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  1. BPZ Wrestling | Friday Night Valor (September, Week 3) Friday Night Valor would begin with Nebakos making his entrance following his disappointing loss to Slim last week on Friday Night Valor. Nebakos looked quite upset tonight because he felt he could have defeated Slim, and that the outside interference was the main problem to his eventual defeat. Nebakos would go on to talk about his match in full detail, and how one Attitude Adjustment would have sealed the deal but of course it wasn't. He once again calls Slim a coward for having his group ringside,
  2. Gibby really about to become TE GOAT yessir.
  3. The three matches they have for NXT Takeover 31 looks really interesting and intriguing. Finn Balor vs Kyle O'Reilly seems quite fresh, from the opposed challengers we've saw for the NXT titles the past year. I know both Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly are babyfaces while Fish and Strong remain as heels. I don't know if WWE are going to breakup the Undisputed Era post takeover, but i guess we'll see. Preist vs Gargano looks also interesting, I'm big fan of both people but I just don't see Gargano winning the North American belt as Damien Preist's reign has just begun. I also don't see Candice LeRa
  4. I think Drew's WWE Championship reign has been very good for the most part. He's been a dominant figure on RAW, and has been booked very strong as champion. While everyone might assume Drew is losing the title to Orton, I think Drew is going to drop it to Aliester Black despite the reports surfacing around that Vince doesn't like Aliester. I think Drew vs Aliester is a feud I see WWE doing pretty soon, and hopefully Drew would still be the champion. If Orton does win the title from Drew, I wouldn't really mind it because Randy Orton has been doing some of the best work in a while so you can't
  5. I feel like the Smackdown's Women's Championship has been stuck in a limbo for several months. I think Bayley's title reign has gone a little too long like FD and Alex said and I feel WWE is just on autopilot till they do Bayley vs Sasha. I don't know if Nikki Cross is actually like FD said, but I still think Bayley's reign would still continue. I just wished her reign had more of variety of opponents as there were plenty of Women on Smackdown Bayley could have feuded with.
  6. Hans

    The Update.

    The following segment was aired on TSN Sportscentre on September 23rd 2020. The scene would begin with a shot of what appears to be a neighbourhood of sorts, a suburban area. On the bottom left of the screen it reads “Vancouver, British Columbia, 10:23 AM”. The scene would transition into a hooded figure playing Basketball, dribbling the ball, taking shots and such at some abandoned basketball court. As the scene would continue, we would quickly realize who that man under the hoodie was. It's none other than Hans Clayton who we haven't seen in almost two months. The last time we saw Hans, he w
  7. This could be a very cool match like others have suggested but I feel if WWE are trying to make Women's title on the same level as World titles, why is it on the kickoff show? Whatever I suppose, this match is very one sided with Asuka getting the victory but Zelina has done some good work and will most likely carry her own weight when she faces Asuka. Would be a good showcase for Zelina.
  8. I'll give an update on Youtubers I've been watching this year. Poofesure - The Man is just fucking hilarious. Whether he was playing Wii Party, Tomodachi Life, Minecraft or more recently Among Us, he's very entertaining to watch. KSI - Still a big fan of KSI, even after 4 or 5 years of watching him. His reddit and try not to laugh are always spot on as I watch him regularly. Rob Talks Hockey - An unknown youtuber here, Rob Talks Hockey's videos are binge to watch through being a fan of the sport. It's always interesting to me, talking about the history of any sport, especially H
  9. An interesting match for the most part. I think individually, the members of Lucha House Party are quite talented, especially Gran Metalik as I remember he had a pretty cool match with Rey Mysterio on RAW in MSG. Like Bailey said, they aren't a top tier team but I think it will be a good match regardless. I got Cesaro and Nakamura winning here, as we might see a turn from Lince after the match, alluding from what he posted on instagram. Again, I really don't wanna see another tag team get broken up, but we'll have to wait and see I guess.
  10. I think its quite obvious Lashley retains against Crews here in this match. Lashley just won the title at Payback, so I don't see him losing the belt on his first defence. I'm hopeful WWE have Hurt Business go for the tag belts, so the group would have collection of titles to establish themselves. I'm not sure who would try and go up against Lashley, maybe Ricochet but again I really don't see him defeating Lashley either. I guess we'll see what happens with that.
  11. Like everyone else has said on this thread, this match happening again just doesn't make any sort of sense whatsoever. We have seen this match whether that's a combination of singles action or tag action, everyone just wants to move on from Andrade/Garza vs Street Profits. Garza/Andrade litterally attacked each other last week, so what was the point of that if they were just gonna win #1 Contenders match the following week. Street Profits win here as hopefully now, Hurt Business goes for the tag titles after this and we see some variety in the RAW Tag Division.
  12. Glad you're bringing this diary back, I read some of the posts before the hiatus and I have a few matches that I think will be good edition to WM XV. HBK vs Vince McMahon - I think this match would make sense, unless your doing this later in 1998. The Midwest Screwjob as you said should have a blowoff match between HBK and Vince, and having it one year later at WM XV would make the most sense. HHH vs Owen - This match doesn't really any logic behind to be honest. I just think a heel Owen Hart taking on babyface Triple H would benefit the latter. The match would do great too i'd imagi
  13. This may have been one of the worst RAWs of the year, jesus christ. Let's start with how tacky Retribution looked, holy shit. Their strange ass presentation from ski masks to now wearing spiky masks. Especially the mask Dijackovic was wearing, just reminds me more of Bane then anything really. Then the names given to the group members were atrocious like Slapjack, T bar, and Mace. Then we got Andrade and Garza winning the #1 Contenders match for tag titles and giving us ANOTHER match between them and the Street Profits. Wouldn't it make more sense to do Hurt Business vs Street Profits but i gu

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