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  1. Hans

    Best WWE PPV Theme

    Summerslam 2004 theme is a pretty good theme as well
  2. Just look at this, its pretty bad in my opinion.
  3. Gonna go with Kofi, in terms of booking, Kofi has been booked very strong.
  4. Taker vs Shawn from Wrestlemania 26 has to be match of the decade in my opinion.
  5. Hans

    BPZ Battles

    Aladin Pinacho Winnie The Pooh Lilo & Stitch Peter Pan Wreck it Ralph Hercules Big Hero 6 The Lion King 2 Little Mermaid Beauty and the Beast The Lion King Tangled Goofy Movie Zootopia Return to Neverland
  6. February 16th 2001 ECW Hardcore TV We start ECW with a match as both the The Impact Players and Spike & Nova are in the ring. Joey Styles also announces ECW Ultracard Special next week. The Unholy Alliance will take on Crazy Kash at Ultracard. In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, The Impact Players defeated Spike & Nova in 12:21 when Lance Storm defeated Spike Dudley by pinfall. 65 C After the match Storm and Credible take the mic and says they are better then any tag team here on ECW, no one is better then the Impact Players. Justin Credible says that they will be watching the Tag Title match, very carefully. The Impact Players do their pose as ECW cuts to Commercial Break. 76 B- Tommy Dreamer is backstage with Belau McGillicutty, we haven’t seen her in ECW in ages. Tommy said he was excited for ECW being on MTV2, more then anyone else and something he believed he wanted to be apart of. Rhino then ruined everything and ever since being injured by the hands of Rhino, Dreamer says he’s been planning his comeback and it all starts by beating the living hell out of Rhino. Rhino took a month out his career and now he’s gonna pay next week at Ultracard. 88 B+ Next Up, The Doctor! John Cena will go up against Danny Doring. In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, John Cena defeated Danny Doring in 7:47 by pinfall with a F-U 53 C- John Cena gets a microphone and he calls out The Sandman, but Sandman doesn’t answer. Cena then says Sandman had probably taken a few more drinks then he should have, he gonna make Sandman alcohol free, when he puts his ass to sleep! 59 C AJ Styles is set to have match but he’s being attacked by Fit Finlay? Why the hell is Finlay beating up AJ Styles. Finlay throws Styles into a pile of chairs. He then leaves laughing at the sight of Styles in pain. 70 C+ We cut to another backstage segment as RVD and Bill Alfonso is trying to convince Sabu to reunite with them. The Full Blooded Italians then come in, and Little Guido calls both of them losers, and challenges them to a match next week at Ultracard. RVD says they accept. Sabu shoves RVD as he didn’t agree to the match, RVD says don’t worry, we got this Sabu. 82 B The Unholy Alliance take on Young Blood next on Hardcore TV. In a decent match, The Unholy Alliance defeated Young Blood in 7:40 when Mikey Whipwreck defeated Christian York by pinfall with a Double Buzzsaw Kick. 58 C- Crazy Kash come out after the match and both teams stare down each other, this will be a great and exciting matchup next week at Ultracard. 70 C+ The debut match of Billy Kidman is up next as he goes one on one with International Star Kaz Hayashi. In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Billy Kidman defeated Kaz Hayashi in 14:41 by pinfall with a Shooting Star Press. 68 C+ Kidman celebrates with Torrie Wilson as Styles announces on commentary that Kidman will take on Jerry Lynn next week at Ultracard. Mike Awesome makes his entrance as he is the New ECW World Heavyweight Champion. He takes a mic and says he’s ready to be the greatest ECW World Champion, he hated going to WCW and he apologizes for going there and now he wants make ECW the best wrestling promotion out there. Corino then comes out and calls Awesome nothing but a snake and says if he was offered another contract from another company he would do it again, Awesome becoming ECW Champ was just fluke says Corino. Mike Awesome says fine, how about this, you and me at Living Dangerously, Loser Leaves ECW. Corino was hesitant at first but then says you’re on. The Match is set, Mike Awesome vs Steve Corino, the loser leaves ECW. Both men have this intense stare down as ECW Hardcore TV comes to an end. 79 B Overall Show Rating: 75 B-
  7. It would be a terrible idea to do second match let alone a third, these two can't go in the ring anymore and whatever happened at Supershow down, we shouldn't get a another match like this again.
  8. Crash Team Racing was the first game I Remember playing.
  9. Another match between these two, its so damn boring. Like Drew has been ruined by tagging along with Shane.

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