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  1. My Story

    You all dont know me that well and i want to let you in. I was born in long island, New York. And my mom was in an abusive relationship since i was born till i was 3. But that wasnt my dad. My mom had a one night stand and my dad didnt even know i was born. So yes i was a mistake. And my dad was told that he was my dad one night at a bar and then he was let in to my life but with that abusive relationship i was talking about so my dad was pissed off about that cause the guy abuser blew smoke i my face. And my dad got custody of me. And since then only see my mom who lives in florida 2 or 3 times a year Thats my story
  2. Dream Kayfabe Feuds

    i would love to fued with either george bart slim or ross
  3. Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday @Hollow
  4. Monday Night RAW 25th Anniversary Discussion

    Theres rumors that they might make it 4 hours just because of legends, but you never know.
  5. Rate The User Above.

    8/10 that's not even true
  6. A Statement

    Alex Storms music hits as he is gonna adress the situation at the Royal Rumble. "My name is... you know my name and id you dont you will at the BPZ Royal Rumble as i will break Arrows bones and fracture Julius' skull. And if you all dont know i have been signed by Bailey to Carnage. So once i win the NXT title i will go on to go for a title at Carnage. The only diffrence between the Nxt Champion and me is that ive never been injured and sidelined no not sidelined. Ive never and i mean ever been taken my career but Julius will at Bpz Royal Rumble cause i have so may doubters in my career right now. All of those doubters will be proven wrong when i become your new Nxt Champion.
  7. Bashka’s Titantrons

    i know that im saying what do you use to put add that
  8. Bashka’s Titantrons

    wt do you use for this
  9. BPZ Booking Competition

    yeah if it is which it looks like it might be im in.
  10. Bashka’s Titantrons

    Aj Styles/ Cedric Alexander mashup and can i use these for my promos if thats ok with you??
  11. The Royal Rumble Pool

    im in
  12. Rate The User Above.

    9/10 really great guy to talk to especially with sports
  13. universe mode

    Hey everyone I'm doing this thing where I'm gonna start off at mania and tell me what matches I should do and then go from there
  14. Happy Birthday Thread

    happy belated birthday, Brad
  15. Rate The User Above.


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