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  1. i have been through a lot and i missed my opportunities hope i can get another chance and to all who hate me or make fun of me for this i understand i deserve it and hope all of you are okay and was trying to figure out discord and i failed please any tips could help
  2. 5 THINGS THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED IN UNIVERSE MODE Well this nice little what if scenario where I get five mind blowing moments from the universe mode and take a spin if they happened in a different way 1.IF BROCK LESNAR BEAT KEVIN OWENS AT EXTREME RULES PPV WWE2K16 Well this is one a tough pill to swallow if you are a Kevin Owens fan basically that night at extreme rules when he defeated brock is where it all began but what would smackdown being if brock began his reign instead of Kevin Owens yes I was major excited that Kevin Owens won but I could not help but think who would have put more of an effect towards the blue brand smackdown and what other kind of storylines would we have seen maybe seen a repeat of brock vs randy at payback which would have fit well with the themed pay per view(nothing against Brenden I just hate such kind of ppvs) finally brock getting revenge on randy Orton for the fact that randy is the man responsible for his career down downfall or even cm punk vs a returning brock at summerslam with a Paul Heyman story but either we are left to wonder how it could have been if Kevin Owens failed that the one night when wwe go extreme. 2.IF DANIEL BEAT THE UNDERTKERS WRESTLEMANIA STREAK WWE2K17 WRESTLEMANIA Now this one might be a heartbreaker for some but it was a tough contest well if you know warning am about to break character if you know in game these two characters maybe equals in resiliency both are difficult to beat in record time you will have to go through multiple finishers just do damage and that’s even before the use their resiliency ability for an automatic pin but it was a tough bout but in the end undertaker emerged victorious but what would have been if Daniel Bryan won and where he would have been in the title picture and how unstoppable momentum to see thrive and it would have been compelling to see who would have stepped up to beat Bryan(obviously Seth Rollins lol if you play the game you will understand why) but the bigger story would have seeing the road to redemption for the undertaker but will never know. 3.CM PUNK BEATS KEVIN OWENS SUMMERSLAM WWE2K16 Well most shocking moment was not Dolph Ziggler losing the title due to the money in the bank cash in by balor nope it was the return of the straight edge superstar CM FUCKING PUNK it sent shock waves for the first time we witnessed a caw being in a huge main event but sadly it all came to an end when Kevin Owens beat his ass back to retirement well I cannot say his match was all that bad compared to his ufc run where he got knocked out but I can say if he won would have created a nice dynamic to the title picture and also given Kevin Owens a break to recess options or maybe if a 3 match feud where an in ring story would be told but none the less history was in favor of fightowensfight. 4.IF BROCK DID NOT LOSE TO RANDY ORTON WRESTLEMANIA WWE2K15 Now this would have sucked for me for the fact I was rooting for Orton to win but hey what if brock just conquered to a point till we reach extreme rules WWE2K16 and lost to KO imagine such a long run and seeing many more fall to the hands of the authority this would have been a sad but intriguing side to be rooting for aanyone to end brock once and for all or maybe the authority might have even had turmoil and we could have seen triple h beat brock for the title but one can only dream but to be honest thank god randy won it would have been sad to see he became nothing but a past glory of himself but it would have helped Lesnar be even more credible superstar in the series. 5.FINN BALOR FAILING TO CASH IN/OR CASHING IN ON KEVIN OWENS SUMMERSLAM WWE2K16 Well this one has always been a why on Ziggler when he was red hot and fighting through hurdle and obstacle and finally proving you can not only but showing off while doing it and hell raw would have had some awesome match ups for Ziggler and not just that seeing Ziggler became a main event tier would be great and imagine if Finn cashed in on Kevin Owens with an assist from punk or the balor club or both hey that would have been something glorious to witness seeing Kevin Owens in a position where he may be defenseless and he being a one man army cost him the title well the outcome would have favored them both more at that time and seeing KO survive or bury the entire club or even bring a team would have happened but did not but overall both would be very high storylines but its fine Dolph Ziggler loss boosted a balor and the balor club to being one of the most dominate factions in universe mode history Tell me what you think? What moments would you have liked to see different or even thought how different it would have been
  3. first thing is first Poor community backlash or none at all; here is thing being a gamer and a wrestling fan i will always be loyal to wwe or wrestling in general am willing to go as far as play a broken in game example WWE2K18 on the switch or look at how fucked wwe2k15 was on the old gen consoles,but not even once did hear or see any backlash that would make wwe and 2k make changes needed get we are loyal but guys no some things need to change look at other gaming communities where if the lag even drops at a specfic stage fans will demand change and change will be shown.All saying we dont need to riot but things must change the power is in our hands which the money we pay. ITS A BROKEN GAME AND DLC ARE THE REMAINING PIECES; i got to notice this 2k games have no dlc for wwe its just content locked behind a paywall and when i found a way to hack so i am able to get dlc for free on the Xbox 360 every time i installed the dlc it fixed all the glitches the game had gone.well am not so sure on new gen but why need updates or patches for stuff that should be automatically done when the game is made if you read some of these patch notes its insane what we let them go with and the sad part is that they quit releasing patches once dlc are done and something things never get fixed.also it would be nice to get more support for the game so we can have a better game and to avoid these issues. GREAT GRAPHICS but shitty game-play; look this has been a long going argument for a while yes the game may look good but does it play good.does it have the aspects of wrestling i will be honest only few there is little to none interactions characters all act generic and not even close to their counterparts and do not get me started on the universe mode cut scenes which are outdated if you played wwe2k15 and all of thq games you will see the difference ever since the introdeced the story-lines in wwe2k15 where we get to pick the storyline so ling the conditions have been met but all they did is remove that system and put in genric cutscenes which do not fit their counterparts and not just that the whole game is based on the real life horrible booking of wwe which makes it even worse yes i will agree having different variations of cut scenes adding the new carry system is cool but look at how nba2k18 looks in game and how it relates to real life i wish wwe could fund 2k more to let us fans have the freedom to play wrestling how we want and how it can be played sadly this not the case and we are forced to play the horrible version of wwe booking and not actual wrestling but props to 2k for letting us use as many moves even the banned ones and moves from famous wrestlers across the world but still shit gameplay. these are three of major issues i have.i will post more later but tell me do you agree with me and what are your issues with the game?
  4. Well wwe have been able to build stars for the past year but here is where i take issue,if for the past generations till the stars they built are still treated like current stars and overshadowing current stars look at this way if people are still crying for the rock even when roman reigns is made to the poster boy thats sad if this was 2001 and if the way things are with roman were to be the same with the rock they would call him a failed project.look all am saying its the way the book the card to the feel of every match that affect how we preceive who is a star and not even in the news and reviews people like dave meltzer or @BrendenPlayz potray a certain few stars which affects the entire wrestling and may kill hype for certain matchs. like an example i can give is the 205 live cruiserwieght champion and universal champion both should be regarded as huge titles but sadly that is not the case.well many would say its where the titles are placed on that card and i would disagree cause even if you placed enzo in the main event in a title match and brock lesnar wrestled the first match defending the title people would still feel lesnar is way bigger match than enzo now i ask you why is that? well here is my opinion i feel wwe should live up to their words if you watch tough enough and follow up on the signing wwe have a tendency of getting the best of the best and if wwe portrayed them they way the signed wwe would have not have problems with booking plus i understand why the undermine certain stars mainly its to kill other products and send a subliminal message to the fans that wwe is the best but gone are those days of supremacy these days companies work together i mean look at NJPW AND ROH the two have worked side to side and besides wwe dominate all so whats the point not willing to let go of old ways but whatever reason it may be if wwe do not change it will come to a sad end and may end wrestling as we know it cause lets face it wwe is the heart of wrestling even people who barely watch wrestling associate wwe with wrestling. secondly they need to make every match feel special especially title matchs doesn't matter even if the current champion may have a poor in ring ability if they can find a way to make them feel important and portray their star power it could help matchs to be taken seriously even story-lines would make more sense and the concept of heel and face can be clearly seen.cause even though wwe pretend and force talent to be heels or face in kayfabe look at the top star in the leaked news if he shown as over hated and if wwe only focus on making him the face they are losing out from the rest of the bottom card. but imagine if every star from top to bottom are treated like roman in a good way if you know what i mean they could make double and can create more amazing stories. ANYWAY THATS JUST MY OPPINON TELL ME YOURS
  5. very true but i am major worried about bray wyyat as character will it develop him or just another feud based off nostalgia .
  6. Very true but numbers do not lie even though we are clearly able to see their errors the current way makes them get away with alot of crimes but in the process may lose truly passionate fans.
  7. Well this raw was average but one match that caught my eye was Jason Jordan VS roman reigns and the tag team match as well. i am now seeing why jason was picked from american alpha this was one of the best matchs of raw in weeks it literally told a story of the young kid trying to one up the popular teenger classic tale of course am talking of the in ring it was some amazing and i loved the ending the same knee costed him the match i hope after this match they play off the that jordan knee injuiry as real until he uses it as way to steal a win like faking a knee injury to win the match
  8. thanks for the opinion.very well points but do you think its possible that wwe could give each wrestler a story and a segment but wont this mean changing the in ring style of matchs?
  9. ShadowHex


    Matt hardy is finally playing the character he is being dying to play and bray wyyat finally has a program on raw.my view is this could be huge for both and could get them title opportunities or it could ruin both and they end became comedy acts of raw. I possibly could see them even feuding over tag titles or even the universal title if the feud is played well all we could get the tag team of brayy wyyat and awoken matt hardy so wwe call it.so what do you guys think? do you think this feud should be the one that makes bray wyyat question his faith in himself and sister Abigail.finally some character development for bray. or we finally see matt hardy in a main event role with promos which doest fit in this so called pg era. they end up becaming comedy acts.
  10. For a while wwe has captivated audiences with rivalries that made us shake in fear,jump in joy and shade tears in sadness.There have been so many eras past and many changes have happened that all changed the dynamic of booking matchs and feuds though was it an improvement or a downgrade which give bookers or writers excuses to fill gaps with stories which are just used to waste time before big marque matchs or ppvs. So many of us fans blame the writers or bookers for the poor lack of storytelling and so Cm punk once said the system for not taking advantage of young talent and constantly burying them.But i recently watched new japan pro wrestling and many will say its new japan is different based off the fact they do not have weekly shows and all their matchs are just a pack of major spots to entertain a particular crowd. but after watching a few videos and matchs. I will not lie they do not need to even pull off weekly matchs,promos or interviews to tell a story or long hour pointless matchs to put up an entertaining wrestling spectacular.so here is it the current talents fault for not utilizing the opportunity they are given to put up an intriguing in ring story or the wwe's way of wrestling not giving them the chance to do so on Monday night raw?
  11. i see what you mean man but overall amazing stuff.i understand why you only use one women championship i cant blame you these these women can wrestle but not really that interesting as a character.
  12. OMG Survivor series was amazing couldn't watch it live my vpn expired lol but it was amazing but i wish nia jax could change her finisher i wont lie that match felt like it was on the wrong ppv but i personally enjoyed everything but wished they women could have had a better story line cause i wont lie i was more interested in the male side of things it felt pointless i get its a title match and it means alot but whats the whole point of it where is the excitement and joy or the shock value but i will say even though am sorting being negative @BrendenPlayz really has worked hard considering the bullshit he had to go through with the A.I and the stupid idoits of youtube great job no perfect job and i will not lie no one could predict all what happened unless by pure luck.
  13. it really does and their some matchs which i highly enjoyed but the crowd killed it for me
  14. after watching how things have been i honestly think this year will be hard especially the changes done to the royal rumble match in wwe2k18 sorry back to kayfabe its a random one i see dean ambrose wining again but looking at momentum wise i see seth rollins wining thats if he h as no title it would be nice to see some one like braun a giant for once wining

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