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  1. Working on an article.

  2. Anyone else really want to see Sheamus have a run in NXT?

    1. The Neb

      The Neb

      I want to see him have a run in a garbage bin and never return 

    2. ???


      Lmao I saw that response coming

    3. Joh
  3. Holy shit, Dolph's promo on SmackDown was excellent. 

  4. new promo, put alot of work into it so I'd appreciate if you'd give it a read http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/13294-vengeance/


  5. Name: Johnny Graves Shortened Name: BlackHawk Nationality: British Age: 31 Height: 6'1 Weight Class: Light Heavyweight Allegiance: Tweener Speaks: Yes Gimmick (No Unique): Badass Role: Midcarder Alliance (If Any) : None Fighting Style: All Around Attributes [Select Maximum Of Three Options: High Spots, Superstar Look, Fonz Factor, Vintage Moves: Asai Moonsault, Spike Piledriver, Cutter, Crucifix Powerbomb, Lungblower Variations, Dragon Sleeper, Death Valley Driver Signature 1: Deep Six Lungblower Signature 2: Lease On Life (CrossRhodes) Finisher 1: Inverted GTS Finisher 2: Killjoy (Spike Bloody Sunday)
  6. All time: Eminem, 2Pac. Current: Kendrick Lamar, Kyle Coglitore, Logic, G Eazy. Not too many tbh. I listen to more grime to be fair.
  7. Happy birthday Keeley, have a good one!

  8. Working on a new promo!

    1. ???


      My first match writeup is about halfway done too


  10. Anyone know a good banner size? Need it for Best Bookers :)

  11. They did everything right.....

  12. So far Sami Zayn is my 2016 Wrestler Of The Year. Dude keeps putting on incredible matches.

    1. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      Him or AJ Styles

    2. The Akki

      The Akki

      I agree toataly :wink1 

    3. Flynn


      Finn Balor has arguably been doing the exact same lol

  13. Shoenice gives me hope.

  14. Bobby Lashley is X-Division Champion.......

  15. Tajiri proved at the age of 46 that his in ring work is still just as, if not even more crisp and up to point with the younger guys on the roster, and his kicks are still lethal too. So you could say I'm very happy to see him back in the WWE, and I hope there's a championship or two in his future. As for the others, I'd say Hawkins is good enough to help round out a decent mid-card but other than that I'm not too fussed about him.
  16. Who else is hoping this split means a fresh start for Dolph Ziggler?

    1. Keirso


      They have to turn him heel! If they don't then RIP Ziggler's career.

    2. Flynn


      With the roster he's on, this is his best chance to shine. If he doesn't, it really is just WWE booking not seeing him as the star he is. With the lack of top Heel power however he's the best bet right now as a top Heel on that roster. 

    3. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      I loved his heel run when he got his big push,maybe they can do that again

  17. Just got finished watching the draft, I'd say it was alright overall. I think I might've set my expectations up a bit too high there, but given with what we saw I think it's safe to say the rumoured chunk of 40 Year Olds will be signed in the coming weeks. I don't see the WWE Championship or the WWE Tag Team Championships staying on their respective brands by the time Summerslam rolls around.
  18. My internet cut off yesterday so I couldn't watch the draft live last night, but I'm back.

  19. Hey dude, apologies for the delay. You'll have a response by day's end at the latest, it'll be a really long one though.

    1. Ryan Reeves

      Ryan Reeves

      No worries,man. Just wanted to make sure you saw that promo. Looking forward to it.

  20. Got a bit of a headache :/

    1. Keirso


      Guess you'll have to vacate the title.

    2. ???
    3. Keirso
  21. ???

    Funny pictures

    Funniest thing I've seen involving PokemonGo all week. Good lord he's mad, and rightfully so.
  22. Here are the rules of the draft if anyone's interested. Taken from WWE.com

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