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  1. 1) Who wins? Maryse (Not the title tho) 2) Does Kharma get involved and if so how does she impact the match? Yes as she DQ's Maryse 3) Who do the residents of Canada get more behind in the match? Prob Natalya because she's Canadian
  2. Predictions for WWF No Way Out 1998 - WWF World Heavyweight Championship Match Iron Man match Owen Hart vs Shawn Michaels (c) Kane vs Cactus Jack - Last Man Standing match Steve Austin vs Triple H - WWF European Championship match Steve Blackman (c) vs Jeff Jarrett The Nation of Domination (Faarooq, Kama Mustafa, and The Rock) vs Ken Shamrock, & The Legion of Doom - WWF Tag Team Championships match Headbangers vs New Age Outlaws (c) Vader vs Dan Severn - WWF Light Heavyweight Championship match Brian Christopher (c) vs Flash Funk Bonus Questions One of these matches will get a rating of 87, which match will that be? Which 2 superstars will get the highest in-ring performances? What will the score be for the Iron Man match? (ie; 4-5)
  3. Summerslam Predictions: 1. Universal Championship Fatal 5 Way Match: Flynn (c) vs Yelich vs Blade vs Kieron vs Monda 2. Premium Championship FD Rules Match: KENJI (c) vs FDS 3. United States Championship: Echo Wilson (c) vs Hans Clayton 4. Tag Team Championships: United Nations (Brad and Joh) (c) vs The Commonwealth (George and Ropati) 5. Career vs GM: Ryan vs Brenden 6. Intercontinental Championship: Julius (c) vs Arius 7. NXT Championship: Bob (c) vs Meko 8. World Championship: Sameer (c) vs King Bashka
  4. Been very big hockey guy and grew up playing a lot of the NHL games so that would be my favorite. Has many memories playing games modes such as GM Mode, Hockey Ulimate Team, Be a Pro, etc. Also played the NHL series with my friends and family a lot too, and still remember the good times my cousins and I had while playing the series. Out of the all series NHL series I played, my favorite has to be NHL 14, loved that game to shreds.
  5. Going to have to go with CM Punk, even though Bryan is great at whatever role he is given, Punk has always been my favorite and can play not only the perfect villain (SES Punk) he can also play the top babyface aswell. Bryan may be a better wrestler, but Punk is great when its comes to the mic, so those were my reasons for picking Punk.
  6. 𝑊𝑊𝐹 𝑅𝑖𝑣𝑎𝑙𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑠. Shawn Michaels vs Owen Hart After what was an emotional battle between two foes, Owen Hart could not beat Shawn Michaels at the Royal Rumble. Despite the loss, Owen still believed he himself could defeat the Heartbreak Kid if he was given one more chance. On the first episode of RAW after the Royal Rumble, Owen Hart came out and talked about how he was this close to becoming the WWF Champion. Owen Hart tells the audience and the rest of the world that he wanted one more chance! One more shot in becoming the Champion to not only redeem what HBK has done to his family but to finally realize a dream. HBK would laugh at Hart’s challenge as he already defeated and that he doesn’t deserve a damn thing. HBK would keep mocking the Hart name and says that are the biggest losers in the history of wrestling and he proved that, at the Rumble. However, Stg. Slaughter would come out and says he has heard Owen and the WWF Fan’s wishings and whether HBK wanted to do it or not, he will be facing Owen Hart again at No Way Out. HBK would be mortified over the news but it would get worse for the Heartbreak Kid as Slaughter said it will in fact be a 30 Minute Iron Man Match for the richest prize in the game. With Hart getting another shot at Michaels’ WWF Title, Shawn needed to get under the skin of his challenger even more and the following week on RAW is War, he proceeded to do just that. HBK would yet again take shots at his family but would go into extreme territories. Going so far as to say his family “all belonged in hell because a Hart is the lowest of lows on god’s green earth”. Owen heard enough as he would ignite a vicious brawl between the two to close out that RAW. The final RAW is War before No Way Out, Owen Hart and HBK would sign the contract to settle this blood rivalry once and for all.The two men would trade words back and forth with each other during the contract signing as the emotions, and the hatred is running on a all time high. The contract signing would end with HBK spitting in the face of Owen which prompted Owen to attack HBK and the two would go at it. Officials would come to separate the two men as the segment would fade to black. Who will walk out of this 30 Minute Iron Man Match the victor? Cactus Jack vs Kane Kane has been on a dominating tear throughout the WWF the last couple months defeating Superstars right, left, and center. His brother ,The Undertaker is still looking for next fight against his brother but another WWF Superstar wants to pick a fight with The "Big Red Machine". Enter, Cactus Jack! Jack has been known to be one of the most gruesome, and most violent individuals, the world has ever seen. To truly show how he mad he is, he wants a fight with The “Big Red Machine” himself which nobody, not even the Undertaker would even want to do. The first RAW is War after the Royal Rumble, Paul Bearer would came out and Bearer would brag on how Kane was on a destructive path at the Royal Rumble and would have won it, if it wasn’t because of his selfish brother, The Undertaker. Suddenly Jack would interrupt Bearer as in his deranged and intense voice says that he’s willing to pick a fight with the devil’s favorite demon. Bearer was surprised about the challenge Jack made to Kane, but allowed Jack to fight his monster. The Following RAW, The Undertaker would appear in a backstage segment talking about both Kane and Cactus Jack as he sends a chilling message to them both as he will stand by and watch these souls do battle. Later that night, Cactus Jack would face Jeff Jarrett in the main event and in which the match would get a solid 89 rating. Afterwards, Kane would respond to Jack’s challenge that was made last week by attacking him which would lead to a brawl around the entire arena, these two just want to hurt each other just for the sake of it. The Final RAW is War before No Way Out would see Cactus Jack cut a promo backstage as he lists the different sickening things he’s gonna do Kane at No Way Out. He tells Kane to prepared for a world of hurt, as he’s going to sacrifice his own flesh and blood just to inflict further pain to the Monster. Who will walk out of this fight on top? Steve Austin vs Triple H After what was a momentous Royal Rumble for one Stone Cold Steve Austin, Austin still wanted to stick it at Triple H and D-Generation X. The RAW is War after the Royal Rumble, Triple H would be forced to once again defend his WWF European Championship against the rising star, Steve Blackman. Blackman couldn’t capture the belt last month, but after a crazy No DQ match against Goldust at the Royal Rumble, the momentum is on Steve Blackman’s side. It looked like Triple H would once again defeat Steve Blackman and retain his European Title after some assistance from the New Age Outlaws. However, glass would shatter as Steve Austin would come out and even the odds. Austin would hit the Stunner to Triple H which would allow The “Lethal Weapon” Steve Black to pin Triple H and win the European Title! The crowd went ballistic as Triple H looks on with anger and disdain as Austin would celebrate with Blackman to end RAW is War. The next week on RAW, Triple H would cut a promo saying Austin is a coward and the only reason he lost his European was because of him. Austin would then came told Triple H was nothing but whiny S.O.B and the two would exchange a war of words. Vince McMahon would then step in and he says, the two of you will have a match once again but this time it will be a Last Man Standing match. The final RAW is WAR before No Way Out, Vince McMahon would open things and inform Austin to come down to the ring. Vince tells Austin to settle down and start being a team player and not a rebel. Austin however doesn’t seem to care as he tells the Chairman of the Board that’s going into war with Triple H and the rest of the D-Generation X and there’s nothing he can do to stop that. More tension built between the chairman and the rattlesnake. Austin battles against “The Game” at No Way Out, will Austin defeat HHH before his championship main event at Wrestlemania? 𝑆𝘩𝑜𝑤 𝑆𝑢𝑚𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑒𝑠 Week 1, February 1998 | South West | 10.5 Million Viewers | 88 Show Rating Week 2, February 1998 | Mid West | 11.1 Million Viewers | 91 Show Rating Week 3, February 1998 | Tri State | 10.5 Million Viewers | 88 Show Rating
  7. Deadly Duos Tag League Night 6 Tag Team Match High Octane vs Evolution and Maasa First match of night six sees the team of George and Kieron Black of High Octane go up against Evolution and Maasa. The match is very fast paced as both teams use their advantages with High Octane being more fluid with maneuvers while Evolution and Maasa use their speed and agility to try and get the upper hand over High Octane. Despite the strong showing from E&M, High Octane get the victory as it was a very entertaining tag match. 12:56 Tag Team Match Brad & Aaron North vs Godsent Next up, Brad and Aaron take on Brett Storm and Jay Sellers of Godsent! The matchup was a solid affair with Brett Storm and Aaron North having a nice exchange during the match. The match would end with Brett Storm and Jay Seller hitting a double frog splash to get the win as the rising duo moves on. 11:12 Tag Team Match The Flock vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix Up next, The Flock of Marker and Buddy Ace go up against Jack Bishop and Maddrix. The match was a one sided affair, was just to show how good the Flock is. Buddy Ace would hit the Deadeye to Maddrix for the easy One, Two, Three. 3:06 Tag Team Match Killer Machines vs Josh & Bulldozer The next match see’s Bubba and Beastly of the Killer Machines go up against Josh and Bulldozer, with the odds seamingly in Killer Machine’s favor. The Machines destroy Bulldozer in the match and despite Josh getting some offense, the numbers game was too much as the Machines defeat Bulldozer and Josh in what was a decent tag match. 6:45 Tag Team Match First Class Express vs Bob Sparks & Sandman Our main event of Night six comes to a close, with the First Class Express of Hans Clayton and Xaiver King go up against Bob Sparks and Sandman. These two teams give it their absolute best in this match with tons of exciting and innovative maneuvers from both teams which included a springboard Hurricanrana to Bob from Hans. The crowd exploded for that. At the end, Bob would roll up King for the surprise win to end night six. 19:45 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Night 7 Tag Team Match Josh and Bulldozer vs Evolution & Maasa First match of the evening sees the team of Josh and Bulldozer take on Evolution and Maasa. Match was alright for what it was with solid performances from Josh and Maasa. The match would end with Evolution pinning Bulldozer for the win. 7:03 Tag Team Match Brad & Aaron North vs The Flock Next matchup sees Brad and Aaron North go up against The Flock. This match was very well executed as all 4 men performed at a solid rate. The match would end with Marker pinning Aaron North for the victory as The Flock are now 6-1 in the Deadly Duos Tag league. 9:36 Killer Machines vs Bishop & Maddrix The next match would see the Killer Machines go up against Bishop and Maddrix in what was yet again another decisive encounter. The Machines would destroy Bishop and Maddrix, as the two young lions look out of it as Bubba would pin Bishop for the easy and dominating win. 1:46 First Class Express vs Godsent The next match should be a great one, as the First Class Express go up against team of Brett Storm and Jay Sellers of Godsent. The match would be high energy, fast paced action from all the competitors in the match. Every move would thrill the crowd and at the very end, Hans would hit the Shooting Hans Press to Jay Sellers to win the match for FCE. 15:24 High Octane vs Bob & Sandman In our main event, High Octane go up against Bob & Sandman in what should be an entertaining contest as both teams have defeated the First Class Express. The match would be very exciting and solid as both teams go all out with moves and counters as the crowd were on their feet. Towards the very end, it was move after move until finally Bob would hit a super powerbomb from the top rope to win the match for his team. That’s it for night seven. 18:19 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Climax Standings Current Standings Wrestlers Score Bubba and Beastly 14 Buddy Ace and Marker 12 Hans and Xaiver King 10 Kieron Black and George 10 Bob Sparks and Sandman 8 Brett Storm and Jay Sellers 6 Brad and Aaron North 4 Evolution and Maasa 4 Joshua Scott and Bulldozer 2 Jack Bishop and Maddrix 0
  8. Very interesting and intriguing concept boys, very unique way to go from the traditional 2 brand split concept. Looking at the three rosters, I would have to say Evolve has the strongest roster with guys like Julius, Arius, Bart etc. Carnage and Resurgence have pretty neat rosters as well, especially Insurgence with having Slim, Bailey, Necce and FCE all under the same brand. Also digging Carnage's roster as well with Flynn, Mikey, Smith, Sameer, and more. Giving the North American belt to my boy Mikey is always a plus, along with Flynn vs Echo at Winter Warfare, it was a really solid first show from Carnage. Hopefully this diary sticks around as i would love to know what all three of you have planned for BPZ Mania and beyond.
  9. WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan (C) vs Roman Reigns vs Adam Cole Seth Rollins and Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton and The Miz United States Championship Match: Kofi Kingston vs Cedric Alexander Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: Samaon Strong Style vs Ricochet and Rey Mysterio vs Ziggler and Elias Smackdown Women's Championship Match: Natalya vs Becky Lynch Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Charlotte And Lacey Evans vs Boss N Hug Connection (C) Jeff Hardy and DIY vs UE
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  11. Pre-Show Epic McDonald vs Joshua Scott vs Maasa vs Mirage Buddy & Bishop vs Alex Costa & Sir Raven Main Show Julius Jones (c) vs Echo Wilson First Class Express (c) vs Young & Free ICON vs The Marker vs Mikey Dikey Angelo Caito vs FDS Arius (c) vs Bob Sparks Natedog vs Slim The Godsent vs James Ropati & ??? Bashka vs Flynn Sameer (c) vs The Bailey vs Bart Hoogveld Additional Questions Who will be Ropati's partner? Yelich

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