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  1. ROH 8th Anniversary Show Predictions: Austin Aries vs Jerry Lynn - ROH World Heavyweight Championship The American Wolves vs The Briscoes - ROH World Tag Team Championship Tyler Black vs Chris Hero w/ Claudio Castagnoli Kevin Steen, El Generico, and Colt Cabana vs The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) PAC vs Prince Devitt Roderick Strong vs Sonjay Dutt Bonus Questions: A major star will debut in tonight’s show, who will that star be? Jon Moxley Which match will open the Anniversary Show? PAC vs Prince Devitt Who will get the highest performance of the night? Austin Aries
  2. Round Of 16 Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe Jason Jordan vs Roman Reigns Apollo Crews vs Seth Rollins Dean Ambrose vs Neville Chad Gable vs John Cena Mojo Rawley vs Shinsuke Nakamura Rusev vs Tye Dillinger Aiden English vs Randy Orton Quarter-Finals Strowman/Joe vs Jordan/Reigns Crews/Rollins vs Ambrose/Neville Gable/Cena vs Rawley/Nakamura Rusev/Dillinger vs English/Orton Semi-Finals Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins Shinsuke Nakamura vs Randy Orton Finals Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura
  3. Personally I would go for Mr. Perfect, he sits there as a Upper Midcarder but with this opportunity he could easily jump to the Main Event scene in fantastic form. As Sameer stated before, Mr. perfect has everything you could want in a Champion, and a top Champion at that. As Hans did mention, he does have drug problems but if you want to ever get Mr. Perfect to his full potential you might just have to take that big risk. And thrive from the rewards when they come, now I want to look at the other options for a moment. I could also see you going with Vader because of the problems that Mr. Perfect does have and the current Main Event status Vader holds at the moment. Either one would be the best options for you right now in my mind.
  4. Gunner's Fighty Bois Conkeldurr Kommo-o Keldeo Lucario Gallade Hawlucha Scrafty Passimian
  5. I really enjoyed this match, it was a good ladder match and a great opener for a great show. My pick going into this one was Darby Allin, I really felt like this was his moment to shine but I had a sneaky suspicion the mystery participant was going to be Brian Cage. I really like the duo of Brian Cage & Tazz, and I feel it could take Cage straight to the top in the coming months. Even taking out Brian Cage out earlier in the match, grounding him with many objects was a great idea. Especially when he got out of it, and made him look almost unstoppable. I think having Cage win was a good call, as they made a new star just like that and he wont disappoint. I could see a feud between Cage & Allin down the line, which will be fantastic, the match itself was great and so was the winner. It did what it was set out to do, which is start the show off the bang and they sure did not disappoint with that aspect.
  6. I get what this match was set out to accomplish, but the winner should of been the exact opposite. Lance Archer has been on a tear since joining AEW, undefeated up until this match against Cody, but the thing that bugs me the most is Cody didn't need this he really didn't. You bring in a monster heel such as Lance Archer, you want to keep that up and it just didn't make sense to me why they would have Archer lose so early on. But don't get me wrong, Cody will be a great Champion but it just doesn't sit well with me. Anyways, moving onto the actual match itself it was good for what it was but I definitely expected better especially with who was in the contest. But with such high expectations, of course it wont be as good as we had anticipated. What I think they are going to aim for now, is to have Lance Archer build himself back up to the top and eventually challenge Jon Moxley down the line for the AEW World Championship. Overall, a good match just expected better.
  7. Disappointing, that is the word that comes to mind when I think about what AEW are doing to Shawn Spears. He went from barely being able to make TV time in WWE to getting TV time on AEW and becoming a straight jobber. A short match, to give Dustin the PPV victory but I really do hope that they do start to treat Spears better because he deserves much more. I really liked the direction he was going with the Cody feud, but now it just seemed pointless looking back on it. He needs a good feud to get him back up there, hopefully he can get one soon or I don't see anything changing anytime soon.
  8. Who will win the Opening Block?: Antonio Inoki Who will come 2nd in the block?: Dusty Rhodes Who will win the Entire 2nd MSG League?: Antonio Inoki
  9. He did it! It is so great to see Apollo Crews finally getting the push that he deserves, dethroning a star such as Andrade should do wonders for Crews in the future. Now taking a step back and looking at the show overall, i thought it was decent. So lets begin with the IIconics/ Bliss & Cross segment, well this was unexpected for me atleast. I haven't seen this type of fire from Nikki Cross before, and it was really amazing to watch. She seemed so passionate on the microphone, and made you actually feel the story that she has portrayed. I think they are planning on Peyton Royce & Billie Kay breaking up, most likely losing at Backlash and moving on from there. But in my opinion, I can only see Peyton Royce being successful on her own and I think it is an unwise decision by WWE to break them up at the moment. The VIP Lounge is always fun to watch, I really enjoy Drew's microphone work most of the time and last night did not disappoint. As he ended the segment with a Claymore kick, I am very excited for Bobby Lashley vs Drew Mcintyre at Backlash. I have been a big fan of Angel Garza since his NXT Days, and he keeps improving week by week which is great to see. With Kevin Owens being a former Universal Champion, Angel Garza picking up a win over him only means he is continuing to rise the ranks on Monday Night Raw. Over these past few weeks, the video packages of The Street Profits/ Viking Raiders playing certain games to see who are the better team have been great and this week didn't disappoint at all with Golf. Seth Rollins is one of the best things on RAW right now, if not the best thing and he continues to prove that with this Rey Mysterio storyline. Last night, we saw the advertisement of a retirement ceremony for Mysterio which I see that leading to Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio at backlash which I dont mind one bit. I think the #1 Contender's match was the most predictable match of the night, as Nia Jax will take on Asuka at Backlash and with Flair not being pinned that keeps her strong which smart on their end. And finally, the Main Event of The Street Profits taking on both MVP & Bobby Lashley which I enjoyed. It was a fun little tag team match, which resulted in Bobby getting disqualified for his beastly behavior. As the show would end with a major brawl by both Drew Mcintyre & Bobby Lashley. Overall not a bad night of Monday Night Raw.
  10. Round Of 16 Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Owens Cedric Alexander vs Finn Bálor Baron Corbin vs Bobby Roode Elias vs Roman Reigns Andrade Almas vs Shelton Benjamin Randy Orton vs Tye Dillinger Daniel Bryan vs The Miz Eric Young vs Rusev Quarter-Finals Lashley/Owens vs Alexander/Bálor Corbin/Roode vs Elias/Reigns Almas/Benjamin vs Orton/Dillinger Bryan/Miz vs Young/Rusev Semi-Finals Bobby Lashley vs Roman Reigns Almas vs Bryan Finals Roman Reigns vs Almas
  11. Smackdown (April 10th 2020) We are just 5 days removed from Wrestlemania 36 where stars were made, new Champions were crowned, and legacys were cemented. During the biggest show of the calendar year, we would see some of Smackdown's biggest stars put everything on the line to prove their worth but one man was able to do it in fantastic fashion. During night one of Wrestlemania 36, Roman Reigns would dethrone Goldberg of the Universal Championship. Finally being able to call himself Champion once again, tonight the newly crowned Universal Champion Roman Reigns will share his thoughts on the events that transpired days ago. Roman Reigns: Last night was the night that I had imagined since October 2018, the night that I had to share to the world that I was once again diagnosed with Leukemia was one of the most emotional nights of my entire life. And since that night, I had yet to find the courage to search for gold. But I know how it feels having the top Championship in this industry held hostage, secured by someone who will barely step foot in this ring. So when I heard that "Whos Next" echo throughout the arena, I knew I had to do what was right no matter what it would cost. I once promised I would be a fighting Champion, that promise was broken and now I must fulfill that promise. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cesaro vs Angel Garza With the Wrestlemania season coming to an end, a breath of fresh air has emerged as some new talent has made their way to the brand known as Smackdown. Last night, Sami Zayn would be able to successfully defend his Intercontinental Championship against Daniel Bryan but tonight his stablemate in Cesaro will take on the newest star here on Smackdown Angel Garza. The question now stands whether or not Cesaro will come on top or will Angel Garza make an outstanding first impression here on Smackdown? In a great back and forth battle, both Cesaro & Angel Garza would look great here tonight not looking for a loss but rather a victory. For most of the match, Cesaro would try and utilize his ground game as much as he could, but the speed & athleticism of Angel Garza was sometimes too much handle during this contest. As we got to the later parts of this contest, Angel Garza would be on his way to a huge victory for himself, before Shinsuke Nakumara & Sami Zayn would distract Angel Garza. Giving Cesaro the advantage he needed to connect with the neutralizer for the victory. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sasha Banks vs Carmella Our next match is a Women's match set for one fall, last night Sasha Banks would lose her chance to become Smackdown Women's Champion while she watched her best friend Bayley retain it. Tonight Sasha Banks looks to seek revenge, as she will take on Carmella here tonight. With the Money In The Bank PPV growing near, in just 5 weeks time both of these Women are looking to impress ahead of the big night. The bad night that Sasha Banks had, brought out a whole new side of "The Boss" just 24 hours later. For the majority of this contest, Banks would be able to keep Carmella grounded not being able to use her speed to her advantage. As she kept her grounded, Carmella would try to get an upperhand and after a few moments she would be able to do so. Escaping Banks' grip she would go for a superkick but Sasha Banks would lock in the Banks' statement for the victory. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "A Friendship" As Sasha Banks soaks in her victory, she would leave the ring in confident fashion as usual, before heading to the back where Bayley would be standing near. As Banks walks up to her, she would lean in for the hug, but Bayley would shrug her off looking disgusted in the process. Sasha looks confused, as Bayley begins to speak in a depressive manner to her best friend. Bayley: Congrats on your victory Sasha, but it needs to end now. I was informed during your match, that next week you will take on Naomi in a Money In The Bank qualifier match. I have worked so hard for this Championship, and if you were to snatch it from my grasp I could never forgive you. We have been through leaps and bounds together, but this title means the world to me and I cant lose it, you understand right Sasha? Sasha Banks: Bayley, this title is getting the better of you. Your so far driven into your ego, you have forgotten what really matters. And that is our bond, you have lost everything for this piece of gold are you happy? Next week I am going to win my Money In The Bank Qualifier, and go on to win the Money In The Bank Briefcase. And if it comes down to our friendship or that title, you may be unhappy. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The New Day vs The Lucha House Party We now move on from a tense scene from two best friends to two best friends that will never break their bond in Big E & Kofi Kingston. With The Miz now making Monday Night Raw his new home, the Smackdown Tag Team Championships are now vacated as we look for new Champions. Tonight two teams look to impress heading into Money In The Bank in just five weeks time, as The New Day take on The Lucha House Party in Tag Team action. In a fun and action packed Tag Team encounter, we would see two teams who could be the next Smackdown Tag Team Champions if given the chance at Money In The Bank. After 10 minutes or so, Big E would begin to show signs of exhaustion as he would tag in Kofi Kingston. Kofi would run in and attack Lince Dorado with a S.O.S but Lince would be able to kick out just in time. Both men getting up, Kalisto would roll Kingston up but only getting a two count, but just like Kofi would leap up and hit a Trouble In Paradise for the victory. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chad Gable vs Shinsuke Nakamura Earlier on tonight we saw Cesaro defeat Angel Garza due to Shinsuke's antics but now Nakamura must fight on his own here tonight. But it will not be light work for him, as Shinsuke will take on a hungry Chad Gable. For years Chad Gable has been trying to break that glass cieling, but has yet to do so but possibly defeating a former Intercontinental Champion will help him wonders. In a great match, Shinsuke Nakamura would use his lethal kicks, and knees to the gut to keep Chad Gable down on the canvas. After 6 minutes, Chad Gable would begin to mount a comeback as he would use his Amateur Wrestling background to his advantage. After a few moments of doing so, he would go for a german suplex but Shinsuke Nakamura would reverse and strike Gable with a Kinshasa for the victory. After the match, Sami Zayn would enter the ring, pounding on Chad Gable as he would end the attack with a Helluva Kick. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Braun Strowman vs Elias vs Robert Roode- #1 Contenders Match We have now reached the Main Event of the evening, which we will see Braun Strowman take on Elias & Robert Roode in a #1 Contenders Match for the Universal Championship. In a triple threat match, it is anyone's game so who will come out on top and take on Roman Reigns at Money In The Bank? We know the history between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns, so you have to think that Strowman will do whatever it takes to come out victorious here. In a good Main Event clash, we would see Elias & Robert Roode early on take out the big man, eliminating him from the equation. As they would battle out for a few minutes as Strowman laid on the ground helplessly. After a few more moments, Strowman would get up and enter the ring immediately causing havoc. Robert Roode would go after Braun, but would be taken out of the ring by the big man. As Elias would go for a running attack, Strowman would pick him up for the Running Powerslam for the victory. After the match, Roman Reigns would confront Braun Strowman, after a few moments of intense staring. Strowman would go to attack Reigns but would be hit a Superman Punch, then trying to go for the Spear but would be taken down by Strowman with another Running Powerslam to close the show. As Strowman would hold the Universal Championship high above his head as the screen would fade to black. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Honestly I am loving this so far Mikey, and it seems you are as well. Its pretty cool to see how I am developing over the years, and seeing Yelich & I as tag team Champions puts a huge smile on my face. Now looking at my record over the calendar year, I am pretty happy with it 46-6 is nothing to be ashamed of. I'm excited to see how Yelich & I do with the Tag titles in 2022 and keep this up Mikey its a very fun read whenever you post.
  13. Shayna Baszler vs. Kanako Urai ( KO / SUB / UD ) Miroslav Barnyashev vs. Bill Goldberg ( KO / SUB / UD ) Tom Budgen vs. Naomichi Marufuji ( KO / SUB / UD ) Stephanie Bell vs. Toni Rossall ( KO / SUB / UD ) Keith Lee vs. Harry Smith ( KO / SUB / UD )

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