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  1. Once Sameer stops winning I intervene in this shit

  2. These bitches never stop talking

  3. You see while Flynn has the unique idea to introduce a championship to prove how much of a bad motherfucker he is and to help his gimmick, Toxik just brings out this championship because he is genuinely too shit to win a real title. Can’t wait for everyone to have their own title that nobody else can win and for Toxik to claim that everyone copied him.
  4. i wasn’t slandering people that retire and come out of retirement, I was slandering you for retiring for about the 5th fucking time because you ALWAYS end up coming back and then act like we should care when you eventually decide to retire again.
  5. “I have a new and fresh character to use after.” My guy you’ve introduced about 10 new characters in all of your years and there’s a reason you always come back to the ‘Angelo’ persona and it’s because you suck ass at coming up with new characters. Please don’t even pretend for a second like this retirement is going to last and you’re never ever going to use the Angelo character again because if you genuinely believe that you’re fucking deluded.
  6. I swear to fucking god, if you waste the time of those nine guys and after giving this whole speech and then you come back as some silly ass persona 3 days later I’m going to slap the shit out of you so hard you never see the light of day again.
  7. “Addiction begins with the thought that something physically can instantly fill up our emptiness inside.” The eerie voiceover plays as the scene opens with Jack Bashka lighting a cigarette, his first appearance since he was brutally beaten by Bailey at BPZMania. Now a retired man, the audience are eager to see what he’s up to. However, they are intrigued by this opening. He takes a puff and begins to speak.
  8. I come in chat once a day maybe and every fucking time it’s filled with this shit so I will sign for sure
  9. Retirement does things to a man 😔
  10. I would also get fucked by 100 guys to be champ
  11. My favourite moment is that despite the constant referencing to the infamous moment where I drafted Joh and he said “fuck off, fuck right off” because the joke was that my team was shit, we actually ended up winning and in the end Joh was on the winning team and I am of course the greatest mastermind in the history of the forums so for anyone who makes fun of me for that, fuck you

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