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  1. I think Young Bucks are getting this win here. I would like a different team, should win this. The Young Bucks are the obvious choice here, which i don't really want to see. I feel LAX could be a very viable shot at being champions. Which would be great for their product in my opinion.
  2. So I have been thinking about this for a while. As Nba 2k20 just came out, so I was thinking of starting a tournament. All you have to do is say I’m in and what team you will be participating with. You also have to have a ps4. Im looking for a 8-16 man tournament. So we will begin once we have those amount of members. I will be entering with the Lakers, good luck to everyone.
  3. This match was really great. I was quite surprised that Kofi was getting booed. I have loved Ortons character since turning heel late last year. And he still had it, as shown last night. The story is awesome, as it goes back a decade ago. Overall a great match.
  4. I really was impressed with how well Rowan did on his own. Good match overall, and with Harper returning, I’m very excited to see how they build this up. Should be very interesting.
  5. Decent match here. I really enjoyed Zayn’s tactics. Kind of like Lio Rush when he was with Bobby Lashely. I’m glad Shinsuke retained. I see him holding onto it until like Royal Rumble.
  6. I am watching blue bloods at the moment. It’s basically about a family of cops and lawyers. I really enjoy the show, I would truly recommend it. I have always been into law, and watching these shows makes me enjoy it even more.
  7. This should of been match of the night as Flynn stated. Not only did they book it on the preshow but they gave it I believe less than 5 minutes. What a waste of time in my eyes. Here I thought, they were pushing Cedric for a title win possibly. But no, they just made him look like shit. Plus the post match attack, didn’t help.
  8. an alright match here. New tag team champions in not an actual team in my eyes. The buildup was rushed and the actual wrestling was ok. Overall not great.
  9. ICON

    NJPW: King's Road

    Hangman Page Takahashi, Owens and Bad Luck Fale Jay White And The Young Bucks Minoru Suzuki, ZSJ and Michinoku Yoshi Hashi and Okada Goto Ospreay Naito
  10. Actually really enjoyed this match. It was actually really back and forth for the duration of the match. Which I didn’t really expect. I’m happy Seth won, I don’t think the trust with Braun fully is quite there yet. But Seth is the face of the company right now, so that’s good to see It was great to see, Braun going outside of his comfort zone. Like that big splash off the top rope. It shows he is a great performer. And one day he should be universal champion. Just not quite yet.
  11. Bart Fds Julius Smith Slim Sameer
  12. Shawn Micheals vs Mr Perfect: Intercontinental Championship

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