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  1. Welcome everyone to this wild and crazy adventure known as the First Class Express Block Party. We will be hosting events to the craziest, wacky, and overall ridiculous events in Wrestling history. It will feature your favorite BPZ wrestlers, competing in these events. The first of these Block Parties will be Hans' Backyard BBQ Party. Will feature some earth shattering matches and will sure that you are excited. Here is the official match card.......... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Arrow vs Mave - Death Match Amai vs Shiba - Barbed Wire match El Arius vs Lord Gwynfro AND FDS vs Julius in a Hardcore Beer Drinking Contest AT THE SAME TIME First Class Express vs Job Squad ICON vs Kai vs Toxik- Losers Leaves The BBQ The United States Championship vs BiC for Ownership of Hans 26 "Man" Yelich Only Battle Royal Intermission with a HeelAkki Live Performance Bailey vs ??? - Open Challenge to the Audience (Bonus point if your guess the person) Spontaneous Food Fight Natedog vs Joh - Bag of Potatoes on a Pole Match - Loser Has To Wear An England Jersey Leave Your Predictions!
  2. should be an interesting episode of Smackdown due to the feud between Shane and KO. Daniel Bryan's career altering announcement is also intriguing, wouldn't surprise if he fakes a retirement and decides to go for a singles title, hell maybe even apart of 205 Live lol. I think The Kabuki Warriors should win the titles tonight, The IIconics barely defended the titles. Should be an interesting Smackdown.
  3. Raw was decent, but nothing spectacular. Still hate them using the wildcard rule which I don't think they mention anymore. Rollins winning was expected and his match with Lesnar at Summerslam will be pretty good, and hopefully Rollins regains his title from lesnar.
  4. - WWE Championship match AJ Styles vs. Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena vs. Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton - World Heavyweight Championship match Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins - SmackDown Tag Team Championships match ??? vs. The New Day vs. Prime Time Players - RAW Women's Championship match Bayley vs. Natalya Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Bálor - United States Championship match Kevin Owens vs. Rusev vs. Sami Zayn vs. Zack Ryder - SmackDown Women's Championship match Becky Lynch vs. Paige - RAW Tag Team Championships Tables match Enzo & Big Cass vs. The Dudley Boyz - WWE Intercontinental Championship match Adrian Neville vs. Apollo Crews vs. The Miz Cesaro vs. Sheamus Bonus Questions Which match will score the highest rating on the card? Brock vs Randy The SmackDown Tag Team Championships match will change throughout the show, who are ??? (One point per each correctly guessed wrestler) MCMG Despite his ban, will Chris Jericho interfere in a match on the SummerSlam card? Yes
  5. Rock Team: Diancie-Mega @ Diancite Tyrantrum Gigalith Rhyperior Lycanroc-Dusk Tyranitar Subs: Barbaracle Archeops
  6. should be an interesting show, the big matches for Summerslam should be announced and what Heyman has planned for the biggest party of the summer.
  7. Balor never did anything with the belt after mania, as he was never on TV, hopefully WWE doesn't do the same to Nakamura agian, i always noticed that the Smackdown mid card title is always been missing on TV.
  8. I never really watched the first half of the match, but the match surprised me and it was pretty decent. Corbin doing the end of days on Becky was a great spot and Seth going ballistic afterwards was great. The Lesnar Cash In was expected, but a cash in on Kofi would have been more interesting to be honest, felt like Seth's reign gone to shit after the AJ match.
  9. it was a solid match, I think they were holding back as I can see them doing a rematch at Summerslam with a stipulation involved, maybe a ladder match? Overall thought it was good.
  10. Really enjoyed this match, it was big hoss fight combined with the great spots they did during this match. The ending was pretty cool as well. If this is the end of the feud, I'm satisfied.
  11. a bit disappointing to be honest, weakest match of the night if I'm being honest. The match never really went into 2nd gear and more minutes would have benefited the match.
  12. This was probably Taker's best match in the last 3 years, he redeemed himself from that Goldberg match. Hoping this is the end of Shane being on screen every single monday and Tuesday nights.
  13. A decent little match, Revival retaining was the right call, and hopefully they face the War Raiders for the titles next.

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