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  1. TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Bobby Roode (c) vs Kurt Angle TNA X-DIvision Championship: Austin Aries (c) vs Eric Young TNA Tag Team Championships: The Wolves (c) vs The BroMans vs The Rising Suns vs The Masked Marauders TNA Knockout's Championship: Gail Kim (c) vs ODB EC3 vs ??? Willow vs Mr. Anderson Submission Match - Samoa Joe vs Magnus Bully Ray vs MVP James Storm vs The Freak Bonus Questions: Who will answer EC3's open challenge? Matt Hardy What will be the best rated match? Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Buddy Murphy vs Juice Robinson We begin this PPV with an interesting matchup here, two newcomers in Insanity trying to move up in the card with a single win here tonight. But the question is who wants it more here? Buddy Murphy has been proving his dominance, while Juice Robinson has been getting in the head of Buddy Murphy, who will get the win? The match began with a lockup. the strength advantage would go to Buddy Murphy by a small margin as he would slam his opposition down to the canvas. As we continue, Murphy would go for a clothesline, but Juice Robinson would duck under and hit a superkick. After that, he would go to pick up Murphy but he would go for a dropkcik, but Murphy would catch him in the air, and hitting a "Murphys Law" for the victory. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Toni Storm(C) vs Rhea Ripley- Insanity Womens Championship We now move on to the Insanity Womens Championship match, as Toni Storm will defend her gold against Rhea Ripley. Over the past few weeks, Rhea Ripley has been very dominant, while Toni Storm has expressed her feeling of being scared to go to battle against Rhea RIpley. Now the question is who will go on to win this one? We begin this match with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to Rhea Ripley by a small margin, as she would send Toni Storm to the corner, striking her with a clothesline in the corner. A few moments later, Toni Storm would get back into this one as she would go for a dropkick but Rhea Ripley would hit a sit out powerbomb for the victory. We now have a new Womens Champion here in Insanity, who will be able to beat this badass Rhea Ripley? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The World Champion Is Ready We now head to the backstage area where our World Champion is getting ready for his defense against Johnny Gargano here tonight. He begin to pace around in an anxious matter, knowing this wont be an easy victory tonight. So what does he have to say about this ever so challenging task? Kevin Owens- Tonight I go one on one with my attacker from last month, Johnny Gargano. I want to be the one who ends this cocky kid, the one who thinks he can run around and do whatever he pleases. That is not how this works, so tonight when you are lying down in your own pool of blood, just remember to ask yourself who caused this. Because it will always be you, see you out there buddy. But I need you to know that anything I do to you tonight is not my fault, it is your mistakes that has led us down this path. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jake Hager (C) vs RUSH- Insanity Global Championship We now move towards the Insanity Global Championship matchup as Jake Hager goes one on one with RUSH for the Insanity Global Championship. Jake Hager is undefeated at the moment and looks to continue that momentum here tonight. Can RUSH change that with a three count or will he fall victim to Jake Hager? We begin this matchup with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to Jake Hager by a small margin as he would push RUSH off of him and into the corner, striking him with a knee strike. A few moments later, RUSH would begin to get back into this one with a takedown, but Hager would pick him up with a Gutwrench Powerbomb for the victory and the retainment of his Global Championship. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You Are Going To Burn It Down We return to the backstage area where Seth Rollins is getting ready for his matchup against Tomasso Ciampa coming up in just a few moments from now. He paces around in an aggresive anger, as Tomasso Ciampa has said many things about him as a wrestler and a person, how will he respond to these remarks? Seth Rollins- Man I am so ready for tonight, Tomasso Ciampa has said many things about me, some have hurt and some havent. But one thing has stuck, he is not anyone have faced ever before. He is a whole new breed, and tonight I take that to account and slay the beast that Tomasso Ciampa truly is. Bring your A-Game man because you will need it, your has come to burn it down! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tomasso Ciampa vs Seth Rollins We now get ready for what should be an amazing clash, both men have had words for eachother. Some that can tweak at the brain at the bit, but who wants this win that much more? Tonight we find that out when Seth Rollins goes one on one against Tomasso Ciampa, you have to think the winner of this match could get a title shot very soon. We begin this matchup with a lockup, where the strength advantage would go to Tomasso Ciampa by a small margin. He would send Seth Rollins down to the canvas, striking him with a huge knee attack. After a few moments Seth Rollins would get back into it, looking for a superkick but Tomasso Ciampa would hit a "Fairytale Ending" for the victory and a huge win for the future. What is next for both of these men? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I Will Be The Next World Champion We move back to the backstage for the final time here tonight, as he would get ready for his match tonight in the Main Event of High Ground against Kevin Owens for the Insanity World Championship. He would begin to pace around in an anxious manner, getting ready to speak on these actions. Johnny Garganp- I am so ready for tonight, I am ready to become the next Insanity World Champion, I said it weeks ago I cannot sit back and let Kevin Owens ruin this Company by being our World Champion. So tonight I take him out and take what is mine, that gold will be engraved with my name, Johnny Gargano. See you out there Kevin, may the best man win which is obviously me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin Owens (C) vs Johnny Gargano- Insanity World Championship We have finally made it to our Main Event of the evening, Johnny Gargano vs Kevin Owens for the Insanity World Championship. Both men have shared words for eachother but you have to ask have they gotten in eachothers heads yet? After a few moments the bell rings and we get ready for this heated clash. The match has begun, as we begin with a lockup and the strength advantage would go to Kevin Owens by a large margin, sending Johnny Gargano into the corner, striking him with a blow to the skull. After a few moments, Johnny Gargano would go for a superkick but Kevin Owens would hit a Pop-Up Powerbomb for the three count. After a heated battle, Kevin Owens comes out on top with the Insanity World Championship in tact. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Insanity Episode 5:"New World Champion" Welcome back to Insanity, this week's edition will be filled with non-stop action, but to begin the show off, we present to you the new Insanity World Champion, Kevin Owens! After his impressive win over Seth Rollins last night, you have to wonder who is next to take a crack at the World Champion? In just a few moments, Owens will address that very question. Kevin Owens: Last night I felt a range of emotions, as I put away the doubters that said I was a flash in the pan, that I was not who I used to be. Seth Rollins for weeks on end called me "A Seth Rollins 2.0". And after last night I proved that to be not, but I must move forward, so who is next for Kevin Owens and the Insanity World Championship? Well the answer is pretty clear to me, after my match last night I was attacked from behind, from none other than Johnny Gargano. A man who was on the losing end of the spectrum last night, and seemingly wanted to take that out on me. So with my head held high here tonight, I want Johnny Gargano to know that in just four weeks I want you to meet me inside this ring and find out what a good old ass whooping feels like. As Kevin Owens finishes his remarks, a very familair theme song hits of "Rebel Heart". Meaning only one thing, Johnny Gargano is here in the arena, ready to reply to the remarks that have been made by the World Champion. Johnny Gargano- Man, you really think this is about a loss? You must have a large ego if you think it is because of what occured last night. Its not at all about that, it is about having a fit World Champion here in Insanity. When I saw you pin Seth Rollins for the three count, I felt sick, I was disgusted at the sight of a Champion like you leading this company. So I made a move, maybe it wasnt a smart one but it sure as hell was the right one. So you want to meet me inside this ring in four weeks. I only have one condition, you put your World Title on the line, and I will make sure we have a fit Champion for the foreseeable future. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Toni Storm vs Mickie James We now transition from World Championship Match being issued to Women's action. Last night, Toni Storm was able to defeat Sasha Banks in rather dominant fashion to win the Insanity Womens Championship. Tonight she goes one on one with a seasoned veteran Mickie James, how will the two perform? We would begin this match with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to Mickie James by a small margin, pushing her opposition to the ground. For most of the match, Mickie James would have the upperhand. But once we got to the closing moments of this clash, Mickie James would go for a superkick but Storm would duck under for a powerbomb and the victory.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rhea Ripley Is Here To Stay As we return from a commercial break, we return to the solid image of Rhea Ripley. After her ruthless attack on Insanity Womens Champion, Toni Storm. And now she is ready to stay here in Insanity, and prove her worth. She now will share some words for Toni Storm after her heavy workout. Rhea Ripley- Last night I did what I found fit, I wanted to make my name known and the only way for me to do that effectively was to take out the Womens Champion, Toni Storm. Many might not like my actions, but honestly I dont give a crap. I am Rhea Ripley, a women of virtue, and sooner rather than later I will have gold around my waist. In just four weeks I challenge Toni Storm to a Championship match, what do you say? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jake Hager vs Mustafa Ali We now move on to a singles match between Jake Hager and Mustafa Ali. Last night, Jake Hager was able to retrieve the Insanity Global Championship while Mustafa Ali suffered a devastating loss against Buddy Murphy. Can he recover from that loss or will it be his downfall here tonight? We would begin this match with a staredown between both men for a few moments, leading into a lockup. The strength advantage would go to Jake Hager by a large magin which is no surprise to anyone. As we would get to the end of this match, Jake Hager would lock in the anke lock, as Mustafa Ali would have no other choice but to tap out. After the matchup, Jake Hager would be attacked from behind from a masked man. After a few moments the masked man would take off his mask and reveal himself to be RUSH, he has made his name known here in Insanity here tonight, but why has he attacked Jake Hager here tonight? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beer Money Reunites With Seth Rollins After a stellar match we move our focus towards our newest faction Beer Money and Seth Rollins, last night these three would try to come together for the same goal and that is gold. But they were not in luck as Kevin Owens would dethrone Seth Rollins, tonight they respond with their thoughts about what went down. Seth Rollins- Last night was not my night I will admit that. I lost fair and square to Kevin Owens, I lost my chance at immortality, at being the Insanity World Champion and it pains me that this come to be the truth. So tonight I am out here to introduce a new formation, I have aligned myself with Beer Money, James Storm and Bobby Roode. We will write my wrongs and mark my words I will come back for my World Championship. Beer Money- Seth you it perfectly, we will run this company. Beer Money have reunited for one sole purpose, domination. And together will be able to do that, but only together we must be the hounds of Insanity. Now lets drink to this occasion, and watch the Main Event together shall we? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kevin Owens vs Tomasso Ciampa We now move on to the Main Event of the night, where Tomasso Ciampa is going on one on one with the Insanity World Champion Kevin Owens. After an impressive wi against Johnny Gargano last night, he looks to continue that momentum here tonight, will he be able to do so or will he lose all of that momentum while trying to do so? As we begin this match we begin with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to Tomasso Ciampa but not by much, as he would send his opposition into the corner, as he would go for a running strike, Owens would get out of the way just in time striking him with a devastating superkick. As he would call for Ciampa to get up to his feet, Seth rollins and Beer Money would walk down the ramp, waiting for Ciampa to get up to his feet as they would distract him, leading to Kevin Owens hitting a superkick on the distracted Tomasso Ciampa. With Kevin Owens getting the victory. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Insanity Episode 6 "Explanation" Welcome to Episode six of Insanity, last week we saw Seth Rollins and his crew cost Tomasso Ciampa his match against the Insanity World Champion, Kevin Owens. Tonight Seth Rollins will explain his actions and what his plans are moving froward here in Insanity, what a show this shall be. Seth Rollins- Last week I did what I felt was necessary. You know it seems that no matter what I do it is not good enough for any of you, I costed Tomasso Ciampa his match against Kevin Owens because I can. I do not like Tomasso Ciampa, in fact he disgusts me. He walks out here, thinking hes the crap after one cheap win, but no you will just be a falen soilder to yours truly, Seth Rollins. So heres my proposition in three weeks, Seth Rollins vs Tomasos Ciampa what do you say? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tomasso Ciampa vs Matt Sydal After the challenge laid out by Seth Rollins to Tomasso CIampa, that same man is in action right now. Tomasso Ciampa will go one on one with Matt Sydal but the question is, is he fully focused on the task at hand or is he drowned in the thoughts of revenge upon Seth Rollins? We begin the match with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to Tomasso Ciampa by a large margin. He seems to want to send a message to Seth Rollins, he would do so when he would for the majority of the match dominate. As we got to the final moments of this contest, Tomasso Ciampa would put away Matt Sydal with a "Fairytale Ending". An impressive look for Ciampa here tonight, how will he fair in three weeks against Seth Rollins? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I Dont Tolerate Disrespect After an impressive win by Tomasso Ciampa, we would switch gears to the backstage area where the Insanity World Champion, Kevin Owens is standing by, doing his usual workout routine. What does the World Champion have to say after he got an assisted win last week and is he ready for his World Championship defense against Johnny Gargano in just three weeks? Kevin Owens- Last week I was in a one on one match against Tomasso Ciampa. It was a back and forth battle until it was not. I dont want this to happen again, so next week I want Seth Rollins one on one. But that is not all I am going to address, Johnny Gargano you had some intresting remarks last week. Some disrespectful ones at that, and I will not tolerate that. I will be a respected World Champion here in Insanity, so come Insanity: High Ground, you will regret ever disrespecting me, understood? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RUSH vs Crimson We now move on to singles action, as RUSH goes one on one with Crimson. Last week RUSH would attack the Global Champion, Jake Hager from behind, making his intentions known. And that is, that he wants the Global Championship badly and he will do whatever it takes to get that gold. So the question is how will RUSH perform in his debut match here in Insanity? We begin this clash with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to crimson by a small margin as he would send his opposition into the corner, where he would then run into a big elbow strike. As a few moments would pass Crimson would go for a powerbomb, but RUSH would reverse that manuever and hit a powerbomb of his own, then heading up to the top rope, executing the "La Lanza" for the victory. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Best Kept Secret After a great match between Crimson and RUSH, they head to the back as Buddy Murphy heads to the ring with a microphone in hand. Buddy Murphy begins to pace around, thinking about what he has to say. Before he smiles egotistically, he begins to speak in an energetic manner. Buddy Murphy- If you all havent found out yet I am the "Best Kept Secret" of Insanity. And tonight I am out here to make that statement the ultimate truth. I have worked my ass off, day in and out. I am on that grind all the time, but yet I seem to be disrespected and it is honestly disgusting. In the past few days, a certain man has let me know backstage how he feels about me and I will not stand by and take it. So Juice Robinson, in three weeks I want to take you on, one on one to decide if you can back up what your putting down. So the question is can you? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Johnny Gargano vs Noam Dar We have finally reached our Main Event here tonight as Johnny Gargano will go one on one with the debuting Noam Dar. In three weeks Johnny Gargano will go one on one with Kevin Owens for the Insanity World Championship, but can he focus on the task at hand? And for Noam Dar, he is trying to impress here on his debut night, can he do it? Who will come out on top in this heated battle? We begin this match with a lockup, as the strength advantage would go to Johnny Gargano by a small margin. He would send his opposition into the corner, striking him with a huge chop to the chest area. A few moments later, Johnny Gargano would go for a superkick but Noam Dar would duck under and hit a leg sweep. As he would go for a boston crab, Gargano would reverse into a stunning superkick for the victory. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Insanity Episode 7 "Road To High Ground" Welcome back to Insanity, tonight we have a jam packed show for you but lets take a look back at last week where Buddy Murphy shared his thoughts on Juice Robinson. He would go on to say how Juice was roaming backstage, insulting "The Best Kept Secret". In three weeks time we will see the two collide at Insanity:High Ground, what does Juice Robinson have to say just two weeks away from that clash? Juice Robinson- Buddy Murphy can say whatever he wants, can talk all the trash he wants, but insulting him was for a reason. He thinks he can run that locker room with no repercussions, well in two weeks those repercussions will catch up with him. I will make sure of it, but enough about my opponent, I want to talk about the "Marvelous" Juice Robinson for a moment here. I have just now stepped inside an Insanity ring and I love it dearly. All I want is to be the star of this company and that all starts by defeating Buddy Murphy at High Ground. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buddy Murphy vs Mustafa Ali We now set out focuses back to ring action, as Buddy Murphy will go one on one with Mustafa Ali.These two fought it out last month at Insanity:Cracked where Buddy Murphy was victorious, tonight Mustafa Ali tries to right those wrongs with a win tonight, but you have to wonder is Buddy MUrphy focused on the task at hand right now or is he focused on Juice Robinson? We begin the match with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to Buddy Murphy by a large margin. He would continue by sending his opposition into the corner, striking him with a running attack. As he would go for a stomp to the foot, Mustafa Ali would execute a beautiful ddt. After a few moments had passed, Murphy would look to throw Ali back into the corner, but instead would hit the referee, knocking him down in the process. Seeing the opportunity, Juice Robinson would run down the ring, striking Buddy Murphy with a steel chair, sending him down to the canvas, As the refree would get back to his feet a few moments later, Mustafa Ali would cover Buddy Murphy for the win. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jake Hager vs B-Boy In our next matchup we have the Insanity Global Champion in action against B-Boy. A man we have not seen much of but is not someone to overlook. Jake Hager looks forward to defending his Global Championship against RUSH in just two weeks at Insanity:High Ground. So the question peaks the mind of where his head space is at in this current point in time? The match begins with a staredown, after a few moments had passed Jake Hager would run at B-Boy, taking him into the corner. Pounding his abdomen section until B-Bpy could not take it anymore, he would then resurface into a takedown right to the mat, then locking in the ankle lock. After a few moments, B-Boy would have no other choice but to tap out, Jake Hager getting the victory ahead of his big match in just two weeks. Can anyone stop this man, I really do not know. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reckoning Day As we return from commercial break, we transition into the backstage area where Tomasso Ciampa is pacing around in a nervous manner. He seems to have a lot on his mind at the moment, with his match against Seth Rollins in just two weeks, and his handicap match here tonight, which is it, that is to be determined. Ciampa then gets ready to speak but before he does he takes one last pace around the cornered area. Tomasso Ciampa- For the past few weeks, I have been trying to figure out my place here in Insanity. Am I a star or a maniac? Tonight that truth will be told as I go 2 on 1 against Beer Money, I know what you all are thinking, there is no way I come out on top here tonight. But that is just so far from the truth, tonight I take on Beer Money with only one goal in mind, to send a message to Seth Rollins ahead of our match in just two weeks. Now if you will excuse, I have a match in just a few moments. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tomasso Ciampa vs Beer Money As we just heard from Tomasso Ciampa, he now will go to battle with Beer money. This will be no easy task, as his mind is filled with hate against Seth Rollins and the unfair advantage that Beer money has tonight will not help Ciampa. Looking forward to sending a message to Seth Rollins, Ciampa is only looking for one thing here tonight, a victory. The match would begin with Tomasso Ciampa and Bobby Roode, as a lockup would be ensued right away. The strength advantage would go to Tomasso Ciampa by a small margin, as he would send Roode into the corner, as he would tag in James Storm. A few moments later, Ciampa would strike Storm with a crushing knee, following up by a "FairyTale Ending" for the victory. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Insanity World Championship- Contract Signing We now move on to the Insanity World Championship Contract Signing between Kevin Owens and Johnny Gargano. These two have had a personal battle of verbal tensions; for the past three weeks. Tonight they sign on the dotted line to confirm their clash for the World Championship in just two weeks. Will this go down as the best match in Insanity so far as we expect? Kevin Owens- In just two weeks time, Johnny Gargano and myself will go to war for one prize, the Insanity World Championship. For many years I have worked my ass off for that very moment that occured just three weeks ago. I will go into battle with only one thing in mind, revenge. Last month i was viciously attacked from behind by Johnny Gargano and now it is my turn to avenge that problem. So Gargano when I see you in that ring in exactly 13 days, remember you caused this. Johnny Gargano- Kevin, I didnt cause anything. You caused this by your actions, by defeating Seth Rollins in a time of vulnerability. I cannot stand by and watch you destroy Insanity by being our World Champion. So I took a stand, and took you out when you were most vulenrable, understood? So in 13 days we will go to battle, with only one man coming out victorious and you better bet that man will be me. See you there champ, bring your A-Game because you will need it. After the two had spread their words of wisdom, the two men would go at it. Trading blows like this was their last day on this Earth. The winner of this battle would be Kevin Owens as he would hit a Superkick on Johnny Gargano, laying out his opponenet in two weeks at Insanity: High Ground. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Insanity Episode 8 "Go Home Show" You Are Not Worthy Welcome back to Insanity, as we bring you a great show hereo tonight with a stacked card but tonight we begin with a few words by the man who will go one on one with Tomasso Ciampa in just six days. With this being the only thing on his mind how is this effecting Rollins mentally? We find out in just a few moments, as he paces around in an anxious manner. Seth Rollins- This Sunday I go one on one with one of the best in Tomasso Ciampa, but he is also no Seth Rollins. He can not matchup to me in this very ring on any given day, and that will be his eventual downfall. At Insanity: High Ground, I am going to end you Tomasso Ciampa, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. So tell me why should I take you seriously? You are just not worthy of my time I apologize, this is your ending point man. So I ask one more time why should I care what you have to say or do? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rhea Ripley vs Killer Kelly We now change our focus from Seth Rollins expressing his feelings on his upcoming match against Tomasso Ciampa to Women's action. In recent times Rhea Ripley has challenged our Women's Champion, Toni Storm to a Womens Title Match in just six days time. But the question is can Rhea Ripley keep her momentum pumping here tonight? Or will Killer Kelly have a successful debut match here in Insanity? We begin this match with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to Rhea Ripley by a small margin, taking down Kelly to the canvas. She would pick her up, sending her into the corner but would be reversed by Killer Kelly, taking Rhea Ripley down with a bulldog. A few moments later, Rhea Ripley would put down Killer Kelly for the night with a "RipTide" for the three count. Who can stop Rhea Ripley, will it be Toni Storm this Sunday? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Juice Robinson vs Crimson We now move onto a singles match between Juice Robinson vs Crimson. This Sunday, Juice Robinson will go one on one with Buddy Murphy to try and prove he is the very best here in Insanity. Can he prove that tonight by beating one of the strongest here in Crimson? Only time will tell, in just a few moments our question will be answered. We begin this match with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to Crimson by a large margin as he would send Robinson down to the canvas. As he goes for a elbow drop, Juice Robinson would get out of the way and follow up by sending Crimson into the corner. A few moments later, Juice Robinson would hit the "Pulp Friction" for the victory, looking very impressive here tonight. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Storm Is Coming We now return from commercial break, as we saw Rhea Ripley defeat Killer Kelly earlier tonight. But now we see Toni Storm, the Insanity Womens Champion inside the wrestling ring. She grabs a microphone, and paces around the ring in an aggressive manner. Is she ready for this Sunday, can she overcome Rhea Ripley or will she drown under the pressure? Toni Storm- This Sunday I put my coveted Womens Championship on the line against a badass of a women, Rhea Ripley. Everyday I work as hard as can be, train every single day to become better, but I am afraid for this Sunday. I am afraid that I will not going to make it out in six days, but what does my opponent think? She thinks that I am her easy pass at the Womens Championship but come Sudnay, Ripley will find out the hard way that I am not to be messed with. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buddy Murphy vs Matt Sydal We now move on to the Main Event of tonights show, as Buddy Murphy will go one on one with Matt Sydal. This Sunday Murphy must focus on Juice Robinson, but can he focus on the task at hand here tonight? That question will be answered in just a few moments, as this match gets under way here tonight. The match begins with a lockup, the strength advantage would go to Buddy Murphy early on as Murphy sends Juice Robinson down to the canvas. A few moments later, Murphy would send Robinson into the corner, striking him with a elbow to the chest then a "Murphys Law" for the pinfall. Now he looks towards his opponent this Sunday, can he defeat Juice Robinson or will he fall? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. At the end of the day we all want to make this place a better place. And we cannot do that with driving members off the forums, yes I know I almost did that but it takes a cohesive unit @Julius, to bring it back together. I think we all need to remember we are a community and close friends at the end of the day. And a simple voting on an online forum shouldnt break that bond, no matter what. As i have said before I am sorry for my actions, but I do believe I made a stand, and that stand has gone effectively. So thank you George for taking that risk and showing that these type of things cant stand for me included. We are all a family lets remember that!
  5. As Brad stated, this is a bit late. Both men are out of their prime and it will show in the quality of the matchup, if it were to happen. I dont think this match should happen mostly because of the safety of the legend himself, he has not been able to take major moves well ever since Saudi Arabia and as Yelich said, I dont trust him to take a Styles Clash at all. I feel like the quality would be much better years ago, and having the match in 2020 just doesnt entice me that much. I think The Undertaker should not appear this year, I remember a topic being made by Bart earlier this year with that exact question and my answer was a flat out no, with AJ Styles' contract ending rather soon, they should save his last match for a more suitable opponent.
  6. I actually watched this over again after you brought this up, I remember watching it in the theaters, but havent watched it since. I love the feel of it, the story is there obviously with his girlfriend's parents being racist. It shows in depth the feelings of a minority of sorts, and how it affects them. Does it hurt him? Can he keep his head up afterwards? I loved the part where the mother is using a form of Hypnosis with her tea, that was just super cool, as he would fall in a pit of emptiness. If you watch the beginning of the movie you see the innocence in his eyes before everything went to complete shit. Thats my favourite facial expression throughout the entirety of the movie. I loved this one, and I would recommend it to anyone who has not seen it. But I do have a question for those that have, do you all think there will be a second Get Out? And if so what will be the premise of the plot?
  7. I have really enjoyed the buildup to this matchup. It has made me excited for what is yet to come, and that is really what you want as a Wrestling fan. Now I do think Moxley should win this one, I feel Jericho's Championship reign will become stagnant in a month or so, and that makes this a perfect time to get the title off of him. Jon Moxley can work a crowd, he has the mic skills, the look, the total package to continue the hype around the AEW World Championship, so there is no down side with the change. I think a stipulation would make this match much better also, as we have seen Moxley's eye patch in recent weeks, a street fight would be suitable. But nonethless I am excited for this clash, should be great.
  8. Big match for Ricochet, he has not been able to break out much since joining the Main Roster besides his little feud with AJ Styles. So going one on one with Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship is a hit or miss for him. For Brock you have to love how he works with smaller talent, he usually goes all out for them, and makes the match much better. I feel this will be the case for this one, but Brock Lesnar has this one for sure, moving on to Drew Mcintyre at Wrestlemania 36. Should be a decent match though, depending on how he wants to weigh his options.
  9. This should be a great one, both of these men are future stars for sure. I have enjoyed what they have been able to do thus far in AEW, with Sammy joining the Inner Circle very early on and I feel has helped him grow as a character heaps. While Darby Allin is loved by the fans and has a great character, as its not the same as all the other dark gimmicks, he has been able to put his own unique twist on it. For this one I see Sammy winning this one, to keep the Inner Circle momentum going.
  10. This should be decent, I have enjoyed how they have portrayed Jake Hager as a loyal bodyguard for Chris Jericho, just simply protecting the leader of the Inner Circle. I see this as Dustin Rhodes trying to stand up to a bully, which can always be a decent story depending on how you play your cards. For me I think Jake Hager will take this one, as they cant have him lose just yet. It will be cool to see him in the ring again, because you dont see him wrestle often in AEW (or even if he has?) Should be a decent match, as Dustin is still able to pull out bangers in his old days.
  11. It is going to be pretty refreshing to see John Cena on live tv once again, as it has been almost a year since we last saw him at Wrestlemania. He Is probably looking for a match at the show of shows, which I really believe this will be his last match here in the WWE. I could see names such as The Undertaker, The Fiend or even Daniel Bryan. Also you have to think the rating will sky rocket with an appearance of the 16 Time World Champion, it can only help both parties honestly.
  12. Gunner

    BPZ Formats

    Welcome back to BPZ Formats, this time around I made a format for the pornstar and flexer @Eric Shun. This one is actually pretty simple, just had to have a blue background with a tint of black, with a black border. I would say White is the best color on this dark blue background for future reference. Hope you like buddy, if you would like anymore just let me know!
  13. I think Julius vs Hollow was highly underrated, it was a pretty fu feud where Julius was just getting started and a win over Hollow would help him out a lot, which it did. Both men did great, and in my opinion they did not get the recognition they deserved. Also with the special stipulation of the Unsanctioned Zone, it made the match feel special in a way that others haven't.
  14. During the past week I have gotten into Basketball for the first time in nearly six years. With a lot of new players, it was very interesting to watch how the game has grown in those few years I was gone. Right now I have three guys I really enjoy watching, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Stephen Curry. I have went back watched some old games, highlights and such and all three of them have really caught my attention. Excited to watch more NBA, as it seems like a very fun sport, very entertaining to my eye.

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