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  4. Revisiting this topic, since I got Netflix earlier this year, was able to watch more shows and my favourite comedy has got to be be Brooklyn Nine Nine now. I love all the characters on the show, especially Jake Peralta. "I want it that way" scene, and "Charles Bingo" come to mind as being funny to me. South Park and 70's show are a close second and third on my list, as I love both shows aswell, but B99 is my favourite comedy series.
  5. I like Apollo as US Champion at the moment. Yeah he's bit generic, being your typical smiling babyface but I think he's been booked well enough. I agree with Alex and Bart with either Garza or even Lashley taking the belt off have Crews if his reigns turns stale, i think those two are good choices to be the United States Champion. Ofc, Crews didn't defend the belt at Extreme Rules, mostly dealing with an illness or god forbid COVID. Hopefully we'll see good things come out in Apollo's reign as US Champion.
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    Death Machine Full Size Coverart if anyone was interested
  7. With Avatar: The Last Airbender becoming more and more popular due to it being on Netflix, and since a lot of people on the forums watched the series, or is watching it at the moment. I figured an actual discussion topic of the show would be cool, and tons of things we can discuss in the world of Avatar. I gave my thoughts on the show in the What TV Series Do You Watch? thread so I won't repeat what I said there. Going to ask you all what your favourite of the character of the series was, and why you liked them alot. My favourites got to be Aang and Zuko, with Aang being a fun protagonist and slowly maturing as the episodes and seasons advanced. I didn't really like Zuko at the beginning but him slowly changing and trying to find him was masterfully done storytelling I've ever seen in a show, and a true example of how to do a redemption arc.
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    Poster for @Sheridan UFC Diary. (Diary Can be Found Here)
  9. BPZ Valor vs Carnage 2020: EVOLVE DLC With the title of the game being called “Valor vs Carnage” we didn’t want to forget about the third brand that has been resurrected by none other than it’s general manager/global champion Yelich. Ladies and Gentlemen, let us introduce to you, The EVOVLE! DLC Pack. Within this pack you got none then Yelich himself, and some variety of different BPZ Superstars that have competed under EVOVLE! brand in their unique attires. You have people such as Slim, Sameer, Natedog, Smith, Bart and many others in their retro EVOVLE! looks. Not only will you get those guys, you also get things like the EVOVLE! arena, as well as their Takeover events. All of these things will be available on launch day when the day comes out, and especially cheap if you buy this year’s season pass. Pre-order Valor vs Carnage 2020 if you still haven’t!
  10. AEW All Out Card- Predictions AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins- AEW World Championship Kenny Omega vs Kota Ibushi- AEW Intercontinental Championship Rey Mysterio vs Andrade Almas: 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match Kevin Steen and El Generico vs Lucha Bros: Ladder Match for the AEW Tag Team Championship Young Bucks vs FTR- Tag Team Match Shingo Takagi vs Hiromu Takahashi- AEW Junior Championship BONUS ---------------------------------------------------------------- Which other wrestlers will make appearances in the crowd? (Up to 2) Taz Who will win Fall 1 of Rey Mysterio vs Andrade Almas? Alams Any Shocking Debuts? (Up to Three) Gallows & Anderson
  11. Analyzing The 5 Past World Heavyweight Championship Reigns It's me, its me, Manny Moleman here, coming in hot with another addition of BPZ Commentaries. Right now the World Heavyweight Championship is in a good position as current "Le Champion" Slim has had a really good reign thus far, being its 6th title reign for him. I decided it would be a good idea to analyze and address the five previous World Heavyweight Title reigns. The World title has seen a weird yet prestigious history and these past five champions prove that. So you can all can sit back, and relax as we discuss these reigns shall we? Arius First up in our list was the man who won this year’s fantastic Royal Rumble match, and went on to defeat the former champion Julius at BPZ Mania V, Arius! This reign only lasted a couple of minutes because shortly after Slim would cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase to immediately become the new champion. I can’t really give Arius an actual analysis as his reign only lasted a few minutes but I’m sure he’ll get a proper reign in soon enough, maybe at this year’s King of the Ring event? Julius Just like the current champion right now, Julius cashed in on Isaiah Carter at the Survivor Series to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Julius for the next few months would face people like Bashka, Death Notorious Angel, and Joshua Scott. While he was successful in all of those bouts, I think Julius needed a real challenger to step and have a real attempt to take his belt away. Slim’s current reign was what Julius needed from November to March. Flynn was originally going to challenge Julius back at the start of the year, but those plans never came true as Flynn would be suspended from the Rumble, and his Undisputed Title striped away from him. Isaiah Carter Isaiah Carter won the strap at last year's Halloween Havoc, emerging from the shadows as the ”Grim Reaper” defeating Joshua Scott. Rumours speculated that Carter wanted a worthy challenger for his strap at Survivor Series but BPZ just had nothing for him. Instead, Kamil Pudalek would end up challenging Carter for the belt at Survivor Series and like we mentioned before, Julius would cash in before the match, making it a triple threat. It’s quite sad to be honest how it ended, as it felt Carter was remotely screwed in this bout, but nonetheless we move on. Slim The current BPZ world champion, Slim appears on our list as he defeated champion Sameer at Bad Blood, the same event where he captured his first world title to make it his 5th title reign in the company. He was originally supposed to face Carter at Halloween Havoc, as promotional material suggested otherwise. After the Survival Games event though Slim was suspended and thus the World Heavyweight Championship became vacant. Just like the Arius reign, there’s nothing much we can talk about here as his reign only lasted a few weeks, and never got to actually defend his belt. Circumstance outside the ring lead to a flop 5th reign for “Le Champion” Sameer Out of the five last champions, Sameer has had the strongest reign out of all of them in my opinion. Sameer reign started off with his memorable cash in at the Judgement Day PPV last year, cashing in near the end of the match to end the night as Premium, World, and Tag Team Champions. Sameer became “Triple Belt Sameer” that night. From there Sameer would defend his belt against former champion Bailey at King of the Ring, which Sameer won. From there, he would defend against the King of the Ring winner Julius in the main event, once again standing tall as the champion. He would lose his belt at Bad Blood to Slim to end his reign. While Julius has had a longer run with the belt, Sameer had more credible challengers to his plate, and I think that makes the reign so great.
  12. Drew is being booked extremely well as WWE Champion, like Kofi was last year. Even though there's no crowd to back up Drew's reign, he's been a fantastic champion as he's mostly in good segments, and has had good challengers for the belt like Rollins, Lashley, and Ziggler. I know his next challenger may be Randy Orton and despite how cool it would be to see Orton be WWE Champion again, I'm hoping Drew gets a pretty long reign with the belt, as he deserves it 100%.
  13. As of right now, I think the IC title is in a really position then what it was late last year. Styles is at least on TV more then Nakamura was, and has had some solid matches for title with people like Riddle, Gulak, and of course Bryan. I'm thinking Riddle gets another chance against AJ at SummerSlam, maybe add Baron Corbin into the mix to make it a triple threat match. Riddle winning the title at show, would be the move I would do in my opinion, and maybe have Styles go for the Universal Champion again with whoever the champ maybe post SummerSlam.
  14. Gotta go with the OG Kane mask. Fucking love everything about Kane in this era, from his size, to his look, his attire, and of course his awesome mask. Combined with the long hair flowing along with the mask, Kane looks like an absolute beast. I also didn't mind the mask he wore when he returned in 2002, I thought that one looked pretty dope as well.

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