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  1. Storm


    As Josh respectfully offers the respect of Storm, the crowd chants yes, yes, yes. Storm thinks cautiously about the decision and further more shakes the hand of the Gentleman. Josh now smiles in the warmth of Storm having his respect still. Josh turns his back and begins to exit the ring. Before he can fully exit the ring, Storm strikes Josh's legs. He picks him up and throws him to the outside of the ring. He picks him up and sets him on top of the announce table. Storm grabs a chair and strikes josh without any mercy, repeatedly until Josh's breath is gone and then he heads inside the ring. Josh begins to proceed to his feet, but STORM HITS A DEADRIGHTS ON JOSH AND HE GOES THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Storm walks over to Josh and laughs at his agony, as we head to commercial break.
  2. Storm

    Storm's editing Plaza

    Hey guys posted a video, hope you all enjoy!
  3. Storm

    Storm's editing Plaza

    So last night i started a series of livestreams with my best friend, Josh and now we will be doing this once a week. Now every week we will do either one or two shows. Heres what we did last night. When ep 2 comes back its NXT Takeover 1 but then raw and the main shows will also be involved soon to.
  4. Storm

    NXT Discussion: December 12th 2018

    This looks like a very interesting episode tonight, cant wait for the North American title to be defended tonight. EC3 is back in action, which is always nice to see and the Undisputed Era is always impressive. Dont really care for the Women's match and Black vs Gargano segment will be heated.
  5. I see Asuka winning the title and facing the royal rumble winner at wrestlemania. Either being Becky or Flair. Just feel like wwe will make it that predictable. But Im stoked for this match.
  6. Storm


    The quarter finals of the Tag Team Classic is now done and dusted. But the major story was The Demon King lying helplessly after his loss with Josh last night. As the crowd piles into the arena, an unfamiliar theme song plays and a man with no face paint, no body art, nothing resembling the Demon King, just Storm. His movements are nothing like the usual Storm, he walks with no purpose. He enters the ring and is handed a microphone and begins to speak. For the past 6 months, I have had one purpose and that was to please all of you. But after last night's defeat I have come to the realization that all you people do is pile losses for me. I try to be the role model, to not cheat, to be the guy who can get the fair and square victory. But some men just hit that breaking point and last night was my breaking point. You all happy? You have drove me to this point, im sick of it. I don't need to please you, i don't need to please anyone in the back, not josh, not any of you, just me. You don't pay my bills, wins pay my bills and that is exactly what has not been taking place for the past 6 months. I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into this business and all I get is disrespect. The only accomplishment I have made is keeping the United States title for one month, it is fucking sad. I need to be the phenomenal Storm I know i can be, not some Demon King, no alter ego, nothing but me. The arena begins to pour in with boos. Shocked with Storm's remarks. Storm waits patiently for the audience to calm down. Do you even know who i am? You all act like you own me, you own my emotions, my actions, everything I must do. There is a simple fact that you must realize to understand why I must do this, you cannot fear what has already been broken. You broke the trust that we once had. This is all your doing, not mine. But you horrendous human beings are not the only problem, we have a guy that can do no wrong, and makes the same mistake I once did for 6 months, that brought me only failure. Joshua Scott has fallen victim to this dictatorship that you people call support. No, acting like someone is your property is not support. But do you know what really makes me sick? The fact that Josh loves the feeling of being owned. He has over 30 losses just this year, and he is proud of that. He embraces this failure. What kind of man is that? That is the definition of a failure, he will do anything to stay relevant. The difference between Josh and I is that only one of us can realize our mistakes and take action to fix it, but the other one embraces his mistakes and keeps on feeling the pain. But do you know what heals pain? Redemption, a simple satisfaction of vengeance, one that can heal the soul of it's sins and can feel like a simple wind blown through your veins. Joshua Scott, its time for you to realize that these fans don' give a shit about you, trust me I know, they will stab you in the back with a snap of your fingers. But my grudge towards you, isn't about these fans, it's not about who is better, it's personal. You choose to not help our team, not show up for weeks, and then show up at the Classic but barely help. I carried the team, and what do i get, a fucking mask on my face and left in the dust. So hear me out Josh, at Evolve Crossfire, the only thing that you will see is the lights staring at your reflection and a loss to start off your 2019 year. Storm pauses, he examines the crowd, shaking his head in disgust. The crowd begins to boo Storm out of the building, not letting him speak every time he try's to place the microphone higher. You all gonna shut up or can i keep speaking? Good listening, im surprised you all have the brain cells to do so. I did this for me, not any of you, not Josh. The disrespect I have received has been disgusting. I have put my body on the line for all of you for the past 11 months, for what? To not have any acknowledgement of my career, to be forgotten, to not be a top dog in Evolve. Fuck that, you all need to understand that I don't give a shit what you think anymore. I have wasted way too much time chasing after every single opinion you all gave me. I wanted to make you all happy, entertained, but now I will do whatever it takes to win. I don't give a shit if I cheat, if i take the easy way out, who cares? At least I will be winning, unlike the past 6 months. So you all can shove your opinions up your asses and shut the fuck up. This is the new me, you can hate me, you can love me but you will respect me. My in-ring talent is not something you see every day, it's time for my improvements to be shown. My first mission is to take down your favorite hero, your sweet darling, the man that can do no wrong, Joshua Scott. I seriously don't understand why you guys love him, he's not even successful. But you people do love failure, you love yourselves and that says everything. Now Josh I want you to come out here, come face to face to with me and accept or decline my challenge. I want to see your true colors, what shall it be? Storm waits patiently for the beloved hero to embrace this offer.
  7. Storm

    Storm's editing Plaza

  8. Storm

    Storm's graphics

  9. Storm

    Storm's editing Plaza

    Hey everyone, a vid from about 2 months ago, if u want give me some feedback and some more requests!
  10. Storm

    Storm Is Dead

    The intro package begins to play, showing the bright stars of Evolve. As this ends, we head backstage and see Storm sitting down on the ground, thriving in pain, twitching unendlessly. His face turns beat red, drowning in sweat. Paramedics arrive quickly and take him into the ambulance. A few hours later he wakes up in a hospital bed, confused why he is here. The nurse walks into the room and walks over to Storm. Nurse: Hello, Mr. Storm you're awake! How are you feeling? Storm: I feel fine, leave me alone. I need to get to the arena, let me leave this instant. Nurse: Calm down sir, you fainted, you were drowning in sweat and were beat red. We did some tests and im astonished. Your insides are the same color of your face just a few hours ago. Do you have any history of past experiences, such like this? Storm: No, not like this. But, earlier this year, a Demon controlled my body for over 4 months. I escaped this ancient soul, this cant be happening again right? I cant go back, I cant do it, I worked to hard to get away. Nurse: Oh dear god, Mr. Storm I will have to call a psychiatric Center, I cant let this be shared to anyone. The nurse goes to call 911... but Storm jumps out of bed, and chokes the nurse until her breathe is gone. He reaches into her pocket and grabs her car keys and runs out of the room and out of the hospital. He enters the parking lot and finds her car and drives out to the arena. Once he gets there, he enters the arena and Greatest hits, riling up all the fans that have been watching this all unfold. As the lights zoom on Storm, we see the change that we thought we would never witness again. Hello cruel world, did you miss me? Oh well I dont give a shit if you did. Storm is gone and the Demon King has returned. He couldn't get rid of me, he is too weak to do so. Well he hasn't done anything has he? I have been gone for 7 months and nothing has changed. My plan has been unfolded and I see what he has planned. A tag team, are you fucking kidding me? I guess he can't do anything himself. Not a shocker to be honest. Now I have some business to attend to. Hollow and Bizzy, now that Storm is not here to spread his knowledge to all these idiots sitting throughout this arena. This weekend the Demon King and Josh will rule this kingdom of EVOLVE without your opinions. I seriously don't understand what is so astonishing about Hollow. I really don't, and come our invitational tag match, you wont see anything different just Hollow on the ground, looking up the stars. YOUR HERO, STORM IS DEAD! DEAD I SAY! He will not appear on your tv screens or in front of your exhausted eyes ever again. Instead we have a Demon entering your lives and doesn't give a shit what you think of him. You can love me or hate me but you will respect me, do you filthy idiots understand? Now onto Suby, he has returned, and what's so great about that? Nothing, he doesn't change my thoughts on this match, I am going to head to the finals like I plan on it. I see it in my head, the plans unfolding, the carcuss on the canvas. Man I love this sight. But after Josh and I win the Invitational, we will meet The Flock. I have heard great things about Marker and Odd. But one thing has been eating me alive, Storm couldn't defeat Jason or Marker. Fucking pathetic, this is why I will stay here and keep Storm away because I have to get the job done, like always. Now Marker you have improved immensely since my time away, good on you but the Demon King continues to thrive while my time away. So i hope The Flock is listening, I rule this kingdom, bow to me young souls, let your reckoning begin and let the dead era begin. The audience begins to boo the Demon King out of the building. Chanting, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. The Demon, flips them off, grinning at their reaction. Oh, shut the fuck up I don't care what you think. Now finally, one more thing, Julius I may not be Storm but I still have the same amount of rage that Storm had for you. Why? Easy, you are not worthy of this Kingdom and I want to do what Storm couldn't get done, beat you and take that United States Championship. Not now, but when I make my presence known, you will know I promise you that Beast. The Demon King Crawls out of the ring and lets the smoke fulfill his presence until we go to commercial break.
  11. Mine would have to be The Rock vs Randy Orton (Career Match) Vengeance
  12. Storm

    Storm's graphics

    We are back at it again bois and so basically i just started using paint.net so gonna have to get used to it.
  13. Storm

    No One Likes Me

    Yo bro, I used to feel like this but most of the time were just playing with you, if you feel any concern just dm me and we will get this sorted out , we all are very nice people. I certainly dont hate you at all
  14. Storm

    Kieron's Random Graphics & Videos

    Hey man if you have some free time, could you make me an updated picture of Ricochet Sig and Avi (NXT wise) Just put One and Only on sig and storm on avi Red and gold plz