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  1. Return promo baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Not much to say here other than damn. I vividly remember working on a promo and then browsing BPZ Commentaries, the synopsis for my character read to something to the effect of "one of the greatest talkers ever" so I was like damn, I gotta make this one meaningful. Then I sat down and racked my brain about it, I guess. Warm reception was quite nice. "You'll See" from October 2015 was also a defining moment. A fuck ton built up to that day. Also that one promo I did on Ryan as Premium champion which then led to me being the longest reigning champion of that year.
  2. I don't know what's happening here honestly. The stipulation actually sounds cool in theory until you remember which company is doing it, and unfortunately I imagine it'll hinder an otherwise decent match at worst. Seth really is one of the most vapid, uninspired main eventers going today, if I could equate how lifeless yet overrated he is to anyone within pop culture it'd probably be J Cole, but even then he's in the ring with an all timer who's rarely ever disappointed in churning out good matches. Now though, I dunno if it'll deliver.
  3. Cannot in good faith praise them for releasing someone at the height of a global economic crisis just to play it up for promo material, but I can say that Heath did very well (as he always has in his roles, honestly). There was a genuine sense of pain behind his words, credit to both of them for doing well here.
  4. Yeah, this is where I'll post my wrestling reviews. Could be entire shows (likely not) or just matches I'm really feeling at any particular moment. Request are open! I'll even start myself off this time! AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns - WWE Championship - Extreme Rules 2016 At the time of the match I was hardly paying attention to the action itself because of how predictable I felt the result would be (as well as my *noted* reservations about Roman as a World Champion, of course), so to see a ton of praise for this at the time baffled me. After a re-watch however, good grief. An absolute classic of a match completely slipped by me. This had the big fight feel that all World Championship matches should bring and while this wasn't necessarily a carry job on the part of AJ Styles, I feel as if his role as the little man to Roman's goliath was masterful (his selling especially). That's not to discredit the other party in this match, I'm not a fan of Roman Reigns at all but his performance in this is further proof why he should be a heel. He brought the brutality to the match with cruel throws and slams, and it resulted in easily the best match of his career thus far. Awesome stuff. ****1/2 Kenta Kobashi vs Mitsuharu Misawa - Triple Crown Title - 20/01/1997 Yes. Yes. Fuuuuuuuuck yes. I love it. An all timer from start to finish. They opened up with a fantastic sense of fire, passion and urgency, not holding back one bit as they layed into each other with stiff elbows and chops. Kobashi took control of the match by working Misawa's midsection with amazing gut punches, and yet he just wouldn't cave into his strategy. So what does he do? Brutally work the arm. I wasn't too much of a fan of this segment of the match, but the payoff in terms of Misawa's selling made it all the more worthwhile as it added even more intrigue to the outcome of this match, because by taking out the arm Kobashi's essentially crippled Misawa's offense or, at the very least, weakened it. Right? Massive German Suplex, can't capitalise, Rolling Elbow, can't capitalise. He simply had to dig down deep if he was ever going to have a chance at winning this. Fantastic nearfalls in the finishing stretch, did not at all expect Kobashi to kick out of the Tiger Bomb, beautiful mid-air LARIATO and a fucking Apron Frankensteiner. Amazing action, amazing storytelling and an amazing finish. This damn well might've cracked my top 10 matches ever. *****
  5. Oh yeah. We knew this was coming. Granted..............I don't have any reviews I'm keen on posting as of this moment, but I will be doing them here. If there's anything you'd like to see me cover then leave a shout.
  6. Additional people in WWE test positive for Covid-19
  7. God it's going to hit so different when Heath returns tonight and one shots Drew McIntyre in the kidney, iterating his newfound powerbuff and then unveils his antagonist look on the spot. Cannot wait. v
  8. His shafting at Survivor Series in favor of Keith Lee will likely reflect how the rest of his run goes unfortunately, and if I'm looking at it through WWE's lens I can probably see why. Lee is considerably more charismatic, can speak the native tongue well and has flips as a big man, essentially the whole enchilada! Now all this can be nullified if WALTER goes to a different brand, but even then I can't imagine they see more in him than the other hosses already employed.
  9. Season 3 of 13 Reasons why is the last show I watched in full, and if you know me well enough then my opinion isn't exactly a mystery. Quite easily one of the worst pieces of media I've ever consumed from top to bottom. Between the intolerable character writing with quotables that sound directly out of a boardroom and the insanely bad and irresponsible way it tries to tackle so many sensitive subjects and themes while ultimately saying nothing in the end (but still making a spectacle out of it!!), I'm honestly shocked as to how I stomached so much of the show these past three years. Also the worst take on a murder mystery I've ever seen, love when rapists get redemption arcs. Never getting peeped again.
  10. In ring: 10 Mic Skills: 8 Look: 8 (bearded)
  11. need a woman with big thighs to ruin my life again

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      Amai and Epic ChatMod Camp

      Those cost like 400$ for 1 night, unless you find an ugly 1 for like 250$, some do deals like, 600$ for 2 nights. It's mad how these girls got so much marketing techniques. 

  12. thank you for making the past 6 of my 21 years alive extremely memorable and enjoyable, i love you all very much & i'm happy to be back ❤️

    1. Flynn


      Right back at you brother

  13. switching to Hiromu Takahashi going forward
  14. behind every 100 rating lies a qhite rhetoric, common Wecce
  15. me and the lads when it's time for another smashing Austin Mirage seg
  16. Reading the coverage as it came out made me feel sick to my stomach, I can't even begin to fathom what his family and closest friends are going through right now. My prayers go out to them. RIP Shad, he carved out a great niche for himself outside of WWE/wrestling and of course, I always loved Cryme Tyme as a kid. Truly a real life hero caught in a situation that nobody deserves to find themselves in.
  17. (the FINAL Revelation segment) Immediately after the vicious beatdown at the hands of Brad, we cut to the scene of a police station where El Draque Don Dada, the mightiest of all World Champions Slim is unfortunately being held up. He's seated on a grey-toned plaque, ever so abrasively shouting his head off about how much better he is than everyone and that he should be bailed already. He's Le Champion. He has a show to lead. He has shoes quadruple the price of the heap of shit they used to drive him to this station, etcetera etcetera. Truly an insufferable human being. His companioning cell mates, a considerably large man and a downtrodden Albanian fellow who looks like he'd rather be anywhere else in the world, share that same prior sentiment. That doesn't however stop Slim from continuing to just scream over his lack of freedom to two men whom, honestly look like they couldn't care less about him. Finally, one of the guards appear to notify him of the release of his bail, which is enough to shut him up and possibly save him from inevitably getting his head ripped off. He is thereafter escorted from cell to the entrance of the station where he is met by the Moneymaker Amai, who likely paid a sizable sum for his release. Given the misfortunes of their night, the two seem deadset on not saying much and seem to be just happy that the entire ordeal has quelled over for the time being, which is understandable, even if they're entirely the cause of it. This would be a long night for anyone, but it appears to be over. The two men are then escorted to their transportation, a jet black limosuine with windows that are completely tinted. Amai opens the door for his leader to get in, and subsequently follows, both men letting out a considerable sigh upon being seated. Slim then instructs the driver to take him home but is greeted by unfamiliar voice who obliges by saying "Understood". Slim recognises that this isn't his usual driver, and makes sure to question him on that. The driver, who's face is obstructed by shades and a beige coloured face mask (Kiryu in Yakuza 5), replies. "His shift ended, Mr Justin called me in on moments notice sir." Slim doesn't pay awful much mind to it at all, in fact he sighs once again, seeming almost appreciative of Bailey doing him a favor on such short notice given the nature of their relationship. the three then make a trouble-free commute back to Punisher Palace. TWENTY MINUTES LATER Driver: "We made it sir" The driver says, Slim and Amai then let out a few chuckles of relief at the fact, even despite their view of the driveway being completed obstructed by the pitch-black tint of the windows. The driver also shares as much in laughter, presumably since he was called in so late for a final shift. The driver's laughter however, increases in vigor, becoming almost overbearing to the ear and near insufferable. Slim and Amai kinda look on puzzled, but both chalk it up to his unrest during his shift. They're just happy the night is over, if anything. The driver then hands them a clipboard with some sort of paperwork on it, signalling for Slim to sign it. Slim then asks what it's for in confusion, to which the man replies: Driver: "Oh uhm, I just need you to confirm my hours sir. New company policy amidst everything that's happened." Slim once again obliges, signing his name on the dotted line without hesistation. He gives the clipboard back. Driver: "Thank you for your cooperation" The tint of the windows then slowly begins to lower, but instead of the pearly gates Slim had grown so accustommed to seeing upon entering his residence, he's greeted to the sight of his own grin plastered on a BPZ production truck. Something doesn't appear to be quite right, and thus he asks "What the fuck is this?" But upon further quick inspection, the situation begins to unravel itself. At that moment, the worst possible realization had dawned upon Don Dada: He was back in the arena. At this point, Slim and Amai have become irate; having clearly given the man orders just for him to not follow through on them, Slim then begins threatening to have him thrown out to the streets along with his family if he doesn't explain himself before turning back and taking him home, urging not to "fuck with him". This prompts the driver to once again begin cackling, before his next actions serve as the nightmarish final piece of this baffling ordeal for Slim. "Sir" He utters, albeit sarcastically. The same cannot be said for his next words, of which he says chillingly: "I don't have one." The wheelman then removes his disguise to reveal the absolute last person Slim would ever want to see at this particular moment, TAMER, at the wheel, having recovered from his despicable bludgeoning at the hands of the Inner Circle last month, and both men look absolutely horrified. Amai and Slim then frantically try to exit the vehicle, endlessly fidgeting with the doorhandle but to absolutely no avail whatsoever. At which point, Slim then resorts to kicking at the windows with all his body weight in an effort to forcefully leave the car, but they simply will not budge at all. Slim is then left a screaming mess of a man, as he weightlessly threatens to rip Tamer's head off if he doesn't let him out of the vehicle right at this moment. Tamer watches on, as Amai also makes his futile attempt at escaping. Tamer: I said I would get you. Your night isn't over. At which point, this then prompts him to press down on the brake as hard as possible, eyes transfixed on the concrete wall behind him. The speed of the vehicle now picks up big time, as now Slim screams at the top of his lungs to Tamer, begging him to stop the car but he just won't listen. All his bargains have now fallen on deaf ears, despite the screams of the Inner Circle members and now even the camera man himself. Slim: NO NO NO NO NO FU- THUD.
  18. Tamer

    WWE Reborn

    (PRESHOW) Loser Leaves The WWE Otis vs Baron Corbin (PRESHOW) Isaiah Scott vs Tyler Breeze (PRESHOW) 25 Man Battle Royal - Rey Mysterio vs Sheamus vs Angel El DIablo vs Jack Bashka vs Lars Sullivan vs R - Truth vs Ali vs Apollo Crews vs Golddust vs Fandango vs Rowan vs Rusev vs Kane vs Angel Garza vs Austin Theory vs John Morrison vs Shelton Benjamin vs Tyler Bate vs Cameron Grimes vs Carlito vs MVP vs Big Show vs Mark Henry vs Mojo Rawley The Rock vs Roman Reigns Seth Rollins vs Undertaker Matt Riddle vs Brock Lesnar Winner Gets The First Pick In The Draft: Team Heyman (AJ Styles, Drew McIntyre, The New Day) vs Team Bischoff (John Cena, Sami Zayn, Pete Dunne, Ricochet, Jordan Devlin) Last Man Standing Aleister Black vs Randy Orton Street Fight Finn Balor vs Tomasso Ciampa RAW Tag Team Championship A Listers (C) vs American Alpha Smackdown Tag Team Championship Undisputed Era (C) vs The Usos vs Street Profits Intercontinental Championship Johnny Gargano (C) vs Cody Rhodes United States Championship Ladder Match The Velveteen Dream (C) vs Dominik Dijak vs Buddy Murphy vs Kassius Ohno vs Sin Cara vs Cedric Alexander RAW Womens Championship 30 Minute Iron Women Match Becky Lynch(C) vs Toni Storm Smackdown Womens Championship Io Shirai vs Sasha Banks WWE Championship Adam Cole (C) vs Daniel Bryan Universal Championship Kevin Owens (C) vs Bray Wyatt Bonus Questions 1 Point: How Will Brock Lesnar vs Matt Riddle End: (Pinfall, Submission, DQ, Referee Stoppage, Other): Stoppage 2 Points: What Match Will Be The Longest?: cole/bryan 3 Points: What WWE Hall Of Famer Will Return To The Show?: Edge

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