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  1. On tonight’s broadcast of Carnage, the audience are hot right off the back of BrendenPlayz appearing and delivering a message to his SummerSlam opponent, Bashka. Earlier tonight we also saw Bashka tell everybody that he is the entire package and everything you could possibly want in a wrestler. Brenden’s lack of appearances in the lead up to their match has frustrated Bashka as proven before, and the two not coming face to face before their huge clash will definitely frustrate him some more. As this excited crowd calm down as they await for what comes next in tonight’s programming, most of the arena goes livid as Bashka’s theme song starts playing and he quickly staunches to the ring, microphone already in hand. He stands in the centre of the ring, cracking his neck before speaking as he stands there with an indignant look on his face. Eventually, he starts to speak as the booing from the crowd gets louder until they tone it down to listen to what the Intercontinental Champion has to say. I wasn’t planning on making another appearance tonight in front of you worthless people, but an appearance from my nearly invisible opponent for this Sunday has called for my attention and now I’m here to address what was said. It appears that the attack I did on Brenden a few weeks ago at King Of The Ring has caused a downward spiral in his life and that is exactly what I wanted to happen. He has been abandoned by everybody who he thought loved him and now he can’t even get his calls returned by a guy he put back on the map this year. It’s quite pathetic to see what has become of the guy we all admire as the boss and the guy that pays our wages. When such events occur in somebody’s life, normally people surround them and attempt to make them feel better and assure them that everything’s going to be alright. Nobody is doing that for Brenden, though. Do you know why that is? It’s because things aren’t going to get better. In fact, things are only going to get worse when I put my boot so far into his face I’m going to be picking out his teeth for the entire week afterwards. These ‘sad’ events couldn’t have happened to a better person. Brenden deserves every bit of this torture in life that he receives. He’s essentially a criminal as he’s been stealing the spotlight from those who deserve it for the past five years. As Bashka pauses, the crowd start to boo the slandering of a Brenden, a guy they praise as he has created this global empire known as BPZ. Bashka laughing at Brenden’s circumstances are not appreciated by the BPZ Universe. However, Bashka seems to not care as he chuckles at the crowd’s disapproval. He then continues to speak upon Brenden’s name. I always imagined that when the time inevitably came for me to take on Brenden, it’d be under better circumstances. I thought it would be me vs him in a battle of two guys with mutual respect for each other and both are in the form of their lives. I couldn’t be more wrong. I am in the form of my life while Brenden is struggling to even survive in his own company. I am a champion while nobody even cared when Brenden made his first appearance since losing his title. And that whole ‘mutual respect’ thing? That was wrong too. I have absolutely no respect for Brenden in any capacity. Like I said, he deserves everything that life is throwing at him. For the first time in his life, hurdles are coming his way and he is struggling to overcome them. Life has thrown me plenty of hurdles over the years and I jumped over every single damn one of them without a problem. I stand here, out the other side as a better man while Brenden won’t even come out the other side. All I have done to him so far is attack him when he least expected it. From that attack, he went on to lose his title and his partner than abandoned him, he’s already contemplating retirement after that.I attacked Julius then I took his title, instead of trying to end his entire career after that like a little bitch, he went on to improve and now he’s getting a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at SummerSlam. Some people know hw to handle obstacles, while others are just ill-prepared. So Brenden, get ready for the biggest obstacle life has ever thrown at you when I don’t give you the choice of retiring, because I’m going to break your god damn neck in front of thirty thousand people at SummerSlam. Bashka spikes the microphone onto the mat and raises his Championship above his head, the crowd booing the hell out of him.
  2. Hulk Hogan vs King Kong Bundy because it’s the only one out of those three I’ve actually seen.
  3. . NATE’S ROAD TO THE CHAMBER On the October 7th episode of Carnage, the show ended with The New Order attacking The Bailey and Julius, with Nate then claiming he wanted to be inside the chamber. It appears Nate’s wish has been granted and he has an opportunity to join Sameer, Bart, Julius, Jonathan and The Bailey inside the chamber — if he can defeat Bailey and Julius in a triple threat match on October 14th in the main event of Carnage. Will the Intercontinental Champion overcome the odds and defeat two former world champions to gain his spot inside the chamber? Find out on Carnage!
  4. Angelo Caito vs Jack Bashka vs Yelich SSW Tag Team Championships - Sinister Sons Nation (c) vs The Wolves SSW National Championship - Arius (c) vs Bulldozer SSW World Championship - RAINE (c) vs Julius Jones
  5. Getting 3/7.. This was a good show Hans. I think you made the right calls and I’m interested to see how you keep booking this diary as it has quickly become one of my favourites.
  6. This will be interesting to watch the ratings battle between the two. I personally think AEW will prevail as people will tune in to watch a newer product rather than something that’s been around for a while.
  7. We are only one week away from one of BPZ’s biggest events of the year, SummerSlam! The crowd are hot after seeing more build-up to the anticipated event and are cheering as the camera pans throughout the arena, showing off the show’s attendance as each member of the crowd hopes to get in the frame for a brief moment of attention. Eventually, the happiness and joy turns to hatred and anger as the words ‘Bullet Proof 4 Life!’ is uttered through the speakers followed by ‘No One Will Survive’ by CFO$ blasting, signalling the arrival of Intercontinental Champion, Bashka. He strolls slowly to the ring and like always, he has a cocky smile on his face. As we count down the days until the show in Los Angeles, Bashka’s confidence appears to grow larger in his pursuit to retain his belt along with defeating his boss, Brenden in a match between two guys with plenty of history together. Tonight though, Bashka seems to be completely focused whilst being calm, cool and collected as a big night for him approaches. He asks Josh Trenton for a microphone which he receives and goes to speak, a small portion of the crowd cheering for him, for some reason. This is nearly it, only seven days until the event that I have been training a month for. Only seven days until the event where my fate is decided, whether I walk out with my title over my shoulder and having defeated my boss or whether I walk out with two more losses on my record, it all comes down to this. There’s been rumblings that people think that once this little stint in my career is over, once I drop this belt I’ll take my ball home out of frustration and run back to Hollywood to attempt and be successful there. I’m here to put those rumours to rest. I have never felt better. I felt weak and stale when I competed last year so I took some time off and when I came back, I felt like a new man. Since then, I have gone on to prove everybody wrong about not having it anymore. I am the man of the year, who could be surprised? Bashka raises up his belt with a huge grin and the crowd is now split, some happy with him being the face of the division while others couldn’t be more distraught. Some tell me I get too ahead of myself when I start to build momentum but when I feel this good, when I look this good and when I am this damn good I can’t help but praise myself. I feel like a million bucks right now and I have never felt in a better shape in my entire career. I’m about to have one of the biggest nights in BPZ history, defeating a man who hails himself as ‘The King’, Slim and a guy who created this entire company, BrendenPlayz in the same night. Why would I apologise for being this confident when I’m this excellent? People have loved to hate me because over the past two or three years, when I make a statement I haven’t been able to back it up. I’m simply making up for lost time when I laugh in the faces of those who doubted me and I look into their sorry eyes, letting them know that the REAL King of BPZ is back, bitches. The only thing I can say sorry for is that I’m sorry it took me this one to return to my throne. Destined for greatness at a young age, it’s only fair that despite being late, I repay those who had faith in me by shoving my boot up the ass of everybody who laughed at me and everybody who said I don’t have what it takes anymore. I remember when I was loved, people threw all their hopes and dreams onto me because they knew I wouldn’t disappoint, and when I tasted success I turned my backs on them and they didn’t like that, they didn’t like it one bit. Well, look at me now. Look at what I’ve become! I’m the entire god damn package! I’m the cream of the crop, the premier athlete, the whole entire show, the second coming of God himself. I am as good as everyone thinks they are and better. I am the alpha and the omega, the one and the only. Every single moniker anyone has ever used to describe themselves when they want to be referred to as the best, I am that and more. I am the past, the present and the future. I am everything you could ever possibly imagine as a champion. So, BPZ Universe, allow me to RE-INTRODUCE MYSELF. I am Bashka, the wrestler that you have dreamt your whole life of witnessing just so you can answer the question ‘Is he that impressive in person too?’ And the answer is yes, I really am this great. People describe me as just a guy with an ego. I’ll admit, I have an ego. However, you need to consider something; if you were this incredible, don’t you think you’d have an ego too? Bashka once again raises up his belt, some of the fans still on his side after believing everything that he said and the other half can’t stand the ego of the intercontinental champion. He stands in the ring as the show goes to commercial.
  8. @Smith they’ve spotted us..
  9. Hopefully he turns out to be all good for All Out as I really want to see that match
  10. Bashka

    Amai Graphics

    I actually like that graphic and I think some good effects are used. However, I didn’t even notice that the Carwin text was there for a while so it’s pretty hard to read, maybe making it a different colour would’ve helped.
  11. I watched Hobbs & Shaw last night which I enjoyed. I’d never seen any Fast & Furious movies in any capacity before seeing this but I enjoyed it and didn’t need to see the other ones to understand it which was good.
  12. I remember watching this and having no words for that moment, it was just awesome.
  13. I was going to try and come up with an original answer since everybody is going to say The Fiend but at the moment I don’t think anyone’s entrance even comes close. It just gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.
  14. Like I’ve said before this is probably a good thing. Cuts down the product some more and I think those guys would integrate better with the NXT guys so in the long run this is a good thing.
  15. Roman Reigns for me. I wasn’t a massive fan of him when he was on his own but over the past few months I have really enjoyed his work and think he has improved immensely.
  16. Welcome to the forums man! Hope you stay active and have fun
  17. It would be even better if it was actually happening
  18. Prince Puma vs Gran Metalik "Speedball" Mike Bailey vs Minoru Tanaka Pentagon Jr. vs Oney Lorcan Roderick Strong vs Bea Pristley
  19. I’m sad that Moxley had to pull out of this event but if anyone was going to replace him I’m glad it’s PAC. The match might actually turn out to be better and it’ll be good to have Omega vs Moxley after their TV debut since they can actually start building to their match regularly instead of once a month or so.
  20. October 7th 2019 | Road to Halloween Havoc TAMER EXPLAINS HIS ACTIONS This week’s episode of Carnage begins with the theme song of Tamer playing and he walks to the ring with his new friends, Bob Sparks & Storm by his side. They all get in the ring and Tamer stands in the middle with a microphone as the booing is louder than ever Tamer: ”Why do you boo me? This business is all about making statements so I did exactly that and yet you want to feel betrayed, you want to feel angry and that makes me sick. For one moment, could you all not be extremely selfish and consider that I needed to do that to get my career back on track? It’s extremely difficult to jump back into the mix after two years gone and yet I’m still getting booed. This is why this business is now a disgrace, fans like you. You can all turn on the flip of a coin and you did. Last week everyone cheered me because it looked like I was in a rough time, now I get booed to hell.” Following this, the theme song of Smith would play and he’d walk to the ring with his Undisputed Championship over his shoulder. He gets in the ring and shakes his head at Tamer before speaking Smith: “You’re right about one thing, this business is all about making statements and you did that, I applaud you. The way you went about it was disgusting. I know it’s been hard for you to get back into the mix and you need a match like this to get back to where you once were, but I’m your brother. If you wanted a match for my belt I would’ve let you. Instead you threw away an entire friendship for the hopes of one last run. I felt sorry for you when I thought you had to retire. These people are not a disgrace to the business, you are the disgrace, Tamer. Backstabbing, entitled guys like you who think because they were good once upon a time they are entitled to everything. You want me at Halloween Havoc? You got me!” Smith would drop the microphone and run towards Tamer, but would be jumped by Bob Sparks & Storm. They’d hand Smith to Tamer who’d pick him up and deliver a CultureShock! The segment would end with Tamer lifting up Smith’s championship. ARK UNIVERSE VS FDS After last week’s attack of Ark Universe at the hands of FDS, these two would face one on one on Carnage. This would be a good match with lots of back and forth action. Ark would prove to be the better man on the night by defeating FDS. After the match, FDS would attack him again until security came and separated FDS from Ark. WHERE WAS ECHO WILSON? For the second week in a row, Echo Wilson would come to the ring to speak to the BPZ Universe Echo Wilson: “I thought that I better explain my actions and my absence since I was gone for so long and nobody knows why. So it’s not secret that at BPZMania IV I was in a unification match with Bart and Necce which I lost, I haven’t been since then. It really hurt my soul when I lost that match after I poured everything out that I could and got nothing back from it. I didn’t leave for all this time to ‘find myself’, I left to make myself better. I was training and then I got a certain call from Nate and well, the rest is history. As for my problem with Ropati? There isn’t really a problem there. He’s just in my way. He’s not just in my way, he’s in The New Order’s way of dominating.” Before he could finish, Echo Wilson gets hit with a KIWI KICK OUT OF NOWHERE BY ROPATI! Mr. Money in the Bank stands above Echo, a smile on his face. SHERIDAN VS EPIC Last week, Sheridan seemingly ended her tag team career by walking out on Jonathan and now she takes on Epic completely on her own. She’d win in impressive style, showing a side of her we haven’t seen before as she apparently Elgin’s her journey for the NXT Championship. Afterwards, KENJI would walk out and begin to applaud. JAMES KNIGHT IS UNSTOPPABLE NXT Champion James Knight would come to the ring and tell everybody that he is unstoppable and nobody is capable of beating him. He’d go to leave when Mikey would come to the ring and confront him, saying that everybody believes they are unstoppable until they stick around for longer than 10 minutes and find out nobody is unstoppable. A brawl would then break out. Has Knight found his newest opponent? BUDDY ACE VS ARIUS After an impressive victory last week for Buddy Ace, he’d get a chance to prove himself this week with a match against United States Champion, Arius. This match would be pivotal for his title pursuit as he’d cleanly defeat the champion to the shock of the BPZ Universe. Afterwards, Arius would get to his feet and stand face to face with Buddy Ace, lifting up the belt to issue the challenge. ELIMINATION CHAMBER QUALIFIER: FLYNN VS JONATHAN A match with plenty of old and even recent history, Flynn would take on Jonathan for the chance of entering the elimination chamber with Sameer, Bart, Julius and Bailey. Everybody thought Flynn would win this match but as he hit an FKO and would seemingly be about to win, Yelich would run to the ring and distract the referee, letting Jonathan roll up Flynn and get the fifth spot in the chamber. Yelich would then run to the backstage area as Flynn looks livid. NECCE VS HANS An interesting statistic is that this match is Necce’s first singles match since Bashka has taken over BPZ, and goes into this match undefeated with a record of 7-0-0. The Antichrist would be looking to extend his streak while Hans would be trying to send a message. With Slim standing at ringside, he’d slide a steel chair into the ring and then start distracting the referee. Necce would pick up the chair and then throw it into Hans’ hands and Necce would crash onto the mat. After hearing the noise, the referee would turn around and see what has just happened. The referee thinks that Hans hit Necce with the steel chair and ends the match in DQ! This finish has shades of Slim’s early career when he was European Champion for the first time. NATE VS BRAD Nate would come to the ring and say that he is without an opponent, and he really needs one. Nate would issue an open challenge which would be answered by Brad! He has seemingly returned to the name Brad and is ready to face Nate. Nate laughs and mentions that once he beats Brad, he’ll be facing Nanovirus next week. Nate would win this match with a Superkick after a 15 minute match which the audience were pretty into. Nate’s dominance continues. SAMEER VS BART In the lead up to the Elimination Chamber match, Sameer would take on one of his five challengers in Bart. This would be a great match between two of the best in BPZ right now and the fans would love every moment of it. Sameer would eventually win with a Curb Stomp and afterwards, the two would shake hands signalling the respect they have for each other. THE BAILEY VS JULIUS In tonight’s main event, two more members of the elimination chamber would face as The Bailey would take on Julius. This match was brutal and very even. The Bailey would hit a GOAT Bottom on Julius and when he went for the cover, the match would be interfered in as Nate, Slim, Necce & Echo Wilson would all enter and attack Julius & Bailey. After the chaos in the ring is over, Nate would grab a microphone and yell “I WANT IN THE CHAMBER!” as the show comes to an end. CURRENT MATCH CARD: BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP ELIMINATION CHAMBER: SAMEER (C) VS BART VS JULIUS VS THE BAILEY VS JONATHAN VS ??? BPZ UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP: SMITH (C) VS TAMER
  21. https://www.ea.com/games/fifa/fifa-20/news/pitch-notes-fifa-20-career-mode-deep-dive I’m genuinely excited for career mode and hope this is just the beginning of a completely revamped career mode
  22. Ziggler, Nakamura & Dillinger vs British Strong Style looks like an interesting and unique feud. John Cena vs The Miz is something we’ve seen before and it’s entertaining so hopefully this one is just as good. Continue the good work, Meko!

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