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  1. Lesnar had a fight or two in PRIDE years prior to joining the UFC, plus he was a decorated freestyle wrestler. I'd say those two aren't even in the same realm to be honest. I felt deflated watching Punk lose in such one-sided fashion. I know Dana will do anything to fill his own purse and generate publicity but hotshotting him without a single fight on his professional record was dumb, regardless of his age. Great post fight speech from Punk though.
  2. Why are wrestling fans bashing CM Punk for doing something they wouldn't even dare to? Seriously.

  3. We needed something to freshen things up. This should be good.
  4. I can't seem to enter chat on mobile.

    1. The Neb

      The Neb

      It's due to that new rule that forbids scrubs from entering the chat on their mobile. :cena2 

    2. Ryan Reeves

      Ryan Reeves

      I have no problem doing so.

    3. ???


      Weird, the problem's appearing on my laptop too.

  5. TNA could be doing more with their X-Division.

  6. On the subject of "overrated", can we take a second to talk about Paige? Gosh, she's regressed badly over the past three years. For a 10 yea vet of the business, she might be the least smoothest in the ring of anyone in the women's division (not counting Eva Marie).
  7. Downstait are making a new theme song for Seth Rollins.

  8. Phone's broken, college starts on Wednesday. How fun.........

    1. ☠Skeletox☠


      Starting 2nd year of College bro?

    2. ???
    3. ☠Skeletox☠


      How lucky, i think i'm going to repeat 1st year :(, i hope that's not finally the case though

  9. Swear and you lose monetisation on your videos on YouTube. What a fucking joke.

    1. The Akki
    2. ???


      Since the beginning. It's WWE content for crying out loud

    3. Monda


      Advertisers dont want their ads on videos with people saying shit like, "dumbass little stupid bitch".

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  10. Goodnight HULKAMANIACS and jabronie marks without a life that don't know it a work when you work a work and work yourself into a shoot,marks

  11. Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): Tamer. Weight: 220 Height: 6'0 Finisher(s): Terminal Velocity (Cross Rhodes), Intervention (Reverse GTS) Signature(s): Elevated Deep Six Lungblower, Reverse 450 Gimmick: Cutthroat competitor who cares about only getting to the top, and will work through anyone on the card to get there. Attire: Benoit's WM20 Attire. Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Tweener Tag Team: None (though available if you want to put me in one.)

    1. ???


      No, we'd be talking about how we don't find Roman entertaining and think there are better options as champions. Why are you so fixated with this idea that everyone needs to like Roman Reigns? 

    2. Death Notorious Angel

      Death Notorious Angel

      "Owens did not win. HHH did." So Owens isn't champion and Hunter was in it and won,?

    3. Bad Attitude Bullet

      Bad Attitude Bullet

      here's the thing Tamer If you dont like someone You are not obligated to talk about them In fact i have never forced myself to talk about someone i dislike for more than 3 months

      i'll complain about someone for 3 months and then after that 3rd month i'm done talking about them But you guys

      John Cena 14 years

      Roman Reigns 2 Years like Do People not have a life to the point they have to cry about roman reigns and make themselves look PATHETIC like the only time i talk about roman reigns is On Mondays and Sundays during PPVs Other than that the only other time i talk about roman reigns is to shut people up and tell them there are more important things to do in life than cry about a wrestler you do not like

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  13. Preparing for 2nd year at College. Won't post too much but I'll try my best to stay active.

    1. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      Good Luck Dude,make sure you pay more attention to college then the forums though lol

  14. Just stumbled upon this. Not going to spend too much time focusing on everything that's already been glossed over, instead I'm just going to quote a few things because I have a problem with so much that was said here. Have you ever taken a moment to self reflect and wonder why certain people are in the Hall Of Fame and you aren't? Maybe saying things like this isn't helping? Which one is it? So what you're suggesting is, take an existing system that's proven to work, change it for the sake of "making things fucking surprising", piss everyone off just so we can revert back to the one that worked in the end? Things are fine. There's something for everyone. At the end of the day, these are awards that are used to reward old and new members for their monthly contributions. Can you not see how fucking retarded of an idea it would be if we had Neb or Bash win US, an established rookies award just for the sake of shaking things up? 1. This is for attention. 2. You were triggered by BiC no longer wanting to be your tag team partner, pinned something as serious as you taking your own life on that fact and then came back hours later acting as if nothing happened, calling yourself the uncrowned WHC and Premium champion and all. Maybe Ross mocked the premise of you offing yourself because like everyone else, he knew it wouldn't happen? 3. You're one of those people. That is all. If you want to rant, absolutely feel free to. But this is literally complaining for the sake of complaining.
  15. Okay, I'm 100% in favour of Miz's IC Title run now. Holy shit.

    1. bailey14



    2. ???


      I'm good with this also.

    3. bailey14


      Depends who though I guess 

  16. Completely exhausted from 3 nights of wrestling. I need a break.

    1. Bashka



  17. After SummerSlam I've come to the conclusion that Dean Ambrose is by far the most overrated male worker on the entire roster. Might just be me being salty over his shocking performance on Sunday, but regardless I'm still pissed.
  18. Episode 3 of SmackDown should hopefully be out in two days.

  19. After a year of trial and error, I can happily say I've finally defended a title. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

    1. Bashka


      Well after you won it I guess that's when I considered you 'apart' of the premium division, hence why I said anything you are apart of is ruined. :cena2

    2. The Neb

      The Neb

      When even Tamer defends a title successfully before you do :crying1 

    3. Death Notorious Angel

      Death Notorious Angel

      Congratulations Tamer. Now to lose it next Ppv like planned :cena2

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  20. Decided to revive my GM Mode diary, so I'd appreciate it if you guys would give the newest episode a read! http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10886-my-svr-2008-gm-mode-diary/&page=2#comment-183589


  21. Omega vs Naito = *****

  22. Despite the shitty and lackluster ending to the final season, I've been watching alot of Dexter. Other than that, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory. I'm so out of tune with what's on TV nowadays.

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