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  1. Wake Up Call

    Just after Jason's proclamation of his kingdom, the lights turn off with a certain fear in Jason's eyes but ready for a fight because we know exactly who this is. The lights start to turn back on, but only a little spotlight so you can feel the fear of the presence known as hell. Jason, i see that certain look in your eyes. The look that defines you as a human and as a competitor. You want to take this kingdom, come take it but just know i am here and as Julius made an announcement I have one too. Mayhem will be my last match as an Nxt Competitor. With that off my hellish Chest, I hate you with all my inner body but I damn well respect you. You brought the fight and you came close but I have been trying to hold this monster inside me away for months but when you arrived and made all of those hatred remarks about me that was it and the monster and the demon of the underground has appeared and it will not be dissapearing anytime soon. Storm now makes his way to his feet and gives an emotion of anger and hatred to Jason Ryan. Jason you are all talk and some may say the same towards me and im sure as hell not waiting till next month to get my hands on you so fuck it. Storm starts to run at Jason and connects with a Underground kIck (Shotgun Dropkick). Jason hits the turnbuckle hard on his skull but he is getting right back up as he said earlier he is not taking anyone lightly any longer but the Demon known as Storm never does. Jason now hits a huge clothesline taking Storm inside out, But Storm gets back up just as Jason did previously and they start brawling fists meeting each other's skulls and now both of them not giving an inch. Storm then grabs his microphone once again. The nxt title will be mine for the taking and no else will stop me, so you can stand there all tough and tall but you will get reminded that I am no one to be taken lightly and hell I am the next NXT Champion Bitch! But theres a story that needs to be told to your rotten soul and you will listen ever so closely. At Backlash the Underground haunted me and presumably cost me my shot at redemption. I tried to keep the monster from under away from inside me but after that loss, I could not take it any longer and I let it inside my veins and my soul. This is your first warning and your last, so if you come again with these ruthless words this warning will become much more threatening. As Storm finishes his warning, he takes a left turn over his shoulder and stares to the standing but weary Jason Ryan before leaving the ring and to the back.
  2. Did you see my predictions or did i just not make it up o this weeks predictions leaderboard?
  3. Big E, Charolette, Rusev, Jeff Hardy, Daniel Bryan, Bludgeon Brothers, Shinsuke Nakumaura, Bonus: What will the rating be?- 84
  4. BiC's Super Duper Fantastic Graphics

    Can I have a Demon King sig, with Embrace Darkness on it.
  5. Improve The User Above

    Win Ic, Keep Jack Gallagher Gimmick, More depth to your promos as Brad previously stated.
  6. Rate The User Above.

    9/10- His Kayfabe is just outstanding and most likely winning that Premium is showing it.
  7. nfRaw: Good win for Elias, Kassius Ohno is doing very good in a short amount of time and I suggest you keep pushing him, not too to the top, but to top of midcard eventually. Good win for Nia, the tag team division is looking a lot better. But I want to talk about Finn Balor, decent rating as booking wwe is hard but omg another shoulder Injury that will definetly be hard to recover from but I believ you will make Roman win it in Balors absence. 205 Live: I like the Buddy Murphy and Sin Cara fued, Nice win for Kalisto . Tozawa and Itami deserve their win as well. TJP is NOC, very good decision Ross and Im excited for more, keep up the great work.
  8. Im excited for this match, but i feel the IC needs to stay on Raw, so in that case and because he just won it at Wrestlemania, I see Seth Rollins retaining the Intercontinenal Championship in Saudi Arabia. But this match i am very excited to see this match as you have 4 great talents in the same ring, fighting for one belt and It will be intresting how this match plays out.
  9. Marty Scrull, Bullet Club , Matt Taven, I have to agree with Marker on this one, So Cal Uncensored being the mystery tag team and the winners, Jay Lethal, Marty Scrull, Okada, Lita
  10. As Always, great episode. Im excited for Almas and I see him going in the lower card obviously because of his lower pop but if you push him correctly he will be out of there very soon. Daniel Bryan and The Miz continue to have great chemistry with a 99 rated segment, that was a great decision by your part. Ascension just are never going to be at that pop that they need to be, so good choice with sanity defeating them. Im enjoying Bobby Lashely back and he is getting better rating matches and I love the Roode and Lashely together idea. Styles and Bryan i wasn't surprised they lost good decision with The Miz and Nakumaura with the win and im excited for more.
  11. The Final Touch

    I just want to say, amazing work, Ive seen both of you evolve here and personally as your friends I am so proud of you two, just amazing job as always and I cant wait to see what you'll do as a tag team moving forward
  12. John Cena vs Triple H

    I gotta go with Triple H as I think this might lead up to a feud at Summerlsam but idk anything could happen.
  13. Glad to be apart of this Forum!

    Well @kurtmack13 sorry I am late, welcome to BPZ Forums, I hope you have an amazing time on the forums and i hope you feel welcomed.
  14. Smith's Graphics

    Hey Smith can you make me a Finn Balor sig all i ask is that you put Storm and Demon King.

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