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  1. January 2004 2004 is neither 2003 nor 2005 (big round of applause for Tamer). While there were clear-cut attempts to elevate murderers and bigoted tag team specialists into big roles in the company, both runs at the top lacked much of the immediacy or the acclaim that made prior ascensions and story arcs in the previous years so defining and memorable to look back at, especially in an era like this. In several ways, I think the ripple effects of such underwhelming booking began to reflect on how much of the card that wasn't John Cena looked on both brands. The tag team division
  2. Not the worst by any means, but definitely one of the most underwhelming. A semi-major split screen centered release was something that greatly enticed me what with online play being king and all - and while mechanically this game did present some cool ideas, everything else was just so lacking. The gameplay was..........fine, the time spent within the prison was so brief and weightless that you never felt much of a need to escape but worst of all was probably the writing. Watching the two MCs interact over the course of the game felt like teritary prison break characters but without any of th
  3. *low ki voice* imagine my shock

  4. PRIDEWRES (Tentative) Month One - Finding The First Ultimate Champion - 16 Fighter Tournament Week 1 - Korakuen Hall In the lone *segment* of the first week, we're treated to the fairly self explanatory graphic of the PRIDE Heavyweight Championship, and the sixteen men and women who would end up fighting for them. Names such as Busick and Lorcan were treated to rather tepid receptions given their relative unknown status in the country, but the more notable draws in Takahashi Hiromu, Ibushi, Kana and Shingo received massive pops. The peculiar nature of the seed
  5. Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date Delayed amidst compatability testing for next gen consoles
  6. 3 hours or less should suffice. I've noticed over the years that I've had zero interest in revisiting any of the Manias due to how bloated they are, and the length has definitely come to impact how I look at some of the more favorable matches on the card. I think that anything in wrestling that's as short as can be whilst making the most lasting impression is what'll win me over, and that's definitely the case with wrestling PPVs. I feel more inclined to revisit a really good G1 card over say, WM34 for example (for lack of a better comparison ig lol).
  7. Meiko Satomura (Reportedly) Joins NXT UK
  8. Murdering shitty men whilst wearing my merch ugh her power
  9. Thank goodness. This likely means Sami's IC Title run is on borrowed time to conserve Otis's heat, but god his push was just a horrendous idea from the outset. Quintessential nonsensical "wait and see!!" booking that often time leads to nothing because of the guy they back, if they wanted to fawn over Otis then literally anything other than the World titles would've been far better sacrifices than wasting the MITB storyline yet again. Miz having the briefcase is fantastic however, he's been due another World title run for years now and with the current landscape a potential cash-in sets up som
  10. Definitely an interesting match. I think that this is probably an instance where more emphasis on the punishment (blood blood blood + trim the pausing) would've served better than the dialogue driven narrative we got, as maybe then it might've resonated with me more a bit, but this was still really fun. The physicality we did get was pretty gnarly (the steel steps double boots and whip lashes especially oof) and I think both sold the conflict really well. As mentioned in the COC thread, I especially enjoy Jey Uso's dazed/glassy eye selling and Roman's shittalk is borderline A1 at this point,
  11. Elias vs. Jeff Hardy Money in the Bank contract match: Otis (MITB) vs. The Miz SmackDown Women's Championship: Hell In A Cell: Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks WWE Championship: Hell In A Cell: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton Universal Championship: I Quit Match: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Jey Uso Bonus Questions: What will be the first match on the the PPV? Sasha Banks vs Bayley What will be the second-to-last match on the PPV? Otis vs Miz Will the MTIB holder cash-in during the PPV? No Will Jimmy Uso make an appearance? Yes
  12. Has to be Roman/Jey. Both wrestlers are hotter than they've ever been, and it's by far the best program and the match with the most potential. Sasha's track record in delivering in big matches would ideally make it a worthy main event, but Bayley is slightly wearing thin in my eyes which holds things back.

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