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  1. Bashka


    About an hour after Bashka’s loss to Smith for the Intercontinental Championship at Bad Blood, the vignette becoming all too familiar for the audience beginsnto play as they know exactly what is coming up. The video ends and a scene of Bashka donning his second persona in an empty arena is shown on the screen. A low angle shot of him holding onto one of the ring’s ropes is the first shot that the crowd see, before he stares straight into the camera with evil intent in his eyes. Everything I said I couldn’t lose, I lost. What happened? One moment I was on top of the world rolling out of SummerSlam, having one of the best singular nights in history and now I stand without my beloved belt around my waist wondering where it all went wrong. Has the hype surrounding my return died and I simply fall back into the shuffle or do I need to...change with the times? When the times change you need to adapt, you cannot keep going with what you feel comfortable with and since the times are changing, it’s about time I change too. You see, I returned to rebuild my legacy and not let my name be forgotten, and still I wrestle with every intention of that. This mask..this mask is an opportunity for me like I’ve never received before, it’s an opportunity for me to enter a different state of mind when I come into this ring. This mask, it...it changes me. My intentions are clear coming into this next stage of Survival Games, avenge my own failure by defeating Smith. I may not receive my title back by doing it but damn, I’m going to be sending a very clear message when I lay him down on the mat and pin him for the three count. When I wore this mask for the very first time and I attacked Hollow I felt like a different person entirely, I didn’t feel pressured by my past history and what could happen if I lost, because when I wear this mask I feel like I can’t lose, I’m untouchable. I’ve said it before and I’ll saying again, I can’t lose this time, because if I lose this time, I’m starting to lose my whole career. Bashka falls to his knees and begins to crawl out of the arena, before sitting along the entrance ramp and ripping off the mask, seeming powerless now.
  2. Well although I didn’t do either of these, I think it’s sad watching the alternate endings for either Trevor or Michael dying in GTA V. I became heavily invested in those characters and to see them die really made me sad.
  3. After Hollow’s words, the lights in the arena begin to flicker before a solid blue fills the arena and the spotlights are directed toward the titantron, where the lovely vignette from earlier in the night plays again. The vignette finishes and both Sameer and Hollow stand there in confusion, before Sameer notices that a guy in a mask stands directly behind Hollow, the masked figure tapping Hollow on the shoulder before delivering a CULTURESHOCK TO HOLLOW! That’s Bashka’s finishing move. Sameer slides out of the ring and the masked figure then takes off his jacket to reveal the Intercontinental Championship underneath. I...am...done with this pathetic shit. People do not pay to watch two guys stare in each other’s faces and talk, they pay to see wrestling. Bashka and the rest of Bullet Proof are bringing WRESTLING back to BPZ Wrestling. Bashka, using his interesting new persona has made his intentions clear as he stands above Hollow to end the segment.
  4. At tonight’s episode of Carnage after the hellish events at the previous night’s Survival Games show, the crowd are enjoying the show and are ready to tune into the next piece of programming, as they turn their eyes to the screen for a lovely vignette, intriguing them. This then transitions into a scene of the top half of Bashka’s body surrounded by a pit of smoke, with the four letters spelling “KING” just in front of him. Desperation is not a good look on you, Jack. It’s not desperation, it’s desolation. Isolation from the rest of the population has caused a feeling inside of my bones which means that I must do whatever I need to do to win. Everything that I have ever worked for is being tossed out the window and because I want to keep my legacy in one piece I’m viewed as desperate. —————————————————————————————— I was questioned, called insane after what I said to Smith last week. I said I wouldn’t lose, I said I couldn’t lose. Look where I ended up. My night ended being pinned by the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, being put in my place as the ‘inferior champion’ in this company. Do whatever you want to me, I’ll do whatever I need to so that I can make sure I end the night gripping my belt, I’ll sleep gracefully knowing that Smith’s bones are in 2000 pieces. Bashka’s nostrils start to flare as he continues to stare dead straight into the same point he has been staring at the whole time Why is it that when I’m confident of winning, I’m praised for my impressive performances but as soon as I see a challenge on the horizon and begin to get defensive about the possible thought of me losing my prized possession I am instantly ridiculed and my name has all these asterisks next to it saying that I’m ‘scared’ and ‘desperate.’ I AM NOT DESPERATE. —————————————————————————————— Bashka’s voice fades as the screen dissolves back into the beautiful scenes of nature, the crowd loving what are seeing. However, it is interrupted even earlier this time as Bashka begins to speak once more. I’m not desperate, I swear. I just need to win, I really need to win. If I don’t win, my whole life comes tumbling down and I end up exactly where I started when I returned to this company three months ago. I can’t do that. I won’t do that. I need every single opportunity I can get and I’m not going to get it handed to me on a silver platter like Smith. So this weekend, if I’m as desperate as everybody believes I am, let’s see how far I really am willing to go. Mr. Eli Smith, your long awaited return is going to come to an end...very quickly. A short clip of Eli Smith with an hour glass is shown to end the segment, signalling the wait until Smith’s demise commences.
  5. Bashka

    An Update

    Yo everyone, I’m not usually one for bringing my personal issues onto the forums but I thought I owe everybody an explaination on where I’ve been over the past few weeks and why my activity has slowed down. I did make a status the other day saying that it was due to school work but this doesn’t really tell the whole story. Yes, I’ve been busy with school but that’s not everything. Lately I’ve felt down with life, I recently got my first job which is a good thing and I’m looking forward to being able to earn some money, but I’m just not really motivated to start at the moment. School is something that I’m normally good at and I can get good grades without trying but recently my results haven’t been too great. I feel like all my friends are abandoning me and even though I know that it’s not true, it’s something I can’t seem to get my mind off and whenever I think about it I just get into a weird state of mind and feel like I don’t want to do anything. Stuff that I normally love to do I feel like I’ve lost my passion for and normally I use the forums as an escape method from the real world but since I lost my motivation, I can’t even do that. Throughout my life this has been a recurring period every few months and so that’s why I haven’t been very active recently and since I have a job now, I probably will be even less active but I’ll try my best. I’m not trying to get everyone to feel sorry for me, I just wanted to let everyone know so that you don’t think I’ve just abandoned the forums again. I’ve really enjoyed my run this year and don’t want it to end anytime soon. I just wanted to let you all know.
  6. He’s good at playing a heel but I think it was just in a point in his career where he was too involved and it got to the point where it was just annoying and not in a way that a heel should be.
  7. Worst Face - Randy Orton. He’s such a stale face and you can tell that he doesn’t enjoy what he’s doing when he does it. Worst Heel - Shane McMahon. In a time where Triple H, Vince and Stephanie are all heels, Shane should’ve been the one that was face and done ‘what the fans wanted.’ Plus I hate him as a heel since he just seems to get way to involved in storylines when he shouldn’t be.
  8. I’m gonna agree with Brad and say WrestleMania 33 stage. I remember seeing the reveal with a friend and being like “Holy shit, that’s awesome.”
  9. This’ll be good for NXT in a time where they need people to watch when they first move to television. Owens can put on some great matches in NXT and for more main roster stars to show up in NXT would make people tune in and people would of course watch just to see the storyline develop more. Although it’s obvious he wouldn’t be there for long.
  10. I do agree with Flynn that Corbin has had some good matches throughout this tournament, I just don’t enjoy Corbin’s character and he just puts me to sleep in most aspects. Gable however is a face we haven’t seen much of and it would be refreshing to see him get a push as King Gable.
  11. My go to order at McDonalds is a Chicken ‘n’ Cheese burger, fries and a frozen coke. It’s honestly such a good order and it’s gonna pain me to make them and not be able to eat them.
  12. I’m glad Drew is getting this recognition as he’s one of the most hard working and entertaining guys on the roster right now. He deserves a push and hopefully we’ll see some championship gold on him sometime soon.
  13. Stone Cold vs Shawn Michaels
  14. Bret Hart vs Mr Perfect
  15. Bashka

    Pure Insanity

    We are at a Carnage Live Event in between matches when all of a sudden Bashka runs through the crowd and hops inside the ring. He picks up a microphone out of his boot as the fans boo the hell out of him, their distain for him as clear as ever. This is the first time we are seeing him since Smith announced he was challenging for Bashka’s Intercontinental Championship. When I returned just over three months ago, many questioned whether or not I still had what it takes to go with the best that there is. I have proved over and over that I can still hang with the best despite having some time off over the years. I don’t simply lose my ability to go in the ring over time, it’s a natural ability for me. So this weekend I step into the ring with the current World Heavyweight Champion, Sameer. He said that he has held the championship longer in his one reign than I did in all three of mine combined, which says a lot about my career. I questioned his ability to stay on top without even looking at my own track record. I’m normally a guy with no doubts about his ability but..now that I think about it, I can’t lose this title. I CAN’T LOSE IT. I CAN’T LOSE SURVIVAL GAMES. I NEED THIS. I CAN DO IT. I can do it, trust me. I can win Survival Games, I can defeat Smith, I can defeat Flynn even if he doesn’t like it and it causes tension in our partnership, I can win the Royal Rumble. I know I can..I think I can? Bashka lifts the title up to his face and stares at it, before gripping it tightly and continuing to speak SMITH. LOOK AT ME. You know the amount of work it took to come back, prove everybody wrong and become a champion once more. Do you understand what I’m willing to do so that I can stay in this position? Do you understand that you’re going to have to KILL ME to win this belt from me? Do you understand the lengths I’m willing to go to so that I can ensure I don’t fall into the cycle of loss once more? If it’s required, I’m willing to go to lengths nobody has seen before. I will break your f*cking leg inside this ring, infront of all these people if it means I don’t lose to you again. Because I’m DONE, I AM DONE. I can’t handle guys like you taking everything you want, I know I can beat you..I think I can? Bashka grips his belt title and runs away from the arena through the crowd, the audience wondering if the Intercontinental Champion has gone insane.
  16. Lince is simply in this match to eat the pin and protect the other person that loses. I’m okay with either Carrillo or Gulak winning as Gulak has been a good champion, but I’m interested in what Carrillo could do with the belt.
  17. You’re so right Toxik, the government should take half of what the players earn for themselves because fuck the players, they don’t deserve anything. 🤡
  18. John Cena as United States Champion in 2015 was one of the most entertaining reigns I’ve ever seen. He elevated the title again with the open challenges and put on so many great matches it’s hard to overlook.
  19. If WWE got rid of WrestleMania I feel like they’d lose a lot of money since it draws so much every year and keeps people engaged around that time. It’d make the royal rumble somewhat lose its touch since the goal is to win so you can headline Mania. It’d have a ripple effect and would put WWE on the decline in my opinion.
  20. I would be so happy with Gable winning KOTR, as it’d be similar to Kurt Angle winning King of the Ring and I think he could run well with it. Unfortunately, with this being WWE we will probably see Corbin win
  21. I’m expecting a fantastic match from these two. I’m glad Alexander is stepping into the spotlight he deserves and while he’s probably not winning this match, it’ll be a great chance for him to showcase his ability.
  22. PS2: Simpson’s Hit & Run Wii: Wii Sports Xbox 360: Call of Duty BO2 Xbox One: Minecraft PS4: GTA V
  23. I’m gonna go with the best 3 out of the WWE big 4 since I don’t watch much out of WWE events, so it’s have to be the Rumble, Mania and SummerSlam

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