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  1. This match was very good, really showed how undertaker can get better with age. Good match and can’t wait for the future for the storyline.
  2. Echo Wilson vs me, it was so tight and when I won it was such a bitter sweet feeling.
  3. I really wish to have a Feud with Smith, always wanted to have a feud with him just on a level of how good he is at kayfabe and I feel it would be very cool!
  4. Ric Flair vs Hbk- Wrestlemania 24, the emotions and storytelling was just amazing!
  5. Watch dogs 2, I would recommend it it is a lot of fun.
  6. I have punk, reigns, Rollins, and Bobby Roode
  7. Ember moons, always just clicked with me
  8. ICON

    The career of Icon

    Under the walls of hope, there is betrayal, over a hill there’s victory but there is defeat, over a heap of mountains there is gold, but there is a legacy, this is the story of ICON Those lines above, really hit home. A career is not all sunny and rainbows. You will have your defeats, you will have victories but most important you will have a legacy. This all started in early 2018. A call from Bpz leads a man to his professional wrestling career. A call from the owner of Bpz, Brenden startled the newcomer, as he answers. This is Storm, how can I help you? Brenden: So I have been watching you lately, and I have decided to give you a 2 year contract how does that sound to you. That sounds amazing, when do I start? First of all, your kindness sickens me, so shut up before I change my mind. And you can start tonight at the Royal Rumble. Well tonight is actually- Brenden: I can just rip up this contract right now smartass. No no I will be there. A few hours later… Storm’s plane arrives and is met by Brenden with a cocky look on his face. Brenden: Listen up kid, tonight you will face Julius and RedArrow in a triple threat match for the NXT Championship. But I can’t stress this enough kid, make Julius look strong. You understand? Yes sir, but, oh never mind I just got this job. The stage is set, will Storm fail or will he be the kid to get the job done….
  9. It’s about time he came to his senses, hopefully it’s true because his company will just continue to go downhill if a change doesn’t occur
  10. Ye I agree that wouldn’t of worked, he is a whole other style than these legends, it’s a good thing this didn’t happen and he ended his career against triple h.
  11. Bart Flynn Echo Julius Brad
  12. Yelich Marker Ropati Meko George (no order)

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