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  1. . TAMER TO ANNOUNCE RETIREMENT ON CARNAGE The whole world was shocked when Tamer returned the night after SummerSlam to attack Premium Champion FDS, nearly two years of absence from the company was ended and he returned to where the name ‘Tamer’ became globally known. He has become one of the most successful wrestlers in the world but due to his attitude of giving every match his all, it appears that has become his downfall. It appears that after his loss to FDS, Tamer was talked to by several doctors regarding something they already thought might’ve been true; he has to retire due to several injuries throughout his career. This is devastating news as he’s a joy to watch in the ring, his microphone skills are untouchable and his star power is extremely beneficial to BPZ. The reports state that Tamer is extremely distraught by the news and will evaluate more on the situation and what’s next for him and he transitions into retirement on tonight’s episode of Carnage. Retiring at such a young age due to injury is an extremely rough subject and something we didn’t think we’d be hearing about from this superstar for a long time.
  2. Some of these may be known by the older members but not some of the newer ones: - I was born in Scotland but moved to Australia just before I turned 2 - I am pursuing a career in videography/audio engineering
  3. Bashka


    Best character on the show?
  4. Dolph Ziggler, he’s all round great and deserves more than he gets, he’s been used in storyline’s I’ve loved so he’ll always have a special place in my heart.
  5. They look awesome and were a great addition to my show, thanks once again Arius!
  6. My current goal is to keep hold of the IC title for more than one month.
  7. September 29th 2019 | Bad Blood Credit to @Arius for all the match cards on this show PRE-SHOW FIRST CLASS EXPRESS VS SSW CLUB In the only match on the pre-show, First Class Express took on SSW Club in a decent match. BiC & Hans made their entrance in a bus with “First Class Express” poorly sprayed on the side of it. Sheridan & Jonathan also came out of the bus but they quickly ran to the backstage area after wishing First Class Express good luck as they went to prepare for their money in the bank match. A quarter of the crowd hadn’t arrived to their seats yet so the crowd were somewhat dead. Aside from that, it was First Class Express picking up the win and afterwards, they did a belt around waist motion to signal that they’re coming for the tag titles. MAIN SHOW MONEY IN THE BANK: SHERIDAN VS JONATHAN VS YELICH VS ROPATI VS ARIUS VS PRINCE Money in the Bank is one of the biggest opportunities every six months. The winner of this match will get an opportunity at a championship of their choosing at any moment within the next six months. This match means different things to everyone but it’s a match you don’t want to lose. For Sheridan, this’ll be her chance to break out as a singles star after some impressive performances since debuting over a year ago. Jonathan is a former winner of this match as he won at the first BPZMania and for him, this would be his chance to get back into the spotlight. For Yelich, this’ll be his chance to prove that his title as ‘The Next Flynn’ is more than just a title. For Ropati, this’ll be the perfect way to return after coming back only a few weeks ago. For Arius, this’ll be his moment where he could transition into a singles star after being extremely impressive since debuting. For Prince, this would be his chance to finally become a main event star like he’s always aspired to be in his 5 year long journey in BPZ. However, only one person could win. This match would be a contender for match of the night with everyone’s styles meshing together extremely well. Ladders would be used to everyone’s advantage but it would be Ropati with arguably his biggest career win to date, throwing Prince off the ladder and claiming the briefcase. This just proves that The New Order were right in trying to recruit him. TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: THE NEW ORDER (C) VS THE UNITED NATIONS Slim & Necce’s first defence as champions since winning the belts at SummerSlam, where they won with the help of Nate on the night The New Order was formed. They’d take on two fellow legends Joh & Monda from United Nations in this great display of tag team wrestling. The audience were rooting for Joh & Monda throughout the entire match, them being two of the most underrated wrestlers who have dedicated their lives to BPZ, both being some of the first signings. Unfortunately for the dreams of the fans and the United Nations, Slim & Necce would show they are too dominant to lose the titles just yet. Slim would plant Joh with an Essential Eliminator to win the match with Necce attacking Monda on the outside of the ring. PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP: FDS (C) VS TAMER In one of the most anticipated matches on the card for fans of technical wrestling, FDS took on the returning Tamer for the premium championship. This was a great match to watch and went on for about twenty minutes. FDS is looking to prove that he is the best premium champion that BPZ has ever seen while Tamer is out to show that he’s still got it, despite his long amounts of time off. Tamer would be looking to put the match away with a CultureShock when FDS hops off his shoulders and hits a devestating WRSTLMaker for the victory. He got handed the premium championship and crawled out of the ring, the fans giving Tamer a standing ovation as he walked to the back area. He stood at the top of the ramp and bowed, before walking backstage. UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP: FLYNN (C) VS SMITH In arguably the biggest match of the card in terms of star power, two Hall of Famer would collide as Smith would get his first championship opportunity since returning. Smith’s entrance as The Enigma was one of his best yet and gave everyone in the arena goosebumps. This match would be really fun to watch and towards the end, Yelich would sprint to the ring, clearly hurting from his earlier match but he was persistent to help his mentor. Yelich would stand on the outside of the ring to distract the ref, before Smith would throw Flynn into Yelich, knocking him off the apron. Smith would then hit Flynn with an 8th Sin to pick up the victory and become the Undisputed Champion! Smith would leave with the belt as Flynn sits in the ring in frustration. Yelich would come inside to comfort his mentor before Flynn would hit Yelich with an FKO! In a fit of rage, Flynn would start punching at the face of Yelich before security came and stopped him. Flynn would get escorted to the back as Yelich is left in a bloody mess inside the ring, the crowd stunned at what just happened. NXT CHAMPIONSHIP: KENJI (C) VS JAMES KNIGHT ‘The Demented Knight’ would get his first chance at gold in BPZ by taking on NXT Champion, KENJI after winning a number one contenders match against Alex Costa a few weeks ago. This would be a huge win for Knight if he could get it. This match was good and displayed Knight as a dominant figure, him throwing KENJI around the ring a few times just for fun. It would come to an end with Knight hitting a backstabber on KENJI, then getting the victory to the shock of the crowd. Only a few weeks after making his debut, James Knight has now made his name known as he becomes a champion in dominant fashion. INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: NATE (C) VS ANGELO CAITO Earlier tonight we saw two thirds of The New Order take on two thirds of the United Nations for the tag team championships, now we see the rest of both teams have a match for the Intercontinental Championship. Nate is looking to prove his dominance now that he is no longer considered ‘The Underdog’ and with a win here Angelo would have the most intercontinental championship reigns with 4. Angelo is also looking to avenge his team mates and bring at least 1 title home to the team. Nate would hit an incredible superkick to Angelo for the victory. While celebrating, Slim & Necce would come to the ring and all three members would hold their titles towards the camera, showing their dominance. However, the next thing that would happen is the theme song ‘Monster’ by Kanye West would hit, and the newly crowned Money in the Bank winner would come to the ring. Nate would be shown smiling as Ropati had clearly come to his senses about joining them. Ropati would go in for a hug with Slim however he’d be stopped, and Slim would say these words to him that would bring a shocked look to his face; “Do you really think we would let you join US?!” before Ropati would be hit with an ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! Nate would demand a microphone which he’d be granted with and he’d say this: Nate: “Ropati is weak, we never wanted him on our team....but, that’s not to say The New Order doesn’t have a new member...” Nate would drop his microphone as a theme song would play that would absolutely shock the fans watching everywhere.. EXTREME RULES MATCH: RAVEN VS ALEX COSTA A battle of two former best friends, Alex Costa vs Raven. This match would come around after Alex was sick of being in Raven’s shadow, so he attacked him in Raven’s darkest moment which was just after he lost the NXT Championship to KENJI at SummerSlam. This attack would send Raven to hospital for multiple weeks and now it’s time to find out who the best of the team really is. This match would be brutal and full of ‘Holy Shit’ moments but it would come to an end with Raven going to hit Alex with a sledgehammer, but Alex would begin to plead for forgiveness which led to Raven dropping the sledgehammer, giving Alex the opportunity to hit him with a LOW BLOW! This gave Alex the upper hand and the chance to win the match, proving that his dirty tactics truly are the best way to win matches. WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: SAMEER (C) VS BRENDEN PLAYZ In one of the biggest matches in BPZ history, Sameer would defend his World Championship against the guy who claims he made Sameer what he is. This would be Brenden’s first ever World Championship match apart from the notorious finger poke of doom against Bailey in 2015. This match would be brutal and show that these two know each other extremely well. Both men would be bleeding towards the end of the match after the hard-hitting match that this was. Brenden was crawling around the ring as the cameras turned to Sameer’s face, he starts to tear up after the war he’s had to go through against somebody he considered a brother to him, before hitting a CURB STOMP! 1...2...3! Sameer would lean against the ropes, successful against Brenden tonight. With his title over his shoulder, Sameer would lift Brenden up and walk to the ramp. The crowd begins to cheer as The Bailey walks out from the back area and helps Sameer hold Brenden. The three of them would all stand together in a beautiful moment to close out the segment. GEORGE AK & BLADE VS MARKER & KIERON BLACK The new Deadman’s Hand, George & Blade would take on former member Kieron Black and his new team mate, Marker. The crowd wouldn’t be too alive for this match, burnt out after the last match and preserving their energy for the main event, but this match would still be enjoyable. It wouldn’t end in a feel good moment, though as Marker & Kieron Black would win, Black hitting a Sister Sophie on his former partner, Blade and celebrating on his knees with his arms out wide, the muscle of the team Marker standing behind him. NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH: JULIUS VS BART And now time for the main event, Julius vs Bart. Bart was sent to the hospital for two months after being attacked by Julius at the Power Trip Cup event. In an act of retribution, Bart cost Julius the World Championship in the main event of SummerSlam against Sameer. Julius has stated that he is going to not only retire Bart, but kill him! This’ll be a huge win for the victor tonight as it could propel them into that number one contenders spot for the World Championship. This match was everything everyone expected it to be, a great display of wrestling between two of the best in BPZ right now. Julius’ aggression would’ve given him the upper hand several times but Bart definitely made sure to use the weapons to his advantage at every given moment. This match would go all throughout the arena, them using the environment to their advantage everywhere they went. Eventually, they’d make their way back to the ring and the two former Kingdom members would start to swing back and forth at each other, before Bart hit a LAST BREATH and picked up the win, ending the great match. The crowd gave these two a round of applause as Bart celebrating would close this awesome PPV. Good night, folks. PREDICTION RESULTS: @Yelich 6/12 @Gwynfro 5/12 @Hans 10/12 @Sameer 8/12 @Ropati4 4/12 @Julius 5/12 @MARKER 7/12 @Meko750 (Raven) 4/12 @BiC 7/12 @Arius 3/12 @Sheridan 5/12 @ICON 5/12 @GeorgeAK 8/12 Congratulations to the person with the most correct, Hans!
  8. . Almost a week after the shocking events that occurred when First Class Express aligned with Intercontinental Champion, Bashka to form the group now known as ‘Bullet Proof’, a new theme hits that echoes throughout the arena. After a few seconds, Bashka walks out from behind the curtain wearing a black hood and a mask, the only thing that gets people to recognise him is the title wrapped around his waist. He paces down to the ring, staring straight ahead the entire time. He receives a better reaction this time around after joining forces with two of BPZ’s most loved characters in BiC and Hans Clayton. However, tonight he comes alone to speak on some of his own issues. “Last week, I was apart of history when I formed one of the most destructive groups that BPZ will ever know. We didn’t decide to work together entirely based off a common enemy that is Syndicate, but we realised that it would be beneficial if we had each other to help watch our backs. It’s a dangerous place around here, people lurk and wait for their moment to strike and at any moment your career could simply...vanish. Everybody wants a Hans Clayton watching their back. Everybody wants a BiC watching their back. Everybody wants a Bashka watching their back. Unfortunately, we’re all together now so nobody is safe.” “However, something has come to my attention recently. I’ve been so caught up in trying to worry about holding my title, that I’ve completely forgotten about what may be the biggest match of my career. On September 1st, when I take on and beat Brenden, I don’t want that match to be a distant memory after the event, but I want everybody to remember the moment when I send Brenden’s skull crashing down to the mat, pin him for the three count and my hand is raised, and Brenden is never...seen...again. Why’s that? It’s because I not only retired him, but because he’s too ashamed that he was beaten by the guy that he said ‘doesn’t have a place here anymore.’” “Brenden is just jealous that we’re just doing what he wishes he could. He never dreamt about being the guy that runs the company, he dreamt about being the guy that headlines the company. He’s jealous that I master every single craft I do while he has to sit behind a desk. I go to the movie industry, I perform. He gives me the role as General Manager, I perform. I come back here at any given moment and I PERFORM. Brenden, though? He sits behind his desk twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year, watching on.” “It’s a desperate cry for attention when you come to this ring and say that you want a match for SummerSlam, nobody cared. Nobody cared UNTIL I was announced as your opponent. Why don’t we talk about how when I was killing it in Hollywood, all the messages you sent me begging for me to come back because you need ratings. You were on your hands and knees, begging and pleading for me to come back and yet when I do, I do everything I told you I was going to do, I give you a dream match at SummerSlam, you still spit in my face saying I don’t have a spotlight anymore?” “I didn’t have a problem with you personally, Playz. Personally, you’re a nice guy but yet your feeling of entitlement, that you deserve everything to be handed to you simply because your name is the same as the company name disgusts me. We’ve seen your ring ability. The simple fact of the matter is that if you weren’t the guy that created this empire and you were simply a wrestler with a dream, you’d be nobody. If you signed for Bashka Wrestling to work for me, you’d be stuck in the NXT Division your whole career. You have no talent, no ability, you were just the guy who so happened to create all of this with the right guys so that everybody hails you as a God.” After saying this, Bashka spikes the microphone at the mat and kneels down, visibly angry. He raises his hood and rips off his mask, picking up the microphone and pacing around the ring to continue his next phrases ”What it seems like to me is Brenden has a problem with me coming back to his company and completely taking over once again. I’m simply that good that I can come back after six months off, claim another championship and take the spotlight for my own, while Brenden claims he doesn’t want the spotlight because he knows deep inside that if he did make an attempt to come for this title, he’d get embarrassed by anyone. He’ll be embarrassed like he’s going to be when I pin him before I walk to the backstage area.” “What happens after that? Everyone turns to him, laying in the ring waiting for him to gain consciousness again. As he stands up, he does a 360 degree turn and sees everybody looking at him and laughing. ‘He couldn’t beat the guy he said is nothing these days!’ The whole crowd says as they point and laugh at him. He makes the walk of shame down the ramp as the fans all shout to him that he sucks because well, he does. After that? He goes into hiding until he tries to make another claim for relevancy in a few months at the Royal Rumble. However, he gets thrown out and decides to hide again. He isn’t seen again until he finds another vulnerable wrestler he can manipulate into being his tag team partner so they can win the titles. They have a successful reign until Brenden lets the team down, they disband and Brenden sits behind his desk once again, while his former partner rises in success.” “All that happens then is Brenden cries in his chair, looking at photos of his past glory wondering what went wrong as he begins to repeat the cycle. It’s quite sad at the tarnishing of a legacy because of a feeling of need of attention from all of you. If I got one thing out of this, it’s that damn. It really would suck to be Brenden.” Bashka smirks and drops the microphone, picking up his stuff and walking out of the ring, leaving the crowd unsure what to think of him once again.
  9. I was going through some of the stuff that I missed while I was on hiatus from guys like Echo Wilson and I read one of my favourite promos I think I’ve ever read:
  10. Name: Jack Bashka  Age: 25 Nationality: Australian Gimmick: Jon Moxley Face/Heel: Heel Signatures: Black Mass, Superkick Finishers: V-Trigger, Curb Stomp Theme Song: ‘Legendary’ by Joey Bada$$ Attire: Jon Moxley pre-WWE
  11. But why? I understand if your opinion is that the brand split shouldn’t have ended but if it isn’t, I don’t understand. It wouldn’t make sense to have two kayfabe titles that are valued the same with one brand. I’m glad the North American Championship was introduced as it shows off people’s kayfabe ability who aren’t necessarily ‘main eventers.’
  12. I really hope they don’t rush into things with him and get him to be as ready as possible because he has a lot to live up to. He also still has a long career ahead so they need to be careful with him.
  13. Poor Chad Gable deserves better than this, he’s a great in ring talent and if they slap this on him then they might as well just fire him already.
  14. September 23rd 2019 | Bad Blood Go-Home Show SAMEER & ROPATI AREN’T AFRAID OF THE COMPETITION Last week’s show ended with Ropati and Sameer being beaten down by Brenden & The New Order ahead of their respective matches at Bad Blood. Tonight, Sameer came out to the ring to deliver a message. Sameer: ”Last week ended in pain for me and Ropati, getting beaten down in front of millions of people. Tonight, Ropati unfortunately can’t be here due to the injuries suffered at the hands of Brenden, Nate, Slim & Necce. So that means I’m all alone and tonight, I’ll have to watch my back because at any moment I could be atta-“ Following this, theme song of the United Nations would play, all three members making their way down to the ring and each individually shaking the hand of the World Champion. Angelo Caito: “Consider yourself..protected. All of us have matches with members of The New Order this Sunday and they have not showed us any sort of respect by addressing us, completely disregarding us at competition. We’re very mad about that. So while we do already have some American flair, you can still be with us as we protect you from the scum of the earth that all four of those guys are.” To the shock of nobody, the theme song of The New Order would play as Slim, Nate, Necce & Brenden all walk out, slowly pacing towards the ring. Brenden holds the microphone, looking at Angelo for a moment before looking at Sameer. Brenden: “Sameer, there’s something I need you to understand and that is that I don’t have a problem with you, I really don’t. Every time I’ve attacked you in the build for our match, it’s been strictly business and a lesson for you. You need the slap of reality after all these months of you being on top of the world. I am the slap of reality and once I take your title, there will be no option than to stare reality right in the damn face and come to terms with the fact that WITHOUT ME, you would’ve been working in high school gyms. Tonight, you are exposed for the phoney you are when you take on the best singles champion in this company, NATE.” All four members of each side stand opposite each other when Brenden drops the microphone, Brenden leaving with The New Order just behind him, careful to keep an eye on their upcoming opponents as the match is made official for tonight; Nate vs Sameer. ALEX COSTA VS RAVEN The first match between these two since splitting up, it was a good match which demonstrated the chemistry between the former friends. This match ended in DQ after in fit of frustration, Costa would grab a steel chair from under the ring and start beating away at Raven. He’d then pick up a microphone and issue a challenge to Raven for Bad Blood in an extreme rules match, so he can do whatever he wants. STORM & BOB SPARKS VS MAASA & MIRA In a rare appearance for the brother-sister duo of Maasa & Mira, they’d take on the newly formed team of Storm & Bob Sparks. Storm and Bob would show an aggressive style of tag team wrestling which impressed the audience, leading to an easy win within minutes. FIRST CLASS EXPRESS’ JOURNEY HAS BEEN INTERRUPTED A segment would play showing BiC & Hans in a bus saying that their journey is only just getting started, and that the tag team titles would soon be theirs. BiC would be mid sentence before snoring could be heard in the bus, which would discovered to be Sheridan & Jonathan sleeping on the bus. In confusion, they’d start to argue however a time lapse would then play showing their transformation into friends. The segment ended with them all getting off the bus at a service station. THE ENIGMA AWAITS Similarly to last week, a vignette would play showing Smith with the second portion of his ‘Enigma’ paint that he’s going to be wearing at Bad Blood. He’d be in the same arena BPZMania III occurred and the scene would flash between his entrance that night and him walking down the aisle right now. It’d be visually stunning and get the fans excited. ARIUS VS YELICH As soon as the promo with Smith finished, ‘DEVIL’ by Shinedown would play as Flynn walked to the ring with his protege, Yelich to take on United States Champion and opponent in the money in the bank match, Arius. This match would be close and the help of Flynn would prove to be influential in th match, helping Yelich severely. However, when Flynn was distracting the referee to give Yelich the upper hand, ‘Can You Feel My Heart’ would start blasting with the lights in the arena matching the beat of the song. This distraction to Flynn would allow Arius to get the upper hand and win the match. Smith never came out which made Flynn livid. KENJI & TAMER VS FDS & JAMES KNIGHT In a tag team match consisting of 4 of the most talented in ring competitors in BPZ, NXT Champion KENJI tagged with Tamer to take on Premium Champion FDS & ‘The Demented Knight’ James Knight. This would be a great display of technical wrestling and we’d see flashes of upcoming Bad Blood matches here, with Tamer coming face to face with FDS multiple times and Knight grappling with KENJI a few times. In the end, FDS and James Knight would pick up the victory as FDS would hit a WRSTLMAKER to KENJI to send a message to their upcoming opponents. ARK IS COMING HOME In a moment which would get the fans cheering, a vignette would play showing the highlights of Ark’s career and the moment he suffered his injury, it would then flash to him recovering before the screen would fade to black and the words “Ark is coming home” would play on the screen as the fans in the arena are ecstatic to see Ark come back. MARKER VS BLADE In a new vs old match for Kieron Black, his new partner Marker would take on his old one, Blade before their tag team match at Bad Blood. Both Kieron and George were banned from ringside for this match, and it would end in Blade getting a shock victory by rolling up Marker and then quickly leaving the ring. Another thing to note is that Marker dominated the majority of this match which explains his frustration when he lost. BART VS JOSHUA SCOTT In Bart’s first match since returning, he’d take on Joshua Scott in a match where the fans would expect him to win. This match would end quickly as Julius would run to the ring with a steel chair and start beating away at Josh first so he would technically win the match, before turning his attention to Bart. After Bart went down the first time, Julius would grab several other weapons and start brutalising Bart. He’d then demand a microphone and yell this Julius: “ALL THAT WAS, WAS A PREVIEW OF THINGS TO COME FOR YOU. BART. You cost me the one of the biggest opportunities of my life and now, I retire you.” Julius would the drop the microphone and leave, with chaos in the ring. SAMEER VS NATE In tonight’s main event, World Champion Sameer would take on Intercontinental Champion Nate. Nate had Slim, Necce & Brenden all by his side for this one and the numbers seemed to be getting to Sameer. With the referee distracted by the three people at ringside, it looked like Nate was going to put Sameer away until ROPATI ran to the ring for the save! He’d take out Slim then Necce then Brenden! This would give Sameer enough of a chance to regain the upper hand and plant Nate with a Curb Stomp for the victory! The show would end with Sameer & Ropati standing tall as Brenden & The New Order would back away slowly. FINAL MATCH CARD: NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH: BART VS JULIUS TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: THE NEW ORDER (C) VS THE UNITED NATIONS WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: SAMEER (C) VS BRENDEN PLAYZ UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP: FLYNN (C) VS SMITH INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP: NATE (C) VS ANGELO CAITO PREMIUM CHAMPIONSHIP: FDS (C) VS TAMER GEORGE AK & BLADE VS MARKER & KIERON BLACK EXTREME RULES MATCH: ALEX COSTA VS RAVEN MONEY IN THE BANK MATCH: PRINCE VS ROPATI VS ARIUS VS SHERIDAN VS JONATHAN VS YELICH NXT CHAMPIONSHIP: KENJI (C) VS JAMES KNIGHT BONUS QUESTION: HOW MANY MEMBERS WILL THE NEW ORDER HAVE BY THE END OF THE NIGHT? IF MORE THAN 3, WHO WILL THE NEW MEMBERS BE? BONUS QUESTION: WILL THE MONEY IN THE BANK WINNER CASH IN ON THE SAME NIGHT THEY WIN IT?
  15. That actually seems like a really good pack with everything you get from it and if you’re doing a UM, it could be interesting to have a stable consisting of some of those characters. Great way for 2k to hop on the hype train for The Fiend to get people to preorder this game.

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