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  1. 5 THINGS THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED IN UNIVERSE MODE Well this nice little what if scenario where I get five mind blowing moments from the universe mode and take a spin if they happened in a different way 1.IF BROCK LESNAR BEAT KEVIN OWENS AT EXTREME RULES PPV WWE2K16 Well this is one a tough pill to swallow if you are a Kevin Owens fan basically that night at extreme rules when he defeated brock is where it all began but what would smackdown being if brock began his reign instead of Kevin Owens yes I was major excited that Kevin Owens won but I could not help but think who would have put more of an effect towards the blue brand smackdown and what other kind of storylines would we have seen maybe seen a repeat of brock vs randy at payback which would have fit well with the themed pay per view(nothing against Brenden I just hate such kind of ppvs) finally brock getting revenge on randy Orton for the fact that randy is the man responsible for his career down downfall or even cm punk vs a returning brock at summerslam with a Paul Heyman story but either we are left to wonder how it could have been if Kevin Owens failed that the one night when wwe go extreme. 2.IF DANIEL BEAT THE UNDERTKERS WRESTLEMANIA STREAK WWE2K17 WRESTLEMANIA Now this one might be a heartbreaker for some but it was a tough contest well if you know warning am about to break character if you know in game these two characters maybe equals in resiliency both are difficult to beat in record time you will have to go through multiple finishers just do damage and that’s even before the use their resiliency ability for an automatic pin but it was a tough bout but in the end undertaker emerged victorious but what would have been if Daniel Bryan won and where he would have been in the title picture and how unstoppable momentum to see thrive and it would have been compelling to see who would have stepped up to beat Bryan(obviously Seth Rollins lol if you play the game you will understand why) but the bigger story would have seeing the road to redemption for the undertaker but will never know. 3.CM PUNK BEATS KEVIN OWENS SUMMERSLAM WWE2K16 Well most shocking moment was not Dolph Ziggler losing the title due to the money in the bank cash in by balor nope it was the return of the straight edge superstar CM FUCKING PUNK it sent shock waves for the first time we witnessed a caw being in a huge main event but sadly it all came to an end when Kevin Owens beat his ass back to retirement well I cannot say his match was all that bad compared to his ufc run where he got knocked out but I can say if he won would have created a nice dynamic to the title picture and also given Kevin Owens a break to recess options or maybe if a 3 match feud where an in ring story would be told but none the less history was in favor of fightowensfight. 4.IF BROCK DID NOT LOSE TO RANDY ORTON WRESTLEMANIA WWE2K15 Now this would have sucked for me for the fact I was rooting for Orton to win but hey what if brock just conquered to a point till we reach extreme rules WWE2K16 and lost to KO imagine such a long run and seeing many more fall to the hands of the authority this would have been a sad but intriguing side to be rooting for aanyone to end brock once and for all or maybe the authority might have even had turmoil and we could have seen triple h beat brock for the title but one can only dream but to be honest thank god randy won it would have been sad to see he became nothing but a past glory of himself but it would have helped Lesnar be even more credible superstar in the series. 5.FINN BALOR FAILING TO CASH IN/OR CASHING IN ON KEVIN OWENS SUMMERSLAM WWE2K16 Well this one has always been a why on Ziggler when he was red hot and fighting through hurdle and obstacle and finally proving you can not only but showing off while doing it and hell raw would have had some awesome match ups for Ziggler and not just that seeing Ziggler became a main event tier would be great and imagine if Finn cashed in on Kevin Owens with an assist from punk or the balor club or both hey that would have been something glorious to witness seeing Kevin Owens in a position where he may be defenseless and he being a one man army cost him the title well the outcome would have favored them both more at that time and seeing KO survive or bury the entire club or even bring a team would have happened but did not but overall both would be very high storylines but its fine Dolph Ziggler loss boosted a balor and the balor club to being one of the most dominate factions in universe mode history Tell me what you think? What moments would you have liked to see different or even thought how different it would have been
  2. i see what you mean man but overall amazing stuff.i understand why you only use one women championship i cant blame you these these women can wrestle but not really that interesting as a character.
  3. OMG Survivor series was amazing couldn't watch it live my vpn expired lol but it was amazing but i wish nia jax could change her finisher i wont lie that match felt like it was on the wrong ppv but i personally enjoyed everything but wished they women could have had a better story line cause i wont lie i was more interested in the male side of things it felt pointless i get its a title match and it means alot but whats the whole point of it where is the excitement and joy or the shock value but i will say even though am sorting being negative @BrendenPlayz really has worked hard considering the bullshit he had to go through with the A.I and the stupid idoits of youtube great job no perfect job and i will not lie no one could predict all what happened unless by pure luck.
  4. it really does and their some matchs which i highly enjoyed but the crowd killed it for me
  5. i love how raw and smackdown have their own survivor series matchs man brenden how do you do it.so creative yes some decisions you make i may disagree but seems they have worked perfectly awesome just waiting for the ppv but highly surprised by everything just amazing
  6. hey thank you man but the setting a time we could all use would not be bad i end up missing out alot.
  7. i just want to ask if we its possible we could all use an exact time on ppvs or discussions due to the time difference been wild especially me who lives in africa zambia anyway also wanted to find how the promotions here work and hpw matchs are made through text and who decides to go over or something?
  8. OMG!!!!! Still freaking out that Ziggler won. here is my opinion of both positive and negative effects of each match. DOLPH ZIGGLER VS SHINSUKE NAKAMURA Positive: well besides the fact am a fan well this story has been very compelling and a shocker when ziggler betrayed him.well this could be loss that could push shinsuke to the main event picture and this also could be the win that could revive ziggler.overall the match was one ziggler prepared for,also that ending was compelling and most of all got to be the best heel turn of the series. Negative;well the build was okay but to be honest the motive behind the heel turn was a little bit poor i wish ziggler could have had a better reason than frustration and even so shinsuke could have offered him a title opportunity after all his a good guy he couldn't have refused maybe if he did it would have been adding fuel to the fire for the heel turn but still good just wished more spice to ziggler's heel turn. BRAUN STROWMAN VS SHEAMUS AND CEASRO Postive; this was nice match it showed the resiliency of strowman,also showed the awesome team work from sheamus and ceasro.the match was tough and quick.the pair deserved the win and surprised us with that good team work from the two. Negative; well i personally feel that strowman may still be in a developmental stage but this loss was a sad one cause he just defended the title in the last ppv and this some makes strowman lose a bit of credibility as a champion.i felt he needed to destroy them both.ceasro and shemus could have used more time to develop chemistry as a team and i wish it was for the title then this could have lead to a fatal four way and give more credibility to the title and could have added a mix to the team of sheamus and ceasro. SASHA BANKS VS BECKY LYNCH VS NIA JAX Postive;awesome show case of talent,a match worth re-watching,all characters put in their all and this was a great start for becky.that was a dominating win for becky taking out both characters. Negative; well to be honest sasha banks looked weak tapping out and nia jax needs a few more rivalries before a title shot so that we see her build more depth into her character.problem of triple threats there is only one loser and one winner and this still could make nia jax lose another chance for the title. THE CLUB VS HARDYS positive; well i am glad this happened so atleast we can wait till the dlc is released and have an epic match.this also makes the club strong. negative; well on the side of the hardys this gives them another chance due to technicality but this makes them a weak and this spot could have gone to other tag team. SETH ROLLINS & SAMOA JOE VS THE NWO Positive; awesome match up enjoyed everything and watching them get payback was sweet.also razor and nash have not lost their step.also an awesome extreme side of wrestling not too much weapons not too less. negative; well nwo needed a win and now they do not look so intimidating but they showcased why the showed not be messed with but needed the win too show an example to any one part of the revolt why they should be feared but overall i hope they have a plan C. CHRIS JERICHO VS AJ STLYES Positive; well this match was a hard hiting stlyes and awesome.i enjoed every bit of the match and it was amazing to see this match between jericho vs aj two of the most talented characters of universe mode truly amazing.it was a unique match and tested the stamina of both aj and jericho.AJ showing why he is PHENOMENAL. Negative; well sad for jericho needed this win to validate that age is just a number but now he is lost and failed to prove his point.sad seeing go down the ranks after cash in on the undertaker a few years back well it seems age is more than just a number,its a limit. UNDERTAKER VS GOLDBERG Positive; this match was glorious seeing two of the most powerfull characters of universe mode collide was EPIC.seeing both of them taken and this match solidifed why goldberg is a beast.kicking out of four tombstones,a last ride and etc.this was simply amazing.WHOEVER BOOKED THIS THANK YOU IT WAS SOME AWESOME SHITTT!!!. negative; WHY WAS IT NOT FOR THE TITLE!!!!!!WHY WHY WHY WHY LOL thats just my opinon though Again thank you for an awesome show!!!!!!! THANK YOU BRENDENPLAYZ

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