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  1. ICON

    Pro Wrestling Reborn

    Kota Ibushi Justin Thunder Liger Rich Swann Naito
  2. Thought about being Dean Ambrose for a bit there. But ended up just going with Ciampa, thought i could be more diverse with him. And it truly worked out in my favour, have had a lot of fun with him.
  3. Really dumb choice here. The Club were actually making the Tag Team Championships relevant again. And WWE pull a stunt like this. But as George said its the WWE and they will do whatever they want. Hopefully this leads to Braun vs Seth and maybe Braun finally having that World Title Push.
  4. This is very cool to see, with Edge being gone for almost a decade. And now maybe actually having a chance to have a proper "Retirement" Match. It would be very cool to see, and and too see who that last match against would be against.
  5. Flynn First Class Express Arius Echo Wilson Sameer The Godsent The Bailey Bart
  6. ICON

    How was your day?

    Day was good, went back today on a flight. So i guess a busy day. Now gonna edit and just chill mostly.
  7. Gonna go with Brock Lesnar vs Aj Styles, just really good match. And as Hans said, when Brock tries hes great. And that was proven in this match.
  8. I’m really excited for tonight, with round one starting of the King of The Ring tournament. I’m excited to see how they follow up with Sasha return and brutal attack on Becky. I think AJ will retain by disqualification and go on to Clash of Champions to face Braun. Tonight should be great.
  9. At the moment, lord of the flies. Really love this book, others say it’s boring but I guess I think differently ahah. I would recommended this whether it’s for school or just on your own time
  10. ICON

    Pro Wrestling Reborn

    Rey mysterio Swoogle Dragon Lee Fenix
  11. I actually have to agree with Cody on this one. The original Halloween was the best. And I still go back and watch it to this day.
  12. PAC man ha always been my favorite. A classic indeed. It’s lot of fun and not complicated.
  13. I love the 2006 WWE save. It’s a lot of fun to play out. I remember having s lot of injuries tho which sucked. But a lot of fun overall

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