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  2. Smackdown (May 15th 2020) Just five days ago, we would see the co-branded WWE PPV titled "Money In The Bank" where stars were made, titles changed hands, & Champions proved as to why they hold their respective titles. But to begin Smackdown here tonight, a video package would begin our show as one theme would be shown throughout the video. Close to the end of the night, Cesaro would be able to retrieve the briefcase that he promised he would abtain for weeks. But since then, we have yet to hear from "The Swiss Superman" but tonight we hear from him for the first time since his star-making victory. What will he have to say here tonight? Cesaro: Five years ago, I brought my failures to light, for five years it was about one moment. And at Money In The Bank, I proved as to why patience can be any man's best friend. Years of waiting & I can finally say I am a future World Champion. For weeks upon weeks "The Artist Collective" told the world that we were walking out with the power in our hands & I think it is now safe to say that we did not break that promise. While Sami Zayn holds the Intercontinental Championship, I hold the keys to this kingdom & those keys will be the beginning of a new era. One that I control, one that you will all abide by, the Blue Brand is now mine deal with it! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cesaro vs Chad Gable As the video package comes to a close, & Cesaro's declaration of the power he now holds over the Blue Brand also comes to a close the cameras would now hover over the ringside area where we would get set for our first match of the evening. Just five nights ago, at Money In The Bank we would see Sami Zayn successfully defend his Intercontinental Championship against Chad Gable. But with a heartbreaking loss, Chad Gable looks to avenge his loss against Zayn's ally & Money In The Bank winner Cesaro. Now the only question that stands, is who will come out on top here tonight? In a great opening matchup, we would two superior athletes go at it for only one goal in mind, a chance at victory. But to attain that victory, we would see two different strategies come to play throughout this clash. Cesaro would use his technical prowess & brute strength to his advantage, while Chad Gable would use speed & agility to his own advantage, As we got to the closing moments of this bout, Cesaro & Chad Gable would go back & forth until Chad Gable would make one simple mistake that would let Cesaro take advantage by hitting the Neutralizer for the victory. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs King Corbin Next up, we have one of the rising stars of the Blue Brand in Isaiah "Swerve" Scott going against King Corbin it what should be an interesting matchup. Just a few nights ago at the Money In The Bank PPV, Isaiah Scott was able to put away John Morrison it what was an absolutely sensational bout. But tonight will be even more of a challenge, will Scott be able to put away King Corbin or will he perish under the King's Kingdom? In a decent matchup, we would see both men going head to head for one similar prize & that was a victory here tonight. During this bout, we would see both men bring a different strategy to the table to try & get the upperhand early on in this match. While Scott would use his speed & agility to his advantage, King Corbin would his brute strength & heel tactics to his own advantage. But as we got to the closing moments of this matchup, Scott's strategy seemed to work in his favor as he would strike Corbin with a double stomp for the victory. After the matchup, Isaiah Scott would begin to celebrate, but King Corbin would get up & strike Scott in the back of the skull. Continuing the attack, Corbin & the fans in attendance would be in for a little surprise as NXT's own Matt Riddle would run in from the back & clothesline Corbin outside of the ring. The segment would close with Scott & Riddle standing tall, will we see more from Matt Riddle or was this just a one act stint from Riddle? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I Am The Greatest Smackdown Women's Champion Of All Time" After a surprise appearance by NXT's own Matt Riddle, the question now stands what does his future now look like? But those questions that are currently stirring, must wait in our minds as we now move to the back where the current Smackdown Women's Champion is pacing around the backstage area. Clearly thinking about something, but missing her best friend by her side must be weighing heavily on her mind. A few more moments would pass before the Champion would begin to speak her mind. Bayley: I did it once again, I proved once more that I am the greatest Smackdown Women's Champion of all time. And if you don't believe me, just go back to Sunday where I put away Dana Brooke for good. For the past few weeks, Dana Brooke has been trying to put this ideal in our head that she is somehow better than me. That she is grown & is ready to be a Champion but that ideal was proven to be false. I am your Champion, and I promise noone else will have the pleasure to prove otherwise. Now about my missing partner, my best friend Sasha Banks. Well tonight she will take to the ring, & prove as t why she is just as great as yours truly. If you will excuse me, I have to get out there to be her moral support. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sasha Banks w/Bayley vs Nikki Cross As we move on from the backstage area, we would return to the ringside area where Sasha Banks would be in action against the always chaotic Nikki Cross. At the recent Money In The Bank event, we would see Sasha Banks fail at her shot at Championship glory when she was unable to abtain the Women's Money In The Bank Briefcase. But tonight she has the chance to avenge that loss, as she goes one on one with Nikki Cross will she come out on top here tonight or will Cross get the better of "The Boss"? In a decent Women's match, "The Boss" Sasha Banks would take on Nikki Cross for one thing & one thing only a victory. A win for either one of these ladies would be great in the long-run, but the question that now stands is who wants this victory more than the other? Also both Women would use different strategies, to try & get the upperhand in this one, while Sasha Banks would use her speed & heel tactics to her advantage, Nikki Cross would use her chaotic nature & agility to her own advantage. But in the end, Sasha Banks would be able to roll up Nikki Cross for the victory. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Be Warned" We would once again head to the back here tonight, where would be welcomed into the darkness by the man who made his presence known at Money In The Bank Aleister Black. Black showed his presence after Roman Reigns successfully defended his Universal Championship against "The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman. Well tonight, Black will explain why he is here on the Blue Brand & why he set his sights on Roman Reigns. Aleister Black: Throughout the years I have tried to be myself, tried to show that I can be who I please while still climbing the mountain wherever I see fit. Well here in WWE, I have yet to be able to do that while I was on the Red Brand I was rarely able to present myself as I deemed fit. So Sunday night was about one thing & one thing only, it was not about setting my sights on Roman Reigns or the Universal Championship. It was about making my presence known, making everyone aware that I am cutting the line & presenting myself at the very top of Smackdown where I rightfully belong. Well tonight I go one on one with Drew Gulak, and I will make sure he knows where he stands. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aleister Black vs Drew Gulak Our next match is set to be underway in just a few moments, as Aleister Black will take on the ever resiient Drew Gulak. While Drew Gulak has been doing great on the Blue Brand, defeating one of the performers on the brand Daniel Bryan just a coupe of weeks back can he defeat Aleister Black? As Black stated just a few moments ago, he wants to show Gulak his place, will he be able to do that or will Gulak get another impressive victory under his belt? In a fantastic matchup, we would se both men show that they deserve to have a top spot on the Blue Brand. Whether it was their lethal kicks, technical prowess, or just experience wrestling we were in for a treat. Both men used different strategies to try & gain an upperhand like usual. Aleister Black would use his lethal kicks & heel tactics, while Drew Gulak would use his technical prowess & agility. As we got to the closing moments of this bout, Aleister Black was able to connect with a stunning Black Mass for the victory. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "My Promise Has Been Kept" We would then close the show with the sound of the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns' theme playing over the PA System. At the Money In The Bank PPV, Reigns was able to successfully defend his Universal Championship against Braun Strowman. In what was far from an easy battle, Roman comes out hear standing tall but obviously hurt. He would step in the ring, with a microphone already in his hand as he would begin to speak with an exciting tone. Roman Reigns: I promised every single one of you that I would walk into Money In The Bank with the Universal Championship, and walk out of it still around my waist. And that is exactly what I did, while Braun Strowman gave me one hell of a fight I kept my promise like I always have. But many have been asking me, how are you going to respond to the dark aura of Aleister Black making his presence known after the fact? Well as you all heard him earlier on tonight, his sights are not on me at the moment, but I will say to you Aleister when your eyes are set on me, my eyes will be too! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Welcome back to BPZ: Behind The Mask, I am your Co-Host James Nolan & today I will be bringing forth my analyzation of the Eric Shun vs Austin Mirage feud up until now. On July 31st we are in for a spectacle, something out of the ordinary but with Eric Shun involved can you be that surprised? For the first time ever we will see Eric Shun take on Austin Mirage in an Alice On The Pole Match. In this edition of BPZ: Behind The Mask I will be going over my predictions, what we can look forward to, & what led up to this crazy clash. Here we go! As we begin, we have to begin from when this feud ignited. Upon Eric Shun's return at King Of The Ring, it was a complete shock to the lockerroom as we hadn't seen "Mr. Steal Your Girl" since World At War back in early April. At the PPV titled "King Of The Ring", Austin Mirage would take to the ring, where he would look to capture the title he had desired for many months now the United States Championship. But before taking to the ring, Alice & Austin Mirage would be seen in a secluded area backstage where hidden cameras that Alice & Mirage would not be aware of were set up. Signs of a relationship between Alice & Austin Miragewere seen through these cameras before he would take to the ring for his Championship match. As he took to the ring, more drama would be brought to the viewer's attention as Alice was supposed to be taking care of an endorsement deal for the time being but instead would be found playing with one Eric Shun throughout the time Austin Mirage had been away. After the fact, Austin Mirage would return from his match obviously upset by another loss on his part. Alice would try to calm him down, not wanting him to get furious or even upset but that would be no such help with Eric Shun walking in the room return Alice's panties to her. With that being done, Mirage would quickly put two & two together and would nearly cut Shun's dick off in a blatant attack on his part. Fast forward to Valor, Mirage would walk out into the arena obviously with tensions at an all time high with what happened at King Of The Ring. Still upset, with what had occurred on Sunday he tries to call out Eric Shun but is quickly interrupted with a pleading, begging Alice asking him not to call out Eric Shun. A debate occurs, where Austin Mirage reveals that he has been cheated before in his life so that her actions hurt him even more than she could imagine. After calling him out once more, Eric Shun would accept a challenge that Austin Mirage would lay down only on one condition "A Alice On A Pole Match". Now the question that stands is, who will walk out with Alice? Who will be able to retrieve Alice from the pole? Personally I have to say Eric Shun, he has just returned from a three month break & a loss from here would do no good for Eric Shun. While Austin Mirage can move on from Alice, & try to become better from it in the long run. Another question that has come to my mind is how has this feud been overall? Honestly, its a pretty insane feud, one mistake from Alice & it has put her own body at stake. I think Eric Shun walks out with the victory & a grin on his face at the end of the night come July 31st. Jimmy The Jabroni Predicts- Eric Shun James Nolan Predicts- Eric Shun
  4. Welcome back to my album reviews, next up in our journey is a album requested by @Austin Omega "Amo" by Bring Me The Horizon. The titled album is one that I have yet to listen to before, so this should be a fun experience not just for me but for the rest of you guys aswell. I am a big fan of Bring Me The Horizon, I have enjoyed the majority of this album & I hope that this album will be no different after listening to it! I hope you enjoy this album review & If you have any other suggestions leave them down below! Song 1: I Apologize If You Feel Something- 6/10 Song 2: MANTRA- 8/10 Song 3: Nihilist Blues- 9.25/10 Song 4: In The Dark- 8.5/10 Song 5: Wonderful Life (Feat. Dani Filth)- 9/10 Song 6: Ouch- 6/10 Song 7: Medicine.- 7.75/10 Song 8: Sugar Honey Ice & Tea- 8.5/10 Song 9: Why You Gotta Kick Me When I'm down? - 8/10 Song 10: Fresh Bruises- 6/10 Song 11: Mother Tongue- 8/10 Song 12: Heavy Metal (Feat. Rahzel)- 8.5/10 Song 13: I Don't Know What To Say- 8/10 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah this didn't disappoint me one bit, this album was another great Bring Me The Horizon album. Obviously as I have stated with previous albums I have reviewed it had it's up & downs, not amazing me all the way through but that is to be expected of course. The best song to me was by far Wonderful Life, I have heard this song before just not compiled with the actual album to go along with it. The worst "song" wasn't really one at all but rather a introduction. Which was I Apologize If You Feel Something, overall a really good listen & I would recommend this album to any fan of BMTH & Metal. Thank you for the recommendation Austin, a very good listen!
  5. #13 Drew Mcintyre Officially coming in at #13, is "The Scottish Psychopath" Drew Mcintyre. Winning the NXT Championship in the Summer of 2017, Mcintyre would take the title from "The Glorious One" Bobby Roode at Brooklyn III. Holding the title for 91 days, Drew Mcintyre would defend his Championship twice against the always extraordinary Roderick Strong & the leader of The Undisputed Era Adam Cole. I think Mcintyre would be higher up on this list if it wasn't for his low number of title defenses & a longer title reign. After his title defense against Strong, he would find himself in a build with Andrade 'Cien' Almas for the NXT Championship at NXT Takeover: Wargames. I think a lot of people had high expectations for Mcintyre's reign & for me atleast it was highly underwhelming in hindsight. Aswell as having one PPV defense could definitely help your title reign in the long run, while Drew Mcintyre had absolutely none in the course of his NXT Championship reign. But moving on, Mcintyre's reign would be no more in November of 2017 when Andrade 'Cien' Almas would defeat him at NXT Takeover: Wargames. With 91 days in the books, we would see a decent reign but nothing spectacular to find himself higher on this list. But rather the #13 spot, not bad but I am pretty sure we expected much more three years ago.
  6. 1: Arius 2: Bob 3: Ropati 4: Austin 5: Akki
  7. Gunner

    For The Throne

    Who will be killed off? - Ireland Who will make a surprise appearance? - Akki Who will take part in the first battle? (two) - Italy & Netherlands
  8. Name: Gunner Daniels Nationality: English Club (Pick Any): Arsenal Skin Tone: White Height: 6'0 Weight :187 Position: Central Midfield Play Style: Enganche
  9. Welcome back to my album reviews, as promised "MONOMANIA" will be the titled album that I will be reviewing today. At the time of writing this, I am pretty excited to give this a listen once again. I have listened to this album a couple of times, but reviewing it will be a great experience. Now let's get into this shall we, I hope you all enjoy! And once again, if you have any suggestions don't be afraid to leave them down below. Song 1: MONOMANIA- 9.5/10 Song 2: No Way Out- 8.5/10 Song 3: Searching For Glory- 8/10 Song 4: Another Year In The Shadows- 8.5/10 Song 5: Greatest Almost- 8.5/10 Song 6: Thank You- 7/10 Song 7: Numb Love (Misery II).- 7.75/10 Song 8: K.F.- 7.5/10 Song 9: Burning Your World Down- 8/10 Song 10: Comfort & Chaos- 8.75/10 Song 11: I'm Sorry Your Sorry Now- 7.75/10 Song 12: Death Is Only The End If You Assume The Story Is About You- 8.5/10 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have always been a fan of this album & listening to it once more has not changed my mind one bit. MONOMANIA was for sure the highlight of this album, it is such a banger. With Thank You being the worst of the bunch, I don't really think that says much as every song seemed not too light & not too heavy. It was a perfect combination of great pace & heavy rock music. I would say this is the best album that I have reviewed thus far & if you have listened to this album before I think you would agree aswell. As I said for my first album, this one had ups & downs to the album aswell but not too many that it became stagnant. A great album, one that I will probably listen to a few more times for sure.
  10. #15 Big E Langston Coming in at number 15, is Big E Langston. The second ever NXT Champion was a decent one, having a few defenses & holding the NXT Championship for 168 days. But why is it near the bottom of our list? Well while Big E Langston had a decent reign, it didn't really shape the landscape of NXT just yet, his opposition wasn't the best but it did well enough not to be at the very bottom. Some of those defenses included the likes of, Brad Maddox, Conor O'Brian. While also defeating the likes of Damien Sandow, Antonio Cesaro, & Aiden Enlish in Non-Title bouts. I think Big E Langston was the right choice to dethrone Seth Rollins though, taking out the man who held that Championship for 133 days. If his defenses had bigger opponents, which he had a couple of big ones but for the most part they were quite dull he might have been higher up on this list. But for that reason, he lands at #15 on this list. Aswell in the time period he was in, he did actually well but not enough to get higher up on this list. His title loss, after 153 days of holding the NXT Championship would come in May of 2013. A shock to many, that man would come in at #14 just a spot higher than Big E Langston.
  11. Starter: Turtwig Nickname: Gunna Rival Name: Dickhead
  12. #17 Keith Lee Coming in at #17, is someone who doesn't really surprise us. With just winning the NXT Championship, Keith Lee was bound to be at the lower parts of this list as he has not defended the Championship & has only held the belt for a number of weeks. The story of Keith Lee has been good however, for months upon months the story has progressed to one simple ending point. Having him dethrone Adam Cole, with that being told & done with there is only a few matters that we can truly talk about is where we go from here. As we have seen, Keith Lee will take on an old rival of Dominick Dijakovic for the NXT Championship, I think this is a great way to start his reign, while having Karrion Kross lurking in the background for the future. I think the future could hold bright things for Keith Lee, while I do think Karrion Kross is definitely the next NXT Champion I do hope that they keep that title change from happening straight away. If we look back to this past Wednesday night, we saw Keith Lee vacate the North American Championship, which I feel helps both the NXT Title & Keith Lee respectively as the center focus can be the main title of NXT. But as I stated before, the topic at hand is very limited with Keith Lee only being NXT Champion for a couple of weeks but it hasn't been a bad start at all.
  13. Name: Gunner Age: 24 Male/Female: Male You must choose which one you want to be D Class/New Trainees/Site Director/Head Scientist: New Trainees Race: White Hair Color: Brown

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