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  1. i wasn’t slandering people that retire and come out of retirement, I was slandering you for retiring for about the 5th fucking time because you ALWAYS end up coming back and then act like we should care when you eventually decide to retire again.
  2. “I have a new and fresh character to use after.” My guy you’ve introduced about 10 new characters in all of your years and there’s a reason you always come back to the ‘Angelo’ persona and it’s because you suck ass at coming up with new characters. Please don’t even pretend for a second like this retirement is going to last and you’re never ever going to use the Angelo character again because if you genuinely believe that you’re fucking deluded.
  3. I swear to fucking god, if you waste the time of those nine guys and after giving this whole speech and then you come back as some silly ass persona 3 days later I’m going to slap the shit out of you so hard you never see the light of day again.
  4. “Addiction begins with the thought that something physically can instantly fill up our emptiness inside.” The eerie voiceover plays as the scene opens with Jack Bashka lighting a cigarette, his first appearance since he was brutally beaten by Bailey at BPZMania. Now a retired man, the audience are eager to see what he’s up to. However, they are intrigued by this opening. He takes a puff and begins to speak. It’s been three months since I called it a day and left everything behind. Let’s be honest, I had nothing planned for when I retired, I thought I’d be living a luxurious life recklessly spending all of the savings I’d earned in my career. I thought I’d be living the life but, I was wrong. For the first time in three months I turned on my TV to view some wrestling and it made me want to be in it once again. I watched some of my old matches, I saw myself having the most enjoyment I’ve ever had and when I compare it to my current day self, I’m jealous. Jack takes another puff puff of the cigarette as a tear runs down his face, in the reflection in his eye, you can see him staring at old photos of himself holding championships. I was on top of the world. I was the most beloved man in the business. I was expecting that the moment I retired I’ve have acting jobs lined up, I’d have interviews every single day and that I was going to transform into a mainstream celebrity. And yet here I am, in three months no movies, no Netflix shows, not a single interview. Did everyone simply forget about me? He pulls a handkerchief out of his back pocket and begins to wipe away the tears. He then starts to whisper to himself. Surely not, I’m still in the top three greatest of all time, I have to be, right? I’ve done enough to keep my spot on the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling, haven’t I? Three world championships, that has to still be the second most ever, doesn’t it? I’m a hall of famer, only seven other men can say that, right? He wipes away more tears from his face but when he pulls the cloth down, it has a message on it, stating ‘Times Have Changed’. Jack begins to take in large breaths, before talking again. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t keep pretending...I can’t. I can’t keep sitting here and let everyone forget who I am. I can’t watch BPZ thrive without me. I can’t watch people overtake my records. I can’t watch people overtake me on the best of all time lists. I can’t...I can’t.. The sobbing quickly turns to laughter for Jack as he stares directly into the camera. I can’t keep pretending to give a damn about what people think about me. To be completely honest, I don’t give a fuck if people are surpassing me, I don’t care if other people are getting a ring, I don’t care if my records are being broken. You know why? I did what I always set out to do and that’s get a pay check and leave. That’s exactly what I did. At BPZMania, I earned my pay and then I disappeared for three months. I’ve been living well and not worrying about pursuing championships. In fact, the only reason I’m appearing to even tell you guys this is because I thought everyone would be wondering what’s going on in the life of Jack Bashka since he retired. And I’m glad to let you all know that I’m doing extremely well. In fact, I’ve never been happier. My life is care-free, something I’ve never had before. You guys really thought I was going to come back? Grow up. I’m done. The segment ends with Bashka walking away, a bottle of beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Music is heard blasting in the background as it fades to black.
  5. I come in chat once a day maybe and every fucking time it’s filled with this shit so I will sign for sure
  6. Retirement does things to a man 😔
  7. I would also get fucked by 100 guys to be champ
  8. My favourite moment is that despite the constant referencing to the infamous moment where I drafted Joh and he said “fuck off, fuck right off” because the joke was that my team was shit, we actually ended up winning and in the end Joh was on the winning team and I am of course the greatest mastermind in the history of the forums so for anyone who makes fun of me for that, fuck you
  9. Bashka

    My Final Ride.

    Tonight’s broadcast of Carnage returns after a commercial break to the scene of Bashka in the backstage area after a gruelling message from Bailey earlier in the night discussing the history of their rivalry and their upcoming match at Mania. Bashka has yet to address the added Hell in a Cell stipulation but it seems he’ll be doing so now. He stares blankly into the camera after a week absence. His posture and general expression is chilling as his stare makes everybody uncomfortable. The way he is acting makes him seem like he is completely and utterly ready for the mental torture Bailey is attempting to put him through. He seems anxious, but he begins to speak after a couple moments of silence. So this is it, huh? My final ride, my last stand, everything I’ve worked for comes down to this. I walk down the aisle one last time and wrestle my ass off with the intention of standing tall and riding off into the sunset. What better guy to do it against than the guy who I built my name against. Since day 1, it’s been Bashka vs Bailey. Bailey, the established rising star who was loved by the higher ups against the underdog, a guy loved by the audience but he was never supposed to make it to the heights that he did, he was never supposed to put up as much of a fight as he did, but he did. I’ve spent the majority of my career trying to discover why Bailey has such a problem with me and I’m almost ashamed it’s taken me so long to realise. Bailey is threatened by me, he always has been and he still is. When I burst onto the scene and nearly took home the World Championship in 2015, that was supposed to be his unrivalled year, the year that nobody even came close to toppling him and yet I nearly took his spotlight before he even got it. That burnt him up inside and ever since that time, every time I’ve attempted to do something of worth, Bailey is always the first person onto the scene to shoot me down because he’s worried that for a brief moment, people will think about me more than they think about him, and that thought just eats him up. When I announced that I was retiring, he thought of the possibility of me having a match at Mania, winning and riding off into the sunset with everybody talking about me and that frustrates him because he wasn’t even going to be on the card. So what did he do? He came out and tried to prematurely end my career before I could do so on my own terms. He tried to end my career and he couldn’t even do that right, less than 2 weeks later I came back and knocked him back and forth around the ring as he thought he was safe. He couldn’t end my career then so he wants to do it now, he wants to be the one that said I finally put the nail in the coffin for Bashka because that’s what he’s been trying to claim for all these years. He wants to throw me off the cell, through the cell, hit me with all sorts of weapons and ensure that even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to come back. The thought of me being gone for good has changed him, he’s become a different man, a sadistic and insane man. This is a side of him I’ve never seen before, and I’ve shared a locker room with the guy for nearly 6 years. Bashka begins to tug on his hair, ripping clumps out at a time and throwing them straight onto the ground So I’m entering the same state, I’ve spent the past week driving myself to the borderline of insanity just to make sure that him picking a stipulation such as this was the biggest regret of his life. Bailey, this may be my retirement match, but I’m going to make sure that after I’m done with you, you can never walk into a ring ever again.. After these words, Bashka grabs a clipper out of his pocket and begins shaving away at his hair and beard until there is nearly nothing left, before walking away giving off a maniacal smile.
  10. The theme song of Bashka surprisingly plays as we have not seem him since Bailey attacked him after the announcement that BPZMania V would been his last ever match and that he was looking for an opponent. Bashka comes to the ring with a neck brace and crutches as he receives a huge round of applause from the crowd while Bailey laughs at his former rival struggling to make his way to the ring. Bashka slowly gets in the ring and drops one of the crutches to be able to hold the microphone in his hand. A tear rolls down his face as he stares into the eyes of Bailey. Oh how I wish it was me accepting this challenge, when you attacked me I was unconscious for quite a while, and when I was in the hospital the doctors explained to me what had happened and I wanted to work so hard to ensure that I could face you at Mania and beat you one last time, but due to the severity of the attack...the doctors have informed me that they don’t know if I’ll make it to BPZMania or not. The crowd begin to boo at this news being revealed by Bashka, meanwhile Bailey is clapping and laughing that Bashka won’t even be able to make it to Mania to have his final match. And so, while I thought I was going to have my final match at Mania against someone, it appears I’ve already had my final match. Night of Legends 2020 against Hans is the way that this guy wraps up his career, it’s not the way I thought it was going to end but I have a lot of respect for Hans and what he does so it’s a pleasure to go out to someone who I can say for damn sure is the future of this company. Now Bailey, don’t know what motive you truly had for attacking me the way you did but I just wanted to say that I honestly don’t hate you, you are without a doubt my greatest rival and my career wouldn’t where it is without you, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you. And I know, you’re going to say I ruined your moment by interrupting your challenge but it’s fine, I didn’t come out here for nothing. I know that you are the greatest of all time, you deserve a spectacular match at the show of shows and that’s why I didn’t come out here alone because I did in fact find a BPZMania opponent for you, let me introduce him to you... Bailey turns his eyes to the entrance way to see who this opponent is that Bashka is introducing to him. OH MY GOD. BASHKA HITS BAILEY WITH AN FKO! Bashka throws down the second crutch, rips off the neck brace and starts to stretch while pacing around the knocked down Bailey. Before long, Bashka picks up one of the crutches and starts to BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF BAILEY WITH IT! BASHKA IS FURIOUS AND CAN YOU REALLY BLAME HIM? Bailey nearly forced him onto the shelf before he even got to compete in his last match. Eventually, security comes into the ring to break things up befor Bashka grabs a mic and screams into it. I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE FOR MANIA. The segment ends with Bashka getting pulled away by security while pointing to the BPZMania sign as Bailey gets checked on by medics.
  11. Bashka

    Cold Storage

    *ahem* Everyone turns their attention to the entrance of the room, the unknown member of the locker room coming to focus. Everyone drops their weapons as Shiz Buster steps closer and closer to his former companion. I don’t believe I asked you to come help by...food fighting. Everybody, back down and leave. Every member involved in the food fight apart from Medium Freeze leaves the room and behind them, Shiz Buster closes the door and locks it, staring straight into the eyes of Freeze. I threw everything on the line to call you out here and the first thing you do is cause chaos, you start a fight with a large majority of the locker room and draw an immense amount of attention to yourself. You’ve established plenty of enemies already by...by...by doing THAT. Shiz places his hand on the shoulder of Freeze, staring straight into his eyes as a disappointed look reaches his face before that look quickly turns into laughter. ...and THAT, was awesome. I missed you buddy. Both Shiz Buster and Medium Freeze reach in for a hug at the same time and the fans, despite having little to no connection to either of these guys so far, break out into a large applause and tears of joy following a beautiful reunion of friends. Stuff like that is why I missed having you by my side, the unpredictability of your presence is something that is so unique to everybody else. However, me and you both know you needed some help and that’s why I came and helped you out. We have so much to catch up on! Just as they walk out the door, they get confronted by two new faces to them..
  12. Damn you’ve beaten me like 10 times since then just chill 😭
  13. This is looking like a great class so far if all those rumoured names do make it. JBL certainly deserves to be in the HOF after all the different roles he’s served in throughout the years.

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