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  1. Mario was better for me as I just happened to play more of those games growing up on my DS such as Mario Party and Mario Kart.
  2. Good episode, I'm happy to see I'm doing well and if Slim attacks me again I'll kill him no lie
  3. Bashka

    BPZ Battles

    Steve (Minecraft) vs Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy) Kasumi (Dead or Alive) vs Ezio Auditore (Assassins Creed) Sora (Kingdom Hearts) vs Marth (Fire Emblem) Master Chief vs Jin Kazama (Tekken) Scorpion vs Kratos Pikachu vs Solid Snake Ratchet & Clank vs Spyro the Dragon Pac-Man vs Clementine (The Walking Dead) Tony Hawk vs John Marston (Red Dead Redemption) Lara Croft vs Agent 47 (Hitman) Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) vs Dante (Devil May Cry) Nathan Drake (Uncharted) vs Banjo-Kazooie Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet) vs Sonic the Hedgehog Crash Bandicoot vs Donkey Kong Mario vs Link Bubsy vs GLaDoS (Portal)
  4. Happy birthday Yuvraj have a great day legend
  5. July 29th 2019 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ‘KING’ JULIUS OPENS THE SHOW The show opened with Julius coming out with his Intercontinental Championship and saying how he was the most unstoppable man in BPZ history, and if Sameer believed he could stop him he’s lying to himself. Sameer came out and confronted Julius, while also calling out Chairman Bashka, saying that if he didn’t get to hold more than one championship, neither should Julius. Bashka then came out onto the stage and told Sameer not to worry, he has an opponent scheduled for Julius tonight that should narrow down his chances of becoming a double champion. Julius vs ??? for the Intercontinental Championship was announced before Carnage would go to commercial. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FIRST CLASS EXPRESS VS MAASA & MIRA The tag team tournament continued with this match, and tensions were high between the brother and sister pairing as Maasa eliminated Mira from the Premium Championship battle royal the night before. BiC and Hans proved to be an excellent and exciting pairing in their first match together as they ultimately prevailed by getting Maasa to accidentally attack Mira, leading to an easy win for the team to continue to the next round of the tournament to face the United Nations. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MIKEY VS BOB In his first match during ‘the Bashka era’ Mikey took on former NXT Champion Bob looking to send a message to Raven. The match would go on for just over 10 minutes before Mikey would hit a Cosmic Ascension and pick up the victory before quickly heading backstage. After the match Bob would go over to the announce table and clearly annoyed, would freak out before he was stopped by security and be escorted out of the arena to calm down. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RYAN REEVES ‘STOLE’ FROM FDS FDS came out holding Ryan Reeves’ Premium Championship, claiming Ryan stole from him by winning the match so he would steal from Ryan by taking his championship. Ryan would then come out and tell FDS that he is just jealous of how easy Ryan succeeds and that if they had a match, it wouldn’t even be close. FDS took that offer and the match was announced for SummerSlam; Ryan Reeves vs FDS for the Premium Championship. Ryan would begin to walk away before being attacked by his upcoming opponent and he would leave with the Premium Championship once again. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ROYAL FLUSH VS RAVEN & ALEX COSTA NXT Champion and his partner, Alex Costa would take on Royal Flush in the tag team tournament and when it seemed that things were done in this match and Royal Flush were going to win, Flynn’s theme song would hit to turn Jonathan’s eyes to the screen and causing him to get rolled up by Alex Costa and move to the next round. Flynn and his ‘Hired Gun’ Yelich would them come out and begin to taunt Royal Flush for their failed attempt in this tournament. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WHO IS ‘THE DARKNESS’? During the show a vignette would play showing a man standing in smoke, claiming he is The Darkness and he had unfinished business here, because the light still lurks. After this the audience began to speculate who it could be with names such as Echo Wilson floating around. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GEORGE AK VS ARIUS Before the commercial, George confronted United States Champion Arius, claiming that he beat him in the King Of The Ring tournament and he could do it again, Arius accepted the challenge right now! The show returned from commercial to see the match and it played out exactly like their quarter finals match. George hit a running knee to send Arius to sleep and pick up a win and surely with this, he is the number one contender for the United States Championship? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SLIM & NECCE VS DEADMAN’S HAND Slim & Necce would take on already knocked out team Deadman’s Hand in what seemed like an easy victory for this team who are beginning to look like the favourites in the tournament after 2 out of 2 dominant displays in their matches as a team so far, proving why they are both two future Hall of Famers! After the match they would two sweet before Slim would shout “Our Order ain’t finished yet!” What could he mean? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: JULIUS (C) VS ??? To begin things, Sameer would walk out and join the commentary team with ex-wrestlers Sandman and GRV, saying he wanted the best seat when a new champion is crowned. Julius would walk out holding his championship and then ‘The GOAT’ would play signalling the entrance of The Bailey. The two would begin to the match with Julius constantly keeping an eye out for Sameer. During the match Julius would accidentally throw Bailey into the referee, leading to Sameer bolting into the ring and hitting two curb stomps on Julius, before dragging Bailey onto the cover and waking up the referee to give the first Intercontinental Champion the Intercontinental Championship as the show would come to a close with Julius looking furious. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CURRENT SUMMERSLAM MATCH CARD: WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: SAMEER (C) VS JULIUS PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP: RYAN REEVES (C) VS FDS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: FINAL OF THE TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT
  6. Sameer’s cash in to me. I thought he would’ve cashed in unless Bailey won and when I saw Bailey was winning I thought he wouldn’t, then the next day I woke up and he cashed in and won. It was truly surprising.
  7. Best Face: The New Day, every member is just great at the face role, with their bright and colourful merchandise alongside their likability, it’s just hard to not call them the best faces. Best Heel: Seth Rollins. Although he is currently a face, he’s an awesome heel. During his heel run post-Shield he was just awesome at it, I think his heel mic work is so much better than his face mic work so apart from Miz who I have mentioned before, Rollins is the best heel for me.
  8. Triple H Scott Hall Stephanie McMahon CM Punk Chris Jericho Kevin Nash The Miz Shawn Michaels Vince McMahon Batista Randy Orton Bret Hart Daniel Bryan Eric Bischoff The Rock Hulk Hogan
  9. @Julius is my best friend and I can’t wait to go to Kings Cross to get on the piss with you mate
  10. No (intentional) order, so take what you want from the numbers Julius Sameer Arius Bailey Hans honourable mention would be George
  11. I thought I was going to be unique by saying George but when I scroll up I guess not. In the past month he has become one of the best contributors and one of the best members at the moment. If he keeps this up I could definitely see him achieving bigger things. Also, might I add that the same time he improved immensely was also when he created his graphics topic, they have lead him to this.
  12. 5 Best BPZ Superstars Of All Time by Dave Jones July 19th, 2019, 7:04 pm AEST ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We have seen so many wrestlers in BPZ history, plenty have called themselves ‘The G.O.A.T’ but since the opinion of Dave Jones is really all that matters, I’m going to finally put to rest the debate of who the best of all time are, and if anyone else disagrees well then I simply don’t care because Dave Jones is always right. Also I was informed to not include Bashka on this list since he is my favourite of all time it would possibly be ‘bias’ which I don’t understand but I don’t want to get fired so I’ll listen. #JusticeForBashka 5 Smith Number 4 and 5 were so evenly matched take their orders (you see what I did there?) with a grain of salt. Both men were extremely dominant at around the same time and ruled together as part of The Pride/Order but everything culminated in a BPZMania III match between these two in which Slim came out victorious, which is why I put him ahead of Smith. One of the best to ever grace BPZ, Smith was extremely loyal and hard working until he was fired in mid 2018, which may stain his legacy a little bit. 4 Slim Before I get into why Slim is the 4th best of all time can I just say that I told you so? Like for real I’m really the best employee Smarks Daily has got by reporting on Slim’s return. Slim was “The Big Dog” of BPZ for around two years, becoming a four-time World Champion in the process. He has won everything there is to win and he thoroughly deserves to be on this list, in a few years if Number 2 continues to be a scrub and do nothing we could see Slim move up the rankings. 3 Flynn I was heavily contemplating whether or not to put Flynn at Number 2 or 3 but since his ego is already big enough so I’ll put him down a peg and put him in Number 3. Like Slim, he has won everything there is to win in BPZ and has been dominant for so long now it’s insane. He has proven he is one of the best at everything which is why he is the current Undisputed Champion and will likely have a successful reign. 2 Nebakos BPZ’s first ever signing, a superstar was created when he signed his contract and then went on to be one of the best wrestlers and best characters in the industry. Unfortunately he doesn’t make many appearances in BPZ these days, as he went on to pursue a career in the film industry and he hasn’t been seen since April 2018. While he may not be around much anymore, the impact he had on BPZ made it what it is today. 1 Bailey He calls himself the GOAT, and you can’t blame him. His devotion to the company, his accomplishments and the legacy he has created proves that it’s more than just an opinion when he says he is the best of all time. During his time in BrendenPlayz Wrestling, he has never really been a ‘midcard guy’ and was always discussed in that main event scene. Whether or not he makes history again and becomes a SEVEN TIME World Champion at King Of The Ring remains to be seen, but I sure hope he doesn’t. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  13. That’ll be insane if The Rock actually shows up as I feel like that’s something that they would want to promote absolutely everywhere since it’s The Rock. I doubt he’s just there to stop by and feel like he’ll be at the show which should be awesome.
  14. My favourite at the moment and has been for many years is Seth Rollins, I loved The Shield and when they broke up I was skeptical because Rollins has the natural face skill set but he was a great heel and I loved him. Although his Universal Championship reign wasn’t amazing, he’s still my favourite and I think that once he inevitably wins it back, he should become heel as I think he works better like that.

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