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  1. You should post the official match card up to date
  2. Wait seriously it was supposed to be fatal 4 way yes I will put my storm into best ability.
  3. Is my match for number one contender for uni official
  4. You made the Storm!

    As Storms Titantron hits the crowd gets riled. Congrats on your your surprising victory against Echo Wilson for the Premium championship. But it's time to hand over the title to the right guy. And that is Storm. But of course there will be other challengers such as Ark and Echo. But this will be the year of Storm. And will be the beginning of StormMania. Brad why don't you come on out here and tell me man to man that the mentor doesn't always beat the student. Because at BpzManiaIII the fact is that the mentor beats the student. And I will not be on the wall you , Brad will be on the eye of the Storm! As Storm leaves the ring he glances back to the mania sign and tells the camera lets see what the mentor has to say to the student.
  5. Smith's Graphics

    Smith that's perfect
  6. Wrestling Debate Discussions

    HE seems cheesy as a face and is All talk no results I loved his humor as a heel and believe it or not he did better moves and overall just better as a heel.
  7. Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    quality8.5 structure- 9
  8. Evolve Last Stand: Marker v WWE234

    Great job marker
  9. The Call Out

    Storm's titantron hits. He walks into the Carnage Arena with a smirk on his face and no cast. There is no other place that I would rather be than with my hunters. Julius congrats, mate you did it again you are a 2x Nxt Champion. But once again you dont listen. I have been saying every single week when im out here i dont care if you won that title or you didnt at BpzManiaIII Its over. The God will be exposed. You will feel what i have felt for the past freakin month. A broken arm, or maybe ill just end your career while im at it. But now that youve fallen into my trap and went on to St. Valentines Day Massacre and beat both Marker and the former champion Red Arrow. But as i have said in the past and i will say it again BpzManiaIII will be known as StormMania.And my dream will become a reality when I win my first Bpz Championship and take away the only thing you hold precious to you, that Nxt Championship of yours and hopefully your sorry career.
  10. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand Votings

    Slim just is such a great member and always delivers on his promises.
  11. The+last+part+of+Fcw+is+up+Bad+Blood+but+i+wont+be+on+until+next+monday+being+grounded+and+on+break


  12. Brad is a Massive Pussy

    Nice work Brad and Flynn as always i can not wait till SDVM
  13. Julius your in the eye of the storm

    As Storm walks out to the ring there is a certain bad vibe he is giving off. I am going to give Julius 24 hours to come on out here and confront me man to man, human to human, God to Demon and if you dont im gonna march back there find you myself and im gonna show you how a broken arm really feels like. I am so sick of the disrespect I get from you week in and week out. From Nxt now to Carnage. And if you do have the balls to come out here and tell me that you're gonna stop Storm Mania be my guest because as far as im concerned. You're not a God, a human would have the balls to come on out here and tell me to the face that you will stop me. Me having a broken Arm is your fault so i dare you break another one or ill break both of yours see you in 24 hours Julius or not the choice is yours God Among Men! As Storm walks out of the ring and to the back he grabs a poster sying #Julius for Nxt title and rips it and walks out!

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