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  1. Bash

    Rep Ratio Post

    I have the worst but I’m inactive and from 2014 so it doesn’t count stfu
  2. Yeah, not as if a boxing match between two of the biggest youtubers in the world in front of thousands of people deserves a discussion.
  3. I think it’s because they actually want people to watch the show
  4. Bash

    Five Members You Would Run A Forum With

    Everyone should’ve picked me because I’ve practically been running BPZ since I joined. Smith, Brenden, Sameer, Slim, Bart
  5. Bash


    Carnage’s show goes silent for 10 seconds straight, until a man begins to cough as if to warm up his voice. Appearing on the screen is a leather couch with a desk sitting in front of it. Bashka, with sunglasses covering his eyes stares dead straight into the camera with an intense look on his face...until that intense look turns to a smug grin. The Hall of Famer leans back into the chair before beginning to speak “I guess... it was only a matter of time. It appears no matter how hard I try, I’m always drawn right back to where everything started. Everything seems to lead back to the very company in which I made my name in, the company that showed me how things get done. 4 months at home really gives you some time to think, especially when you watch with a veteran eye and you see everyone walk on the path that you created. You see people hold the championships in which you established. You see people run against the same ropes you did. Nearly 4 years later and the wheel keeps turning. New faces, new ideas.....same me.” ”And I can’t do it any longer, this company calls for me because no matter how good life outside of this place gets, this will always be home. I want to be the hero I should’ve always been, not the disrespectful coward I became towards the end of my career. The one that took his ball and went home whenever the slightest of challenges got in his way. I don’t want to be that anymore, because this place is my home!” “Well, that’s if you go on vacation for 4 months and by the time you get back, your home has been absolutely trashed by youngsters that think they can become the next best thing, or they think they’re the shit. And I take responsibility for letting that become the case, because I swore that while everybody else left, I would be the one that stayed and made sure the values and foundation of this place didn’t change. But I leave, and what happens? Look at this place, it’s absolute chaos and it’s all my fault, and therefore it’s my responsibility to restore the credibility of this company.” ”So while this place has been searching far and wide, all over the planet for the next hero, the true saviour was right under its nose the whole time, and here I am...”
  6. Bash

    Most Overrated Forum Members

    Going to lock this topic because it would be way too controversial
  7. Bash

    The BPZ Forums Fortnite Tournament

    Just like you were the best FIFA player?
  8. Bash

    The BPZ Forums Fortnite Tournament

    I’m in @BrendenPlayz step up
  9. Bash

    My Plan For Sheamus & Cesaro Heading into Wrestlemania 35

    “get World titleshots over people who actually deserve it” maybe because they think indie talents deserve it? Yeah Samoa Joe hasn’t done anything on the main roster yet but Sheamus has been in WWE for 9 years, Cesaro 6 years. Joe has been on the main roster for like a year maybe, and he’s been injured for a lot of it. Joe has been working his way up for YEARS and all because “he hasn’t done anything in WWE” even though WWE acknowledges his Indy past and how hard he’s worked on TV it doesn’t matter though because you say you don’t care what he does outside of WWE? Get a grip, Samoa Joe deserves it. He’s one of the best wrestlers on the roster and whether or not you ‘think’ he deserves it, he does. And you need to accept that.
  10. Bash

    My Plan For Sheamus & Cesaro Heading into Wrestlemania 35

    So you’d rather see a worse match in Sheamus vs AJ Styles than a good match in AJ vs Joe just because indie fans would like to see it? Edit: your point about Joe doing nothing to deserve the WWE Championship — what has Sheamus done to deserve it recently?
  11. Bash

    Man Of The Year

    What he said never had to stop your little kayfabe argument. If he wants to post what he thinks of it, then there is no reason he shouldn’t be able to do that. Don’t throw a hissy fit just because he showed you up with one post and point out some of what you said was fucking shit.
  12. Bash

    Man Of The Year

    He only stated facts
  13. Bash


    As Carnage Live returns from commercial, the audience turns their eyes to the titantron as Jack Bashka appears, sitting alone in a dark room with only only light directly pointed toward him. He sits there with a smug look on his face as he wears a plain shirt that says “Burn.” with nothing else. He cracks his knuckles before he begins to speak It’s funny how much damage fire can do to things, isn’t it? It can be so easily created or accessed and yet we constantly hear about the damage that it causes. If you walk around the streets, there are chances you will find lighters and although they seem small, they can do so much harm. If you got not even a lot of fire, and you lit some grass in a forest, it will burn down. You destroy the homes of many animals with something you found on the streets. I’ve been injured by fires in the past, when I was growing up I made a fire with my friends and it gave my foot serious burns. It hurts, it truly does. Do you know what hurts more than burns? Having to watch from the sidelines as everybody else succeeds, when you know for a FACT that you could easily do what they’re doing but with ease. What takes them effort, I make look easy. It hurts hearing your name being called out but not being able to do anything because you are at home in a cast. Fire. It does damage. When you throw things in a fire, they won’t come out the same way. Ropati and Yelich, when you get thrown into the fire during World at War, you will not come out the same way. You will have no option but to sit there and BURN. ...because for too long have I watched on the sidelines and watched my career be forgotten by all the new people who think that they can replace legends, no, ICONS like myself by having one or two decent matches that got a couple of applauses from the fat guys all the way at the back of the show. Fire creates a path of destruction, it spreads. I will not continue to sit here and be ridiculed because my fire is going to spread and burn anything that gets in my way, starting with Ropati and Yeldick, then Necce or whoever wins that match, and then the man who wanted to start something with me when I could not compete, ROSS. I constantly got told not to come back during my recovery, but why would I leave when there are so many asses left to kick? Jack creates fire with a lighter as the screen fades to black.
  14. Bash

    All Possibilities If Undertaker Wins Or Losses At WrestleMania 34

    I’m sure he wouldn’t be doing it if that’s how it went
  15. Bash

    The King of Dong Style

    “Kings Dead” hits as the crowd know what is coming, the once hero turned hated is making his return to the ring after a 2 month absence and the audience couldn’t be unhappier to see him. He stands atop the ramp holding a microphone before beginning to stroll towards the ring. As he approaches the squared circle, he walks around it until he wraps his arm around the post and gives a look brimming with hatred to the people in front of him. Jack Bashka slides into the ring and leans against the corner, staring into the eyes of “The King of Dong Style” Yeldick. First of all, put your dick back in your pants and gain some dignity. I used to see something in you, I honestly did, but the fact that you’re coming to this ring with a lollipop in your mouth and are acting like this is a different kind of wrestling is pathetic. Until you can figure out what the hell is going on, there is no chance in hell I am going to let you win at World at War. The Universal Championship, held by Flynn and Necce, two men who worked their asses of it get their will not be disrespected by having an adult film star even CHALLENGING for it. When I was the General Manager of this show, I wanted it to be for the best and I’m sure Bailey also believes that, but when I look at you I don’t see the best, all I see is a match filler...and for you to believe you are even worthy of being in the same room as the Universal Championship is laughable. You think that’s it’s acceptable to be called Yeldick, that’s how much of a joke you are. Get out of my face. Half of the crowd cheers the words that come out of Jack’s mouth, while the other half continue to boo him. As for you Ropati, congratulations. What for? Oh, making it this far. When I left you were simply following everybody else and there was simply nothing special about you. Nobody could figure out what place you had in all of this, or why it would be worth it investing in you, and has that changed in the slightest? No, not really. I only say congratulations because when I left, there would’ve been no chance that you would get in a match with someone in my caliber. I guess you got lucky though, you get to lay down on the mat and look up at the lights as the ref counts to three. Good job, you finally found the spot that fits you. I’m done with you. Something that I was asked about many times since my return was announced is what exactly happened about a month ago, a certain superstar called me out and I never responded. Well, I was dealing with a slight injury but I do have one last thing left to say before I continue my training. Ross, I haven’t forgotten about you. Jack Bashka goes to leave before he is interrupted.

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