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  1. To be honest i was dissapointed in this weeks edition but like you guys have stated next week should be good with Evolution and all the madness of surprises and all that. But once again nothing special. I did enjoy the women's title match between Lynch and Flair but otherwise meh. Joe was selling that njury still but honestly it didnt do anything for him besides make him look weak but Im hoping they can do something special with him over the next few weeks regarding Joe and Styles feud. The night in Milwaukee bit was funny but honestly i didn't care for it. The Orton vs Show match just completely bored me, to be honest Show needs to just retire full time and just be done. And with Styles vs Benjamin it was a solid matchup and i enjoyed it. I would give this show a 6/10.
  2. Storm

    The War Continued

    We come back from commercial break and Storm is already in the ring, pumped up but not himself, he posed but not with the full intensity we are used to seeing and love from this man. The fan favorite stares into the back and then turns away, beginning to speak. Last week, Julius made some remarks that I feel were true. Julius our careers played extremely different, you are the man, the beast and a double Champion and what am I? Im just the guy who cant beat the Beast, I cant get that three count in the middle of this ring. Is it because your better than me.. maybe a few months ago but now, I think, no I know that you know, every single person in the back knows and THE KINGDOM KNOWS THAT I AM READY FOR THE BEAST! But when you talk about desperation, the only desperate need I have right now, is to kick your ass in front of thousands upon thousands of my supporters and when I get that three count that you emphasize is impossible, when I am raising my United States Title above your dead corpse , there will only be one desperation in your mind and that is trying to figure out where you went wrong, where tides had turned but your #1 downfall will be yourself because you are an ignorant son of a bitch! Storm paces back and forth with a grin on his face but the serious tone in his voice stays the same and begins to display it once again. You have done it all, you have won King of the Ring, you have won the Nxt Championship twice, you have won the United States Championship, and you have done something only people can dream about and that is win the BPZ World Championship within 7 months of your career. And when you look at my career it doesn't shed a light on what you've done big man, but the difference is were in the big leagues now and you know i am not the same little piece of crap like in NXT, I am freakin Storm, The One and Only, we will step inside the center of this ring, stare down each other until our sight cant take no more and we will batter and bruise each others bodies until there is a winner. I know you and I know that you dont think this is a big challenge, but big man it is and I will break every single bone in my body, just so i can call myself once again Champion. The titantron turns on and begins to show a recap of these mens past wars. We have had some wars, haven't we? But no stipulation in our match at Halloween Havoc and thats why this will be my last chance to prove to every single doubter, to THE KINGDOM and most importantly YOU JULIUS, I WILL PROVE TO YOU THAT I AM NOT A STEPPING STONE TO A BETTER CAREER, I AM THE FUTURE UNITED STATES CHAMPION AND NOONE CAN DO WHAT I DO IN THIS VERY RING! The arena erupts as Julius comes running from the backstage and enters the ring, taking down Storm with a double leg take down. Following up by a fury of punches to the jaw. Storm gets to his feet and hits a dropkick. The two still going at it, with punch by punch. Julius grabs a chair from the outside and hits Storm square in the skull. The stubborn Storm gets up and ask for more and is hit again in the skull. He still wants more and Julius goes for a third blow but Storm hits a dropkick to the chair, bouncing off Julius' skull. Storm goes for a chair shot to the skull but is taken down by security and separates the two before any one can get seriously hurt or injured.
  3. Storm

    What was the last movie you watched?

    i recently just saw Creed finally, actually loved it and cant wait for the second one this November.
  4. Storm

    EVOLVE Global Series: 5th October (Votings)

    Voted Jason and Myself, but great work Odd, it was a very close decision Jason just edged it out a little bit for me.
  5. Ok so as you all can tell, I am back and I just want to thank you all for your patience with my personal issues that have been going on and you know who you are when I thank you for the guys that have helped me along the way! Thank you once again and I am so glad to be back.

  6. Storm

    BPZ Predictions League

    Triple H vs The Undertaker WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Samoa Joe The Shield vs Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew Mclntyre Daniel Bryan vs The Miz Ronda Rousey and The Bellas vs The Riott Squad John Cena and Bobby Lashley vs Elias and Kevin Owens SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship: The New Day (c) get The Bar Will HBK screw The Undertaker? yes Will John Cena Win With The Sixth Move Of Doom? yes Will Brock Lesnar attack Strowman and Reigns at the event? no
  7. Storm

    Not Afraid

    Julius stands tall and stares at the backstage, just before a familiar theme song hits that brings the arena to their feet, after a string of losses in the Global Series, Storm has arrived in the Carnage arena and enters the ring, microphone in hand. He paces back and forth, the arena gives both men a massive ovation because of their wars in the past back in NXT. Hello old friend, its been a long time since just the two of us were just in the center of this ring, no disruptions, no rookies. But I am not here for a reunion, I am here for one reason and one reason only, that title of yours that I had on my waist once a time ago. You took that title fair and square but it is time for me to claim what is mine and what I want and I will do that in the form of Halloween Havoc. A night where fear strikes into the lives of the BPZ Superstars for one night only. You know if it was a few months ago, and I was just a rookie, I would be scared of Julius, but I am not that rookie any longer, I am a former BPZ United States Champion and a determined challenger that will go to all costs to reclaim his championship! Storm paces back and forth before stepping towards "The Beast", staring into his eyes and steps away before bring his microphone back up to his mouth and says these following crucial proclamations. Julius I will see you at Halloween Havoc, I will win back what is mine and I will prove that my title run was not a fluke and that I can beat you, because I am better, I am skilled and I am the One and Only freaking Storm. But its not all about that, coming up is the Global Series match against Ark. Ark is the man, he has done a lot inside this company and out but when it comes to in ring, he doesn't have it anymore, he is rusty and not all that. So when its just me and you in just a couple of nights, I am going to show the world why I am BPZ's One and Only. Storm drops the microphone and exits the ring, not taking his eyes off of Julius before heading to the back.
  8. I just want to state that I am sorry for my inactivity and as some of u know I have good reason in not being able to post but i just want to apologize especially to @Rossand @Smithfor not posting in a meaningful time for EVOLVE, if you have any questions just hit me up on discord.

    1. Julius01


      Take as much time as you need. You will always be welcomed back to the forums 

    2. Storm


      thank you bro i really appreciate it but i should be back very soon, things are actually looking up very quickly.

    3. Thelastemperor


      hang in there bro. You ever need to talk, I'm there

  9. Storm

    Start Anew

    Invincible hits, and this man gets a warm welcome as he stays on EVOLVE following the BPZ 2018 draft. But one man that he stares directly and a new additron to the roster, is Jason Ryan. These two have an intense past in NXT, Jaason Ryan not thinking Strom is worthy to be here and Storm making sure he proves Jason, ,but the question is, is this the next chapter in this epic and long awaited rivalry? Storm enters the ring with a microphone in place and paces around the ring before locking onto the bitter Jason Ryan. Well, what do we have here, the Sinner, the man who thinks he drove me out of NXT and the man who left BPZ for a bit because of my successes in the United States Division. Im not out here to brag, not out here to talk about the past, im here to talk about the future, BPZ Summerslam. You have come back and you want an opponent, you want a challenger, you want someone to make sure you steal the show, well guess what YOU GOT AN OPPONENT IN THE "ONE AND ONLY" STORM! We have had matches before, but never a one on one battle, where the best man is revealed, the most hard working, the warrior is chosen to pick up the 3 count and that is me, Sinner. One of the biggest sins youi can make is lying and you lie to yourself everyday when you think you are better than me, because the fact of the matter is I am better than you in every aspect in this ring and out and you will come to realize that at Summerslam. See, I lost my United States Championship, and that let a chance i may not have a match at Summerslam but I also doubted my self, in ring and outside the ring. I have gotten tweets that I suck since losing the title, fans losing faith in me, turning their back on me but this is my chance to prove to them I have not lost a step, not lost my touch and i sure as hell will never lose matches constantly like i did in the past. You know i am not the same Storm I was NXT and I sure as hell wont be treated like it either so I accept ur open challenge at Summerslam and may the best man win, SINNER!. Storm walks out of the ring, with his head held up high and before entering the backstage , posing to his opponent at Summerslam.
  10. Storm

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout Press Conferences

    After Slims truthful words for his opponent at Evolve Takeover: Fallout, "The One and Only" Storm, speaking of this man, he walks out to the podium dressed as usual with a black pair of jeans and a black T-shirt and sits down getting ready to start his press-conference for Evolves ppv. Jonathan Coachman: Storm in just 24 hours time, you will have your biggest challenge yet, when u go one on one with "The King" Slim. What does this match mean to you on a career level and on a personal level especially after the beatdown you got handed by "The King" himself? Storm: I tried to find a common ground with Storm and try to take the Tag Team division by storm but Slim couldnt handle his ego for one second and attacked me with a lowblow and followed by choking me out until i passed out in the center of the canvas. I now have a problem with Slim, and that problem will enter the center of the ring tomorrow night when we go one on one. Not just that but what pisses me off is someone who has gone on hiatus for a month thinks he has the right to tell everyone that I am the biggest excuse for United States Champion and the biggest excuse for a BPZ Superstar. I pride myself on two things in life, Respect and integrity and both will not be in the Slim's palm come tomorrow, that is a promise. Jonathan Coachman: What is your strategy coming into this match between Slim tomorrow night? Storm: I usually bring in my wrestling background into play but Slim has made this personal, with bashing my career, bringing my family into this and that is sure as hell not ok with me. So im coming into Fallout with one goal, to make sure Slim has blood dripping down his forehead and down on the ground for the 3 count with my hands raised in victory and I dont just win the battle but I win the whole damn War! Jonathan Coachman: If you lose tomorrow where do you go from here, U.S. title coming back home? Storm has a face filled with rage, his face turning red and a deeper but serious and a bit louder voice begins to speak in the microphone. Storm: Thats it, I am so sick of people assuming I am the loser of my big matches, of any match i participate in, and that is going to change. I defeated Echo Wilson to win my first BPZ Championship in my career and Julius comes in and takes that away from me with sneaking in a match that doesn't involve him until the last damn second. I will come into this battle and win this battle and win the War against Slim where every single fan will remember the name Storm and remember who is "The One and Only" Storm! As Storm finishes his press conference, he gets up, placing the microphone down. As Storm begins to walk back to his locker room area... He's suddenly attacked by Slim from behind! Slim rolls up his sleeves as he takes his blazer off, and grabs Storm by his hair, picking him up before running his head into a nearby wall! The reporters are rushed out of the room as people try to pry Slim off Storm, but he shakes them off as Storm gets to his feet, running up from behind him and putting in his devastating Rear-Naked Choke on Storm, as he drops down onto the floor, as personnel try to pry him off, as Storm begins to pass out! Storm lays unconscious on the backstage floor and Slim walks away grinning and we await Tag Team champion and the BPZ Global Champion Bart.
  11. Storm

    I'm Upset

    A familiar fase rises from the curtains, a former champion, a disappointed but still focused competitor interrujpts Slim just before he exits the ring and walks down the ramp not looking away from a man who is right infront of him, Slim. He enters the ring with a microphone in hand and starts to speak. I see that you are frustrated, you are distraught, you are pissed off at The KIngdom, but what you should be worried about is that the man that didnt replace you, noone could replace Slim, right? A BPZMania Main Eventer, a 4 time BPZ World Champion but you still think that a 7 month rookie could just take your spot, just like that. But what I am here to tell you about is that I am here to help you because come Summerslam, I will defeat Julius and take back what is rightfully mine, the BPZ United States Chapionship. Not only that but I will show you that Julius is just a man with human abilitys and he can be defeated as he has been before. But I have not beaten him but come that warm, sunny day at Summerslam that title is coming back home. But for right now lets not focus on the future, lets focus on the present, we both have a similarity, we both have a hatred for Julius but I think we can take that to the next level with a tag team to take out the Kingdom, to take out the BPZ Tag Team Champions in Bart and Echo Wilson. See, we see eye to eye,, we 2 competitors that love to seek battle but we both love to get revenge and that is how we do it with allys becoming enemies infront of our eyes.
  12. Storm

    BPZ Predictions League

    Almas Sanity Alexa Bliss Reigns Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt Asuka Team Hell No Ziggler Nakumaura Corbin Strowman Styles Bonus:Yes Bonus: 1-0
  13. Storm

    Champion and Changes

    As we return from commercial break, the United States Champion, Storm is already in the center of the ring, all dressed up and ready to adress the situation that is the United States Championship match at King Of The Ring. The crowd is anticipating this statement from their United States Champion and hero. Tonight, I address the recent announcement that Yelich will be entering the United States Championship match, making it a triple threat match. Most people in my position would be freaking out, with the thought that I only have a 33 percent chance of retaining my title. But the thing is I won this title around my waist by overcoming the obstacles, defying the odds and overcoming the best of challengers. Kieron and Yelich have both respectfully won the title I wear proudly every single day around my waist once and they have been stars, have been in the spotlight but there is one thing that ticks me off, Yelich. He comes out here last week after a big loss to Johnny Kills, tells me I dont get to bask in the glory, I will not succeed at King Of The Ring, absoluetly incoorect, how do you think I made it to glory? By defeating men like you that think im a stepping stone to their greatnss but wont you dont seem to recognize is that I am a one hidden talent, I am "One and Only" and you cant do a damn thing about it part-timer. But you are not my only problem right now Yelich, I have another competitor that I was supposed to defend my coveted title against at the start and thats you Kieron Black. Now listen very carefully to me you dont frighten me with your old habits, you come as a challenge in this ring because whatever you can do I can do better.That is my moto and will always be until the day I retire. But that is not happening anytime soon so my focus is you two part-timers who think you can just waltz right into my playground and take my msot prized poccesion, and both of you obviously have not met the new Storm, the Storm who makes every oppurtunity every single time he steps in the ring he delivers. Storm paces around the ring until he takes off his belt and puts his belt ontop of his shoulder, and lifts the microphone up to where he can speak before taking a breath heavily. See, I have 7 days to plan, organize and make sure I keep this title where it belongs, around my waist. I proved that I am worthy of being Champion when I defeated Echo not once but twice in the center of this very ring. What people dont seem to understand is that I am not letting go of this championship, I will do whatever it takes to retain this title over and over and over again. "One and Only" is no longer a catchphrase it has become a reality in BPZ and in my career. Yelich and Kieron I will not be a stepping stone to your greatness but when I beat both of you in the center of this ring, you both will have been my stepping stone to greatness. Whether you like it or not the motions are set in place, the facts are right in front of you, the champion is right in front of you and so is the result and the headline reads, Storm comes out of battle victorious and still your BPZ United States Champion! I will defy the odds and prove all the critics wrong once again when I retain my championship. Storm lowers the microphone from his mouth and to his side as he puts the United States Championship down in the center of the canvas. He thinks for a moment before bringing the microphone back up to where he speak and begins to do so. I was informed earlier today of something that I am furious about, the man who betrayed me, stabbed me in the back, destroyed my face and turned me into a bloody beast has gone on hiatus and will not be competing at Evolve Takeover: Fallout. At first I wondered why, I wondered where did he go and then all these images came popping up in my mind, off the barbed wire meeting my flesh, the betrayal that cost me my friendship and the hell that this man put me through and then he just walks off like a free man so I tell you this TRP, I hope youre listening in whatever hell hole youre in, when you come back we will settle our differences and I will kick your sorry ass all over the city that you step in and that is a promise. But after that I was informer by the Evolve General Manager, Ross that I had a replace opponent for Fallout and its a man that called me out tonight, he called me out for Fallout, and he called me out for the graveyard. This man has been reborn, is a new version of himself trust me Ive gone down the road and its not a pretty sight and this man is Akki. But theres a difference between Akki and I, I fight every damn week for a spot on this brand, but Akki he comes whenever he likes and that is not how it should work here on Evolve. So on the 27th of July I put you in your place Akki, I show you that whatever you do I can damn well do it better. But one thing you have to remember is that a lot has changed since yo last showed up, for one I am proudly youre BPZ United States Champion and second noone and i mean noone will push me around any longer and that includes you. So show up or dont but on the 27th ill be there and I hope you are too so I can stand victorious over your dead corpse. Storm stares into the camera and then walks out of the ring and into the back with no further comments.
  14. Storm

    WWE RAW July 9th 2018 Discussion

    I see Strowman attacking Owens once again tonight. Another tag team clash between the Revival and Roman Reigns and Bobbly Lashely ending in failure for the big dog. Dr Shelby will lose. his temper even more with Sasha and Bayley. And the boring fued of Corbin/Balor. Im going to be honest ive been a wrestling fan for almost my whole life and i dont remember the last time where i would think of maybe not even tuning into Raw.
  15. Storm


    As we come on the air, live from Atlanta, Georgia we are 8 days away from Evolve Takeover: Fallout but more importantly we are two weeks away from King Of The Ring and one match that we will see at King Of The Ring is for the United States Championship between two great competitors for one prize, Kieron Black vs. Storm. Tonight we will hear from current United States Champion, Storm. An unfamiliar theme song hits the PA System, as the United States Champion steps outside the curtain, walking into an arena full of supporters for the champion. Storm walks down the ramp, with a smile on his face and gold around his waist until he gets into the squared circle and the smile is wiped off his face and the competitive side of Storm is shown loud and clear. He grabs a microphone from the ring announcer and begins to speak to the fans and most importantly Kieron Black. So I was at home thinking to myself what I would say to someone like Kieron Black, someone who thinks he can just come back and take what I have worked 6 months and 5 days for, a strap of gold is not how to explain something of this magnitude, I wear the United States Championship not for money, not for fame, not even for credit but for honor. I am One And Only, I will not st right back where i started, I will stay in the front of the line, on the top of the mountain, but what you dont understand Kieron is that im just not another champion, I am the champion and I will keep it that way until I want to give it up and nobody especially you will stop me. I have scratched and clawed to the top, for this opportunity and to be respected and I finally have all of that and I will not have everything taken away from me without a fight but the fights that I bring dont out me to the losing side of the battle, I will always win when I am holding what matters to me and thats a fact you will have to deal with part-timer. Storm thinks for a moment and then reaches in his pocket, pulling out a red slip, which he unfolds and shows his trade to EVOLVE and he now folds the red slip back again and puts it back in his pocket while bringing the microphone back up to where he can speak, takes a deep breath and does so. I was told, I would never come over to Evolve, I would never be in this arena, I would never feel the energy, the excitement, the gold in Evolve and when I got that call from Evolve's General Manager, Ross that I was drafted to Evolve that all changed. I knew that I could not let this opportunity, every single opportunity that was headed my way would not be taken lightly. So, I came to Judgement Day where I would face two great stars in Bart and Echo Wilson, and when Bart left that title, unwon, un worn, and in the open I knew that noone would stop me, not Bart, not Echo, noone and at the end of the night I became the new United States Champion.But that is not enough, I dont want to be a transitional champion, I want to make this title mean something and title reign to have prestige. The only way to accomplish this mission is to defeat Kieron Black and many more opponents to come and I intend to complete this mission. At King Of The Ring, for me its not about the tournament, its about my title, our title and I will make sure this title around my waist doesn't go to some part timer who will just scurry off with our title, the next chance he gets and it wont happen because "The One and Only" Storm is at your service and ready to go to war. Storm gets ready to leave the ring, but is interrupted by a familiar enemy and a familiar tune.

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