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Everything posted by Bashka

  1. LMAO! Gotta love Dean Ambrose! HOOOOOOOOEEEEEE!

  2. Alicia Fox is doing a Big Show, one minute she is a face, now she is a heel

  3. Did Roman Reigns just say "Wham bam thank you ma'am"?

  4. Not the way I would've liked Axel's screen time on RAW, but it'll do.

  5. The Razor Bladez have formed, and we're taking over

  6. Are the mods or just global mods allowed to give me my 1k posts award?

  7. Would you rather Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins or Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar at WM
  8. I'm hoping I can get some soon, also tryna figure out which colour I want :/
  9. I'm going to see Taken 3 soon, as soon as I was done watching 1 and. 2 I instantly knew I had to watch Taken 3.I also watched Lucy a few days ago, it was awesome, it was exciting from the start
  10. DX Song. "Break it down" < Paige breaking it down
  11. BPZ, I lile the new bars thst show how much BOZ Cash people have

  12. Who do you think the next NXT Superstar will be to get called up besides Adrian Neville?
  13. What do you think about the WWE Making their champions and challengers look bad
  14. Why do you think people are losing interest in LU even though it is good?
  15. Working on RAW and will be up later today

  16. Anyone liking my EWR Diary so far?

  17. Predictions for BPZ Title Winners? Busting for dis!

    1. Joh


      WHC- idk

      IC- idk

      Premium- Bashka

      US- Marvsta

    2. Bashka


      Oh yeah, haven't even thought about the premium title, wouldn't it be cool if I was the first ever double champ by winning the Premium and I.C Title, probably not happening but it would be cool IMO

  18. Wasn't title voting supposed to be up today?

    1. Marvsta


      BPZGF is over.. Brenden too busy getting bjs to put up votes

    2. Bashka


      I know she's over but he said he's putting it up on the weekend and for us it's Sunday and almost Monday

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