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  1. As Bailey finishes his statement, the lights in the arena go off and the crowd sit in anticipation, waiting to see who they could be hearing from in a few moments, or whether or not somebody was coming to ambush Bailey. However, when the lights come on everything appears to be the same, until everybody notices Bashka sitting in the corner of the ring, leaning against the bottom turnbuckle with a microphone in his hand, his face once again half-painted. He stares directly at Bailey and he waits as his former rival turns and stares back at him, tensing up as he is ready for a brawl between these two legends once more. ”I bet you feel really edgy right now, don’t you Bailey? You come out here and speak out, saying whatever comes to your mind and you have absolutely no filter. I would feel really cool right now if I were you, well done. Listen, don’t mind me, I just came to check on an old friend and wish you..luck in the tournament alongside Slim. It would be a real shame if you two, two of the best to ever grace this business weren’t able to win due to...unforeseen circumstances. As I said before, good luck. From the bottom of my heart, buddy.” The lights cut out once more and when they return, Bashka is nowhere to be seen as Bailey stands there in confusion, completely lost for words after what just happened.
  2. I’m going to beat the shit out of everyone on the forums if Arrow and Steph don’t win.
  3. As tonight’s post-Survivor Series edition of Carnage continues, the audience turns their attention to the screen where we see a figure sitting in a dark shed wearing a hood over his head, the only source of light in the room being from a box of matches he holds in his hands, shaking every few moments to break the silence being created. Eventually, he turns around to face the camera and tugs on a chain, bringing light fully to the room where several portraits of Bullet Proof members hang on every inch of the walls. He takes off the hood to reveal himself to be the newly returning Bashka, with half of his face painted and the other half not. He stands to his feet and walks over to one corner of the room, picking up a damaged and worn out sledgehammer, before walking over to a portrait of Hans Clayton, and striking it with the sledgehammer, instantly destroying it ”Irrelevant.” He then walks over to a portrait of former United States Champion, Mikey and proceeds to do the same thing, breaking it and stomping on it several times to destroy it for certain. ”Irrelevant.” He then steps over to a portrait of Undisputed Champion, Jeremiah Flynn and drops the sledgehammer, instead taking the mantle off the wall and throwing it aside. ”Unfinished business.” Finally, he walks to a photo of former World Heavyweight Champion, Isaiah Carter after he cost him the belt last night by attacking him, leading to the cash in of Julius. Instead of doing anything to the photo, he walks away and stares directly into the camera. ”When you threaten a man’s livelihood he makes decisions that he may not be proud of, but action certainly will be taken. When Mr. Carter decided that my time in Bullet Proof was up, not only was he declaring psychological warfare, but he was effectively saying that my career was as good as gone. I didn’t make the best decision and instead of facing it, I walked out and decided that my talent would be best suited elsewhere. However, that thought was always lurking that ‘did a man who I was at one point ruling over throw me out of my own territory’ and that’s exactly what drove me into coming back.” ”I’m not going to sit here and watch my legacy be tarnished as Isaiah Carter unsuccessfully leads Bullet Proof into more wars. This is not the guy that finally does what many have tried to do and get rid of me. You see Carter, last night was just the beginning and from now on, your life is going to be hell. I’ve taken the first show, games on..” He walks over to the chain and once more pulls it, removing all light from the room and ending the segment, the crowd in awe of the returning legend.
  4. Why does every Slim match have to have such a dramatic ending
  5. Bashka


    So last week I started a countdown and some of you thought it might have been leading to something better, such as a return to kayfabe or a huge announcement, unfortunately all it meant was that I was finally joining the five year club. November 26 2014 was the date I created my account and I’d like to say I’ve been consistently around to some degree since then, I’ve had my ups and my downs but at the end of the day I wouldn’t change the past 5 years for the world, I’ve had a lot of great times on here and learnt a lot, while growing as a person. So thanks for 5 great years and here’s to five more! also BiC I’m coming for you
  6. TODAY

    1. JoshsNow


      Is going to be the day that they’re going to throw it back to you

    2. Aaron North

      Aaron North

      I finally see what you mean....

  7. I would’ve said the Miz but BiC said it already so I’ll say Dolph Ziggler. The title shows the workhorse of WWE and very few work their asses off as much as Dolph Ziggler. He’s had some iconic storyline’s for the title including the one with Miz in 2016 and the title just suits him very well
  8. 2 more days 

  9. Big fan of Angel Garza and the way he’s been presented over the past couple of weeks. Although Rush is currently my favourite in the cruiserweight division, Garza is definitely up there for me. Hopefully he picks up the win.
  10. If there’s not Adam Cole vs Pete Dunne I will riot
  11. At TLC in 2014, Dean Ambrose faced Bray Wyatt in a match and this was a spot that ended the match and for some reason I believed that this spot was 100% real and my favourite superstar was risking serious injury by performing this and I got extremely mad and said I wouldn’t be surprised if Ambrose sued WWE. because I’m dumb
  12. Only 6 more days

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