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  1. Honestly I am loving this so far Mikey, and it seems you are as well. Its pretty cool to see how I am developing over the years, and seeing Yelich & I as tag team Champions puts a huge smile on my face. Now looking at my record over the calendar year, I am pretty happy with it 46-6 is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm excited to see how Yelich & I do with the Tag titles in 2022 and keep this up Mikey its a very fun read whenever you post.
  2. Shayna Baszler vs. Kanako Urai ( KO / SUB / UD ) Miroslav Barnyashev vs. Bill Goldberg ( KO / SUB / UD ) Tom Budgen vs. Naomichi Marufuji ( KO / SUB / UD ) Stephanie Bell vs. Toni Rossall ( KO / SUB / UD ) Keith Lee vs. Harry Smith ( KO / SUB / UD )
  3. AJ Lee (27)- Aksana (31)- Alberto Del Rio (36)- Alexander Rusev (30)- Alicia Fox (27) Bad News Barrett (33)- Batista (45)- Big E Langston (28)- Big Show (42)- Bray Wyatt (26) Brie Bella (30)- Brock Lesnar (36)- Brodus Clay (34)- Cesaro (33)- Christian (40) CM Punk (35)- Cody Rhodes (28)- Curt Hawkins (28)- Curtis Axel (34)- Damien Sandow (32) Daniel Bryan (32)- Darren Young (30)- Dean Ambrose (28)- Diego (31)- Dolph Ziggler (33) Drew Mcintyre (28)- Erick Rowan (33)- Fernando (32)- Goldust (44)- Heath Slater- (30) Jack Swagger (32)- Jey Uso (28)- Jimmy Uso (28)- Jinder Mahal (27)- John Cena (36) JTG (29)- Justin Gabriel (33)- Kane (46)- Kofi Kingston (32)- Layla (35) Luke Harper (34)- Mark Henry (42)- Naomi (26)- Natalya (31)- Nikki Bella (30) Randy Orton (33)- Rey Mysterio (39)- Rob Van Dam (43)- Roman Reigns (28)- Rosa (34) R-Truth (42)- Ryback (32)- Seth Rollins (27)- Sheamus (36)- Summer Rae (30) Tamina (36)- The Miz (33)- The Undertaker (49)- Titus O'Neil (34)- Tyson Kidd (33) Xavier Woods (27)- Zack Ryder (28) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WWE Teams/Stables Los Matadores- Rhodes Dynasty Rollins & Reigns- The Usos The Wyatt Family 3MB The Authority The Shield The Wyatt Family --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WWE Champions We begin with the Divas Championship, that is currently held by one AJ Lee. I expected a low prestige because of the current state of the Women's division here in 2014, so I will surely be working on that weakness in the future. Winning it back on the date of June 16 2013, AJ Lee has taken care of the Divas Championship like it was her own child. The crazy individual looks to continue to wreak havoc on the Women's Division so the question that stands now is who will be able to dethrone AJ Lee? Next up is the Intercontinental Championship, with a decent prestige it is going to be fun to book this Championship back to where it once was. Big E Langston is a great way to venture out that goal, winning the gold back on November 18th 2013 he has had a decent reign now heading into the future. A lot of superstars on this roster would be great to take a crack at Big E Langston, while trying to climb up the ladder to break through that glass ceiling. Who will be able to dethrone the big man? Now we have the United States Championship, a good amount of prestige to start us off which is always nice. Going into this, Dean Ambrose has held the United States Championship since May 19th 2013. Almost closing on a year long title reign Dean Ambrose is, but will he be able to accomplish that goal or will someone come along and dethrone him before he is able to do so? I can only see the prestige going up with this Championship as time passes, will be fun to see how it progresses. Oh yes.... the tag team division, something I have to work on for for sure in the near future. Not many teams to go off by or challenge The Usos before becoming stale. But I have many guys that could form a team, that I believe would have decent chemistry in the long run so it's not all that bad. With 60 prestige, its not a bad start with The Usos holding the Tag Team Championships since March 3rd 2014. So a relatively new title reign, will The Usos be able to continue that reign or will it be just that, short? And finally we have the most prestigious belt in WWE at the moment, the WWE Championship currently held by Daniel Bryan. He finally had his big moment, the moment not just him but we as fans had all been waiting for. Winning the WWE Championship in the main event of Wrestlemania 30 against Randy Orton & Batista. So with only one day holding the Championship, the pressure is on to make the most of it. Who will be Bryan's first Challenger? Only time will tell.
  4. Summerslam 03: WHC Match: Brock Lesnar vs The Rock Special Guest Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE Championship Elimination Chamber March: HBK vs HHH vs Goldberg vs Jericho vs Edge vs Big Show The Undertaker vs Rhyno Career Threatening Match: Steiner, Christian and Raven vs Hogan and Foley Sting vs Kurt Angle IC: Orton vs Regal US: Benoit vs Cena vs Guerrero vs Perfect CW: Mysterio vs Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy RAW Tag: BookDust vs Dudleys vs HH vs APA SD Tag: T&A vs Kane and RVD
  5. Shane McMahon Takes Over WWE- April 2014 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the midst of the recent success of Wrestlemania 30, WWE had taken to their website by saying the following. "Just hours after Wrestlemania 30 went off air, Vincent Kennedy McMahon was found dead in his hotel room. Details are very scarce at this time, but in Vince's passing his son Shane Mcmahon will take over the operations of World Wrestling Entertainment from now on". With this news it will be interesting to see how Shane decides to run the Company into the future, can he keep the Company on top of the World or will he lead it to perish?
  6. Gunner

    Not Just My Dream

    After minutes of suffering, the pain had been enough for "The Bastard" Gunner as Sameer would lay him out headfirst into the canvas. As he would fall into the cover, the heavy sound of the referee's hand hitting the canvas for the three count would echo throughout the arena until the bell would toll for the last time here tonight. Gunner promised the world he would leave tonight with the victory, with his hands raised high up in the air but instead he finds himself dealing with failure once again. Only one path is next, will it lead to another failure or stardom? The night is about to officially end, as Gunner takes all the events in and soaks in what could be his toughest loss to date. Everything about the night is resurfacing in his mind, the cheers, the boos, the excitement. But at the end of the day it was not enough, his shoulders were down for three count and the dream that he had bestowed inside his mind had vanished. As he sat on the edge of his bed, located in the hotel room he was staying in overnight he would place an old picture of himself, and a few friends inside a wrestling ring located in his hometown of Long Island, New York. Gunner's eyes would widen as he would begin to speak in a depressed manner. "I failed you, every single last one of you. We set out on this journey a number of years ago, wanting to find success in a sport that we once loved but what went wrong? Maybe it was my ego, finding that one taste of success is what led me to fade away from the group or was it my constant failures? Two years ago, we placed ourselves under an unhealthy amount of stress before our desired BPZ Try-out. We had trained since Childhood for this moment, but only one lucky soul was able to secure that dream and that was me. Even though I have yet to speak to any of you since that day, I have never forgotten what led me to my dream and that is why I do this for you all. This dream is not just mine, but all of yours aswell and I have never forgotten that. Even in my failure, I find happiness knowing that maybe one of you are watching me live out our dream." "Tonight was an eventful night, one that I hope I am proud of in the future. But tonight I sit here and think otherwise, I know something went wrong during the encounter I just have to figure out what. For over a week, I had told myself that my destiny was my choice, that the narrative could be different but honestly its all just one big lie. I have felt failure my whole Career, whether it was to Julius, Bob Sparks, and now Sameer. Its nothing new, and I have always grieved the same and that is by blaming myself first. Thinking that I was never good enough, that my opposition was the better performer but I don't know anymore. I don't know what to think anymore, I have come to a point in my BPZ tenure where I have to sit back and give it one more go. Mayhem is where I give it one more go, I have nothing to lose! I can't lose to you a second time Sameer, I wasn't able to rip your dreams away like you had done to mine but I sure as hell can take away what you are comfortable with, the Intercontinental Championship." "Whether it is years ago or the recent past, it always comes back to haunt you. Alex Costa your betrayal is something that I have yet to deal with and it does not sit well with me. You are right though, The Cure wasn't ready and we weren't healthy either. I get it, you did what you felt was right for you, so you could become a star. So you aligned yourself with Jeremiah Flynn, and now I think you can understand why that is a problem. The man that I hate the most, the man who has made my life a living hell since day one you decide to align with. You have spoke about how much you dislike me, dislike what I stand for but that's ok. Many think alike, I have had my dreams snatched from my grasp and I am not going to let you do the same Costa. You may have been the victorious one out of us two, but I have to do this, not just for me but for them I hope you understand Alex." Gunner would pause, placing his hand on the picture looking at it with an extensive stare. The dream that all of these men had, one of them must do it for all of them. A friendship that had been broken due to greed, still exists for Gunner no matter the circumstances. He would begin to speak again in a more calm manner. "Now I dont even know what to think with this man, Marc Aaron Newton is it? I used to admire you, admired the courage you once held. But now I just see even more greed, greed for the money in your pocket and you now stand for nothing Aaron. I have seen many of men walk into this company and even walk out, changing what they had stood for numerous times but with you it saddens me. I know you walked into this Kingdom with a dream, no matter what it was you wanted to achieve it just like the rest of us. So when I see you this next weekend, I want you to show me who you used to be, what you used to stand for, and who you damn are Aaron and nothing but it." "I don't hate any of you, not even you Sameer. But I will seek my vengeance Sameer, I will defeat you and you can't do a damn thing about it! Tonight was supposed to be my night, supposed to be my chance in the spotlight and I have been overshadowed for the last time. I am not going to ask for anything from anyone any longer, from now on I will be taking anything I desire. I'm sorry for everything, the Intercontinental Championship will be ours and hopefully one day you forgive me." Gunner would slowly get out of bed and shut off the lights as he would send another message to Sameer and the rest of his opposition for BPZ Mayhem. Will Gunner walk out of Mayhem with the Intercontinental Championship or another loss?
  7. Gunner

    Fusion Pro

    Pre Show Rumble - Winner faces Stu Bennett for the World Championship (Billy Gunn, Bad Bones, PJ Black, Tom Lawler, Erick Stevens, Brandon Tate, Brent Tate, Paul London, Tony Deppen, Jonny Storm, Jody Fleisch, Joe Gacy, T-Hawk and a mystery competitor) Main Card Next Gen Championship - Triple Threat Laredo Kid vs Bram vs Austin Aries Chris Adonis Lock Challenge Fusion Tag Team Championship Motor City Machine Guns vs Crist Bros King Mo vs Austin Gunn Fusion World Championship Match Stu Bennett vs Winner of Battle Royal Bonus Questions Who is the Mystery Competitor? PAC Who will accept Adonis' Challenge? Barrington Hughes
  8. Earlier today, BPZ's Youtube channel would release footage of a vehicle cruising down the highway, as the camera made it's way from the fresh sunny sky down to the passenger's window we would see the driver turn out to be Gunner. His eyes staring directly through the windshield with pure confidence in his eyes. On his way to the arena, Gunner would grab a drink next to him and would begin to take a few sips before placing it gently next to him, now beginning to speak in a calming manner. "Tonight means so much to me, for the past week I have proclaimed that a loss cannot be an option and I now stick by with that ideology. Ever since Revelation I have been able to clear my head and realize what I need to accomplish. I need to make this tournament my own, realize my mistakes and flourish because of them. Two nights ago, you sent your last regards to me and during that night you said one thing that really stuck with me. You said the exact phrase that irritates me the most, "New Kid". You simply just didn't understand why I have not entered the ring in this past week, well let me explain why that is. Sameer, I don't need to address you in the ring, I don't need a squared circle to have my point come across. I have said it over and over again, I have been in the ring with some of the best in this Company and hung with them. Over two years Sameer, two god damn years I have poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this business but I am yet to be treated as such. Well tonight that changes and that narrative that has been placed into everyone's minds changes." "I know what I'm going up against tonight, someone who has done it all. Someone who thinks they have me all figured out, but is just too ignorant to see past what lies right in front of him tonight. Many have underestimated me during my tenure here in BPZ, and some fell because of that wrong doing. You may have endured more in your time of this business, you have accomplished much more, but where do you scale when it comes to heart? When it comes to pushing through until the end? Because I can promise you Sameer, giving up will not be a result tonight. I am going to give it my all until the very end, tonight I eliminate the possibility of you reaching the top once again, and in two weeks I will take your Championship that you worked so hard to gain. I am so sick of being treated as someone who has done nothing for years, an afterthought if you will. I don't care what you have done in the past, what you will do in the future, I am putting you down Sameer and I will prove to everyone I am worth something." "My whole life I have been a second thought, casted away for something much greater than myself. Not being able to find my meaning until much later in life, in a time where I needed to the most and this is that time. The time to venture out and defeat someone who is perceived as greater, all I have to do is be victorious. Prove all the critics wrong, everyone in the back who refers to me as this "Young Blood". I am so much more than that, I have so much more to offer. On Valor you spoke about the Premium Championship, how you made that Championship, no matter what I did with it nothing would compare to your reign. Maybe nothing I do will compare to you, maybe that's my fault or just fate. Or maybe that's just an illusion, and tonight you will finally realize that my years of hard work will put me above you tonight." Gunner would now begin to take a deep breath, realizing that this could be his biggest win of his BPZ Career. Nearing the arena now, Gunner's confident eyes would widen as he would begin to speak once more. "Honestly this is all I have, all I have ever knew, Wrestling is my life and I don't think many understand that. When I walked into BPZ back in 2018, I knew I would be in for the long haul and I didn't know how my Career would turn out. And now that I sit here tonight, it all comes back to two years of sadness, happiness, and unpredictability. But one thing is for certain, I wouldn't trade my life for the world. This is the rollercoaster of our practice, high and lows are just all part of the game. It's also a game that I have devoted my entire life to mastering, and you best be damn sure I will conquer each and every one of my demons until I reach that pinnacle. So Sameer, I will see you tonight and at the end of the night I will see you below me as I am crowned victorious just like I have imagined it for the past week." Gunner now pulls up to the arena, as he climbs out of the car slowly and slams the door on the way. Tonight is the night, a night of memories but will it be a long lasting memory for Gunner? He would now walk up to the doors of the arena, walking in as you would hear the door swing open and then close as the screen would fade to black.
  9. The Prelude Mark Henry vs. James Ellsworth Main Show The Bar (Cesaro & Sheamus) vs. Sami Zayn & Apollo Crews Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Usos(c) vs. American Alpha vs. Grizzled Young Vets SmackDown Women's Championship: Sasha Banks(c) vs. Naomi Intercontinental Championship: Neville(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler WWE Championship Match: Bray Wyatt(c) vs. Luke Harper (Wyatt Family Compound) Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Roman Reigns Bonus Questions Two newly signed SmackDown wrestlers will make their debut tonight. Who are they? ZSJ & WALTER A double turn will happen in one of the matches tonight. Which is it? Neville/Ziggler Which team will lose the fall in the triple threat tag team match? The Usos
  10. IIja Dragunov vs Dave Mastiff #1 Contender's Match: Zack Sabre Jr. vs Aleister Black vs Tyler Bate vs Trent Seven Mark Andrews vs Joseph Conners United Kingdom Championship Match: Pete Dunne(C) vs Travis Banks
  11. WrestleMania 29 VS WrestleMania 24 WrestleMania 30 VS WrestleMania 34 WrestleMania 6 VS WrestleMania 12 WrestleMania 18 VS WrestleMania 1 WrestleMania 14 VS WrestleMania 31 WrestleMania 10 VS WrestleMania 36 WrestleMania 25 VS WrestleMania 5 WrestleMania 26 VS WrestleMania 32 WrestleMania 23 VS WrestleMania 8 WrestleMania 21 VS WrestleMania 35 WrestleMania 22 VS WrestleMania 16 WrestleMania 3 VS WrestleMania 7 WrestleMania 19 VS WrestleMania 4 WrestleMania 33 VS WrestleMania 17 WrestleMania 20 VS WrestleMania 13 WrestleMania 28 VS WrestleMania 11
  12. I think momentum is very important if I am being honest. The more momentum you have the better, as Echo stated above you want to look at what you're saying in Kayfabe does it make sense in the aspect of how you have been doing in the past? If you are losing and losing, and you still act confident that you will come out on top it just wouldnt make sense in my opinion. So yes momentum does affect votings & Kayfabe as a whole for sure, but if you look at the other side of things. You could have very little momentum and still come out on top, it really just depends on how certain people look at the subject.
  13. NXT Takeover: In Your House Predictions NXT Championship Steel Cage Match: Keith Lee(C) vs Pete Dunne NXT North American Championship Match: Damian Priest(C) vs Dominick Dijacovik NXT Women's Championship Match: Io Shirai(C) vs Mia Yim NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Street Profits(C) vs The Forgotten Sons NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match: KUSHIDA vs Murphy Karrion Kross vs The Velveteen Dream Matt Riddle vs Bo Dallas Rhea Ripley vs Candice LeRae
  14. As we return to Valor, the scene would open to a change of a scenery with the camera zooming into a house with a majority of the lights seeming to be lit. As we enter those household, we would be met with the ominous stare from Gunner. After a few moments of staring into blank space, he would stand up asking us to follow him into the next room. He would walk into a room that seemed to be rather empty, but had a couple shelves with a few trophies but in those shelves there would be empty space yet to be filled. Gunner would lean onto the shelf before beginning to speak with much to say. "Ever since Revelation I have had a lot of time to think, time to sit back and realize what went wrong on that night. But something that I have learnt from past experiences is that you can't reflect too much on the past, and you have to march forward into the future. And that is exactly what I plan on doing, last week I shared what this match against Sameer this weekend means to me. But this week I shall show you all visually, over the past two years that I have been apart of this Company there have been many ups and downs. Challenges that seemed impossible, that I was able to overcome but this match is much more. Sameer has had a hell of a Career thus far, being a former World Champion, winning multiple Championships, the Money In The Bank Briefcase, and even retiring Brenden. Even with all that said I have faith, faith that I will be able to overcome him. But first it is a rarity that I get to share where I came from, what I have been through, and today is that day." "I began my Career with multiple failures, failing to overcome the challenges that were bestowed upon me. The thought of failure drove me to my turning point, a change that would kickstart was was yet to come. I would defeat former two time BPZ World Champion, not once but twice. But I want to share what took place the second time it was just nearly two years ago where I competed in this very tournament against Isaiah Carter. Every single time I enter that ring, the pressure was mounted upon my shoulders. And that night was no different, as I was able to defeat Isaiah Carter and move on what turned to be my worst nightmare as I would be mauled by the force that turned out to be Nanovirus. Ever since that night, my objective has been to return to this tournament and seek vengeance on whoever it entailed. My sucess continued just one month later, when I defeated "The Supernova" Echo Wilson for the United States Championship at Judgement Day 2018. Defeating a star like Echo Wilson just a few months into my Career gave me the confidence I needed, but my confidence soon turned into bitterness just one month later when my Championship was ripped from my grasp from Julius. My Career went downhill from here, loss after loss, all the momentum I had gained over the months... shattered. Until my bitterness cost me months of my Career, finding the happiness that I once found in this place just gone." "My return to the company was an emotional night for me, all the feelings I once felt returned in just a matter of moments. Emergence 2019, I would compete in a triple threat match against both Bob Sparks & Mave where I would walk out with my hands raised high in victory. I finally felt back at my best, the change of scenery is what I needed the most. Following my victory in that heated battle, two months later I would win my first championship since over a year prior as I would win the Premium Championship at Bad Blood 2019. My past would come to bite me, at Survivor Series 2019 when I would defend my Premium Championship against the man I had once beat back in August, Bob Sparks. As we once again did battle, I would not be so lucky as our first encounter as he would dethrone me from the Championship I cherished oh so much. Over the course of the next few months, I had my own troubles as many know but my drive to become a better version of myself made me flourish. Even winning the Premium Championship at the biggest show of the calendar year, BPZMania V proved that I am at my very best. And now that I look at what I have accomplished, the wrongs that I have made, everything that I have gone through to become the very best I am ready. Once leaning against the trophy case, Gunner begins to stand up straight looking into the camera with a expression in his eyes that can only be explained as pure rage. As he would begin to speak some more. "Earlier on tonight, you came out here and addressed what I brought to your attention at Revelation. I get it man, depression and anger fueled you, it pushed you to the very top. And when you look at me its not the same, maybe im just not good enough? Or maybe just not good as you? But if you ask me, I find that to be complete bullshit! I have worked my ass off for over two years for what? To be looked as easy pickings? I have tried to be the nice guy, to let things slide, to try and not let too many things bother me. But I am so sick and tired of being treated as a young blood, I have sacrificed so much for this company, it's time for me to be god damn respected. You're good Sameer, but this weekend I am going to have to be just that much better. All of my life Ive been in the shadow of something perceived as greater than me. My entire life I've been the black sheep of my family, always being seen as the other one compared to Jeremiah. Everyone has a certain destiny filled out for them during their life, this destiny I will change. Youre right Sameer, for the past number of months yourself and Creed have run this Company, you all hold Championship gold for a reason. Every Empire has ruled, but some fall and your Empire will fall at the hands of "The Bastard". "For years you have been a star Sameer, for years a spotlight has been shined upon you Sameer. But what if that spotlight was shined upon a new soul, what if a change stopped you from continuing that stardom? I am that change, this weekend that spotlight will be shined upon myself as I change the direction of my Career for the better. I have never been the favorite, never been the clear winner but I have always been resilient. I have been a Champion, a challenger, but never a true star. This weekend I change that narrative when my hands are raised in victory, bring your A-Game Sameer your gonna need it." As Gunner gives his last regards for the night, he walks out of the trophy room and back into the living room where he sits in his chair. As he stares back into blank space, the screen would fade to black.
  15. UKCT Semifinal: Zack Sabre Jr. vs Travis Banks UKCT Semifinal: Aleister Black vs Tyler Bate WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne vs Danny Burch Trent Seven & Jordan Devlin vs IIja Dragunov & Dave Mastiff UKCT Final: Zack Sabre Jr. vs Aleister Black

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