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  1. Raw Rivalries Aleister Black vs Andrade After a big win against Buddy Murphy at the Royal Rumble, Aleister Black has found a new challenge in Andrade. Both of these men remember their NXT War, but now that they are both in the big leagues, the drive for war is even bigger. Come Elimination Chamber these two will do battle, for the drive to win. Over these past few weeks, each competitor would confront eachother, trying to play mind games. But the question is, has it worked? Who will come out on top? AJ Styles(C) vs Cedric Alexander- United States Championship This has been a great feud thus far, these two have a fond memory of eachother, fighting last fall with AJ Styles always coming out on top. Cedric Alexander now wants to change that with a Championship victory. These two have gone all out for this one, trading blows every week. Who will come out on top? AJ Styles has been a great champion thus far, but you have to ask what keeps him going? Is it the title or his way of winning? With The Club banned from ringside, how will AJ Styles perform? We will have to wait and see. Becky Lynch(C) vs Ember Moon- Raw Womens Championship Almost a year long reign Becky Lynch has had. And with Ember Moon returning quite recently, this should be a fun bout. Ember Moon is usually one who respects her peers, but for this one she has not been the friendly kind. All she wants is that Raw Women's Championship around her shoulder finally, but Becky Lynch doesnt want to give that up. So at Elimination Chamber these two will do battle for one prize, but only one competitor will come out on top. Who will that be? Both Women's test of strength wil be evident, who wants it more, those are the questions we must find out. Brock Lesnar(C) vs Randy Orton- WWE Championship What a war this is going to be, both men as dangerous as the other. Fighting for one thing, a chance at glory on top of the mountain.The last time these two fought was at Summerslam 2016, where Randy Orton was unable to compete from the pounding Brock Lesnar gave to him, will this be his same fate? Randy Orton wants to rewrite his mistakes, and this is his chance to do so and to retrieve another World Championship. At Elimination Chamber this bout will take place, but who will come out on top? ------------------------
  2. Becky Lynch(C) vs Asuka- Raw Womens Championship- Rating 75 We Would Start the show off strong, with a Championship match, in the form of the Raw Womens Championship. For the past four weeks, these two women have been getting in the head of one another, trying to get any advantage possible. And It all comes to a head here tonight, who will walk out with the gold? When the second bell rang, Becky Lynch was the one walking out with her head raised high. As we move forward, the next few weeks will be crucial for Becky Lynch. Who Will step up to The Man after such a phenomenal performance? Buddy Murphy vs Aleister Black- Rating 61 Next up is Buddy Murphy vs Aleister Black, after two months of going at eachother, It all comes full circle here tonight. These two promised to end this bitter feud, but only one man can come out standing. The question now is, what is it wise for Buddy Murphy to knock on Black's door or will he pay for it? As this match came to a close, Aleister Black was the one standing tall. A great effort by Buddy Murphy, but he couldnt stop "The Dutch Destroyer". Now where do these two move on from here? Only time will tell. Andrade(C) vs Rey Mysterio- United States Championship- Rating 79 For the past month these two have been set on one thing, the United States Championship. Ever since Madison Square Garden, Rey Mysterio has been set on retriveing what he feels has always been his. Andrade is going to make sure he keeps what he cherishes the most for as long as possible, so defeating Rey Mysterio at the Royal Rumble is what means the most to him. As the match came to a close, it was evident that Andrade was a deserving Champion. He would defeat Rey Mysterio in dominant action, as we move forward, who is going to step up to El Idolo, that should be answered very shortly in the weeks to come. Bayley(C) vs Lacey Evans- Smackdown Womens Championship- Rating 54 This feud was very personal from the get go, Bayley would take any action to spite Lacey Evans. Ever since Lacey took up the challenge of stepping up to the champion, it has not been easy for her. So at the Royal Rumble, Lacey Evans will try to shine the brightest, as this is her first chance at Womens gold. At the end of the day, Lacey Evans would fail. As Bayley would retain her gold, and continue her reign as Smackdown Womens Champion. What is next for Bayley, who will step up for a crack at the Womens Champion? Shinsuke Nakumaura(C) vs Braun Strowman- Intercontinental Championship- Rating 77 An intresting matchup here, both men just wanting to grasp on that silver platter, and improve themselves. And the Intercontinental Championship will do just that for them. This match means a lot to both men, but can Shinsuke Nakumuara pass "The Monster Among Men", or is this finally Braun Strowmans time? As the match ends, Shinsuke Nakumuara would defy the odds and finish off Braun Strowman. Proving why he is the Intercontinental Champion. Now where does Braun Strowman go from here? The following weeks will tell us. The Royal Rumble Match- Rating 74 We have reached the pinnacle of this event. The annual Royal Rumble match, 30 men all gunning for a spot in the Main Event of Wrestlemania 36. Many will enter, but only one lucky soul will be able to leave standing on their own two feet. At the end of the 40 plus minute match, Kevin Owens was able to come out on top. He will main event Wrestlemania against "The Beast" Brock Lesnar, as the following weeks pass by, how will this feud develop? Drew Mcintyre vs Brock Lesnar(C)- WWE Championship- Rating 73 The past few weeks these two men have been at eachother's throats, trying to get any advantage they could leading into this event. Brock Lesnar has been a dominant champion for months, while Drew Mcintyre believes this is truly his time. Which statement will hold to be true. As It seemed, Brock Lesnar was right, as he continued his dominant WWE Championship title reign. As he would defeat Drew Mcintyre, moving on another month with the gold around his waist. The Fiend(C) vs Daniel Bryan- Universal Championship- Rating 82 What a feud this has been thus far. For the past few weeks, The Fiend has tortured his opposition in Daniel Bryan, surely getting inside his head. But Daniel Bryan has made many of efforts to do the same. And at the Royal Rumble the question is, who wants this more? The answer was The Fiend, as he would come out on top once again. Contuining his dominant path to destruction. And after a great night of action, the Royal Rumble has come to a close, the Road To Wrestlemania has begun.
  3. Becky Lynch(C) Vs Asuka- Raw Women’s Championship Bayley(C) vs Lacey Evans- SD Womens Championship Braun Strowman vs Shinsuke Nakumuara (C)- IC Championship Drew Mcintyre vs Brock Lesnar(C)- WWE Championship Mens Royal Rumble Match-??? The Fiend(C) vs Daniel Bryan- WWE Championship Bonus: One Match got a rating of 82, what match was it? Who had the best segment? Who performed the best?
  4. For the past two days, I have watched this video over and over again. The music really got me hooked honestly, but the editing aspect got me hooked aswell. You all know how much I love editing, and seeing 6 or 7 parts of pure editing meshed together is honestly heaven for me. I didnt dislike a single thing in this video, I would recommend this to anyone who likes solid music meshed with sick effects of your favourite wrestlers.
  5. Smackdown Storylines Bayley (C) vs Lacey Evans- SD Womens Championship Ever since Bayley won the Womens Title on Smackdown, she has had a massive chip on her shoulder, but ever since teaming with Sasha Banks, she has become a changed women. But there is one Women that will not stand for it, and that is Lacey Evans. Evans wants to bring Bayley down and show her was cold hard reality tastes like. On the other hand, Bayley will do anything to keep her gold around her waist. Come Royal Rumble these two women go one one with eachother, but the one question that must be asked is who wants it the most? Shinsuke Nakumara(C) vs Braun Strowman- IC Championship In the past few months, Shinsuke Nakumaura has not had many challengers to test his strength against. In those few months Shinsuke has still been a solid champion, one man says otherwise. A monster in fact, in Braun Strowman. Looks to take what Shinsuke cherishes the most, the Intercontinetal Championship. Braun needs this win badly, in the past few months he has gotten only one win, not very impressive by what most call a monster. So this match is a win or lose all type of matchup, who truly wants it more? We shall see come Royal Rumble. The Fiend(C) vs Daniel Bryan- Universal Championship Finally we come to our last rivalry here this month, The Fiend has changed Daniel Bryan in so many ways, and surely not for the better. In four weeks time, Daniel Bryan looks to avenge his wrongs, and take down The Fiend once and for all, but it just is not that easy. Many have come and many have fallen. The Fiend looks to continue his unstoppable reign, in four weeks we find out if Bray Wyatt won 4 years ago via a fluke. Or if The Fiend is really a big deal, is Daniel Bryan changed for the better or for the worse? Show Rating- 54/Attendance-12.484 Show Rating-54/Attendance-11,923 Show Rating-68/Attendance-10,360 Show Rating-66/Attendance-9,965 Show Rating-66/Attendance-9,9427 Show Rating- 71/Attendance-9,743 Show Rating-63/Attendance-10,482 Show Rating-65/Attendance-10,200
  6. Gunner

    War Between Worlds

    Monday Night Raw- Episode 17 "A Burial" We begin this week's edition of Monday Night Raw with a solid image of the Intercontinental Champion, Shingo Takagi drowning in sweat. His momentum rises with constant victories, but tonight he speaks about what one more win would mean to him. Shingo Takagi- Throughout my time here in WWE, I have faced many of challengers. From Dragon Lee, Jimmy Havoc and even Kenny Omega. But this match against Jay White just means so much to me. I need to prove that I am a Champion, that I am a rightful Champion. And the only way to do that is to defeat a gamed Jay White at the Royal Rumble. See you there Jay White, I will not take you lightly, and I suggest you do the same for me. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jay White vs Kassius Ohno Both men make their way to the ring, big matchup for both of these performers. We have not seen much by Kassius Ohno, and tonight would be a huge win for him. As we move on to Jay White, he surely could use this momentum for his match against Shingo Takagi come Royal Rumble. As we begin this bout, we start off with a classic lockup. The strength advantage would go to Kassius Ohno by a large range, as he would send his opposition into the corner. Kassius Ohno would then go for an elbow strike, but was unlucky as Jay White would get out of the way just in time. As he would go for his won strike, Ohno would hit White with a Cyclone Kick. As we continue with this great clash, Kassius Ohno would continue his dominance in this one. He would begin to pick up his opposition, looking for another kick but Jay White would reverse and hit a dragon suplex. White now looks to end this one, calling for a BladeRunner. But instead would go for a Kiwi Krusher, could that do it? This match now seems to be coming to a close, as Ohno can barely get up to his feet. Jay White now takes advantage of this, as he stomps on Ohno's foot, now picking him up slightly, so he can strike him with a devastating BladeRunner. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AJ Styles vs Dragon Lee This match should be a classic, both men strive to become better everytime they step inside that squared circle. But AJ Styles is looking for a win here tonight, in six days he goes one on one with one of the best in that ring, Johnny Gargano. Can he keep the momentum? As the bell rings, we begin with a lockup. The strength advantage goes to AJ Styles fairly easy, as he sends Dragon Lee into the corner. Now following up with a running elbow strike, taking down his opposition very quickly. As he picks up Dragon Lee he looks for an early Styles Clash but is not successful as Dragon Lee hits a snap german suplex. As we continue on with this great matchup, Dragon Lee is looking great in this one. Usually he loses very easily, but tonight something has sparked his body and he looks unstoppable at the moment or so we thought? AJ Styles gets up, and is ready to fight as he hits a Ushigoroshi. This match seems to be coming to an end now, as Styles looks to end it with a Styles Clash and he connects perfectly. But he begins to stall, taunting with the crowd, thinking that this is it. He now picks up Lee for a second Styles Clash for the victory. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evil Gargano V2 As we return from a commercial break, Johnny Gargano awaits backstage for an exclusive interview. He will share his thoughts about what this match against AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble truly means to him. Can he win the big one? Johnny Gargano- This match means everything to me, I have been told that I am unable to win the big one, and this is my chance to prove them wrong. AJ Styles you have broken me, but I still am Johnny Gargano and come the Royal Rumble I am going to break you and make sure you regret ever targeting me. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler We have finally reached our Main Event of the evening, both of these men are striving for a win here tonight. As we get set for this match, both men get in the face of eachother, who will get the win that desire tonight? As the bell rings, we are now off. We begin with the causal lockup, the strength advantage going to Seth Rollins early on, as he sends his opposition into the corner, seeming to be very dangerous here tonight. He then strikes Ziggler, with an elbow sending him to his knees. Setting up for a CurbStomp, Ziggler now gets up and hits a Superkick. As we continue on with this lovely matchup, Ziggler would go for the pinfall..1....2... but a kickout by the gamed Seth Rollins. Both men now get up and are ready to go once again, as Ziggler would go for another superkick, Rollins would duck under and hit a grounded superkick of his own. We now get to the ending points of this match, as Rollins is calling for the finish. He crawls to the corner, stomping his foot into the mat. And after a few moments connects with a vicious CurbStomp. He would then go for the pinfall.....1.....2.......3....
  7. Raw Storylines Brock Lesnar (C) vs Drew Mcintyre- WWE Championship Ever since defeating Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship back in October, he has been a dominant force. There has been noone to step up to him in this time, but come January there was a man. His name was Drew Mcintyre, he wants to prove that he came back to the WWE with a purpose, and that purpose is to slay the beast, can he do it? This feud would begin on the first Raw of the new year, as Brock Lesnar would attack Drew Mcintyre after his victory. The two would brawl, setting up the match in 4 weeks. How will this continue to unfold, we shall see. Andrade (C) vs Rey Mysterio- United States Championship This all began at the Garden. Just a couple of weeks ago, Andrade would defeat Rey Mysterio in New York City to capture his first singles gold in the WWE. But it was with a price, Rey Mysterio has made it his mission to retrieve his gold back. Dating back to the first week of January, Andrade would get a victory over Cedric Alexander, but would not be able to celebrate for long, as Rey would take his frustrations on his bitter rival. At the Royal Rumble these two will go at it once again, for that gold that they both cherish as much as the other. It will surely be intresting to see how these two perfomers get ready for that big match. Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy For almost two months, these two have been bitter rivals. Having series of matches, but the result always being the same. Aleister Black coming on top, Buddy Murphy looks to change that fact. This past Monday, he looked to get inside the head of Black, and he did so successfully. At the Royal Rumble these two will go at it, maybe for the last time. With both of them getting a victory on Raw, you know this match will be another instant classic. That is in 4 weeks, until then you know the mind games will be inevitable. Becky Lynch (C) vs Asuka- Raw Womens Championship A rematch from last year's Royal Rumble, these two women go at it once again. But Becky Lynch looks to retain her title this time, and change the result this year. We have seen some braels between these two, but at the Royal Rumble it all comes full circle. How will these two prepare? With Kairi Sane in Asuka's corner, we know that will be a factor. The question now is, how will Becky Lynch manage in a tight scenario like this one. And the answer to that is time will only tell.
  8. As a new decade has emerged, changes must occur. A new booker has entered the landscape of the WWE, as former UFC Competitor, Conor Mcgregor has changed his career path into a more business aspect. He now will take over the booking of the WWE going forward. Only 4 weeks away from the Royal Rumble, how will this change the landscape of the WWE?
  9. Gunner

    WWE Reborn

    WWE Championship: Adam Cole (C) vs Bray Wyatt Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (C) vs Kevin Owens WWE Womens Championship: Becky Lynch (C) vs Asuka Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team Smackdown vs Team RAW Brand Warfare: Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan Brand Warfare: War Raiders vs Undisputed Era Brand Warfare: Dijak vs Ricochet Brand Warfare: Charlotte vs ??? Brand Warfare Battle Royale:EC3 Bonus Questions Who Will Be The Sole Survivors Of The Winning Team: Lee Who Will Be The Smackdown Rep Against Charlotte: Shayna Baszler Will Any NXT Stars Make There Debut: no
  10. Gunner

    Gloomy Day

    The scene opens up in a gloomy setting. Once a gleam of hope, has turned into a sea of despair. The man we speak of is none other than Gunner, he stands in a dark ally watching the attack that took place just two weeks ago. When Jason Ryan would destroy the once brotherhood he had with Gunner, and shattered it into pieces. Two weeks ago, I was betrayed by the man I trusted the most. We formed a brotherhood that I truly believed could not be broken. Well I was damn wrong, but there comes a time in every man's life where has to move on and become better for his own good. That time has come for me, Jason Ryan you have created something new, something you will regret in the near future. Any man would want vengeance, especially with what I have been through over these past two weeks. My pain has been unimaginable, the mental and physical aspects are something you could not even imagine. Jason I do not want to hurt you, that is not my mission. But I have no other choice, you brought this upon yourself young one. I must prove that I am not weak, that you are not my superior. You never were, lets take a look back into the Global Series shall we? October 2018, I remember this so vividly. The night where our two paths clashed for only the second time in our careers. That night I let my guard down, and fell because of it. My demise was solely because of me, and ever since that night I have made it my mission to revenge my loss, and become better than you Jason. Now lets skip to the past few months, I have let me guard down to insight into a brotherhood. And the first chance you get, you snap back into your old ways. And BAM, that once evident brotherhood has become a bitter rivalry because of your selfish ways. Jason you are selfish, you always have been and you always will be. The main difference between us is drive, I have always strived to be better, while you stick to your dirty tactics to get the advantage over your opposition. I will always be the underdog, the man fighting to come out on top, no matter my opposition. And that is what gives me the upperhand, your simplicity will be your demise Jason, you never are willing to change. Now my question to you is, are you the same man you were 2 years ago? Gunner pauses, looking enraged. He begins to pace by the dark ally, breathing heavily in and out. Memories coming back full circle, what does Gunner have to say next? My head is still pretty banged up from the attack, but If I remember correctly last week you stated that this was my fault. Maybe that I was too naive to see through the little schemes? But I can see perfectly clear now, and I am looking to the future. I am looking towards the loveliest day of the year, the year that you should share that love, but on this day I want to share blood. So my final question on this evening to you is, do you accept my challenge at St. Valentines Day Massacre, lets end this? This will be my final chance to right my wrongs, on that cold autumn night just 1 year ago. It is time to do battle Jason Ryan, and I will make sure you regret what you have done, and you will wish you had never laid a finger upon me. The scene closes, as Gunner walks away from the dark ally and onto a new location. What will Jason Ryan have to say to this challenge?
  11. Steve Austin The Undertaker Owen Hart The Rock Steve Blackman Brian Christopher Cactus Jack New Age Outlaws Cactus Jack vs Jeff Jarrett Steve Austin 1
  12. Nxt: Crippler, Beastly, Sheridan, Owen US: Meko, Alex, Bob, Toxik Premium: Bob, Bic, George, Sameer NA: Brad, Meko, Mecko, Buddy Ace IC: Slim, Bart, Hans, FDS Undisputed: Flynn, Smith, Slim, Julius World: Arius, Sameer, Bailey, Smith
  13. 2019 has passed, and now a new year dawns upon us. And with that year, many questions will be formed, but one that could have many answers is who do you think be the top 5 breakout stars here in 2020?

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