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  1. RAW Monday July Week 4 2014 *Raw Intro Plays* 100 A* Raw opens with Y2J coming out the ring to explain his actions. He said the reason he came back to WWE is because of a man named Daniel Bryan who he keeps hearing about and it sickens him. It sickens him that Daniel Bryan will never work as hard as Y2J but still gets more respect then he does. "I'm gonna take the WWE from Daniel Bryan, I promise". Daniel Bryan music then hits to an enormous reaction he then tells Jericho that you are just like everybody who put him down but if Jericho wants this title he can come at face him man to man instead of attacking him. Triple H then comes out and says he makes the matches around and says Jericho and Mysterio will face in the Main Event tonight and if Jericho wins, he will face Bryan at Summerslam. 81 B In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Motor City Machine Guns defeated The Brotherhood in 15:30 when Alex Shelley defeated Goldust by pinfall with a Made in Detroit. 84 B+ After the match, The Miz's music hits as the he returns from his movie. He says that has returned to be the movie star that the WWE needs. He is alongside his new stunt double Damien Mizdow! He and Mizdow will make an Impact in the tag division by taking on the Machine Guns next week on Raw. 96 A* Backstage we see Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family attacking Dolph Ziggler. They viciously attack Ziggler and Bray hits Sister Abigail on to the floor. 83 B+ In a bout that had great wrestling and good heat, Roman Reigns defeated Jack Swagger in 13:29 by pinfall with a Spear. 100 A* Roman wants to face Orton in match to prove that he can hung with the main event by taking an icon like Randy Orton. Orton then interrupts on the titantron with a suit and tie telling reigns he's not interested and would rather face someone else at Summerslam. Roman looks pissed as he storms off to the backstage area. 68 C+ Paige is being interviewed by Josh Matthews. Paige tells Matthews no women is on her level right now and she feels unstoppable. She would like to see anybody try to go one on one with her. 100 A* Throughout the night Seth felt unsafe and worried about Ambrose attacking him so he was leaving early. He entered his limo but the limo driver ended by Ambrose himself and Seth's face was in complete shock. He quickly got out of the car but Ambrose chased and attacked him. Ambrose proceeds to steal Seth's briefcase and runs away with. Seth is lying on the floor wondering what just happened. 48 D+ In that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Emma defeated Layla in 8:16 by pinfall. 85 B+ Rusev makes his entrance with his newly won United States Championship. He waves the Russian flag as Lana claims Russia is the greatest country in the world and with Rusev on top, nothing can stop them. Sheamus interrupts and tells Lana and Rusev to shut the hell up and will he take that title back from Rusev. RVD's music hits and tells everyone that he wants to be the Whole F'n Show again and felt as though he needs to do that by becoming US Champion. Surprisingly, Christian's music hits after months on the shelf. He says its great to back but it doesn't care about anyone but himself and he's gonna go for the United States title to prove that he is the best. All four men get into an agreement which escalates to a brawl. 99 A* Batista is backstage in his own locker room. He tells everyone he needed to do what he did to Cena. Cena is groomed for Hollywood he says and its eventually going to happen. He's gonna help Cena pack his bags and destroy Cena's in ring wrestling career. 92 A Cesaro and Paul Heyman are in the authority's office asking for Cesaro to get an opportunity at Wade Barret's IC Championship. Triple H says he only has to beat Dolph Ziggler next week and he will get his shot. 85 B+ In a bout that had superb wrestling and great heat, Chris Jericho defeated Rey Mysterio in 20:35 by pinfall with a Codebreaker. 100 A* After the match, Daniel Bryan comes out goes face to face with Chris Jericho, the crowd are going insane. Raw ends with Daniel Bryan doing the Yes! chants to Jericho while holding his title. Overall Show Rating: 91 A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. These are fantastic man, keep up the good work.
  3. Hans

    BPZ 2K19

    BPZ 2K19 Rising Stars DLC ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ This year's DLC will feature some of the brightest future superstars in BPZ as we are proud to announce the Rising Stars DLC pack. 4 of the future will be apart of this pack, so lets break down those 4 superstars. first up we got the current NXT champion Hans Clayton who has all the momentum in the world. With his high flying style, and his breath taking maneuvers, the "extraordinary one" will sure make an impact in the virtual world. Next we got Alex Costa, a former NXT champion. The "technical wizard" will make you remember his name and will hit the devastating Destino on your opponent for the 1,2,3. One of the best puro wrestlers on the planet, KENJI will be apart of the rising stars DLC. The Sendai Supernova is someone the fans will love to play as. Lastly we got Cody Cage. A technically sounded wrestler who has all tools to be the man in BPZ and you can play as him in the Rising Stars DLC. Make sure you pre-order BPZ 2K19 Today! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. I think Dominik is one of those guys who has all the tools to become NXT champion.
  5. Its gonna be a alternative for sure and it would be neat and with the talent they have, they will succeed in my opinion.
  6. good shakeup for Smackdown, Reigns and Balor will certainly make an impact on the blue brand. Always wanted to see Bryan vs Reigns 2 so can't wait for it when it happens.
  7. maybe a 2001 WCW playthrough would be interesting.
  8. 1. Roman Reigns 2. AJ Styles 3. Kevin Owens 4. Finn Balor 5. Andrade
  9. You do you think should have been pushed during the ruthless aggression era? I think someone who should have gotten a better push was Christian and Rhyno. Rhyno could have been a monster heel on Smackdown and Christian felt as though he was on the edge of being a main eventer.
  10. What was the point of doing the Fastlane match lol.
  11. Hans

    Bring Them All

    *I am starts playing as Clayton makes his entrance to the ring and looks bruised up after going to war last Sunday in the North American title ladder match. He picks up a mic and then begins to speak* World at War was just not my night man. I gave it all I could, even a 450 to the outside, but just came up short and at the end Arius walks out as the North American Champion. I'm I disappointed? Of course I am, but that is not gonna change my passion it will give a better reason to fight! *Crowd pops as Clayton pauses then continues* Backlash is coming up and I have got some hungry challengers, people who strive to be the absolute best, looking for the title I hold proudly hold, The NXT Championship. I know that there is gonna be 3,4,5,6, or even 7, you name it, superstars who wants to take this title away from me. That's fine though, I will just fight even harder and knock them all out! When Backlash comes around the corner, you will see the machine retain once again and be on top of the NXT division. *Crowd cheers even louder for Clayton* So bring them all on, everybody who wants a piece of me, and whoever wants to take this title away from my shoulder, can get it in this ring and face me straight in the eyes and tell me man to man. Because everybody knows that I'm the extraordinary, death defying, Hans freaking Clayton! *Clayton waits for someone's music to hit*
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