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  1. Month 22 Booking Division 3.0 Awards - Presented by Hans Aaron - 133 - Worst Booker (Indy) Yelich - 144 Mikey - 146 - Best Booker (Indy) Meko - 151 - Worst Booker Bailey - 154 Slim - 162 Bob - 164 Gwynfro - 170 FDS - 178 - Best Booker ----------------------------------------------------------------------- BEST PPV: FDS - ICPW - Kingdom Come WORST PPV: Aaron - GWW - Vendetta BEST WEEKLY: Gwynfro - SHOGUN WORST WEEKLY: Aaron - GWW BEST FEUD: WALTER VS BRYAN - Bob WORST FEUD: SHERIDAN VS BAILEY - Bob
  2. The Blood is "Ketchup" was a myth I kinda believed in when I was kid. I remember my cousin telling me the blood was fake and the wrestlers were just using ketchup which just sounds pretty fucking dumb now but back then man did we believe that lol. Kane and Taker being brothers is a common but I believed that too when watching wrestling and I think i was like maybe like 10 when I figured out they both weren't actually brothers. Finally going on from Tamer's point about wrestler's singing their own theme and 100% can relate. I always thought it was fucking Triple H singing his own song lmaooo.
  3. I would have to go with the original teen titans. Enjoyed that show alot when I was growing up, and I even started watching it again like last year just to see if it was like what I saw as a kid. All the characters were pretty dope, was a big fan of beast boy. I haven't watched Gotham before but i have heard its pretty good.
  4. Circles vs. My Turn Man on the Moon III vs. Alfredo
  5. Suplex Style Pro v Catch Style Kings “Warden” Alex Costa v “Braveheart” Epic McDonald Mafia v Mile High Squad “Triple X” Paris v “The Pride of the Posh” Ty Heller “Auckland’s All-Star” James Ropati v “Jersey Devil” Bailey Justin (Steel Cage)
  6. Watched The Shawshank Redemption in my law class for the past week or so and wow what an incredible film it was. I don't know why I haven't watched it before because the pace, the story, everything about this movie is just great. Andy reminds me lot of Michael Scofield from Prison Break especially from his demeanour and the way he talks. Morgan Freeman as Red kills his role in this movie, bar none he was great. I can't really do a full review on this movie since I watched in bits in class, and I missed the first 30 minuets of the flim since i was away but even then, It's masterclass of a flim.
  7. I want to get a discussion going regarding early candidates for Most Improved Player because that award is pretty interesting, with who breaks out and what not. I have two people in mind and those guys are Christian Wood and Chris Boucher. Those two are playing tremendous at the moment, especially Christian Wood as he's averaging 23.8 ppg compared to 13.1 ppg he was producing last season. Chris Boucher might be a bias pick since he plays on my team but he went from averaging 6.6 ppg, to now 16.1 ppg and has been a positive for the Raptors this season. What other picks could be good candidates
  8. Hans

    Dream Car

    I honestly second this lol. Like of course a Lambo or Ferrari would be cool to have but a nice ass sports car like a Audi or something would be dope
  9. Batman Gotham Nights sounds pretty awesome in my opinion. I think playing with the likes of Robin, Nightwing, etc would be cool and even though it won't include Batman i think it will still be a good game. This game hasn't been officially announced but I think a new Sonic game is coming out this year for this 30th anniversary, and I think its a remake on the old school adventure games. I'm not 100% sure if thats happening, but if it is I will definitely cop that for sure.
  10. Ricky Steamboat vs Rick Rude The Jumping Bomb Angels vs The Glamour Girls: 2 Out Of 3 Falls For WWF Women Tag Team Championships The Islanders vs The Young Stallions: 2 Out Of 3 Falls
  11. Hans

    Hans Graphics

    Some logos I made for my Booking League company EILL:
  12. Valor Card- January 15th, 2021: Main Event: Julius & Ropati © vs Bad Influence (Austin Omega & Brandon Hendrix) Sheridan vs Mikey- Sheridan Wins, she gets rematch next week. If she loses, she loses the rematch clause. Jeremiah Flynn vs Nesus Sameer vs Necce Hans vs Echo Wilson
  13. Empresa Internacional De Lucha Libre TV | May Year 1 | Episode 17 EILL would open with Drew McIntyre kicking off the show, as he apologizes to his friends, family, and the fans for letting them down at Slamborée. Drew says that he wanted to fight for the people, whenever he loses its a slap to the face not just to him but to everyone else. Contra Unit would interrupt Drew, as Joesef Samuel barates McIntyre, as he says his compassion to the audience makes him weak. Drew would end up issuing a challenge. One final match between himself and Jacob Fatu in th
  14. Death Match for HCW World Championship: Jon Moxley vs Nick Gage Ladder Match for HCW Television Championship: Kevin Steen vs El Generico Singles Match for HCW Pure Championship: Minoru Suzuki vs Aleister Black Showcase Match #1: Bandido vs Jeff Cobb Showcase Match #2: PAC vs Roderick Strong Showcase #3: Dragon Lee vs Kyle O'Reilly What Is The First Weapon Used in the Moxley/Gage Match? Wired Baseball Bat Who successfully uses the ladder first, Generico or Steen? Steen
  15. I feel like a movie on Drew McIntyre and his most recent success would be a great story to tell on the big screen. A once known wrestling prodigy, having to fight his way in the independents in order for him recapture his once chosen destiny just screams fucking money to me. Drew's story is quite remarkable and I think a film based around his life I think would work.

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