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  1. BrendenPlayz Royal Rumble Discussion

    hard to tell but if its build a star i see finn or shinsuke wining if its a push for stabilished star i see roman wining if its reviving a career i see someone like aj styles or kevin owens
  2. hey thank you man but the setting a time we could all use would not be bad i end up missing out alot.
  3. i just want to ask if we its possible we could all use an exact time on ppvs or discussions due to the time difference been wild especially me who lives in africa zambia anyway also wanted to find how the promotions here work and hpw matchs are made through text and who decides to go over or something?

    THE MUSIC HITS EVERYONE IN THE CROWD SURPRISED AND SILENT AS WRECKS SHADOW ENTERS AND GRABS THE MICROPHONE FROM THE ANNOUNCER AND ENTERS THE RINGS; As i hold this mic A few know me and some of you dont,some of you who knew me still doubted me and those who do not know me doubt me.thats cool and i repect that because this is a company where everybody has to prove themselves.see you may all doubt but when i hit my first promo i rattled you egos and BRENDENPLAYZ saw it i am greatness and now i am back i want to claim a spot in this company.i will prove to you all that i am not another generic copycat like most and that this runs through my veins and i will fight till my last breathe so yes i deal with so many obstacles,so many issues,voices in my mind and demons.at some point they all got to me and i gave in and i disappeared but this time i break through and i am here to break my way through this company till i have a spot amongest the greatest of this company.See to those who get in my way i will break you and to the rest better cherish you spot BECAUSE I AM COMING!!!
  5. BrendenPlayz Universe Mode Discussion

    OMG!!!!! Still freaking out that Ziggler won. here is my opinion of both positive and negative effects of each match. DOLPH ZIGGLER VS SHINSUKE NAKAMURA Positive: well besides the fact am a fan well this story has been very compelling and a shocker when ziggler betrayed him.well this could be loss that could push shinsuke to the main event picture and this also could be the win that could revive ziggler.overall the match was one ziggler prepared for,also that ending was compelling and most of all got to be the best heel turn of the series. Negative;well the build was okay but to be honest the motive behind the heel turn was a little bit poor i wish ziggler could have had a better reason than frustration and even so shinsuke could have offered him a title opportunity after all his a good guy he couldn't have refused maybe if he did it would have been adding fuel to the fire for the heel turn but still good just wished more spice to ziggler's heel turn. BRAUN STROWMAN VS SHEAMUS AND CEASRO Postive; this was nice match it showed the resiliency of strowman,also showed the awesome team work from sheamus and ceasro.the match was tough and quick.the pair deserved the win and surprised us with that good team work from the two. Negative; well i personally feel that strowman may still be in a developmental stage but this loss was a sad one cause he just defended the title in the last ppv and this some makes strowman lose a bit of credibility as a champion.i felt he needed to destroy them both.ceasro and shemus could have used more time to develop chemistry as a team and i wish it was for the title then this could have lead to a fatal four way and give more credibility to the title and could have added a mix to the team of sheamus and ceasro. SASHA BANKS VS BECKY LYNCH VS NIA JAX Postive;awesome show case of talent,a match worth re-watching,all characters put in their all and this was a great start for becky.that was a dominating win for becky taking out both characters. Negative; well to be honest sasha banks looked weak tapping out and nia jax needs a few more rivalries before a title shot so that we see her build more depth into her character.problem of triple threats there is only one loser and one winner and this still could make nia jax lose another chance for the title. THE CLUB VS HARDYS positive; well i am glad this happened so atleast we can wait till the dlc is released and have an epic match.this also makes the club strong. negative; well on the side of the hardys this gives them another chance due to technicality but this makes them a weak and this spot could have gone to other tag team. SETH ROLLINS & SAMOA JOE VS THE NWO Positive; awesome match up enjoyed everything and watching them get payback was sweet.also razor and nash have not lost their step.also an awesome extreme side of wrestling not too much weapons not too less. negative; well nwo needed a win and now they do not look so intimidating but they showcased why the showed not be messed with but needed the win too show an example to any one part of the revolt why they should be feared but overall i hope they have a plan C. CHRIS JERICHO VS AJ STLYES Positive; well this match was a hard hiting stlyes and awesome.i enjoed every bit of the match and it was amazing to see this match between jericho vs aj two of the most talented characters of universe mode truly amazing.it was a unique match and tested the stamina of both aj and jericho.AJ showing why he is PHENOMENAL. Negative; well sad for jericho needed this win to validate that age is just a number but now he is lost and failed to prove his point.sad seeing go down the ranks after cash in on the undertaker a few years back well it seems age is more than just a number,its a limit. UNDERTAKER VS GOLDBERG Positive; this match was glorious seeing two of the most powerfull characters of universe mode collide was EPIC.seeing both of them taken and this match solidifed why goldberg is a beast.kicking out of four tombstones,a last ride and etc.this was simply amazing.WHOEVER BOOKED THIS THANK YOU IT WAS SOME AWESOME SHITTT!!!. negative; WHY WAS IT NOT FOR THE TITLE!!!!!!WHY WHY WHY WHY LOL thats just my opinon though Again thank you for an awesome show!!!!!!! THANK YOU BRENDENPLAYZ

    Hello guys recks shadow here if anyone remembers me well am back and this time its a permanent stay i want to apologize i have had financial problems so staying online got harder and i got worse with my depression but hi to all the newbies,legends and current talent and hope i can get the mix.again i apologize to all the members and brenden.

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