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Status Updates posted by Bashka

  1. Apologies for the slight inactivity over the last week - I’ve been incredibly busy with school but I’ll be picking things back up this week. Gotta retain IC again..

  2. discord's fucked, go home

  3. Can Bailey stop existing 

  4. Fuck off Bailey - Bashka 2019

  5. Remember when you couldn’t react to status updates 

  6. status updates have gone to shit

  7. Playboy Carti really be the man these days 

    1. Monda


      she wanna meet carti

    2. Bashka


      she want a meat curry 

  8. congrats Nebakos7 and CobheadJake on getting in the hall of fame well deserved hope they don't go inactive anytime soon

  9. :9.99

    1. Julius


      What is the meaning of this 

    2. Bashka


      Lifetime premium member

  10. Is Bailey high or something

    1. bailey14


      Im juust havin fun with it

    2. Bashka


      Fair enough keep up the good work lad

  11. Bailey really be the only one out here posting status updates these days. 


    leave your moves and etc, thx

  13. Apologies for the inactivity, been focusing on exams because I’m a nerd.

    1. Poiudust


      Same, Midterms for me are next week.

  14. You aren't a true wrestling fan if you don't get horny when Roman Reigns comes out

  15. I'm so sick I want to die

    1. Poiudust


      I'm so sorry to hear that Cutie. Hope you feel better soon.


    2. Apex


      Bash when aren't you sick? 

    3. Poiudust


      Hey Apex, wanna leave my guy alone.


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