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  2. Six months after being handed the mantle of Captain America at the end of Avengers: Endgame, Sam Wilson teams up with Bucky Barnes in a worldwide adventure that tests their abilities and their patience. Massive spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched the show yet, so be warned. I am very big fan of this limited series, and loved all the 5 episodes that have been released so far, and can't wait for the finale next week. I think it was pretty clear from the start that the new Captain America, John Walker was going to be a massive cunt. That whole scene where he decapitated one of the members of t
  3. Monday Night RAW | April 12th 2021 The Almighty Era Continues The Intro to Monday Night RAW would begin to play, showcasing the new superstars arriving to the red brand, over from Friday Night Smackdown. The pyro would be set off in the arena as the post- Wrestlemania RAW kicks off with the “All Mighty” WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley making his entrance alongside his advocate, MVP. MVP would take the microphone and begin to reflect on Bobby Lashley’s decisive victory over Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania saying that all of the people that bet against the Almighty just went bankrupt!
  4. Monday Night Raw’s Roster (Hans) Bobby Lashley w/ MVP Daniel Bryan Seth Rollins Kevin Owens Keith Lee Shinsuke Nakamura Matt Riddle Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez The Miz John Morrison Kofi Kingston Xavier Woods Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford Aleister Black Damian Priest Jeff Hardy Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio Mustafa Ali Braun Strowman Angel Garza Dominik Dijakovic Kalisto Drew Gulak Jinder Mahal Akira Tozawa NXT Pick: Adam Cole Womens: Sasha Banks Asuka Charlotte Flair Rhea R
  5. Wrestlemania 37 has come and gone with a fairly positive reception of the two nights of the biggest entertainment spectacle of the year. We saw new champions crowned, titles regained, and moments that will last a lifetime for those men and women who competed at Wrestlemania. As we enter a new season in the world of WWE, on their website they have announced an immediate WWE Draft as the company looks to shake things up after the events of Wrestlemania 37. Everybody is eligible for the draft, even the current champions. Each brand is allowed to take one choosing talent from NXT on their
  6. Big up for u being a fan of Nasher, I used to watch him back in the day in 2014 where his NHL videos were just nasty highlights of him doing some dekes/moves and what not. Dude is defo goated. As for youtubers I'm watching as of now we got KSI, Poofesure, and KOT4Q. All very entertaining and I watch them all on a constant basis.
  7. Been watching a bunch of old Vanoss videos for nostalgic purposes , dude carried my childhood oml.
  8. I get they are trying to continue a story here but for fuck sakes, this was just hot garbage lol. I felt whole lead up to this match was for the Fiend to get his win over Orton after being burnt alive but he just lost after just taking one RKO. Keep in mind, It took a million curb stomps to put him away when was facing off against Rollins at Hell in a Cell but I guess a single RKO was all it took. Alexa seemed like she was gaining power over the Fiend or was taking away his power or something. That's a theory I believe is the reason for this sudden loss for the Fiend character. Nonetheless, th
  9. Another solid midcard match for night two of Wrestlemania 37, thought both Sheamus and Riddle did pretty well. The promo Riddle had before his match, where he was with Khail and RVD was pretty funny. Riddle especially looked great despite losing, showcasing his arsenal of moves on a big stage like mania. That ending where Riddle hit the springboard moonsault just to get hit with a brouge kick was very, very slick and a great way to end the match. I don't think Sheamus will have a super long reign with the belt as I think either Riddle wins it back from him or Damien Priest takes the belt from
  10. Very fun match between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens here, was defo a step up to the lacklustre start we had of night two of mania. Obviously they have had better matches before in the past where they were given more time but it doesn't really matter because they still put a really good match, with Owens coming out the winner as expected. It continues the whole story of Sami believing there's a conspiracy against him and what not, don't know if WWE has plans on continuing the feud between KO and Sami. I think another match between the two with more time to work with would do wonders as they can ex
  11. This was by far the best match out of Wrestlemania weekend, god damn did this main event fucking deliver. The hype package alone was fantastic, it certainly made it a big match feel as it should be. This was probably the most unpredictable main event we have had in years, you legitimately had a case where any three of the guys would of walked out on top and that's what I feel helped this match alot. We didn't know who was going to win, and the match itself was fantastic from bell to bell. There's just so many moments to name off the match, whether that was double cross face spot D-Bry and Edge
  12. Great main event for night 1, match delivered very well props to both Sasha and Bianca for putting out banging performances. Great to see Belair come out on top with the win here, was thinking Sasha was going to retain and continue on her reign but was still very glad Belair was the victor here. Some of the moments I enjoyed in the match was that 720 twisting corner DDT thing sasha did, very innovative and cool. That fucking whiplash from Bianca's hair to Sasha's ribs was dope, the sound coming from that was fucking brutal holy shit. An incredible first night of WM ending with a great match.
  13. Heavily surprised of how this match went down, was fully expecting a full squash or something lol. The first half of the match was kind of uneventful but second half made it up for it for sure. When The Miz hit the skull crushing finale on Damien Priest I thought the match was over but Bunny came in for the breakup. Bunny was really fucking good for a celebrity wrestler at Wrestlemania, even pulled off a Canadian Destoryer on John Morrison which was fucking crazy when I saw that live. Overall really enjoyable, defo exceeded expectations. I think Preist will be main staple for the RAW brand for
  14. This was by far the best match out of Night 1 with the bout only being 11 minutes long, both Cesaro and Seth pulled out an enjoyable, fun, and overall great match for us. Everything just seemed so slick and smoove, the flow of the match was quite natural. From start to finish, this match was just engaging. The counters pulled out from the two was awesome, and when Cesaro got that pinfall win I was very, very hyped. Right winner won here, and hopefully good things come for Cesaro in the future as I can see him potential being the next challenger for the Universal Championship and heavy favourit

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