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  1. Lil Baby a Young Thug clone who looks like he made of Playdoh and noone wanna hear Kendrick's hotep raps at the club, but neither of those things are my fault. Let's speak on this man. @Jonathan

  2. Jonathan unblock me on discord

    1. Epic1237_


      I feel you bro 😭

  3. necce has this one in the bag, his jean shorts were starchier than usual the last time he faced bob and it took him off guard.
  4. Pissing off Jonathan never not funny man bro gets so heated too 😭😭

  5. The most recent Slim loss just fucking sucks because I felt like I really needed that win for my character and I know for a fact I would've won had my studies not severly limited my output, and honestly it just reminds me of why I stayed away from kayfabe for as long as I did. Having a bunch of ideas but not being able to realize them nearly to the extent that I want because of how drastically my life has changed since I was 16 is just draining and reductive, and I'd rather just not do it at all than half ass it. What stings even more from the experience is, I probably would've feuded for Undisputed next too and once again, that's a match I feel I was more than capable of winning. Feels like I banked a lot in that situation just to walk out with even less than before.
  6. Considering he's an unapologetic pedophile I can't exactly say I'd be sad to see him go, and judging by his music you could argue he's asking for it with the blatant goading.
  7. how you been doing bro

    1. Alyx Wilde

      Alyx Wilde

      Not too bad man, thanks for asking, how about you?


  8. The girl I wanna love having dinner with Julius & it's killing me

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    2. Slim



    3. Hans



    4. Angelo



  9. I look at Seth Rollins and it's just impossible to ever see him in a positive light. The pitiful leaks, the flavorless recycled in-ring work, the boring promos and worst of all the fact that he looks like Russ. I just can't respect him on any level. J Cole of the wrestling game. He's probably worse than Davey Richards.
  10. Return promo baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Not much to say here other than damn. I vividly remember working on a promo and then browsing BPZ Commentaries, the synopsis for my character read to something to the effect of "one of the greatest talkers ever" so I was like damn, I gotta make this one meaningful. Then I sat down and racked my brain about it, I guess. Warm reception was quite nice. "You'll See" from October 2015 was also a defining moment. A fuck ton built up to that day. Also that one promo I did on Ryan as Premium champion which then led to me being the longest reigning champion of that year.

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