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  1. You have to love, the partnership between WWE and Evolve. It truly helps both parties so much. And it shows with the constant signings from Evolve and WWE. I have seen very little from blackheart. But from what I have seen, she sure has a future in this industry.
  2. Raw Top 5: Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Drew McIntyre, The Fiend, Sasha Banks Smackdown Top 5: Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, AJ Styles, Owens
  3. Honestly, I like the the Smackdown a roster the best. A lot of great talent there. Mikey, Meko , and Bob all in the same diary, am I dreaming?
  4. For me it has to be Undertaker vs Shawn Micheals. It was just such a good match. The amount of chemistry they have together is crazy. And it will be a match people remember for years to come. And with it being the last match for Shawn Micheals(Or we thought), that made it that much better.
  5. I really enjoyed Drew Gulak vs Lio Rush. It was Rush’s time. Now with Gulak being called yo to Smackdown, Lio can run the division. Walter vs Kushida was insane. What a freaking match. It was a good choice of having Walter win.
  6. I always love a good fifa diary. Your format is great in this one. And I am enjoying it thus far. I like how you put the goals already down in advance for season one.
  7. Have to say these are all great moments. Bayley’s new look is something refreshing. Her winning the women’s championship, the same night was just the extra thing they needed to get this over. Ive always loved both of these guys. Their chemistry is insane. Whenever they step inside the ring together it is an instant classic. And the next time should be no different. Jericho can always work a crowd like no other. His promos are always great, I love this whole stable.
  8. 1. Tomasso Ciampa 2. Bayley 3. Lio Rush 4. The OC 5. The Kabuki Warriors
  9. Sorry to inform everyone but on October 12th, 2019, KENJI died from a burn so hard, he couldn’t take it. We will miss you Kenji.
  10. DAMN ARROW YOU SNITCH. Gonna get your lunch money kid. Toxik you playa, getting some ayyy. Bob brilliant once again!
  11. It will be great to see Taz back on a commentary booth. I really loved when he has been on it in the past. Will add a great aspect to the show.
  12. I didn’t like this weeks edition of Smackdown at all. What the hell have they done to Kofi. In a span of a week they have just forgotten that he Lost his WWE championship via a squash. And is now back doing 6 man tag matches again. What the hell? The draft was alright some good picks, like Orton and a Fiend. But that’s really it in my book, and now to hear they lost over a million viewers, it’s easy to figure out why. For what they call the A show now, I was very disappointed.
  13. Dokkan, is very boring. Never was able to click with me. My friends always wanted me to play it, I tried it a few time. God how I lost interest with this game so quickly. Never ask me to play this game please.
  14. Gunner Flynn


    Survival Games , the fans are buzzing, a sold out arena, but the air seems dull. What is it missing? This answer can not be answered, as Sudden Sky plays through the PA System. That dull feeling begins to fade out into a certain kind of mystique. ICON walks out from backstage into a bask of boos. He grabs a microphone and begins to speak. Sorry to interrupt your evening but ,man it has been a great month so far. Waking up with "my baby" every morning is such a treat. But do you know what is even more of a treat? How much despair I have given all of you. I am your Lord , your savior, but yet you all are still upset. Why cant any of you be happy? I am the Champion you all have been yearning for. {As Icon finishes his statement, a more angry tone sets in for the champion}. Halloween Havoc is a night of respect. A chance to be respected, I have sensed that being a Champion is not enough to be respected. You have to do much more, they want me to destory my inferiors. Why you ask? Because they are sick, the men downstairs want torture, they cant get enough of it. I am their source, and that source needs to be refilled every so often. It really hurts, that I continue to be disrespected, I come home battered and bruised. I put my all, everytime I step inside this ring. But that is not enough, when is it enough? See, I am a simple man, I put my heart and soul into something and I expect a reward. I expect some kind of recongintion, but I should know better. (ICON stops speaking for a moment. Emptiness begins to settle in for a simple man, his heart feels like it has stopped beating, life has vanguished). From time and time again, I am asked, man why do you do this? Why do you break your bones for nothing? My answer to this is simple, it is not for nothing. Its for my family, its for me, this is my goddamn dream. SInce I was 9 years old, I have dreamed of being "The Man", and I feel I am finally getting somewhere in this company. So when, people like Arrow and Hollow tell me I am not good enough. It honestly doesnt sit well with me, I know I am good enough, I know I am one of the best to step inside a BPZ ring. And noone can tell me different. CRaZy....... I have done some things to get to the top, that people may call irrational or maybe even crazy. Am I crazy? Am I deranged? Maybe, I am. The way I look at it is, im unique. I look outside the box, i do things some men just wouldnt see as sane. Well I say screw it, I do what I need to do, to be the very best. If you say im crazy for that, maybe your the actual crazy one here. Icon begins to grab his head, feeling dizzy, before grabbing the camera, and pushing it away. The screen fades to black, as we head backstage.

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