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  1. So I have been wanting to do this type of thing for a while now. An Editing Review of some sorts. As you all know I love Editing, and my passion for it is unconditional. So I want to share my thoughts on some edits. If you all have some requests link it beneath this post.* First off I loved the feel of the pacing. I loved how he told the story of Ibushi in 6 minutes. That is not easy let me tell you that. The two songs really filled the essence of the Music Video in my eyes. With Omega leaving, he had to show that he could do well on his own, so every time the Black and White filter would strike, it would show Ibushi’s Depression thicken. * Happiness was a major standpoint in this video. “Suicide”, every time that note struck, it got me pumping. Because Ibushi was overcoming his thoughts of depression, and overcame it. As a long time Ibushi fan, it was a very inspiring video to say the least. * The story of brotherhood was spoken loud and clear during those crucial 6 minutes. From Omega going to AEW, leaving Ibushi, the black and White Filter would return in a very smooth transitional way. Which was very appealing. * This filter was actually mental. The mixed feel of the Light leaks and Magic Bullet Looks, it was so great. I know from personal experience that takes a couple of hours minimum. So that was very well done. [B/]* Ok so this was lovely. It transitioned from Okada picking up Ibushi for what seemed to be a one winged angel and would go into a flashback from Omega, lovely stuff there. Now comes the ending of the video. So this was truly amazing. Just he culmination of the songs used and the split screen was wonderful. So that’s it from me, make sure to leave some videos down below if you would like. [I/]
  2. I remember seeing him almost die. And he was so happy to return. So damn that really sucks to see him injured once again. I wish the best for Wilde.
  3. Welcome bro! I already spoke to you a little bit on the discord. And you seem like a great lad. Hope you enjoy your stay man.
  4. All about that war, gonna mess some shit up ya feel me. For me, probably Sameer or Mikey. They both are real ones. Atleast to me heeheh.
  5. Bret Hart vs Owen Hart, easy pick for me. Brother vs Brother classic story here. Crazy to think that this was better than their Wrestlemania X match.
  6. Wrestlemania 19 Winner: Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle Wrestlemania 20 Christian vs Chris Jericho Eddie Guerrero vs Kurt Angle Chris Benoit vs Triple H vs Shawn Micheals
  7. This is just pathetic. Get over it, it’s obviously pre determined. And Lynch was on board with it. These types of fans need to grow up and if your going to be like this, don’t watch wrestling in this day and age. Absolutely disgusting.
  8. This is actually very interesting to see. With bubba being a legend in the business, he knows what’s best for ratings. And I agree with him, Lesnar being the champion on Fox is a great move. And could lead to a great improvement in ratings.
  9. 1. The Fiend 2. Rowan 3. Undisputed Era 4. Imperium 5. Brock Lesnar
  10. It’s good that even Vince wants to push Chad Gable. I still really wish he won King Of The Ring. As it would have helped his career a lot. But it seems some other kind of push will happen rather soon.
  11. Spidey for me. It was a very close one, I am going to be honest, I love both of them. But Spidey just edges it out for me. Especially with the ending of his time with Marvel, makes me like home even more.
  12. Asking Alexandria- A Prophecy. I have been on a binge by this band. But this doing really gets me bumping. I would truly recommend it.
  13. Lolllll. This is a waste of tv time. Like who actually cares. Poor Rusev, not being booked well.
  14. Roman Reigns Adam Cole Becky Lynch Rey and Ricochet Almas Undisputed Era Sasha Banks and Bayley Elias
  15. I feel at the end of Gta 5. For who you had to kill off. I remember, any choice I would pick it would be a kick right in the dick for me. It was definitely a hard choice, and struck at the heart.
  16. This is a big ratings draw as Julius stated. If your just a causal, you are there to watch Lesnar. If you admit it or not. This is a good step for Raw, especially that Smackdown has the larger network.
  17. ICON

    Gloomy Lies Within

    Gloomy Lies Within The Love Is Real. Many teams are just together because of their bond. Or for the Championships, but what if their was a naturual bond? A love of some sort. Golden Lovers is just that. Back in DDT, a massive showdown would take place. Kota Ibushi vs Kenny Omega 2012, what a clash. 1..2...3 A winner was born, a future G1 Climax winner, Intercontinental Champion, never openeright a Champion and a leap of success waits. But what is on the other side a broken friend. Kenny Omega is a man of honor. He proved his worth, with a historic run in the G1 Climax 26. Defeating Hiroki Goto In the finals. He would stand face to face with Kazuchika Okada, in the Main event of Wrestlekindom 11. Tokyo Dome would be buzzing, where was Kota Ibushi? On the sidelines, watching his best friend fill his dreams. Or did he? After an intense 46 minutes of non stop action. One final rainmaker, would send Omega’s hopes and dreams to ash. The man that Ibushi once knew was gone. Omega’s failures made him change, as many day losses can change a man. This was a prime example of this saying. Changes…. for the better? There is a certain part in every man’s life, where you have to take a step back and reflect. So after that defeat to okada, informs of thousands of people, inside the Tokyo Dome. He took a step back and reflected on why he lost. Was his “friend” holding him back. If so, does he have to get rid of this certain burden? “It’s never over until you embrace it”. Advancing to 2018, a hectic year you can saw. The process of AEW being developed would be far from the start but it would eventually do one thing. It Built a turmoil between the two lovers. But redemption was way more important. Dominion 2019, Omega has his shot for immortality. “One mans ticket to success is another man’s ticket to failure”. Omega was in a only win scenario. )3 dearly needed this win, to prove to everyone he is the next big thing here in NJPW. After over an hour of going to war, Omega was able to win the Championship he always dreamed of wearing around his waist. Finally Omega has made his dream a reality. But where is Ibushi? Holding up his friend, who is on top of the world. G1 Climax 28 is his road to his dreams now. After a grueling tournament, Ibushi would make it to the finals. Against “The Ace Hiroshi Tanahashi, but would fail at gaining the victory. This failure made Kota feel useless. Where was Omega now? Challenging all over the world, keeping his secure spot as the face of NJPW. Until he would fall back to reality, back in the Tokyo Dome at Wrestlekindom 13. He would lose, the only thing he kept sacred. Who was there for him? NOONE! He lost everything! Until AEW. Omega left his brothers. His lover, and his home. For AEW, but where is Ibushi now? An intense feud between Kota Ibushi and Tetsuya Naito. Taking Ibushi to a IC Title Reign, and an almost broken neck. But would eventually lead to G1 Climax 29. An intense tournament, that would take Ibushi to the finals once again. Can he finally do it? Well let’s find out, an amazing clash between Ibushi and White. But at the end of the day, Ibushi would finish off White and win the G1 Climax. Finally achieving his dreams, but can he win the big one in January, with nobody by his side? Next episode is
  18. Poor Sheri... SIKE! She got it coming, let’s be real Ropati is gonna beat up for that ass ya feel me. Toxik is one.... lovely person. Keeley about to be the next woman beat. Bob this is great, keep them coming. I loved my bullying storyline, got my bois!
  19. It always sucks to see someone is injured. But it’s not all bad, when your extending your contract. I feel this may be jeff’s last year of wrestling. It really is injury after injury or dui after dui for him. I just want to see him be healthy for good.
  20. Match was ok. Nothing special here. I will be honest, I really was pulling for Fire and Desire here. Bliss and Cross have gotten rather stale as of late as champions. But unfortunately they did not win, not a great match at all.
  21. Amai this is perfectly fine. The format is great, very appealing to read. I love the spinoff of the BBQ event we had, very great idea. It’s awesome how you made it like a soap opera. Something like Lucha Underground, when done right is amazing. Just some advice, maybe make the gifs smaller, like a 250 size would be great. Other than that, keep them coming bro.
  22. I’m actually going to put my sense into this from now on. I feel it is important, that I am making the matches, I should say why I believe the best match is the best one. I have to say Brock Lesnar vs Kurt Angle. As Julius said, a complete banger. And rightfully so. Even with a broken neck basically, Angle was able to put on a fantastic match. That is saying a lot.
  23. Not bad at all. Obviously they used to get way more. But this is surely a step up, that’s for sure. I feel this brand split could help a lot for those numbers. As you can see, by each hour the numbers change ever so slightly. That is surely a common thing, and needs to change.
  24. Ok this would be awesome. He could rise them to the top. And make them what they already have shown they are, top players. With the segment on Raw, with all three of them, I would love to see more of that. Make it happen WWE.

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