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  1. I have noother choice but to leave, im sorry

  2. ICON

    Maasa Graphics

    Pretty good work mate, you are improving
  3. I’m not excited about this, never was a fan about this, they have the women on top right now but don’t need to use tag teams for it. Because they will probs use the midcarders for tag teams which is not an appealing idea.
  4. When the Nasty Boys won the tag team titles, don’t remember exactly when but it was sometime in the 1980s that was a big shock to me, because of how they were represented.
  5. ICON

    Institute of Brooklyn

    The chambers have risen, nightfall has come to us and its time for Day 1 of the Institute of Brooklyn. One by one, the 12 men file in, step by step. They enter in a single file line to the room we like to call, "The Entrance Hall". The Sheriff, Storm enters the hall and stares down to each man individually. Ropati: So is murder allowed or? Because as you can see from my description I love my dose of murder. Sheriff Storm: Did I say you can speak? I didn't think so. Of course Murder is allowed, the Arts and Science Academy that we are in right now has no rules after dusk. But we should have some not rules, but restrictions in this experiment. Do not even try to bribe me in anyway shape or form, no eating after 12 pm and dont have blood tracing on my floors. Are we understood? I don't care, becuase you will obey me or I will let these other 11 men chop your skull off. Now time for chamber accommodations. First up Ropati and Leeson. Leeson: Fucking hell, I don't want to be in the same breathing air as this lunatic. But maybe I can ease him down with some coke. Yo Ropati want some chilly hot coke? Jack: Wait a second, Leeson, maybe you can make some chilly but I can make some profit. All you can do is get caught, before i got caught I made some dough Leeson. Even if i had to whitewash money I got the job done. Sheriff Storm: Alright enough, settle down. Next chamber is James Montoya and Angelo Caito. Angelo : Oh boy, James you little scrawny nugget, we are gonna have some fun. You like to have brawls when your slippy in the brain, I like to shank people for fun. James: Oh shit, and this is why I don't stay sober. Sheriff Storm: Well that's gonna be a heavy clean up, well next chamber, Frankie DelFraco and Sasuke Uchicha. Well we have a dick Warrior vs a psychopathic Murderer, nice combination. Frankie: Sasuke, we gonna have some fun, dick pulling, dick kicking, and all sorts of dick games. Sasuke: No speak Gay. Sheriff Storm: Now I want to get things rolling so let me finish this up, Harold and Aaron, Jonathan and Mcintyre, and finally Aidan and Jack. So lets get this shit rolling. I all told you this was an experiment, I want to see how long all of you can last in this type of environment. You are always welcome to leave, the door is right there but just remember, your fighting for your pride, and a better life. So the first thing we are going to do, is all introduce ourselves to your new family members. I will go first, I am a sheriff of the NYPD, i don't play games, don't do any of that gay shit alright, Frankie. Don't be going around flapping your dick near me. Alright next up. Ropati: Im just about those murders ya know what I mean? It gives me the willing to live. So if Leeson wants to assault me the way he did to his sister, hes gonna get put down real quick and easy. Leeson: You got jokes, how about we do this right now pussy. Leeson and Ropati square up before Sheriff Storm breaks them up and send everyone to their chambers and concludes day one of the Institute of Brooklyn.
  6. ICON

    Institute of Brooklyn

    In the bright hours of daylight, this is an academic of high proportions for Art and Science but when the sun dissolves and the moon evolves this is a institute, where 12 men will be tested for their patience, likeness, and overall capability in prison. All these men have criminal records but all these men dont know what awaits them inside this Institute of Brooklyn. Henry Mcintyre The 32 year old from, Glasgow, Scotland, has entered this experiment. In late 2012, he was charged for 1st degree murder against his Wife. Now in early 2019, he has been a freed man for 2 years and looks to head down to the chambers once more. Aidan Callax The Cali guy, 29 year old Aidan Callax, was charged with Armed Robbery, after getting chased by the cops and arrested, he developed deep paranoia and now sits on a wheelchair permanently. How will this factor into this experiment for Mr. Callax? James Montoya The 24 year old, Washington Native, this man is just what we call brutal. James has stolen multiple cars, attacked innocent civilians with knifes. And was charged with multiple accounts of Assault and Battery in a result of Bar brawls. Will he have the same type of brawls here in Brooklyn? Only time will tell. Ropati The man from unknown surroundings, the 22 year old Ropati just loves murder. His life has circled around murder. From the age of 12 was his first stab to the heart. It was his won mother, the father threw him out and murder was all that Ropati knew and still 10 years later that's all this young man has.He has a history of not being able to grasp any friendships, can he in this experiment? Angelo Caito The 40 year old, Mr. Caito, is a native of the Texas border.With 9 murders, 4 abductions, and 3 assaults, he knows how to get people talking. From the age of 11, he was abducted by his father who left his mother when he was a small child. Angelo was eventually able to escape but along his way back home he found the love for killing, torturing and stealing what doesn't belong to him. Now at age 40 he still loves to play this sinical game and maybe he can do the same in Brooklyn? Leeson Ah Mau The Kiwi, 29 year old, weightlifter loves to assualt the less fortunate. As a child, his family could not support him, only his brother and sister, Lesson would assualt his siblings and then his parents. He would also go on to distribute, and use the marketing of drugs to pay his dues. If he does bring this along to him in Brooklyn, will the experiment be defoiled? Jonathan Brinks A man from Las Vegas, the 28 year old used to use his intelligence for his advantage but now he uses it for brawls. He also has had numerous records of vehicle manslaughters. With no vehicle access to ride on in the institute and will not be alone all the time, like Johnathan is use to how will Brinks mentally survive in this hellhole? Aaron North The 31 year old, LA Murderer loves to stab and hit the road. As he has had numerous accounts of 1st degree murders, and has done it while playing video games, is just mental. Will we have some more of those situations here in Brooklyn? Frankie Delfraco So when I read this guy's report I just thought to myself, better watch my dick. This 33 year old from Pittsburgh, is just mental. In one report he was charged with second degree murder but as we found out afterwards after the murder, he just blasted away with kicks to the dick, until this guy blood out. Also has had multiple accounts of grand theft auto, and Pyromaniac. Which is basically a disorder that he can not control himself. So in Brooklyn, will we have dick wars or control maniacs on the loose? Sasuke Uchicha The 16 year old from Konoha. Sasuke spends his days eating balls of rice and thinking about killing his brother. A mass murderer who has killed over 200 families. That says everything, a mental institute is more for him but whatever he likes. Will he want balls of rice or more families to chew off of? Harold Blankenschiff The 29 year old from Winsconsin, has spent his days not caring about taxes, with multiple accounts of tax frauds and has freely roamed the streets when he jaywalks. The scrawny 29 year old, will not want to pick a fight but loves to read. Will he finally pick a fight but will he continue to stare into these books? Jack Castle The 28 year old from Michigan loves to drug deal and scam people out of their money. But not enough people are dumb asses to give away their money, so Jack decided to white wash his money and has dealt with numerous accounts for both drug dealing and white washing. Will he bring drugs inside or make money for the others?
  7. First off, I love this diary already, you really stepped up and made this a very interesting diary. Buddy Murphy will be a very good addition to NXT UK. Cant wait for Walter vs Dunne. MM was very strong in this episode but i dont think they will gain the titles. Rhea Ripley looked very dominate which was a very smart move. Overall amazing work Marker! 8.5/10
  8. Julius, Echo, Bart, Smith, Prince, and Jason
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