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  1. ROSTER Abyss - AJ Styles - Al Snow - Alex Shelley - Amazing Kong - Amazing Red - Angelina Love - Ayako Hamada - Brian Kendrick - Brother Devon - Brother Ray - Brutus Magnus - ??? - Chelsea - ??? - Chris Sabin - Christy Hemme - ??? - Daffney - D'Angelo Dinero - Desmond Wolfe - D-Lo Brown - Douglas Williams - Dr Stevie - Eric Young - Hector Guerrero - Hernandez - Homicide - James Storm - Jay Lethal - Jeff Hardy - Jeff Jarrett - Jeremy Buck - Jesse Neal - Kazarian - Kazuchika Okada - ??? - Kevin Nash - Kiyoshi - Kurt Angle - Lacey Von Erich - Madison Rayne - Matt Morgan - Max Buck - Mick Foley - Mikael Judas - Miss Tessmacher- Mr Anderson - Orlando Jordan - Phill Shatter - Raven - Rhino - Ric Flair - Rob Terry - Rob Van Dam - Robert Roode - Rosie Lottalove - Samoa Joe - Sarah Stock - Shannon Moore - Shark Boy - Socal Val - Sting - Syxx Pac - Taylor Wilde - Taz - Tomko - Tommy Dreamer - Velvet Sky Events January - TNA Genesis February - TNA Against All Odds March - Destination X April - Lockdown May - Sacrifice June - Slammiversary July - Victory Road August - Hardcore Justice September - No Surrender October - Bound For Glory November - Turning Point December - Final Resolution Tag Team Division Hernandez and Homicide - Latino American Exchange Finisher: Border Toss/Frog Splash Combination Accomplishments 2x NWA World Tag Team Champions 1x TNA World Tag Team Champions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- James Storm and Robert Roode - Beer Money Inc Finisher - DWI Accomplishments 3x TNA World Tag Team Champions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Max Buck and Jeremy Buck - Generation Me Finisher - More Bang for your Buck ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore - Ink Inc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brother Ray and Brother D-Von - Team 3D Finisher - 3D Accomplishments (3x) TNA World Tag Team Champions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin - Motor City Machine Guns (Current Champions) Finisher - Made in Detroit Accomplishments TNA World Tag Team Champions ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (also much thanks to my friend @Bart for unlocking this)
  2. Happy birthday @Sheridan !!!
  3. I was wrong, even an overwrought shitfest would've been better than the sheer amount of nothing they gave Ricochet here. Fucking hell WWE. 💀
  4. Could be fun, though I'm not counting on it. Brock and Rey are two of the best wrestlers ever, and instead of feeding into the natural dynamic WWE chose to tack on a bunch of unnecessary shit that contributed nothing. We'll see though.
  5. Joaquin's take was pretty nuts, but I'll give Heath Ledger the edge since some of the formers' lines read like Minion Facebook quotes.
  6. Doris re-listen sounding mighty appealing atm
  7. Not even going to attempt to open the can of worms that was my fucking KOTR cash-in against Bailey, glad he's 1-7 now. (this is quite obviously a joke, I'd have to literally be an insane person to still be spiteful over a four year old loss lmao) Also my World title loss. I had to go MIA halfway through my run thanks to exams/abroad, so not getting to do all I wanted when I'd been chasing the World title for so long was demoralizing. Winning Premium/Tag off Ryan the very next month showed I could still be a great contributor though, so I'll always hold that win close to me.
  8. last 5 listened to albums, generational ffs


  9. Irrelevant but I am absolutely taking 100% credit for this newfound revolt against begging. All of it. Smashing dub btw.
  10. This entire LP is still so great but this track stands out the most to me.
  11. It's probably Charlotte's piss, that bitch a stallion LMAO
  12. "???" is going on hiatus for the time being, so for now Tamer is back

    1. Flynn


      Fuck that guy

  13. Name: Sasuke Uchiha Age: 16 Hometown: Konoha Past criminal records: Mass murder and other criminal activities Hobbies: Eating riceballs and thinking about killing his brother. Strengths: Genjutsu, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu Weaknesses: His inability to see that his goals and unrelenting pursuit of them is hurting those around him.
  14. Tamer

    WWE Reborn

    Ciampa, Baszler, UE, Riddle, Ricochet, Gable, Bar, Asuka, Balor, Hardy, Rousey, Lio Rush, Bryan, Braun
  15. Ambrose vs Lesnar was a match I was legitimately more hyped for than anything I could remember but was shrowded in problems such as time constraints, a horseshit match layout, a lazy Brock Lesnar and storytelling elements that were teased for the better part of 5 weeks but never amounted to anything. It's matches like those which remind me why I don't get excited for anything WWE does these days.
  16. Welcome mate, hope you enjoy yourself. We'd love to have you in the discord chat if you haven't already joined.
  17. Tamer

    Total Drama: BPZ

    Name: Sasuke Uchiha Gender: Male Age: 16 Bodybuild: Skinny but kinda built? Idk Personality: A stoic sadboi who's severed all relationships with his friends in order to find his brother and obtain higher power. Easily irritable. Skills: Can use firestyle, waterstyle and most famously lightning style ninjutsu attacks such as the Uchiha clan's famous Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu and the Lightning Blade: Chidori, which engulfs the entirety of his hand in lightning and pierces his opponents. He's also able to use an Ocular Jutsu known as the Sharingan which grants him the power to increase speed, read the flow of an opponents' attacks and copy all bodily movements. His evolved eye, the Mangekyou Sharingan which is awakened after the loss of someone special, can summon a giant indestructable barrier shield known as the Susanno, use Genjutsu (Illusions) to paralyze an opponent and the Amateurasu, which are inextinguishable black flames even stronger than firestyle. Weaknesses: The inability to recognize that his goals shouldn't involve ultimately leaving and hurting those close to him as well as acquaintances, easily irritable and far too much pride. Reason to sign up: He plans on using the prize money to pay an informant in hopes of gathering the whereabouts on his homicidal brother.
  18. 5/10. Had a fantastic G1 run but everything since that point has felt off. Whether you chalk that up to Omega's personal business outside the ring or the questionable booking is debatable, but it definitely hasn't delivered in my opinion.
  19. WALTER Will Ospreay Kota Ibushi Zack Sabre Jr Kenny Omega Masashi Takeda Tomohiro Ishii Katsuhiko Nakajima Jordan Devlin Jay Lethal (I couldn't come up with a tenth name, but I wanted to commemorate some of the excellent work he's done as ROH champion and even before that with his excellent series against Jonathan Gresham)

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