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  1. smile on my face when I see one of my akhs get packed up by mods

  2. Tamer


    Reformatted/edited, you can read this now.
  3. the same ppl keep profile viewing me its uncomfortable

  4. And so the attention would turn to the man that Jonathan had so vehemently praised, the emotional address stifled a bit, but the clear shakenness of both parties at the gravity of the moment they now shared was apparent. Jonathan appeared as if he would continue off screen, but he soon turned back, he would never abandon Tamer. And the two exchanged a look, smiling slightly at this, they weren't meant to be here. Regardless of the revisionist understanding, this was a contrivance far beyond any prediction for the future of BPZ that would come to pass, this was a far idea
  5. Tamer


    Scene calibrates to the sight of an interior blanketed in darkness, with hints of charred, bleak furniture seeming almost entirely dulled and malnourished of life - if not for the seeps of daylight breathing into the setting. Amongst the rubble and torn chunks of scattered sofa sponge sprawled on the oak tiling, inklings of creaking and shuffling materialize - the sounds of cupboards and cutlery tinkling and clanging in unison before a figure situates upon the frail leather support endowed. Gently, the left arm is placed onto the coffee table, a piece of bandaging thereafter removed to unvei
  6. Drowning Pools' Sinner is an album I can only surmise as being eleven of the same answers leveled towards a number of different questions. Fuck you, slightly less fuck you before been ladened with another side of fuck you with minute tempo changes and vocal inflections. The 37 minute runtime makes it so that this is less of an egregious offense that one would expect, but still doesn’t afford much in the way of originality or a particularly memorable listening experience. While the second half improved upon the firsts samey instrumentation, it hardly offered much in terms of fresh ideas or lyri
  7. Drake Tory Lanez Kid Cudi NBA YOUNGBOY ASAP ROCKY Jay Z 42 Dugg Lamar Lil Uzi Bobby Bitch Offset Polo G Jack Harlow Future Tyler J Cole

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