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  1. ICON

    Storm's editing Plaza

    Loved making this one! hope u all enjoy!
  2. ICON


    Well this is my official goodbye to the forums, so many experiences here but its time for me to go, its for the best and thank you for all the amazing memories, love you all!
  3. ICON

    Storm's editing Plaza

    Hope you all enjoy some feedback would be appreciated!
  4. ICON

    Hans Graphics

    As i have stated so many times ur so amazing, keep up the fantastic work man!
  5. Pretty cool work my man! The structure was well done
  6. Full Name: Micheal Hunter Date of is (1989/01/09) Ethnicity: Italian Skin Colour:White Place of Birth (New York, United States) Languages Spoken: English Positions Played (LB,CM, RB): Best Stats (Tackling, Defending, Pace, Crossing) Worst Stats (Strength, Marking, Free Kick, Long throw) Relationships with people (Negative)
  7. Welcome back Monda, glad to have you back!
  8. ICON

    Toxic Waste

    We return from commercial break, static sounds throughout the arena. The titantron fades in and out before that earing image is focused in on. You know this week has given me time to think about what i said, and i dony apologize for anything. I spoke about postive energy, something that i would pride myself on back just a few months back. It ate me alive, i wasnt able to think straight, this energy was eating me alive. I found this new kind of energy on my time away. A powered energy, classified as a toxic energy that takes your distractions away. Icon pauses, grabbing his head viciously, banging his head on the background wall repeadetly. See what you all make me do? This is all your fault, not mine, is it my fault?Why would it be my fault, THINK ICON! I cant let the postive energy consume me again. As i was saying before i was i was rudely interrupted, you all dont understand what it is like to be the outsider. The man who can never be in the open, never can be the champion. I was always the joke, was laughed at for being the one who lost everything. But maybe that isnt a bad thing, losing everything might just have been the best thing to happen to me. The real question is can you hear that, that is the sound of a new era. The picture cuts out, leaving the crowd in shock.
  9. Really love the idea of this diary and the format, you have good storylines and booking keep it coming marker!
  10. To just improve the best i can and have fun along the way
  11. Lmao, shut up man, i have my opinions.

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