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Everything posted by Tamer

  1. 500 Rep! Thanks so much guys!

    1. CRM


      Congrats tamer, you deserves this moment and you worked hard for it so... Congrats buddy.

  2. Balor vs Nakamura and the Cruiserweight Classic, great night of wrestling ahead.

    1. The Neb

      The Neb

      Don't forget Ultima Lucha Dos part 2!

  3. Darren Young? Really?

  4. Jon Jones.......you idiot.

  5. Dean Ambrose becoming champion has made him entertaining again. Now if only this can continue after he loses the belt....

  6. Is it bad I still don't have any idea what CSGO is?

  7. Me and Bash have decided to split up The Empire.
  8. I'm going to watch every single WCW Monday Nitro episode from the year 2000. Wish me luck.

    1. Tamer


      20 minutes into the first episode and I don't feel like continuing.

  9. Nothing more annoying than someone not following through on a promise, especially when it involves money....

  10. Sucks. Even with Bryan retired there's still a ton of matches and rivalries the WWE could've visited with a Kurt Angle return. Part of me does think the fact that Brock Lesnar is likely getting his own showcase means we will see Angle in the game because of it, after all you really can't do a Brock showcase without his series of matches with Angle.
  11. I'm a star, no spangled banner.

  12. > guarantees £350m a week for the NHS if we leave the EU

    > leaves EU

    >"nah it was a mistake"


    Thanks for that one Nigel. Fucking thanks.

    1. Ross


      he can't promise that because he has no power yet, only the chancelor can grant that promise and that is highly unlikely

    2. Lampism


      Swim over here to Ireland be grand :P

    3. DUNSTAN 2K

      DUNSTAN 2K

      its all good at least we have Boris

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  13. Baron Corbin is Roman Reigns done right.

  14. Well since there's a ton of new members on here now, I figured a lot of them haven't seen the guy behind the account. So why not?
  15. MITB made me forget I turned 17 today.


  17. L I F E T I M E !

  18. You're not a bad man because you robbed someone fam, you're just poor and brave

  19. Bobby Roode had the greatest World Heavyweight Championship run of the decade.
  20. Jim Cornette didn't shit on Will Ospreay vs Ricochet. I'm in shock.

  21. I've had the worst headache this week.

    1. Flynn


      Funny you say this because the other day I had a headcahe that literally brought pain to my eye sockets and my gums as well. Took forever to sleep as my head and eyes were in so much pain. Have you tried any head ache medicine or just napping it off?

    2. Tamer


      Haven't taken any medication, plus I've been up since 1am multiple times this week. I figured since the headaches I seem to get are rarely ever major I wouldn't need any medicine for it.

  22. Apologies for my kayfabe inactivity, been busy as of late.

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