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  1. Man I would love this, I have been a huge fan of Killer Kross back in impact, and if I could see something similar character wise in WWE, I would be so damn happy. His character is very unique and something we don’t see WWE utilize a lot today. I could see him debuting in NXT this year and taking it by storm, I believe NXT can get kind of stale at times and bringing Kross over there would make it a lot less stagnant. It would also be a great move relationship wise as his girlfriend, Scarlett is in Nxt at the moment. Overall this would be a fantastic move for all parties.
  2. Got me it’s easily 2017. You had guys like Shinsuke Nakamura, Sami Zayn, Samoa Joe and Bobby Roode all on one show. The wrestling was top tier and the storylines were excellent. I feel like this was NXT’s peak, not only for their brand but for their fan base. One match that really sticks to me is Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura, it really cemented 2017 as NXT’s best year to date for me atleast.
  3. Wasn’t a fan of this match at all. It was placed in a dead spot, and didn’t help the match at all. And with Charlotte Flair winning the Royal Rumble, that only means Bayley as Smackdown Women’s Champion will stick for a few more months.
  4. Man I loved this clash, the classic battle of good vs evil. I loved how the strap match was the classic rules and not that four corners shit. I feel both men performed very well, and made the match very enjoyable to watch. With The Fiend winning I see this feud being over most likely and moving on to his Wrestlemania opponent who will probably be Roman Reigns. So it will be an interesting couple of months coming up on Smackdown. Who do you all think The Fiend will do battle against at the biggest event of the calendar year?
  5. Honesty this was Shayna’s chance. They should of done it, but they chose against it. But Charlotte Flair was surely the second best choice and they went with it, and the way they have been pushing her fr the past 3 months it doesn’t surprise me. Now I see them going for anther Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair match which honestly I don’t want to see again. Or they could he going the route of the old triple triple threat match Of adding Shayna into the mix. It’s all about how they want to build and what they deem fit at that point in time. Should be interesting though, I also enjoyed the surprises that they had during the match like Kelly Kelly, Molly Holly, and Mercedes Martinez. One thing that bothered was that there was no Sasha Banks in the match even though she declared. But all in all a solid royal rumble match.
  6. Pretty solid match, and Andrade has once again retained his United States Championship. I am not gonna lie, I thought on multiple occasions in this clash that Humberto would win, but I am very happy that this was not the case. I would say he goes all the way up to Wrestlemania, and retires Rey there. After such a rich history between them it would only be fitting that this was his last match, a pass the torch kind of moment.
  7. This wasn’t a half bad match, I feel like the falls count anywhere stipulation helped a lot, as they were able to use the stadium as they pleased. Roman winning was the right call, and we finally got to end this shitty feud(I hope). Now with Roman Reigns not being able to win the Royal Rumble, what is next for the big dog? For me I would say he gets a chance at The Fiend at Wrestlemania somehow, but only time can tell.
  8. Gunner


    "Contempress" by Motionless In White blasts through the PA System, for the first time in three weeks, the sight of Gunner is seen, the brutal attack placed upon Gunner has left him battered and bruised for 21 days. Tonight he returns to the place he loves, consumed by a mixed reaction from the crowd he steps inside the ring. A 2 year journey has ended in a heap of despair and denial. Last night I took the measures that I felt were right, and I sought revenge. Well can you honestly blame me? For three weeks I dealt with the feelings of agony and betrayal, only to be told I would have to miss the second biggest event of the calendar year. And now I have nothing left to lose! NOTHING. When I look back on those two years of friendship we cherished so heavily, I dont see a friendship I see a plan. A plan to end everything that I have worked so hard to build, and in the end you were successful. Are you happy now Jason Ryan? Are you fulfilled? Because you have awoken a demon that has not been inside of me for ages, you have awoken a piece of me that I have tried so desperately to keep away, you have poked the demon, and now you must deal with the repercussions. A range of emotions peer through Gunner's wounded face, as his whole world has fallen right in front of him, last week Jason Ryan challenged him to a Street fight, will he accept this deadly challenge or not have the strength to fight his once called brother? You want a street fight?! Well you got it! Everything I do is with a purpose, when I step inside that ring there is noone better than me. My entire Career I have stumbled upon so many obstacles, that I have forgotten my accomplishments, so when you broke any happiness I had left, I had no choice but to prove why I am the best. So do not come out here and tell me I am not worth it, this is my damn life and I am so tired of pleasing everyone. I need to begin pleasing myself, and showing the world who Gunner truly is. Jason, you have lit a spark under me that I have needed for over a year, what do you want me to say? You were right? How you saw through me, that my thick skin has turned fragile over the years? No, my vulnerability has become my best friend, while I have lost what I once knew to be family, I have found myself in the process. So the next time you want to talk about my character, maybe look in the mirror. Now this match isnt about revenge, its about proving myself worthy. Two weeks ago, if you asked me "Do You Want To Hurt Jason Ryan", my answer would be simply no. Well now all I want to do is hurt you, you screwed me out of everything, and now I end what you began. At St. Valentines Day Massacre you will bleed to my feet, you will bow down to "The Bastard" Gunner, I am going to end you Jason Ryan, but just remember you brought this all upon yourself. " A Broken Brothership Is What Led Me Down This Path", as Gunner spreads his words of wisdom, a familiar theme song echos throughout the arena, Gunner's face tells the whole story.
  9. Lance Archer Joining AEW- This in my eyes would honestly be fantastic, Lance Archer is a great brawler, but also a great wrestler. In my opinion he was the breakout star of the G1 Climax 29, and it proved my point I am trying to make. He would be a huge asset to AEW, with some Marquee matches like Jon Moxley vs Lance Archer, Cody Rhodes vs Lance Archer and much more. This would only be a plus for Archer, continuing his journey to the top of the food chain.
  10. - WWF Heavyweight Championship Hulk Hogan (c) vs. André the Giant Mr. T vs. Roddy Piper - WWF Intercontinental Championship Randy Savage (c) vs. Bob Orton vs. Ricky Steamboat - Bruno Sammartino's Retirement Match Big John Studd vs. Bruno Sammartino The North-South Connection vs. Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik Jake Roberts vs. Ted DiBiase - WWF Tag Team Championships The Hart Foundation (c) vs. The British Bulldogs 𝐵𝑜𝑛𝑢𝑠 𝑄𝑢𝑒𝑠𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛𝑠 Which match will score the highest overall rating?: Hulk Hogan vs Andre The Giant Which two WWF women's wrestlers will appear on a WrestleMania episode of Piper's Pit?: Wendi Ritcher and Moolah
  11. For me it is honestly 2016. WWE had one of their best years in ages around this time, and had a very good roster. With the likes of Roman Reigns, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Triple H and many more just to name a few. But the question is what made this roster so great? This is a simple answer, with this roster there was so many great matches, and not a lot of stagnant ones, it really set up for a fantastic roster and year. How about you guys, and why do you think it set up for better matches along the calendar year? Also when you look at the WWE Champion at the beginning of the year, it also gives you that feel of not needing a Champion for that long, as he lost it just three weeks later, handing it over to Triple H. Then winning it back at Wrestlemania, then it became a long title reign. Overall a fantastic year, and I wish we would see more of this recently, and it makes you think went wrong?
  12. WWE: WHAT IF SERIES (What If Bray Wyatt Defeated Randy Orton) The date was February 12th, 2017, the event was Elimination Chamber and this was a historic night for Bray Wyatt. It was down to Bray Wyatt and AJ Styles, toe to toe for the WWE Championship, Bray Wyatt has worked in the company for over 5 years at this point in time. But it seemed all of that might go to waste, as AJ Styles would go for a Styles Clash.... but Bray Wyatt would execute a perfect Sister Abigail. After the Sister Abigail was connected, Bray Wyatt would taste the feeling of victory. As he would raise the WWE Championship above his shoulders, until a heap of darkness would pray over Bray Wyatt. As Randy Orton would make his presence known, challenging Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 33. A broken brotherhood, turned into darkness for one artifact, the WWE Championship. Over the next few weeks, the buildup to Wrestlemania 33 would be a a darkness fest, as Bray Wyatt tried to understand went went wrong in this brotherhood? Wrestlemania would now peak over the horizon, who will take the artifact that these two cherish the most? We have reached the biggest event of the year, Bray Wyatt vs Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Who wants it more? We find out right now, as we got to the near end, Randy Orton would go for the RKO but the lights would cut out. Revealing a man with a mask, as he took it off sirens would start buzzing, revealing it to be Tomasso Ciampa! He would strike Randy Orton with a knee, letting Bray Wyatt take advantage with A Sister Abigail and the victory. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. -Men's Royal Rumble- Men's Rumble - First Pick : Roman Reigns Men's Rumble - Second Pick: Drew Mcintyre -Women's Royal Rumble- Women's Rumble - First Pick: Sasha Banks Women's Rumble - Second Pick: Shayna Baszler The Fiend (c) vs. Daniel Bryan (Universal Championship strap match) Bayley (c) vs. Lacey Evans (SmackDown Women's Championship) Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin Becky Lynch (c) vs. Asuka (Raw Women's Championship) Sheamus vs. Shorty G Andrade (c) vs. Humberto Carrillo (United States Championship) Bonus Questions: Second to last match on the card?: The Fiend vs Daniel Bryan First match on the card?: Becky Lynch vs Asuka Men's Rumble - Entrant #7: Drew Mcintyre Men's Rumble - Entrant #27: Roman Reigns Women's Rumble - Entrant #7: Natalya Women's Rumble - Entrant #27 : Trish Stratus
  14. I’m glad to see Sheamus back but not having this as his first feud back. I like Shorty G, but they don’t deserve a ppv match in my opinion. But as they do have one, I am going to go with Sheamus to get a Dominating victory for his return match, and go on to bigger and better things. I’m hoping that this makes Sheamus a viable threat once again.
  15. Who Do You Prefer- This is a very interesting one for sure, both men have captured the attention of all audiences anywhere they went, but it varied in the ways they have done so. CM Punk has captured people's attention with his famous pipebombs, his wrestling skill and his obvious microphone skills. But for Adam Cole he is also a great wrestler, he has formed the Undisputed Era, who have reigned supreme over NXT for the past two years, but who do you all prefer? CM Punk or Adam Cole? For me it has to be Adam Cole, I have loved his work since his ROH days and he continues to amaze me everytime he steps inside that very ring.
  16. I honestly could care less about this match, I feel Humberto Carrillo has been pushed to the moon for no reason at all. He is not very good, and honestly I find him quite boring inside the squared circle. I am hoping to see Andrade retain and continue what has been a quite solid reign thus far as United States Champion. With him defeating Rey Mysterio twice already, and pulling off an amazing match this past Monday, I cant see him dropping that title until Mania. But yet again you dont know with the WWE, anything can happen and with how they have pushed this kid, I dont see why they wouldnt put the title on him.
  17. For me it was Royal Rumble 2010, when Shawn Micheals was ever so desperate to get that Royal Rumble win, his desire to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania led to his own demise. From having to eliminate his best friend Triple H, to having to fight demons inside his mind, and finally being eliminated by Batista close to the end of the match, the storytelling was honestly so beautiful. But what can be better than that? Shawn Micheals will to become the guy he didnt want to become, after being eliminated he would strike a referee with a Sweet Chin Music, showing his obsession with the Deadman was honestly too much to handle. The storytelling was so perfect because he was able to tell a story of obsession and betrayal all in that one night, and that is honestly not easy to do at all. He would move on to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 26, where he would taste his last match, or so we thought? But that night we saw a man who went to lengths we thought no possible just to face one man at the biggest show of the year... what gets better than that?
  18. For me The Prophecy comes to mind, as Seth Rollins is trying to fill a prophecy along 3 other guys. Crippler stayed a great name too, “The Second Coming”, makes a lot of sense actually. I really like where this stable is headed, and I feel one of those two names could really help them out a lot as well.
  19. So I’m actually pretty excited for this matchup, my prediction is Sasha Banks. Smackdown has booked her pretty well as of late. And this win, will help her out loads since her return. I also see Sasha Banks vs Bayley happening at Wrestlemania, which we have been waiting for, for years. I have also seen the name Shayna Baszler pop up a couple of times, as much as so would lobe that to happen, I just don’t think it should happen quite yet.
  20. It is great to see Mandy Rose renew her contract for WWE. I have always enjoyed her presence in WWE, not just for her looks but her skills as a wrestler. In my opinion she is highly underrated, and teaming with Sonya Deville has helped her a lot. I see them getting a tag team title reign in the near future.
  21. For me It’s Monday Night Raw. I have loved what they have done since Seth Rollins tunes heel, and formed his stable with AOP and Buddy Murphy. I enjoy everything besides the Triangle love storyline. With Smackdown it is really hard to enjoy, especially with all the dog shit going on currently.
  22. Smackdown Rivalries Charlotte Flair vs Bayley(C)-Smackdown Womens Championship At the moment these two are the best women on the Smackdown Roster, and they will both battle it out for the top prize. Ever since Sasha Banks had returned, Bayley has had a new side to her, maybe you would call it a twisted side. And no women has been able to step up to her like Charlotte Flair has, and at Elimination Chamber she looks to take what Bayley cherishes the most. But you have to ask yourselves, is Bayley in Flair's head? As mind games have come so easily to Bayley, has she been able to get in the mind of Flair, and take her off her game? In 4 weeks we will see if this holds to be true. What a bout this will be and what a rivalry this has been, it all ends here. Elimination Chamber Match-#1 Contenders Match For The WWE Championship At Wrestlemania 36 6 men will go at it to decide who The Fiend's next victim will be at Wrestlemania 36. Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, King Corbin, Mustafa Ali, Sami Zayn and Daniel Bryan all will be locked inside this chamber. And the question to that is, who wants it the most? This Chamber changes Careers, but will it change it for the better or for worse? Over the past 4 weeks, two men have been going at it, and it seems it means the most to them. Daniel Bryan And Roman Reigns have showed hatred to one another, this hatred has not been shown since 2015 between them. At Eliminaton Chamber we will see the lengths these 6 men will go to, for the chance to become Champion. The Fiend(C) vs The Miz- Universal Championship After The Fiend was able to put away Daniel Bryan last month, The Miz has found it his mission to seek vengeance on what he might call his friend. But on the other side of things The Fiend is one of the best at mind games, and it has affected Miz, not just for him but for his family as well. How will he be able to deal with this come Elimination Chamber, if at all? In 4 weeks we will see, one of The Miz's most improtant and personal matches he has been apart of to date. Can he grab the gold and make it to Wrestlemania with it? Or will The Fiend's reign of terror continue? Only time will tell, we shall see when the time comes. Shinsuke Nakamura(C) vs Braun Strowman- Intercontinental Championship And finally we come to the Intercontinental Championship, a test of strength for both men. Can Braun Strowman finally grab onto some gold, or will Shinsuke Nakamura continue his title reign? When we see what these men have gone through these past 4 weeks, you can tell how much this match means to both, but who truly wants it more? At Elimination Chamber, these two will go at it, they will go to War for one prize, and that is the Intercontinental Championship. With Cesaro and Sami Zayn alongside Shinsuke Nakamura, will that effect the outcome? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February Week 1- Rating 74/Attendance-8,994 February Week 2- Rating 74/Attendance 9,443 February Week 3-Rating 73/Attendance-10,424
  23. Episode 1- "Insanity Begins" We open up the show with Kevin Owens already in the ring, presenting himself in a fancy suit, pacing around the ring before the crowd has gone from cheering to dead silent. As Kevin Owens lifts up his microphone to a place where he can speak the arena is silent, eager to hear what Kevin Owens has to say. Kevin Owens- For years I have been the best inside and outside of this squared circle, traveling the globe to better myself. And yet I still feel hungry, I want to become the very best, to be remembered without a shadow of a doubt that noone can match up to what I can do. And that is why I am here in Insanity, but there is one man who I want to prove my worth against and that is Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins- Kevin, Kevin, Kevin what are you doing pal? Yes I agree with you one one thing you are surely a fantastic performer but unfortunately for you, you are no Seth Rollins. And frankly you never will be but I will tell you what Kevin, as it seems you are very eager to get a crack at greatness. You will get a chance, we will meet at Insanity: Cracked. And I am very excited to expose you for the plain performer you truly are. Not only that, but for the vacant Insanity World Championship. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sasha Banks vs Rhea Ripley In a great match, two fantastic performers would go at it, for a chance to face Toni Storm at Insanity:Cracked for the vacant Insanity Womens Championship. For the majority of the matchup, Rhea Ripley was control. Her strength factor aided her in the match heavily. As we got to the halfway point in this one, Sasha Banks was able to start getting some momentum in. Using her speed advantage to aid her, would Rhea Ripley be able to come back from this? The answer to that question is no, as Sasha Banks would continue her offense for a few more minutes. Before executing a beautiful Banks Statement, after a few painful moments for Rhea Ripley she has no other option to tap out. As we will see Sasha Banks vs Toni Storm for the Insanity Womens Championship in 4 weeks. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where Am I?! As we return from commercial break, R-Truth and Carmella are sitting alongside eachother on a set of comfy chairs. As Truth looks at a set of index cards, he stumbles on one that catches his eye. It says Dance Break......... R-Truth- Wow what a rush, where am I anyways? Why is there people around me, I thought I was at a tattoo convention? I dont see any parlors, this is very strange. Well anyways sorry for wasting yalls time, see ya later. Enjoy the rest of the show! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jake Hager vs Micheal Elgin Our next match was a great one, and it was to decide who would face Matt Sydal for the Insanity Global Championship come Insanity:Cracked. As we began this great match, it would become evident that this was a big hoss fight. For the majority of the match, it would be a back and forth contest before we got past the majority of the contest. After the majority of this contest had passed, Jake Hager had begun to get the momentum rolling on Micheal Elgin. After a few moments had passed, Jake Hager would hit a Gutwrech Powerbomb to put away Micheal Elgin away. And furthermore, at Insanity: Cracked it will be Jake Hager vs Matt Sydal for the vacant Insanity Global Championship. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buddy Murphy vs Ace Austin As we begin this decent match, Buddy Murphy would have the advantage early on. He would use his strength factor and start off an early momentum booster in this match. As we would continue a few moments later, Buddy Murphy would be struck with a dropkick, taking him down right to the mat. And just like that, this match has shifted upon a dime. As we get to the last moments of this clash, Buddy Murphy would get back on the attack, and execute a devastating Murphy's Law for the 3 count. After a great perfomance by both men here tonight, there could only be one winner and that was Buddy Murphy. After the match had come to an end, Buddy Murphy would be found celebrating before Mustafa Ali would rush to the ring, taking down Buddy Murphy. Shots to the skull and the abdomen area took Buddy Murphy out of the ring, why has Mustafa Ali taken out Buddy Murphy? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Johnny Gargano vs Juice Robinson And finally in our Main Event of the evening, we had a great matchup. As Johnny Gargano went one on one with Juice Robinson. Both performers laid it out all on the line here tonight, trying to prove that they are truly the best. As we got into it, it seemed Johnny Gargano was the more experienced competitor between the two and that helped him gain momentum in this clash. As we would continue on, Juice Robinson seemed a bit lost out there with Johnny Gargano and that would eventually be his demise. As Johnny Gargano would strike Juice Robinson with a Superkick, following up by locking in the Gargano Escape for the win. After the match, Johnny Gargano would celebrate but it wouldnt last long as he would see Tomasso Ciampa at the top of the ramp. Signaling a goodbye signal, wishing him the best of luck in his future. Is this a sign for the future? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Insanity Episode 2: "Continuation" This week's edition of Insanity begins with a continuation of the fallout we endured last week. After Johnny Gargano's big victory against Juice Robinson, Tomasso Ciampa would lurk on the top of the ramp, possibly signaling future events. And those future events seem to be placed tonight, as Johnny Gargano was set to compete tonight, Tomasso Ciampa was found taking out Johnny Gargano with a crutch, now staring down at a broken brother in the process. What is the next step for these two? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mustafa Ali vs Matt Sydal In a decent match, both men would be fighting for one thing and that is momentum. With both performers having big matches in 3 weeks, with Mustafa Ali going one on one with Buddy Murphy and Matt Sydal fighting Jake Hager for the Insanity Global Championship, momentum is very important. As we begin Matt Sydal seems to have the upperhand for the majority of this clash. Seeming to do his homework on his opposition very vividly. But as we pass the majority of this matchup, Mustafa Ali begins to get back into this one. Striking Sydal with the majority of his arsenal, finishing his combo with a beautiful superkick. After this, Mustafa Ali heads to the top rope for a 450 splash, for the three count. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jake Hager vs Ace Austin We now begin our next matchup, as Jake Hager will go one one with Matt Sydal in 3 weeks can he get the momentum that he desires? As we begin our 2nd match of the evening, it begins slow, the strength advantage going to Jake Hager easily. For most of the match Jake Hager would be in control, throwing Ace Austin around like a rag doll. When It looked like Ace Austin had no chance, his luck would start ringing around. As we continue, this match seems to be coming to an end fairly soon. Ace Austin looks to go for a dropkick, but Jake Hager grabs his leg and locks him in a Ankle Lock, after a few moments Ace Austin has no other choice but to tap out, giving Jake Hager the victory and the momentum he needed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cracked As we return from commercial break, Kevin Owens is standing in the ring awaiting for silence to be the common theme in the arena. In 3 weeks he will go one on one with Seth Rollins for the Insanity World Championship, which will without a doubt be a classic. Tonight he will address his game plan and how he feels about Seth Rollins' remarks last week. Kevin Owens- Last week Seth Rollins had a lot of personal things to say about me, how I am not him. But the fact is I would never want to be a little bitch like Mr. Rollins here, I am Kevin Owens and thats all I would ever want to be. And come 3 weeks time, I am going to expose Seth Rollins for what he truly is, a second hand Kevin Owens. There is truly nothing special about him and that will be the truth. You are looking at your first ever Insanity World Champion. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Toni Storm vs Carmella We now return from commercial break, where we get set for some Womens action. Toni Storm will go one on one with Sasha Banks in 3 weeks for the Insanity Womens Championship, so the question alone is where is her head at? She will go one on one with Carmella tonight, who is usually too focused on her dance breaks, so we will see how this goes. As we begin the match, Toni Storm gets the advantage early on. With her aggressive style and high speed, Carmella was never able to really get going. As Toni Storm looks excellent tonight, she takes out Carmella with a sit out powerbomb for the victory. After the match, she would celebrate but would receive an attack by Sasha Banks. Executing a Banks Statement for a few moments before letting go, making Toni Storm tap out, can this happen in 3 weeks? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seth Rollins vs Bobby Roode We have now finally reached the main event of the evening as Seth Rollins will go one on one with Bobby Roode. As Seth Rollins will go one on one with Kevin Owens in 3 weeks, where is his headspace at and how will he perform here tonight. And for Bobby Roode he is simply just looking for a win tonight. Who will get what they are looking for. As we begin the match, it is evident that Seth Rollins has done his homework on the opposition. His work in- ring was flawless and that got him the win tonight. In about 11 minutes he would put away a gamed Bobby Roode with a CurbStomp. Sending a message to Kevin Owens it seems, see you all next week on Insanity. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Insanity Episode 3 "Getting Insane" We open up this week's episode of Insanity with the sight of Seth Rollins in the ring. He begins to pace around, as the crowd show their disdain for him. He waits for silence to dawn around the arena, before placing the microphone upon his lips. Seth Rollins- In 2 weeks, I go one on one with Kevin Owens for the Insanity World Championship, and honestly this match is very important to me. I need to defeat Kevin Owens to show that I am someone who will be remembered for ages. And let me make this very clear, I am not a Kevin Owens 2.0, I am my own man and in 14 days I prove just that. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buddy Murphy vs Matt Sydal Last week, Mustafa Ali felt the devastating taste of defeat against Matt Sydal. And this week, Buddy Murphy will test his luck against Matt Sydal. Can he defeat the man who defeated his opposition in two weeks, or will he taste the same feeling of defeat this week? In a decent match, Buddy Murphy was able to pull out the victory. He proved that he is better than Mustafa Ali, as he defeated Matt Sydal perfectly clean. In a 16 minute battle, we saw what both men are made of but at the end Buddy Murphy would execute a perfect Murphy's Law for the three count and the victory. Will this be the same sight come Insanity: Cracked? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sasha Banks vs Sonya Deville We now move on to some Women's action as Sasha Banks goes one on one with Sonya Deville. In 14 days, Sasha Banks will go one on one with Toni Storm for the Insanity Womens Championship. Now the question is can Sasha Banks focus on her opposition tonight, or will that get in her way and end up being her demise? We will find out in a few moments. In an exciting match, we would see Sasha Banks defeat a gamed Sonya Deville. Sasha Banks was able to do her homework on her opposition and take advantage of that. In about a 13 minute clash, Sasha Banks was able to put away Sonya Deville with an effective Banks Statement, with Deville having no choice but to tap out. Giving Sasha Banks the momentum she ever so desired. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tomasso Ciampa vs Juice Robinson We now move on to a thrilling match, between Tomasso Ciampa and Juice Robinson. With polar opposites going at it, the question is who can get that desiring win? Johnny Gargano has to been creeping up in the mind of Tomasso Ciampa, so can he focus on the task given at hand? In a great match, Tomasso Ciampa would be able to secure the victory. He was dominant in this one, with his head being ever so clear, it seems. After the match, Johnny Gargano would attack Ciampa with a broken crutch, symbolizing what had happened the week prior. And in 2 weeks, these two will go at it in all out war, who knows what could happen? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evil As we return from commercial break, we move to the backstage area. Where Johnny Gargano lies breathing very heavily. He stands by waiting to have a microphone placed where he can speak, and as he does so he looks down into the empty ground. Johnny Gargano- You know it hurts me to have to do this, but I have no other choice. Tomasso Ciampa I have to end you, you have hurt me in a way I didnt think was possible. I am going to end your career, do you understand me? We are going to go to War, but I will be the only man standing from it, and Tomasso Ciampa you will be no more. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin Owens vs Micheal Elgin We have now finally reached our Main Event of the evening. Tonight in our Main Event, Kevin Owens will go one on one with Micheal Elgin. Both needing some momentum going forward, but the question is who will be able to do so? As we begin this match, it is evident that both men will be bring thier A- Game here tonight. But it would not be enough, as Kevin Owens would retrieve the victory, with a Pop Up Powerbomb. After the match, Owens would celebrate his victory after Seth Rollins would attack him from behind and execute a Curb Stomp, taking Kevin Owens out just 14 days away from their huge match. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Insanity Episode 4 "Go Home Show" The time has come for another edition of Insanity as we have reached episode 4 of this fantastic show. Tonight we begin with the man who will go one on one with Jake Hager for the Insanity Global Championship in just 6 days. Tonight he waits backstage to speak about his gameplan, and how much this match truly means to him. Matt Sydal- This match means more to me than anything you could ever imagine. I havent been a champion in a couple of years and nothing would mean more to me then to retrieve a piece of gold once again. This is my time, and Jake Hager in 6 days I will prove to you that size does not matter, only how big my heart is will decide the result. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jake Hager vs Crimson We now get ready for our opening match here tonight, as Jake Hager goes one on one with Crimson. As reported earlier today, Jake Hager has been more focused than ever, especially to retirieve the vacant Global Championship. But can he focus on the task at hand tonight? Because it surely will not be an easy one for Jake Hager. As we begin this match, it was a decent one. Jake Hager seemed to be off his game a little but not too much as he was able to get the victory. With the Gutwrentch Powerbomb for the three count. After the matchup, he would place an Ankle Lock on Crimson, sending a message to Matt Sydal just 6 days from their big matchup at Insanity: Cracked. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buddy Murphy vs Bobby Roode We now move on to another men's singles match, where Buddy Murphy will go one on one with Bobby Roode, Buddy Murphy looks towards his matchup in 6 days against Mustafa Ali, but tonight he must focus on defeating a gamed Bobby Roode. It surely will not be an easy task, but if anyone can accomplish this feat it surely is Buddy Murphy. In a Good match, Buddy Murphy would come on top, proving that he has all the momentum in the world at the moment. He would defeat Bobby Roode with an effective Murphy's Law for the three count. After the matchup he would celebrate, pointing to the back, declaring he has sent a message to Mustafa Ali. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Times Of Change As we return from commercial break, we come back to the solid image of a Contract Signing for the Insanity World Championship, the two men that stand in the ring are Kevin Owens And Seth Rollins. Who will battle it out in just 6 days at Insanity: Cracked, what do these two have to say according to this event, and what is both their mindsets? Seth Rollins- Kevin Owens, you are a man of your word. You truly are the one and only Kevin Owens. You have proven that you are a gift inside this ring, but what you fail to realize is that I am just simply better than you, there is noone like me. And Im sorry for bursting your bubble I truly am, but come Sunday, all of this fantasy crap, will crash back down to reality. Kevin Owens- God do you ever shut up? Like seriously, do you hear yourself when you speak? You are not as great as you say you are, and come Sunday I will expose you for that simple fact. I am going to win the World Championship, and there will be nothing you can do about it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sasha Banks vs Mickie James We now move on to some Women's action. Sasha Banks and Mickie James will go into battle, but for Sasha Banks she is only six days away from going one on one with Toni Storm for the Insanity Womens Championship, so where is her head at? In a great match, Sasha Banks would prove everyone wrong, as she would pick up the victory in quick fashion. Proving that she is focused on all tasks at hand, she would put away Mickie James with the Banks Statement, now putting her full attention into this Sunday, who will walk out as the Insanity Womens Champion? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brotherhood As the closing scene of Insanity Episode 4 begins, Ciampa is trying to calm down Johnny Gargano who has found him outside of the arena, as he trys to calm him down, Johnny Gargano says these last few words before this Sunday, "This Is Your Doing". This Sunday we will see this War conclude, but who will come out left standing? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to Insanity:Cracked, tonight we have a stacked card for you. But the question is who will begin the show for us? And that simple answer is, Johnny Gargano vs Tomasso Ciampa. The war of former friends will begin right here tonight, hope you all enjoy! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Johnny Gargano vs Tomasso Ciampa This War has been building up for the past four weeks. With Tomasso Ciampa seeking revenge, for honestly who knows? But he has turned Johnny Gargano from a loving wrestler to an evil seeker, how will this one go down? Only time can tell here in Insanity! In an amazing match, these two went to war, not only to war but made eachother bleed a pool of blood. But at the end, Tomasso Ciampa would come out with the victory, taking Gargano out with a DDT on the ramp, and taking him back to the ring for the win. After the match, Tomasso Ciampa would be celebrating his victory, before a certain man would challenge Tomasso Ciampa to a match in four weeks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lost In My Own way After a big loss for Johnny Gargano, just a few moments ago. He looks to leave the arena in despair but an interviewer stops him. And asks how he is feeling, where he moves on from here? Johnny Gargano steps back for a moment before speaking. Johnny Gargano- I dont know if I can, I cant do this anymore honestly. I always lose, I lost tonight, Ill lose tomorrow, and the next day. When does that cycle end, does it ever end? I am going to go rest at home, and think about my future. So if you dont mind leaving me the hell alone, I would very much appreciate it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sasha Banks vs Toni Storm- Insanity Womens Championship We now move on from despair to entertainment, as the next match is for the Insanity Women's Championship, as Sasha Banks goes one on one with Toni Storm. What a match this will be, there is a fond respect between these two, but you would have to think that all goes out the window tonight for a common prize, in the Womens Championship In a decent match, Toni Storm would pick up the win over Sasha Banks, as Sasha Banks looked off her game tonight, why, im not sure. But nonetheless, Toni Storm would lift up Sasha Banks for a powerbomb and the Womens Championship. After the matchup, Rhea Ripley would stand on the ramp, pointing at that very championship. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin Owens Gets Ready Tonight Kevin Owens goes one on one with Seth Rollins for the Insanity World Championship. We now find Kevin Owens working out to get ready for his match, before we approach him and ask him "What Is Your Gameplan Heading Into Tonight"? Kevin Owens- My gameplan, well that is fairly simple, go in there and do what I do best, beat people the hell up. You know I am so sick of Seth Rollins, so when I expose him tonight, it is going to be just that much richer. You are looking at your first ever Insanity World Champion! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Matt Sydal vs Jake Hager- Insanity Global Championship We now move on to yet another title match, and this time it is for the Global Championship, as Matt Sydal and Jake Hager go to battle. Jake Hager has looked very dominant as of late, but so has Matt Sydal, so the question really is, who wants it more? Tonight we find out the answer to that question, lets get them both inside the ring. In an ok match, both men looked decent. But Jake Hager just had that extra edge, as he would pick the victory up and the Global Championship. Jake Hager would end up putting away Matt Sydal with his vintage Ankle Lock. After the matchup, he would celebrate and prove how dominant he truly is, and he surely will be a dominant champion aswell. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seth Rollins Is Ready As we return from a promotion for Insanity's next event, Seth Rollins is pumped up inside the ring, but his match is scheduled to be the Main Event at this point in time. As he paces around the ring, the arena is echoing with boos before he begins to speak. Seth Rollins- God I am pumped up, tonight is gonna be the hardest thing ive done in ages. Listen Kevin Owens tonight we go to battle, but I dont just want you to suffer, i want you to beg for forgiveness. So tonight when your on your back, asking me to not stomp your hopes and dreams away just remember, you brought this upon yourself buddy. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bobby Roode And James Storm Reunite As Seth Rollins is still standing in the ring, Beer Money's theme song hits the PA System. Seth Rollins surely not knowing what to think, as they enter the ring, they give Rollins a beer, declaring that they are on his side as they all raise their hands in victory. The Main Event will surely now be an uphill battle for one Kevin Owens, how will it pan out from here? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins- Insanity World Championship What a Main Event this will be, Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins for the Insanity World Championship, who wants it more? As Kevin Owens knows there is now a distinct disadvantage for him at ringside, his pissed face expression tells the whole story. What a great match, both men laid everything out here tonight. But at the end Kevin Owens walked away with the Insanity World Championship, even with the defying odds he still walked away with this huge victory. He would put away Seth Rollins with a Pop Up Powerbomb, after the match, Johnny Gargano would run to the ring, dropping Kevin Owens down to size with a Superkick.

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