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  1. Raw: Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, The Fiend, The O.C, and Daniel Bryan Smackdown: Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Charlotte, Kevin Owens, New Day
  2. BPZ World Championship: Slim (c) vs Sameer BPZ Intercontinental Championship: Smith (c) vs Hans BPZ North American Championship: Yelich (c) vs Raven BPZ NXT Championship: Amai (c) vs Epic Heel's Open Challenge: Heel vs ??? BPZ Tag Team Championships: First Class Express (c) vs The United Nations BPZ United States Championship: Mikey (c) vs Buddy Ace BPZ Undisputed Championship: Flynn (c) vs Necce
  3. Shawn Micheals vs The Undertaker no question, blows everything else out the water from this mania despite this mania having some solid matches.
  4. I think just naming it the AEW TV Championship is a good option, i wanna see guys like Allin, MJF, etc. hold this title.
  5. Hans

    Different Level

    Hours before BPZ Survival Games goes Live from Charlotte, North Carolina, an interview was posted on BPZ’s Youtube Channel. Josh Trenton is standing by backstage, as he is set to interview a BPZ Superstar competing tonight at The Survival Games event. Josh Trenton: Ladies Gentlemen, we are hours away from Survival Games going live on the BPZ Neccework and what a night we have for you! Flynn defends the Undisputed Title against both Echo Wilson and Necce, Costa takes on Raven in what is sure to be a violent street fight, and finally the final matches of this year’s Survival Games Tournament comes to an end. At this time my guest is one of these men who all he wants his supremacy, please welcome “The Extraordinary” Hans Clayton! Hans walks in the shot, with confidence as he approaches Josh. He seems more relaxed and focused. Josh Trenton: Now Hans we all know you only have 1 win and tie in this tournament, will that change tonight with your one on one match with Sameer? Hans: Absolutely it will Josh, Like I said before I need this momentum shift, I need to beat Sameer right here tonight, without a shadow of doubt. I’ve been on the other side of the spectrum, that changes. I’ve been losing despite my best efforts, that changes. You see Josh, you are not only looking at a man who’s hungry, but you're looking at a man who is also dangerous. I’ll do whatever it takes to get that victory, whether that means taking the risks that will shorten my career or pulling out something absolutely devastating from arsenal, I will not be defeated so easily, I’m going one on one with a former World Heavyweight Champion, the stakes couldn’t be any higher for me. This is the chance to prove to not only to fans but also the boys in the back, that I’m not only better then Sameer, but on a completely different level then Sameer. Nobody can match what I do in that wrestling ring. Josh Trenton: Now Hans, Sameer has stated that maybe you have gone a little crazy since you lost your United States Title to your now Bulletproof brother in Mikey, what are your thoughts on that? Hans: I’m not crazy... I’m the most sane person alive, lets get that out of the way first. All of those deep thoughts were washed away when I faced Hollow, he was the victim of anger, and my frustration. Like I said before I feel more wise, I know the ins and outs of what takes to be the best. After those matches with Smith and Slim have really changed not only my perspective but my outlook on the entirety of BPZ. I’m not only aware of everything, but I'm more vicious than I was before. Sameer can talk about how he has been here for years but that doesn’t matter when I go face to face with him tonight. The fact is, that my much better performer then Sameer can ever be, and yes he’s veteran, working his way until he finally reached that glass ceiling and he shattered it. However, that just doesn’t matter, it is all about the future, and when the word “future” is brought up, you instantly think of Hans Clayton. Whether you like to admit or not Sameer, I’m inside your head, because you know I’m the next big thing. I know that crowd is hyped as much as me, and I will steal the show like I always do, but I promise that my arm will be raised in victory, and Sameer will finally realize why they call me “Extraordinary”. Hans walks off the shot with intensity as his match with Sameer will definitely be one for the ages. The video then cuts to black.
  6. WWF vs WCW | Clash of the Titans (Hans & Sheridan)
  7. Name/Nickname: Hans Clayton Preferred Figurehead: AJ Styles Wrestling Style: High Flying/Technical Signatures (up to 2): Lionsault and 450 Splash Finishers (up to 2): Hans Clash (Styles Clash) Spiral Tap (Rare) Background: Hans started his Professional Wrestling Career in 2014, as he was trained by the legendary Killer Louis. He worked several years in the indies, owning his craft and eventually the respect from his peers and fans. This hard work led to Hans being signed to BPZ In late 2018 and ever since then Hans has been raking up wins and titles along the way. From his incredible work ethic, and his willingness to put on a show for the ages, Hans is one of the brightest stars in all of BPZ, and just maybe he can climb the top of the mountain, hold the richest prize in the game. Heel/Face/Tweener: Face
  8. Hans then pops up and hits a 450 splash onto Arrow. He then puts maple syrup onto Arrow's lifeless body.
  9. _______________________________________________________________ World Wrestling Federation 8 Ball Aguila Ahmed Johnson Animal Bartt Gunn Billy Gunn Blackjack Bradshaw Blackjack Windham Bob Holly Brian Christopher Brooklyn Brawler Chainz D’Lo Brown Faarooq Flash Funk Goldust Hawk Henry O Godwin Honkey Tonk Man Jeff Jarrett Kama Mustfa Kane Ken Shamrock Kurrgan Mankind Marc Mero Mark Henry Miguel Perez Jr. Mosh Owen Hart Phines I Godwin Recon Road Dogg Savio Vega Scott Tayler Shawn Michaels Skull Steve Austin Steve Blackman Taka Michinoku The Rock The Sultan The Undertaker Thrasher Triple H Vader _______________________________________________________________ Stables/Tag Teams D- Generation X (Shawn Michaels, Chyna, Triple H,) Disciples of Apocalypse (8 Ball, Chainz, and Skull) Headbangers (Thrasher and Mosh) Los Boricuas (Miguel Perez Jr. and Savio Vega) Nation of Domination (The Rock, Faarooq, D’Lo Brown, Kama Mustfa) The Truth Commision (Kurrgan & Recon) The Godwins (Phines I Godwin and Henry O Godwin) The Blackjacks (Blackjack Bradshaw and Blackjack Windham) The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) _______________________________________________________________ The Champions

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