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  1. Hans

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    Added the NXT title match.
  2. Hans

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    Premium and US title matches added!
  3. Hans

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    Added FDS vs Smith and Bob vs Raven.
  4. Hans

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    BPZ Royal Rumble 2020 Match Card GFX: (More will be added shortly)
  5. I think HBK jumping to WCW could have been a major possibility, I think if McMahon granted HBK his release I could defo seen him apart of the NWO, with Hall, Nash, Hogan, etc. This also means there wouldn't have been no Montreal Screwjob as Bret Hart wouldn't be pissed about the current position as he would have been the top heel and thus would have no desire to leave. This also means the Mr. McMahon would have never existed, afterall, it was because of the screwjob that Vince become the evil billionaire. Triple H would have been affected and he too could have jumped ship to be with buddies. Its very big what if, and would have been interesting for sure.
  6. Just like what Bart said, use numbers instead of grades, it gives your matches a more accurate score, instead of a very broad one. Very excited for the next shows Cody, i think it would be useful if you added who your current champions are. Doing AJ vs Joe is a good start, I assume Joe is the X Division Champion so this will be a nice match to do. Production prob needs some upgrades otherwise your shows are just gonna get low ratings. Hopefully you can make TNA great just like what Brenden did before.
  7. Updated the Rumble poster with Julius' new figurehead.
  8. Hans

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    @Flynn Signature: (Totally didn't make an error the first time 🙂)
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    @Thelastemperor Signature:
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    @Crippler Signature:
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