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  1. It also featured a rather nice lad that he was talking to
  2. I just wanted to say that when I created my storyline the intention was to create an alternative and something different to the usual kayfabe story, providing something new to people. My goal was not to make the BPZ kayfabe section a branch for 20 different promotions.

    And if you stole that storyline fuck you xoxo

    that is all

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      Sorry didn't realise you're so woke

    4. Jack.


      Right, so you copied Toxik, which is sad anyway. Also ignoring the fact that Toxik did his story like 2 days after mine started.

  3. Isn’t it weird how Smarks Daily has been abandoned by everyone apart from the one and only Dave Jones who only reports on the best stories.
  4. 1. Johnny Gargano 2. Tomasso Ciampa 3. Undisputed Era 4. Andrade 5. The Revival 6. Finn Balor 7. Shayna Baszler 8. The Revival 9. Kevin Owens 10. Asuka
  5. This should be a decent match. I’m not the biggest fan of Adam Page but I love PAC. I see him going over as they’re building him extremely well right now and I don’t think they’ll want him to lose.
  6. I don’t necessarily agree with that. I feel like the starts on 205 Live would better adapt to NXT and get more of a chance to showcase their ability rather than on RAW or SmackDown where it already feels like there’s too much content. I didn’t see it as relegating them to development but giving them more of a chance to shine in an environment where they would flourish.
  7. Jack “Bashka” Trashes MLW Backstage Area After Show, Facing Punishment by Dave Jones November 3rd, 2019, 3:58pm AEST Last night was an interesting night for wrestling, especially in Maple Leaf Wrestling. Jack vs Prince Lewis Jr for the MLW Elite Championship was potentially going to be a match of the year contender, before it surprisingly finished in a matter of seconds after a finger poke of doom to Jack gave PLJ the victory. Afterwards, Jack was joined by PLJ and Brian Stevens in the ring claiming that they are wrestling royalty, and that he will be pursuing the MLW Heavyweight Championship from now on rather than the Elite Championship. This segment finished the show. However, this wasn’t the end of newsworthy events for the night. When the newly formed ‘Wrestling Royalty’ made their way backstage, they were met by MLW officials who were questioning what just happened. Jack attacked these officials and trashed the backstage area before being kicked out of the arena by security. MLW has taken to their official website to state that these actions go against everything that the company stands for and will receive a 30-60 day suspension depending upon the injuries suffered by the victims and will receive a fine of an undisclosed amount. This is very interesting as it seemed Jack was instantly going to the main event scene of MLW, but this will be cut short as he endures his suspension. This will also leave PLJ and Brian Stevens as a duo rather than a trio after Jack is no longer at their side. Stay tuned for more information regarding the situation. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. Johnny Gargano. This guy has some of the largest crowd support that has ever been seen and can put on a good match with nearly anyone. He can tell a fantastic story in the ring and if he ends up flipping on the main roster, they have completely and utterly fucked up.
  9. Daniel Bryan but for different reasons than Storm. While many people have been fans of his for forever, I wasn’t a huge fan of him during the Yes movement at WrestleMania 30, although I still did appreciate the moment. Since he returned at the beginning of last year though I’ve grown to love him and become a bigger fan of his than ever before. His heel run is some of my favourite work ever done by anyone
  10. (credit to Arius for this graphic) “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, IT IS TIME FOR OUR MAIN EVENT.. THE FOLLOWING CONTEST IS SCHEDULED FOR ONE FALL AND IS FOR THE MAPLE LEAF WRESTLING ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP!” “INTRODUCING THE CHALLENGER, FROM SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, WEIGHING IN AT 233 POUNDS...”THE WRESTLING ROYALTY” JACK!” The man who now refers to himself as wrestling royalty, and now as a ‘former’ BPZ Hall of Famer, Jack is looking to add a new chapter to his already illustrious career and creating a legacy in another company would certainly be a way to do that. And that plan all begins with defeating Prince Lewis Jr for the MLW Elite Championship tonight. Can he do it, or will PLJ prevail once again? Many have been looking forward to this match since it’s announcement last week as we all know what both men are capable of in the ring after fantastic runs for both wrestlers in their respective companies up until this point in their careers. However, this match could potentially be one of the best of the year and maybe...even ever. I’m sure they’re spent the past week studying each other very well and are now ready to go to war. “INTRODUCING THE CHAMPION... FROM MONTREAL, CANADA, WEIGHING IN AT 227 POUNDS, THE MLW ELTE CHAMPION, PRINCE LEWIS JR!” What a year 2019 has been for Prince Lewis Jr, capturing the MLW Elite Championship 7 months ago, a belt that has been held by the likes of Zombie and Hans Clayton over the years, has gone on to have one of the best runs wth the belt I think we’ve ever seen. He’s had match of the year nominations several times throughout the course of the year with the likes of Captain Canada and Brian Stevens, but now could be his toughest challenge when he takes on ‘The Wrestling Royalty’ himself. Right before the referee rings the bell, the music of Brian Stevens hits and one of MLW’s most loyal servants over the years makes his way to ringside and sits on the commentary table, obviously keeping a very close eye on this match as we all are. THE REFEREE HAS RUNG THE BELL, and we are underway! Prince Lewis Jr and Jack stand in opposing corners of the ring, waiting before getting this match fully started. It appears they are waiting for one another to make the first move in the match. It seems that they are tired of waiting and walk straight up to each other, getting in each other’s faces and...wait a minute. WHAT THE HELL ARE WE WITNESSING? JACK HAS LAID DOWN FOR PLJ AND PRINCE LEWIS JR HAS OFFICIALLY RETAINED THE ELITE CHAMPIONSHIP but....what the hell is going on? The camera shows the face of Brian Stevens who looks stunned, however that look of shock quickly turns to a smile as he jumps in the ring and helps Jack to his feet. The referee hands PLJ the Elite Championship as the crowd heavily boos this controversial ending. Jack slides out of the ring and grabs a microphone from a ring assistant, before hopping back into the ring and telling the fans to shut their mouths. “I know, I know. You all are wondering what the hell just happened, and I am here to assure you that what happened wasn’t the mighty falling, it was the mighty aligning. I was never interesting in taking the Elite Championship, I was interesting in joining sides with the Elite Champion. From now and furthermore, I will be pursuing the MLW Heavyweight Championship while Prince Lewis Jr. continues to run rampant through the Elite division, because there is no athlete in the world more ELITE than him. You may have thought that when I was referring to “The Wrestling Royalty” I was referring to me, but in reality, I was referring....to US.” Jack drops the microphone and stands tall next to Brian Stevens and Prince Lewis Jr. The fans are booing louder than before as the show comes to a close, leaving everyone to wonder what implications this will have on the future of Maple Leaf Wrestling..
  11. For fuck sake if another person steals my storyline I’m actually coming back to BPZ.
  12. Done nothing apart from single handedly create huge buzz surrounding an incredibly unique gimmick which has gotten immense support from the crowd and arguably become the hottest thing in wrestling right now. But yeah, he’s done nothing.
  13. Jack.

    No Words

    I saw the name of this promo, ‘No Words’ and I was getting ready to comment how he did say words in this promo. However, when I opened this promo he actually did say no words, and due to this surprise and surpassing of my expectations I have decided to say thank you to Bailey and congratulations on a fantastic promo.
  14. Jack “Bashka” Makes MLW In-Ring Debut at Live Event by Dave Jones October 28th, 2019, 1:58pm AEST 3 nights after Jack, formerly known as ‘Bashka’ in BPZ debuted in Maple Leaf Wrestling to confront MLW Elite Champion Prince Lewis Jr, he has made his in-ring debut taking on Brian Stevens at a house show on a live tour in Australia. We have been told that Jack received a loud pop from his hometown crowd of Sydney and defeated Stevens in the main event of the night, which was also considered match of the night in a thrilling 17 minute encounter. After the match it appeared that PLJ was going to assault Jack from behind and stand tall ahead of their upcoming match on MLW’s weekly show for the belt, but Brian Stevens came in for the save and the show ended with Brian and Jack celebrating with the audience to wrap up the tour. Many are looking forward to the match between PLJ and Jack this Thursday night and the way that Jack will be booked in MLW, potentially as the Elite Champion. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. Hello I’d like my storyline back
  16. The game is glitchy as fuck but I’m sure it’ll become a lot more enjoyable after a couple of patches, I do have some fun with the game so I don’t believe it’s a total waste of money like some believe, I just feel like it needs to be fixed.
  17. The real question is whether or not SSW will want to push him again after an embarrassing run in BPZ.
  18. This is the only reason I watched BPZ and I’m so glad it’s back!!
  19. My man Brenden Playz has a lot of explaining to do for these children of his
  20. I can see why I was kicked out, I’m not good enough for incredible storylines such as these.
  21. In tonight’s main event of Mapel Leaf Wrestling, we are witnessing MLW Elite Champion Prince Lewis Jr take on Brian Stevens for one of the most illustrious championships in Canada. After an intense 23 minute battle, Lewis lifts up Stevens and delivers a BEAUTIFUL ENDING and finally goes for the cover once more in this fantastic match, 1...2...3! The crowd are on their feet, chanting and applauding these two fantastic competitors for what could possibly be one of the matches of the year. PLJ has retained his championship to continue the reign that has really made him one of the breakout stars of 2019. As the referee hands PLJ his belt, Brian Stevens gets to his feet and the two shake hands, marking the end of a three month long rivalry which has been extremely personal, but has ended with a sign of respect between these two. Stevens leaves the ring and is walking up the ramp as it seems like the show is coming to a close, however.. WE ARE NOT DONE QUITE YET! The theme song of BPZ Hall of Famer, Bashka who is now going under the name of simply ‘Jack’ walks out from behind the curtain, the crowd roaring to see him as PLJ and Brian Stevens stand in the respective positions, stunned at what they are witnessing. Days after controversially tearing up his contract and walking out of BPZ, it is confirmed that Jack is the newest member of the MLW roster. He slowly paces to the ring, taking it all in as he officially has found his new home, the first time we’ll ever see him compete anywhere other than BPZ Wrestling. He steps into the ring and goes face to face with Prince Lewis Jr, before stepping back and requesting a microphone from nearby ring assistants, which he is granted with. Damn it feels good to be free, not restricted by the higher ups and treated EXACTLY how I deserved to be, as wrestling royalty. As soon as I walked out of that piece of shit company I received a call from Mapel Leaf Wrestling and now..here I am. My first target? Prince Lewis Jr. I have heard so much about how you are possibly the greatest in ring technican of this generation and now I am here to put you to the test. For months you have gone on and on about how nobody can touch you and how no matter who this company puts in front of you for that belt, you always prevail, for 7 months straight. That confidence is something that I can admire, however it will prove to be your downfall. Because one of the points on my contract was that IF I joined MLW, I would receive an MLW Elite Championship match against you..NEXT WEEK! PLJ stands across from his upcoming opponent, still stunned as Jack drops the microphone, raises his hand to his face and rips off his BPZ Hall of Fame ring, stomping on it an incredible amount of times before it starts to break, the crowd going nuts for this as his message is clear; the company is now dead to him! A smile graces the face of Prince Lewis Jr before it quickly goes away as JACK DELIVERS A ROYAL MASSACRE TO THE CHAMPION! The show comes to a close with Jack raising the MLW Elite Championship above PLJ as Brian Stevens looks on..
  22. EC3. He’s honestly so underused and treated extremely poorly so I wouldn’t be surprised to actually see this happen, or he requests his release and then they start actually treating him well to make him stay.
  23. If Josh becomes World Champ then the whole world starts crashing down.
  24. Idk who sheridan is but that’s okay I’m sure some people were shocked

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