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  1. *Lights cut and the voice begins to laugh, a camera is filming the figure in a mental asylum whilst on the floor with his knees up to his stomach and his hands over his head. The figure is again wearing his grim reaper mask and hood. You begin to hear echo's of people screaming and crying, shouting for the voices to go away.* Figure: You hear that? Those screams, they're music to my ears, they think it's an illness, THEY THINK THEY'RE CRAZY! They need to admire it, let it in, follow the commands, follow the voices. *The figure begins to look up, you can tell he is listening to someone* Figure: I know, the time is near, the clock will struck very soon my friend. *The figure looks at the camera* Figure: Do you ever wonder why humans cannot see in darkness? it's because they are blinded, blinded by their own fear. Everyone is scared she told me, there is no hero, there is no braveness in the end. The difference with me is, I'm not just human. *The figure begins to smile as he feels the dirty stone floor.* Figure: You see, my mother threw me to the wolves. The next day I came back leader of the whole pack. I am special, I am the only one that belongs in the darkness! I am the one who can see! I AM THE ONE THAT IS NOT BLINDED! *The figure begins to laugh and slowly stands up and walks to his wall, numbers up to 100 are placed everywhere in which are all crossed off with blood. The camera focuses on the writing on the other wall the figure walked to, in which reads "Fear Franco Woods". The camera turns back to Franco Woods.* Franco Woods: Because I have no fear. Want to know why? Because fear fears me, I Franco Woods am fear itself. And I myself will be coming soon, to blind people and consume their minds with darkness! *Camera turns back to the wall and Franco Woods begins to sing whilst still hearing echo's of people screaming* Franco Woods: "one more kiss and then I'll walk away. slowly cut me deeper if I stay" *Woods begins to laugh as the camera fades black and the lights re-appear*

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