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  1. Has to feel bad man, Rhodes just started up AEW, and WWE knows what kind of competition they can be, so they take him to court. This is not gonna look good for either parties.
  2. Man this would be awesome, I would love to do this Bic. It could really help out the discord, like with getting to know eachother better and such. And maybe make the discord more active and such. I remember Kieron doing these in the past and they were always loads of fun. Look forward to this, if we end up doing them.
  3. Owen Hart Triple H LOD The Rock Brian Christopher Steve Blackman Bonus: Owen Hart vs Shawn Micheals Cactus Jack, Triple H, Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock Cactus Jack
  4. I feel Cesaro and Gable would be huge additions to the roster for sure. And would fit so big good. The Revival would be a perfect fit.
  5. When I was little, I really thought Matt Hardy truly hated his brother, Jeff Hardy. Costing him the Wwe Championship match for real. Idk I was dumb, I thought the hatred was for real ahah.
  6. Name: Gunner Foles Height: 5'9 Weight:165 lbs Position: QB, Balanced
  7. Man Bic, you have an amazing diary here. And as I have said before If you ever need another brand Im right here. Anyways getting onto the review. I love the way you presented this, not making it that long of a read, but just right. I really like the idea of The Undisputed Era having both Tag Team Championships. It adds that aspect of domination which is always nice. You had a really good match card here, but what really stuck out was how you booked Owens. Having him win was the right call in my opinion, it will be interesting to see how you book him as king. And I look forward to it, once again it is always a nice read. My favorite diary to read on a consistent basis at the moment.
  8. Feedback would be appreciated!!
  9. Gunner Flynn


    -IUM Bad Blood 2019- Blood will be shed, friendships will end, and rivalries will hit their end. This is Bad Blood 2019, welcome to hell! What a way to start off the show, Hans Clayton vs Brad. Both men need this victory badly, but who has the mental strength to do so? Hans Clayton looks to overcome the loss he had a month ago against Bic, but will he have the same fate against Brad? We begin this match with a lockup, Hans seems to have the strength advantage at the start of this one. Hans would send his opposition into the corner, as he would proceed to go for a running lariat, but Brad would get out of the way just in time. As Hans would feel a bit off balance for a few seconds, Brad would go to end it with a Brad Breaker but Hans would catch him in mid air for a powerbomb. As we continue on, Hans seems to be getting back into this one as he goes after Brad with everything he has got. From punch to kick, to submissions. But at the end Hans was unable to defeat Brad as at the last moment, Hans would go for a superkick, Brad would duck under and hit a Brad Breaker for the victory. We now get set for our next matchup, it is for the IUM Televsion Championship, as Julius goes one on one with a rising star in Kenji. The real question here is, who is the better perfomer, who wants it more? Tonight we find that out, tonight we go to war. This championship match begins with a tense lockup, the strength advantage would be neutral, noone wanting to give an inch. But as that continues for a few moments, Julius begins the attack with a shoulder block, taking down KENJI to the mat. As we are jusgetting started, it seems Julius would be the favorite early on. Screaming that this was his ring. As we would continue, Kenji would get back into this one. From blow to blow, kick to kick, he impressed a lot of us here tonight. But once again it seemed Julius' brute strength was too much to handle at times. As he would throw Kenji to the other side of the ring, looking for a Claymore Kick, and it connects for the three count. Who will be able to beat this man? Next up, we have Mikey's open challenge. He feels to be underappreciated here in IUM, and tonight is all about proving that he is a star. But the question is, who will take this challenge issued by Mikey? Does anyone want to prove their stardom aswell? As Mikey is already in the ring, we await his opponent. And it is Raven, a man we have not seen in months. His first run was not very succesfull, but tonight he looks to change that. The bell rings, and we are off. We begin with a lockup, the strength advantage easily goes to Raven, as he pushes Mikey off the ropes, hitting him with a shoulder block. Mikey gets up shortly after that, getting back on the offensive side of things. Mikey would go for a brainbuster, but Raven would reverse, executing a german suplex. Mikey would land right on his neck. Raven sees this, and takes advantage of it, stomping on Mikey;s neck numerous times with no end. But Mikey is able to stay in this, taking Raven down with a BladeRunner for the victory. Mikey has done it, can he continue this wave of wins? In a match that would be exciting. It actually wouldnt happen. Yelich would enter the arena first, stating that due to a medical proceeding he could not compete tonight. Arius was nowhere to be seen, but a man we have not seen before had other ideas. A man by the name Bob Sparks, took to the ring, dismantling of Yelich, ending this attack, standing tall above a fallen Yelich. We now get ready for a match we have hyped up for a couple of weeks now. It is for the IUM World Championship, Sameer vs Bic. Sameer has been on a losing streak for the past two weeks, will a win get him out of that slump here tonight? The bell rings and we are officially off, we begin with a staredown. Noone wants to give an inch, but one has to, to begin this match. They now engage in a lockup, the strength advantage going to BIC, who sends the champion into the corner. He then goes for a forearm, but Sameer gets out of the way just in time. As we continue, Sameer would get back into this one. As he would execute a superkick followed up by a german suplex. Bic would land in a nasty spot, right on his neck. And it would be over right there, as Sameer would get up and connect with a curbstomp for the win. He would retain his championship, but the real question is at what cost? This Main Event is extremly personal. Two former best friends, fighting for the pride of being the best in IUM. But at what cost? Slim ruined a friendship to get to the top, but can he stay at the top? The match would begin with the fans extremely invested in this one. But they would have to begin the match at one time, and they did just that. A brawl began, fist to fist, kick to kick, it seems No Mercy was a title for this match. This match was truly great, Smith would really be the MVP of this one though, as many would say the underdog of this one. As we would continue, Slim would get back into this one as he would hit a huge lariat on Smith. Now going to the outsidem grabbing a table. Bringing it into the inside and setting it up in the corner. But that may have been the wrong move as Smith would strike Slim with a spear through the table. Proceeding to climb the top rope for a Frog Splash and the win. After the match, a unfamiliar theme song would play, issuing a challenge to Smith.
  10. This is a big loss for NWA, and just over a comment sucks. It has come a common ting where you can’t say anything jus the slightest offensive without hurting heads. Jim is the next of that group.
  11. Ok so this is kind of like booking division in a sense but you will be booming in JOW. You can pick any company JD st not the same as someone else. And then you will share how you did. Rules will be shared once we get sign ups. I need 6 sign ups, just say I’m in.
  12. Started watching Poofesure, hilarious guy ngl. Thank you @BobdaBomband @Hansfor introducing me to this kind of entertainment. Honestly makes my day, sometimes just need a good laugh honestly.
  13. The card looks very good. Moxley vs Allin is gonna be sick Fenix vs Nick is just gonna be magic. Tag team action in aew is always fun and I wonder what the announcement will be from Jericho. I always enjoy some Wednesday night action and I have a feeling that won’t end anytime soon.
  14. God raw sucked, why can’t there just be one good raw nowadays. The only good part of this weeks raw as the sick match between Rollins and Andrade. This Lana/Rusev/ Bobby feud just really needs to go.

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