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  1. Lil Baby a Young Thug clone who looks like he made of Playdoh and noone wanna hear Kendrick's hotep raps at the club, but neither of those things are my fault. Let's speak on this man. @Jonathan

  2. Jonathan unblock me on discord

    1. Epic1237_


      I feel you bro 😭

  3. necce has this one in the bag, his jean shorts were starchier than usual the last time he faced bob and it took him off guard.
  4. Pissing off Jonathan never not funny man bro gets so heated too 😭😭

  5. The most recent Slim loss just fucking sucks because I felt like I really needed that win for my character and I know for a fact I would've won had my studies not severly limited my output, and honestly it just reminds me of why I stayed away from kayfabe for as long as I did. Having a bunch of ideas but not being able to realize them nearly to the extent that I want because of how drastically my life has changed since I was 16 is just draining and reductive, and I'd rather just not do it at all than half ass it. What stings even more from the experience is, I probably would've feuded for Undisputed next too and once again, that's a match I feel I was more than capable of winning. Feels like I banked a lot in that situation just to walk out with even less than before.
  6. Considering he's an unapologetic pedophile I can't exactly say I'd be sad to see him go, and judging by his music you could argue he's asking for it with the blatant goading.
  7. how you been doing bro

    1. Alyx Wilde

      Alyx Wilde

      Not too bad man, thanks for asking, how about you?


  8. The girl I wanna love having dinner with Julius & it's killing me

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  9. I look at Seth Rollins and it's just impossible to ever see him in a positive light. The pitiful leaks, the flavorless recycled in-ring work, the boring promos and worst of all the fact that he looks like Russ. I just can't respect him on any level. J Cole of the wrestling game. He's probably worse than Davey Richards.
  10. Return promo baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Not much to say here other than damn. I vividly remember working on a promo and then browsing BPZ Commentaries, the synopsis for my character read to something to the effect of "one of the greatest talkers ever" so I was like damn, I gotta make this one meaningful. Then I sat down and racked my brain about it, I guess. Warm reception was quite nice. "You'll See" from October 2015 was also a defining moment. A fuck ton built up to that day. Also that one promo I did on Ryan as Premium champion which then led to me being the longest reigning champion of that year.
  11. I don't know what's happening here honestly. The stipulation actually sounds cool in theory until you remember which company is doing it, and unfortunately I imagine it'll hinder an otherwise decent match at worst. Seth really is one of the most vapid, uninspired main eventers going today, if I could equate how lifeless yet overrated he is to anyone within pop culture it'd probably be J Cole, but even then he's in the ring with an all timer who's rarely ever disappointed in churning out good matches. Now though, I dunno if it'll deliver.
  12. Cannot in good faith praise them for releasing someone at the height of a global economic crisis just to play it up for promo material, but I can say that Heath did very well (as he always has in his roles, honestly). There was a genuine sense of pain behind his words, credit to both of them for doing well here.
  13. Yeah, this is where I'll post my wrestling reviews. Could be entire shows (likely not) or just matches I'm really feeling at any particular moment. Request are open! I'll even start myself off this time! AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns - WWE Championship - Extreme Rules 2016 At the time of the match I was hardly paying attention to the action itself because of how predictable I felt the result would be (as well as my *noted* reservations about Roman as a World Champion, of course), so to see a ton of praise for this at the time baffled me. After a re-watch however, good grief. An absolute classic of a match completely slipped by me. This had the big fight feel that all World Championship matches should bring and while this wasn't necessarily a carry job on the part of AJ Styles, I feel as if his role as the little man to Roman's goliath was masterful (his selling especially). That's not to discredit the other party in this match, I'm not a fan of Roman Reigns at all but his performance in this is further proof why he should be a heel. He brought the brutality to the match with cruel throws and slams, and it resulted in easily the best match of his career thus far. Awesome stuff. ****1/2 Kenta Kobashi vs Mitsuharu Misawa - Triple Crown Title - 20/01/1997 Yes. Yes. Fuuuuuuuuck yes. I love it. An all timer from start to finish. They opened up with a fantastic sense of fire, passion and urgency, not holding back one bit as they layed into each other with stiff elbows and chops. Kobashi took control of the match by working Misawa's midsection with amazing gut punches, and yet he just wouldn't cave into his strategy. So what does he do? Brutally work the arm. I wasn't too much of a fan of this segment of the match, but the payoff in terms of Misawa's selling made it all the more worthwhile as it added even more intrigue to the outcome of this match, because by taking out the arm Kobashi's essentially crippled Misawa's offense or, at the very least, weakened it. Right? Massive German Suplex, can't capitalise, Rolling Elbow, can't capitalise. He simply had to dig down deep if he was ever going to have a chance at winning this. Fantastic nearfalls in the finishing stretch, did not at all expect Kobashi to kick out of the Tiger Bomb, beautiful mid-air LARIATO and a fucking Apron Frankensteiner. Amazing action, amazing storytelling and an amazing finish. This damn well might've cracked my top 10 matches ever. *****
  14. Oh yeah. We knew this was coming. Granted..............I don't have any reviews I'm keen on posting as of this moment, but I will be doing them here. If there's anything you'd like to see me cover then leave a shout.
  15. Additional people in WWE test positive for Covid-19
  16. God it's going to hit so different when Heath returns tonight and one shots Drew McIntyre in the kidney, iterating his newfound powerbuff and then unveils his antagonist look on the spot. Cannot wait. v
  17. His shafting at Survivor Series in favor of Keith Lee will likely reflect how the rest of his run goes unfortunately, and if I'm looking at it through WWE's lens I can probably see why. Lee is considerably more charismatic, can speak the native tongue well and has flips as a big man, essentially the whole enchilada! Now all this can be nullified if WALTER goes to a different brand, but even then I can't imagine they see more in him than the other hosses already employed.
  18. Season 3 of 13 Reasons why is the last show I watched in full, and if you know me well enough then my opinion isn't exactly a mystery. Quite easily one of the worst pieces of media I've ever consumed from top to bottom. Between the intolerable character writing with quotables that sound directly out of a boardroom and the insanely bad and irresponsible way it tries to tackle so many sensitive subjects and themes while ultimately saying nothing in the end (but still making a spectacle out of it!!), I'm honestly shocked as to how I stomached so much of the show these past three years. Also the worst take on a murder mystery I've ever seen, love when rapists get redemption arcs. Never getting peeped again.
  19. In ring: 10 Mic Skills: 8 Look: 8 (bearded)
  20. need a woman with big thighs to ruin my life again

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      ayoooo???? @Sheridan



      Those cost like 400$ for 1 night, unless you find an ugly 1 for like 250$, some do deals like, 600$ for 2 nights. It's mad how these girls got so much marketing techniques. 

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