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  1. I actually have to agree with Cody on this one. The original Halloween was the best. And I still go back and watch it to this day.
  2. PAC man ha always been my favorite. A classic indeed. It’s lot of fun and not complicated.
  3. I love the 2006 WWE save. It’s a lot of fun to play out. I remember having s lot of injuries tho which sucked. But a lot of fun overall
  4. 1. Bray wyatt 2. Kevin Owens 3. Buddy Murphy 4. The OC 5. Seth Rollins
  5. I started watch wrestling in 2009 I want to be a professional i can handle a camera pretty well And finally I play baseball and basketball
  6. Buddy Ace Icon Jack Bashka Arius
  7. Pete Dunne Noam Dar Strong Hideo Itami Drew Gulak Johnny Gargano Finn Balor really cool concept here odd, hope your active on it and it works well for you: I will be staying tuned
  8. ICON

    UFC - The Promise Land

    Nate Devlin James Ropati Julius Jones Bailey Justin George AK
  9. Yelich is my mentor, yes a lot of people have helped me on the forums. But yelich is the one I always go to for questions and to get better and such. I love this dude
  10. As Cody said it’s such a steal, even if the next game is coming out very soon, 3 bucks can’t hurt you, especially if you work and you can work it off in a matter of hours.
  11. Summerslam, really excited for it, as I’ve never participated in one, so this is great
  12. This is probably a bad choice. But I say Johnny gargano. He’s like an iron man of nxt right now. And he had many years left in him

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