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  1. Gunner Flynn


    A New General Manager In the spark of Kushida leaving CRW due to a contract dispute. CRW had to find a new General Manager in the span of 24 hours. In the spark of the moment, MJF was found to take the role. Was this a well thought out decision, or will it backfire? Welcome to CRW! The Bailey vs Marker Andrews Last week, we saw the revealation of The Bailey in CRW. The hatred between Bailey and Slim continues to boil over. Officialy in 2 weeks, reported by CRW.com, The Bailey will go one on one with Slim, live at CRW: Redemption. Now getting to this match, damn Bailey wanted to send a message to Slim for sure. This was a one sided affair, that lasted about 10 minutes. When it got to the 8 minute mark, Bailey would pick up Marker, slapping the taste out of his mouth. Trasitioning into a Bailey Bottom. Getting the 3 count and an easy victory. A clear message sent to Slim. Creeping Around We return from commercial break. As a vignette opens up with the #1 Contender for the CRW World Championship, who will challenge KENJI. Brad begins looking over the horizon, pulling his hair out for fun. Before closing the segment, he says one phrase, "This Is My Kingdom". The screen then fades to black. H.R. PufSnuf vs Miles Taylor Another fantastic match here, as H.R. PufSnuf, contto prove his domincanc ehere in CRW. Miles Taylor has shown, he has got what it takes to be at the top as well. A lengthy match, with a solid 15 minutes, H.R. PufSnuf would put away Miles Taylor with a Package Piledriver. Securing the victory, and his dominance. Beauty is Within After another commerical break, we surface to a beach. Where Mason Moore is sitting, looking around at his surroundings. Mason is one that loves his beauty, but doesnt use it to his advantage, he said to the cameraman. As the screen fades to black. KENJI vs Aidanator We now get set for our Main Event of the evening. As the grumpy old grandpa, who farts a lot gets ready to go one on one with our World Champion. The match was intense, well for Aidanator, as he couldnt catch his breath for most of it. Kenji would end the old veteran after 5 minutes, with a huge lariat.
  2. Fr lmao, I don’t see even 5 people playing the game at this point, it’s gotten boring. I haven’t been playing the new season, but I don’t think loads would probably give it the chance.
  3. Liv Morgan has the ability, to be a Women’s Champion. She has the looks, ability and character. WWE just needs to have the same faith in her. She really could be a key player for sure. What do you all think about this?
  4. I don’t like this booking decision by WWE at all. Rollins has already got massive heat from the Hell in A Cell ending. And obviously with Bray being on Smackdown now. He’s not going to be winning this one. So it’s only going to continue to hurt both parties in this one. It seems WWE just likes pissing there demographic off. And it continues to seem that way.
  5. I’m actually going to this show tomorrow. I’m so hyped, and seeing the preview for it, is just awesome. The street fight for the World Championship should be brilliant. Alongside, some great tag team action. Aew sure has a great division for that, along with a women’s division.
  6. This match should be great. I’m excited for it. I see Mansoor winning, can’t believe Cesaro continues to be treated this way. First off being undrafted, now this. But should I be surprised?
  7. I enjoyed raw last night. It was a sign of relief, with how shit Raw has been these past few months. Really enjoyed Rollins heel work, atleast I hope it was heel work. But like Bic said, knowing Wwe, he will be a babyface next week, like nothing ever happened. I’m happy Viking Raiders got their time as champions. Ziggler and Roode had a solid reign, but it was their time to give up the titles. Hope Raw can keep this up.
  8. For the tag team, The Sickness! @Gunner Flynn @Thelastemperor
  9. Welcome to WPW, pyro ignites, the crowd is on fire tonight. We have a stacked card tonight, but first before we start, Seth Rollins would like to get a few things off his chest. Seth Rollins: I am the Champion. Every company I step into , I am always the face of that company. And WPW is no diffrent. . So tonight, I acclaim that prophecy, as I take on RUSH. I will make sure, I get the respect i deserve. This is my kingdom, and come 2 weeks, it still will be. ReDragon vs The Usos Pretty good match here, the tag team division is stacked, here in WPW. And these two teams wanted to prove that they are the single best team here. And both teams certainly proved that. Back and forth action from both teams here, when we got to the closing moments of this match. ReDragon was able to finish off the Usos with a brainbuster from Kyle O’reily to Jimmy Uso. Look Inside Marty Scrull: I have been what most people like to call, “strange”. A centerpiece of evil. I like to think, that my insanity drives me to be the best. My insanity makes people afraid. Why am I insane? Well that is rather simple, I like seeing people get down on their knees, asking to be spared. I like torturing my opponents, maybe I am different. But I am one of the best, that ever stepped inside the squared circle, now is that bad? Mustafa Ali vs Noam Dar A very technical match here. No one seems to have a number on eachother. Both men are what most would call underdogs, so winning this match for either men, was very important. Halfway into the match, exhaustion would set in for both performers. Ali would go for a running plancha, but would be reversed by Noam Dar into a shin breaker. A few moments later, Noam Dar would go to pick up the battered Ali but would be met with a rollup by Mustafa, securing the win. Noam Dar was robbed here tonight. After the match, Ali would be celebrating but would be attacked from behind. The loss not settling well with Dar. My Home Buddy Murphy: In 2 weeks, I go one on one, with Seth Rollins. A man that is World Champion. I have waited too long for this spotlight. And in 14 days, I take that spotlight and turn it into gold. This is my home, my world and my damn company. RUSH vs Seth Rollins Damn, what a main event here. Both men want this spot as the other. And it proved in this bout. Seth Rollins had, RUSH's number though. Everytime RUSH went for a maneuver, Rollins was there to counter it. When it came to the final minutes of our main event, Rollins would pull out at all the spots, but RUSH would finally get some momentum. And go for a rollup, but Rollins would duck under with a Curb Stomp.Grabbing the victory.
  10. For @Hans, Hope you enjoy bro. If anyone wants a video for their kayfabe character, just hit me up or state it down below.
  11. Wrestlemania 26 Winner: The Undertaker vs Shawn Micheals Wrestlemania 27 Triple H vs The Undertaker Randy Orton vs Cm Punk The Miz vs John Cena
  12. BPZ World Championship: Slim (c) vs Sameer BPZ Intercontinental Championship: Smith (c) vs Hans BPZ North American Championship: Yelich (c) vs Raven BPZ NXT Championship: Amai (c) vs Epic Heel's Open Challenge: Heel vs ??? (Nebakos) BPZ Tag Team Championships: First Class Express (c) vs The United Nations BPZ United States Championship: Mikey (c) vs Buddy Ace BPZ Undisputed Championship: Flynn (c) vs Necce

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