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  1. Cleveland Browns and Detroit Pistons
  2. Letters From The Sky by Civil Twilight. It's really good, I like it! It's been used a couple WWE promos over the years.
  3. Now I have no problem with this song. It was the theme for one of the SummerSlam's (07 I think) but did anyone ever think... what in the hell is in this music video??
  4. Mockingjay (Part 1) was the last movie I saw. Simply amazing. Although, it could've been a bit longer.
  5. Seeing all this #bleedblue is making me sick to my stomach. If there's more #RoarRed then I'll be at 100% again.

  6. #TeamBashka 4-4-4-4-4 Life....

  7. So Apex is three days older than me and live about an hour or two away... this could be something..

    1. Landon


      Dude no way come on chat!!

  8. Making a comeback! I've been to a couple of streams and after all the plugging

    1. InnovatorYT


      (cont.) I decided to make a trip back to the promise land.

    2. Bashka


      Welcome back!

    3. Landon


      Welcome back!!

  9. I've always wanted to watch Weeds but never could. I also watch alot of standup comedy :/
  10. Very rarely do I ever watch TV on my own will. But when I do I watch Tosh.0, Chrisley Knows Best, Awkward, Big Bang Theory, and Two and a Half Men.
  11. Them Jeff Hardy poems are... very.. interesting

    1. Zømbie


      I love his poems.

    2. InnovatorYT


      I'm starting to get the messages from his poems. That being the case I really like them

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