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  1. NCU - NoyClub Unierse Mode NC Saturday Night WAR - Episode 4 The night begins with WAR's general manager Chris Roy, in his office sipping on a coffee cup, when he hears a knock on the opened door, it's Johnny Gargano. "Hey, Gargano, how's your recovery going? Doing any better?" asks Mr. Roy. Gargano walks up to Roy's desk, "I'm doing great, I might be coming to WAR sooner than the doctors said I would. But let's talk buisiness, I know that my injury came out of nowhere and that made you take some decisions that would keep the tournament going, but once I comeback I want an opportunity to prove myself, what I'm asking for is that once I'm cleared to return I want to face one of your biggest stars." Roy stands up and offers a handshake, "I believe that would be great for NCU and best for the fans. You have a deal." Gargano smiles and shakes Mr. Roy's hand. Curtis Axel & Tyson Kidd vs. Baron Corbin & Luke Harper Grand Prix Round 4: Finn Bálor vs. Jeff Hardy Grand Prix Round 4: Shane Thorne vs. Hideo Itami Grand Prix Round 4: Randy Orton vs. Neville Grand Prix Round 4: Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura RESULTS: In a very good tag team match, the team of Tyson Kidd and Curtis Axel upsetting the team of Corbin and Harper when Harper accidentally hit Corbin with the discuss clothline, with Axel taking the opportunity to pick up the win for his team. In another Grand Prix tournament classic so far, Jeff Hardy defeated Finn Bálor to take his two points. In a match that was hard hitting and full of high flying action when Shane Thorne defeated Hideo Itami, Itami failing once again. In a match that had Neville jump from the top rope to the outside landing the Red Arrow, still at the end Orton maneged to defeat a gain Neville. In a match that had two favorites to win the GP tournament, Rollins and Nakamura, Rollins would defeat Nakamura in the middle of the ring, and after the match both men embraced in a hug and out of respect Nakamura raised Rollins' hand. POST SHOW INTERVIEW: Randy Orton was the man to be interviewed. A man holding a pad and bitting his pen, "Randy, tonight you defeated a very gained opponent in Neville, and people still don't recognize the fact that you could end up winning block A of the GP. How do you react to this?" Orton, fuming with anger, "I don't care what you or anyone thinks, and to be honest I don't owe anything to anyone. So, as far as I'm concerned, this is my tournment and I'm definetly going to Grand Prix to become Champion. I'm done, no more questions." Randy Orton pushes the microphone off the table and leaves.
  2. WEEK 3 OF THE GRAND PRIX TOURNAMENT: BLOCK A RANKINGS: Seth Rollins: 6 pts Shinsuke Nakamura: 4 pts Shane Thorne: 4 pts Randy Orton: 4 pts Finn Bálor: 4 pts Jeff Hardy: 2 pts Hideo Itami: 0 pts Neville: 0 pts BLOCK B RANKINGS: AJ Styles: 6 pts PTE: 4 pts Roderick Strong: 4 pts John Cena: 4 pts Noam Dar: 2 pts The Brian Kendrick: 2 pts Drew McIntyre: 2 pts Aleister Black: 0 pts *RED - CONTENDER FOR NC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP \ BLUE - CONTENDER FOR NC INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP
  3. NCU - NoyClub Unierse Mode NC Road to Grand Prix - Episode 3 Drew McIntyre comes out with a microphone in hand, with anger and frustration in his face. "I'm sick and tired of all of you 'feeling disappointed' in me. Shut up, all of you, I don't need your pitty or your approval. I am my own man, and tonight I'm getting my sh*t straight and destroy that pirate wanna be, truely starting my road to Grand Prix." Drew drops the mic and looks up at the ramp ready and waiting for his opponent. Grand Prix Open Round 3: Drew McIntyre vs. The Brian Kendrick Grand Prix Open Round 3: Roderick Strong vs. PTE Grand Prix Open round 3: AJ Styles vs. Noam Dar Grand Prix Open Round : Aleister Black vs. John Cena RESULTS: After an almost one sided beatdown, Drew McIntyre would come out victorious after a Claymore Kick to once and for all put away Kendrick for the pin. In a fierce battle Strong was able to end the undefeated streak of PTE after an End of Heartache. AJ Styles was able to put away Noam Dar, even after Dar would putup a strong fight, but to no success. In another dissapointing bout, Aleister Black would once again be unaible to pickup a victory and would fail to defeat John Cena. POST SHOW INTERVIEW: John Cena would be interviewed tonight. A beautiful young interviewer, "Mr. Cena, tonight with this victory you are back on the race to become champion at Grand Prix, do you think you have a chance?" John Cena looks at the young lady and answers, "Well, first of all, I never thought negatively about my odds in this tournament. Second, the whole tournament is full of very talented superstars, and we all want the same prize, to be champion. I've been champion all around the world, but making history and becoming t+he first ever Heavyweight champion in NCU? That is my goal. I'm making it to Grand Prix and I'm going to be champion at the end of the event".
  4. NCU - NoyClub Unierse Mode NC Saturday Night WAR - Episode 3 The night begins with general manager Mr. Roy in his office ready to talk to the fans. "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight in our main event, we will have the King of Strong Style going up against the leader of the Bálor Club, Finn Bálor, also tonight we have the debuts of two new tag teams, bothe these teams will try and prove to me that they deserve to be in the World Tag Team Championship match at Grand Prix. Yes, we're not only crowning our first ever World and Intercontinental champions, but also new Tag Team champions. i hope you enjoy tonights show." Rhyno & Rob Van Dam vs. Dolph Ziggler & Bobby Roode Grand Prix Round 3: Seth Rollins vs. Hideo Itami Grand Prix Round 3: Randy Orton vs. Jeff hardy Grand Prix Round 3: Shane Thorne vs. Neville Grand Prix Round 3: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Finn Bálor RESULTS: In a very competitive tag team macth, teh team of Ziggler and Roode were unable to defeat the team of long time friends of RVD and Rhyno. Seth Rollins would once again earn another victory after defeating Hideo Itami by way of pinfall, Itami once again unable to earn points in the Grand Prix tournament. An RKO out of nowhere would earn Orton the victory after catching Jeff Hardy while attempting whisper in the wind. In a match so close it could've been a draw by decision, Thorne would rise the victor after a Sit-Out Last Ride to Neville for the victory. In what the fans would call an upset, Finn Bálor defeated Nakamura after Nakamura missed hsis second Kinshasa that would give Bálor the opportunity to land the Coup De Grace. POST SHOW INTERVIEW: Finn Bálor would be the man to be interviewed. An interviewer with a large notepad stood up up; "Bálor, most fans and peers are talking about your win tonight as one of the biggest upsets in NCU's history. What is your answer to this?" Bálor sips from his bottle of water looking very calm. "Interviewer man, why would my huge victory over one of the favorites to win the whole tournament be an upset? I mean, I'm as good as Nakamura, actually I prooved tonight that I am BETTER than Nakamura, and that the only dream match you'll see is me against Styles. Good night." Bálor gets up and begins to leave, but rapidly returns for his bottle of water. He drinks, smiles and leaves.
  5. WEEK 2 OF THE GRAND PRIX TOURNAMENT: BLOCK A RANKINGS: Shinsuke Nakamura: 4 pts Seth Rollins: 4 pts Shane Thorne: 2 pts Randy Orton: 2 pts Jeff Hardy: 2 pts Finn Bálor: 2 pts Hideo Itami: 0 pts Neville: 0 pts BLOCK B RANKINGS: AJ Styles: 4 pts PTE: 4 pts Roderick Strong: 2 pts John Cena: 2 pts Noam Dar: 2 pts The Brian Kendrick: 2 pts Drew McIntyre: 0 pts Aleister Black: 0 pts *RED - CONTENDER FOR NC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP \ BLUE - CONTENDER FOR NC INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP
  6. NCU - NoyClub Universe Mode NC Road to Grand Prix - The Grand Prix Open Ep. 2 The nigh starts with a promo by Noam Dar. He says the dispite his loss last week, he still will win the tournament and go straight to the Grand Prix finals and become the Heavyweight champion. We also see GM "Speedy" backstage walking the corridors when he walks into John Cena, he tells Cena that he's glad that he pick him as a substitute for Gargano, but Cena doesn't like anyone calling him a substitute, that he's going to prove it tonight. "Speedy" likes his ruthless aggression so he reveals Cena's match to be the main event against the rookie PTE. Grand Prix Open Round 2: Noam Dar vs. Drew McIntyre Grand Prix Open Round 2: AJ Styles vs. Aleister Black Grand Prix Open Round 2: Brian Kendrick vs. Roderick Strong Grand Prix Open Round 2: PTE vs. John Cena RESULTS: In a match that had McIntyre almost dominating the entire match, Noam Dar would deliver an Enzuguri out of no wher to win the match. Black would try deliver a Black Mass, but AJ Styles would counter it on every chance, AJ would hit a Phenomenal Forearm to pick up the win. Brian Kendrick would defeat Roderick Strong after Kendrick used a perfectly legal chair for the win. In one of the biggest upset to date, PTE would defeat John Cena after delivering two Poetic Tragedies in a row to pick up the win. POST SHOW INTERVIEW: PTE would be the man to be interviewed. An interviewer would ask PTE on how he felt on defeating one of the greatest performers in professional wrestling, John Cena. PTE would answer by saying that this victory was just the beggining of what's to come, the HE would be the man to win the tournament and become the first ever Heavyweight champion. He then leaves with a smirk on his face.
  7. NCU- NoyClub Universe Mode NC Saturday Night WAR Episode 2: The night started with the Grand Prix Rankings so far. We go backstage where "Speedy" Chris Roy is in his office when Hideo Itami enters. "Speedy, Randy cheated, and I want a rematch, I want you to restart the Tournament. I've been screwed!" says Itami with anger. "Mr. Itami, I'm sorry, but I can't restart the whole tournament just because you couldn't beat Orton. You know what you can do, tho? Win your match tonight against Finn Bálor. Go now, I'm busy." Itami points at Roy, but doesn't say anything and leaves. Akira Tozawa & TJP vs. Lucha Warriors (Gran Metalik & Kalisto) Grand Prix Round 2: Seth Rollins vs. Shane Thorne Grand Prix Round 2: Finn Bálor va. Hideo Itami Grand Prix Round 2: Jeff Hardy vs. Neville Grand Prix Round 2: Randy Orton vs. Shinsuke Nakamura RESULTS: After a clinc in tag team wrestling, the Lucha Warriors defeated TJP & Akira Tozawa after Tozawa failed to deliver a Diving Senton and Kalisto would take advantage and hithim with the Salida Del Sol. In a match that had as much high flying moves as hard hits Seth Rollins would deliver his finisher Black Out to win and give Thorne his first loss in the tournament. Itami would try every trick in the book to try and beat Bálor but to no luck as Finn would roll Itami up for the win. In a match that had the NC universe on the edge of their seats Jeff Hardy would finally hit his third attempt for the Swanton Bomb to pick up the win. Shinsuke Nakamura would deliver three Kinshazas to finally put down a resilient Viper in Randy Orton, Nakamura earns his second win and two more points. POST SHOW INTERVIEW: Seth Rollins would be the man to be interviewed. One interviewer would stand up: "Seth, after a win like tonight do you think you can go all the way to win the tournament?" Seth responds: "For the past week people have been talking about AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. Well, to them I say this. Never forget about me, you wanna talk about a man who can make it all the way and become the Heavyweight champion? I'm the MAN!" Rollins stands up and leaves.
  8. So I’ve been thinking and I believe the second style of presentation for the episodes is more pleasing for me when I read it instead of having so many profile pictures for each superstar. I will, on the other hand introduce CAWs (Create a Superstar) with profile pictures as they get signed. So, if you have Xbox One and have a CAW let me know and I’ll add them to the Universe Mode. Please maintain your CAW between 80 and 85 overall, also must have 3 level 1, 2 level 2 and 1 level 3 skills (eg. Level 3 Pinning combination). Please, DO NOT use the RESILIENCY skill. Thank you, everyone for the support, it means a lot.
  9. WEEK 1 OF THE GRAND PRIX TOURNAMENT(BLOCK B ONLY): BLOCK B RANKINGS: AJ Styles: 2pts Roderick Strong: 2 pts PTE: 2pts John Cena: 2pts Drew McIntyre: 0pts The Brian Kendrick: 0pts Noam Dar: 0pts Aleister Black: 0pts
  10. NCU - NoyClub Universe Mode NC Road to Grand Prix Open Ep. 1 The show started with a recap of last night's NC War episode, showing the rankings of each superstar in Block A. Also, it was announced by GM of War that Johnny Gargano has been substituted by John Cena in the Grand Prix Open due to an injury suffered days after his signing with NC. Grand Prix Open Round 1: The Brian Kendrick vs. John Cena Grand Prix Open Round 1: Aleister Black vs. PTE Grand Prix Open Round 1: Roderick Strong vs. Noam Dar Grand Prix Open Round 1: Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles RESULTS: Kendrick's plan to outsmart the Sixteen time World Champion failed as John Cena managed to counter a top rope Captain's Hook into an AA pinning the Man with a Plan in the middle of the ring. PTE would managed to upset the mysterious Aleister Black, after Black failed to deliver a Black Mass that was countered into Poetic Tragedy (High Angle Pedigree). Roderick Strong would defeat the Scottish Supernova in a heated match that almost ended in a count out, where Noam Dar only had enough energy to get into the ring before a 20 count, but Strong was waiting him and would deliver a End of Heartache for the win. In the Main Event, Drew McIntyre would fall to the Phenomenal Forearm from AJ Styles with five minutes left on the clock. POST SHOW INTERVIEW: AJ Styles was the superstar to be interviewed. He was asked on who would he like to face from Block A should he win Block B of the Grand Prix Tournament at the finals. Styles would reply with: "Shinsuke Nakamura is one of my favorite wrestles in the world, and i would like to have another go with the King."
  11. @JoshsNow Believe me, I was surprised too. Thanks for the support.
  12. @Julius01 Thank you so much for the support. I'm still working on the presentation tho. I'm gonna keep doing this more often, I like the creative process.
  13. WEEK 1 OF THE GRAND PRIX TOURNAMENT(BLOCK A ONLY): BLOCK A RANKINGS: Shinsuke Nakamura: 2pts Shane Thorne: 2 pts Seth Rollins: 2pts Randy Orton: 2pts Hideo Itami: 0pts Finn Bálor: 0pts Jeff Hardy: 0pts Neville: 0pts
  14. NCU - NoyClub Universe Mode NC Saturday Night War Episode 1: "The Tournament begins" NC General Manager "Speedy" Chris Roy starts the show in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand. He welcomes the crowd to the first ever NC War and would also announce the Grand Prix Tournament to crown a new and first ever NC Heavyweight Champion at the first PPV: NC Grand Prix '18 in seven weeks time. The segment ends with Chris Roy recieving a round of applause from the crowd. First match of the night: 1/20 Exibition Tag Team match. VS RESULTS In a grouling match the team of Cedric Alexander and Apollo Crews defeated the veteran team of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows when Apollo would alley oop Anderson to Alexander for him to catch him into the Lumbar Check for the pin. RECORDS: Cedric Alexander: 1-0-0 / Apollo Crews: 1-0-0 / Karl Anderson: 0-1-0 / Luke Gallows: 0-1-0 Second match of the night: 1/20 No-Dq Grand Prix Round 1. VS RESULTS: In a brawl that went to the extreme with all types of weapons, Randy Orton would catch Hideo Itami off guard when he delivered a devastating RKO on top of a chair for the pin. RECORDS: Randy Orton: 1-0-0 / Hideo Itami: 0-1-0 Third match of the night: 1/20 No-Dq Grand Prix Round 1. VS RESULTS: In a match that brought high flying moves and technical submissions ended when Seth Rollins hit the Black Out after Neville missed the Red Arrow for the win. RECORDS: Neville: 0-1-0 / Seth Rollins: 1-0-0 Fourth match of the night: 1/20 No-Dq Grand Prix Round 1. VS RESULTS: In a 13 minute match that was full of drama and action Shane Thorne would manage an upset win over Finn Bálor after rolling him up for the win to the surprise of everyone in the arena. RECORDS: Shane Thorne: 1-0-0 / Finn Bálor: 0-1-0 Main Event of the night: 1/20 No-Dq Grand Prix Round 1. VS RESULTS: In a close match that lasted over 18 minutes Shinsuke Nakamura would pick up TWO points after delivering two Kinshasas in a row to pin the high flying Hardy. RECORDS: Shinsuke Nakamura: 1-0-0 / Jeff Hardy: 0-1-0 POST SHOW INTERVIEW: Shinsuke Nakamura is interviewed and asked on how he plans to go to Grand Prix and face the winner of Block B and become the NC Heavyweight Champion. Nakamura would respond by just simply saying: "Kinshasa... 1...2...3." He stands up drinks his water and walks out leaving the press asking more questions and ignoring them. *I'm sorry this took so long to start but I just got internet at my new home. Also, not a real good writer. I'll probably try different ways of presenting the episodes.Thank you for reading and I really hope you enjoy. Also, as for storylines, since I get these results by simulating them in WWE 2k18, I am in the process of making sense of every result and interactions between superstars as the weeks go on.
  15. So, yesterday I came across a video on YouTube that gives “gratification” to wrestling events, tv shows and wrestlers. I honestly don’t care about others opinion, for the sole reason that everyone has their own way of looking at things, especially wrestling. Now, I will clarify that even tho I don’t care I still do respect others opinions, but that has its limits. I respect the wrestling industry as much as I respect firefighters, police, and other jobs that put their life on the line. Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch comparing wrestling with jobs like those, but unlike cops and firemen, wrestlers do it to ENTERTAIN. In other words for nothing but other people’s amusement. So, to my point, don’t be negative about wrestling or wrestlers. Yes, you can love or hate whoever you want, but respect them and what they do. “Alexa Bliss sucks at wrestling, she can’t put on a good match” are you f#cking kidding me? That woman can do more things than most of the human population could ever dream of. “Roman Reigns sucks” ok, let me be clear I’m not a Reigns fan, but I respect the wrestler and what he does. Even though people might “hate” him for the way he’s booked, you can’t deny his talent (he may not be so good on the mic, but you get what I’m saying). Wrestling is not for everyone, and if you’re one of the people who have never even been inside a ring and have taken at least one bump, you sir/ma’am CANNOT criticize what wrestlers do in the ring. Wrestling is the only Sport (yes, I said it) where you MUST take care of your “opponent”, and so must we as fans of the industry, we must respect and realize that wrestling is an art, a sport and one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Thank you, for reading this “rant”, I’m not usually a person that does this, especially on the internet, but you guys are awesome so here you go lol. Happy Rusev Day people. Also if you have your own opinion on this topic, feel free to join the discussion. 😎🤓

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