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  1. Shawn Michaels vs Razor Ramon because it’s the match that people actually talk about from the show
  2. Xbox One probably, it’s not neccessarily bad it’s just that the other consoles I’ve owned such as DS, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS2 are ones that I’ve had great memories on and I just haven’t had the same experiences with the Xbox One.
  3. The unfortunate reality is that when he returns, nothing is going to happen with him anyway. The other day I actually went back and watched a few of Sin Cara’s early stuff and I feel like there could’ve been something there but he’s been turned into a glorified jobber. Nonetheless, it’s always good to see somebody return from injury.
  4. Week 4 Predictions: A Block: Jonathan vs. Julius Bart vs. FDS Prince vs. KENJI Block B: Slim vs. Bashka Smith vs. Sameer Blade vs. Hans
  5. I’m glad this is coming back as pyro is one of my favourite things in wrestling and you can definitely tell when it’s gone because some entrances just feel weird, so I’m definitely looking forward to it coming back.
  6. Seth Rollins without a doubt. He is so stale as a face and has proven in 2015 that he can be one of the best heels and garner so much heat from the crowd that it’s a good idea to turn him heel after this feud with The Fiend.
  7. Happy birthday @Jonathan even though it may be a little early right now.....#nFo4Lyfe
  8. I read the title of this and only one thing came to mind, please take a watch, it’s very related.
  9. The music of Bullet Proof hits as Julius’ question has certainly been answered. Only Flynn alone walks down the ramp and steps on the apron nearest to Julius. As Julius goes to leave, he sees that he is surrounded on each side of the ring by a member of Bullet Proof. The camera zooms into see Julius’ face as he understands what is coming next. The next victim of a Bullet Proof beatdown has been identified as each member individually walks into the ring and starts to beat away at the newly crowned Mr. Money in the Bank. The frustration of the members after an unsuccessful past couple of nights is pent up and is being taken out on Julius here. Bashka lifts up the briefcase of Julius and positions it in the centre of the ring, as the other members of the group begin to back away, allowing Bashka to deliver his signature RELEVATION to Julius onto the briefcase! Julius definitely has no idea where he is right now and his health is surely being put into question after this malicious beatdown. Bashka’s past couple of weeks have not been great and for him to be able to take out his rage on the man that he firstly defeated to begin one of his best runs in the company will definitely feel good. Bashka begins to stomp away as Flynn, Hans and BiC all look on, before they decide its getting too out of hand and throw Bashka off Julius. As Bashka is leaning against the ropes cooling off, the tag team champions First Class Express lift up Julius and throw him up against the ropes, and when he comes rebounds they deliver a FIRST CLASS FLIGHT INTO AN FKO! An incredible group move by Bullet Proof leaves Julius on the mat once again. They all stand in front of Julius for a matter of moments before he attempts to find his way back to his feet, before he gets taken immediately back down by getting hit with his own briefcase by Bashka! The sanity of Bashka once again comes into question but regardless, Bullet Proof have absolutely kicked the ass of Julius here tonight and you just have to wonder; what affects will this have on Julius leading up to Halloween Havoc and Survival Games?
  10. I watched the inaugural North American Championship ladder match since I didn’t really watch WWE when it happened and damn I was not disappointed. It was a phenomenal match and made everyone in it look great.
  11. Booking Mike and Maria in this storyline with guys nobody gives a fuck about would be okay, but to do it with Rusev who constantly proves himself as underused is just disappointing to me.
  12. Big words from Omega saying that if they were all in the same promotion, these guys would be in the opening match while he main events. I can see this becoming a war and I’m very excited to see how far hey push each other.
  13. Although this is disgusting, this is also just something that comes with being a celebrity. Not everybody is going to like you and especially in something like wrestling, not everyone that watches is smart.
  14. Johnny Gargano vs Daniel Bryan. Both men who the crowd are extremely behind when they are face and have similar styles would have a phenomenal match. They have both proven they are some of the best workers in the world and to have an iron man match between these two would be great.
  15. I do agree that maybe it’s a little rushed that he is already getting an opportunity at the title. But WWE are going to do what’s best for business and with how popular The Fiend is at the moment and the emerging rivals in AEW, they’re obviously going to slot him into the main event and make him their top guy because right now he is money.
  16. Gonna have to agree with the majority and say Kurt Angle vs Shawn Michaels
  17. JAPAN by Famous Dex. I used to listen to this song all the time and I hadn’t listened to it in a while before my friend started playing it at a party.
  18. Julius vs Smith for me. I see Julius cashing in his MITB on Slim, before losing the title to Smith at DTD who goes on to hold it until BPZMania where he loses it to Royal Rumble winner, Julius.
  19. I’m really enjoying these HIAC match cards that you are releasing and think like most of your other cards, they all look very professional and realistic, so well done again Hans.

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