he's interrupted by Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins tells the WWE Universe if that's "the worst piece of crap you ever heard" and then Elias would sneakily try to attempt to hit Rollins with his Guitar, but that backfired when Rollins reversed it and instead Rollins hitted Elias with the Guitar. Hype video for Auska vs. Becky Lynch - 2 minutes Auska vs. Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women's Championship - Submission Match (Winner Auska) (15 minute match, Auska Entrances 1 minute, Becky Lynch's Entrances 1 minute, total 17 minutes) Backstory: Even though Auska's streak is over, she won and cashed in her MITB Briefcase and won the SmackDown Women's Championship against Carmella at Money in the Bank, and she has ever since been unstoppable. SD GM Paige would announce a battle royal to determine who will face against Auska at SummerSlam, Becky Lynch would win the Battle Royal to become the number one contender to face against Auska at SummerSlam, Auska would then taunt and play mind tricks with Becky. Then two weeks before SummerSlam on SmackDown Live Becky Lynch is hyping up her match against Auska saying she will beat Auska and become the SmackDown Women's Champion. Becky would go on to say "Even though I never faced against Auska, I have achieved a lot here in the WWE, and I'm not stopping now!", then after Auska comes out and we have a confrontation between the two but that was interrupted when SD GM Paige announced to make this match "A little bit more interesting" and decided to make this upcoming SummerSlam match "a submission match" then Becky and Auska both give a smiling gesture after what was announced. On the final week before SummerSlam on SmackDown Live, Becky and Auska would team up and win against Natalya and Tamina, after the match Becky is down and out to which it look's Auska was about to attack Becky Lynch but it turns out to be one of Auska's mind games, and then we have a terrified Becky Lynch who is wondering what will be Auska's plan entering SummerSlam. Rating: 78 (great match, face vs face???) 2 minute Angle: We see Auska give respect to Becky Lynch for a good match and then SD GM Paige would come down to the ring and raise the hands of both women showing the hard work of what the Women's Evolution has become to this point. Hype video for Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe - 2 minutes Roman Regins (c) vs. Samoa Joe for the Universal Championship (Winner Samoa Joe) (Match 18 minutes, Roman Regins Entrance 1 minute, Samoa Joe Entrance 1 minute, total 20 minutes) Backstory: Roman Reigns has been a dominant superstar, ever since beating Brock Lesner at Backlash, Reigns has been running through the whole Raw division and has been claiming he's unbeatable with the Universal title around his waist. During a match on RAW Samoa Joe would interfere in a match with Roman Reigns and putted a Conquina Clutch on Roman to which he'd would pass out. Next week on Raw Samoa Joe explains he's tried of the arrogant Regins continuing on to say that the Universal Championship has been treated as if it was worthlessness but Joe would go on to say he will make it mean something once he's the champ, after what Joe said, Regins made a surprise attack and speared Samoa Joe to the ground. Continuing on from that they were forced the following week to work together in a tag team match in which it ended in a disaster with Joe and Roman arguing and then brawling each other after with Joe getting the upperhand. Finally during the final week before SummerSlam, Regins reflected on himself, his career, and the way he has been booed by the WWE Universe (hinting at a possible heel turn) but after that Joe came out and explained to Regins that at SummerSlam he'd will be walking at as the new Universal Champion and proclaimed that Roman will not be walking out with all of his bones. Rating: 90 (great all round, joe lacked pop to achieve more) 2 minute Hype video for Ronda Rousey vs Natalya Ronda Rousey W/ Paul Heyman vs. Natalya W/ Bret Hart (Winner: Ronda Rousey) (17 minute match, Natalya's entrance 2 minutes, Ronda Rousey entrance 2 minutes, total 21 minutes) Backstory: Natalya was traded to RAW and she would be friends with Ronda Rousey they would have a feud against Absolution and would win that feud. Ronda Rousey has become one of the most dominating superstars since her debut at Wrestlemania, but over the past weeks Ronda Rousey has been acting differently giving more attitude and disrespect in the locker room and there would be tension with her and Natalya. Even during MITB it would escalate to Ronda Rousey attacking Natalya (turning Ronda Heel in the process) and it was revealed that Paul Heyman has become the advocate of Ronda Rousey. At Raw Natalya would return and challenged Ronda to a match at SummerSlam, Natalya even took a shot attacking on Ronda's UFC losses continuing on to say "she will be failure like she was in UFC once I beat her", Ronda would come out and this would lead to a confrontation between them in which a brawl happend until the WWE lockroom had to break it up. Paul Heyman stated that Ronda Rousey accepts Natalya's challenge, Heyman would then hype up the WWE Universe saying "Ronda Rousey is one of the most unstoppable wrestlers to appear in the WWE, she could beat up anyone, including Natalya's Husband Tyson Kidd!", in which Natalya would come out and tried to attack Heyman because of his comments of her Husband but backfired when Ronda put a armbar on Natalya. On WWE.com it was announced Bret "The Hitman" Hart will be Natalya's side at SummerSlam. During the final week before SummerSlam a contract signing was happening between the two with Heyman on Ronda side and Bret Hart on Natalya's side, the two would exchange words attacking each other on there persona and there careers to which both of them had signed the contract making there SummerSlam match official. Rating: 84 (heyman/hart added to the match, rousey's lack of ability hurt the match a little, natalya carried) 3 minute angle: After the match Bret Hart checks on Natalya in the ring, but that would lead Ronda to attack Bret Hart and place him in a Armbar as Natalya watches defenseless on the ground and crying of what's happening, but that was stopped when Charlotte came out and ran into the ring to stop Ronda, Ronda Rousey and Paul Heyman would then flee but not until she had a simle on her face because of her damages being done, and after that Charlotte and Natalya help Bret Hart to leave the ring. Hype video for Shinsuke Nakamura vs Daniel Bryan 2 minutes Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship (Winner: Daniel Bryan) (24 minute match, Shinsuke Entrance 2 minutes, Daniel Bryan Entrance 2 minute, total 28 minutes) Backstory: Shinsuke Nakamura has ever since been the WWE Championship after his win against AJ Styles at Backlash, Nakamura is still a heel since Wrestlemania. At the Greatest Royal Rumble Daniel Bryan would win and he was guaranteed to have a title match of his choosing at SummerSlam. For weeks Daniel Bryan did not choose because he wanted to be 100% sure it was the right decision. Finally Daniel Bryan finally announced he has choosen to face Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. On SmackDown Live Shinsuke would start playing mind tricks with Bryan later on in the night and then Shinsuke would put Bryan in a Kinshasa. Bryan would get his revenge the next week when the two started brawling in the ring but Bryan would get the Upperhand. On the final week before SummerSlam a contract signing happened between the two, Shinsuke would say that he will make sure Bryan would lose at SummerSlam, Shinsuke would also mock Daniel Bryan and taunt him, while Bryan would say that he has been waiting for his moment ever since he was cleared to wrestle again and he tells Shinuske that his moment will be at SummerSlam once he'll become the WWE Championship, the two signed the contract, they look into each other's eyes until a brawl broke out between them with SD Live Superstars breaking it up until and with this it shows that tensions are still high between Nakamura and Bryan's matchup and who will walk out as the WWE Championship? Rating: 92 (match of the year candidate with an excellent all round match, the match length allowed the match to achieve the highest marks possible). 3 minute Angle: We see Bryan celebrating his victory at SummerSlam with the WWE Championship around his waist! Total 250 minutes OVERALL: 88
  2. Total Extreme Wrestling Booking Competition (Giveaway)

    @Sambadiallo2019 you need to have a backstory for storyline heat, that way we can understand what your vision is heading to SummerSlam, you can edit it to make it better and have a backstory to your matches.
  3. Total Extreme Wrestling Booking Competition (Giveaway)

    The hive is in!
  4. Women's Royal Rumble Match Discussion

    I don't know exactly who will win the Women's Royal Rumble but I think I have an idea of what surprise entrants that will be in it. Here are my top 10 surprise women's entrants for the Rumble. 1. Trish Strauts 2. Lita 3. Michelle Mccool 4. Beth Phoniex 5. Kelly Kelly 6. Candice Lerae 7. Kharma 8. Molly Holly 9. Laurel Van Ness ( Aka Chelsea) 10. Ronda Rousey
  5. Women's Royal Rumble Match Discussion

    I just saw Cagesides Pro Wrestling Rumor Round Up and the WWE's early expectation for the Women's Royal Rumble is to have 30 participant's in it which may include Ronda Rousey.
  6. Women's Royal Rumble Match Discussion

    I'm hoping to see Kharma's return in the WWE and the Royal Rumble, reason's to support this claim is that the WWE YouTube channel posted a video recently, of 5 superstars they want to see return in 2018 and it included Kharma. Another reason is that Kia Stevens (AKA Kharma) in her offical Twitter Bio account there's a link where it leads to the WWE Website. Final reason is that the Netflix series GLOW season 2 is wrapping up soon, so Kharma is free to do whatever she can do before season 3 is in production or if it's even renewed.So that is why I speculate the return of Kharma in the Women's Royal Rumble.
  7. So everyone knows that Ed Nordholm President of GFW, told Sports illustrated recently that he is done talking about the Broken Gimmick. But PW Insider is reporting that Matt Hardy is preparing to sue Anthem Sports over the rights of the Broken Gimmick. Matt Hardy feels that he should own the gimmick, because he is claiming that he was the one who payed the tapings of the gimmick and that he should be having the right's to the gimmick so he's going to take it to court. The only issue is that everyone is saying Matt paid for all the filming indeed he did, but Anthem paid more for the production as far as editing the show's and putting it on TV, other things are like Anthem using the Hardy Compound, but was there a time were Matt probably didn't say anything about paying them for using their property. So you can see it both ways, but as it is reported by PW Insider that Matt Hardy is preparing to Anthem to court, so now we sit and wait. But I want your thoughts on all of this.
  8. Best TNA/GFW Feud?

    I have to say the TNA/GFW World Title Series, it was fun and exciting to watch.
  9. GFW Departures

    It's sad to see these great wrestlers go but, I know that it's what best for them and I wish nothing but the best for these wrestlers. And I hope GFW can get New superstars that can make fans watch there shows.
  10. Smackdown Women's Championship: Naomi VS Natalya

    I really hope Nattie win's, it's great she's getting her pushed that she's deserve's. For Nattie as a veteran in the Women's Division, if can beat Naomi at Summerslam I wouldn't say she still got but instead I would say she never lost it. So I hope WWE Creative can finally make the "Queen of Harts" SmackDown Women's Champion.
  11. Hi I'm Gerardo Hernandez

    Hello I'm Gerardo Hernandez, I am a huge wrestling fan. My favorite wrestling companies are the WWE and GFW, it's nice to that wrestling fans have passion that they have in this community and it's great to see that. Anyway hope you guys have a good day where every you are right now.

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