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Posts posted by Bashka

  1. You see while Flynn has the unique idea to introduce a championship to prove how much of a bad motherfucker he is and to help his gimmick, Toxik just brings out this championship because he is genuinely too shit to win a real title. Can’t wait for everyone to have their own title that nobody else can win and for Toxik to claim that everyone copied him. 

  2. 7 minutes ago, Angelo said:

    I find it quite funny that you are saying this like you never went against a retirement yourself. Should we ask Ryan that? I know you're not going to stick around much after this but whenever you do decide "hey let me go take a look", you'll see. Might be God knows how many months, but you'll see. Gracias again for the feedback. 

    i wasn’t slandering people that retire and come out of retirement, I was slandering you for retiring for about the 5th fucking time because you ALWAYS end up coming back and then act like we should care when you eventually decide to retire again.

  3. 16 minutes ago, Angelo said:

    Glad you know what this retirement Tour is about. Oh Golly you don't? Let me break it down. I told these 9 guys and everyone in chat that I'm retiring the "character". Me myself, I still got more that I can do to contribute to this place and I have a new and fresh character to use after. But I do appreciate your feedback and I'll make sure to get back to you on it. Ciao. 

    “I have a new and fresh character to use after.” My guy you’ve introduced about 10 new characters in all of your years and there’s a reason you always come back to the ‘Angelo’ persona and it’s because you suck ass at coming up with new characters. Please don’t even pretend for a second like this retirement is going to last and you’re never ever going to use the Angelo character again because if you genuinely believe that you’re fucking deluded.

  4. My favourite moment is that despite the constant referencing to the infamous moment where I drafted Joh and he said “fuck off, fuck right off” because the joke was that my team was shit, we actually ended up winning and in the end Joh was on the winning team and I am of course the greatest mastermind in the history of the forums 


    so for anyone who makes fun of me for that, fuck you

  5. On 9/27/2019 at 10:39 PM, Smith said:

    For me, the most devastating loss would have to be when Bashka betrayed me by cashing in on me back in 2015, taking the world title from me only five days into my reign. However, if the word was disappointing, I would say when I lost to Slim in the BPZMania III main event.

    Damn you’ve beaten me like 10 times since then just chill 😭

  6. 6 hours ago, Bad Attitude Bullet said:

    Okay then If WWE Chooses to have Charlotte vs Rhea Ripley  main event Wrestlemania You cannot complain, Why? Because Charlotte too Won the Royal Rumble and if we are going by that then

    If Bray and Roman main events it will be Bray's first, If Charlotte Vs Rhea Main events it will be Rhea's first If Drew and Brock Main Events it will be Drew's First And you can make a valid case on why Bray Rhea deserve to event


    We aren’t arguing that Drew should main event because it would be his first though, we’re saying he should because he won the rumble. And if Charlotte vs Rhea did main event I wouldn’t complain because it’ll still be a great match and it would feature a rumble winner. Once again your arguments are making no sense

  7. 2 hours ago, Bad Attitude Bullet said:


    Call them Irrelevant facts But they are Factual If Vince Had any faith in Brock He would have main evented Wrestlemania 33 with goldberg he would have main evented wrestlemania 35 with Seth Rollins the royal rumble winner(95), Mr McMahon (99) HOWEVER The Runner up did,

    What you aren’t mentioning thought is that Brock not main eventing vs Goldberg wasn’t because Vince has a “lack of faith” in Brock, but Goldberg didn’t win the fucking rumble and therefore didn’t main event. You could also argue that the rumble winner didn’t main event either but that year was supposed to be Taker’s retirement hence why that main evented.

    The reason why Brock didn’t main event against Seth last year was also not because of a lack in faith of Brock, but because it was supposed to be the first ever women’s main event which did feature a rumble winner (Becky Lynch) and that’s why it didn’t main event. 

    These situations you’re naming aren’t because of a lack of faith in Brock but because of another situation which means something else needs to main event, which this year doesn’t happen.


    The camera pans toward the seating of the room, zoomed in on the cheek of one of the attendees, a tear running down his face at the beautiful speech given by Arius.
    Soon, the man runs over to Arius to console him in this dark time. He wraps his arms around Arius before staring into his eyes and revealing to him some wise words.
    I watched that championship grow up from nothing to being held to the most caring of holders, I carried it with me through dark times and it made me feel like there was still something worth fighting for. Tonight, it may have gone down a dark path to which it might not come back from, but you should always know that it’s light will never fade. It’ll always be proud of the man that you have become Arius, it would not have wanted you to mourn in its passing, but to look to the future and be a better person because of what it taught you. It taught you to be better, it taught you that through thick and thin, giving up is not the answer.
    Arius looks up, a brighter look graces his face as these words give him inspiration.
    So many special memories were had when you two were together, it was very heartwarming to see. As it moves on, it wants you to know that it’s not the end, and you two will see each other again, some day. We all go through this unfortunate misery, but you have to move on, don’t let it die for injustice.
    Arius’ once devastation now turns to joy, even the minister in the background looks inspired by the words spoken by the man now revealed to be Bashka. Two final words ‘Rest Easy’, are spoken by the minister as the scene draws to a close.




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