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  1. You said you’re going after the champion and you’re going to take the championship, implying you have a match for it.
  2. What did you actually do to get a North American championship match?
  3. Good save by BPZ Commentaries, could’ve really ruined their reputation there.
  4. Roman will probably win to set up him vs The Fiend.
  5. Wanted to return from my post hiatus to say LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Fuck off Brad
  6. We are halfway through tonight’s broadcast of the first ever Winter Warfare Pay-Per-View, as a promo package hyping up the upcoming battle for the BPZ Word Heavyweight Championship between Julius, Bashka and last minute entrant into this match, Kamil Pudalek who, after nearly shocking the entire world before Julius’ cash-in, is aiming to get things done this time. The package is done and the audience turn their eyes to the ring, where Pudalek is already in the ring extremely ready for the match ahead. Up next, a theme song we haven’t heard for a very long time plays as the crowd sit in confusion, as Jeremiah Flynn’s first ever theme song begins to play, marking the entrance of Bashka? Bashka begins to walk to the ring, looking extremely confident and ready heading into the biggest match he could mark his return with. He stops on top of the ramp and appreciates the BPZ Universe, a sight we don’t see very often. The crowd begin to go nuts, trying to warn Bashka of something before he is VICIOUSLY ATTACKED FROM BEHIND WITH A STEEL CHAIR. Bashka gets the living hell beaten out of him by...oh my god, it’s Hans! Hans puts the chair around Bashka’s head and STOMPS DOWN! OH MY GOD! Security come out and stop Hans from further potentially injuring Bashka. He backs away as medics come out to check on Bashka, with him definitely not able to compete tonight. Josh Trenton gets in the ring and announces that tonight’s World Championship Match has ended in a no contest as Bashka will not be able to compete tonight, Kamil Pudalek acting very confused and angry. This segment ends with Hans staring on at his former team mate getting taken out of the arena following his actions, the booing very heavy from the people in attendance.
  7. Aside from The Shield which I think most people will say, I believe it’s The Undisputed Era. I think that they truly helped NXT from the transition between a “developmental brand” and a third brand. Along with having 4 stars who will definitely be very influential in the future for WWE.
  8. I think it was a very smooth turn, as nothing he said during his rant was extremely heelish but he genuinely had a good reason for turning.
  9. Honestly some time off is what Roode needs I believe, he needs to return as a singles star and try to get over once again, along with hopefully better treatment as he could be so much better utilised but they don’t.
  10. I don’t see Becky and Charlotte winning this one but I really think that after this is all said and done, Charlotte needs to go back to being a heel. She’s so much more interesting as a heel and you can tell she enjoys it a lot more, she’s pretty stale as a face.
  11. Fuck this feud honestly, Rusev deserves so much better than this and I don’t know what they’re going to do with Lana after it’s done. Rusev will probably win here as a feel good moment.
  12. I’m glad these two are actually getting a chance to showcase their talents and while the feud may not be extremely interesting, I still think they could have a great match if given the time.
  13. We’ve seen this match so many times I’m not even interested at this point. The Revival should’ve never lost the belts in the first place but I can see WWE trying to get New Day to break some more records so Revival will probably win.
  14. I honestly couldn’t give a shit about this at all, it may have some cool spots but it’s not one I’m really looking forward to. Roman to probably win.
  15. This has been an interesting feud so far and I’m happy to see the way they’ve transitioned Miz into this feud and not gone straight into a rematch with Bray and Bryan. Obviously I see Wyatt taking the win here but I’m curious as to how they continue to build this.
  16. I feel like The Ascension will fit in very well in some places outside of the WWE if they are treated well like they were in NXT. If they split up I think they are doomed and won’t do much but if they stay together they may do well.
  17. If I’m being honest I’ve never been a huge fan of Lars Sullivan however what’s happened to him in the past year has been awful and I hope things work out better for him once he returns.
  18. I’ll agree with Hans and say Keith Lee, he has everything and apparently Vince is a fan of him which is a great sign. As long as he keeps doing what he’s doing he’s surely gonna make it big.
  19. I watched the 2019 Royal Rumble since I heard it was a good PPV and I wasn’t really watching at the time that it happened. I actually really enjoyed the rumble itself and a lot of the matches on the card.
  20. I’m gonna say in terms of the forums because this year has been mostly a blur for me. My favourite moment was winning the Intercontinental Championship at King Of The Ring, it’d been 3 years since I had a decent run on the forums and for me it really made me feel like I haven’t lost it and I still had what it takes to be considered a legend.
  21. I don’t believe it should return, at least in WWE anyway. I think Sin Cara is the least interesting masked wrestler within WWE right now and has simply been turned into a meme, no need to ruin somebody’s career by wasting them and putting them under the mask.
  22. The crowd wait in anticipation to find out who will answer Julius’ calling, however when it seems that mibody will reply to this challenge and the pent up frustration in the Champion becomes abundantly clear, the lights in the arena go off, similarly to earlier in the night. When they return on, Julius doesn’t notice for a moment but Bashka is kneeling down in the corner, half of his body painted white with the words “champ” written all over. Julius turns around and the two make direct eye contact Bashka sticks his right hand outside of the ring in order to receive a microphone from nearby ring assistance, and he keeps eye contact with Julius throughout this whole process. “While you were giving that tremendous speech it made me realise that I never got the opportunity to say congratulations for defeating Isaiah Carter for that belt. It suits you, it really does. You are right about many things, the opportunity to challenge for that belt doesn’t come around every day and for that, I’d like to say well done on having the balls to come out here and open the plate to anyone. In all honesty, I don’t really want the title, I want to fight you. However, if that means I get to walk out of Winter Warfare with the big gold belt over my shoulder, then so be it. I’ll see you in two weeks, my friend.” The lights cut out once more and when they return, Bashka is nowhere to be seen as Julius stands there in confusion, before that confusion turns to excitement as his challenger has been revealed.
  23. I’m not usually one to rant but this is so stupid I have to speak up on it. Steph and Arrow are the greatest team to ever grace the BPZ and their promo work is so unique and nobody even compares to them and yet they lose in the first round?? What has this place come to?

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