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  1. Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch’s relationship became public in March, and I’m assuming they were dating for a while before that. If they think this is best for them then I hope they have a great future together.
  2. Bashka


    Hans Vs Bic Smith vs ???? Marker Andrews vs Jack Bashka Yelich vs Brad Julius(C) vs Ropati: Television Title Sameer(C) vs Arius: IUM World title Bonus Question: Who’s smiths opponent: Raven
  3. My day has been good, I was so tired at school because I was up late doing an assignment and now all I want to do is sleep.
  4. One that I’ve never really thought about but now has struck me is one day winning the Royal Rumble. I’ve never really been super active at the same time as one enough to win but if I continue my activity, then I think I can do it. I’d love to then go and win the main event of BPZMania, that’s a big goal of mine.
  5. 9.3k posts, picking things back up
  6. Somebody that is highly regarded as the best kayfaber of all time but I’ve never feuded with is @Necce, our paths have never really crossed over the years but I’d love to one day test my kayfabe ability with a rivalry against him.
  7. I was hoping that after my first dominant win, I’d start to build a hot streak of momentum..
  8. Or it improves the show by adding a comedic side to the articles..
  9. I was inactive during your “prime” on the forums and I remember you being a great contributor before I left, then I came back and you were gone. I’m still unsure what actually happened to make you leave for 6 months but I’m willing to forgive and move forward. It’s great to have you back!
  10. NWGP World Heavyweight Title: Sameer © vs Slim NWGP United States Title: Hans © vs Mikey NWGP Intercontinental: Julius © vs Arius vs Bashka NWGP Tag Team Championship: Royal Flush (Sheridan & Johnny Kills) vs Godsent (Jay Sellers & Brett Storm) vs Brad/North vs Killer Machines (Bubba & Beastly) 8 Man Tag Team Match: Natedog, Ross, Kenji, and Kyle Pain vs Ropati, Lunatic Ginge, Bob Sparks, and Sandman 8 Man Tag Team Match: Bart, Cody Cage, Prince, and Echo Wilson vs Raven, Hollow, Marker, and Buddy Ace Tag Team Match: George & Kieron Black vs Maasa & Evolution
  11. Smith vs Corey George vs Buddy Ace Arius vs Mikey Julius vs Jack Bashka
  12. This would be the perfect way to send out Taker, especially if The Fiend’s hype continues until Mania which is hopefully does. Unfortunately, I think even if they plan that to be his final match, WWE will still come calling to Undertaker for another match.
  13. Bray Wyatt Buddy Murphy Daniel Bryan The OC Sasha Banks
  14. Although it’s basic, I think it fits nicely with Bullet Proof and is similar to the original Bullet Club shirts.
  15. Over the past couple of years there has been many diss tracks, but which stand out to you as the best? In my opinion, it’s “Little Boy” by KSI or “KSI Sucks” by W2S as I think they’re just everything diss tracks should be.
  16. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tcvdIFEsEWA The video won’t embed for some reason but this segment may be one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. The look on the guy’s face when the cloth is lifted and the dead silence afterwards just adds to the humour of this.
  17. Bashka

    Hans Graphics

    I genuinely believe that those SummerSlam cards are some of your best work, they look incredible. They look like designs WWE would actually use so keep up the impressive work Hans!
  18. The audience turns their attention to the screen, as the titantron goes pitch black, until white lettering saying “29-07-2019” appears and then it transitions to Bashka, in the basement of Wembley Stadium pacing around with unused equipment such as tables and chairs placed around him. He’s clearly sweating from his match earlier in the night when he won the Intercontinental Championship from Julius. After that match he was interrupted by the returning Slim, who claimed he was coming for the belt. Bashka continues to pace around until he gets close to the hand held camera and stares into it, looking extremely pissed. He mutters the words “I’m sick of this sh*t” into the camera before walking towards the door. However, he turns around and starts to deliver a message into the camera. “I’m sick and tired of all of this bullsh*t! I work hard, where’s my respect? Every time I come back everybody turns their heads and says ‘Oh, he’s back again’ and treats me like another worthless wrestler only coming for an easy pay before sliding back home. I did it, I finally proved them wrong and I HAVE GOLD OVER MY SHOULDER, where’s my respect?” “I sat in the back area, ready to make my entrance when I saw Slim enter the building, everybody greeting him with open arms saying they’re glad to see him back. It fuelled a fire inside of my that, and that fire told me that this return wasn’t just going to be another waste of my time, but I was going to make people once again remember the name that was on the tip of everyone’s tongues only a couple of years ago, BASHKA. I was destined for greatness, everybody said I was gonna be the greatest of all time. I believed them. I truly did. What happened?” ”The past couple of years are a blur to me, life moves so quick and the last thing I can remember is Judgement Day 2016. The night I was speared by Ryan Reeves and he took my title home. I remember that night vividly. I couldn’t sleep that night. I remember wondering to myself ‘Where did I go wrong?’ That night was supposed to be my night and yet I left the arena empty handed. Gimmick after gimmick, moniker after moniker and it all ended the same. I got sick and tired of the lack of respect I was shown so I took my ball and went home. So, what changed this time?” ”No other career is for me. I can act in movies all I want, I won’t feel content. I tried to cover up my feeling of failure with other careers, with nicknames I couldn’t live up to, promises I couldn’t make. I tarnished my whole career on several attempts to create a nostalgia act and make people LOVE ME AGAIN. Why couldn’t they just love me again?” Bashka drops his championship on the floor and gets down on one knee, tears dripping from his face as he shows his true passion for his industry ”They didn’t want me anymore, they wanted the new guys. They wanted Slim. Slim made my life a living hell for all these years because I could never live up to what the people wanted and that was him. I have it all, I have the look, the talent, the microphone skills, yet they just wanted Slim. Tonight was my moment, it was the night I finally reinstated my legacy and made everybody realise I’m not just the guy I used to be, me at this current moment is the best Jack Bashka the entire world has ever seen.” Bashka gets back to his feet and lifts up his belt, swinging it back and forth by his side ”Tonight was my moment and it was stolen. The adrenaline coursing through my veins as I lifted up the championship in front of thousands of people, until the dreaded words ‘Kings Never Die’ played and everybody went ecstatic for him. Julius vs Bashka for the Intercontinental Championship at King Of The Ring 2019 will not be remembered as the night Bashka revived his career, it’ll be remembered as the night where Slim came back. It just sickens me that my hard work is being outshadowed by a guy who couldn’t care less about this industry. I have a PASSION for WRESTLING, Slim has an OBSESSION for MONEY.” ”Stolen moments, memories and broken dreams will be the only thing running through my mind as I put my years of suffering to dust and prove to everybody that Slim is just a spoiled, overhyped little bitch.” Bashka grabs the camera out of the camera man’s hand and throws it across the room, cutting out the feed and ending the segment as the crowd ponder Bashka’s words.
  19. 2.3k rep, slowly making it in the world after all these years
  20. I love both of these Marty Scurll themes and think they fit him well
  21. What do you plan on doing after you leave school?
  22. I’ve been entertained by this Sasha vs Becky feud so far and it’s exactly what the division needs. This isn’t really a feud that we’ve had before and with how different these two are now, it’s gonna be even better than anything we’ve seen for a while in my opinion. I’d be okay with either winning the match and hope they can bring back the division.
  23. . A NEW ERA When the news broke that Tamer would have to hang up his boots due to a number of injuries throughout his career, the entire industry was shocked. On Carnage last night, Tamer came out and delivered a heartfelt speech, before asking Undisputed Champion Smith to come out because without Smith, there is no Tamer. When he said “Quite frankly, Smith, you’re as good as dead to me.” The whole arena was shocked. Bob Sparks & Storm would then enter the ring and grab Smith, letting Tamer them hit him with a Superkick, seemingly forming a new alliance. Tamer, Bob & Storm took to Twitter to release a video of them, explaining their actions. Tamer: “I’m as healthy as they come, there’s no way I’d have to retire. All I did was make a statement, in this business you push through everybody that you have to when you want to get to the top, even if that means attacking a friend. I saw Storm & Bob struggling, they needed something new to get back on the map, so did I. So we aligned, and now it’s time for a new era in BPZ, an Underrated Era, an Undisputed Era. Welcome to our world.”

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