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  1. Bash

    Favourite bands/musicians

    I recently heard of this artist called Ouse after I was watching a streamer and he had Ouse’s music playing in the background. His music is so chill I definitely recommend listening to any of his songs.
  2. I definitely think he’s going on this current run and then he’s going to possibly headline the Hall of Fame whichever year he goes in. You can’t blame him for wanting to retire within the next 5 years if you’ve seen the amount of injuries he’s been through. It’s not like his career has been anything short of memorable so he’s definitely worthy of a hall of fame spot.
  3. Bash

    WWE Brand Split Official Discussion

    If you compare the product now compared to what it was like before the brand split then it really makes you appreciate the brand split a whole lot more. It makes watching it a lot more interesting for me.
  4. Bash

    Who In WWE Would You Repackage?

    Jason Jordan should be repackaged whenever he returns, the shit he was doing before he got injured was horrific and it sucks because he is actually a decent wrestler. I think they’ll try to make us forget about the storyline with him and Angle which is a good thing.
  5. Bash

    Fire Pro Universe Thing

    I’ll be Kazuchika Okada
  6. I second this one, it’s BPZMania 4, we’re not going to go in some crazy arena in a different country than normal unless it’s a special one like 5 or 10.
  7. How one show can seem to get everything right and make it so interesting for the full viewing time and the other is so shit you can’t even be bothered to even start watching it.
  8. Bash

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: December 3rd 2018

    I do agree with that, however I think the goal in the long run for them is a Dolph vs Drew rivalry, so in terms of that it’s more effective. Also I think Dolph will interfere in Drew/Balor in some way.
  9. Bash

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: December 3rd 2018

    I feel like if Dolph lost then there would end up being no feud at all, but since Dolph won Drew has a reason to keep fighting him.
  10. Bash

    Monday Night RAW Discussion: December 3rd 2018

    While this show was still better than last week, it still wasn’t the greatest. I did enjoy the McIntyre segments and the Ambrose/Rollins segment just like last week. I’m looking forward to the eventual feud between Ziggler and Drew after Drew is done with Balor.
  11. @Ross is my bb and I will love him eternally @Bart xx @Keeley yeah you’re alright @Joh @Smith @Marvsta @TastefulChain4 @The Ryan @DUNSTAN 2K I know not all of you are active but we will always be The Lads.
  12. Bash


    Welcome to the forums Crippler! I hope you enjoy your time here and if you have any questions feel free to ask me or anyone else and I’m sure they’ll be glad to help
  13. Bash

    Greatest Movie Performances?

    Jack Black in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is a performance that I think was severely underrated. He made you truly believe that he was a teenage girl on the inside while still being him. He really put so much effort into that role and you can just tell when you watch the movie.
  14. Bash

    Most Friendly Member?

    Bart is easily the friendliest member for me. During that long period when I was gone he would be the first to say hi whenever I came on and I always seeing him be helpful to the new members. A real gentleman @Bart and @Keeley otherwise I’ll get beat 😧