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Shiz Buster

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Everything posted by Shiz Buster

  1. When will the Title voting be up next month?

    1. Joh


      around the 15th I guess

  2. For all the people that were in the chat, I'm fine and no longer sad!

    1. Keeley


      Glad to hear my boi is feeling better! =D

    2. Shiz Buster
  3. At this point it seems that Batista would have no one to feud with if he returned.

  4. I'm done. But I'll stay on the forums.

  5. Error with the chat room.

  6. Xbox-CPTGx SH0CK and changing it to Bashka soon. But not for a while.
  7. Still need responds from: BrendenPlayz, Nebakos7, The Big Guy! And CobheadJake

    1. Shiz Buster
    2. The Neb

      The Neb

      When is this happening? I won't have internet connection until 3 January

    3. Shiz Buster

      Shiz Buster

      It's more than one day now. It's December 27th- January 6th

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  8. How many posts qualifies as "Spam"?

    1. CobheadJake


      In my opinion, if you think someone is spamming then report it. It will notify us and we can make a decision. If we dont think it is spam, it is not a problem, we just wont give a warning for it.

    2. Shiz Buster

      Shiz Buster

      No it's just that if you go to the wrestling games section it looks like I spammed in that section (which I didn't)

    3. CobheadJake


      As long as you dont post multiple times in one topic, it should be fine... or as long as your posts arent just 'ok' or something, as that is spam... if you post in multiple topics straight after each other, it should be fine as long as they are relevant

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  9. Brenden can you delete one of my comeback country's? I made 2 by mistake

  10. "Whatever, I'll just keep using the forums even after heel buries me bc I enjoy talking about wrestling with other wrestling fans, that's what I came here to do." -Great Words from a great member known as Johmeister

    1. Tamer


      Why is heel a threat again? I forget.

  11. I added this Member of the month thing for January. There's a poll so VOTE!

    1. Ryan Reeves

      Ryan Reeves

      Bashka,r u still supporting WOLFPACK?

    2. Shiz Buster

      Shiz Buster

      No, all of you just buried yourself.

  12. I'm No. 1 Richest again! Just keep spending Nebakos

  13. Make sure to check out "Gregory Alpha's Story to the top!" 3 Episodes will be posted every day!

    1. Shiz Buster

      Shiz Buster

      All 3 Episodes For 21st Of December are Up!

  14. I'm gonna keep my name as Bashka from now on!

    1. BrendenPlayz


      I saw atleast 3 name changes today from you lol

    2. Shiz Buster

      Shiz Buster

      I Needed a gimmick lol

  15. I still get emotion when Edge and Christian are sitting on the tables.
  16. A strong force is coming that no one will be able to handle......

    1. Shiz Buster

      Shiz Buster

      Yeah I was gonna say its Lobø but you didn't let me finish

    2. Heel


      a strong force than couldn't even blow down a house made of sticks.

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  17. Money in The Bank was epic Brenden!

  18. Whoops I meant how do you get onto Chat now? Lol

  19. How do you get onto forums

  20. That match is a classic! I still shout at the screen whenever I watch it!
  21. I went heel for a minute but then I went back.

  22. #MrBabyFace

    1. Jonathan
    2. Heel


      and you just officially buried yourself, what a fucking awful gimmick

    3. Shiz Buster

      Shiz Buster

      Heel it's basically your gimmick but being good. So...... Yeah

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  23. Last match I watched was Erick Rowan and The Usos vs Luke Harper, The Miz and Damien Mizdow

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