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  1. TWITCH: noyplays So, since I can’t put much of my time on my YouTube channel’s Universe Mode for now, I’m gonna take 2 hrs when ever I can to at least do something with you guys. Here’s what went down on Feb 12, 2018 edition of UM. The first episode of Kitsune (Japanese for FOX) Pro Wrestling had 5 matches in the card. Two Fatal 4 Ways which the winners of their respective matches would face each other at Great Balls of Fire for the Kitsune Heavyweight Championship. Also the superstars who don’t get pinned or submitted will go on to another Fatal 4 Way at GBOF for the Intercontinental Championship. There were also two Tag Team matches where the winning teams would face for the Tag Team titles at the PPV. Lastly a 6-Woman battle royal for the Women’s Championship. The night started with a Fatal 4 Way between Drew McIntyre, Bobby Roode, TJP and Chris Jericho. The Best in the World manage to STEAL the victory after pinning TJP who received a Glorious DDT from Bobby Roode. That match was followed by the first of two World Tag Team Championship Qualifying matches which involved the team of SAnitY’s Killian Dain and Eric Young going up against The Hardys. SAnitY picked up the victory after a massive move by Young on Jeff for the pin. The Women’s Championship Battle Royal was next, Peyton Royce, Asuka, Alexa Bliss, Bayley, Nikki Cross and Becky Lynch battled for the coveted price. Alexa Bliss managed to last eliminate Asuka to become the first ever Kitsune Women’s Championship. The second and last Tag Team Championship Qualifier went underway as the team of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose faced the Usos. Rollins and Ambrose picked up the win after Rollins delivered the Black Out for the 1, 2 and 3. The Main Event was up and the second Fatal 4 Way between Braun Strowman, AJ Styles, Aleister Black and Finn Bálor began. Aleister Black picked up the win with a devastating Black Mass to Bálor after failing to deliver the Coup de Grace. The matches for Great Balls of Fire are set: In the main event Chris Jericho will face Aleister Black in a ladder match for the KITSUNE Heavyweight Championship. Braun Strowman, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre will face in a Elimination Fatal 4 Way to crown the first ever Intercontinental Champion. Rollins and Ambrose will go up against the team of Killian Dain and Eric Young from SAnitY for the World Tag Team Championship. Also the new Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss must defend her newly won Championship against the last woman to be eliminated in the Battle Royal: Asuka. And Finn Bálor faces TJP in singles competition. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE Results: Chris Jericho wins the KITSUNE Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match. AJ Styles became the Intercontinental Champion. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose won the World Tag Team Championships. Alexa Bliss managed to retain the Women’s Championship. Finn Bálor defeated TJP by Pinfall. You can join the fun on Twitch @noyplays help me book the matches and rivalries. PS: 9am east USA or 10am east USA
  2. Just want to let people know that I haven’t forgotten about this. I’ve just been working on some IRL stuff. Sorry for the delay.
  3. @The Demon Storm Hunter Oh ok yeah I do!
  4. @The Demon Storm Hunter His name is DLC correct?
  5. @The Demon Storm Hunter Ok, I have the right guy for you... What name would you like for him? Finisher? Masked? Sorry man, I only have an Xbox One.
  6. @The Demon Storm Hunter Lol What do you mean? I'm doing this in Xbox One, and since I already have a couple of episodes already done I didn't ask for CAWs. Sorry man. If you have a CAW on Xbox you can let me know and I can debut him.
  7. Hey guys, here is the order of the PPVs and some of the names for the rest of the PPVs I didn't mention before: 1st - Grand Prix (Two Months Build) 2nd - Hollow Point 3rd - Global Tag Wars 4th - Domination 5th - King of the World 6th - WrestleRush 7th - Queen of Wrestling (Yes, I accidentally said Queen of the Ring the first time) 8th - Nemesis 9th - Destruction 10th - Destino Also here are the Sixteen superstars that will compete on the first ever Grand Prix Tournament which will crown the first ever NC Heavyweight Champion: BLOCK A: Shinsuke Nakamura - Hideo Itami - Jeff Hardy - Randy orton - Finn Bálor - Seth Rollins - Shane Thorne - Neville BLOCK B: Aleister Black - AJ Styles - PTE (CAW) - Roderick Strong - The Brian Kendrick - Noam Dar - Drew McIntyre - Johnny Gargano Here are the rules for the Grand Prix Tournament and the matches: - Each Superstar will face each other once. - There will be Seven rounds. - All matches will be No-DQ to ensure a winner. - The winner of each match earns TWO points. - The loser of each match earns NO points. - If the match ends in a draw each superstar earns ONE point. - The top Two superstars with the most points of each block will face each other at Grand Prix in the finals. - The Numbers Two and Three from each block will face in a Fatal Four Way to crown the first ever NC Intercontinental Champion. - All matches in NCU have a Twenty minute time limit and so do the Grand Prix matches. *Thank you all for the support, I will announce the first episode in the next couple of weeks.
  8. @The Demon Storm Hunter Thank you man!!
  9. Hi! I’m Noy!

    @Brad Thanks! I actually did read them! Haha thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  10. Hi! I’m Noy!

    @BrendenPlayz Thank you!! I’m really excited to share my views and ideas!
  11. Hi! I’m Noy!

    @FDS Thank you!
  12. Hi! I’m Noy!

    @George AK Thank you! ☺️
  13. Hi! I’m Noy!

    @Julius01 Thank you! Thank you!
  14. @Julius01 Thank you, man! I’m honestly very excited myself!
  15. What’s up Peeps!? Welcome to the official introduction of the NCU. The NoyClub Universe Mode or NCU (for short), is a wrestling promotion owned by former DWE Champion “Speedy” Chris Roy (The DWE was a wrestling promotion based only on CAWs that I made long ago in SvR 2008 and lived up to 2K17). This company is based and inspired by a mixture of both the WWE and NJPW styles of booking. In this company monthly or even yearly wins and loss records are VERY IMPORTANT as this is how contenders and tournament competitors are chosen (with some minor exceptions). All Championships, arenas and logos are custom. Here are some examples of PPV and the weekly shows: Saturday Night War - This is the Main weekly episodic show. Road to - These are minor weekly shows that are scheduled for specific purposes, for example: Block B of the Grand Prix Tournament takes place on a “Road to Grand Prix” show. If there is no purpose of scheduling this minor show than it will not be presented. Grand Prix ‘18 - A ppv based on the NJPW’s G1 Climax; Grand Prix is a eight week long round robin tournament with two blocks (Like the G1). Block A will always be composed of the eight top superstars in the promotion’s yearly win and loss records (except for the inaugural Tournament). Block B will be composed of CAWs submitted by YOU, except for the inaugural tournament which will have “free agents” (superstars who didn’t make the cut to be in block A). I am also adding my own CAW in Block B. Any Champion can compete in this tournament. Destino - The biggest ppv of the year, based on Wrestlemania. This ppv is real simple to explain. It’s basically where the biggest and most popular feuds end (or continue). King of the World - A ppv based on WWE’s King of the Ring with Royal Rumble implications. KOTW is an 8 man Tournament with the winner earning a Title opportunity at the main event of Destino. The World Champion does NOT compete in this tournament, but other champions can. Queen of the Ring - Also based on King of the Ring but with an all-woman competitors. An 8-women tournament with the winner earning a Title opportunity at Destino. The Women’s Champion does not compete in this tournament. Global Tag Wars - A ppv based on the NJPW’s World Tag League. This is an 8-Team tournament with the winners earning a title opportunity on the following ppv event. Any Champion can compete in this tournament. I am still working on some other names for the rest of the PPVs. Also keep in mind that some PPVs take more than a one month (4 weeks) build, e.g. Gran Prix. These are the active Championships: NC Heavyweight Championship - NC Intercontinental Championship - NC World Tag Team Championships - NC Women’s Championship. *I am thinking of introducing another or more belt(s) in the future. I will post the Roster or any other related information below this topic as a Reply. And yes “Speedy” Chris Roy is a CAW. Also, I’m using current WWE superstars that are already in the game and maybe some legends. I will not add CAWs of other real life wrestlers that aren’t in the game. I want to reach a point where the whole roster is composed of CAWs submitted by You. As for gameplay I won’t take control of the superstars or CAWs, I will start, end or continue rivalries based on what goes on.

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