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  1. I’m pissed at the theme song change, fuck BPZ creative.
  2. Bailey Flynn Neb Slim Smith if this was a couple of years ago, I reckon I could’ve made the list but I think these people defined the forums and made more of an impact more than I ever did past my initial run.
  3. Carnage returns from commercial to see on the screen, Bashka in a backstage area wearing a nice suit with the top button undone. This is the first time we have seen Bashka in 12 days since he told the whole BPZ Universe what he truly thinks of his upcoming opponent, Hollow. Unlike his previous appearance, however, he has a fresh haircut and is now cleanly shaven. He awaits for silence from the audience in the building before speaking his first words. It has been twelve days since I made my last appearance on BPZ TV. In those twelve days I have taken the time to think over my career, go back to where it all began and really, go back to basics. Taking some time off was what drove me to having another fantastic run when I returned midway through the year and now that things aren’t going to well for me, maybe starting over is what can truly take me to the next step of my career. Unfortunately though, this hiatus of reimaginating my career will have to come to an end because this weekend I take on Hollow, a man who I have proven simply with words why he really is as bad as everybody says that he is. Time and time again it has been Rogen that he is a doormat and speaks absolute nonsense, which will further be proven once he inevitably responds to this message. He claims he is insane, he speaks about madness but nothing comes from his words. Every word that oozes from his mouth gets proven over and over to be complete and utter bullshit, which WILL be proven again when I step in the ring with him at Survival Games and outdo him in every possible aspect of the game. Due to my somewhat poor results throughout this tournament, my match with Hollow is viewed as something you shouldn’t watch, something that has no effect on the tournament whatsoever, but I am encouraging each and every one of you to make sure that you tune into my match with Hollow at Survival Games, not because it’s going to be a technical masterclass or ‘match of the year’, you should watch it because I am going to beat the living shit out of Hollow, I am going to throw his ass pillar to post and make sure that he can never step out in front of an audience again without being laughed at harder than he already gets laughed at, because the thought of him challenging anyone ever again after how badly I pummel him will simply be laughable and implausible. You thought you already knew how much of a joke Hollow was? Well get ready for Survival Games, because I am inducting Hollow into the ‘Hall of nobody even remembers your god damn name’. And then, I am removing that class from existence because then it will end up like every other thing Hollow has achieved and be completely irrelevant. I am sick and tired of him and his dumb little gimmicks and I am ready to put an end to your dumb, stupid, shitty little career once and for all. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must find new ways to continue to be the best person on the planet. Bashka walks away from the camera and the screen fades to black, the commentary team then recapping what we just witnessed before moving onto the next segment in the show.
  4. I feel like the situations are a little bit different, with Roman the fans booed him because they felt he wasn’t ready for the position that they placed him in, while with Rollins everybody knows he’s fantastic and capable of being the top champion, but it was just that whoever would’ve been put in that position to not lose the belt to the Fiend would’ve received exactly the same treatment from the fans just because of how hot Wyatt is at the moment.
  5. While this is sad, it’s something I feel has just become standard in my head given all the injuries and road bumps he’s had throughout his career. I still feel like he could have a few more good years left and then he hangs up the boots once and for all. It’s fair that he wants to focus on his family and his health.
  6. Lio Rush on 205 Live This is one that I feel was definitely wasted. Lio Rush is one of the best cruiserweights in the world and I feel like he could’ve definitely elevated 205 Live. However, due to some backstage issues he was pulled from the show and then when he eventually returned, it was by Bobby Lashley’s side which was okay, but I feel like he could’ve been better utilised. Thankfully now this is being fixed as he has challenged Drew Gulak for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.
  7. It’s crazy how your first World Championship win could’ve been by cashing in money in the bank, but somebody beat you for the briefcase. Or your first one could’ve been winning it at Halloween Havoc 2015, but somebody won that instead. Oh well..
  8. Superman is just the standard superhero for me, while Joker I find to be unique and entertaining so I’m gonna go with Joker.
  9. If we do not ever see somebody skateboard on that thing, I will be extremely disappointed.
  10. Survival Games 2019 Predictions: Undisputed: Flynn(c) vs. Necce vs. Echo NA: Yelich(c) vs. Mikey Block A Matches: Julius vs. Bart Jonathan vs. KENJI Prince vs. FDS Block B: Slim vs. Smith Bashka vs Hollow Sameer vs. Hans Street Fight: Meko vs. Alex Costa Arrow Gargano vs. Aidanator
  11. Buddy Ace vs Epic Smith vs Mikey Sameer vs George AK Bashka vs Julius Arius vs Mal Hades
  12. I honestly can’t decide between Velveteen Dream and the Undisputed Era, but I’m going to go with Dream just because of how unique he is. When he debuted with this gimmick everybody thought that he would be a joke but he has absolutely proven everyone wrong and become one of the most promising guys in the company. I think he has a bright future ahead and hopefully this entertaining gimmick translates well to the main roster.
  13. As tonight’s Carnage broadcast continues, the audience begin to boo as they hear the sound of Bullet Proof’s theme being played through the speakers, the booing getting even louder once they realise that Bashka is stepping out from behind the curtain and pacing toward the ring with a smile on his face. The last time we saw Bashka was last night when he, alongside Hans and Mikey teamed up to attack Hollow after a war of words between the two upcoming opponents. Bashka seems proud of what he has done and now comes to the ring with a Hollow mask in one hand, a microphone in the other. He steps between the ropes and wastes no time before speaking. Hello. My name is Bashka, you may recognise me from beating the shit out of Hollow last night. Tonight I’m not here to use brutality because I don’t need to at this stage, but instead I’m going to inform you of something you already know, but for some reason I feel the urge to look into more. Tonight, I’m going to tell you why Hollow is the equivalent to a literal piece of dogshit. Tonight, I let you all know why Hollow sucks. A bunch of crew comes into the ring, setting up a stage and handing Bashka a remote, the audience all turn their eyes to the screen to see a PowerPoint presentation with the title “Why Hollow Sucks”. The crowd seem to find this quite amusing and laugh at what is happening. Bashka presses the first button to reveal the first point. Point 1: His attitude. Hollow, Blade, whatever you want to call him, has a never say die attitude. He never gives up which is a great asset but there comes a point where you need to understand to take a break, think outside of the box, really shake things up. I thought I saw a change in this attitude when he was part of Syndicate, I thought it was a great opportunity for him to be a new man, but when they hit one speed bump he blamed everything on Slim and ripped Syndicate to pieces, ruining any possible chance that Hollow’s career would once again have any signs of life. Another attitude of his is looking so heavily at the past. This is something that I used to do a lot but when I moved on from it, I got better. I have connections with people that are good friends with the man that is Blade, and they all tell me how he doesn’t shut up about the past, even some things that don’t even involve him and how he still manages a way to showboat about the achievements of other people?! I didn’t even know that was possible. Well, it’s time for our next slide. Point 2: He can’t make up his damn mind about who he is. Incase you’re new to the show and don’t understand why I’m referring to this guy by several names, it’s because he doesn’t even know who he is. At one moment, he is Blade. This is just him being a regular guy and when he realises nobody gives a damn about him, he changes to Hollow because at one point in time people found this character slightly entertaining. But after switching between these guys about two hundred different times, people don’t care about either Blade OR Hollow anymore. He has single handedly destroyed his own career by being a different guy every month. Speaking of every month. Point 3: He can’t win for shit. Every single month Blade will stake his claim for the Tag Team Championship, or the Premium Championship, or the Intercontinental Championship, or the World Heavyweight Championship and he’ll come out here twenty times in the build up telling you how it’s his destiny to win, and then he’ll lose, and then he’ll repeat the process again. Every. Single. Month. It’s quite pathetic when you think about it how a career with pretty decent success and achievements is being absolutely tarnished by him becoming the glorified doormat for every and all champions in BPZ today. Point 4: He has completely ruined BPZ’s ratings. After every show our statisticians collect data about our show’s ratings and it has been discovered that nothing hurts a good Carnage show more than a Hollow promo. People change the channel, people go for a piss, nobody cares at all about anything that he does. He goes on and on and on and on every couple of days about this Evolution of Madness but you guys probably have no idea because that’s when you zone out. I could go on all day about why Hollow sucks but we simply don’t have time for that, but my final conclusion that I have drawn from all of this is that Hollow or Blade or whatever he will come out as next, is the biggest joke that BrendenPlayz Wrestling has to offer. Thank you. Bashka puts the Hollow mask on the floor and stomps on it, breaking it into several pieces before he leaves the ring. The crew from earlier returns to start packing the set away as the crowd, surprisingly cheering Bashka on his way out as the show heads to commercial.
  14. It definitely has to be winning the Intercontinental Championship at King Of The Ring 2019. Despite the circumstances given Julius didn’t want the title anymore, it was still a great moment for me because it was the first championship that I’d won since Mayhem 2016 and it truly made me think I was back for good this time. Also retaining it at SummerSlam was great because it was the first time I’d retained a title since February 2015, showing that this was my best run in many years.
  15. Person below me is gay

  16. Upper management when Julius personally attacks the BEST BPZ SUPERSTAR OF ALL TIME, THE BAILEY.
  17. Bashka


    After Hollow attacks the camera man, the theme of Bullet Proof plays, signalling the arrival of one of the five members or in an unfortunate case for Hollow, potentially all of them. However, only Bashka walks out to the gratefulness of Hollow. Bashka quickly storms down to the ring, picking up the microphone and getting in the face of Hollow. It’s a damn good thing you attacked that camera man because it’s going to be the only guy you take down throughout Survival Games. You see, I couldn’t give less of a shit about this tournament but I’ll be damned if I lose to you, the biggest jobber that BPZ has ever seen. You walk around here acting as if anybody at all gives a shit about what you do or what you say but you just switch from Hollow to Blade whenever you feel anything is going wrong and quite frankly the reason you change so much is because nothing goes right for you. The last time you did something right was when you were riding the coat tails of George and Slim. The only reason you were even part of that group to begin with is because Slim wanted to team with George, he saw something in George while you were just there for the journey. Unfortunately, your stubbornness and thinking you were on another level to everyone else after another fluke moment meant that you thought you were above Slim to the point where you tried to overthrow his stable. As soon as that happened, everybody left because nobody wanted to be lead by you. Look at Slim now, he’s thriving with Necce by his side while you still brag 4 years on about how your biggest moment in your career was drawing with the NXT Champion in your debut. Look around this arena, do you see anyone here? No, because when they hear your music they realise it’s time to go for a piss, you’re that god damn boring. You can’t keep talking about this evolution of madness when every time you actually compete your ass gets thrown all over the ring. You’ve been doing this same madman shtick for years before you inevitably go back to being Blade because you fail at everything you try. You’re right about one thing though, you’re different to Brenden, Slim, Smith, and all those other guys I’ve faced. You wanna know why? Bashka walks over to Hollow and puts the microphone up to his ear, whispering this next statement I let those guys walk out without a broken fucking neck. Bashka kicks Hollow in the gut before Mikey and Hans run into the ring, all three men pushing Hollow into the corner and beating the living daylights out of him. Bashka, obviously pisses by what Hollow had to say, has called for help to truly deliver punishment to his upcoming opponent. Bashka eventually tells his partners to back off and Hollow falls onto the mat, Bashka then kicking him out of the ring. I didn’t have that much of a problem with you, but you just don’t shut up and my ears couldn’t handle the punishment so my brain decided that it wanted you to shut up, so I shut you up. Don’t think that you’re something special because you have a cool looking mask, you flew too close to the sun and you got burnt. So tonight, Hollow has learned a very important lesson; don’t poke Bullet Proof, we’ll bite your head off. Bashka, Mikey and Hans stand tall as the segment comes to a close, the crowd much more excited than they were in the beginning of this portion of the show.
  18. I’m somewhat glad that they’re getting rid of the Live part, ever since they introduced it i think it felt awkward since RAW is also live and they never mention that. I’m liking these minors changes that they’re making to SmackDown.
  19. I’m going to miss seeing Daniel Bryan as a heel as I think he was really good at it, but I’m definitely happy to see Rowan & Harper together again, and I hope that they can stick together for longer now. I can see Rowan & Harper winning and I also wouldn’t put it past WWE to have Bryan turn on Reigns to become their leader.
  20. Just a few things I think you could improve on: 1. Finding a better render if you’re not cutting them out yourself. This one is okay but around his hair you can still see white areas which isn’t what you want. 2. Adding an effect onto the Murphy render so you haven’t just straight up slapped him on there would look nice. 3. Making the text stand out more. I didn’t notice for a while that the text was there because it doesn’t really stick out that well so finding ways to make it stand out would be beneficial. I think if you keep working you can really improve so keep on working!

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