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  1. I mean aside from the Slim vs Brenden obvious answer and the fact that I don’t give a fuck about anyone else, I’ve still never faced @Flynn
  2. Honestly any of the top guys from NXT such as Ciampa, Cole, Balor, Gargano would fit perfectly in AEW. I have lost interest in NXT which is unfortunate given the plethora of talent they have but I think majority of these guys could do wonders in AEW.
  3. I’d really enjoy to win a kayfabe title, I don’t know how much consistent contribution I’ve got in me and I think a kayfabe title would really be good for me, I’ve never held one before and I think I’d need to improve a lot kayfabe wise in order to win one, but I think it’s a possible goal.
  4. I think it was clear to see this was the option they were going with and I cannot complain at all. I personally thought that after Survivor Series they were going to somehow give the belt back to Orton but I guess not. Should be a great match and I actually can see AJ winning, I think that’s not a bad choice at all and can see him being an enjoyable champion to watch with his current run.
  5. I have to say while it is kind of an odd moment to pick above all else I completely agree. This was also the same year I started watching wrestling and I thought John Cena was an absolute god, and yet he goes out and gets completely destroyed by Lesnar, which at the time I thought was real because I was 10 and still didn’t know it was all scripted. I was genuinely in shock and terrified of this Brock Lesnar dude.
  6. Bash

    The Next Step

    The retained champion continues to wait for an challenger and continues to wait, seemingly for the longest 30 seconds of his life. The audience wait in anticipation to see who, if anyone will step up to the challenge of this almost too dominant king. He begins to grow impatient, ready to give up and accept pure control over the division when all of a sudden he is interrupted by an nearly too familiar theme song. As this song begins to play, the camera zooms into Tamer’s face, a sense of near PTSD jumps to his face and his appearance goes extremely pale. He stands to his
  7. 9.7k, only 300 more posts and I can finally retire for good, see you all then.
  8. BPZ Undisputed Championship Match: Arius vs Slim BPZ European Championship No Disqualifications Match: Jason Ryan vs Raven Amai & Ryan Reeves vs Ark Universe & Siege KENJI vs Nebakos Echo Wilson vs Alyx Wilde vs CJ Sellers Nate vs Yelich Bonus Questions What match will go 2nd last on the card? Amai & Ryan Reeves vs Ark Universe and Siege How many minutes does Arius vs Slim go? 27 ALSO, still waiting for my goddamn debut.
  9. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was actually reading the title of this thread correctly before I opened it. I completely forgot about that whole situation so thank you for reminding me. No I don’t believe that he really deserves the hate that he gets, yes he said some extremely idiotic things but he constantly makes up for it with the fact that he’s just so damn good at what he does. Yeah, those tweets made him seem like the biggest asshole to ever walk the earth but you can’t really do much about it. EDIT: Just because Tamer called me out for not actually answering the question I’ll
  10. To be completely honest I’ve never been a huge fan of Chris Hero, but it’s clear to see what a talented competitor he is and it’s very upsetting to see how far he’s drifted away from his former self. He could’ve been a real asset within WWE and it’s a shame that the timing never really lined up.
  11. It’s insane to think that it’s been EIGHT years since they debuted, I still can’t believe that, but at the same time it feels like they’ve been around forever. My favourite Shield moment is their feud with Evolution, and the match at Payback 2014, that match was awesome and so much fun to watch, even if it was their last match together before the split.

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