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  1. what are you doing mate? you don't work here.
  2. Hans


    Hans is seen in the middle of the ring, with his legs crossed as he scopes the arena. Nobody is there, just Hans as he seems to be in a depressed mood. He then begins to talk. A few months back I questioned myself on why i still wrestle, why do i still do this, if everyday i feel there's someone trying to hold me down from reaching that next level, I questioned why. Why can’t I be the elite of the elite, and that was my mindset before i won the US title, now i have everything The US Title, Bullet Proof, Tag Team Titles, everything should be all well and good, right? I have this same feeling once again, and I just don’t know why, i have all the gold I need yet, but something’s missing. I need to find myself once again…. Hans looks around, as his eyes are completely dead, as he looks 100% focused Slim, you are bonafide BPZ Icon, you have done it all, you have done everything! What’s to gain from beating me, why do you need to win so badly, is it because you want to find yourself too? You need help as much as I need it, you’re telling the all mighty Slim has gone crazy? you’re telling me this personal story, about your dad, your mother, and that everyone in your entire family is gone. You tell me all of this is because the society we live in is a scam? The world is an evil place my friend, everybody has their reasons to do certain things, and some people let God decide for them. Maybe Slim, just maybe, your living in you own world, I can see it with my very eyes that you are very lost my friend. You need help, you need to seek a therapist or a doctor because they are the only ones that can help you right now. Honestly, I can't help but realize how desperate you are for everything, you questioned why we care about Glory, Riches, and Values, yet you are hungry for all those things and more. You want to win the World Heavyweight Title so badly, you want to be on the pedestal once again, you want to become the king once again. You want to relive past glory and its eating inside you every single day! Hans starts getting more and more angrier as the promo continues This false perception that he has on this world and society in general just proves he isn't on the same level as all of us, he is just a deluded, washed up, psychopath. He's gonna step with me in the middle of this very ring. This man left when he couldn’t beat Julius at Summerslam yet he gets a second chance, for taking his balls and going home. I have been in this company for 10 months now, and all I have been doing is putting on classics after classics. I eat, I sleep, I breath this company! When we finally go face to face, I ain’t holding back one bit, this match is way more important for me, then it is for you. I want to prove every single one of my doubters and that i can handle the big time, that I’m ready for the main event, I'm ready to go one on one with the devil himself. Like I said previously, I want the best version of Slim, and it looks like I will. Good luck to you, and may be the best man, win….. King! Hans smiles at the camera menacingly as the scene fades to black....
  3. Fight Club Starters: Gallade-Mega Lucario Cobalion Passimian Machamp Scrafty Backup: Conkeldurr Primeape
  4. Hans

    WWE: Brand Warfare

    Payback Predictions: World Heavyweight Championship: Dean Ambrose(c) vs The Undertaker Triple H & Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins & Cesaro United States Championship: Rusev(c) vs Kurt Angle (I Quit) Brock Lesnar vs Finn Balor RAW Tag Team Championships: Gallows & Anderson(c) vs The Hardyz RAW Women's Championship: Charlotte vs Becky Lynch(c) Cruiserweight Championship: Austin Aries(c) vs Mustafa Ali No Holds Barred: Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn Preshow: Braun Strowman & Heath Slater vs Vaudevillains BONUSES: What match will open the show? (1pt) Cruiserweight Match Who takes the pin in the tag team match (HHH/Joe vs Rollins/Cesaro), and by who? (2pt) Cesaro takes then pin for Joe How many championships will change hands? (2pt) 1
  5. Hey man welcome to the forums, if you have any questions about the forums in general, don't hesitate to ask. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  6. Deadly Duos Tag League Night 2 Tag Team Match Julius and Lunatic Ginge vs Arius and Shiba Our first match of the night see’s Julius and Lunatic Ginge team up to take on the odd pairing of Arius and Shiba. Arius still wants a piece of Julius despite his unsuccessful attempt at the title at Annihilation. The match turns out to be very intriguing one with Arius viciously staring down Julius at every headlock he does to Ginge. This match ends with Arius hitting the Sentence to Lunatic Ginge for the win. Shiba celebrates with Arius before Arius lays him out with devastating clothesline. Arius is a lone wolf and he wants to keep it that way. Tag Team Match First Class Express (Hans & Xavier King) vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix The first match of the tournament has the First Class Express take on the young duo of Jack Bishop & Maddrix. The match was pretty basic, with Hans and Xavier King using their offense well. Bishop and Maddrix impressed a lot of people but couldn’t get the win as FCE hit the Buzzer Beater for the win and now has 4 points. 7:57 Tag Team Match Joshuka Scott & Bulldozer vs Godsent (Brett Storm & Jay Sellers) Our next contest has the team of Joshua Scott and Bulldozer go up against Brett Storm and Jay Sellers, also known as Godsent. These two teams have a pretty decent match with Godsent using their fast paced style against Josh and his slow and methodically style. The match ends with Brett Storm hitting a 5 Star Moonsault for the win as Godsent get their first win in the Deadly Duos Tag League. 9:24 Tag Team Match Evolution & Maasa vs Brad & Aaron North Next up, Maasa and Evolution goes up against Brad and Aaron North and this was pretty good match with Maasa and Evolution building a connection with the audience despite their losing ways. They have some great moments in the match, but Brad and Aaron were just too good with their offense and pick up the win as Brad pins Evolution for the 1,2,3. 11:02 Tag Team Match The Flock (Buddy Ace & Marker) vs Bob Sparks & Sandman This should be a good one folks as The Flock go up against Bob Sparks and The Sandman.This match was a lot of fun to watch, as both teams looked great in this match. Bob and Sandman work well together and the chemistry between both teams is wonderful. The ending of the match saw a number of sequences that had the crowd in awe, as Buddy Ace would roll up Bob for the sneaky victory. 15:55 Tag Team Match High Octane (George & Kieron) vs Killer Machines (Bubba & Beastly) Our next match sees George and Kieron of High Octane go two on two with the Killer Machines of Bubba and Beastly. The match was a great from top to bottom with tons of maneuvers from both sides. The crowd are really into this match, with the ending saw Bubba pinning Kieron for the victory. 18:14 6 Tag Team Match Johnny Kills, Sheridan and Bashka vs Natedog, Ross, and Kenji. Our main event of the evening sees The team of Johnny Kills, Sheridan, and Bashka take on Natedog, Ross, and Kenji of ASCENT. It was pretty decent six man tag, as throughout the match, Natedog always tagged in himself out whenever Bashka got in the ring. Bashka finally did get his hands on Natedog near the end of the match. The match would end with Johnny Kills pinning Ross for the win for his team. Royal Flush and Bashka celebrate as Bashka seems like he wants more of Natedog. 17:48 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Night 3 Backstage Segment: United Nations attack Sheridan and Johnny Kills! Before the matches for tonight’s show starts, The camera’s caught United Nations ambushing Sheridan and Johnny Kills backstage. Alex hits a Destino on Johnny Kills in the locker room floor. BPZ officials scramble to get United Nations out of the locker room. Alex Costa is bad, bad man... Tag Team Match Joshua Scott & Bulldozer vs Jack Bishop & Maddrix Our first match has Joshua Scott & Bulldozer taking on the team of Jack Bishop & Maddrix. The match is very basic, with the young lions showing off the moves they can do in the ring. The match ends with Josh pinning Maddrix for the win as he and Bulldozer now have 2 points. 5:21 Tag Team Match Maasa & Evolution vs The Flock (Buddy Ace & Marker) Our next match has Maasa and Evolution competing against the Flock. This was another very good performance by Maasa and Evolution, as these two held their own in their match against the Flock. This was solid matchup with Marker and Buddy Ace's offense too much for the Underdog duo as Buddy Ace hits a Deadeye to Maasa for the victory. 11:03 Tag Team Match Bob & Sandman vs Brad & Aaron North Bob and Sandman goes up against Brad & Aaron North. This was also a pretty decent match with the hard hitting/technical styles from both teams being noticeable in this match. Both teams looked great, pulling out some impressive maneuvers. The match ends when Bob was counted out as Brad who wasn’t the legal man grabbed Bob by the leg, preventing him from getting in the ring. Brad and Aaron win here. 13:49 Tag Team Match Killer Machines (Bubba & Beastly) vs Godsent (Brett Storm & Jay Sellers) Our next match should be a great one as The Killer Machines go up against Godsent. This match started off hot with some incredible double team moves from Godsent. The explosive styles of both teams work well, as Killer Machines use their strength, while Godsent use their speed. The match ends with Bubba and Beastly hit Cut Throat Killer for the win as Killer Machines have 6 points. 17:46 Tag Team Match High Octane (George & Kieron Black) vs First Class Express (Hans & Xaiver King) Our last tournament match of night 3 sees High Octane compete against the First Class Express. The match is great from start to finish as these 4 men put on a great match, with tons of false finishes and every move seemed more and more awesome. The match ends surprisingly with George getting a roll up victory on King, and High Octane wins this tag match surprisingly. 18:32 6 Tag Team Match Bart, Prince, and Cody Cage vs Ropati, Brenden, and Sameer Our main of the evening is a six man tag match as Villain’s Kingdom goes up against Big Baller Brand. This was an electric tag match, Cody Cage looked excellent in the match with some fantastic reversals from people like Ropati and Brenden. Everybody got their moves in and at the end it would be Bart making Brenden go to sleep with the Cardiac Arrest. A future match for NWGP title may be in stacks after that huge win. 15:08 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deadly Duos Tag League Climax Standings Current Standings Wrestlers Score Bubba and Beastly 6 Buddy Ace and Marker 6 Hans and Xaiver King 4 Kieron Black and George 4 Brad and Aaron North 4 Bob Sparks and Sandman 2 Brett Storm and Jay Sellers 2 Joshua Scott and Bulldozer 2 Evolution and Maasa 0 Jack Bishop and Maddrix 0
  7. I always liked "The Great One" nickname for Wayne Gretzky.
  8. I'll prob say Lee as well, seeing Clementine crying as she see's a man that as helped her throughout the entire season, was going to turn into a zombie. So sad man.
  9. LMAO, some wrestling fans amazes me, he's a human at the end of the day, you shouldn't be sending death threats to guy who's a playing a character lol.
  10. Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle was so great in many ways, Angle basically worked with an injured neck against Lesnar and pulled out a banger of a match.
  11. Of course it would be Bret Hart vs Owen Hart, it was really good match imo, still think Owen should have won the title here.
  12. I'm actually gonna go with Jerry Lawler vs Bret Hart on this one, as it wasn't really a match per say, but the story around is what makes it great imo. Lawler faked an injury so Bret had to face Doink and then face Lawler right after. The ending was also pretty good with Bret defeating Jerry but the referee reverse the decision since Bret didn't let go of the sharp shooter (same thing happened between rock vs shamrock).
  13. I would probably say Sonic Unleashed, always enjoyed playing the day time stages, night time stages weren't bad but was time consuming. Have tons of memories playing this game.
  14. Hans is sitting backstage on a step of stairs. He’s wearing some headphones while he’s wearing a leather jacket. He sits there, looking emotionless as he stares down. He then lights up a cigarette, and smokes it as he still sits, there…. emotionless. He has his US title on his shoulder as he begins to speak Define……. Stupidity That’s the first thing I think when we mention Brad. He thinks that he’s gonna walk with two belts around his waist? This guy acts like he's a psycho but in reality we all know he ain't. He still Brad, the same guy who retires, just to come back just to lose again, and again, and again. There’s no stopping this man, and all the power to you and your United Army. My question is why you want all this gold when you and everybody else knows the same results, you on the losing end. I mean you surely should have given up now right? Stay in the retirement home where you actually belong, take a nice long rest, and sit on a wheelchair and just go away. BPZ does not need you, and you can say that you breathe this business, and that you love this business to death, but we all know your money hungry for titles. Hell maybe we see you in 2030, still not retiring, and still chasing that false dream, that you so desperately desire. Hopefully after this tag match, maybe, just maybe you finally open your delusional eyes and stay in the retirement home as long as you live. We all have goals in life, some of those goals are not possible, but just like everybody else, we accept it and move on, for Brad he thinks that this goal is still achievable. No matter how hard he seems to be trying, you always and forever be known as a failure. As for you partner in crime, Monda, I just hope that Real American gets away from you, as fast as possible, and hopefully the rest of the United Nations does the exact same thing, because Brad’s obsession with gold will be the downfall of others around him. Guess we will see at Bad Blood. Hans throws away the cigarette as he moves on to a new subject. As for my next opponent in the Survival Games, Slim is concerned. Hopefully he bring his absolute best, yes Bic and I defeated him and Blade at Summerslam but I wanna defeat Slim at his very best, and since Slim now has 4 points in this tournament, I know he’s laser focused on winning the entire thing. I know Slim may be one of the very best to ever step foot in a BPZ Ring, but I promise you and everybody else that I’m ready for whatever you got in store for this week. Day in and day out i have been in the gym, training my ass off for this match, this is an important match for everybody involved. This is my true chance that I can defeat someone like Slim in the middle of that wrestling ring, with no help whatsoever. This is the time, this is the chance, I couldn’t beat Smith last week, but I’m ready for whatever Slim has up his sleeves. Slim bring everything you got, bring in the passion, bring in the determination because I want to defeat someone like you, because you are the King of this company and I plan on ripping that crown of your head While Slim has gone completely insane, he wants this win so badly, I appreciate what Slim wants and what he needs. However can I share something with you my friend. Hans pulls out a necklace out of his pocket, and the camera zooms in. This necklace means the world to me, this necklace symbolizes heartfelt, generous, and kind soul. This was a necklace of my friend, Rachel. She may have been one of the best human beings I have ever met in my life, we were friends from elementary to high school. I thought everything was going well until that fateful day. Rachel and I were walking, having a conversation with her, until suddenly I hear a shot…. The shot that changed my life, Rachel was a victim of a drive by. She’s was praying for help, but she couldn’t survive, she handed her necklace to me and the last words i hear was "I Love You" and she died right in my arms. Why her? She didn’t deserve it. I came to accept that she isn’t here anymore, and I have to move on, I can’t live my life by thinking of bad shit that happened to me a long time ago. I know every struggle I had in my life, but I don’t regret any of them. This is the life I have to live. This may the best hardest month I had ever had, but I ain't dying on the ground yet, and I promise every single one of my supporters and peers, that I’m still alive and ready to take off to the next level in BPZ. I wish all of the opponents that I’m going to face, the best of luck. See you all Later….. The promo cuts abruptly to black, strong words from Hans as he has a lot on his plate, can he get it done this week?
  15. Love the aspects of Short Term and Long Term goals for your workers, Sid being out for 3 years kinda sucks. The matches you have for nitro seem solid, Steiner vs Bam Bam should be good.
  16. Tomasso Ciampa Finn Balor Kevin Owens Bobby Roode Samoa Joe Neville Almas Adam Cole Black Sami Zayn Nakamura Bo Dallas Johnny Gargano Seth Rollins Big E Drew McIntyre
  17. With the Draft coming up soon, I can see the Revival winning here and be drafted to Smackdown. I'm digging this partnership with Orton and hopefully they win.

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